World's first 3D printed toilets by Hamilton Labs could wipe out India's sanitation problems

Jan.18, 2018 - Singapore-based Hamilton Labs is developing 3D printable toilets to help improve poor sanitary conditions in India. The toilets, which will be made with Hamilton's robotic HamilBot Mark 1 3D printer using a recycled cement mix, will be used in the Madhubani and Darbhanga districts in Bihar. More

Seurat Technologies raises $13.5M to accelerate game-changing metal 3D printing technology

Jan.17, 2018 - Seurat Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based startup, says it has raised $13.5 million in a Series A funding round. The significant investment will reportedly be put towards funding and accelerating the company's much-hyped metal additive manufacturing technology. More

Swiss team pioneers compact low-power laser 3D printing technique, with potential for surgical use

Jan.17, 2018 - A group of researchers in Switzerland has developed a new 3D printing approach that makes use of low-power lasers and an ultra-fine optical fiber. This affordable technique could be integrated into existing surgical endoscopy equipment, to allow for the targeted creation of micro-structures, in order to fix damaged tissue More

Apple granted patent for color 3D printing system

Jan.17, 2018 - Apple has had a patent approved for a color 3D printer. The listed inventors are Geoff Stahl, Software Director of Apple's Technology Development Group, and Howard Miller, a former Apple printing expert. More

Polyga releases new line of compact handheld 3D scanners - the HDI Compact 3D

Jan.17, 2018 - Polyga has released its latest range of 3D scanning solutions. The HDI Compact 3D comes in 3 different sizes, and is designed to be a convenient device for consumers, with professional performance. The field of view can be adjusted, and the scanner offers 25 microns accuracy with the most advanced model. More

Arconic & Vader Systems 3D printing projects receive DOE HPC4 funding

Jan.17, 2018 - A metal additive manufacturing project organized by Arconic, LLNL, and ORNL has received $300,000 in funding, split evenly between the Office of Fossil Energy's HPC4Mtls program and the Advanced Manufacturing Office's HPC4Mfg'program. More

AeroJet Rocketdyne & NASA successfully test-fire RS-25 engine with 3D printed components

Jan.17, 2018 - NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne have announced the successful test-firing of a RS-25 rocket engine with 3D printed components. The innovative engine is being built to power NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), which is expected to send a team of astronauts 'to an area near the Moon' as soon as 2020. More

South African maker Tom van den Bon successfully completes 365-day 3D printing challenge

Jan.17, 2018 - A South African maker by the name of Tom van den Bon has completed what could very well be the country's first 365-day 3D printing challenge. The maker says he 3D printed at least one part or object using an FDM 3D printer every day for the past year. More

3D Printing News Roundup: First 3D printed offshore crane hook, record growth for 4WEB Medical, Tethon 3D, more

Jan.16, 2018 - Here's another round-up of all the latest 3D printing news, to keep you in the loop in a rapidly moving world. Stories this time include another FDA certificate for Emerging Implant Technologies, Huisman testing the world's first 3D printed offshore crane hook, and more besides. More

KCE: 3D printed implants are not better or cheaper than traditional ones

Jan.16, 2018 - While 3D printed implants are often hailed as the future of healthcare solutions, the Belgian Federal Knowledge Center for Healthcare (KCE) has reported that the supposed benefits of using 3D printed implants are perhaps not as effective or convincing as we may have thought. More

Seattle startup Iro3d unveils desktop metal 3D printer for $5000

Jan.16, 2018 - Affordable metal 3D printing may be here sooner than we thought, thanks to a new Washington-based company by the name of Iro3d. Announced earlier this week, the American startup has gone public with a beta version of their metal printer priced at only $5000 - a steal in the burgeoning world of metal printing. More

Rösler Benelux showcases RapidFinish, new surface finishing treatment for 3D printed parts

Jan.16, 2018 - This week, Rösler Benelux BV gave a peek at their RapidFinish solution. Announced as a new line of specially designed surface finishing machines, RapidFinish promises to remove those unsightly 3D printing lines by way of an advanced sanding and drumming process, and is aimed specifically at companies who 3D print in plastic and metal. More

Scaffold-free 3D bioprinted tracheas successfully transplanted into rats

Jan.16, 2018 - Researchers from Saga University and Nagasaki University in Japan have used a Cyfuse Biomedical Regenova 3D bioprinter for scaffold-free trachea regeneration. Tracheal transplantation was successfully performed in nine rats. More

Rotational 3D printing lets Harvard researchers control fiber orientation for ultra-strong parts

Jan.16, 2018 - Researchers from Harvard's John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a 3D printing method that allows unprecedented control of short fibers embedded in polymer matrices. They call their method 'rotational 3D printing.' More

Swedish company NorDan to 3D print windows & doors using custom large-scale printer by BLB Industries

Jan.16, 2018 - Scandinavian window and door manufacturer NorDan AB will soon be offering its clients products made with the help of additive manufacturing. The Sweden-based company even commissioned a custom 3D printer which could meet its large-scale manufacturing needs. More

Budmen Industries 3D prints 100 unique lamps in new 'All of the Lights' installation

Jan.15, 2018 - Budmen Industries, a Philadelphia-based design studio, is hoping to make the world seem a little bit less divided with its enlightening 3D printed lamp installation. Lyrically named 'All of the Lights,' the installation consists of 100 unique 3D printed pendant lights. More

Michigan Tech's open-source parametric 3D printed slot die system is 17,000% cheaper than commercial ones

Jan.15, 2018 - Researchers from Michigan Technological University have developed an open-source parametric 3D printed slot die system for thin film semiconductor processing. By using the 3D printed system over a commercial one, users could make cost savings of over 17,000 per cent. More

KENDLE launches new K2 large-format SLA 3D printer on Kickstarter for as low as $1,250

Jan.15, 2018 - KENDLE, a hardware startup based out of Hong Kong, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new KENDLE K2 large-format SLA 3D printer. More

Introducing new and improved DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial 3D printer series with heated chamber

Jan.15, 2018 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP has released a new line of industrial 3D printers. Called DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial, the new 3D printer series is an upgrade to the company's original Delta 4070 3D printer, which originally came out in 2013. More

Russia's Tomsk State University sets 2020 target for ultrasonic levitational 3D printer

Jan.15, 2018 - Physicists at'Tomsk State University'in Russia are developing a new method of ultrasonic 3D printing that levitates small particles in an acoustic field. The technology, which could be ready by 2020, will be used for hot or chemically aggressive solutions and substances. More

