Cicada-inspired 3D printed PEKK implants could reduce bacterial infections without antibiotics

Oct.18, 2017 - A team of researchers from Northeastern University in Boston and the Wenzhou Medical University in China have taken inspiration from cicada wings to develop infection-resistant 3D printed orthopedic implants from PEKK plastic. More

World's first 3D printed bicycle bridge opens to cyclists in Netherlands

Oct.18, 2017 - Officials in the Netherlands have announced the opening of the world's first concrete 3D printed bridge for cyclists. The bridge, that will serve two-wheeled commuters in the southeastern town of Gemert, is eight meters long and crosses a water-filled ditch. More

Millie the greyhound becomes first dog in Australia to receive 3D printed prosthetic leg

Oct.18, 2017 - Millie, a Greyhound pup with a missing paw from Australia, has been fitted with a custom 3D printed prosthetic leg. The 3D printed prosthetic, designed by Millie’s owner, has allowed the dog to walk and even run normally again. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Creaform schools deal, NASA challenge, GE and GKN collab, more

Oct.17, 2017 - Today's 3D printing news roundup has a bit of everything, with medical 3D printing developments being complemented by an educational 3D scanning initiative, the launch of GKN Group's new Additive business, and even a new NASA 3D printing challenge for students. More

DOE awards University of Pittsburgh's Minking Chyu $600K to improve gas turbines with 3D printing

Oct.17, 2017 - Dr. Minking Chyu, a Distinguished Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburgh, has impressed the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with his 3D printed turbine research, earning $600,000 in the process. More

iPad 3D scanner helps Washington University scientists measure swollen legs of elephantiasis patients

Oct.17, 2017 - In collaboration with workers in Sri Lanka, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have used an iPad-mounted infrared 3D scanner to measure limb enlargement and disfigurement in elephantiasis patients. The technique could replace older and impractical methods. More

$2,500 Platonics Ark billed as 'first 3D printer for architects'

Oct.17, 2017 - Finland-based 3D printing startup Platonics has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the 'Ark,' billed as the first 3D printer for architects. Earliest backers can secure the basic version of the FDM 3D printer for €2095 ($2,465). More

Iowa State researchers develop ultra-quiet turbine blades using 3D printing, owl wings

Oct.17, 2017 - Researchers at Iowa State University are using 3D printing to develop propellor blades inspired by owl wings. The innovative designs could lead to quieter aircraft, wind turbines, and other machines. More

LLNL & Girls Who Code team up to teach CAD and 3D printing skills to local students

Oct.17, 2017 - Girls Who Code is teaming up with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to teach local students (especially girls) the basics of 3D design, coding, and 3D printing. More

3D Printing News Roundup: ConforMIS knee implants, Sigma Labs PrintRite update, SelfCAD, Stratasys Redesign challenge

Oct.16, 2017 - The 3D printing week is off to a good start, and we've got a few updates to share with you from companies ConforMIS, Sigma Labs, SelfCAD, and Stratasys. More

Casio's Mofrel 2.5D printer can print realistic textures like leather & fabric onto paper

Oct.16, 2017 - Japanese electronics company Casio has unveiled its Mofrel 2.5D printer which is capable of printing detailed, textured, and full-color surfaces on paper. The printing tech could have applications in automotive prototyping and the textile industry, among others. More

3D printable Necroplex terrain-building kit set to take over tabletops

Oct.16, 2017 - A Kickstarter for a new fantasy role-playing kit called Necroplex has been launched. The kit comes with a broad range of different 3D printable pieces for hobbyists and model makers, and is compatible with everyday terrain craft materials. More

Syqe Medical, Israeli developer of 3D printed marijuana inhaler, targeting US market

Oct.16, 2017 - Syqe Medical, a drug delivery company based in Israel, is continuing to enjoy huge success with its 3D printed cannabis inhaler, designed to allow those with chronic pain to inhale a precise dosage. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will trial the device next year. More

Feetz & Project Runway designer Seth Aaron take $175 3D printed shoes to FashionNXT runway

Oct.16, 2017 - Fashion designer Seth Aaron has debuted his latest fashion collection at Portland fashion event FashionNXT. Inspired by Japanese looks from the 60s, the collection consists of minimalist dresses, tops, trousers, and, most notably, eye-grabbing 3D printed shoes. More

3D printed MOF monoliths help Missouri scientists capture CO2 for fire extinguishers, spacecraft

Oct.16, 2017 - Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have 3D printed two types of metal-organic framework (MOF) monoliths, from MOF-74(Ni) and UTSA-16(Co). The 3D printed monoliths can be used to capture carbon dioxide, which can then be used in practical applications. More

Konica Minolta offers US schools free 30-day trial of Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer

Oct.16, 2017 - Konica Minolta has announced that it will be launching a free 30-day trial 3D printing program for schools across the U.S. Through a partnership with tool and 3D printer manufacturer Dremel, it is aiming to make additive manufacturing in the classroom more accessible. More

5 fun DIY 3D printing projects - elephant shot dispenser, emergency button, cable 3D printer, LED lamp, water droplet automaton

