NASA test-fires first 3D printed rocket engine igniter made from 2 metal alloys

Sep.19, 2017 - NASA has successfully tested a prototype for a 3D printed rocket engine component made from two different metal alloys. The 3D printed rocket part underwent thorough tests over the summer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. More

Finland's VTT developing 3D printed bandages that wirelessly send messages to doctors

Sep.19, 2017 - Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are developing 3D printing materials for wound care in hospitals. The materials use cellulose nanofibrils, and have been paired with printed electronics for next-level healthcare. More

Aspect Biosystems to advance 3D bioprinting tissue engineering tech with investment round funding

Sep.19, 2017 - Aspect Biosystems Ltd., a Canadian biotech company that specializes in developing 3D bioprinted tissues, has wrapped up its first round of institutional financing. The investment round, led by venture capital firm Pangaea Ventures, brought in funding from both existing and new investors. More

3D Printing News Roundup: 3D Systems, Type A Machines, BriteLab, Circuit Launch, CollPlant, BodyCad

Sep.18, 2017 - The 3D printing world continues to expand, and it's easy to lose track of developments. Luckily we've got another roundup of things you might have missed recently, including, amongst other stories, 3D Systems demonstrating its new software and CollPlant receiving its first order for 3D bioprinting ink. More

Modeclix's customizable 3D printed garments hit the runway at Aarhus Walks on Water

Sep.18, 2017 - Modeclix, an innovative process for creating wearable 3D printed textiles, took the runway by storm at Aarhus Walks on Water, a fashion and tech event held in the Danish city of Aarhus this past weekend. More

Sprybuild developing 'world's fastest' DLP 3D printers with CPWC tech

Sep.18, 2017 - Ukrainian 3D printing startup Sprybuild has developed and filed a patent for a new continuous DLP 3D printing technology called CPWC (Continuous Production with Wavefront Converting). The company says the technology could be used to build the fastest DLP 3D printers in the world. More

Rolls-Royce, A*Star & Singapore Aero Engine Services launch S$60M aerospace 3D printing facility

Sep.18, 2017 - A*Star, Rolls-Royce, and Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) have signed a S$60 million ($44.6 million) agreement to establish a facility dedicated to advanced manufacturing for the aerospace industry. More

Invisalign producer Align Technology enjoys billion dollar sales in 2017 thanks to 3D printed dental products

Sep.18, 2017 - Align Technology, creator of Invisalign dental technology, is heading toward $1.3 billion in 2017 sales thanks to its 3D scanning and 3D printing method of creating custom-made dental aligners. The company operates between 50 and 60 3D printers at its factory. More

MIT's 'SEAL' 3D printing technique produces single injections that deliver multiples vaccines over time

Sep.18, 2017 - Engineers at MIT have developed a 3D printing method that could allow doctors to deliver several drug or vaccine doses over a period of time with just a single injection. The 'SEAL' technique works by 3D printing cup-like microparticles that can store and seal the drug doses. More

Artist with dwarfism 3D scans and prints sculptures of herself to raise questions about difference

Sep.18, 2017 - Australian artist Debra Keenahan is subverting a number of things with her new 3D printed artwork. The artist, who was born with achondroplasia dwarfism, has created a series of life-size 3D printed sculptures of herself which are arranged so that they are looking down on viewers. More

Anouk Wipprecht & 'bionic pop artist' Viktoria Modesta team up to create 3D printed interactive sonic wearables

Sep.17, 2017 - Self-described 'bionic pop artist' Viktoria Modesta is taking the art world by storm via a new project with Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht. Sponsored by Autodesk, "Sonifica" the duo's new set of custom-made prosthetics that go beyond form and function, catapulting into the realm of musical performance. More

VRread project: Fraunhofer IPA develops innovative 3D printed reading aid for visually impaired people

Sep.16, 2017 - Fraunhofer IPA has developed an innovative 3D printed reading aid for visually impaired people. This new 3D printed device will allow people with visual impairments to read books, newspapers, and anything else that they can upload on their smartphone. It has a frame that is strapped to the user's head, with adjustable lenses and a positional sensor. More

Bavarian Research Foundation invests €220,000 in 3D printed heart stent project

Sep.15, 2017 - The Bavarian Research Foundation has just announced a €220,000 investment in 3D printed heart stents. The NewGen-Stent research project will explore the development of technological solutions to coronary heart disease, the most frequent cause of death in industrialized countries according to the World Health Organization. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Dental Crafters, EnvisionTEC tests material for 3D printed footwear, Aspect BioSystems, more

