Create an autonomous and voice-controlled 3d scanning rig for 3D printing

Mar.20, 2015 - For Instructables user “ldricnegrier”, this came in the form of a voice-controlled/autonomous 3D scanning rig that allows for a 3D scan capture to work as smooth as possible with the minimum amount of effort needed. More

Sardauscan is a DIY 3d scanner that you can 3D print and build for under $30

Mar.9, 2015 - Sardauscan, developed by Belgium designer Fabio Ferretti, is probably the cheapest 3d scanner you can find online. Ferretti has recently uploaded the schematics for this open source 3D scanner. More

Museum scientists use 3D scanning to discover secrets of rare Stegosaurus

Feb.20, 2015 - In 2013, London’s Natural History Museum managed to purchase a rare Stegosaurus skeleton. Nicknamed Sophie, the Stegosaurus is one of the most well-preserved skeleton known. More

Occipital releases Skanect 1.8 3D scanning software with enhanced coloring

Feb.12, 2015 - In addition to the Structure Sensor, San Francisco based Occipital makes Skanect, a popular 3D scanning software. Occipital has just announced the release of new version of the software: Skanect 1.8. More

Google’s Project Tango will let you scan the world in 3D, coming to smartphones this year

Feb.4, 2015 - Today, it was announced that Google wants their Project Tango 3D mapping technology to trickle out of developers’ hands and into those of consumers later this year... More

BQ launches new Ciclop open source DIY 3D scanner and Horus 3D scanning software

Feb.2, 2015 - More recently, the Spanish company BQ has announced that they are expanding their 3D printing ecosystem with their first DIY 3D scanner, Ciclop as well as their own 3D scanning software, Horus. More

Shining EinScan-S portable 3D scanner to launch on Kickstarter end of this week

Jan.28, 2015 - Developed by Chinese 3D printer and scanner manufacturers SHINING 3D, Shining EinScan-S 3D scanner is shaping up to be a very promising model. It is going to be a very high-quality machine as well as affordable and accessible. More

17-year old quits school to 3D scan and create archive of Vietnamese sculptures

Jan.23, 2015 - Recently, Nguyen Tri Quang, a 17-year old Vietnamese boy from Hanoi, quit school to dedicate all of his time to creating and publishing digital models of Vietnamese sculptures on his website, VR3D. More

SHINING 3D launches new and affordable high-resolution desktop 3D scanner

Jan.13, 2015 - Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas last week, the EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner from SHINING 3D aims to offer the highest quality 3D scanning technology in an affordable and easy-to-use package. More

3D print and build your own scanner with Atlas 3D laser scanner kit

Jan.9, 2015 - Developed by the Kentucky-based software engineer Uriah Liggett (from Murobo LLC), the Atlas 3D laser scanner kit is basically a DIY assembly kit for a very affordable and yet highly accurate 3D scanner. More

Acer adds Intel RealSense 3D scanning cameras to new lineup of laptops (CES 2015)

Jan.7, 2015 - Revealed this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas, Acer’s new Aspire V 17 Nitro notebook PC comes with an Intel RealSense camera that goes above and beyond the standard built-in laptop camera. More

Fuel3D Scanify 3D scanner digitizes 3D objects in 1/10th of a second

Jan.7, 2015 - Fuel3D has unveiled an interesting device that could be just as relevant for the 3D printing community: the SCANIFY, a device that could break down some of the barriers currently preventing widespread adoption of 3D printing. More

Artec Spider & SDK Automated Scanning creates 3D models with unprecedented detail and accuracy

Jan.2, 2015 - A group of international researchers and engineers have combined Artec Scanning Software and the Artec Spider, a handheld 3D scanner designed specifically for CAD users, to create a new, high-fedelity 3D scanning technique. More

Latest Apple Patent suggests 3D scanning is coming to iPhones

Dec.9, 2014 - More recently, Apple has patented a unique laser mapping system for the iPhone that allows the consumer smartphone device to accurate map interior environments such as homes, workspaces. More

New graphene-based Terahertz 3D scanner reveals hidden details in ancient works of art

Nov.26, 2014 - A consortium of researchers from five European countries is developing a state-of-the-art 3D scanning system that is bridging the worlds of science and art history like never before. More

