Festo's 3D printed giant bionic ants communicate wirelessly to get things done

Mar.27, 2015 - Those of you interested in next-generation robots will have doubtlessly heard of German automation company Festo, that seems to have a patent on imaginative robotics that have been inspired by animal behaviour. More

Go back to the 1950s with this 3D printed replica of the iconic Predica TV set

Mar.27, 2015 - If you happen to be a historian of consumer technology, or even remotely interested in life in the 1950s (or in the Back to the Future franchise), there is one piece of equipment that should immediately spring to mind... More

SpotiBear - a 3D printed toy bear that plays Spotify music using a Raspberry Pi

Mar.27, 2015 - The SpotiBear is a Spotify-powered bear that plays children’s music, lullabies and stories and leverages the low-cost power of a Raspberry Pi to operate it. More

Creating 3D printed functional bronze scissors using the $1500 Mini Metal Maker

Mar.27, 2015 - While 3D printing metal trinkets and static objects is one thing, the ability to 3D print functional metal objects that are generally made through more traditional manufacturing methods such as die casting is pretty impressive... More

Korean plastics manufacturer BnK unveils new anti-microbial PLA filament 'Purement'

Mar.26, 2015 - For plastics manufacturer BnK (Books and Kimchi) have just announced a new line of PLA filament that has anti-microbial properties. They believe this filament, called Purement, is the first of its kind and is perfect for use in homes... More

New Balance uses 3D printing to make custom spiked running shoes

Mar.26, 2015 - Specializing in athletic shoes, New Balance has developed 3D printed components for shoes that actually make athletes faster during races. What specifically makes or breaks an athlete on the track is the traction provided... More

Over 70 makers collaborate to create the 3D printed Maker Chair

Mar.26, 2015 - To help celebrate their first anniversary, France’s Makershop - a sort of all-in-one stop for everything 3D scanning and 3D printing - organized over 70 makers to contribute towards making a single chair... More

ELF releases tips for 3D Printing open source drones

Mar.26, 2015 - In one of many efforts to make their platform easier to use for existing ELF drone owners, the ELF team has just released a list of 3D printing tips that are aimed at those who want to further modify their drones... More

Italian student 3D prints Quasi: a heart in a jar that can get seriously angry with you

Mar.26, 2015 - But Italian student and designer Enrica Becalli, who currently studies design at Parsons in New York, has made something truly remarkable: a 3D printed heart in a jar that can get seriously angry with you. More

Maker creates SLA 3D printer using an old projector and $10 in parts

Mar.26, 2015 - For one motivated 3D printing enthusiast, he took matters into his own hands and crafted his own SLA 3D printer using little more than some borrowed parts, an Arduino Uno and less than $10 in supplies. More

Vormvrij announces new lineup of clay-based LUTUM 3D printers

Mar.26, 2015 - Dutch company VormVrij is focused on the intersection of clay and additive manufacturing. Today, VormVrij has announced that they have just released their new line of dual claystruder LUTUM 3D printers which start at €4655. More

Ingenious 3D printed drill can drill holes in wood and metal

Mar.26, 2015 - Performance 3-d LLC has designed a plastic 3D printed drill that is a perfect addition to your toolkit. If anything, it shows us just what you can accomplish with a bit of innovative design ideas. More

VFX artist uses Luxology MODO and a Form 1+ to create amazing 3D printed zoetropes

Mar.25, 2015 - Having run the successful VFX company EyelandArts, visual effects (VFX) artist Alexandrovich Friderici has expanded his skill set and is currently bringing the creative freedom given to him while working on films... More

Chinese scientists successfully tested biodegradable 3D printed artificial bone on rabbits

Mar.25, 2015 - But now the Xi’an Particle Cloud Advanced Materials Technology company from China has successfully combined 3D bioprinting with implant applications. In collaboration with doctors from the military Xijing hospital in Xi’an... More