Sep.15, 2017 - Here's another roundup of recent 3D printing stories, in case you've missed out on'anything lately. A lot has been happening, with EnvisionTEC starting beta testing on a new material for 3D printed footwear, a major bio-printing research collaboration between Canadian company Aspect BioSystems and German researchers, and more besides. More

Spain's Institute of Ceramic Technology to further research on ceramic 3D printing tech and materials

Sep.15, 2017 - The Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), a Spanish organization dedicated to the country's ceramics industry, has announced it will be furthering its research on ceramic 3D printing through a new initiative called 3DPRINT Advance. More

McGill University engineers use 3D printing to make impenetrable 'fish scale' gloves

Sep.15, 2017 - A team of mechanical engineers at McGill University in Montreal are drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom in their development of new 3D printed armours. At first glance, conch shells, fish scales, and spider silk have little to do with bullet-proof vests, sports helmets, and protective gloves. But according to McGill engineer Francois Barthelat, there's more than meets the eye in these natural structures. More

Dental startup Candid will send you affordable 3D printed dental aligners in the mail

Sep.15, 2017 - Candid, a New York City-based dental startup, is offering FDA-approved, 3D printed aligners for those needing mild orthodontic work. The aligners cost $1,900 upfront, around a quarter the cost of popular dental solutions like Invisalign. More

Hinckley's new fully electric 'Dasher' yacht features titanium 3D printed hardware and detailing

Sep.15, 2017 - Hinckley, a Rhode Island-based yacht manufacturer, recently unveiled what it is calling the world's first 'fully electric luxury yacht.' Called Dasher, the eco-friendly and innovative boat also integrates some specially designed metal 3D printed components. More

Renishaw, Infosys establish end-to-end product development service for metal 3D printing

Sep.15, 2017 - Engineering and IT services company Infosys and additive manufacturing specialist Renishaw have partnered to offer an end-to-end product development service that utilizes metal 3D printing. The partnership will span Europe, Asia, and North America. More

3D printed 'Techno tortoises' could save endangered South African tortoise species

Sep.15, 2017 - Last week Autodesk and South African zoologists unveiled a bold new undertaking to save South Africa's endangered tortoise population by way of 3D printed replicas. The 'techno tortoise' project, featuring 3D printed, hand-painted shells, could act as decoys for predators, effectively giving these endangered baby tortoises another stab at life. More

Sogeclair uses voxeljet 3D printer to realize new lightweight aircraft door design

Sep.14, 2017 - French aviation supplier Sogeclair is the latest aerospace manufacturer to turn to 3D printing technology in order to reduce weight, as well as saving money and materials. It used voxeljet's VX1000 3D printer to produce a precision mold based on a new design, which was then smelted and cast with aluminium. More

AP&C opens new AM facility in Quebec to meet demand for its 3D printing materials

Sep.14, 2017 - The Canadian materials supplier AP&C has officially opened a new manufacturing facility in the Greater Montreal area, in order to meet increased demand for its products. The company, which is owned by Arcam AB, is due to create a total of 106 new jobs at the factory. More

LLNL's 4D printed silicone shape memory materials are flexible & stretchable, perfect for protective cushioning

Sep.14, 2017 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have 3D printed composite silicone materials that are flexible, stretchable, and possess shape memory behavior. The '4D printed' materials could be used to make form-fitting cushioning for helmets, shoes, and other products. More

Canadian researcher's 3D bioprinted stem cell patch could 'revolutionize' heart disease treatment

Sep.14, 2017 - A researcher from the University of Saskatchewan is gaining attention for the development of a 3D bioprinted heart patch that could be used to re-grow and repair damaged heart tissue. More

Innofil3D and Polyscope's new ABS Fusion+ filament can be used with water-soluble supports

Sep.14, 2017 - Dutch company Innofil3D has launched a new ABS 3D printing filament in partnership with Polyscope Polymers. Called ABS Fusion+, the new 3D printer filament is notable for its compatibility with water-soluble PVA supports. More

Model whose skull was rebuilt with 3D printer says additive tech like something from James Bond

Sep.14, 2017 - Francesca Burr, a British artist and model, has had part of her skull rebuilt with a 3D printer after suffering a horrific injury that left her with a hole in the head. The then 27-year-old suffered memory loss, even forgetting her own middle name. More

Airbus installs first 3D printed titanium part on series production A350 aircraft

Sep.14, 2017 - European aeronautics leader Airbus has made yet another breakthrough in the fields of 3D printing and aviation: it has successfully installed a titanium 3D printed bracket on an in-series production A350 XWB aircraft. More