Now you can 3D print the skull of a 200-million-years-old Massospondylus dinosaur at your home

Jan.15, 2018 - A researcher from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, has turned to 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to digitally recreate and study the skull of the country's most famous dinosaur: Massospondylus. More

Five fun DIY 3D Printing Projects: modified Nintendo Switch controller, Nuclear Button, weather forecasting wave lamp, more

Jan.14, 2018 - Here's another round-up of some fun DIY 3D printing projects that have been shared online recently, as a new year for the 3D printing world starts to kick into gear. Our selection of five impressive hobbyist 3D printing efforts includes a modified Nintendo Switch controller, and a wave lamp that can forecast the weather, amongst others. More

3D printed mandala at center of Arthur Mamou-Mani's 2018 Burning Man Temple

Jan.13, 2018 - French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani is using robotic machinery, including 3D printers, laser cutters, and robotic drill arms, to build the 2018 Burning Man Temple. Burning Man is an annual gathering in Nevada in which a large effigy of a man is burnt in promotion of peace and understanding. More

TU Delft's 3D printed hip implant makes use of innovative hybrid bio-metamaterials with unique properties

Jan.13, 2018 - A team of researchers at TU Delft have recently combined new bio-metamaterials in a way that shows serious promise for future hip implants. Their 3D printed hybrid implant is able to respond better to forces exerted on it, in a way that should allow more bone growth and thus a more secure fit for hip implants. More

AstroReality's 3D printed LUNAR model lets you explore the moon's surface in detail with AR

Jan.12, 2018 - AstroReality has launched a new project which could very well be the next big fad in augmented reality apps. Called LUNAR, the project consists of an amazingly detailed 3D printed model of the moon and a companion app that lets users explore the model moon's surface. More

Researchers use aerosol jet 3D printing to develop strain gauges with unprecedented sensitivity

Jan.12, 2018 - A collaborative project between three institutions has made use of 3D printing, to develop highly sensitive measuring equipment. The team created strain gauges that performed better in high temperatures and were more sensitive than previously thought possible, with the help of the aerosol jet 3D printing technique. More

BASF & CTIBiotech announce first results of 3D human sebaceous glands technology for skin care

Jan.12, 2018 - At NYSCC Cosmetic Congress, BASF Care Creations and the Cell Therapy Research Institute CTIBiotech have announced the initial results of their joint research on 3D tissue models for the development and testing of bio-actives for skin care applications. More

Danish Technological Institute to open $14M 3D printing center aimed at SMEs

Jan.12, 2018 - The Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup will be launching a new 3D printing project worth about $14.3 million (88 million kr.) aimed at encouraging small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt additive manufacturing technologies and exploit their benefits. More

Five-year-old boy with deformed fingers and toes designs 44 3D printed hands for disabled kids

Jan.12, 2018 - After receiving a prosthetic hand to help with his own disability, a young North Carolina boy and his mother started to 3D print their own prosthetic hands for others. With his courage, hard work, and design skills, Cameron Haight has now helped out a total of 44 people with similar disabilities More

3D printed frog feet: the unlikely mechanism for improved soft-tissue grip

Jan.12, 2018 - Tim van Broekhoven is a recent graduate of the Delt University of Technology and the bright mind behind an innovative new answer to soft tissue grip. For his Master's thesis in engineering, van Broekhoven sought to overcome the current problems in manipulating soft tissue by way of 3D printing the toe pads of tree frogs and geckos. More

AMADEE-18: Austrian astronauts to simulate 3D printing on Mars during Oman desert mission

Jan.12, 2018 - Six astronauts from the Austrian Space Forum are going to Oman's Dhofar desert for four weeks to stay in isolation and carry out experiments, simulating a mission to Mars. 3D printing will play an important role in the experiments. More

Untika Japan uses 3D body scanner to help optimize safety & comfort of clothing items

Jan.11, 2018 - Untika Garments Technology, a Japanese medical research company, has made use of SMARTTECH's 3D body scanning system. The team used the scan3Dmed to measure subjects' calves, in order to improve a client's compression sock product, and they were impressed with the results. More

3D printed customized orthotic swimming fin helps 16-year-old stroke victim swim again

Jan.11, 2018 - A young swimmer in Barcelona has bounced back from a serious stroke which left his right hand incapacitated due to spasticity. After a successful collaboration with local graduate students at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the athlete now sports a 3D printed swimming fin, which facilitates strong stroke motions and improved musculature. More

Ethereal Machines wins CES 2018 ‘Best of Innovation’ award for its Halo hybrid '5D Printer'

Jan.11, 2018 - After already getting some serious attention last year due to its innovative new product, the Halo 5D, Ethereal Machines recently won an award at CES 2018 for the system. It's a 5-axis machine that combines additive and subtractive technologies, adding two extra rotational dimensions to a regular 3D printer's capabilities. More

Modla showcases Reebok's new Flexweave material with 3D printed training mask

Jan.11, 2018 - To celebrate and promote its new and innovative Flexweave material, sports brand Reebok invited some of the world's top designers to create useful objects from it. The end results include a smart glove, a 3D printed training mask, and an active chair. More

3D printed 'Age Suit' lets young people feel what it's like to be old

Jan.11, 2018 - Get Models Now, a modern design studio based in Poznan, Poland, has designed a 3D printed 'Age Suit' that lets wearers experience what it feels like to be elderly. The suit, made from PLA and other materials, restricts movement to replicate the feeling of age. More

Dry ice helps Imperial researchers 3D print super soft biological structures for artificial organs

Jan.11, 2018 - Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a new freezing and 3D printing technique that can be used to create biological structures for tissue regeneration and replica organs. The printed structures can mimic the properties of organs like the brain and lungs. More

IDC forecasts global 3D printing spending to increase by nearly 20% in 2018 to $12 billion

Jan.11, 2018 - According to a recent update to the International Data Corporation's (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide, global spending on 3D printing technologies is expected to reach up to $12 billion in 2018, which would mark a 19.9% increase over spending in 2017. More

Schaffen Watches launches new Reference 65 range of timepieces with customized 3D printed rotors

Jan.10, 2018 - Singapore-based manufacturer Schaffen Watches is offering customers the opportunity to get their own bespoke watch, at a much lower cost than would usually be expected. 3D printing will be used to create a customized stainless steel rotor for the personalized timepiece, which is made with Swiss precision and quality materials. More

Porimy launches new 3D ceramic printer and first certified 3D printed ceramic dental fixtures in China

