Taiwan plastics mogul Lawrence Lin donates $1M to UMass Lowell for 8,500 sq-ft 3D printing lab

Aug.15, 2017 - Lawrence Lin, who received his doctorate in polymer science and plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell almost two decades ago, has donated $1 million to his alma mater for the establishment of a large 3D printing lab for students. More

13-year-old Ritik Mehta selected by Autodesk as Maker of the Day

May.14, 2014 - Yesterday, 13 year old Ritik Mehta, son of Deepak 'Deeeep' Mehta, has been selected by Autodesk as 13th Maker of the Day and he is the second youth in that group. More

GE launches FirstBuild microfactory to co-create future smart appliances

Apr.17, 2014 - On Wednesday, GE announced its first micro-factory, FirstBuild, will be in Louisville, Ky., GE Appliances' headquarters. More

Making perfect 3D print time-lapse video

Oct.26, 2013 -   if you have a printer with moving print bed, your normal timelapse videos would have the printed object blurred from moving around. More

Microsoft's 3D Printing Maker Space unveiled

Oct.25, 2013 -   On September 5th, 2013, The Maker Garage hosted their biggest Science Fair ever, showcasing grassroots innovations from hardware projects around Microsoft. More

ZERO TO MAKER: Learn to make (almost) anything in two months 

Jan.16, 2013 -  Learn what you need to make just about anything – a product, an invention you've been dreaming about, or even a Maker business.More 

First 3D printer XLN lab opened in Israel 

Nov.2, 2012 -  open-source 3D XLN (Cross-Labs Network) workspace, Israel's first open-source 3D printer lab, is opened recently by Reut Institute in a nondescript basement in the center of Tel Aviv. More 

Grand Opening of Deezmaker's 3D Printer Store and Hackerspace 

Sep.22, 2012 -  The new store/hackerspace will sell 3D printers (including Bukobot and other brands: Makerbot, ORDbot, Prusa Mendel and the Wallace) and filaments, electronics, tools like CNC routers, lathes, laser cutters etc.More 

GE invests on hands-on labs for ordinary people

Mar.9, 2012 -   What is currently driving American competitiveness? General Electric Co. wanted to commit to strengthen America's global competitiveness by building a more highly skilled workforce, as well as its own competitiveness in the industry. More

makersfactoryNew Z650 3D Printer Coming to MakersFactory 

Nov.26, 2011 - Chris Yonge and Dave Britton founded MakersFactory in October and within weeks they are offering classes, with no ads but only word of mouth. More 

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hackerspace xinchejian shanghaiHackerspaces in China 

Nov.24, 2011 -  Shanghai Government Technology committee has issued a call for a proposal to build 100 community hackerspaces with government funding for equipment. More 

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