Prellis Biologics raises $1.8M to develop microvasculature 3D printing tech for human organ printing

Sep.14, 2017 - Prellis Biologics, a San Francisco-based human tissue engineering company, says it has invented a new way to create viable human organs using 3D printing. The company has also raised $1.8 million in a seed funding round. More

Nano Dimension unveils larger-format DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer for 3D printing electronics

Sep.13, 2017 - Israel-based 3D printed electronics company Nano Dimension today announced the commercial availability of a new larger-format machine, the DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer. More

MIT's 3D printed 'peel-and-go' structures can fold themselves

Sep.13, 2017 - MIT researchers have developed a technique for 3D printing expanding polymers that self-fold without heating or water. The technique could be used for printed electronics and, someday, to make 3D printed robots. More

Protea Design's $580 DNA filament extruder can squeeze out 1 kg of material in an hour

Sep.13, 2017 - Startup Protea Design has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the DNA Extruder, billed as the 'fastest consumer-level extruder on the market.' Backers can secure the filament extruder for $580, lower than its slated retail price of $800. More

3D printed 'Yhnova' social housing project breaks ground near Nantes, France

Sep.13, 2017 - This past April, an initiative was introduced to 3D print a 95-square-meter social housing building using a technique called BatiPrint3D. The ambitious project, called Yhnova, is now preparing to go into full swing, as the construction job broke ground yesterday. More

Sony Xperia XZ1 users can order 3D prints directly with smartphone scanning app

Sep.13, 2017 - Users of Sony's new Xperia XZ1 smartphone be able to capture 3D scans using its integrated 3D Creator app, but they will also be able to order 3D prints directly through the app thanks to a collaboration with Sculpteo. More

Britt Michelsen's 3D printed double pendulum fidget spinner is chaotic and addictive

Sep.13, 2017 - Germany-based chemical engineer Britt Michelsen has made a 3D printed double pendulum fidget spinner that she says is extremely addictive to play with. The 3D printed spinner was a Runner Up in the Instructables Fidget Spinner Design Contest. More

RAMLAB unveils 'world's first class-approved' 3D printed ship propeller for Damen tug boat

Sep.13, 2017 - RAMLAB has unveiled a prototype for 'the world's first class-approved 3D printed propeller.' Measuring 1,350 mm in diameter, the 3D printed ship propeller was realized in partnership with Autodesk, Damen Shipyards Group, Promarin, and Bureau Veritas. More

Conductive metal inks help Draper develop 3D printed electronics for IoT market

Sep.13, 2017 - Draper, an engineering firm based in Cambridge, MA, is 3D printing with a conductive metal-based multi-material ink. The company has used the process to embed electronic devices into industrial components. More

Ceramic Constellation Pavilion: New Hong Kong pavilion incorporates over 2,000 3D printed bricks

Sep.12, 2017 - A massive architecture pavilion in Hong Kong is reaching new heights in the possibilities of 3D printing and robotics. Spearheaded by the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Architecture and Sino Group property developers, the 'Ceramic Constellation Pavilion' is made up of over 3D printed 2,000 bricks, the first of its kind in the world. More

Ricoh to replace metal tools with Stratasys 3D printed customized, lightweight equivalents

Sep.12, 2017 - Japanese office electronics supplier Ricoh is the latest manufacturer to take advantage of Stratasys' impressive range of 3D printing solutions. It has replaced all its traditionally machined jigs and fixtures for its assembly line with 3D printed equivalents, improving efficiency and precision. More

Clay-based 'Laponite' bioink suitable for 3D bioprinting scaffolds with optimal drug delivery

Sep.12, 2017 - A research team from the University of Southampton and the Technische Universitat Dresden has been working with Laponite, a synthetic nanosilicate clay material, to create a 3D printable bioink for making human mesenchymal stem cell structures. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Solvay, Verbatim, Robo 3D, Siemens

Sep.12, 2017 - Today's 3D printing roundup includes news from Belgium, where chemicals company Solvay has announced plans to produce PEKK polymers for 3D printing in the US. Elsewhere, Germany's Verbatim has a new TPEE material, while Robo 3D is raising money for a 3D printer pre-order pipeline. More

3D printing companies in Chongqing, China now have to register with local police to curb illegal prints

Sep.12, 2017 - Chinese authorities have announced that 3D printing companies based in the city of Chongqing will now be required to register their business with local police. The registration process is aimed at monitoring 3D printed output to reduce the risk of illegal or dangerous 3D prints. More