Jan.10, 2018 - A new technique for creating ceramic dentures has been developed by a Chinese start-up. Porimy has pioneered a new ceramic 3D printer as well as a proprietary slurry material, in order to more efficiently create dental fixtures with a high level of strength and accurate topography. More

Defense Distributed calls on Supreme Court to lift ban of sharing 3D printed gun files

Jan.10, 2018 - Defense Distributed, a controversial online organization dedicated to designing and proliferating downloadable and 3D printable ghost guns, has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department to challenge the latter's efforts to regulate 3D printed guns and limit how they are distributed. More

Wang & Söderström uses algorithms and 3D printing to create colorful 'Excavation' vases

Jan.10, 2018 - Wang & Söderström, a Danish art and design studio, has turned to 3D printing for its latest collection of vases. The series, named 'Excavation,' was realized in partnership with New York company Unique Board, a marketplace that specializes in 3D printing for the arts. More

Nexa3D brings its high speed industrial-grade NXV SLA 3D Printer to CES 2018

Jan.10, 2018 - Nexa3D, a California-based stereolithography 3D printing specialist, is previewing the NXV, its first professional 3D printer, at CES 2018. The company says the $19,950 system is the 'largest, fastest, and most accurate' SLA printer on the market. More

SpiderBot's new ABSolute3 3D printer features patent-pending Adaptive Print Chamber

Jan.10, 2018 - French 3D printer company SpiderBot has released a preview of its forthcoming ABSolute3 FDM 3D printer. The machine's printhead heats up to'500'C'and its chamber up to 220°C, making it suitable for technical materials like PEEK, PEKK, and PEEKK. More

Cellink and CTI Biotech sign deal to 3D print customized cancer cells

Jan.9, 2018 - Swedish bioprinting company Cellink has joined forces with CTI Biotech, a medical tech firm based in Lyon, France, that focuses in cancer treatment via tissue production. The new partnership will see the production of patient-specific cancer tumor replicas, which will be 3D printed by combining CTI's bioink with a sample of patients' cancer cells. More

Polaroid debuts four new easy-to-use consumer 3D printers at CES 2018

Jan.9, 2018 - Polaroid announced today the launch of four new easy-to-use consumer 3D printers for the US and Canadian markets. 'The line of Polaroid 3D printers will be on display at the Polaroid booth (Central Hall #16615) at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 9-12 in Las Vegas. More

SHINING 3D releases EinScan Discovery Pack & EinScan HD Prime Pack 3D Scanning accessories at CES

Jan.9, 2018 - Chinese 3D scanner manufacturer SHINING 3D has just unveiled two new devices at this year's Consumer Electronics Show: the EinScan Discovery Pack and the EinScan HD Prime Pack' two new powerful accesories accessories to pair with the EinScan-SE/SP desktop 3D scanner and EinScan-Pro+ handheld 3D scanner respectively. More

Metal 3D printing enables first-of-its-kind luxury faucet for KALLISTA

Jan.9, 2018 - Luxury kitchen and bath brand KALLISTA has teamed up with Indiana-based metal 3D printing specialist 3rd Dimension to deliver the sleek new Grid faucet. Inspired by a hallow cubic geometry, this state-of-the-art appliance was 3D printed using 3D Systems' acclaimed ProX'DMP 320 high-performance metal additive manufacturing system. More

Airwolf 3D releases EVO Additive Manufacturing Center at CES

Jan.9, 2018 - The EVO is Airwolf 3D's latest release, and the company has labelled it an Additive Manufacturing Center instead of a 3D printer, due to its apparently unprecedented quality. It features industry-first features that allow a print to be restarted after interruptions, and it is fast and precise as well as being compatible with a huge range of materials. More

MIT researchers find that melting can prevent adhesion in metal 3D printing

Jan.9, 2018 - Researchers at MIT have developed a new way for getting sprayed metal coatings to adhere, in a study that could have big implications for metal 3D printing. The researchers used an ultra-fast camera to observe a spray coating process and discover the ideal conditions for metal bonding. More

Canada's RCMP announces plans to 3D print crime scene models for use in court

Jan.9, 2018 - In Canada, the British Columbia Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has announced its plans to acquire its first 3D printer, which it will use to recreate models of vehicular-based crime scenes to be used in court. More

Realistic 3D printed masks encourage families to donate loved ones' faces for transplantation

Jan.9, 2018 - A team of medical professionals from NYU's Langone Medical Center are 3D printing highly realistic masks based on dead people's faces. The team hopes that these 3D printed masks will make it easier for families of the deceased to agree to face transplants. More

ParaMatters introduces CogniCAD cognitive design platform for aerospace and automotive lightweighting

Jan.8, 2018 - ParaMatters, a team of specialists in topology optimization, computational mechanics, CAD and artificial intelligence, today announced the immediate availability of its CogniCAD platform at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9-12, 2018. More

Incase to offer protective mobile cases made with Carbon's M2 3D printing technology

Jan.8, 2018 - 3D printing company Carbon has announced a new collaboration with device protection company Incase at CES 2018. Together, the companies will combine Incase's design savvy with Carbon's 3D printing technology to produce protective cases and skins for mobile devices. More

Netherlands' CEAD develops gigantic CFAM composite 3D printer for shipbuilding

Jan.8, 2018 - Netherlands-based 3D printing company CEAD, formed in 2014 by two of the four co-founders of Leapfrog, has developed a large-scale (4 x 2 x 1.5 m) continuous fiber composite 3D printer suitable for use in the maritime and infrastructure sectors. More

VormVrij takes just 6 weeks to make 1,200 ceramic 3D printed cups for Belgian studio Unfold

Jan.8, 2018 - Dutch company VormVrij, a creator of clay 3D printers, has 3D printed 1,200 identical cups for Unfold, a studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. The printing, glazing, and shipping of the cups took place over just six weeks. More

Formlabs introduces Rigid and Grey Pro 3D printing resins, teams with 3Shape for custom earbuds

Jan.8, 2018 - Stereolithography 3D printing company Formlabs has introduced two new 3D printing resins, Rigid and Grey Pro. In collaboration with dental and audio technology company 3Shape, Formlabs has also demonstrated how its printers and resins can be used to make customized 3D printed earbuds. More

DWS showcases XCELL automated manufacturing cell and other new 3D printers at CES 2018

Jan.8, 2018 - Italian 3D printing company DWS Systems will be presenting its range of stereolithography 3D printing systems and materials at CES 2018 to attract potential clients and resellers. More

ORNL exploring quality control processes for large-scale BAAM 3D printing

Jan.8, 2018 - A dedicated research team has been working closely with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to advance quality control testing for parts using the large-scale BAAM 3D printing process. More