Oct.15, 2017 - Here's a round-up of some recent DIY 3D printing projects, posted on various hobbyist and maker sites. They're all fun, cheap to make, and can be incredibly practical or at least enjoyable to make and use. More

Adafruit and Hackaday founders 'upgrade' $20 bill with 3D printed Harriet Tubman stamp

Oct.14, 2017 - Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried are taking currency into their own hands, stamping Harriet Tubman's face onto $20 bills. The makers were compelled to do the project after hearing the good news that the US Treasury would be putting the civil rights hero on the $20 bill, followed by the less-than-good news that the change would be postponed. More

3D Printing Roundup: Stratasys, SwissLitho & EVG, Strangpresse, ORNL, 4WEB Medical, Nano Dimension

Oct.13, 2017 - Just in time for the weekend: here are some quick 3D printing stories to catch up on this Friday. Stratasys sponsors new LAIKA exhibit at Portland museum, SwissLitho and EVG team up to develop a method for printing 3D optical structures, Strangpresse acquires exclusive licensing for ORNL's additive manufacturing extruders. More

AIM3D's game-changing 'CEM'-based ExAM255 system cuts metal 3D printing costs by using granulate materials

Oct.13, 2017 - German startup AIM3D is aiming to revolutionize the 3D printer market with its innovative CEM technology. The startup is currently developing the ExAM255, a 3D printer which takes inspiration from injection molding processes to additively manufacture in both metal and plastic. More

Siemens uses Gefertec's 3DMP metal 3D printing technology in electric motor factory

Oct.13, 2017 - GTarc, the machining system that has been developed by Gefertec, has been put to use at Siemens' Additive Manufacturing Center. It is much more cost-effective and fast than conventional CNC milling methods, and complements Siemens' impressive Smart Factory set-up. More

Design In The Digital Age: Experimental Dutch designer Joris Laarman's 3D printed creations debut in NYC

Oct.13, 2017 - Joris Laarman has made his U.S. debut with a new 3D printed design exhibition and accompanying book. Featuring furniture generated by algorithms, a 3D printed steel bridge, and downloadable chairs, 'Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age,' aims to bring a futurist perspective to the Smithsonian Design Museum's Cooper Hewitt space. More

Fraunhofer IFAM develops metallic FDM 3D printing process suitable for 'all sinterable metals'

Oct.13, 2017 - Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM (Fraunhofer IFAM) has developed a metallic FDM/FFF 3D printing process. The two-step process involves both extrusion and sintering. More

HP planning low-cost metal additive manufacturing & full-color 3D printing in 2018

Oct.13, 2017 - HP is planning to release a metal 3D printing platform in 2018, as well as a full-color 3D printing solution. The company says it has developed a 'novel' approach to metal 3D printing, adding that its full-color 3D printing will offer 'mechanically robust' parts. More

Formlabs releases new Dental LT Clear orthodontic 3D printing resin, updates Dental SG resin

Oct.12, 2017 - 3D printing company Formlabs has released a new 3D printing material for the dental industry. The 3D printing material, called Dental LT Clear, is being heralded as the first long-term biocompatible resin for orthodontic applications and devices. More

3D body scanning specialist Twindom launches 2 new products: TwinProtect & HD Retouching

Oct.12, 2017 - 3D body scanning specialist Twindom has launched two new products: TwinProtect,'a specially formulated coating that makes 3D printed portraits UV- and water-resistant, and HD Retouching, a premium 3D portrait process for by texturizing hair, enhancing face details, and increasing clothing realism. More

Youngstown Business Incubator partners with two Israeli 3D printing startups

Oct.12, 2017 - A partnership has been established between Ohio's Youngstown Business Incubator and Tel Aviv-based business accelerator The Junction. The collaboration will allow two Israeli 3D printing start-ups, NanoFabrica and PrintCB, to gain a foothold in the U.S. market. More

Mooz: 3-in-1 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving machine smashes $50K Kickstarter goal

Oct.12, 2017 - South Korean 3D printing startup Mooz has launched a Kickstarter for its transformable 3D printer, the Mooz. The machine has interchangeable heads for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. More

Renishaw to unveil new four-laser RenAM 500Q 3D printer and more at formnext 2017

Oct.12, 2017 - UK-based Renishaw is gearing up for the third annual formnext 2017, and plans to use the event to unveil its newest products, including the RenAM 500Q four-laser additive manufacturing system. More

Sinterit Lisa 3D printer used to create factory-ready AR 'data glasses'

Oct.12, 2017 - 3D printer company Sinterit and German AR researcher Rigo Herold have collaborated on a pair of SLS 3D printed 'data glasses.' The augmented reality eyewear, optimized for industrial engineering work, can also be used by deaf people. More

FIT AG acquires five EOS M 400-4 metal 3D printers for new additive manufacturing factory

Oct.12, 2017 - German 3D printing company FIT AG is expanding its industrial AM capacity with the purchase of five EOS M 400-4 3D printers. By investing in the EOS 3D printers, FIT AG is aiming to increase its production of parts for the automotive, motorsport, medical, and aerospace sectors. More