Titomic's large-scale Kinetic Fusion 3D printing '10-100x faster' than fastest printers in world

Sep.12, 2017 - Australian 3D printing company Titomic is commercializing 'Titomic Kinetic Fusion,' a CSIRO-patented additive manufacturing process for titanium alloys. Based on traditional cold spray technologies, the new 3D printing process can print on a 9 x 3 x 1.5 meter scale. More

3D printed Einstein book unveiled at commemorative gala in Montreal

Sep.12, 2017 - The world's first 3D printed book was recently unveiled at a commemorative gala in Montreal, Canada. The book, which readers may already know about, is called 'Genius: 100 Visions of the Future,' and was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's relativity theory. More

Fluid Morphology: translucent 3D printed building facades with tunable ventilation, insulation, shading

Sep.12, 2017 - Architects at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed 3D printable translucent facade elements for architectural design. The 3D printed building envelope concept, called 'Fluid Morphology,' can provide ventilation, insulation, and shading. More

3D Printing News Roundup: OESH Shoes, Materialise, Prodways

Sep.12, 2017 - Here's another 3D printing news round-up, in case you've missed anything recently. Stories include National Science Foundation Grant awarded to OESH Shoes, Materialise's 3D printed jaw implants finally hitting the U.S market, and more besides. More

Monash University and Amaero engineers 3D print and test-fire 'Project X' rocket engine in just 4 months

Sep.11, 2017 - Engineers from Amaero and Monash University in Australia have successfully designed, 3D printed, assembled, and test-fired a rocket engine in just four months. The rocket engine, called Project X, is based on an 'aerospike' design which inverts the structure of traditional rocket engines. More

Virginia student uses 3D printed models to demonstrate mathematical concept of topology

Sep.11, 2017 - Jonathan Gerhard, a student from James Madison University in Virginia, has 3D printed a series of objects that physically demonstrate the mathematical concepts of topology and homotopy. More

$5.26M investment helps UK's Hobs Group improve SLA 3D printing & 3D scanning facilities

Sep.11, 2017 - Hobs Group, a British company headquartered in Liverpool, has received £4 million ($5.26M) in investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF) to improve and expand its range of services, which include 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D visualization. More

Chromatose: NZ designer writes & mutates ‘DNA' of synthetic 3D printed Venus flytrap

Sep.11, 2017 - Mark Wilson, a designer from Wellington in New Zealand, has 3D printed a synthetic Venus flytrap that responds to touch just like the real thing. The design, called 'Chromatose,' is a finalist at the Design Awards of the Designers Institute of New Zealand. More

PupilScreen: 3D printed smartphone tool could help football coaches diagnose concussions

Sep.11, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a 3D printed deep learning device called 'PupilScreen' that can determine whether a person requires medical attention for concussion or other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). More

EVO-tech completes development of new metal 3D printing process, Filament Metal Printing (FMP)

Sep.11, 2017 - With support from BASF, Austrian 3D printing company EVO-tech has developed a new metal 3D printing process. Known as Filament Metal Printing (FLP), the technique involves a filament that is composed of metal powder and a binding agent. This filament can then be extruded, similar to in the FDM method. More

Dutch designer Rein van der Mast 3D prints bronze Pjotr fountain pen with an Ultimaker

Sep.10, 2017 - Dutch designer Rein van der Mast (also known as Pjotr) is at it again with a new 3D printed fountain pen, but this time he's taking the technology into his own hands. The new, exquisite writing instrument was printed using a bronze filament from ColorFabb, and posted just recently on van der Mast's website. More

3D printed concrete dome structure is officially opened in Aarhus Harbour, Denmark

Sep.9, 2017 - Denmark recently saw the unveiling of one of its first major 3D printed concrete structures, in Aarhus harbour. It's a large dome, used as urban furniture. The project was a collaborative effort aimed at investigating the possibilities of 3D printing in the construction industry. More

Thales Group launches new metal 3D printing research and development center in Morocco

Sep.8, 2017 - Thales Group has recently opened a new center in the capital of Morocco, Casablanca, to advance its metal 3D printing capabilities. The North African region is hoping to develop a strong innovative technological eco-system, with aerospace a particular focus, and this major new investment should help it on its way. More

MIT Printflatables project creates functional inflatable 3D objects by printing folds into fabric

Sep.8, 2017 - A new 3D printing-based system developed by a team at MIT has been developed, making use of inflatables. It uses a hot iron to seal specific folds into layers of fabric, which upon inflation transforms into a functional 3D object. More

voxeljet unveils new 3D printing process: High Speed Sintering for production of end-use parts

