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Local Motors of Chandler, Arizona, a world leader in the manufacture of 3D printed vehicles, introduced its self-driving shuttle known as Olli to California State University, Sacramento is a public comprehensive university in Sacramento. The 3D-printed, autonomous, electric Olli shuttles will accommodate eight riders at a time.

For the next 90 days, two Ollis will be circling campus on a pre-programmed loop, picking up and dropping off students at low speeds. The shuttle is equipped with cognitive response technology, utilizes LiDAR, radar, cameras and GPS to navigate, and relies on a first-of-its-kind obstacle avoidance system. The vehicle will also have a safety attendant with control over an emergency brake.

These three months will be used to collect data on the autonomous vehicles, according to Tony Lucas, director of University Transportation and Parking Services. Engineering and computer science students will be asked to create their own survey, analyze data collected from the Ollis to examine user experience, popularity and determine whether riders have any apprehensions regarding autonomous vehicles. At the end of the 90-day period, the vehicles will be relocated to another site.

"We encourage our students to think about what is possible, to think how they could impact the future, and to be innovative. Olli's arrival on campus illustrates those philosophies in a very tangible way," Robert S. Nelsen, Sacramento State president, said. "The possibilities that come with introducing this type of technology to students is limitless, and I know I am excited to see how Olli may inspire our talented students and faculty."

While the Olli shuttles will be on campus at Sacramento State, they will be available for use by members of the public who want to give the autonomous vehicle a try.

"This deployment is a big moment for Sacramento State and for Local Motors, and follows months and months of co-creation, design and development," Jay Rogers, Local Motors co-founder and CEO said ahead of the official launch. "The Sacramento State campus, with its passion for sustainability and early adoption of technology, is an ideal, real-world proving ground for all that Olli has to offer. And, this deployment puts Olli at the doorstep of a generation of young adults who will play a significant role in moving autonomous technology forward."

The two Ollis cost $100,000 to implement, of which $90,000 came from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments and the remaining $10,000 from the university.



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Josef wrote at 4/16/2019 2:39:04 PM:

Kind of unfortunate that the article doesn't mention 3d printing except for the headline. What exactly was 3d printed on this vehicle? And how? And why?

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