Nanoscribe 3D printers used by five of top ten universities in the world

Nov.30, 2015 - Nanoscribe, a leader in 3D printing technologies on the nano-, micro-, and mesoscale, has revealed that five out of the top ten universities in the world, including Harvard, Oxford, and Caltech, use their Nanoscribe 3D printing systems for research and innovation. More

3D printed PETIT En SUITE portable potty lets toddlers go in private, anywhere

Nov.30, 2015 - A 37-year-old woman from Dalton, Great Britain has invented a 3D printed pop-up potty tent after noting her son's reluctance to go to the toilet in public. The 3D printed bowl is surrounded by a foldable pop up tent, which acts as a miniature Port-a-Potty for shy children. More

Dubai bets on 3D printing to help become most sustainable city in the world

Nov.30, 2015 - The city of Dubai has has just revealed its Clean Energy Strategy 2050, an ambitious plan to become the most sustainable city in the world by 2050. The strategy includes using 3D printing technology to construct a new Innovation Center, among other key steps. More

Open Bionics designs 3D printed Star Wars prosthetic arm for charity fashion collection

Nov.30, 2015 - Open Bionics has designed a 3D printed, Star Wars themed prosthetic arm. The fully functional 3D printed prosthesis was part of 'Fashion Finds the Force', a Star Wars themed fashion collection whose 20 pieces will be auctioned off for charity. More

Nano Dimension files patent for oxidation-resistant conductive copper ink

Nov.30, 2015 - PCB 3D printer manufacturer Nano Dimension has filed a patent application for a proprietary copper nanoparticle-based ink that provides improved oxidation resistance, resulting in an innovative breakthrough that offers the ability to print copper with industrial 3D digital printers. More

This 'cyberpunk' 3D printed chorded keyboard covers A-Z in just seven keys

Nov.30, 2015 - 24 Hour Engineer has released an Instructables guide for building a fully functional, 3D printed chorded keyboard. The 3D printed device, initially designed as a Halloween costume prop, is Arduino powered and features Bluetooth connectivity. More

Vi glass dome with 3D printed synth modules lets deaf children see and touch sound

Nov.30, 2015 - A UK-based product designer and DJ has designed and developed a unique glass dome with LEGO-like 3D printed synthesizer modules that transforms sound into visual and haptic feedback. The product, called Vi, gives deaf or hearing-impaired children the chance to experience music differently, by seeing and even 'touching' sounds that they control. More

Lidewij van Twillert develops perfect fit Mesh Lingerie bras with body scans and 3D printing

Nov.30, 2015 - Called the Mesh Lingerie bra and designed by Lidewij van Twillert, this concept relies on body scans and 3D printing to make perfectly fitting and stylish bras for women everywhere. More

Kai Parthy develops low-bondage warp index for 3D printing filaments

Nov.30, 2015 - 'Filament Wizard' and inventor Kai Parthy has developed a repeatable, standardized test for measuring warp across various 3D printing filaments that requires nothing more than an FDM 3D printer and a flatbed scanner. More

Disney teams up with 3D printed doll company MakieLab to make Disney themed doll clothing

Nov.30, 2015 - Walt Disney Co. continues to make forays into the world of 3D printing, this time by selecting 3D printed doll company MakieLab as part of their Disney Accelerator program. More

3D printed Beest hand cranked power generator is capable of generating 30 watts of power

Nov.30, 2015 - In an effort to save a little on electricity bills, Norwegian designer Even Erichsen has recently built a truly spectacular 3D printed generator. Called the Beest, this hand cranked machine can generate 30 watts ' not enough to boil water, but plenty to power some lights. More

What are the legal aspects of 3D printing? A European law firm weighs in.

Nov.30, 2015 - Dutch law firm De Clercq Advocaten Notarissen has just issued a brief yet educational white paper that discusses the legal aspects of intellectual property law, copyright law, product liability, and more, all within the new reality of 3D printing. More

3D printed 'Drinkable Book' turns dirty water clean for millions

Nov.29, 2015 - With more than 3 billion people dying of water-related disease each year, Charity Water is Life has come up with a fantastic innovation: The Drinkable Book, featuring pages that act as a bacteria-killing water purifiers, all kept in a 3D printed container that doubles as a filter holder. More

Branch Technology's 3D printed movable panel system mimics topology of Southern Tennessee

Nov.29, 2015 - Branch Technology has built a 100 square foot 3D printed movable panel system, whose surface imitates the topology of Southern Tennessee. Shawn Thorne, the company's materials science expert, has written a blog post detailing the ideas behind the 3D printed creation. More

Bring a Star Wars style Christmas into your home with this 3D printed BB-8 tree ornament

Nov.29, 2015 - With thanksgiving over, it's time to prepare for the next major festive occasion: the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But as Christmas follows a week after the movie release, you can now combine the two with this very cool 3D printable BB-8 droid tree ornament by Martin Hajek. More

GM builds special $30 million wind tunnel for testing smaller partially 3D printed vehicles