UC San Diego engineers developing smart & soft 3D printed gripper that can figure out what it's holding

Oct.11, 2017 - Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a partially 3D printed soft robotic gripper capable of 3D scanning the object it is gripping. 3D printing was used to make the gripper's actuators. More

98HT works with Chinese students to design convertible 3D printed high-heeled shoes

Oct.11, 2017 - Students from three Chinese universities have teamed up with footwear brand 98HT to rethink the architecture of the high-heeled shoe. By using 3D printing, the collaborative team is developing modular shoes with switchable heels of varying heights. More

3D printed parts help Airbus-built EUTELSAT 172B break electric orbit record

Oct.11, 2017 - The EUTELSAT 172B satellite, built by Airbus for French satellite operator Eutelsat, has reached geostationary orbit, breaking the record for the fastest satellite electric orbit raising. The satellite contains 3D printed parts. More

One-legged parrot named Pete is supported by 3D printed prosthetic foot

Oct.11, 2017 - A 34-year-old parrot named Pete can stand and waddle again thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic boot. The blue-crowned mealy Amazon parrot lost his left foot after being attacked in his cage by a fox. More

GE Aviation's 3D printed T901 engine increases Black Hawk helicopter range by 161%

Oct.11, 2017 - GE Aviation has completed testing on its T901-GE-900 turboshaft engine prototype, made for the US Army's Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) for Apache and Black Hawk helicopters. 3D printing was used to make components of the T901-GE-900 with 'advanced aerodynamic shapes.' More

Check out this 3D printed electric Iron Man skateboard made by James Bruton of XRobots

Oct.11, 2017 - James Bruton of XRobots has created an Iron Man-inspired electric skateboard as a follow-up to his original electric skateboard made from large-scale 3D printed lego pieces. The skateboard was 3D printed over the course of two UK 3D printing events. More

CBAM creator Impossible Objects raises $6.4M as interest in Model One 3D printer grows

Oct.11, 2017 - Illinois 3D printing company Impossible Objects has raised $6.4 million in a Series A investment round led by OCA Ventures. Investors included DEA Fund Partners, Mason Avenue Investments, Huizenga Capital Management, and Inflection Equity Partners. More

Queensland State Library to 3D print replica of rare braille globe

Oct.11, 2017 - The State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Library Foundation are making a 3D printed replica of a rare 1950s braille globe. Created by "godfather of blind children" Richard Frank Tunley, the heritage globe will be restored, replicated, and placed on display in an upcoming Library exhibition, thanks to a $10,000 funding package. More

French surgeons use robot & 3D printed model to fix 6-year-old's spine in world-first surgery

Oct.10, 2017 - A team of surgeons from the Amiens-Picardie University Hospital in France has successfully performed a complex spinal surgery on a six-year-old boy with the help of a robot and a patient-specific 3D printed model. The procedure was the first of its kind. More

re:3D Gigabot 3D printer provides clever RFID tag solution for Texas firefighters

Oct.10, 2017 - Texas-based 3D printing company re:3D has installed a Gigabot 3D printer at the Fire Department of Magnolia, Texas. The 3D printer has been used to print some fire hydrant-shaped signage, as well as other functional bits and pieces. More

Dual-extrusion Skriware 2 desktop 3D printer available for $1,599 pre-order

Oct.10, 2017 - Skriware, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Poland and Sweden, has introduced its latest product: the Skriware 2 3D printer. The machine, which is currently available for pre-order for the reduced price of $1,599, was unveiled yesterday at the Gitex Technology Week 2017 in Dubai. More

IN(3D)USTRY 2017 Report: Major 3D printing figures recognize achievements and look ahead

Oct.10, 2017 - This year's IN(3D)USTRY expo was an exciting opportunity to review some of the most recent 3D printing breakthroughs and see where manufacturing might be heading in the years to come. Each day had a theme: automotive/aerospace, retail/healthcare, and industrial/EU projects. More

5 fun DIY 3D printing projects: spool for 3D pen, 'JOY' controller, 'OKAY' synth, voice control lamp, mini GameCube Classic

Oct.10, 2017 - With summer having quickly retreated to give way to a cool fall, we can't imagine we're the only ones who are starting to go into hibernation mode. Fortunately, we've got some great DIY 3D printing projects that will keep us busy over the the chilly autumn season. More

AM UK National Strategy: Britain aims to survive Brexit by becoming global 3D printing leader

Oct.10, 2017 - AM UK, Britain's independent, government-backed collaboration for developing the country's additive manufacturing industry, has published its 'Additive Manufacturing UK National Strategy 2018-25.' The document outlines what the UK must do to become a global leader in 3D printing. More

ASRC tests 3D printed propellant injector for RD-180 rocket engine successor

Oct.10, 2017 - The ASRC (Arctic Slope Regional Corporation) Federal Technical Services division, part of the ASRC Alaska Native Corporation, has test-fired a 3D printed subscale propellant injector that could be used on United Launch Alliance's replacement for the Russian-built RD-180 rocket engine. More

