Pioneer of 3D printed design Joris Laarman gets High Museum of Art exhibition in Atlanta

Feb.19, 2018 - A new exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta is highlighting the work of Joris Laarman, a Dutch designer known for his forward-thinking and experimental 3D printed pieces. The exhibition, entitled 'Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age,' opened its doors yesterday. More

Into the great un-gnome: 3D printed anti-communism gnome blasted into space

Feb.19, 2018 - A 3D printed model of a Polish 'krasnal' gnome, a symbol of the city of Wroclaw and of peaceful resistance against the communist regime of the 1980s, has been launched into the stratosphere. It celebrates 100 years of Polish independence. More

3D printable 'Epic Sci-Fi Tiles' for tabletop RPGs now on Kickstarter

Feb.19, 2018 - Epic Dungeon Tiles, a company that creates 3D printable tabletop sets for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest RPG tile collection: Epic Sci-Fi Tiles. More

Structo Velox: first desktop 3D printer with integrated automated post-processing

Feb.19, 2018 - Singapore-based dental 3D printing company Structo has unveiled the Structo Velox, a dental 3D printer with integrated autonomous post-processing. The printer has three stages: print, wash, and cure, and shortens the time it takes to print models, denture bases, and other dental items. More

The 5 most successful crowdfunded 3D printers of all time

Feb.19, 2018 - Crowdfunding, through platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, has allowed 3D printing startups to get their 3D printer onto the market (for better or worse!) without third-party investment. These are the five biggest 3D printing crowdfunding campaigns ever, featuring Formlabs, Tiko, and others. More

3D CAD simulation platform SimScale integrates Parasolid, HOOPS Exchange

Feb.19, 2018 - Cloud engineering platform SimScale is collaborating with Siemens PLM Software and Tech Soft 3D to optimize simulation workflow with better CAD model handling. The new SimScale integrates both Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange. More

Dad uses 3D printing to convince kids he stole the moon in hilarious prank

Feb.19, 2018 - Did you notice the moon was missing was Thursday? Two little kids did when their dad convinced them he had stolen it from the sky. More

3D printed chest prosthesis aids recovery of Welsh man with massive tumor

Feb.19, 2018 - A grandfather in Wales has become the country's first man to have his chest wall rebuilt with a 3D printed prosthesis. The man, Peter Maggs, had three ribs and half his breastbone removed to get rid of a large tumor. More

California 3D printer company Robo targets Asian market

Feb.18, 2018 - Robo, a 3D printer manufacturer based in San Diego, California, has announced plans to expand its business to a number of Asian regions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. More

Missouri students 3D print prosthetic paw for Tucker the Australian shepherd

Feb.18, 2018 - Tucker, an adorable Australian shepherd born with an underdeveloped hind paw, was recently fitted with a 3D printed prosthetic. The prosthetic, which could help the five-year-old dog walk more evenly, was 3D printed by a dedicated team from the University of Missouri. More

3D print your own DIY thermal camera

Feb.18, 2018 - Well, the Ruiz Brothers from over at Adafruit have done it again: made another awesome and fully reproducible project that combines 3D printing and electronics. The make, a 3D printed thermal camera, is the perfect DIY project for this winter weekend. More

Top 3D printing stories of the week: Adidas, Nano Dimension, Porsche, Olympics, more

Feb.17, 2018 - 3D printed shoes, sports cars, Olympic gear, and superheroes! Find some of this week's top 3D printing news stories here. More

Make your own 3D printed Hyrule Castle from Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Feb.17, 2018 - Thingiverse user [Jbenedetto84] has designed a 3D printable Hyrule Castle from the Nintendo Switch game Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The 3D model was ripped from the game, and comprises both the castle and its grounds. More

EOS subsidiary ALM releasing three new industrial 3D printing materials next month

Feb.16, 2018 - German 3D printing company EOS has launched three new 3D printing materials suitable for industrial applications. All three products, to be released through EOS Group's subsidiary ALM, fall into the high-performance polymer category and will be available for purchase as of March 2018. More

HeartFlow raises $240M to commercialize 3D heart model diagnosis technology

Feb.16, 2018 - HeartFlow, Inc., a California-based medical tech company specializing in 3D heart models, has secured $240M through a Series E financing round. The investment will help accelerate the commercial expansion of the company's 3D model analysis tools. More

3D printing on the production line: Markforged guide offers advice for manufacturers

Feb.16, 2018 - Markforged has released a white paper detailing how businesses can incorporate 3D printing into the production line. The guide discusses cost drivers, factory applications, materials, and more, and recommends additive manufacturing as a repair and maintenance tool. More

New STEM kits for 3Doodler Start let kids 3D draw their own robotic dinosaurs, insects, more

Feb.16, 2018 - At the upcoming American International Toy Fair 2018, WobbleWorks, the company behind the famous 3Doodler 3D printing pen, will be unveiling its latest kid-friendly product series. Somewhat surprisingly, it's not a new 3D pen model, but I'm sure it will excite its customers equally. More

Queen Mary scientists study 3D printed cell structures with ink that mimics your body

Feb.16, 2018 - Researchers from the UK's Queen Mary University of London have used a 3D printing technique to create constructs that resemble biological structures. The structures are embedded in an ink that resembles natural environments. More

Is it 3D printable? Fraunhofer IGD's amazing 3D scanning system provides real-time insights