Stepcraft 2, a universal desktop CNC/3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Mar.25, 2015 - For a very interesting multi-purpose machine has just launched on Kickstarter that not only functions as a perfectly decent FDM desktop 3D printer, but can easily be transformed into a CNC mill or an all-purpose cutter and engraver. More

New Gizmo 3D's super-fast DLP 3D printer creates objects in 6 minutes

Mar.25, 2015 - The Gizmo 3D printer, which is currently being developed by Australian resin manufacturers Gizmo 3D, has hit the web with full force through a video illustrating its ‘Continuous 3D Printing’ technique. More

Qingdao Unique to 3D print skin and corneas within one year

Mar.25, 2015 - But now Wang Hong, Qingdao Unique’s chairman, has explained that their research has been progressing with such speed that it could take just one year before the first animal test take place. More

First Chinese 3D printed car hits the road in Sanya, Hainan

Mar.25, 2015 - While almost countless applications can be named for FDM 3D printing technology, cars usually don’t top the list. But that is exactly what Chinese manufacturers from the Sanya SiHai 3D Technology company have made. More

TwinPilots creates custom scale pilots for model airplanes using 3D printing

Mar.25, 2015 - Thanks to various digital fabrication tools, Paehl has expanded his RC model airplane building skill set and among other parts that he has began creating using the tools are custom RC model airplane pilots... More

New startup Trove offers in-browser customized jewelry design for 3D printing

Mar.24, 2015 - A new company based out of New York City has recognized this and wants to make creating 3D content as easy as possible for a wide audience, and they’re starting with a custom jewelry design platform that they’re calling Trove. More

Researchers embed sensors into 3D printed casts to measure the efficacy of the treatment

Mar.24, 2015 - While designing and fabricating low-cost and custom medical devices is one thing, a group of researchers are now using 3D printing to create ‘smart’ devices that can be embedded within existing rehabilitation equipment. More

Michael Weinberg's 3 Steps for Licensing Your 3D Printed Stuff

Mar.24, 2015 - Michael Weinberg from over at Public Knowledge has just released an excellent whitepaper that will help you come to grips with the complex crossroads of copyright and 3D printed objects. More

Dutch hobbyist 3D prints a slide scanner to digitize dozens of old family photos

Mar.24, 2015 - Dutch 3D printing hobbyist Luc Volders recently completed a very remarkable project to salvage family history for another generation: a 3D printed slide scanner that links up to your smartphone. More

Manulith launches MakerOS: a free operating system for maker business management

Mar.24, 2015 - Mike Moceri of Detroit-based 3D printing provider Manulith has just released an operating system that could make your start-up life a bit easier. It’s called MakerOS, and its sole intention is to take a lot of work out of your hands... More

Additively launches the Additively Application to connect with hundreds of 3D printing suppliers

Mar.24, 2015 - In order to help make this process easier, Zurich-based Additively has just launched the Additively Application, which gives companies a single point of access to hundreds of 3D printing suppliers with a wide range of capabilities. More

Adafruit 3D prints trophy for upcoming Dronie Awards using BronzeFill filament

Mar.24, 2015 - But to take things a step further into that aforementioned “future”, the Adafruit team - particularly Adafruit designer Neo Ruiz - have taken the concept of a physical award a step further by offering a 3D printed Drone award.. More

3D printing makes a splash at the 2015 White House Science Fair

Mar.23, 2015 - Today, President Obama is hosting his 5th annual White House Science Fair and along with seeing first-hand some of the best projects over the past year, will also be announcing that over $240 million in new private sector funding... More

3D printing helps to accelerate construction of Gaudi’s Segrada Familia

Mar.23, 2015 - Unfortunately, the Segrada Familia is also known for being one of the longest active construction projects in the world—in the 133 years since building began, the Catalan community has yet to see it completed. More

Solidscape announces winners of 2015 Baselworld 3D printed jewellery design competition