Nov.29, 2015 - With the purpose of optimizing car aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, General Motors has invested $30 million in a small scale wind tunnel facility, in which partially 3D printed scale model vehicles will be tested and studied. More

Bouroullec Brothers incorporate 3D printing into their recent project 17 Screens

Nov.29, 2015 - Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's exhibition 17 Screens, which includes 3D printed elements, will be on until March 2016 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The partitions or screens are made from a variety of materials, effectively combining more traditional craft materials such as ceramics, aluminium, glass, wood, and textile, with 3D printed plastic materials. More

New 3D printed, energy absorbing material could help make football helmets safer

Nov.28, 2015 - Researchers at Purdue University have teamed up with General Motors to develop a new kind of 3D printed, energy absorbing material. The material could have a range of applications, from earthquake engineering to safer football helmets. More

Now you can make your own DIY Remote Controlled 3D Printed Rover

Nov.28, 2015 - DIY Remote Controlled 3D Printed Rover is now on Instructables for anybody to make. Instructables user dgrermain1 shared his Makecourse project with the world and I really recommend checking it out. More

LucidCam: A Crowd-sourced 3D VR Camera that allows you to share your experiences like Never Before

Nov.28, 2015 - LucidCam: A Crowd-sourced 3D VR Camera that allows you to share your experiences via portable stereographic cameras is currently funding on Indiegogo. More

3D printing pioneer Joris Laarman opens first major solo show at Groninger Museum

Nov.28, 2015 - Creator of the MX3D metal 3D printer and one of the most prominent and influential 3D printing artists Joris Laarman this week opened his first ever major solo show at the Groninger Museum. More

3D print from your iOS device with Dropbox to i.materialise integration

Nov.27, 2015 - The new Dropbox to i.materialise integration tool allows iPad, iPhone or iPod users to upload 3D models from Dropbox directly to i.materialise's 3D print lab in order to view instant price quotes and order their 3D prints. More

Reitlinger Engineering uses 3D printer to reduce costs of labeling machine

Nov.27, 2015 - Design engineering firm ReitlingerEngineering has reduced the development costs for one of its labeling machines by using a German RepRap 3D printer to produce special 3D printed clamps. The precisely measured 3D printed clamps are designed to hold a product in place for labeling. More

EOS and Williams Engineering bring 3D printing to Formula One and beyond

Nov.27, 2015 - EOS has entered into a three-year technical partnership with Williams Grand Prix Engineering and Williams Advanced Engineering to provide Williams with direct and high-level additive manufacturing technologies for the world of Formula One, as well as the automotive, defense, aerospace and energy sectors. More

Build a 3D printed enclosure for the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

Nov.27, 2015 - Adafruit's latest Layer by Layer tutorial shows makers how to design a 3D printed enclosure for the new Raspberry Pi Zero, due to hit stores in a few weeks. The 3D printed enclosure is fully customizable and therefore suitable for a range of projects. More

Artist Joaquin Baldwin combines math and organics in beautiful 3D printed air planters

Nov.27, 2015 - Artist, animator, award-winning filmmaker and 3D designer Joaquin Baldwin has just released two complete series of 3D printed floating planters, the Bulophyllum Series and Radiolaria Series, that are part mathematics, part organic structures, and entirely works of art. More

World's third largest OEM manufacturer New Kinpo Group transitions into 3D printing market leader

Nov.27, 2015 - Already the world's third largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the world, the Taiwan-based New Kinpo Group is now also becoming the 3D printing market leader through its XYZPrinting brand, and is entering the robotics industry, says CEO Simon Shen. More

Aoyama Optical France launches We DDD 3D printed eyewear collection

Nov.27, 2015 - French optical company Aoyama has just announced their first collection of entirely 3D printed eyewear, We DDD, which uses clean SLS 3D printing technology to manufacture stylish, high-quality and customizable frames. More

Man suffering from motor neurone disease receives $196K prize for 3D printed wheelchair invention

Nov.27, 2015 - Patrick Joyce, who suffers from motor neurone disease, has received a $196,000 prize from Hackaday after inventing a unique 3D printed mobility device. The Eyedrivomatic technology, developed in collaboration with Steve Evans and David Hopkinson, facilitates unprecedented eye-controlled wheelchair movement. More

Ditch the threaded rod in your RepRap 3D printer and upgrade to a lead screw z-axis

Nov.27, 2015 - A maker named Daniel has provided 3D printable files and a detailed walkthrough for upgrading the Z-axis of a Prusa i3 RepRap 3D printer with a lead screw. The tinkerer has detailed the procedure in a blog post, whilst sharing the files on Thingiverse. More

3D Printing Pen Meets Paint: Artist Barbara Taylor Harris uses the 3Doodler on her canvases

Nov.27, 2015 - One contemporary artist, UK based Barbara Taylor Harris, known for her mixed media pieces, has recently developed an innovative style of her own, which incorporates 3Doodler’s 3D printing pen into more classical mediums such as painting or sculpture. More