Five fun DIY 3D Printing Projects: programmable coffee grinder, ergonomic keyboard, more

Jan.7, 2018 - Here's another round-up of some of the best 3D printing projects that have come out of the ever-growing hobbyist community in recent weeks. We've got five DIY 3D printing efforts for you, including an ergonomic keyboard and a programmable coffee grinder. More

3D printed TuneFast harp can produce whole octave of notes with just a single string

Jan.6, 2018 - A team of hobbyists and musicians have used 3D printing to put together a simple but impressive version of the harp. Their TuneFast harp consists of just a single string weaved around a series of bearings, and it produces 9 different notes which can easily be tuned up and down using attatched guitar tuning pegs. More

France's GIAA launches library of 3D printed anatomical models to help blind students of massage & physiotherapy

Jan.5, 2018 - A new 3D printing project has been launched by France's GIAA, an organization dedicated to helping blind and partially-sighted people. With the help of Dassault Systemes, it will be establishing a library of anatomical parts, to be used as educational tools for visually disabled students of massage and physiotherapy. More

Wyoming's Ramaco Carbon will use Carbon 3D printers to make cars from coal

Jan.5, 2018 - Ramaco Carbon, a coal producer based in Sheridan, Wyoming, has partnered with Silicon Valley 3D printing company Carbon, formerly Carbon 3D. As part of the deal, Ramaco will produce products and parts for third parties using high-speed Carbon 3D printers. More

Peg the duck waddles again thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic leg created by Arkansas teens

Jan.5, 2018 - A duck in Arkansas who had his foot chewed off by a turtle was recently saved by a group of eighth-graders. They used the 3D printer in the lab at their high school to put together a prosthetic leg for the bird, eventually getting the right fit after many tries. More

Scientists create 3D printed wearable sensors for plants, enabling measurements of water use in crops

Jan.5, 2018 - Scientists at Iowa State University are using 3D printing to make graphene-based sensors-on-tape that can be used to collect data about water use in crops. The sensors could also be used in biomedical diagnostics, architecture, and other fields. More

3D printed heat exchangers made in New Zealand could enable smaller, more efficient electronics

Jan.5, 2018 - Two researchers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have used 3D printing to develop 'high-performance heat exchangers' which could impact the design, production, and efficiency of electronic devices, vehicles, and more. More

Luxexcel to 3D print optical prescription lenses for Vuzix AR headsets

Jan.5, 2018 - Luxexcel, a Dutch company that specializes in the production of 3D printed lenses, has announced a new partnership with augmented reality company Vuzix through which it will manufacture and supply 3D printed prescription lenses for the new Vuzix Blade AR headset. More

MakerBot's Thingiverse 3D printing library targeted in cryptocurrency mining attack

Jan.4, 2018 - January is hitting hard for Thingiverse, thanks to a recent attack by a group of malicious cryptocurrency miners that remains anonymous. Earlier today the massive 3D printing file repository and community made headlines as parent company MakerBot issued a statement detailing the attack, which targeted the Thingiverse's comments section. More

Russell AMPro Sieve Station is a new powder management system for metal 3D printing

Jan.4, 2018 - Materials handling expert Russell Finex has recently released an impressive new powder management solution for metal AM. The award-winning Russell AMPro Sieve Station will improve the efficiency and safety of metal 3D printing processes with its high level of automation and innovative sieving system. More

InvestEGGator: Paso Pacifico's 3D printed turtle eggs use IoT to track poachers

Jan.4, 2018 - Paso Pacifico, a conservation organization that uses fake 3D printed turtle eggs to track illegal poachers, believes Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity can help improve its environmental mission, which is now named 'InvestEGGator.' More

LLNL's two-photon lithography breakthrough produces nanoscale 3D printed parts with 10x higher X-ray attenuation

Jan.4, 2018 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have found a way to improve two-photon lithography (TPL), a nanoscale 3D printing technique. The research could help doctors carry out X-ray CT scans to analyze 3D printed implants within the human body. More

NDSU quality control imaging tech for error-checking 3D printed parts receives patent

Jan.4, 2018 - A professor of computer science at North Dakota State University has been granted a patent for his innovative imaging system which can help makers ensure that their 3D prints do not have any internal flaws caused by hardware issues or sabotage. More

Local Motors raises over $1 billion in financing for 3D printed autonomous 'Olli' shuttle

Jan.4, 2018 - Local Motors, the Arizona-based company known for its 3D printed vehicles, has announced significant financing for its autonomous shuttle bus, Olli. Through partnerships with ETS and Xcelerate, the company says it has secured over $1 billion in financing for its Olli customers. More

Desktop Metal granted seminal Separable Supports patents for its metal 3D printing technology

Jan.3, 2018 - Desktop Metal announced today it has been granted seminal patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Separable Supports technology which enables 3D printing of large, complex parts through metal sintering and the removal of metal support structures by hand. More

Amazon awarded patent for innovative new on-demand 3D printing retail service

Jan.3, 2018 - Amazon has received a patent for a new 3D printing service, after filing back in 2013. The service will offer retail customers the opportunity to get replacement parts or custom-made items delivered to their address, or made available for pick-up. More

3D printing helps ARIA Ultimate design the perfect ultimate frisbee

Jan.3, 2018 - ARIA Ultimate, a company specializing in the production of discs for the sport of ultimate frisbee, has used 3D printing to create its flagship disc. After two years and 67 prototypes, the disc is now available for $12. More

12-meter, 800-kilo 3D printed sculpture inspired by Maori art to be installed in New Zealand this year

Jan.3, 2018 - The New Zealand city of Rotorua will soon be the site of a massive 3D printed sculpture honoring the region's native history. The impressive piece, designed by a team from the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute, will be 3D printed in partnership with local company Kilwell Fibretube. More

UNESCO turns to 3D printing to restore Lion of Al-lat monument destroyed by ISIS in Syria

Jan.3, 2018 - UNESCO has led a project to restore the ancient Lion of al-Lāt monument destroyed by ISIS in 2015. The initiative, which has relied on 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, has recently provoked ire from a rabbi in Israel. More

Could a custom 3D printed card reader thwart fraudulent credit card skimmers?

