Ambionics: Father helps other kids after 3D printing hydraulic arm for two-year old son

Dec.18, 2018 - Ben Ryan started the prosthetics company Ambionics after designing a 3D printable, hydraulic arm for his two-year old son. More

The stiffest possible material is 3D printed by ETH Zurich

Dec.18, 2018 - ETH Zurich professor Dirk Mohr 3D prints a material with a plate-lattice structure that's as stiff as a material can be. More

Optomec acquires Huffman for 3D metal printing gas turbine replacement parts

Dec.18, 2018 - Optomec has announced that it has acquired Huffman, an established leader in supplying 3D metal printing systems for additive repair of gas turbine components in the energy and aviation markets. More

Transparent lenses from an FDM 3D printer

Dec.17, 2018 - Tomer Gluck of FennecLabs 3D prints clear lenses with desktop FDM 3D printer. More

3D printed head can unlock top Android smartphones, iPhone X impenetrable

Dec.17, 2018 - Forbes reporter Thomas Brewster recently challenged a variety of smartphone face-recognition systems with a 3D printed head modeled after his own head. More

MIT scientists can now shrink 3D printed objects down to nanoscale versions

Dec.17, 2018 - MIT researchers shrink 3D printed hydrogel with embedded electronics down to the nanoscale with controlled dehydration. More

3DKToys awarded 'Pin and Void' patent for connecting 3D printed parts

Dec.14, 2018 - 3D-printable toy maker 3DKToys was awarded a patent for the 'Pin and Void' joining method used in their toys. More

MIT researchers 3D print inexpensive microfluidics device for personalized cancer treatment

Dec.14, 2018 - Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have 3D printed a novel microfluidic device that simulates cancer treatments on biopsied tumor tissue. The 3D printed device can help clinicians better examine how individual patients may respond to different therapeutics before administering a single dose. More

LSU student 3D prints first full 'human' for radiation therapy research

Dec.14, 2018 - Meagan Moore, a Biological and Agricultural Engineering student from Louisiana State University (LSU) has 3D printed a full-size "human body" for radiation therapy research. More

3D printed smart pill could release drugs via Bluetooth

Dec.14, 2018 - Researchers at MIT, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Draper 3D print ingestible pills that can wirelessly relay information to a smartphone and deliver drugs. More

Large-format Phrozen Transform SLA 3D printer achieves Kickstarter goal in 3 minutes

Dec.13, 2018 - Phrozen launches large-format Transform SLA 3D printer with 40cm Z-axis on Kickstarter. More

UCLA Scientists reconstruct 1,500-year-old Tiwanaku temple with 3D printing

Dec.13, 2018 - An ancient Incan city in Bolivia has been recreated using 3D printed models of fragments from a building. More

Markforged launches H13 tool steel for Metal X 3D printer

Dec.13, 2018 - Markforged announced the launch of H13 tool steel for the desktop-sized Metal X 3D printer. The expansion into H13 will enable customers to print parts in high-strength, high-temperature applications such as metal forming tools, dies and punches, and hardened inserts for fixtures, and even injection molds with conformal cooling channels.' More

Doctor's Without Borders hospital in Jordan is 3D printing prosthetics for conflict victims

Dec.13, 2018 - A Doctor's Without Borders hospital in Amman, Jordan is 3D printing prosthetics for conflict victims. More

Researcher at Penn State demonstrates superiority of 3D printed superalloy

Dec.12, 2018 - Penn State researcher Allison Breese demonstrates that 3D printed superalloys aren't prone to dynamic strain aging like conventional superalloys. More

3D printing aids for people with arthritis

Dec.12, 2018 - Joshua Pearce at Michigan Tech 3D prints assistive devices for arthritis that are 94% cheaper than those that are commercially available. More

Paladin is an all-metal SLA 3D printer on Kickstarter for $299

Dec.12, 2018 - Panda 3D is Kickstarting the all-metal Paladin SLA 3D printer for $299. More

Volkswagen toolmaking opens advanced 3D printing center, plans to mass produce parts in 2-3 years

Dec.11, 2018 - German automaker Volkswagen's toolmaking unit has just announced that it is opening an advanced 3D printing centre at the company's main production facility in Wolfsburg which will allow the production of complex vehicle parts. More