Sep.8, 2017 - voxeljet AG, a provider of high-speed, large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services today announced the release of its first 3D printing system based on its new High Speed Sintering (HSS) process. More

Brown University researchers use SLA 3D printers to make biomaterials that 'degrade on demand'

Sep.8, 2017 - Engineers at Brown University have developed 3D printed biomaterials that can 'degrade on demand.' The materials could be used to fabricate intricately patterned microfluidic devices or to make dynamic cell cultures. More

BioLife4D announces $50M IPO to bring 3D bioprinted hearts to market

Sep.8, 2017 - BioLife4D, a Chicago-based biotech company, has announced it will be filing an initial public offering (IPO) of $50 million. The company is aiming to bring 'everyday investors' in to support the development and commercialization of its patient-specific 3D bioprinted cardiac tissue. More

7-year-old girl with 3D printed hand wants to make first pitch at every Major League Baseball park

Sep.8, 2017 - A seven-year-old girl is being invited by Major League Baseball teams from around the United States to give the first pitch using her specially made 3D printed prosthetic hand. More

World-first 3D printed shin transplant stops Australian man from losing leg

Sep.8, 2017 - Surgeons at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane have performed world-first surgery by implanting a 3D printed shinbone scaffold into the leg of Reuben Lichter, a patient suffering from a severe bone infection. More

Ex-Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis rebrands Other Machine Co. as 'Bantam Tools'

Sep.8, 2017 - Bre Pettis' rapid prototype tooling company Other Machine Co. has officially been rebranded as 'Bantam Tools,' according to a blog post made two days ago on the company's website. The startup will continue to produce the Othermill under the name Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine, but the CNC mill will now be geared towards industry professionals. More

Full-scale 3D printed concrete bicycle bridge destined for Gemert, NL is underway

Sep.7, 2017 - Exciting news for the people of Gemert in the Netherlands: the first part of a 3D printed bicycle bridge has been delivered to the Dutch town. The bike bridge is being constructed through a collaboration between Dutch construction firm BAM and the Technical University of Eindhoven. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Graphene 3D Lab, LAI teams with AddUp, ANSYS, 3D printing platform for ophthalmic lenses

Sep.7, 2017 - Here's a round-up of some stories you might have missed in the 3D printing world recently, including a 3D printing technology research center being opened in Ireland, and a new metal 3D printing partnership between LAI International and AddUp. More

Korean researchers develop 3D printable hybrid bio-ink for treating ischemic vascular conditions

Sep.7, 2017 - A team of researchers in South Korea have successfully demonstrated the potential of a new hybrid 3D printable bio-ink they developed. It was used to create bio-blood vessels that were able to graft on to damaged vascular tissue as well as encourage the proliferation of cell growth in an otherwise hostile environment More

3D printed concrete office-hotel coming to Copenhagen

Sep.7, 2017 - Danish 3D printing company 3D Printhuset has embarked on the exciting new initiative of 3D printing a Building on Demand (BOD) in Copenhagen. Measuring up at just under 50 square metres, the small 'office hotel' is made of 3D printed concrete, and counts itself as one of the first 3D printed buildings in Europe that meets official regulations. More

Research project led by Argonne National Laboratory investigates structural defects in 3D printed parts

Sep.7, 2017 - A team of researchers led by Argonne National Laboratory, part of the U.S Department of Energy, has been investigating how defects form in 3D printed parts. Making use of X-ray based recording equipment, they were able to study the 3D printing process in real-time, in order to develop models to improve its reliability, More

HP announces launch of new FitStation platform for customized 3D printed footwear

Sep.7, 2017 - HP will be piloting a new hardware and software system known as FitStation in selected retail outlets. It makes use of 3D scanning and printing technology to create personalized insoles for customers, as well as gathering the data necessary for designing custom-made shoes or giving personalized product recommendations. More

Universities & businesses in Nordic region collaborate to develop new metal 3D printing technology

Sep.7, 2017 - A new project has recently been announced by a group of universities and businesses, intending to develop metal 3D printing technology. The universities are located in the northern regions of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, with the University of Oulu contributing the most technical expertise. More

3D printing platform mything secures €2.1 million in pre-launch funding from KaPa Ventures

Sep.6, 2017 - Austrian 3D printing startup has raised €2.1 million ($2.5 million) in funding from Austrian venture capital firm KaPa Ventures. mything, based in Graz and Vienna, aims to become a competitive additive manufacturing platform, connecting customers with local manufacturers. More