3D printing powder market expected to reach $639.9M by 2020

Nov.27, 2015 - Independent market research firm MarketsandMarkets has released a report which forecasts significant growth in the 3D printing powder market, with North America remaining the most dominant region for 3D printing powder production. More

The 2015 Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 3D Printer Deals

Nov.26, 2015 - 3D printer enthusiasts rejoice: for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015, 3D printer manufacturers and retailers are offering loads of great deals on 3D printers, filaments and accessories, with hundreds of dollars in savings in-store and online. More

Attempt to build world's biggest 3D printed Rubik's Cube ends in disaster on livestream

Nov.26, 2015 - Though a very impressive attempt and a garguantan and complex 3D printing endeavor, the gigantic 22 x 22 Rubik's Cube puzzle by CorenPuzzle unfortunately ended in entertaining disaster on a livestream earlier this week. More

Skriware 3D printer and Skrimarket enable one-click 3D printing

Nov.26, 2015 - The Stockholm, Sweden based startup Skriware has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new 3D printer, named the Skriware, and its 3D printing marketplace, Skrimarket. More

UC Berkeley and Autodesk explore biofriendly materials for SLA 3D printing

Nov.26, 2015 - Students at UC Berkeley's Center for Green Chemistry are using biomimicry as a lens to explore and eventually develop sustainable SLA 3D printing resins. Autodesk has signed up to support this research. More

It's Alive: 3D Bioprinting market to reach $1.82 billion by 2022

Nov.26, 2015 - A new report by Grand View Research Inc. has revelead that the global 3D bioprinting market is set to be worth a staggering $1.82 billion within less than 10 years. The report includes key technology, application and regional insights into the use of 3D bioprinting technology. More

Prodways Group launches Aerospace Division for 3D printing aerospace solutions

Nov.26, 2015 - An integrated industrial team comprised of Prodways, ECA Group and Initial has today launched the Prodways Group Aerospace Division, which will offer a full range of additive manufacturing products dedicated to the aerospace sector. More

South Korean air force incorporates 3D printed metal parts into fighter jet engines

Nov.26, 2015 - While the South Korean military has already adopted 3D printing to manufacture a few components, new reports reveal that several active F-15k fighter jets have already been repaired with 3D printed engine turbine parts this year as cost saving measures. More

Renishaw introduces two new metal 3D printer models and its QuantAM preparation software

Nov.26, 2015 - UK based company Renishaw has unveiled two new metal 3D printing systems as well as a new preparation software package QuantAM at Formnext 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. More

Lilly the goat given chance at normal life with 3D printed wheelchair

Nov.26, 2015 - As part of a heartwarming and very educational project for a class of high school students from the William Byrd High School in Roanoke County, Virginia, Lilly the two legged goat is given a chance at a normal, unassisted life with a custom made 3D printed wheelchair. More

This is an open call to design your own 3D printed tower to be exhibited in New York

Nov.26, 2015 - Wide Open Arts, in collaboration with 3D printing studio Voodoo Manufacturing, will be exhibiting a city of user-designed 3D printed towers at the Outsider Art Fair. Designers can submit their designs from now until December 15th. More

REshape improves doctor-patient communication with 3D printed medical models

Nov.25, 2015 - Researchers at the Radmoud UMC Hospital in The Netherlands have developed the REshape program to help doctors and patients communicate through the use of 3D printed anatomical models, made on an Ultimaker 3D printer. More

NASA awards Aerojet $1.6B contract to 3D print improved RS-25 rocket engines

Nov.25, 2015 - NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne have put pen to paper on a nine year contract to re-start production of the RS-25 engine for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS). 3D printing technology will be used to reduce the total part count of the rocket engine. More

Global 3D printing market hits 500K units milestone

Nov.25, 2015 - In mid-2015, the global 3D printing industry passed a major milestone with more than 500K 3D printer units shipped worldwide. Despite a few slowdowns in Q3, the industry is on track to continue growing thanks to new entrants, with one million 3D printers expected to be shipped every year by 2019. More

Rebecca Minkoff and Normal produce exclusive 3D printed 14K rose gold earphones

Nov.25, 2015 - New York-based fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with high-end earphone manufacturer Normal to produce a limited run of custom-fit 3D printed earphones cast in 14K rose gold. Customers can get fitted for the 3D printed accessories at a handful of U.S. stores. More

Aruban students custom 3D print an e-NABLE prosthetic for Zizi, a girl with missing fingers

Nov.25, 2015 - Aruban students custom 3D print an e-NABLE prosthetic for Zizi, a girl with missing fingers on her right hand. The prosthetic was 3D printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. More

MolToys turns a series of 3D printed amino acid beads into scientific jewelry

Nov.25, 2015 - Molecular model company MolToys has designed a series of 3D printed amino acid beads that can be turned into jewelry. More

New FARO Focus3D X 30 3D Scanner ideal for complex, short-range 3D scans

Nov.25, 2015 - FARO has just launched their latest 3D laser scanner, the ultra-portable Focus3D X 30, which offers a 30-meter scanning range for the accurate and high-speed 3D scanning of complex, short-range projects. More