ORNL 3D printed neutron scattering collimators that are better and cheaper

Dec.11, 2018 - ORNL researchers Bianca Haberl and Amy Elliott 3D print collimators for neutron scattering instruments that are more detailed and cheaper than traditional collimators. More

MakerBot returns with Makerbot Method, its first Performance 3D Printer

Dec.11, 2018 - MakerBot has just unveiled the MakerBot Method, a performance 3D printer which aims to bridges the gap between desktop and industrial 3D printing. More

Harvard's 3D printing workflow helps predict leaky heart valves

Dec.11, 2018 - Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have created a 3D printing workflow that allows cardiologists to predict the performance of artificial heart valves, and evaluate how different valve sizes will interact with each patient's unique anatomy. More

LLNL researchers invent 3D printed metamaterial that stiffens with magnetic field

Dec.10, 2018 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers invent 3D printed latticed metamaterial filled with ferrofluid that stiffens with magnetic field. More

Angel Trains, ESG and Stratasys partner to 3D print interior components for rail industry

Dec.10, 2018 - Angel Trains, one of Britain's leading train leasing specialists, has partnered with engineering consultancy ESG Rail, and 3D printing technology provider Stratasys, to produce four interior components using 3D printing. More

ESA leads development of 3D printed skin, bone and body parts for future astronauts

Dec.10, 2018 - Experts gather for an ESA ESTEC workshop in the Netherlands to discuss 3D bioprinting skin, bones, and organs in space. More

MIT team develops 3D printer that's 10x faster than comparable 3D printers

Dec.7, 2018 - MIT team Jamison Go and John Hart develop 3D printer with nut-feed extusion and laser heating that's 10x faster than comparable 3D printers. More

S-Squared 3D Printers unveils patent-pending Autonomous Robotic Construction System

Dec.7, 2018 - S-Squared 3D Printers (SQ3D), a 3D printer manufacturing and service company based out of Long Island, NY., has introduced its patent pending Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS). More

Purdue researchers use ultrasonic vibrations to improve 3D printing with viscous materials

Dec.7, 2018 - Purdue researchers at Next Offset Solutions Inc develop method of 3D printing viscous materials with ultrasonic vibrations. More

3D printed HeX earbuds not just for the hearing impaired

Dec.7, 2018 - Manchester Metropolitan University student Elen Parry creates concept 3D printed HeX earbuds to help hearing impaired and everyone else. More

Russian scientists 3D bioprint mouse's thyroid in zero gravity on ISS

Dec.6, 2018 - Russian scientists have managed to grow the thyroid gland of a mouse in zero gravity using a 3D bioprinter on board on the International Space Station (ISS). The unique 3D magnetic bioprinter, called Organ.Aut, was delivered to the ISS by a Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft on December 3. More

Taiwan academics improve 3D printing speed and quality with ambient temperature sensors

Dec.6, 2018 - Chen Yuwen, dean of Da-Yeh's College of Engineering, designed a system that uses sensors to factor in the ambient temperature and humidity levels of the space near the 3D printer. More

CELLINK and Prellis Biologics announce $1.2M high-precision Holograph-X Bioprinter

Dec.6, 2018 - Swedish bioprinting company Cellink and Prellis Biologics Inc., a San Francisco-based 3D tissue printing company have partnered to commercialize high-resolution $1.2M high-precision Holograph-X Bioprinter for micro-printing. More

WSU researchers create 3D printed glucose biosensors for diabetes monitoring

Dec.6, 2018 - Researchers Arda Gozen and Yuehe Lin at WSU 3D print the first flexible glucose biosensors intended for a wearable glucose monitoring device for diabetes care. More

Study on functional mechanical properties of 3D printed lattice structures

Dec.5, 2018 - Fast Radius and the University of Illinois publish study that demonstrates the functional mechanical properties of 3D printed lattice structures. More

Ford unveils Advanced Manufacturing Center and 3D prints Shelby Mustang GT 500 parts

Dec.5, 2018 - Ford Motor is making a big bet on futuristic technologies to help speed manufacturing innovation. The company has spent $45-million on its Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford Township, Michigan, just west of Detroit. More

Get a grip with ORIGIBOT2, a 3D printed telepresence robot

Dec.5, 2018 - Origin Robotics is crowdfunding ORIGIBOT2 on Indiegogo, a 3D printed telepresence robot with an articulating gripper. More