Paracosm turns our world into 3D models, securing $3.3M in seed funding

Nov.5, 2014 - University of Florida spin-out Paracosm, a cloud-based software company, has received 3.3M in seed funding from Atlas Venture, iRobot, Osage University Partners, BOLDstart Ventures, New World Angels and Deep Fork Capital. More

Fuel3D handheld 3D scanner secures £4 million in expansion funding

Nov.4, 2014 - Fuel3D, a developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced that it has closed a funding round totaling £4 million ($6.4 million). This funding builds on the company’s initial £1.6 million (£2.6 million) funding.. More

New HP Sprout PC features 3D scanning and a projector

Oct.29, 2014 - HP today introduced its vision for the future of computing and 3D printing by unveiling its new Blended Reality ecosystem: HP Multi Jet Fusion and a first-of-its-kind Immersive Computing platform 'Sprout'. More

Artec Group teams up with Threeding to 3D scan historical artifacts

Oct.28, 2014 - Artec Group, a developer and manufacturer of professional 3D scanners, and, a 3D printing marketplace and file-sharing website, have announced a cooperation agreement for the 3D scanning of historical artifacts. More

HP to reveal a crazy new Sprout PC with a 3D scanner & projector next week

Oct.22, 2014 - HP is preparing to show off a new Windows PC called the Sprout with a built-in projector and 3D scanner, according to a report from Re/code. Hewlett-Packard announced earlier this month it would split itself into two companies. More

Microsoft teams up with CyArk to bring world heritage sites in most detailed 3D to the web

Oct.8, 2014 - Microsoft has partnered with CyArk, a nonprofit organization to create a brand new website that showcases the world’s most treasured cultural sites. Based on 3D models scanned and built by CyArk... More

Total Moving Face Scanning: A new step in developing accurate 3D scans of facial features

Sep.25, 2014 - At this year’s European Conference on Computer Vision, that was held in Zurich, Switzerland, a team from the University of Washington revealed a very interesting new way of making 3D scans of facial features. More

Intel to include 3D scanning technology in next year’s tablets

Sep.19, 2014 - And at this week’s MakerCon 2014, that is being held in New York, Intel CEO Brain Krzanich revealed to the crowd that 3D scanners working on RealSense will be incorporated in their tablets in 2015. More

Fuel3D and Ultimaker team up in the UK

Sep.2, 2014 - 3D scanner firm, Fuel3D announced today that it has signed a joint distribution deal in the UK with 3D printing company Ultimaker. The company’s 3D scanner will be offered as part of a bundle deal. More

3D scanning firm Matterport raises $16m in Series B to lead 3D expansion

Jul.7, 2014 - 3D scanning firm Matterport has raised an additional $16 million in a Series B financing led by DCM Ventures, with AME Cloud Ventures also joining as a new investor. More

itSeez3D app & Structure Sensor to turn your iPad into ultra-realistic 3D scanner

Jul.2, 2014 - iPad owners can now create 3D objects from real life, thanks to a new app from visual technology developer Itseez. Itseez has launched Itseez3D scanner application, designed to work with Occipital Structure Sensor. More

Free TRNIO app turns your iPhone into a 3D scanner

Jun.28, 2014 - 3D scanning captures the geometry of the 3D world, but most existing 3D scanner are expensive and require a complicated setup. TRNIO is a new app that aims to turn your iPhone into a high-quality 3D scanner. More

3D Systems announces iSense iPad 3D Scanner available for pre-order

Jun.26, 2014 - 3D Systems announced that its iSense 3D Scanner is now available for preorder. 3D Systems unveiled the iSense, a compact device that transforms your iPad into a lightweight camera, at CES this January. More

Full body scanning booths open in Asda, print a 3D Selfie for £60

Jun.25, 2014 - Asda teamed up with Artec Group to bring 3D printing technology to shoppers in the UK with the installation of Artec Shapify Booth, a high speed 3D full body scanner in its Trafford Park store. More

Rendor App aims to turn smartphones into 3D scanners

Jun.14, 2014 - Rendor is a free-to-use application that lets you scan and create usable 3D models of objects using just your phone. Users will be able to download and print to place beneath the object. More