Jan.3, 2018 - ATM operators are using 3D printed card readers to stop fraudsters fitting credit card 'skimmers' to cash machines. Hackaday author Tom Nardi recently happened upon one of the 3D printed devices, initially thinking it was a skimmer. More

This mind-bending 3D printed optical illusion will make you question the 3rd dimension

Jan.2, 2018 - Amidst all the 3D printing hype, one maker is keen to show that sometimes, what constitutes the '3rd dimension' is in the eye of the beholder. Sage Hansen is a Texas-based 3D animator whose newest creation is going viral: a 3D printed cube that, upon closer inspection, is not in fact a cube at all, but a flat object with disjointed lines and angles. More

Invincible x adidas' 3D printed Futurecraft 4D sneaker returning in March 2018

Jan.2, 2018 - Rumours are a-buzz'that Adidas will be bringing back its much coveted Futurecraft 4D kicks in March of this year. While the new release will be very limited, with 100,000 pairs to be shipped only to friends, family, and Consortium stores, the specs are bright: these Primeknit sneakers will be 3D printed using Adidas' Digital Light Synthesis process. More

3D printed personalized lipstick a go, study finds

Jan.2, 2018 - 3D printed lipstick may soon be here, according to the authors behind a new research investigation from the London College of Fashion. As published yesterday in the Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetology, the study makes a convincing case that 3D printing presents a viable makeup source for a future of personalized cosmetics. More

Researchers use nano 3D printing to investigate peacock spider's impressive rainbow display

Jan.1, 2018 - A team of researchers led by a PhD from San Diego has used nano 3D printing to determine how the rainbow peacock spider generates its iridescent coloring. The rainbow is produced by special scales on the abdomen, and this mechanism could go on to influence light and color technology for various engineering applications. More

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts uses 3D printing and scanning to recreate ancient academic ceremony

Dec.29, 2017 - A team of sculptors at Guangzhou Academy has made use of 3D technology in order to recreate the appointment of a new principal at Luijang Academy. To pay tribute to this ancient traditio, the team dressed up and posed as the original attendees, and then made 3D printed models based on detailed scans. More

Handi Life Sport explores use of 3D printing for producing boccia balls for paralympic athletes

Dec.29, 2017 - Denmark-based Handi Life Sport, the company that has supplied the boccia balls for the Paralympic Games since 1988, says it is exploring the potentials of using 3D printing to produce boccia equipment in the future. More

Bioengineers hack cells to make folding 3D printed shapes from living tissue

Dec.29, 2017 - Bioengineers from UC San Francisco are using a 3D cell-patterning technology called DNA-programmed assembly of cells (DPAC) to 3D print complex folding shapes out of living tissue. The research could help scientists create complex and functional synthetic tissues. More

Kwambio unveils Ceramo One binder jetting based industrial ceramic 3D printer

Dec.29, 2017 - Kwambio, a ceramic production company based in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, has developed an industrial ceramic 3D printer which it says is more precise than existing desktop ceramic 3D printers. The machine, called the Ceramo One, will be available for pre-order as soon as January 2018. More

Hebei University team 3D prints highly accurate, patient-specific liver model for under $90

Dec.28, 2017 - A team from the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University in China has demonstrated the ability to 3D print a complex 1:1 liver model for surgical planning purposes for less that $90. The team claims the patient-specific 3D printed liver models will help to improve hepatic surgery planning. More

World's first 3D printed bus shelter installed in Shanghai, China

Dec.28, 2017 - Users of the number 4 bus service in the town of Fengjing in the Jinshan District, Shanghai, China were recently surprised to find that a new bus shelter had sprung up overnight. It was produced off-site using 3D printing technology and then quickly installed. It's the first bus shelter of its kind in the world, and its part of the local governments commitment to technology innovation. More

Taiwan's ITRI to launch 3D printed bionic bone implants for ethnically Chinese people in 2018

Dec.28, 2017 - The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan has developed a range of 3D printed bionic bone structures specifically designed for Chinese people. The 3D printed bones, made from metal and composite materials, are expected to launch on the Chinese market in late 2018. More

CTC patents 3D printing concept that uses gaseous metals to build thin-walled parts

Dec.28, 2017 - Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) announced it has been granted a patent for its 'Additive Manufacturing Using Metals from the Gaseous State' process. The Pennsylvania-based company says the innovative 3D printing concept could enable the manufacturing of thin-walled metal parts. More

GE Aviation's 3D printed Advanced Turboprop engine passes first test in Prague

Dec.28, 2017 - GE has successfully tested its Advanced Turboprop (ATP) engine, which contains several titanium 3D printed parts. Additive manufacturing has enabled GE to combine 855 separate parts of the engine into just 12. More

StoneFlower's $535 Ceramic 3D Printing KIT turns FDM 3D printers into clay-depositing machines

Dec.27, 2017 - Munich-based 3D printing startup StoneFlower has developed a Ceramic 3D Printing KIT that enables ordinary FDM 3D printers to print objects in clay, porcelain, and other materials. The startup will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the kit in the coming weeks. More

Osaka researchers pioneer new approach to bio-ink adhesion in 3D bio-printing technology

Dec.27, 2017 - A group of researchers from the University of Osaka has successfully demonstrated a new way that bio-ink droplets can be made to stick together. Their approach could greatly improve 3D bio-printing technology, as it avoids sodium alginate in order to expand the range of compatible cell types and potential tissue structures that could be made. More

Astrocyte: Philip Beesley combines 3D printing and AI for interactive 'living architecture'

Dec.27, 2017 - Architecture firm Philip Beesley, known for its innovative 'living architecture,' has unveiled its latest creation: 'Astrocyte.' The piece combines 3D printed lighting components, sensors, glasswork, chemistry, and artificial intelligence for an ethereal and immersive architectural experience. More

GE to increase stake in Sweden's Arcam to 95 percent by buying shares from hedge funds

Dec.27, 2017 - General Electric Co said on Wednesday it will raise its stake in Swedish 3D printer maker Arcam AB to more than 90 percent after having entered into a trade with both Elliott Management and Polygon Investment Group to purchase their outstanding Arcam shares at SEK 345 ($41.44) per share. More

MINI to offer customized 3D printed car accessories in 2018

Dec.27, 2017 - British automotive company MINI has announced it will be launching a new customization service to its clients in 2018. The program, called MINI Yours Customised, will allow consumers to personalize their MINI vehicles using 3D printing and laser etching technologies. More

Purdue researchers 3D print explosive materials with custom inkjet printer

Dec.27, 2017 - Researchers at Purdue University have developed a way to 3D print energetic materials using inkjet printing technology. The project allows energetic materials to be deposited with unprecedented precision and safety. More

Lithuania gave Pope Francis a nanoscale 3D printed nativity scene for Christmas

Dec.27, 2017 - A team of Lithuanian researchers have 3D printed what could very well be the world's smallest nativity scene. Smaller than a human eyelash, the 3D printed creche was given to Pope Francis as a Christmas gift. More