International Stem Cell Corporation announces breakthrough with 3D bioprinted liver tissue

Oct.9, 2017 - California-based biotech firm International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) has announced the development of a new 3D bioprinting process which could significantly improve the quality and function of its bioprinted liver tissue. More

Canada's peel 3d introduces 'professional-grade' 3D scanner for under $6K

Oct.9, 2017 - Canadian company peel 3d is preparing to launch a budget professional-grade 3D scanner. The entry-level scanner features automatic shape recognition and 'robust' software. It costs $5,900. More

PieceMaker moves away from 3D printed toys with re-launch as B2B additive solutions provider

Oct.9, 2017 - Pittsburgh-based retail 3D printing company PieceMaker, known best for its 3D printed toy partnerships, is re-launching its business as a B2B 3D printing service and solutions provider. More

Wake Forest's 3D bioprinted 'body on a chip' shows how breakthrough cancer drugs affect our organs

Oct.9, 2017 - Scientists at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) in North Carolina have used 3D printing to develop a 'body-on-a-chip' drug testing system. The system consists of micro 'organoid' versions of the heart, lung, and liver. More

Japanese firm MSYS offering 3D printed fetus service to expecting parents

Oct.9, 2017 - Japanese tech company Marubeni Information Systems Co. (MSYS) has broken into the niche market of 3D printed fetus models in its most recent endeavour. The company is offering a service through which it will create 3D printed models based on people's unborn babies. More

Wearable & orbiting 3D printed antennae can improve India's military and space operations

Oct.9, 2017 - Two Indian research labs have developed new 3D printed antennae. One, developed at the Indian Space Research Organisation, has been sent to space; the other, made at the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, can be worn by soldiers on their military uniforms. More

ACADEMI: Lanterman Group & America Makes launch national 3D printing training program

Oct.9, 2017 - The Lanterman Group, a 3D printing solutions firm, has teamed up with America Makes, the national accelerator program for 3D printing, to establish a national training program for 3D printing geared toward industry and government. More

IN(3D)USTRY 2017 Report: Norbert Martin Olivares of SEAT gives talk on its evolving 3D printing strategy

Oct.8, 2017 - SEAT's Head of DKM Models Department, Norbert Martin Olivares, gave a talk at this year's IN3DUSTRY conference. He explained how the Catalonian manufacturer's 3D printing strategy has grown, with specific reference to one of the company's latest vehicles, the Arona. More

IN(3D)USTRY 2017 Report: RESHAPE 2017 awards ceremony

Oct.7, 2017 - The awards for this year's Reshape 2017: Programmable Skins competition were announced at IN3DUSTRY 2017. After a fascinating roundtable on the future of consumer wearable tech, a team of Russian designers received the top prize for their adaptable spinal support system, GS3. More

Austrian manufacturer Overtec completes some of the first 3D printed concrete curves

Oct.6, 2017 - Austrian manufacturing company Overtec is breaking new ground 3D printing concrete in virtually any shape, even the most elaborate curves and twists. As companies such as Cazza Construction Technologies in Dubai increasingly invest in the possibilities of 3D printing houses ' and maybe entire cities one day ' Overtec is sending a clear message that it wants to play an important role in that forward-thinking vision. More

Silicon Valley's Tytus3D launches sub-$300K metal 3D printer to rival EOS, SLM Solutions

Oct.6, 2017 - Silicon Valley 3D printing startup Tytus3D has developed its first metal 3D printer. At under $300,000, the Tytus 3D printer can print with a minimum layer height of 20 microns. The company says its machine is easier to use than EOS and SLM Solutions 3D printers. More

PrintDry's new filament containers keep your 3D printing materials dry and organized

Oct.6, 2017 - PrintDry, a Canada-based 3D printing company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new PrintDry Filament Container. Designed to keep your filaments dry and safe from moisture, the filament containers comes in packs of six for as little as CA$48 ($38). More

France's 3DCeram partners with Japanese firm Sinto to expand ceramic 3D printing in Asia and US

Oct.6, 2017 - French ceramic 3D printing company 3DCeram has entered into a new alliance with Japanese industrial manufacturer Sinto. 3DCeram is confident that the partnership will enable it to not only improve its technologies, but also expand into the Asian and American markets. More

3D printed 'watt-r' cart uses solar power to make water collection easier

Oct.6, 2017 - A solar-powered cart called 'watt-r' could revolutionize the way people collect water in places like rural Africa. Made with 3D printed components, the low-cost transportation device uses solar energy to power a small motor, allowing users to carry water in a more effective way. More

iMedTech launches project to 3D print prostheses for 1000 breast cancer survivors

Oct.6, 2017 - Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, South African prosthetics company iMedTech has launched a new initiative for low-income breast cancer survivors. Spearheaded by iMedTech founder and acclaimed mechanical engineer Nneile Nkholise, the new project will 3D print 1000 prosthetic breasts for 1000 mastectomy patients in need. More

IN(3D)USTRY 2017 Report: Natural Robotics previews Vit SLS 3D printer

Oct.5, 2017 - 3ders got an interview with Hector Esteller, of Natural Robotics, at this year's IN3DUSTRY expo. The Barcelona-based company was demonstrating its new, affordable SLS 3D printer, the Vit SLS, at the conference. More

Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu 3D prints on the go with awesome wearable 3D printer

Oct.5, 2017 - Chinese maker Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu, known for her provocative 3D printed wearables, has built a 3D printer backpack which she wore while riding the subway. More

Discovery of 'self-peeling' droplets at MIT could improve material adhesion in additive manufacturing

Oct.5, 2017 - Researchers at MIT have found a way to control the activity of freezing droplets hitting surfaces, allowing them to determine whether a droplet will stick, bounce, or 'self-peel.' The discovery could have an impact on future 3D printers and other technologies. More

Lockheed Martin & Australia's RMIT University to develop metal 3D printing materials & processes for space

Oct.5, 2017 - Global aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin has signed multiple new agreements with Australian universities that will see the company collaborate on a number of aerospace and 3D printing-related projects. The partners include Melbourne’s RMIT University, the University of Sydney, and Curtin University. More

3D printed vertebrae helping Nottingham spinal surgeons practice 'very delicate' procedures

Oct.5, 2017 - Researchers at the UK's Nottingham Trent University are 3D printing replica human vertebrae to help train spinal surgeons. The 3D printed vertebrae look, behave, and feel like the real thing, and could aid surgeons looking to perform procedures such as laminectomies. More

Spain's FLM and Vodafone launch 3D printing training initiative for people with spinal injuries

Oct.5, 2017 - The Spanish foundation for medullary injury (FLM) has teamed up with the Vodafone Spain foundation to develop and launch an initiative which will offer people with spinal cord injuries technological training. The program will feature 3D design and 3D printing courses. More

voxeljet's new PPC2 plastic 3D printing promises higher resolution for investment casting

Oct.5, 2017 - German 3D printer manufacturer voxeljet AG has announced the imminent release of a new PMMA 3D printing process called PolyPor C2 (or PPC2). The new technique reportedly enables the production of high quality investment casting parts. More

Amazon buys 3D body scanning startup Body Labs for estimated $50-70M

Oct.5, 2017 - International online shopping giant Amazon has acquired New York City startup Body Labs, a specialist in 3D body scanning. The deal may have cost between $50 million and $70 million. More

Medical 3D Printing Roundup: Slovenia's Symbiolab develops open source Vitaprint bioprinter, two 3D printed spine implants approved

Oct.4, 2017 - Symbiolab, an open source biolab at the IRNAS Institute in Slovenia, has developed a new 3D bioprinter. The Vitaprint platform uses 2 extruders and sterile syringes to fabricate woodpile structures, scaffolds, and more. Elsewhere, the FDA has approved 2 new 3D printed spine implants. More

WASP's 3D printed set pieces ready to take center stage at 'Fra Diavolo' opera

Oct.4, 2017 - Italian 3D printing company WASP has been working hard over the past few months to help realize the set design for the upcoming performances of Fra Diavolo at the Opera Theater in Rome. With just days until opening night, the stunning 3D printed set pieces are ready for the spotlight. More

Materialise acquires ACTech, full-service manufacturer of complex metal parts for up to €36.3M

Oct.4, 2017 - Materialise has today announced the acquisition of ACTech, a Germany-based leader in producing limited runs of highly complex cast metal parts. More

U.S. Marines test adaptable 3D printed SUAS drones

Oct.4, 2017 - Marines from the 2nd Marine Division are using 3D printing to manufacture small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS). This particular drone project is taking place at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. More

3D printing, composite materials help GKN develop next-gen vehicles at new UK facility

Oct.4, 2017 - British automotive and aerospace company GKN has officially opened a new Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire. The facility will be dedicated to the development of next-gen technologies for the company's automotive business, including custom 3D printed parts, composite materials, and more. More

Think sharing phones is a bad call? 3D printed 3-in-1 'lending' smartphone could be the answer

Oct.4, 2017 - Researchers in Canada and New Hampshire have used 3D printing to develop a modular 3-in-1 smartphone, ideal for lending to strangers. The prototype consists of three smartphones in a 3D printed case, giving the owner total control over how much access the borrower is permitted. More

Nigerian startup Elephab aims to increase local manufacturing with 3D printing

Oct.4, 2017 - 3D printing startup Elephab is aiming to bring production back to its home country of Nigeria through the 3D printing of replacement parts. The promising company recently closed its first funding round, attracting the attention of VC firm Beta Ventures. More

Ohio startup Freshmade 3D bowls over public with AMClad 3D printing material

Oct.4, 2017 - Freshmade 3D, an Ohio-based 3D printing startup, has developed a new 3D printing material that is strong enough to be made into bowling balls. The material, AMClad, is an isotropic Engineered Sand Composite that is ideal for 3D printing 'large, functional, and strong objects.' More

Safran Helicopter Engines' new Aneto engines contain 3D printed components

Oct.3, 2017 - Safran Helicopter Engines has launched Aneto, a new family of high-power engines. The Aneto-1K, which is being used in aerospace company Leonardo's AW189K helicopter, has 3D printed components in its combustion chamber, as well as 3D printed inlet guide vanes. More