UK Petrie Museum launches 3D online library of ancient Egyptian collection

May.1, 2014 - The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London has launched an interactive online 3D object library, allowing visitors to view the artefacts in the same way as curators. More

Fuel 3D wins $1.1 million contract to develop medical imaging system

Apr.9, 2014 - Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd., developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced it has secured a $1.1 million SBRI Healthcare development contract for the development of a 3D medical imaging system. More

Scientists 3D print a whale graveyard to solve 'Sudden Death at Sea' mystery

Feb.27, 2014 - It is one of the largest fossil site discovered in recent years - a mysterious whale graveyard was found in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. More

Start your own 3D scanning business with Artec's Shapify.Pro and Kinect

Feb.19, 2014 - 3D scanner company Artec Group has launched Shapify.Pro – a new iteration of its 3D-selfie technology designed for Microsoft Kinect owners and those who want to make money with it. More

Australian police using 3D scanner to map crime scenes in minutes

Feb.17, 2014 - Police in the Australian state of Queensland has started using a handheld laser scanner to capture data and create a 3D map of a crime scene, including in areas where there is no GPS reception. More

Fuel3D secures $2.6 million initial investment

Feb.13, 2014 - Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd., developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced it has secured $2.6 million (€1.9m / £1.6m) in early stage financing to further the development of its Fuel3D scanner technology. More

Fuel3D unveils final design of its handheld 3D scanner 

Jan.27, 2014 -  Fuel3D today unveiled the first images of the final design of its handheld colour 3D scanner which they raised over $325,000 in 2013 through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  More 

US police deploy 3D scanner to capture accidents and crime scenes (video)

Jan.24, 2014 -   The Roswell Police Department has recently acquired a Faro 3D scanner which will be utilized in major accidents and crime scenes. More

SoftKinetic powers the hottest 3D technologies at CES 2014 

Jan.9, 2014 -  This week, SoftKinetic, the gesture and object recognition company announced a few strategic partnerships with leading 3D technology companies, who are using SoftKinetic cameras and the company's iisu middleware to design innovative solutions. More 

3D Systems unveils a $499 iSense 3D scanner for iPad 

Jan.8, 2014 -  3D Systems unveils its iSense 3D scanner, a new consumer scanner for iPad with 3D printing optimization on Tuesday. More 

How to upgrade your Asus Xtion into a handheld 3D scanner

Jan.3, 2014 -   At le FabShop in Paris, makers have been using the Asus Xtion or Kinect and software package Skanect for capturing full colour 3D scans. However none of these objects is ergonomic. More

GM uses 3D scanning to dissect the competition 

Dec, 30, 2013 -  General Motors has recently issued an official document explaining how the company is using 3D scanning technologies for competitive benchmarking and for streamlining the design development process. More 

Ben Heck hacks Cubify Sense 3D scanner (video)

Dec.22, 2013 -   Ben Heck attempts to scan a variety of objects with the Cubify Sense 3D scanner to discover how to get the most out of the device and to create the best prints possible. More

Floored raises $5.26M to make interactive 3D models of real estate

Dec.19, 2013 -   New York-based startup Floored announced today its $5.26 million Series A round led by RRE Ventures, with participation by new investor Greycroft Partners. More

Paracosm transforms reality to 3D models, receiving $800k in funding 

Dec.11, 2013 -  3D imaging firm Paracosm, which was launched at the start of the year, develops software using computer-aided design (CAD) to convert depth camperas into 3D mapping systems. More 

Scientists develop new app to turn mobile phones into 3D scanners 

Dec.5, 2013 -  The Computer vision and geometry Lab of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) developed an app that turns your normal smartphone into a mobile 3D scanner.  More 

Experimental 3D scanner produces high-res 3D images virtually in the dark

Nov.29, 2013 -  MIT researchers have figured out how to obtained ultrasharp images of weakly illuminated objects using single photons.  More 

Cirri turns digital images into professional quality 3D models 

Nov.28, 2013 -  Unlike any other scanning devices in the market today that require additional hardware, Cirri turns multiple digital images into three dimensional models. More 