Mar.23, 2015 - Solidscape, leading manufacturer of high precision 3D wax printers for the jewellery industry has just announced the winners of the fourth annual Baselworld Design Competition. More

BetaBox: a mobile rapid prototyping lab in a shipping container

Mar.23, 2015 - One group of young ambitious entrepreneurs, who have banded together to found Betaversity, have come up with a temporary solution: the BetaBox, an on-demand mobile prototyping lab that is ingeniously housed... More

Genesis Duo, new $349 dual extruder 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter next week

Mar.23, 2015 - But X3D Machines is about to launch a new machine that brings some more options to the table: the Genesis Duo, a dual-extrusion, self-calibration and wireless 3D printer. More

taulman3D unveils new 3D printing filament Alloy 910 with 8,100 PSI Tensile Strength

Mar.23, 2015 - taulman3D, developer of desktop 3D printing materials, has unveiled today a new material called Alloy 910. Alloy 910 has a combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons... More

Jasper Menger unveils his Robot-Arm 3D Printer with an eight meter reach

Mar.23, 2015 - The 28-year-old entrepreneur Jasper Menger is the mastermind behind this interesting 3D printing setup and has recently founded new 3D printing startup 3D Robot Printing to further explore his robot’s potential. More

INDMATEC's revolutionary PEEK filament now compatible with FDM 3D printers

Mar.22, 2015 - German company INDMATEC GmbH has developed a unique way to extrude raw PEEK into a quality filament form, which is compatible with FDM 3D printing technology. More

Australian students 3D print a gigantic working crane that can lift up to five kilos

Mar.22, 2015 - Well this crane, that has been built by Australian engineering student Samuel Ashfort and his fellow students Karl, Charlie, Amanda and Rob, falls in a similar category. More

Japanese start-up Exii unveils latest Handiii: a myoelectric 3D printed prosthetic hand

Mar.22, 2015 - Dedicated readers might remember the Handiii (previously known as Handie), as Exii has been working it on since 2013. This team of graduates from Sony’s manufacturing industry... More

Help a young dog with no legs walk for the first time with 3D printed prosthetics

Mar.21, 2015 - Thanks to her caring owner, Nimble - a chihuahua Pom mix who was brought into the world with a rough start - may soon be able to walk again thanks to 3D printing. More

3D printed RC boats become a hit in Japan

Mar.21, 2015 - Recently, the trend of creating 3D printed remote controlled boats and boat accessories has been taking off in Japan and although many boats come in kits, many enthusiasts have turned to creating their own boat designs.,, More

Next Eurostar E3000 satellite to feature Airbus 3D printed aluminum parts

Mar.21, 2015 - Airbus Defence and Space has announced that a new generation of telecommunications satellites they are producing for Eurostar are to feature several space qualified aluminum components that have been made... More

South African 3D printer maker unveils new supersized Mega Morgan 3D printer

Mar.20, 2015 - Last time we heard from South Africa’s Quinton Harley, he was busy finalizing the details on his RepRap Morgan 3D printer and also celebrating the win of the Gada Prize for Innovation. More

MHOX expects 3D printed and enhanced human eyes with WiFi connection to be available by 2027

Mar.20, 2015 - The vision that MHOX sees involves their synthetic printed eyeballs that they are simply calling EYE (Enhance Your Eye). If the they’re able to overcome technological hurdles between now and their expected product launch in 2027.. More

3D printed Twitter Mood Lamp changes colors to match the mood of the city of Denver

Mar.20, 2015 - While these are mostly used to program LED strips or add some basic functions to your gripping robot, Denver student Chadwick Friedman has used it for a more complicated construction: a 3D printed mood lamp that changes it colors... More

5 dakika designs functional model 3D printed dairy truck that stores and distributes milk

Mar.20, 2015 - In Istanbul, Turkey, design team 5 dakika collaborated with Studioflow to work on a unique 3D printing project, which was coordinated by Serdar Okumuş and Kağan Hanoğlu. More

