Feb 14, 2019 | By Cameron

3Doodler, the company behind the revolutionary 3D printing pen, is preparing to launch its first mobile app for Android and iOS in the first quarter of 2019. The educational app is geared toward teaching users young and old the basics of 3D printing while providing valuable resources, such as focused tutorials and practice projects for skill development. What makes the app so innovative, however, is the inclusion of numerous stencils and templates, accessible right on any mobile device’s screen, designed to guide users in the construction of 3D objects.

Makers can literally turn their mobile surface into a portable, reusable printing surface that functions just like a coloring book for 3D printing. The app will launch with over 10 different tutorials on different aspects of drawing and 3D printing, but 3Doodler also plans to augment these resources with new projects each week to help users continue their development. Each project will include templates and building instructions.

With an eye toward promoting the educational focus of their brand, CEO Daniel Cowan hopes to make 3D printing a foundational part of every child’s artistic and developmental tool chest: "Our mission is to inspire and enable everyone to create, and firmly believe that education is the proper vehicle for this mission. We've already seen countless examples of how 3Doodler can positively impact a classroom, and have now started to structure our company to meet that demand."

In addition to this learning app, 3Doodler is announcing two new Create+ Pen Sets of 3Doodler accessories as well as new EDU Learning Packs geared toward classroom applications. The packs will be available from online and in-store retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble prior to their debut at the New York Toy Fair. These kits shape learning around fun creative projects that readily appeal to kids, such as the new Robosumo kit ($25), which includes motors and an activity guide that teaches users how to create a mini-sumo robot battle, or the Alphadood character kit ($20) that guides users through the process of making their own action figures.

With so many fun and creative options, it’s easier than ever for teachers and parents to introduce children to the wonders of 3D printing.



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