Robocular: High quality color 3D scanner on Kickstarter, starting at 499$ 

Nov.27, 2013 -  Kenmore, WA based Robocular LLC outed an affordable, consumer-friendly scanner called the Robocular, a high-resolution, full color and texture 3D Scanner. More 

Cadillac Elmiraj concept created in less than a week using 3D scanning 

Nov.26, 2013 -  How did this gorgeous Elmiraj concept go from clay to a digital model, and back to the hands of a craftsman again? Turns out, the Elmiraj was formed by using structured-light 3D scanning. More 

Apple confirms $360 Million acquisition of 3D sensing firm PrimeSense 

Nov.25, 2013 -  Apple has confirmed that it has completed its acquisition of Israeli firm PrimeSense, the maker of motion-tracking chip technology that was used in Microsoft's Kinect game console. More 

Cubik full colour desktop 3D scanner 

Nov.19, 2013 -  The low-cost full colour desktop 3D scanner launched on Kickstarter in February 2013 now has a name: it is called Cubik.  More 

Artec unveiled - online 3D scanning service with Kinect 

Nov.19, 2013 -  3D scanner company Artec Group announces the launch of a new 3D-scanning and printing service that lets you easily scan yourself at home and get a 3D print of your figurine. More 

Matterport taking pre-orders for 3D interior mapping camera 

Nov.17, 2013 -  Silicon Valley startup MatterPort is releasing its 3D camera that allows you to scan, compile, and make cloud-ready a 3D model of your house easily and quickly. More 

Apple reportedly buys Kinect sensor firm PrimeSense for $345 mln 

Nov.17, 2013 -  Apple has bought PrimeSense, the Israeli fabless semiconductor company responsible for the technology in the original Xbox 360 Kinect, for $345 million. More 

Smithsonian launches 3D scanning and printing initiative to open up history 

Nov.13, 2013 -  The Smithsonian Institution is launching a new 3D scanning and printing initiative to make more of its massive collection accessible to schools, researchers and the public worldwide. More 

DIY multiple Raspberry Pi 3D scanner

Nov.12, 2013 -   Instructables user the_anykey has come up with a cool pi 3D scanner, consisting of 36 Raspberry Pies + Pi Cameras and one raspberry and NAS system for control. More

3D Systems launches $399 Sense consumer 3D Scanner 

Nov.8, 2013 -  3D Systems releases today the Sense 3D scanner, the company's first 3D scanner designed for the consumer and optimized for 3D printing. More 

Microsoft new technology turns every smartphone into a 3D scanner 

Oct.31, 2013 -  During Innovation Day 2013 at Microsoft Research Asia on Oct. 30, researchers demonstrated how to create 3D images using a mobile phone.More 

3D scanner maker Creaform acquired by AMETEK for $120 million 

Oct.30, 2013 -  Creaform, Inc. developer and manufacturer of portable 3D scanner, has been acquired for $120 million by AMETEK, Inc. a publicly traded, global manufacturer of electronic instruments. More 

Structure Sensor raises $1M on Kickstarter, with 13 days to go 

Oct.18, 2013 -  Boulder & SF-based Occipital announced today that their Kickstarter campaign for the Structure Sensor has surpassed $1M in pledges from more than 2,700 backers worldwide.  More 

3D scanning turns a metro journey into an abstracted virtual trip 

Sep.30, 2013 -  Metro is Chris Coleman's every day commute on the Denver Light Rail. With a handheld 3D scanning device and a laptop, the artist rode the Denver Light Rail and recorded his experience. More 

Rembrandt prints in 3D: for research on painting process

Sep.25, 2013 -   Scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have created some lifelike reproduction of paintings by Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh in full color using 3D printing for research. More

MakerBot shows off Digitizer 3D Scanner, optimized for 3D Printing

Sep.21, 2013 -   MakerBot shows off Digitizer 3D Scanner at Digitizer's official press launch on Friday. "We've taken the time to get the software right and make it easy for people." More

Aussie scientists create first detailed 3D scan of the Tower of Pisa 

Sep.19, 2013 -  A team of Australian researchers have created the most detailed interior 3D map of Italy's iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa by using a breakthrough handheld scanner.  More 

