Nov.18, 2011

Brook Drumm started an open hardware project of self-made Printrbot. He designed the Printrbot to be the simplest 3D printer that you can assemble and printing in a couple of hours instead of one day or two from other brands. In another words, He has already assembled the most parts for you, like electronics, connectors on motors and components, and you don't even need to soldering yourself.

A little background of the Printrbot. The Printrbot is designed from the open source reprap 3D printer. Same as Brook Drumm wants to build a self-replicating machine and easy to build so anyone can build it even kids. You can choose to increase your print area, add stabilizers and replace the threaded rods, all as you want.

I like the idea. Because most of consumers want a ready-to-use printer and not a DIY. They want to immediately to design and print. Think of the desktop computer, how many of us want to really self build one, except real Geeks who want a superpowerful computer that they prefer self build up.

This is a neat little 3D printer. Brook Drumm has tried to lower the cost by buying parts in bulk, changed the design and sourcing parts locally. He is pursuing a dream of a printer in every home. For supporting this project and lower the cost of printer eventually you can just pledge at kickstarter. Pledge $10 or more, you can get a 3D printed Curvy Coin-Op Bottle opener. If you pledge up to pledge $499 a full Printrbot kit will be shipped to you (within USA). For $999 you can get fully assembled and calibrated Printrbot in a birch lasercut enclosure box. Details please check out at kickstarter site.

This nice piece of work below is made by Brian Roe, an engineer and machinist by using Printrbot.

Printrbot Calibration Test Prints pt03.

For More pictures of the Printrbot:

Video of the Printrbot:

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