University of Graz uses 3D printed steel reactor to convert greenhouse gas into sleeping sickness drug

Dec.26, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Graz in Austria are using a 3D printed reactor system to transform fluoroform, a harmful greenhouse gas, into eflornithine, a drug used to treat African trypanosomiasis (better known as sleeping sickness). More

Dinara Kasko's geometric cakes combine algorithms, 3D printing, and gourmet ingredients

Dec.26, 2017 - Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko is making waves - both figuratively and literally - with a new cake baking technique that combines traditional confectioner craftsmanship with mathematical algorithms and 3D printing. A collaborative undertaking from start to finish, Kasko works together with artists, engineers, and other pastry chefs. More

Medical industry advances towards more efficient, customized 3D printed vaccinations

Dec.25, 2017 - At a recent health conference in Bilbao, Spain about advancements in vaccinations, a number of professionals cited the potentials of 3D printing for advancing the efficiency of administering as well as customizing vaccines. More

Ready to Crawl: These 3D printed bio-inspired robots that move like animals were 3D printed in one go

Dec.25, 2017 - Japanese designer Hiroshi Sugihara has created something truly extraordinary using 3D printing technologies: a series of animal-inspired robots that can walk like real creatures. Impressively, the robots have been printed in a single-go and run using a single DC motor. More

Fumio Matsumoto's 3D printed mega model brings 35 world famous buildings together

Dec.24, 2017 - Fumio Matsumoto, an architect and a professor at the University of Tokyo in Japan has designed and 3D printed a complex homage to architectural history which includes building details dating back to the 18th century BC. More

Purdue student Matt Schmotzer 3D prints impressive, fully functional replica of Invertigo rollercoaster

Dec.23, 2017 - A hobbyist based in Ohio has created a 3D printed replica of the Invertigo rollercoaster at local theme park King's Island. The scale model version is incredibly detailed and fully functional, and was made using a range of different 3D printers and design programs. More

Italian researchers' 3D printed microfluidics model of blood-brain barrier is most accurate so far

Dec.22, 2017 - A team of researchers based in Italy have succeeded in recreating the structure of the neurovascular system more accurately than ever before. Their model is composed of 3D printed microfluidics and endothelial cells, and it could be crucial for the development of pharmaceutical treatment of brain conditions. More

Students use 3D printing to develop stylish walking aid prototype for eldery, the Lio

Dec.22, 2017 - A team of designers from an L.A art college have created a protoype for a new version of the walker, the physical aid used by the elderly. The Lio has a 3D printed suspension system, an electrical brake, and other improved features. More

Air Force Research Lab development integrates Internet of Things on to a wearable 3D printed chip

Dec.22, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Air Force Research Laboratory, in collaboration with American Semiconductor, recently produced one of the most advanced flexible circuits ever. The 3D printed network-on-a-chip can be integrated into wearables and won a 2017 IDTechEx award for innovation. More

IFW Dresden fighting cervical cancer with 3D printed bull semen 'spermbots'

Dec.22, 2017 - Researchers from Germany's Institute for Integrative Nanosciences in Dresden have developed 3D printed robots powered by bull sperm cells. The bots can be loaded with a cervical cancer drug called doxorubicin hydrochloride and could one day be used to treat human patients. More

Dutch physician Lars Brouwers driving to Africa to deliver 3D printed hands

Dec.22, 2017 - A physician from the Netherlands is attempting to drive to Sierra Leone in order to set up a program for 3D printing hand prostheses. Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker is supplying an FDM 3D printer for the project. More

Gift of independence: Two 9-year-old boys receive 3D printed prosthetic hands just in time for Christmas

Dec.22, 2017 - This Christmas is sure to be a happy one for nine-year-olds Josh Daly and Olly Mancini who have both received customized 3D printed prosthetic hands this year. More

3D printed 'No-Snow Globes' are stark reminder of climate change during Christmas holidays

Dec.22, 2017 - UK-based activist group Plan B is hoping to remind people of the importance of battling climate change with its festive 3D printed 'No-Snow Globes.' The campaign was realized in collaboration with the Martin London advertising agency. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Titomic, Materialise, Arcam, K2M, Bremen Castings, Eaton, Neri Oxman, more

Dec.21, 2017 - Christmas is just around the corner, but not everyone in the 3D printing industry has given up on work just yet. Today brings news from Titomic, Materialise, Arcam, and several other additive manufacturing companies. More

University of Tokyo team’s 3D printed humanoid robots can sweat, do pushups and play badminton

Dec.21, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Tokyo have built what could very well be the most human-like robots ever created. The humanoid bots, named Kenshiro and Kengoro, were developed with the help of 3D printing technologies and can perform such human activities as sit-ups, pushups, and stretches. More

Japanese engineers create tactile 3D printed surface patterns using clever technique

Dec.21, 2017 - Japanese engineers Haruki Takahashi and Homei Miyashita have devised a 3D printing technique that controls printing thickness by increasing and decreasing the amount of material extruded during printing. The technique enables the 3D printing of tactile surfaces on standard FDM 3D printers. More

3D printed ceramic implant fuses with natural bone, relacing broken parts over time

Dec.21, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Sydney are pioneering a new type of 3D printed bone implant that could flip orthopaedic medicine on its head. Professor Hala Zreiqat and her colleagues have developed a 3D printed ceramic implant that not only helps mend broken bones, but actually fuses with them, replacing the broken bits over time. More

New molecular 3D printing tech capable of recreating complex chemical environments of the human body

Dec.21, 2017 - 3DEAL, referring to to 3D electrophoresis-assisted lithography, is a new fabrication method capable of generating complex molecular patterns within soft matter such as hydrogels. Granting scientists complete spatial control over the chemical composition, 3DEAL opens up new opportunitoes to recreate natural scenarios found in the human body. More

Exception in Copyright Office rule could threaten ability to unlock 3D printers

Dec.20, 2017 - Michael Weinberg is calling on the 3D printing community to help amend a rule renewed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The rule, which is meant to allow people to unlock a 3D printer to use nonproprietary filament, contains an exception which could override the rule. More

Siam Cement 3D prints 3m-tall 'Triple S' concrete building with new surface, structure & shelter concept

Dec.20, 2017 - Siam Cement Group, the largest cement and building materials company in Southeast Asia, has announced its latest construction 3D printing project, called 'Triple S.' The Thailand-based company says the new project marks a 'new evolution in 3D printing. More