Prodways Group acquires Interson-Protac to further development of 3D printed audiology devices

Sep.6, 2017 - French 3D printing giant Prodways Group has announced that it will be acquiring a major stake in Interson-Protac, a medical device manufacturer. This deal should see the latter company improving its personalized audiology products with access to Prodway's range of 3D printing solutions. More

3D scanning & printing used to make weird soft robotic masks that display your emotions in colorful bubbles

Sep.6, 2017 - Masters students at London's Bartlett School of Architecture have used 3D scanning and 3D printing to create weird soft robotic silicone masks that respond to facial expressions with bubbling colorful fluids. More

HP Jet Fusion 3D printer incorporates Siemens NX AM software module

Sep.6, 2017 - Siemens and HP have partnered to integrate HP's Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology with Siemens' flagship NX software for product development and manufacturing. The software has been certified by HP. More

Introducing Mammoth, MakePrintable's new mesh repair tech for prepping 3D printable models

Sep.6, 2017 - Mixed Dimensions, a San Fransisco-based startup that specializes in 3D printing cloud technology and model repair software, has released its newest software tool for analyzing and preparing 3D models for printing. The program, called 'Mammoth,' is being added to the company's MakePrintable platform. More

Harvard's Wyss Institute creates stretchable wearable electronics with 'hybrid 3D printing'

Sep.6, 2017 - The Wyss Institute at Harvard University and the US Air Force Research Laboratory have collaborated on a new 'hybrid 3D printing' technique for soft electronics. The technique can be used to make wearable electronic devices. More

Lloyd's Register certifies first 3D printed part for oil and gas industry

Sep.6, 2017 - Global tech company Lloyd's Register has announced the certification of a 3D printed titanium gateway manifold for pipelines. The part is reportedly the first additively manufactured part to be certified by the company for the oil and gas industry. More

Canada's University of New Brunswick investing in 3D printers powered by thought

Sep.6, 2017 - Researchers at the University of New Brunswick in Canada are developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for 3D printing that would allow printing systems to automatically generate and 3D print optimal designs within specified parameters. More

BayBG announces seven-figure investment in German RepRap's Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) Technology

Sep.5, 2017 - BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft, one of the largest equity investment funds for SMEs in Germany, has officially sunk its teeth into the liquid 3D printing game with a seven-figure investment in 3D printing company German RepRap GmbH. The massive financier has now secured itself as a minority shareholder in RepRap's framework. More

FabRx and UCL team produces personalised 3D printed pills for first time using SLS technique

Sep.5, 2017 - A collaboration between FabRx and the School of Pharmacy at UCL has successfully 3D printed paracetamol tablets using the SLS technique. Drugs have been made at UCL before using extrusion and stereolithography methods, but this is the first time that SLS has been tried. More

LimbForge improves 3D printed elbow prosthesis with natural arm swing

Sep.5, 2017 - LimbForge, an offshoot of 3D printed prosthetics community e-NABLE, has developed a 3D printed prosthetic elbow that incorporates features suggested by both patients and prosthetists. The nonprofit will now test the device on patients. More

2018 launch for Refabricator, NASA's recycling system that turns plastic into 3D printing materials in space

Sep.5, 2017 - NASA says it will soon be sending its 'Refabricator' recycling machine up to space. The device, developed in partnership with Tethers Unlimited Inc. (TUI), can be used to transform plastic objects and parts into 3D printable raw materials aboard the ISS. More

WR Yuma makes recycled 3D printed sunglasses that are eco-friendly and stylish

Sep.5, 2017 - Belgian startup W.R. Yuma is using 3D printing to make sunglasses made from plastic waste. The stylish 3D printed sunglasses are made from car dashboards, soda bottles, and even refrigerators. More

Doctors in Gaza are 3D printing stethoscopes and other much-needed medical supplies

Sep.5, 2017 - A team of innovative and resourceful doctors in Gaza are using 3D printers to produce simple medical supplies, such as stethoscopes and tourniquets, which are not easily accessible and are in high demand in the war-torn region. More

3D printed 'Anchor' implant earns Dublin researcher $178,500 grant from European Research Council

Sep.5, 2017 - Professor Daniel Kelly, a researcher at Trinity College in Dublin, has received €150,000 ($178,500) in funding to develop a 3D printed implant for treating cartilage damage. The 'Anchor' implant could help those who have suffered sports-related injuries. More