Screen Mutations: a 3D printed tableware set perfect for a virtual tea party

Nov.25, 2015 - Designer Louisa Zahareas has created a tableware set that only appears normal through the perspective of her webcam for her project Screen Mutations. The collection consists of a percolator, which in person appears sliced in half, a slanted teacup, a melted looking cereal bowl, and a teapot which has two lids and two spouts. More

ISS astronauts can now smell their espresso thanks to 3D printed cups

Nov.25, 2015 - While astronauts usually drink liquids from airtight containers to avoid filling the ISS with hot coffee, a new set of 3D printed open-topped cups take advantage of liquid dynamics to enable astronauts to drink and smell their coffee like they would on earth. More

Kabuku secures $6.1M in funds for increasing 3D printing service Rinkak's global presence

Nov.25, 2015 - Kabuku, the company behind the Japanese cloud-based 3D printing marketplace Rinkak, has just secured $6.1 million in funds for increasing their market presence worldwide. This follows a previous series A funding round a few months ago, when they raised $3.3 million. More

Introducing nGen: colorFabb's newest copolyester 3D printing filament

Nov.25, 2015 - colorFabb has today launched their newest copolyester-based 3D printing filament, nGen, a low-odor, styrene-free material with excellent functional properties that are suited to a wide range of applications, from home appliances to electronics to medical prosthetics. More

Free online beginners course on 3D bioprinting kicks off at University of Wollongong

Nov.25, 2015 - As much of 3D bioprinting technology is shrouded in mystery for regular people, the University of Wollongong in Australia has organized a free online course taught by professor Gordon Wallace that will discuss all basic principles surrounding this revolutionary medical innovation. More

Toshiba to unveil metal 3D printer that is 10 times faster than competitors

Nov.25, 2015 - While we mostly know Toshiba from manufacturing household electronics, they are working on a revolutionary metal 3D printer that is set to reach the market in 2017. Featuring a revolutionary laser metal deposition technique, it is up to ten times faster than current metal printers. More

Polymaker conquers animatronics world with cool 3D printed eye mechanism project

Nov.25, 2015 - With a fun new Eye Mechanism project, 3D printer filament expert Polymaker proves that even detailed and functional animatronic robots are not beyond our reach, with just the help of off-the-shelf parts and optimal use of a variety of filaments. More

Watch a 6'5 tall rocket with 3D printed nose cone launch 1,200 feet into the air

Nov.25, 2015 - Makers Jake Veilleux and Mark Fuller created a 6.5' tall rocket with a 16' tall 3D printed nose cone that they were able to successfully launch roughly 1,200 feet (365 meters) into the air, using little more than standard mailing tubes, plywood, a G40-7 rocket engine, and three 3D printed parts for the nose. More

India's pediatric surgeons turn to 3D printing for complex cardiac operations

Nov.24, 2015 - Mumbai-based 3D printing company Sahas Softech LLP's healthcare branch OCTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been assisting hospitals in complicated surgical cases where 3D printing could provide much needed help, including in the case of a two-month-old boy born with a severe heart defect. More

Make a beautiful Tiffany-style candle holder using a 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Nov.24, 2015 - 3D printing pen manufacturer 3Doodler has released a cool tutorial which shows makers how to build a 3D printed Tiffany-style candle holder using only their famous 3D printing pen and a few other regular household items. More

Artist Rosalie Yu explores human intimacy through 3D scanning and 3D printing

Nov.24, 2015 - Embrace in Progress is New York-based artist Rosalie Yu's most recent project which uses 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to explore and represent the movement and temporal elements of human intimacy through an embrace. More

TekLab launches Indiegogo campaign for $214 TekBot portable 3D printer

Nov.24, 2015 - German control panel and 3D printing specialist TekLab has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its TekBot portable 3D printer. The 3D printer can print in a wide range of materials, and the first 15 machines are available for a special price of $214. More

Revolutionary 'ReForm' hybrid clay design process combines 3D printing with manual sculpting

Nov.24, 2015 - Computer scientists from Lancaster University have developed a hybrid design process which allows creators to make clay objects using both 3D printing and manual sculpting techniques. The 'ReForm' process was the subject of an academic paper presented earlier this month. More

Elevate your cup of joe with this 3D printed six-flask cold coffee brewer

Nov.24, 2015 - Jonathan Odom of the Instructables Design Studio has created a beautifully crafted, radial, six-flask cold coffee brewer, made from 39 different 3D printed parts. The machine can brew up to six different types of coffee beans at a time, and will surely perk up users in more way than one. More

Stratasys 3D printed vascular model assists life-saving brain aneurysm surgery

Nov.24, 2015 - An exact 3D printed replica of a patient's vascular system helped surgeons in New York plan and execute a complicated, life-threatening brain aneurysm surgery. The model was 3D printed using Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printing Solutions. More