E3D releases Titan Aqua water-cooled HotEnd and extruder for high-temperature 3D printing

Dec.20, 2017 - UK start-up E3D will soon release a new range of extruders and hot ends for FDM 3D printers. They are specifically designed to be lightweight and compact, and have a special water cooling system that will allow for better performance at high temperatures. More

GE at work on developing more powerful laser beams for faster 3D printing systems

Dec.20, 2017 - A team of researchers is currently in the process of developing more advanced, powerful lasers in order to speed up the 3D printing process. The increase in speed is becoming necessary as 3D printing applications are scaled up across the industry, and the team is experimenting with different laser patterns in order to cover a larger powder bed area. More

Carbon announces $200M in Series D funding to scale 3D printing for manufacturing

Dec.20, 2017 - Silicon Valley-based Carbon, a start-up that makes super fast 3D printers for manufacturing and design, today announced the first closing in a total raise of $200 million in Series D funding. More

Twin cold spray robots allow GE to 3D print metal parts on unprecedented scale

Dec.20, 2017 - GE is using a supersonic cold spray 3D printing system to fabricate large metal parts such as jet engine airfoils. The system consists of two robotic arms, one of which holds the part while the other sprays it with a barrage of metal powder. More

Farmshelf uses cost-effective, custom 3D printed parts for urban farming system

Dec.20, 2017 - Some of you may have already heard about Farmshelf, the New York startup that builds automated hydroponic systems to grow fresh greens almost anywhere. What you may not know is that the company has relied on 3D printing for the design and prototyping of its innovative system. More

Major BRICS innovation award for software developed to analyze 3D scans of urban infrastructure

Dec.19, 2017 - A team of researchers from Russia, India and China have worked together to develop software that can analyze 3D scanning data in order to provide useful information about urban infrastructure. The project was recently awarded a major innovation award by a BRICS consortium. More

ConforMIS' custom 3D printed knee implants help 61-year-old woman regain mobility

Dec.19, 2017 - A 61-year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee has received a customized 3D printed knee implant to treat a bad case of osteoarthritis. The 3D printed implant was created by ConforMIS, a Massachusetts-based medical tech company. More

UNIZ to debut 5 new 3D printers with UDP technology, incl. fastest SLA printer ever

Dec.19, 2017 - San Diego 3D printer company UNIZ will launch a new 3D printing technology called uni-directional peel (UDP) as well as five new 3D printers at CES 2018. The company says its new SLTV23 3D printer is the fastest SLA machine ever. More

Logigram turntable introduces 3D printing to analog listening

Dec.19, 2017 - Meet the Logigram Turntable, the newest release from Italian designers Defoss. As a high-performance, fully analog turntable that features a 30mm plinth, trademark anti-vibration tech, and a 3D printed tonearm, the Logigram returns to the classic turntable design, combining tasteful aesthetics with the latest technological advancements. More

X-Plorer 1: student group JetX Engineering 3D prints ultra-realistic jet engine model

Dec.19, 2017 - A group of students at the University of Glasgow in Scotland by the name of JetX Engineering, have created a 3D printed jet engine called the X-Plorer 1. And while the 3D printed engine doesn't actually burn fuel, it does have a number of functionalities. More

US Army teams with Marine Corps to develop battlefield drones that can be 3D printed on-demand

Dec.19, 2017 - U.S. Army researchers are working with the Marines'to develop 3D printed drones that can be fabricated in just 24 hours. The researchers say the Marines, who expected the printing process to take days or weeks,'have been universally impressed with the drones. More

DNV GL issues first certification guideline for 3D printing in maritime, oil & gas industries

Dec.19, 2017 - DNV GL, a Norway-based business assurance company, has published and released a 'classification guideline' for adopting and using 3D printing technologies in the maritime and oil & gas industries. More

Desktop Metal ships first Studio System metal 3D printer to Google's ATAP group

Dec.18, 2017 - Just eight months after its initial introduction, Desktop Metal today announced it has begun shipping its first Studio System metal 3D printer to early pioneer customers including Google's Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) group as part of the Studio System rollout. More

ArianeGroup signs €75M contract with ESA for next phase of 3D printed Prometheus demonstrator engine

Dec.18, 2017 - The most recent phase of a deal between Ariane Group and the ESA has just been completed. The new 75 million Euro contract will see Ariane Group continue to develop the new Prometheus demonstrator engine, hoping to cut costs by making use of 3D printing technology as well as an innovative new fuel combination. More

Auckland team spent 2000 hours building three large-scale 3D printed lava cave

Dec.18, 2017 - A New Zealand team has created a large-scale 3D printed model of Auckland's subterranean lava caves. The impressive models are being showcased as part of the 'Underworld' exhibition at the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland. More

China completes 3D printed replica of Yungang Grottoes' largest cave - 17.9m long, 842 parts, over two years

Dec.18, 2017 - A collaborative effort between researchers in China has succeeded in reconstructing the largest part of Yungang Grottoes, one of the country's most famous heritage sites. The project took a total of two years, and 3D printing was used to build replicas both of the cave structure and the ancient statues that are inside, based on detailed 3D modelling. More

Interview: Sandhelden creates unique, custom 3D printed bathtubs & washbasins from sand

Dec.18, 2017 - Sandhelden, a creator of bespoke bathroom items from Gersthofen, Germany, is using additive manufacturing to create unique 3D printed washbasins, soap dishes, and even bathtubs made from sand. Founder and CEO Peter Schiffner told about the company's process. More

Japanese startup iSpace raises $90M to put billboards on moon

Dec.18, 2017 - Japanese startup iSpace has successfully raised $90M through a Series A financing round. The company says the funding will enable it to launch a spacecraft into lunar orbit by 2019, and eventually to offer a 'projection mapping service' to advertise on the moon's surface. More

'Little Miracles' initiative raising money for muscular dystrophy with 3D printed Christmas ornaments

Dec.18, 2017 - In Australia, a collaboration between Monash University, the Muscular Dystrophy Australia organization, and creative agency AKQA is combining 3D printing and Christmas ornaments to raise money for children suffering from muscular dystrophy. More

Students in Israel build 40m2 suspended bamboo pavilion with 3D printed joints

Dec.18, 2017 - Architecture students from Israel's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem have built a suspended bamboo pavilion using 3D printed joints. The structure can be reconfigured by rearranging the joints, ropes, and bamboo struts. More

Three Fun DIY 3D Printing Projects: Nod Bang modified headphones, EasyKu ukulele aid, Speculoos cookie molds