Feb.16, 2018 - Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD have developed a new industry 4.0 3D scanner and view planning system that autonomously scans objects while determining their 3D printability in real time. More

Carbon's new DENTCA and DREVE resins bolster 3D printing in dentistry

Feb.16, 2018 - Following an announcement that it was releasing two new software tools for its Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, 3D printing company Carbon has reported two new partnerships that will solidify and strengthen its position in the dental market. More

i.materialise introduces new Multicolor+ UV Inkjet 3D printing material

Feb.15, 2018 - i.materialise, the online 3D printing service of Belgian 3D printing company Materialise, has introduced a new UV Inkjet 3D printing material, Multicolor+. The material purportedly produces strong, full-color 3D printed parts. More

French startup Octobre71 sells colorful 3D printed eyewear

Feb.15, 2018 - Octobre71, a French eyewear startup, is leveraging 3D printing technologies to design and produce customized sunglasses that are 100 percent made in France. The stylish sunnies are 3D printed in partnership with French 3D printing service Sculpteo. More

Global Advanced Metals: spheroidization improves metal 3D printing powders

Feb.15, 2018 - Global Advanced Metals, a producer of tantalum products with locations in the US, Australia, and Japan, is setting up Tekna TEKSPHERO plasma spheroidization equipment at its plant in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. The spherical powders it produces will be used for additive manufacturing. More

Cornell's RoMA robotic 3D printing system lets users design 3D objects with AR

Feb.15, 2018 - A team from Cornell University, including researcher Huaishu Peng, has developed a hybrid 3D printing system guided by AR. The system, called the Robotic Modeling Assistant or RoMA for short, lets users design 3D models in-situ using AR technology and have the model 3D printed simultaneously. More

Top 10 useful 3D printed accessories for any maker

Feb.15, 2018 - While 3D printing can be used to create almost any type of object, sometimes the handiest things to 3D print are for 3D printing itself. Check out some of the best 3D models for improving, organizing, or spiffing up your 3D printing work station. More

2 new software tools for Carbon M Series 3D printers: Advanced Auto Supports, Part Serialization

Feb.15, 2018 - 3D printing pioneer Carbon has introduced two new software tools for its Digital Light Synthesis technology: Advanced Auto Supports and Part Serialization. The tools are designed for Carbon's M Series printers and materials. More

NASA: 3D printed medical tools could help astronauts stay healthy on eventual Mars mission

Feb.15, 2018 - A new NASA microbiology project aims to develop 3D printable tools that can handle liquids such as blood samples without spilling in microgravity. The 3D printed instruments will be tested on the International Space Station (ISS), and could be used to keep astronauts healthy. More

Additive Industries names top 6 finalists of 3D printing redesign challenge

Feb.15, 2018 - Additive Industries, a Dutch pioneer of metal 3D printing technologies, recently announced the top six finalists of its Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2018. The six finalists each used metal 3D printing to redesign and improve an industrial part. More

3D4E at UCLA giving 3D printed ukuleles to nearby orphanage

Feb.14, 2018 - 3D4E at UCLA, a 3D printing student organization and part of 3D4E National, is using 3D printing to make musical instruments such as ukuleles and shakers. The group is passing its 3D printed instruments on to the nearby Maryvale orphanage. More

UnisBrands: Penn State student startup 3D prints customized shoes

Feb.14, 2018 - Nicholas Unis, a young entrepreneur and student at Penn State, has transformed his passion for footwear into a unique business idea. The finance and accounting student is the founder of UnisBrands, a fashion label that designs, produces, and sells 3D printed shoes. More

Rotterdam's The Chocolate Factory increases production, cuts costs thanks to 3D printing

Feb.14, 2018 - The Chocolate Factory, a Rotterdam-based chocolate company, recently integrated 3D printed components into its chocolate packaging machines. Since the transition, and with the ability to 3D print replacement parts on demand, the company has reported reduced machine downtimes. More

Marlin 3D printer firmware developer 'thinkyhead' seeking support

Feb.14, 2018 - One of the most active developers of 3D printer firmware Marlin has set up a Patreon account in order to continue coding. Marlin firmware is used in both RepRap and commercial printers, and is fully open source. More

The days of collapsing 3D printed concrete walls could be over

Feb.14, 2018 - A professor of Applied Mechanics at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands has developed a model for determining the dimensions and printing speeds needed to keep 3D printed concrete walls stable. More

Team USA aims to win gold with 3D printed sleds at Olympic luge competition

Feb.14, 2018 - With the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in well under way, it was only a matter of time before 3D printing was revealed to be involved. 3D printing giant Stratasys worked with the US Olympic Luge Team to 3D print specialized components for its sleds with the hope of snatching up a gold medal. More

3D printed skulls to accompany Dippy the dinosaur on UK tour

Feb.14, 2018 - The UK's most famous dinosaur, Dippy the Diplodocus, is embarking on a nationwide tour. The dinosaur skeleton, which has been on display at London's Natural History Museum since 1979, will be accompanied by a couple of 3D printed skulls on its journey. More

Mbadika: Black Panther and 3D printing are helping teach kids about STEM

Feb.14, 2018 - Marvel's 'Black Panther' is having a truly amazing impact, not just in the entertainment industry but also in the tech sector. Non-profit Mbadika was inspired by the film and its amazing costumes to teach kids about STEM and 3D printing in a creative and dynamic way. More

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