3D printed plastic car jack revealed by Fouche 3D Printing

Nov.24, 2015 - To coincide with the launch of the Cheetah 2 3D printer, South African 3D printing developer Fouche 3D printing has created the first 3D printed plastic car jack capable of lifting an actual car off the ground. More

Fantastic Lego-compatible 3D printable meeperBOTS smart toy on wheels now on Kickstarter

Nov.24, 2015 - Featuring a 3D printable and fully customizable body, meeperBOTS are fantastic smart toys on wheels that can take any Lego project to the next level while also teaching your kids a thing or two. More

Want a 3D printed model of your house? Check out Spotscale's Life of Spotnik 3D printing campaign

Nov.24, 2015 - With the fun Spotnik 3D printing competition, Swedish engineers Spotscale are seeking to raise positive awareness about drone technology. To do so, they will visit the campaign winners and scan their homes or cool locations with a drone and make a 3D printed replica while you wait. More

Save money and the planet with Koguma: a piggybank made with 3D printing

Nov.24, 2015 - Koguma is an innovative and ethically-made piggybank and augmented reality app that teaches kids to save more than just money, it teaches them to save the planet. Designed with 3D printing, the Koguma is a beautifully and responsibly crafted product that can be appreciated by users of all ages. More

Archinaut: NASA selects Made in Space to 3D print large structures in space

Nov.24, 2015 - For the development of an autonomous and space-bound 3D printing/assembly factory program called Archinaut, NASA has tapped in-space 3D printing experts Made In Space, who will be working alongside Northrop Grumman and Oceaneering Space Systems. More

World's first fully 3D printed revolver can fire up to 8 bullets between reloads

Nov.24, 2015 - While most 3D guns seen before either featured a lot of non-printed parts or were easily damaged with every shot, mechanical engineering student James Patrick has just shared 3D printable designs for an almost fully 3D printed revolver that has been successfully fired repeatedly. More

3DMakery opens up Africa's first 3D scanning booth with an exciting launch

Nov.24, 2015 - 3DMakery opens up Africa's first 3D scanning booth using Artec Group's Shapify technology to much fanfare. An important technological step for the region. Regional celebrities like Juliet Ibrahim and Bryan Okwara, along with a host of others, were present at their 3D Shapify unveiling at the Ikeja City Mall. More

Multistation presents Biocerawax, new bioceramics 3D printing process

Nov.23, 2015 - French additive manufacturing firm Multistation has unveiled Biocerawax, a new manufacturing process for bioceramics which can be used for the precise 3D printing of a wide range of custom architectures. More

Formbytes wins €8,000 to market accessible and affordable '3D printer for everyone'

Nov.23, 2015 - 3D printing startup Formbyte has won an 8,000 euro award for technology and innovation in Spain, and is ready to bring their portable, inexpensive and user-friendly Formbyte 3D printer and educational KIT to the market. More

Johnson & Johnson recruits UNF students to develop 3D printed materials for biomedicine and implants

Nov.23, 2015 - Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson has provided a set of 3D printers for the University of North Florida to encourage students to undertake research in 3D printing technology. The seven new machines signaled the opening of the university's new 3D printing lab. More

Paleobiologist creates 3D printed replica of 170-million-year-old mammal jaw fossil

Nov.23, 2015 - Dr. Roger Close from the University of Oxford has used 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to create scaled-up 3D prints of a 170-million-year-old fossilized mammal jaw, which have been used for close inspection and easy sharing of the ancient specimen. More

Hueway Technology exports over 31,500 3D printers in 2015, unveils new 3D-160 'Small Panda' 3D printer

Nov.23, 2015 - Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Hueway Technology has announced that in 2015 alone, they have exported over 31,500 3D printers. The company has also unveiled their latest 3D printer model, the Hueway 3D-160. More

Thomas Palm releases new 'No Screw' 3D printable wheels for OpenR/C project

Nov.23, 2015 - A member of Daniel Nor'e's OpenR/C Project, Thomas Palm has today released several new 3D printable files for three different open source remote control car projects, including a set of tires for the highly anticipated 3D printable Formula 1 racecar. More

3Ders Monday Warm-Up: Top Twelve 3D Printed Watches and Clocks

Nov.23, 2015 - Time flies when you're 3D printing, so this week we've rounded up some of the top designs for 3D printed watches and clocks. They will at the very least make excellent conversation starters, whether displayed in your office, home, or on your very wrist. More

Uvero 3D printed earbuds by MIT-spawned Lantos are made to fit your ear perfectly

Nov.23, 2015 - Called Uverno earbuds and developed through MIT technology by Lantos Technologies, these earphones are made with 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to ensure a perfect fit each time. More

Artist Erica Gray uses 3Doodler 3D printing pen to create amazing wearable art

Nov.23, 2015 - Queensland, Australia based artist Erica Gray has used the 3Doodler 3D printed pen to create amazing and unique wearable art pieces featured in the World of WearableArt Show. More

Fantastic Leonardo da Vinci board game with 3D printed figures huge hit on Kickstarter