EOS releases new StainlessSteel IndustryLine powder for DMLS metal 3D printing systems

Sep.5, 2017 - EOS has announced the release of its newest 3D printing material: StainlessSteel 17-4PH IndustryLine. The new product was developed for use with EOS' DMLS metal 3D printing systems (especially the EOS M 290 printer), and is made from an iron-based metal alloy powder. More

EnvisionTEC and Viridis 3D team up to produce robotic 3D printing systems for foundries

Sep.5, 2017 - EnvisionTEC has entered into a strategic partnership with Viridis 3D to produce and distribute robotic 3D printing systems. The systems are specifically designed for metal casting, enabling foundries to produce molds, mold cores, and castings much quicker and more efficiently. More

3D printed prosthetic beak helps Karl the Abyssinian ground hornbill tuck into his lunch

Sep.4, 2017 - Karl, an Abyssinian ground hornbill at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C., has been fitted with a 3D printed prosthetic beak to help him eat. More

Artist Jack Elliott highlights human-nature relationship by 3D printing a tree out of paper

Sep.4, 2017 - Humans and trees have a connection that goes beyond our reliance on them for wood and paper. Artist Jack Elliott may have a stronger connection to trees than most, as many of his art pieces are based on the leafy giants. His recent project involves 3D scanning and printing. More

Researchers at Singapore's NTU making recycled 3D printable concrete that could save the planet

Sep.4, 2017 - Researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have used fly ash, a residue from burnt coal, to create a 3D printable geopolymer mortar. The mixture also contains steel slag and various secret chemicals. More

Steel producer Thyssenkrupp opens 3D printing center in Mulheim, Germany

Sep.4, 2017 - German steel producer Thyssenkrupp has officially opened a new 3D printing center in Mulheim, a city located in the western part of Germany. The facility will enable the multinational company to increase its activity in the 3D printing industry. More

University of Illinois researchers 3D print origami-inspired crawling robot

Sep.4, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Illinois have 3D printed an origami-inspired crawling robot. While bio-inspired robots are nothing new, the U of Illinois gadget approaches this field from an entirely new vantage point: the team drew inspiration from often overlooked life-forms such as earthworms, bacteria, and Venus Flytraps. More

DLP 4D printing process creates beautiful plastic flowers that 'bloom' after printing

Sep.3, 2017 - Engineers at Zhejiang University's National Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering have demonstrated a '4D printing' process that requires a projector, light-curable resin, and paraffin. The technique has been used to create 3D models of flowers which appear to bloom after printing. More

This magical 3D printed dish reveals an image when you pour soy sauce into it

Sep.2, 2017 - A Japanese programmer who goes by the Twitter handle 'nue' has created a 3D printed dish that reveals a stunning image when soy sauce is poured into it. More

3D printing poised to explode in wind turbine industry

Sep.1, 2017 - As the wind turbine industry picks up speed, one CEO is bracing himself for a bright future the likes of which we've never seen before. According to Philip Totaro of Totaro & Associates, the rapid advance of 3D printing technology means that hybrid-material wind turbines are no longer the stuff of imagination. More

Dassault Systemes develops new online marketplace for manufacturers using 3D printing

Sep.1, 2017 - Dassault Systemes has announced that it will be making all of its 3D design software products available to use for free. This is part of a new platform-based economic model, which will see the company facilitating production orders and charging a commission on the transaction to the 3D printing provider. More

UK scientist developing 3D printed optical fibers for better data transmission systems

Sep.1, 2017 - Angeles Camacho Rosales, a postgraduate research student at the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre in the UK, is developing ways to 3D print glass for optical fibers that could lead to improved data transmission systems. More

China's Smartee Denti-Technology raises over $7M to make invisible 3D printed braces

Sep.1, 2017 - Smartee Denti-Technology, a Shanghai-based company that specializes in 3D printed orthodontic solutions, has successfully raised 50 million yuan (USD $7.6M) through a B round of financing. More

Mimaki's 3DUJ-553 UV LED 3D printer can print in over 10 million colors

Sep.1, 2017 - Inkjet printing specialist Mimaki has announced its 3DUJ-553 UV LED 3D printing solution, billed as the first 3D printer with 'over 10 million colors.' The 3D printer eliminates the need for the hand painting of printed items. More

This tiny 3D printed robot can move through sand thanks to its rotating helical tail

Sep.1, 2017 - Researcher Baptiste Darbois Texier and his team from the University of Santiago in Chile have been developing a 3D printed robot that is suited for moving through sand and other granular materials. More

