Interview: Hitch3DPrint founder Alex Liu on becoming the ‘Uber’ of metal 3D printing

Apr.11, 2018 - With a business model that promises reduced metal 3D printing costs and distributed manufacturing, Singapore-based Hitch3DPrint offers a new way of approaching metal 3D printing. We spoke to Hitch3DPrint founder Alex Liu on how his company works and how the service could become the Uber of metal AM. More

Maker Profile: Lumecluster's Melissa Ng on her extraordinary 3D printed armor and how fantasy 'saved' her

Mar.28, 2018 - If there's one maker in the 3D printing community who has taught us it's okay to dream big, it's Melissa Ng, the New York-based artist behind Lumecluster. In this week's Maker Profile we talk to the artist about her inspirations, working with 3D printing, and much more. More

Maker Profile: XRobots' James Bruton on the maker scene, 3D printed sci-fi cosplay, more

Mar.20, 2018 - This week's Maker Profile highlights James Bruton, maker extraordinaire and the founder of XRobots. From his amazing robotic 3D printed BB-8 Droid to his record-breaking 3D printed self-portrait, Bruton is one of the most prolific makers in the 3D printing community. More

Maker Profile: 18-year-old designer Shami Oshun on her amazing 3D printed fashion

Mar.13, 2018 - At just 15 years old, Bay Area's Shami Oshun founded her own eponymous fashion label. Now, just three years later, the young and amazingly ambitious designer is breaking into the world of 3D printed fashion in a big way. 3Ders recently got the chance to talk to the up-and-coming designer. More

Meet Julia Koerner, the designer who helped bring Black Panther's 3D printed costumes to life

Mar.9, 2018 - 3Ders recently got the chance to speak to Julia Koerner, a designer whose fashion 3D printing skills helped realize some of the incredible costumes in Marvel's Black Panther. More

Maker Profile: Mantis Hacks' Matt Denton on Harry Potter animatronics, giant 3D printed LEGO & hexapods

Mar.7, 2018 - In our latest Maker Profile, Matt Denton of Mantis Hacks talks to 3Ders about his career in the film industry, what goes into his giant 3D printed LEGO makes, his ongoing robotic hexapod project, and much more. More

Interview: 3ERP founder Ronan Ye on raising the standard of rapid prototyping

Mar.6, 2018 - Chinese Rapid Prototyping company 3ERP wants to change the way you think about 3D printing and advanced manufacturing in China. The Guangdong-based company has worked with huge names like Lamborghini and Bosch, and says its products stand up to the strictest Western standards. We spoke to 3ERP founder Ronan Ye about his company, the state of manufacturing in China, and lots more. More

Maker Profile: Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu on being a woman in tech, 3D printed wearables, more

Feb.28, 2018 - Over the last few years, Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu has become one of the most popular makers in the 3D printing community, as well as one of the most outspoken women in the field. 3Ders got the chance to speak with Naomi about her remarkable position in the maker community. More

Designer Simone Leonelli's 'Blurred Boundaries' between art, fashion, and 3D printing

Sep.19, 2017 - 3ders recently spoke to fashion designer Simone Leonelli about his process and a recent exhibition held in Perth, New Zealand. He uses 3D printing to speed up his production process as well as making the design phase much more flexible, and was inspired by the sea for his recent 'Blurred Boundaries' show. More

3Ders interview with 3D printed jewelry and prosthetics designer Justyna Stasiewicz

Apr.5, 2017 - Justyna Stasiewicz is performing a rare balancing act. Despite currently studying for a PhD, the Polish designer runs her own 3D printed jewelry company, and has also devoted time to creating 3D printed prosthetic hands. We asked Stasiewicz a few questions about her work. More

Exclusive 3Ders interview with Shining 3D CEO Li Tao

Jan.17, 2017 - Chinese company Shining 3D, a provider of 3D printing and 3D scanning products and services, recently released its new EinScan-Pro+ 3D scanner. Company CEO Li Tao answered a few of our questions about that product and the state of the 3D printing and 3D scanning industry. More

Interview with futurist Christopher Barnatt on his book '3D Printing: Third Edition'

Nov.30, 2016 - In May 2013, futurist Christopher Barnatt published a book called '3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution.' Now, in November 2016, a third edition of the book has been published, so we thought we'd catch up with the author for his latest take on where things are headed. More

CES interview: Sculpteo's CEO Clément Moreau

Jan.12, 2013 -   Sculpteo's co-founder and CEO of Clément Moreau discussed at CES 2013 about how he started the company, the difficulties he encountered in the beginning. More

Interview with Bilal Ghalib of Pocket Factory 

Mar.29, 2012 -  Bilal Ghalib is an evangelist of the maker movement. He has also been touring around the Middle East promoting hackerspaces. We had the chance to interview him about their adventure around the USA spreading the 3D printing vibe. More interviews with Shapeways' CEO Peter Weijmarshausen 

Dec.29, 2011 -, the biggest dutch news website interviewed recently with Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways about entrepreneurs and innovative trends. More 

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Epson Is Developing 3D Printer     Nov.17, 2011

It is Epson's 100 years anniversary. Epson is now a well-known brand for energy-saving and high-precision home printer. More 

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Oct.21, 2011

Interview with Creators of 3D printed bikinis  

In our earlier video clip we have watched the 3D printed bikinis. I am wondering if such products made of Nylon can be comfortably wearable. Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel are the creators of world's first 3D printed bikini. More 

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Oct.13, 2011

Z-Corp BNews Special - Interview With Joe Titlow     

In the history of 3D printing, Z Corporation is listed as one of the pioneer in 3D printing. In 1995, Z Corporation obtained an exclusive license from MIT to use the technology and started developing 3D Printers based on 3DP technology.  More 

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Oct.10, 2011

MAKE's Interview with Bre Pettis of MakerBot     

Bre Pettis, CEO of Makerbot, set up the company in January 2009 with Adam Mayer and Zach Smith, and now is one of the best-known 3D printer makers for hobbyist. You can order fully assembled Makerbot 3D printer... More 

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