Nov.23, 2015 - Featuring gorgeous 3D printed game pieces, inspiring artwork and challenging gameplay, the board game Leonardo | The Game of Art and Death | Plague Edition seems to have it all and is already a huge hit on Kickstarter. More

NSW citizens face jail for possessing blueprints for 3D printable guns

Nov.23, 2015 - Through an amendment to existing gun legislation, the government of New South Wales in Australia has made it illegal to even own a digital copy of blueprints for a 3D printed gun. Owning a 3D printed gun was already illegal, but owners of just the schematics can now go to jail for up to 14 years. More

Build your own functional 3D printed robot with this easy Instructables guide

Nov.23, 2015 - An experienced software engineer and part-time maker named J.R. B'dard has built a pair of 3D printed robots, one animated and one stationary, sharing the build procedure on Instructables. More

Colombia's first 3D printed guitar is tribute to national culture

Nov.22, 2015 - Inspired by Olaf Deigel's 3D printed Americana guitar, maker Javier Mu'oz has created Colombia's first 3D printed guitar, inspired by the nation's rich history, culture, and the great Randy Rhoads. More

Latex Pixels: Interactive 3D printed wall packed with 37 individually moving modules

Nov.22, 2015 - Called the Latex Pixels project, New York-based designers Seiya Kobayashi and David Tracy have ventured into the fascinating concept of living architecture with a 3D printed wall packed with 37 individually moving modules. More

Drzach & Suchy uses 3D printed grates for cool shadow haiku art

Nov.21, 2015 - Creative collective Drzach & Suchy has unveiled its latest project: 3D printed shadow haikus. The Swiss artists have created a set of 3D printed mesh boards, which, when placed on water, spell out the words to a famous haiku in the shadows below. More

Full Circle Textiles uses shopping bag made from recycled filament to remind us of 3D printing's impact on our oceans

Nov.21, 2015 - Australian based initiative Full Circle Textiles has designed a shopping bag made from recycled filament to remind consumers of the impact of their choices and to educate them on impact 3D printing practices have on our oceans. More

Behnaz Farahi's details how to create dynamic 3D printed wearables using SMA actuators

Nov.21, 2015 - If you’ve been wracking your brain to figure out how artist Behnaz Farahi designed her recent 3D printed wearables project “Caress the Gaze,” you’ll be excited to hear that she has released an Instructables detailing how she created the piece using SMA actuators. More

GUTS Labs gets ahead of the curve with 3D printed curved LEGO bricks

Nov.20, 2015 - Montreal, Canada based GUTS Labs has developed a set of 3D printed prototypes for their special curved LEGO bricks, which allow keen builders to experiment with entirely new structures. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground. More

3D printed Winter Wonderland stop-motion captures the spirit of the holidays

Nov.20, 2015 - Motion graphics designer Maciej Gorski and his team at MTG Creative used 3D printing to create a cheerful and lively stop-motion animation that perfectly captures the spirit of the holidays. Everything on the Winter Wonderland set save the fake snow and trees was 3D printed on an Ultimaker 2. More

Gym teacher raising funds for 3D printed wheelchair recreation device for disabled children

Nov.20, 2015 - A New York based gym teacher is raising funds to build a 3D printed prototype of a recreational device for disabled schoolchildren. The device is intended to facilitate sport and play, and can attach to a wheelchair and other apparatus. More

5-year-old boy is first burn victim in China to receive 3D printed hand

Nov.20, 2015 - After a tragic accident two years ago that left 45 percent of his body severely burned, a five-year-old boy in China has become the first burn victim to receive a 3D printed prosthetic hand, once again letting him laugh, play and ride his bike just like any other kid. More

Children's 3D printed VR viewer the NEODiVRjr to be used as therapy in children's hospitals

Nov.20, 2015 - Mike Balzer of slo 3D Creators has developed a 3D printed Virtual Reality viewer for children that will be donated to children's hospitals throughout the US. More

Occipital acquires Lynx to make portable 3D scanning even more precise

Nov.20, 2015 - Occipital, the 3D scanner developer known for the excellent Structure Sensor, has just acquired 3D mapping experts Lynx Laboratories and has announced that they will be incorporating their algorithms into the Structure Sensor to reduce mapping errors. More

Nexa3D develops fast LSPc resin NX1 3D printer – prints up to a centimeter per minute

Nov.20, 2015 - Just launched on Kickstarter by Italian startup Nexa3D, the NX1 resin 3D printer is changing the rules of high quality 3D printing with extremely fast LSPc technology capable of manufacturing objects at speeds of 1 cm per minute ' up to forty times faster than existing machines. More

Maker is back with Mindstorms EV3 Lego glue 3D Printer 3.0

Nov.20, 2015 - Instructables user William is back for the latest version of one of the most impressive Lego builds we've ever seen: an actually functioning glue 3D printer that utilizes nothing more than a Mindstorms kit, a glue gun, and a paper clip. More