3D printing used to solve mystery of how the prehistoric Pleiosaur was able to swim with just flippers

Sep.1, 2017 - Researchers in the UK have used 3D printing technology to figure out how the prehistoric Pleiosaur swam. The large marine reptile's four-flipper system was replicated and attatched to a robot, and tests were conducted on a water tank to solve the mystery. More

XYZPrinting announces $3,000 da Vinci full-Color 3D Printer with 3DColorJet technology

Aug.31, 2017 - 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting has announced the $3,000 Da Vinci Color: a fused filament fabrication 3D printer that offers full CMYK printing by incorporating inkjet printing into the build process. More

Sony's new Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact phones come with 3D scanning technology

Aug.31, 2017 - Sony has demonstrated its latest smartphones at a trade fair in Berlin, and 3D scanning is one of the new features they are bundled with. The 3D Creator app allows users to capture 3D images with the device's camera, and they are processed entirely on-board, ready to be shared or sent for 3D printing. More

Layer One teases new FDM-SLA combo 3D printer: the Atom 3

Aug.31, 2017 - Taiwan 3D printer manufacturer Layer One seems to have something new up its sleeve. Known for its delta-style Atom FDM 3D printers, the company claims to be developing a new 3D printer which would combine both FDM and stereolithography (SLA) in a single machine. More

Stem cell growth factor research from Swinburne brings us closer to 3D bioprinting implantable tissue

Aug.31, 2017 - A scientist from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia is conducting research that could take us one step closer to 3D bioprinted human tissue for implantation. The project consists of developing a method to control how quickly growth factors are released. More

Materialise teams with Tailored Fits to launch digital supply chain for custom-fit 3D printed ski boots

Aug.31, 2017 - Materialise has partnered with winter sports gear and tailored footwear specialist Tailored Fits to launch an end-to-end digital supply chain for custom-fit 3d printed ski boots. More

Fraunhofer ILT to develop game-changing green laser SLM 3D printer for printing pure copper

Aug.31, 2017 - Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (Fraunhofer ILT) are developing a green laser SLM 3D printing system for printing pure copper and copper alloys. The project has been dubbed 'SLM in Green.' More

Instagif NextStep: a 3D printed Polaroid camera that prints out GIFs

Aug.31, 2017 - Tech lover Abhishek Singh has 3D printed a Polaroid camera that 'prints out' GIFs. The amazing Raspberry Pi-powered 'Instagif NextStep' ejects a small cartridge, equipped with a screen and another Pi, that can play a recorded GIF on loop for around 20 minutes. More

PEAK unveils first ever pair of 3D printed basketball shoes in collab with NBA star Dwight Howard

Aug.31, 2017 - Chinese sportswear brand PEAK has unveiled what could be the first ever pair of 3D printed basketball sneakers. The 3D printed sports shoes were presented just days ago at the 2017 PEAK China Tour and Dwight Howard III Press Conference. More

Mini uses 3D printing in production of its all-electric Mini concept

Aug.31, 2017 - British car icon Mini has unveiled its latest concept car, the Mini Electric Concept. It's a preview of the company's first all-electric production model, to be released in 2019. 3D printing technology was used extensively in the production of the car's wheels, whose design varies from the classic Mini Cooper's in a number of interesting ways. More

3D Printing News Roundup: OrthoPediatrics, Chromatic 3D Materials, Stratasys, Type A Machines, 3D printed fashion

Aug.30, 2017 - Here's a round-up of recent events, to keep you up to speed with what's happening in the 3D printing world. Recently we've seen a partnership established'between OrthoPediatrics and Mighty Oak Medical, 3D printed fashion being displayed at a Seoul textile exhibition, and much more besides. More

Siemens to assist Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority in 3D printing parts for metro system

Aug.30, 2017 - Industrial manufacturing company Siemens has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to develop 3D printed parts for the latter's transport subsystems. More

Plantoids: the smart 3D printed robots that will help keep your plants alive

Aug.30, 2017 - Citizen Scientific Workshop (CSW) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Plantoids, 3D printable robots that put your plants on wheels. Each 3D printed device seeks out sunlight and fresh air to give its green passenger the best chance of good health. More

Expandable bone screw 3D printed in titanium could improve spinal surgery recovery

Aug.30, 2017 - Researchers from Curtin University in Australia have teamed up with surgeons from the Royal Perth Hospital and the St John of God Subiaco Hospital to develop a 3D printed bone screw. The device can help patients suffering from severe bone fractures or osteoporosis recover from spinal surgery. More

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