Nanoscribe launches Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer for high-precision microfabrication

Dec.5, 2018 - Germany's Nanoscribe, a company specializing in nano-, micro-, and meso-scale 3D printing, has introduced the Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer for high-resolution microfabrication and maskless lithography. More

Using plasma jets to promote bone integration with 3D printed implants

Dec.4, 2018 - Dr. Jochen Borris and Dr. Thomas Neubert at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films have developed a method of 3D printing that uses plasma jets to promote bone integration with 3D printed implants. More

MIT Technology Review's Erin Winick 3D prints her dream wedding

Dec.4, 2018 - Erin Winick at MIT Technology Review 3D printed her wedding bouquets, among other things. More

UC San Diego's easy-to-use 3D bioprinting technique creates lifelike tissues from natural materials

Dec.3, 2018 - Bioengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed an easy-to-use 3D bioprinting technique to produce lifelike organ tissue models from natural materials. More

Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, world's first 3D book printed on space station

Dec.3, 2018 - Genius 100, a global community focusing on solution to major issues, have printed the world's first 3D book: Genius: 100 Visions of the Future. More

Update: world's first 3D printed plastic bridge completed after 35 days

Dec.3, 2018 - Update: Shanghai Construction Group completes world's first 3D printed plastic bridge after 35 days of printing. More

Clemson researchers develop ceramic laser 3D printing technique for energy storage

Nov.30, 2018 - Researchers at Clemson University are working on a new 3D printing technique involving rapid laser processing to create "protonic ceramic electrolyzer stacks" that convert electricity to hydrogen as a way of storing energy. More

Israeli startup Jet Eat testing 3D printed vegan steaks

Nov.30, 2018 - Isreali startup Jet Eat testing 3D printed vegan steaks to be launched in 2020. More

Dr. Adrian Bowyer demonstrates how hollow tubes make 3D prints stronger

Nov.30, 2018 - Dr. Adrian Bowyer demonstrates how adding angled, hollow cylinders throughout a model makes 3D prints stronger. More

Youbionic adds 3D printed bionic arms to Boston Dynamics robot dog SpotMini

Nov.29, 2018 - Italian Youbionic has joined forces with the well-known robotics company Boston Dynamics to meld a pair of bionic arms with the adorable (or terrifying depending on your perspective) SpotMini. More

MIT's RePaint uses AI and 3D printing to accurately reproduce paintings for your home

Nov.29, 2018 - A team from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) proposed a system called RePaint for reproduction of paintings, which uses a combination of 3D printing and deep learning to authentically recreate favorite paintings, regardless of different lighting conditions or placement. More

CERAMBOT is the most affordable ceramic 3D printer to be Kickstarted

Nov.29, 2018 - CERAMBOT is the most affordable ceramic 3D printer to be Kickstarted, with models as low as $199. More

Michigan Tech Researchers invent 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper

Nov.28, 2018 - Researchers at Michigan Technological University invent 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper and it chops 3D printer filament into pellet-sized pieces that can be used in a fused granular fabrication (FGF) 3D printer or re-extruded as a new filament spool. More

Canon developed alumina-based ceramic material for high-res 3D printing

Nov.28, 2018 - Canon developed an alumina-based ceramic material for high-res 3D printing of industrial prototypes and medical devices. More

Cardi B wears $3,400 custom 3D printed Balenciaga coat

Nov.28, 2018 - The 26-year-old rapper Cardi B posted a picture on her Instagram account yesterday, showing off a plaid two-piece Balenciaga dress-slash-coat that was made using a 3D printer. More

Carbon Performance 3D prints high-performance suspension upright for Lotus Elise

Nov.27, 2018 - UK-based Carbon Performance 3D prints high-performance suspension upright for Lotus Elise sports car. More

Lenco to Kickstart world's first 3D printed, modular record player: The Lenco-MD

Nov.27, 2018 - Lenco to Kickstart the first 3D printed modular record player with RepRapUniverse and The Qeske Community, the Lenco-MD. More

UA scientist gets $2M DoD grant to regrow long bone segments using 3D printing

Nov.27, 2018 - Dr. John A. Szivek has recently received a five-year, $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to launch a study to determine how to heal bone fractures using a combination of 3D printing and adult stem cells. More

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