Have a drink with partially 3D printed Russian Alkomat bartending machine

Nov.20, 2015 - Using a pile of recycled electronics and assorted parts, Russian hacker Strn has recently built the fantastic partially 3D printed Alkomat bartending machine, capable of making up to four different beverage in an instant. More

RMIT and Anatomics join forces to produce Australia's first 3D printed spine implant

Nov.20, 2015 - Researchers at RMIT University have joined forces with medical device specialist Anatomics to produce a 3D printed vertebral cage for a patient with severe back pain. The medical device is Australia's first 3D printed spine implant. More

ITC cannot police 3D printing data transmission in ClearCorrect case

Nov.19, 2015 - The Federal Circuit has recently ruled that the International Trade Commission cannot police 3D printing or other digital data being transmitted from outside the US, a decision that could significantly impact American IP holders and international 3D printing industries. More

CultLab3D’s 3D scanning conveyor belt allows high-speed digitization of historic artifacts

Nov.19, 2015 - Researchers at Fraunhofer IGD have developed CultLab3D: a streamlined, 6-meter-long 3D scanning system for the quick and easy digitization of 3D objects. The project aims to facilitate the mass digitization, annotation and storage of historical artifacts in museums and other places of preservation. More

BMW celebrates 25 years of additive manufacturing, outlines future 3D printing projects

Nov.19, 2015 - German automobile company BMW is celebrating 25 years of additive manufacturing. The car giant first introduced 3D printing technology to its Rapid Technologies Center in 1990, before building its first 3D printed prototype parts on a stereolithography machine in 1991. More

Eat your face as a cookie with these 3D printed customized cookie cutters

Nov.19, 2015 - Hungary based Copypastry is offering a service that turns your face into a personalized 3D printed cookie cutter! Kriszti Bozzai, the owner of Copypastry and the name behind the custom selfie cookies, is making and selling cookies cutters that can look just like you on her Etsy page. More

New Balance's 3D printed shoes to arrive by April 2016

Nov.19, 2015 - New Balance today announced their newest running shoe model that includes the company's first 3D printed midsole. Hoping to beat competitors Nike and Adidas to the finish line, their first consumer-oriented 3D printed shoe will be available as early as April 2016. More

Ban on 3D printable gun schematics among French security suggestions in wake of Paris attack

Nov.19, 2015 - In the wake of the dreadful jihadist attacks on Paris last week France will reportedly present a series of security suggestions to a meeting of EU interior ministers on Friday. Among the suggestions is to make ownership of 3D printable gun schematics illegal. More

Formlabs takes 3D printing to the streets with quality GoPro skateboard mount

Nov.19, 2015 - With the help of Formlab's high quality Tough Resin material, avid skater and Formlabs videographer Josh Foisey has created a 3D printable GoPro skateboard mount that is tough enough to withstand the pressures of use and brings a unique view at skateboarding action. More

Nervous System presents limited edition Hyphae lamps you can 3D print at home

Nov.19, 2015 - As part of their new Nervous Labs workshop, design studio Nervous System has released their first line of products that can be 3D printed on desktop printers. The Hyphae-designed Calyx and Bromeliad lamps can be purchased as 3D printable files or finished products, but only until December 15th. More

Micronesian boy given chance at normal life with 3D printed nose

Nov.19, 2015 - The fourteen year old Dalan Jennet from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific has been given a new lease on life by surgeons from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mt. Sinai, who implanted a 3D bioprinted functional nose after Dalan lost his own in a terrible accident. More

Cameraman Jaymis Loveday shares trade secrets with 3D printed follow-focus gears

Nov.19, 2015 - Sharing designs for a wide range of 3D printable follow-focus gears, cameraman Jaymis Loveday is helping hobbyists everywhere to get higher quality camera results without spending thousands on equipment. More

Oregon's Metal Technology and NASA collaborate to 3D print alloy rocket parts

Nov.19, 2015 - Metal Technology, an Albany, Oregon based custom manufacturing firm, has announced that it is working with the NASA Johnson Space Centre to develop 3D printed rocket engine components out of durable Inconel 718 alloy. More

NOWlab T 1000 3D printed stool inspired by nature, algorithms and Terminator

Nov.18, 2015 - NOWlab, the design company responsible for the 3D printed glacier stool, has unveiled their most recent design: a stool made from a 3D printed algorithmic method that combines digital manufacturing with traditional manufacturing techniques. More

Versoteq displays 3D printed tactile maps at Slush 2015

Nov.18, 2015 - Finnish 3D printing firm Versoteq has completed a pilot 3D printed map project in collaboration with Slush 2015, in which the additive experts 3D printed a set of tactile maps to help Slush attendees navigate the huge tech startup event. More

Love is the Answer: 3D printed sound wave pendant represents uplifting message for humanity

Nov.18, 2015 - French artist and voice sculptor Gilles Azzaro has created a piece of 3D printed jewelry based off the 3D layout of the stereophonic sound waveforms for the phrase: LOVE IS THE ANSWER. The 3D printed pendant is now available for purchase on Shapeways. More