Structure Sensor turns your iPad into a 3D Scanner 

Sep.17, 2013 -  San Francisco-based company focused on computer vision-based applications launches the first-ever 3D sensor for mobile devices on Kickstarter.  More 

Artec 3D scans the original battle field of Borodino 

Sep.14, 2013 -  At the request of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Artec 3D recently scanned a portion of the famous Borodino battlefield where Napoleon was stopped by Russian forces outside of Moscow in 1812. More 

With $2.8M Series A-1 funding, 3-D Scanner Co. Matterport prepares for rollout 

Sep.13, 2013 -  Matterport, Inc., the developer for cloud-based 3D models of interior spaces, announced this week that it has raised a $2.8 million Series A-1 financing with participation from several renowned entrepreneurs. More 

$199 Rubicon 3D scanner on indiegogo 

Sep.8, 2013 -  Robert from Riga, Latvia has just launched his new invention on indiegogo: Rubicon, a simple and cost-effective 3D scanner.More 

DIMBODY 3D desktop scanner

Sep.1, 2013 -   Alessandro Grossi, a creative mechanical engineer based in Italy, designed and developed DIMBODY 3d scanner, a digitalizer tha allows you to make a digital copy of physical objects on your computer. More

MakerBot launches the MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner 

Aug.22, 2013 -  MakerBot, desktop 3D printer manufacturer, announced today the availability of the MakerBot Digitizer desktop 3D scanner on its website. More 

MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner will go on sale next week

Aug.15, 2013 -   Makerbot announced today that the Makerbot Digitizer is going on sale next week. "It is the easiest, fastest way for anyone to create 3D models," says Makerbot. More

Fuel3D 3D Scanner adds unique 3D cover design from Joshua Harker for Kickstarter backers 

Aug.14, 2013 -  Fuel3D announced on Monday it has added Joshua Harker's design of the limited edition Fuel3D product cover for pledgers. More 

3D scanners found three species of dinosaur are just one

Aug.13, 2013 -   What were once believed to be three different types of the genus Psittacosaurus, or "parrot lizard", have now been confirmed to be all members of a single species. More

Handheld 3D scanners engaged in making of Brad Pitt zombie blockbuster "World War Z"

Aug.4, 2013 -   Handheld Artec scanners were used in 'World War Z' to digitize weapons, multiple baggage items for the plane crash scene, as well as actors and their elaborate costumes. More

Fuel3D: Affordable point-and-shoot handheld 3D scanner on Kickstarter 

Jul.31, 2013 -  Fuel3D Inc. today launched Fuel3D, an affordable handheld 3D scanner that captures extremely high resolution mesh and color information of objects on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. More 

Apple looking to buy Israeli firm behind Kinect sensor 

Jul.16, 2013 -  Apple is rumored to be in acquisition talks with Israeli fabless semiconductor company Primesense.  More 

Turn real objects into Minecraft blocks with DekkoScan iOS app

Jul.15, 2013 -   Portemantho of a small San Francisco-based studio Dekko built an app for iOS that lets you scan real-life objects and brings them to Minecraft. More

Skanect for Mac is launched

Jul.10, 2013 -   Occipital Inc. launches 'Skanect' 1.5, 3D scanning software for Mac OS X Mountain Lion. This new version is optimized to run on recent models of Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. More

Swedish museum to let visitors 'unwrap' a real mummy 

Jul.5, 2013 -  A Swedish museum says it plans to digitise its mummy collection in 3D using the latest 3D reality capture techniques to allow visitors to unwrap a real mummy in digital form.  More 

3D scanning in full color using focus stacked photos 

Jun.28, 2013 -  One common method to create a 3D scan of an object is to use Microsoft Kinect to build DIY 3D scanning rigs. But Computer engineer Giancarlo Todone has found a new approach to 3D scanning: using focus stacking.  More 

Artist used Google Glass to 3D scan museum's sculpture for 3D printing 

Jun.25, 2013 -  It is cool to connect Google Glass with art creation. 3D modeler Todd Blatt has recently taken Google Glass to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and used it to 3D scan sculptures for 3D printing.  More 

Occipital acquiring 3D-scanning startup ManCTL to make 3D modeling easier 

Jun.23, 2013 -  San Francisco based Occipital is acquiring 3D-scanning startup ManCTL, the company behind Skanect to easily acquire and process images and high-dimensional data from the real world.  More 