Create an autonomous and voice-controlled 3d scanning rig for 3D printing

Mar.20, 2015 - For Instructables user Aldric Negrier, this came in the form of a voice-controlled/autonomous 3D scanning rig that allows for a 3D scan capture to work as smooth as possible with the minimum amount of effort needed. More

Help send this 3D printed satellite to the moon

Mar.20, 2015 - The NASA Cube Quest competition - which is sponsored by NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate Centennial Challenge Program - is currently offering a total of $5 million to teams that meet the challenge objectives of designing, building and delivering flight-qualified, small satellites capable of advanced operations near and beyond the moon. More

WASP inches closer towards 3D printing house, plans to mix clay with seeds to grow roots inside for support

Mar.19, 2015 - Although we’ve been seeing quite a few concepts for housing designs that rely completely on additive manufacturing technologies for their structure, few of these companies or designers have actually come out of the woodwork... More

Grow a custom palm tree with your 3D printer to hold your fruit

Mar.19, 2015 - This week, Hagemann released his latest toy design concept that - similar to the Linklings - is also modular and can be customized in a number of different ways by the user. More

Singapore student builds a 3D food printer that prints cookies, mashed potato & chocolate

Mar.19, 2015 - Student Daniel Peng Zhuo shows us that this technology is at least definitely not an impossibility, as he has just built a prototype food printer of his own as part of a course at the National University of Singapore (NUS). More

This fruit and vegetable cutter is entirely 3D printed

Mar.19, 2015 - Jerry’s 3D printed Fruit and Vegetable Slicer has several advantages: you can make it at home, adjust it to your own preferences (and fruits) and it features various different splitters for optimal slicing potential. More

Synthesis Design & Stratasys create multi-material and multi-color 3D printed rocking chair

Mar.19, 2015 - Although there have been a wide variety of conceptual products that use 3D printing as a final method of manufacturing, the stakes have been pushed higher over the last couple of years to really push rapid prototyping... More

Create a 3D printed instrument using an old espresso portafilter

Mar.19, 2015 - Currently available on Instructables for anybody who wants to build their own, John Granzow’s Javalele project uses 3D printing to create an electroacoustic mini-instrument that can be plugged into an amplifier for control... More

Xrobots releases CAD files for impressive 3D printed R2D2 robot from Star Wars

Mar.19, 2015 - British James Bruton recently made the CAD files for his huge and highly detailed R2-D2 robot for free – the ultimate 3D printed tribute to the Star Wars universe. More

New Zealand engineer Lance Abernethy 3D prints the world's tiniest working cordless drill

Mar.19, 2015 - But as small or as big as you want really means that, and maintenance engineer Lance Abernethy from Auckland, New Zealand proves it. He has recently 3D printed what is probably the smallest working drill in the world. More

Dutch 3D printing market worth €45M already, still has plenty of room for improvement

Mar.19, 2015 - As Sector Banker David Kemp from Dutch bank ABN AMBRO revealed, the Dutch 3D printing market is still in its infancy, though is already worth 45 million euros over 2015 while there are plenty of growth opportunities on the horizon. More

Now you can 3D print your very own Paul McCartney

Mar.18, 2015 - Ever fancied having your own Paul McCartney to display on your desk? Well, good news is, if you've got a 3D printer you can now 3D print your own little, plastic Paul. More

Historical artifacts destroyed in Iraq by ISIS to be restored using 3D modeling and printing

Mar.18, 2015 - Now, a group of digital preservationists under the name Project Mosul is aiming to restore the damaged objects by reconstructing them using old photographs and 3D modeling. More

New delta-style TIKO desktop 3d printer revealed at SXSW for just $179

Mar.18, 2015 - The TIKO, which will be launching on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, is a $179 3D printer that is capable of producing printed objects that are similar in quality to other existing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers... More