Printelize releases subscription based sales automation platform for 3D printing bureaus

Nov.18, 2015 - Printelize has developed an online sales platform for 3D printing businesses, providing automatic quoting and sales handling. The services aims to cut out the waiting time involved in manual price quoting. More

Artist Doctor Octoroc is 3D printing the city of Philadelphia, block by block

Nov.18, 2015 - Philadelphia based artist Doctor Octoroc has decided to 3D print his beloved city block by block in his new project called 3D Printedelphia. The project, appropriately called 3D Printedelphia, seemed to be the natural next step for Octoroc who had previously built a miniature model of Philadelphia out of Lego pieces. More

China to invest $313 million in 3D Printing R&D

Nov.18, 2015 - In a push to modernize the Chinese economy, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology among other state authorities will see 2 billion RMB, roughly 313 million USD, invested in 3D printing technology over a three-year period. More

3D print your Halo 5 Spartan through Sandboxr as of this Friday

Nov.18, 2015 - As of this Friday, fans of Halo 5: Guardians will be able to customize and order 3D printed models of their in-game Spartans directly through the Halo Waypoint website thanks to Sandboxr's 3D printing services. More

The City of Lights will shine brighter with LeFabShop's 3D printed Paris Lamp

Nov.18, 2015 - Paris based 3D printing startup LeFabShop have released the files for their 3D printed Paris Lamp to stand in solidarity with their city in light of the recent attacks. More

TRUMPF showcases four metal 3D printers using LMF, LMD 3D printing technology at formnext

Nov.18, 2015 - At the Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt, German laser experts TRUMPF are showcasing four exciting 3D printers, two of which use laser metal fusion (LMF) 3D printing technology, with the other two relying on laser metal deposition (LMD). More

Opel adopts 3D printing to slash assembly tool production costs by 90 percent

Nov.18, 2015 - While the automobile industry is increasingly adopting 3D printing as a prototyping tool, German car giants Opel is already using 3D printed assembly tools on the factory floor. 3D printed using Stratasys technology, they are saving up to 90 percent in assembly tool production costs already. More

ABB and Materialise showcase groundbreaking 3D printed robotic grippers 'YuMi'

Nov.18, 2015 - With the help of the little-used TPU 92A-1 plastic, ABB and Materialise were able to design and 3D print functional, easily customizable and flexible robotic grippers that can be used for any purpose ' from delicate pieces of fruit to costly electronic components. More

Bio-inspired 3D printed Row-Bot cleans water surface as it 'eats' water bacteria

Nov.18, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Bristol have created a 3D printed robot that can 'row' along the surface of lakes or ponds, consuming microbes as it goes. As an autonomous artificial organism, this row-bot has potential to be used in environmental monitoring and water clean-up systems. More

Amazing SUPERLOCAL hairdryer is made entirely out of local materials, thanks to 3D printing

Nov.18, 2015 - With his SuperLocal project, Andrea de Chirico calls on all of us to make production sustainable with the help of locally produced and recycled materials. With the help of 3D printing, junk can be turned into the most amazing products, he says. More

Batter Up! World's first 3D printed smartBAT launches on Kickstarter

Nov.17, 2015 - Rip-It Sports has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the smartBAT, a partially 3D printed bat that can measure swing speed, and compile contact analytics. More

3D printers to be put through their paces as 3DKitbash plans release of 3D Printer Test Kit 2.0

Nov.17, 2015 - Florida based 3DKitbash, provider of 3D printable toys and 3D printer test kits, is developing its 3D Printer Test Kit 2.0, which will include eight 3D printable models of fast-printing challenge chips. More

Ascent Aerosystems receives Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award for formerly 3D printed Sprite drone

Nov.17, 2015 - Arizona based Ascent Aerosystems has been presented with this year's Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award for its Sprite drone, a compact and rugged aircraft built with 3D printed prototype parts which will soon be taken into production thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. More

Firefighter Patrick Hardison receives world’s most extensive face transplant thanks to 3D printed guides

Nov.17, 2015 - A volunteer firefighter from Mississippi whose face was burned off has received a full face transplant. With the aid of 3D printed surgical models, a team of 150 medical professionals were able to pull of what has been described as the most extensive face transplant ever. More

Michigan Tech and Eric Friesen help bring RepRap open source 3D printing to Nicaragua

Nov.17, 2015 - Noticing the number of children in Nicaragua who lacked assistive devices, Eric Friesen teamed up with Michigan Tech professor Joshua Pearce and student Jill Poliskey to create an open-source RepRap 3D printer that uses accessible materials as filament to bring the benefits of 3D printing to developing countries. More

Materialise 3D prints flight-ready parts for Airbus; unveils Magics20 AM software

Nov.17, 2015 - During the first day of the Formnext conference in Frankfurt, Materialise has announced that it will be manufacturing 3D printed, flight-ready plastic parts for Airbus' A350 XWB aircraft, and that it has released the 20th edition of its 3D printing and AM software, Magics20. More

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