First ultra-high resolution 3D digital brain 

Jun.21, 2013 -  Two hundred areas have been documented through Big Brain, corresponding to roughly 70 % of the human brain. This new anatomical tool will work as an atlas for neurosurgery and help researchers better understand brain diseases. More 

On Kickstarter: Set the world's 3D art free through a scanner

Jun.10, 2013 -   Cosmo Wenman wants to capture 3D scans numerous notable sculptures to make 3D printable designs of these cultural heritage of sculptural masterworks available to everyone. More

Artec Spider 3D Scanner targets objects with small details 

Jun.10, 2013 -  Artec announces the official release of Artec Spider. The Artec Spider is a light-weight, easy to use scanner designed for CAD users. More 

New SCENECT version: 3D scanning with Kinect is now even easier 

Jun.8, 2013 -  FARO technologies, has recently annouced SCENECT 5.2, the new version of the free 3D scan app that allows users to create precise 3D models that are even more professional. More 

3D scanners firm wins £1m contracts 

Jun.4, 2013 -  British technology company Image Scan, manufacturer of 3D scanners for airports, railway stations and specialist engineering firms, announces that it has won contracts totalling over £1,000,000 since 1 April 2013.  More 

DIY VirtuRange LIDAR 3D-Scanner

May.25, 2013 -   There are a lot DIY scanners out there, but Bernhard from VirtuMake wanted to build a time-of-flight 3D scanner at home. More

H3Dpro - 3D body scan and 3D figurine printing on Indiegogo 

May.18, 2013 -  Belgium natives Philippe Letellier and Fred Paulus, Founders of H3Dpro, LLC, have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to provide HD, full-body or face 3D scanning services. More 

3D scanning reveals caterpillars turning into butterflies 

May.16, 2013 -  How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? Scientists from the University of Manchester have taken 3D images of a caterpillar and watched the whole process using micro-CT scanning technology. More 

The Smithsonian is 3D-scanning the past for future generations 

May.14, 2013 -  What can you do to bring some of the Smithsonian's 137 million objects to life? The Smithsonian decided to use laser arm scanners to preserve its collection.  More 

Could 3D scanner detect mist, ice or humidity? Here are the remarkable results! 

May.9, 2013 -  Two British architects, Matthew Shaw and William Trossell have been expanding the representational range of the laser scanner over the past few years. More 

Creaform to introduce robot-mounted 3D scanners

May.7, 2013 -   Creaform has launched on Monday a robot-mounted laser 3D scanner for automated inspection on and off the production line. More

Kinect@Home spinoff Volumental aims to be "The Youtube of 3D"

Apr.22, 2013 -   Volumental is aimed to become "The Youtube of 3D" that users can share or embed 3D model in any webpage just like a video clip. More

3D scanning the Sydney Opera House for future generations 

Apr.19, 2013 -  Sydney Opera House is being surveyed inside and out by a team of laser scanning experts from Scotland to create an extraordinarily detailed, 3D model of Australia's most famous building. More 

Creaform Launches handheld Health Care Partner 3D Scanner

Apr.16, 2013 -   Creaform, manufactuer of portable 3D measurement devices, launches their new Health Care Partner (HCP) 3D Scanner, developed specifically for human body scanning. More

Using 3D body scanner to help you find the right bike 

Apr.14, 2013 -  A new bicycle shop called Roll was opened at 2163 N. Clybourn in Chicago last week. Besides a big collection of top bikes and gear, the 4300sqft (399sqm) shop is also equipped with a 3D body scanner.  More 

Artec introduces new hand-held 3D scanner Spider 

Apr.12, 2013 -  Artec3D, a 3D scanning manufacturer and developer of 3D facial recognition technology has announced a new generation hand-held, 3D scanner named Spider - so named because of its many "eyes".  More 

New 3D scanner creates high-resolution 3D images from a kilometer away

Apr.5, 2013 -   The research team, led by Gerald Buller, describes a ToF imaging system that can gather high-resolution, 3-D information about objects that are typically very difficult to image, from up to a kilometer away. More