3D Hubs users can now order 3D printed tools and molds made from Somos PerFORM

Oct.3, 2017 - Royal DSM, a Dutch multinational specializing in life and materials sciences, has entered into a new partnership with 3D printing service 3D Hubs. Through the agreement, 3D Hubs clients will now have the opportunity to order their prints in Royal DSM's Somos PerFORM material. More

Apple acquires patent for AR-compatible 3D printing system

Oct.3, 2017 - Apple has just acquired a patent that could change the face of 3D printing as we know it. Published on the US patent database earlier today, the new innovation encompasses a highly advanced 3D printing system which is compatible with Augmented Reality (AR) devices, and more specifically, AR glasses. More

European Federation of Chemical Engineering commends French company Air Liquide for 3D printed reactor

Oct.3, 2017 - The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) has given awards to some innovative chemical engineering projects at the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering. One of the awards went to Air Liquide for a 3D printed reactor used to improve hydrogen production. More

Luxexcel receives additional €4M investment to develop 3D printed lenses for VR and AR

Oct.3, 2017 - Dutch optics manufacturer Luxexcel has received a new investment of 4 million Euros, which it will be using to expand the functionality of its industrial 3D printed lens platform. Manufacturers of VR and AR equipment will work with Luxexcel to integrate the company's corrective opthalmic lenses into their products. More

Rolls-Royce & AMAZE use light 10x brighter than the sun to improve 3D printed aircraft engine blades

Oct.3, 2017 - Rolls-Royce has teamed up with AMAZE, a collaboration of 26 European institutions from academia, research, and industry, to improve additive manufacturing processes using the Diamond Light Source synchrotron, which produces incredibly bright flashes of light. More

GE Healthcare opens first European medical 3D printing center in Uppsala, Sweden

Oct.3, 2017 - GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of General Electric, has officially opened its first healthcare-oriented European 3D printing facility. Called the Innovative Design and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center for Europe, the facility is located in Uppsala, Sweden. More

ING says 3D printing could account for half of manufactured goods by 2060, wiping out 25% of global trade

Oct.3, 2017 - ING, a Dutch bank and financial services company, has compiled a report that says 3D printing could 'wipe out' almost a quarter of world trade by 2060. The report predicts a reduction in cross-border trade, with locally 3D printed parts eliminating the need for importing and exporting. More

3D bioprinted living retina project awarded $90K by National Eye Institute

Oct.3, 2017 - The National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has awarded $90,000 to a team from the University of Maryland for its proposal to develop a living model of a human retina with the help of 3D printing. More

Futurist Christopher Barnatt's review: 3D Printing Innovations at the TCT Show 2017

Oct.2, 2017 - From 26 to 28 September 2017, the TCT Show was held in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The largest such event to date, this showcased the wares and talents of over 250 3D printing and additive manufacturing organizations. More

SPoE: a full-color multi-surface printer made with 3D printed parts

Oct.2, 2017 - SPoE, a printer which 'Simply Prints on Everything,' has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The printer, which is being prototyped with 3D printing, is described as a 'free-standing printer' which can print (two-dimensionally) on virtually any surface. More

Army scientists could use urine to charge 3D printed drones that eat themselves

Oct.2, 2017 - Scientists at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have discovered that a recently engineered aluminum nano-powder can rapidly produce hydrogen when mixed with urine. The powder could be used to make 3D printed robots that 'feed off their own structures' and self-destruct after missions. More

Australian university 3D prints scaled-up virus particles for tactile health education

Oct.2, 2017 - A team from the Central Queensland University in Australia is teaching students about micro-biology by 3D printing large-scale models of microscopic virus particles. The 3D printed learning aids offer a more dynamic and tactile way for students to learn about viruses. More

Farsoon channels 'CAMS' tech to develop FS1000P, largest nylon SLS 3D printer on market

Oct.2, 2017 - Chinese 3D printing company Farsoon Technologies has announced the development of the FS1000P, a large-format 3D printer made with the company's Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) technology. The first commercial FS1000P will be ready for the TCT Asia show in 2018. More

US Marines' 'Ripper Lab' used to manufacture 3D printed 'Nibbler' drones in Middle East

Oct.2, 2017 - A U.S. Marine Corps task force has set up a 3D printing lab on the ground in the Middle East, using it to 3D print quadcopter drones, tools, medical supplies, and more. Dubbed the 'Ripper Lab,' the facility is allowing the task force to print devices and replacement parts on-demand. More

TU Wien physicists develop material analysis method for 3D printing at 'dust particle' scale

Oct.2, 2017 - Physicists at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have developed a new analysis method that could vastly improve the accuracy of resin 3D printing by identifying materials with suitable initiator molecules. The method uses ultra-short laser pulses and beam-splitting prisms. More

Go Prosthetics: CU Boulder student develops $300 3D printed prosthetic limbs for amputees

Oct.2, 2017 - Peter 'Max' Armstrong, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Colorado Boulder, is developing functional and low-cost prosthetics made with the help of 3D printing technology. Each limb costs just $300 to fabricate. More