Virtual Foundry reveals that their 3D printer metal filament can now contain up to 99.9% metal

Mar.18, 2015 - Remember the promising Filamet metal filament by The Virtual Foundry? Founder Bradley Wood has just revealed a whole new interesting technique that could turn Filamet objects into 99.9% metal structures. More

Polish author Jacek Dukaj releases sci-fi eBook complete with 3D printable stl files

Mar.18, 2015 - Author Jacek Dukaj is already taking things to a new level. His new book The Old Axolotl (to be released on the 24th of March) aims to give his audience a whole new reading experience by including various interactive elements... More

XYZprinting releases new da Vinci 1.1 Plus 3D printer with W-Fi, free mobile app upgrade

Mar.18, 2015 - XYZprinting, Taiwan based manufacturer of affordable consumer-grade 3D printers, announced the release of the da Vinci 1.1 Plus, an enhanced version of its da Vinci 1.0 3D printer. More

Greek OpenBionics unveils affordable, light-weight 3D printed bionic hands with 144 grasp movements

Mar.18, 2015 - Greek OpenBionics' new designs can be made for less than $200 each, made from 3D printed components and off-the-shelf materials that won’t weigh more than 300 grams – less than an actual hand would. More

Open Board Game is an open framework for creating 3D printable board games

Mar.17, 2015 - Open Board Game seeks to become a platform/community for designing and constructing original 3D printed board games. At its core is a multifunctional hexagonal pattern, but the rest is left to your own imagination. More

Polish company unveils Gaja 3D printer version 2: Gaja Multitool with interchangeable heads

Mar.17, 2015 - Polish company TYTAN 3D, run by Pawel Rokita and Janusz Wojcik, announces completely new look for their Gaja 3D printer – Gaja Multitool. The company released two new devices a year ago. More

Autodesk's free Tinkerplay app lets you design, customize & 3D print your own characters

Mar.17, 2015 - Autodesk announced today the launch of Tinkerplay, a free app designed for kids of all ages that introduces creative play through 3D design and 3D printing. More

The Love Project gives 3D printed shape to the love stories of 53 people

Mar.17, 2015 - But can you call those objects the embodiments of those emotions? Brazilian designer and architect Guto Requena has tried to answer that question through 3D printing in the Love Project, which he has been working on since August 2014. More

Michigan researchers call for a change in recycling codes to benefit 3D printing

Mar.17, 2015 - Why shouldn’t we be able to recycle our own trash for 3D printing purposes? That is exactly what a research team from Michigan Technological University, led by Joshua Pearce, is calling for in a new article that has recently... More

French students develop Hikari no Sumi: a 3D printed mix of a video game and a board game

Mar.17, 2015 - Hikari no Sumi was developed by three French multimedia engineering students – Nicolas Bertrand, Gaétan Guerrero and Matthieu Lefebvre – during a student exchange program in Japan. More

3D printed, open-source humanoid robot PLEN2 launches on Kickstarter

Mar.17, 2015 - Yet one Japanese company wants to re-imagine and re-humanize robotic technology by introducing the irresistibly cute (and surprisingly functional) PLEN2, a customizable 3D printed humanoid robot. More

Graphene 3D Lab announces commercial sale of conductive graphene filaments for 3D printing

Mar.17, 2015 - Calverton, New York-based Graphene 3D Lab has officially announced the commercial availability of its Conductive Graphene Filament for 3D printing. More

Carbon3D Introduces breakthrough CLIP technology for layerless 3D printing, 25-100x faster

Mar.17, 2015 - Carbon3D today emerged from stealth on the main stage of the TED conference with an entirely new breakthrough 3D printing process, which is, according to the company, 25-100 times faster than than other 3D printing processes. More

Swiss scientists to test 3D printed nose implants on sheep

Mar.16, 2015 - Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which is based in Zurich, has just announced that their 3D printed nose implant technology is already ready for testing. More

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