Feb 28, 2019 | By Thomas

3D printing tech start-up Remedy Health and biotech company FabRx have been awarded £600,000 funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency to develop the world’s first 3D printer for the production of personalized medicines.

One of the more rapidly-developing areas of medical 3D printing is customizable 3D printed pills, which are already in development and could very well change how we treat serious and common medical conditions on a patient-specific basis, making medications customizable and therefore cheaper, more accurate, and more effective than ever before.

This new partnership in 3D printed medicine seeks to develop a 3D printer which is safe and ‘fit-for-purpose’ for the production of printed tablets (“printlets”) in a hospital pharmacy setting, adhering to regulatory and clinical guidelines.

The new development in 3D printed medicine will seek to design and calculate dosages according to patients’ biological and clinical parameters instead of using pre-determined dosages. 3D printing technology also holds the future possibility for medications to be combined and make regimes of care easier for both doctors and patients to adhered to, thus resulting in faster recovery times and higher quality of life.

The new concept medications will also have the option to come in personalised flavours and shapes to add more enjoyment to the process and encourage young children to take their medications more easily and regularly. Remedy Health and FabRx will use a patented soft vegan gummy gel formula to encapsulate the medications and 3D print their ‘printlets’, which will make it much easier and more pleasant for patients of all ages.

Remedy Health is spin off start-up founded by Melissa Snover, founder of Katjes Magic Candy Factory. Utilising the patented 3D printing technology and encapsulation formulas of Katjes Magic Candy Factory, Remedy Health will start with launching Nourished in the UK this summer, which will allow consumers to combine 7 different active ingredients into one daily and personalised nutrition stack.

"We are thrilled to be able to use our patented 3D printing technology to provide an improved experience to medical patients all over the world," said Snover, CEO of Remedy Health. "Our vision to create personalised medicine will revolutionize the way people take medication and make their treatment more accurate, more efficient and more enjoyable."



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