Signal Tide: 3D printed art installation pairs unexplained satellite signals with choral accompaniment

Oct.1, 2017 - Ever wondered what extraterrestrial music sounds like? Wonder no more: visitors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art got a taste of some 'alien' instrumentation last week, thanks to a sound installation by Berlin artists Kata Kov'cs and Tom O'Doherty that captures the unexplained signals emitted by the Lincoln Experimental Satellite. More

French woman suffering from gunshot wound receives 3D printed 'reverse shoulder prosthesis'

Sep.30, 2017 - One lucky patient in France has become one of the first to sport a 3D printed shoulder implant following an almost deadly accident. Nathalie Dufaut Danjon was shot with a hunting rifle a little over two years ago, a near-fatal accident that saw a bullet penetrate her shoulder joint through the front, and exit through the back of her shoulder blade. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Encode Ring, Minifab resin 3D printer, Airwolf 3D, Cooksongold and Boltenstern

Sep.29, 2017 - Here's another 3D printing news roundup, in case anything passed you by recently. The latest developments include a new resin 3D printer, a 3D printed jewellery collection, and much more besides. More

Modern Meadow reveals its pioneering 3D bio-printed leather, Zoa

Sep.29, 2017 - A New Jersey-based startup has produced a material that is almost indistinguishable from animal leather, using 3D bio-printing. Modern Meadow's technique vastly improves efficiency as well as environmental impact, and a prototype garment made from Zoa will soon be exhibited at MoMA. More

Formlabs prints 15-foot-wide FUSE Pavilion using Fuse 1 & Form 2 3D printers

Sep.29, 2017 - Massachusetts-based 3D printing company Formlabs has used its Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer and Form 2 SLA printer to fabricate the FUSE Pavilion, a nylon and fiberglass structure that spans 150 square feet and fits three people inside. More

Finland's VTT adopts plasma tech for developing advanced metal 3D printing powders

Sep.29, 2017 - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a state-owned research and technology company, has adopted a new plasma technology for producing metal 3D printing materials. The new equipment is enabling VTT to 'accelerate and streamline' its industrial production and product development processes. More

Fraunhofer ILT's new LaserTAB robot enables precise microjoining of 3D printed connectors for batteries

Sep.29, 2017 - The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT has developed a novel process for micro-welding battery cells and power electronics. The technology, which uses microjoining and can be used in combination with 3D printing, is known as Laser-Based Tape-Automated Bonding, or LaserTAB. More

3D printed heart valve models used in pre-surgical planning to improve TAVR surgery

Sep.29, 2017 - A joint team from the Piedmont Heart Institute and the Georgia Institute of Technology has created patient-specific 3D printed heart valve models to improve pre-surgical planning processes for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) surgery. More

First look at Cazza Construction's X1 3D printing robot that could rebuild homes destroyed by hurricanes

Sep.29, 2017 - Cazza Construction, the Silicon Valley startup that has promised to 'revolutionize' construction using additive manufacturing, has offered a first glimpse at its Cazza X1 3D printing robot. The company says the robot could rebuild homes in disaster zones like the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey. More

The Dutch Navy is 3D scanning its entire fleet

Sep.29, 2017 - The Dutch Navy has embarked on a new mission of the virtual variety: 3D scanning its entire fleet. The ambitious undertaking has arisen at the behest of Marinebedrijf Koninklijke Marine, the Dutch contractor in charge of maintaining the Royal Netherlands Navy vessels, which is working with Luxembourg 3D scanning company Artec 3D. More

Origami inspires development of 3D printed TWISTER robots at Case Western Reserve

Sep.28, 2017 - A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University has been working on a soft robotics project that takes inspiration from origami. The novel tower structure is made up of layers of 3D printed polygons fitted together, and can deform in useful ways. More

Australia’s MCRI takes on kidney research with Organovo 3D bioprinter

Sep.28, 2017 - Melbourne's Murdoch Children's Research Institute has just installed a new 3D bioprinter, which is the first of its kind in Australia. The institute will be partnering with bioprinting company Organovo to develop techniques that will further research into kidney problems. More

3D printed drugs on breath strips could be future of medicine, according to University of Michigan study

Sep.28, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Michigan have devised a vapor-jet 3D printing technique'for depositing drug doses onto a variety of surfaces, including dissolvable Listerine tabs. The process could be employed in pharmacies, hospitals, and other locations. More

Intamsys updates FUNMAT HT and PRO 3D printers for high-performance materials

Sep.28, 2017 - Chinese company Intamsys Technology Co. Ltd. is one of the many 3D printer manufacturers attending this year's TCT Show in Birmingham, UK. And while the company isn't rolling out any major new products, it has announced a number of updates to its FUNMAT HT and PRO 3D printers. More

3D Printing News Roundup: ShareBot joins Techniplas innovation program, Stratasys expands J750 functionality, more

Sep.28, 2017 - 3D printing developments never stop coming, but luckily we've got another 3D printing news roundup for you. Recent stories include ShareBot joining Techniplas' innovation program and Stratasys expanding options for users of its J750 color 3D printer. More