Dec.17, 2017 - With the festive season rapidly approaching, what better way to celebrate than to read about four fun DIY 3D printing projects that have been shared recently? Some 3D printed cookie molds for the perfect holiday treat and EasyKu ukulele playing aid are just the tip of the iceberg, and your ship is heading right for it. More

You can now top your Christmas tree with a 3D-printed Beyonce, Hillary or Serena

Dec.16, 2017 - UK nonprofit Women To Look Up To Limited offers a series of 3D printed tree toppers that pay tribute to strong women. You could top your tree with a 3D-printed angelic version of pop star Beyonc', politician Hillary Clinton or tennis hero Serena Williams. More

$5K Vitae Industries AutoCompounder can 3D print personalized drugs in 10 minutes

Dec.15, 2017 - Rhode Island startup Vitae Industries has developed a 3D printer that can print pharmaceutical pills and gummies. The 'AutoCompounder' 3D printer can make these drugs in a third of the time it takes to fill capsules by hand. More

1,200-year-old Peruvian queen's head reconstructed using 3D printing, with uncanny results

Dec.15, 2017 - Archaeologists have made use of 3D printing to recreate the head of a Peruvian noblewoman who died over 1,200 years ago. The incredibly lifelike model is based on a 3D printed replica of the skull remnants, with the flesh and muscle and hair created based on estimates from detailed datasets. More

CyBe and Dura Vermeer gift concrete 3D printed bench to Dutch city of Haarlem

Dec.15, 2017 - The Netherlands is now home to two concrete 3D printed benches: one in Amsterdam and a newer one in Haarlem. The latter was realized through a collaboration between Dutch engineering company Dura Vermeer, architectural firm Inbo, and Dutch construction company CyBe. More

Architect Margot Krasojevic's 3D printed seismic LED light is made from recycled polymer

Dec.15, 2017 - Margot Krasojevic, a London-born architect who has worked with the likes of Zaha Hadid, has designed a 3D printed LED light made from recycled polymer. The unusual spiral light can stretch, reform, and charge itself in response to tremors and environmental changes. More

Fraunhofer's hybrid LightFlex system can produce 3D printed parts with load-bearing strength

Dec.15, 2017 - Engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) in Aachen, Germany are developing an innovative method for providing 3D printed parts with the load-bearing strength of injection molded components. The project is called 'LightFlex.' More

MIT's rapid liquid printing technology 3D prints bags and lamp shades in minutes

Dec.15, 2017 - At Design Miami, a four-day long event hosted as part of Miami's annual art week, a team from MIT's Self-Assembly Lab demonstrated its innovative rapid liquid 3D printing technique by manufacturing tote bags and lamp shades on the spot. More

NASA & Aerojet Rocketdyne: largest 3D printed part survives latest hot-fire test of RS-25 engine

Dec.15, 2017 - Aerojet Rocketdyne'and'NASA'have completed hot-fire testing of the RS-25 rocket engine, which contains a 3D printed vibration dampening device called a pogo accumulator assembly. The assembly, the largest 3D printed part on the RS-25, was made with an SLM 3D printer. More

MorphoSource archive will contain over 20,000 free 3D printable vertebrate models

Dec.14, 2017 - As part of the oVert project, funded by the National Science Foundation, MorphoSource, a huge online archive of 3D anatomy models is to be created. These images will be CT scans of vertebrate specimens collected from 16 different institutions, and they will be available for studying or 3D printing, to researchers and the general public. More

News Roundup: 3D printed building, ActivArmor receives major grant, 3D printed razors from Gillette, ESA, Siemens, more

Dec.14, 2017 - 3D printing news can be hard to keep up with sometimes, but at 3ders we're always one step ahead of the game, so here's another round-up to catch'you up on things you might have missed. Stories include the biggest 3D printed building in America, and 3D printed razor blades from Gillette. More

Zurich experts developing drug-coated 3D printed airway stents in $2.37M project

Dec.14, 2017 - Researchers from the University Hospital Zurich, ETH Zurich, and the University of Zurich have joined forces to make patient-specific, drug-coated stents with a 3D printer. The project has received more than $2.37 million in funding. More

Organismal engineering: new field combines tissue engineering & robotics for biohybrid robots

Dec.14, 2017 - Researcher Vickie Webster-Wood and her team from the Case Western Reserve University have published a paper proposing a comprehensive lexicon and taxonomy for the blossoming field of 'organismal engineering.' More

Smart 3D printed window panels use a liquid layer to switch from clear to reflective

Dec.14, 2017 - A team from the University of Delaware is developing smart window panels which can switch between being reflective and transparent. The windows, which are being developed with the help of 3D printing, could be an affordable solution for improving heating and cooling efficiency for homes and cars. More

China unveils ambitious Action Plan: annual 3D printing sales revenue to reach USD 3 billion by 2020

Dec.14, 2017 - The Chinese government has unveiled an ambitious new Action Plan for the rapid, healthy, and sustainable development of the Additive Manufacturing industry in China. By 2020, the nation expects to boast an annual sales revenue of over 20 billion yuan ($3 billion USD) in the 3D printing industry, with an average annual growth rate of at least 30%. More

3D printed electric eel organs could power tomorrow's implantables for human and robots

Dec.14, 2017 - A team of researchers have turned to an unlikely yet ingenious source of electric power that runs on only salt and water: the common electric eel. In recreating this natural power source by way of 3D bioprinting, scientists could harness these artificial eel organs for a wide range of applications'anything from pacemakers to future cyborgs. More

UC student Logan Williams 3D prints Polar Optics contact lenses for treatment of photosensitive epilepsy

Dec.13, 2017 - A student in New Zealand has used 3D printing to create polarizing lenses that can prevent some of the effects of photosensitive epilepsy. His project is known as Polar Optics, and could be used as an alternative to some medication courses, which can be inconvenient for sufferers in many ways. More

Gartner Predicts 2018: 3D printing changes business models, 75% of aircraft will use 3D printed parts by 2021

Dec.13, 2017 - American research firm Gartner has forecast further adoption of 3D printing technologies amongst manufacturers of medical devices, aircraft, consumer goods, and elsewhere. As part of its Predicts 2018 report, the firm says 75 per cent of commercial aircraft will use 3D printed parts by 2021. More

Create it REAL teams with Green Ship of the Future to launch onboard 3D printing pilot project

Dec.13, 2017 - Create it REAL is collaborating with Green Ship of the Future, a Danish maritime consortium, to launch a 3D printing pilot project. The initiative will explore the potentials of using 3D printing technologies for onboard production of replacement and spare parts. More

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