EPFL's 3D printed 'Envirobot' is a modular robot that swims like an eel & detects water pollution

Sep.28, 2017 - Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland have used 3D printing to develop 'Envirobot,' a modular, eel-like swimming robot that can collect environmental data and deliver it to scientists in real time. More

Open source 3D printed weather station could improve farming in developing regions

Sep.28, 2017 - The Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond is now home to a fully functioning 3D printed weather station. The weather measuring and monitoring device cost only $400 to make and could help improve farming in developing regions of the world. More

China's UnionTech unveils affordable 'PILOT' SLA 3D printers at TCT Show

Sep.28, 2017 - Shanghai Union Technology Corporation is launching its PILOT stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers at the TCT Show 3D printing event, which wraps up today in Birmingham, UK. PILOT 3D printers offer 'excellent surface aesthetics, application range, [and] ease of use.' More

Makers can now design, 3D print & sell Valve merchandise through new Shapeways agreement

Sep.28, 2017 - Video game developer Valve has teamed up with 3D printing service Shapeways to offer makers the chance to customize, 3D print, and even sell 3D models based on its merchandise. The announcement is sure to excite fans of Half-Life, Portal, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike. More

Are Belarus and Russia's Novosibirsk medical technopark collaborating on 3D printed implants?

Sep.27, 2017 - The Belarus government will reportedly begin working in collaboration with Russia's Novosibirsk medical technopark to develop 3D printed implants and other medical devices. The cooperation was hinted at during a visit to the medical technology center by Belarus' Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov. More

Chinese company XDM 3D Printing Technology claims new XDM750 is world's largest SLM 3D printer

Sep.27, 2017 - XDM 3D Printing Technology, a 3D printing company based in Suzhou, China, claims to have developed the world's largest selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printer. The XDM750 has a build volume of 750 x 750 x 500 mm, larger than Concept Laser's X LINE 2000R. More

Paul Kohlhaussen's panoramic 3D printed K-Pan camera can now be snapped up on Kickstarter

Sep.27, 2017 - London-based photographer and designer Paul Kohlhaussen has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 3D printed medium-format panoramic camera. The K-Pan, which shoots five 6 x 14 cm frames per roll of 120 film, is available for £270 ($360) in kit form. More

Amazing 3D printed cafe by MX3D and BBA opens tomorrow at Miami's Perez Art Museum

Sep.27, 2017 - As of tomorrow, visitors of the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) will be able to order their coffees and lunches from an actual 3D printed cafe. The new cafe, nestled on the Miami waterfront, is called Cucuyo. More

UAE's $137M Mars Science City will simulate life on Mars & contain a 3D printed space museum

Sep.27, 2017 - The United Arab Emirates will attempt to build a city that simulates living on Mars. The $137 million Mars Science City will span 1.9 million square feet, and will contain a space museum with walls 3D printed using sand from the desert. More

Ultimaker focuses on 3D printing software with new Ultimaker Cura and Cura Connect

Sep.27, 2017 - 3D printing company Ultimaker has announced that it is launching a whole new software strategy for its 3D printing systems. The strategy will initially consist of an updated version of slicing software Ultimaker Cura and Cura Connect. More

Powder & Heat makes 3D printed glasses easy on the eyes

Sep.26, 2017 - A German design label is keen to show the world that 3D printed eyewear is here to stay. Powder & Heat, the Munich-based company marketing its merchandise as the world's first high quality 3D printed glasses in a variety of colours, was recently awarded the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award 2017. More

Haydale Graphene Industries makes first sale of 3D printing products in China

Sep.26, 2017 - Haydale Graphene Industries has made its first sale of 3D printing products in China. The sale was made through its shareholding partner, Everpower, and more orders should be forthcoming if the products are applied successfully. More

Father-and-son startup Cubibot launches $199 3D printer on Kickstarter

Sep.26, 2017 - San Diego startup Cubibot LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its eponymous debut 3D printer, the Cubibot. Early backers can secure the FDM 3D printer, which is described as 'sleek and user-friendly,' for $199. More

Stratasys' VeroFlex 3D printing material can put new sunglasses on shelves 'in 8 weeks or less'

Sep.26, 2017 - Stratasys has introduced a new eyewear 3D printing solution. The VeroFlex Rapid Prototyping Eyewear Solution can be used to greatly the reduce the time-to-market of eyewear - from up to 15 months to as little as eight weeks. More

Carbon cuts 3D printing resin costs by 40% with new bulk offering

Sep.26, 2017 - 3D printing company Carbon will be slashing the cost of its polymer 3D printing resins through a new materials program that will offer bulk packaging for the materials at a much lower cost than before (up to 40% less). More

FELIXprinters launches $1,300 FELIX Tec 4 3D printer at TCT Show

Sep.26, 2017 - Netherlands-based 3D printer company FELIXprinters has launched its latest FDM 3D printer at the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK. The FELIX Tec 4 follows the FELIX Tec 3, and is available in single and dual extruder models. More

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