Affordable Photon 3D Scanner: scan items with one click 

Mar.28, 2013 -  Designed and created by Toronto based Adam Brandejs and Drew Cox, the Photon 3D Scanner is the system that allows anyone to take a physical object. More 

Digiteyezer annoucing AlterEgo, a fully automated "scan-to-print" solution

Mar.27, 2013 -   Using company's AlterEgo, the "scan-to-print" solution, Digiteyezer could, with a single click, scan 1500 visitors and print more than 500 figurines. More

Autodesk announces ReCap: Creating 3D data from photos and scans

Mar.26, 2013 -   Today Autodesk announcd ReCap, a pair of 3D scanning apps that allows users to to create intelligent 3D models from laser scans and captured photos. More

3D scanner helps artist create life-sized racehorse sculpture 

Mar.22, 2013 -  Turner prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger unveiled his new sculpture 'The White Horse' outside the British Council's London headquarters on the Mall.  More 

DIY VirtuZoom Microscope 3D-Scanner for miniature objects

Mar.21, 2013 -  Bernhard Mayrhofer from virtumake just released the VirtuZoom Microscope 3D-Scanner for scanning tiny objects.More 

BodyAvatar: Kinect app lets you create 3D avatars with your body 

Mar.20, 2013 -  The Microsoft Research team Asia has unveiled a new program BodyAvator at the company's TechFest 2013 that would allow users to create 3D Avatars with their bodies and imagination.  More 

Lantos' 3D Ear Scanning System Receives FDA Clearance

Mar.19, 2013 -  Lantos Technologies, Inc. announced that it has received clearance from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System.  More 

Affordable Moedls Mobile 3D scanner goes live on Kickstarter 

Mar.18, 2013 -  Moedls is currently live on Kickstarter for crowdfunding the production of Moedls laser scanners. Fehr has specially designed a rotating platform. More 

3D body scanning offshore workers to boost safety 

Mar.14, 2013 -  UK researchers have launched a project to help revolutionise safety in the North Sea by measuring offshore workers' body size with 3D scanners to inform the future design of safety equipment. More 

Kinect Fusion to help doctors visualize 3D brain scans

Mar.12, 2013 -   At Microsoft's annual TechFest engineers showed an impressive looking demo of building a 3D model of a brain based on a brain scan. More

MakerBot unveils Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner prototype at SXSW 

Mar.8, 2013 -  3D printer manufacturer MakerBot today announced the development of a new MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner prototype at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive.  More 

Matterport to launch 3D camera, raises $5.6 Million funding 

Mar.7, 2013 -  3D scanning startup Matterport has raised a $5.6 million Series A round to manufacture and sell a first-ever 3D camera. More 

Microsoft shows Off three affordable 3D scanning projects (video) 

Mar.6, 2013 -  At Microsoft's TechFest 2013 this week, the company shows off several different methods to produce 3D scan of a person or an object. More 

3D Scan with VirtuCube and David Laserscanner 3.7

Mar.3, 2013 -  Bernhard at VirtuMake just released his prototype of the VirtuCube, a DIY 3D-scanner consisting of an Acer K11 beamer, a Logitech HD Webcam C615, an Arduino Turntable. More 

Moedls app turns your smartphone into a 3D Scanner 

Feb.25, 2013 -   Mobile 3d Laser Scanner, is an app which runs on a smartphone and can do high level 3D scanning.  More 

Low-cost full colour desktop 3D scanner on Kickstarter 

Feb.13, 2013 -  The CADScan 3D team has developed an easy-to-use, low-cost desktop scanner for professionals and hobbyists using a combination of low-resolution and high-resolution scanning methods. More 

Startup Matterport's low-cost 3D scanner raises nearly $4M

Feb.2, 2013 -   Y Combinator startup Matterport that has invented a new compact scanner has raised $3,908,189 USD, almost 4 million dollars from 39 investors. More

Lynx A: world's first point-and-shoot 3D camera for high quality 3D models

Feb.2, 2013 -  Austin, TX based Lynx Laboratories has created an inexpensive and handheld 3D capture device, Lynx A Camera, which can digitize the shape and motion of what it sees.More 

Floored raises $1 million to develop 3D modeling software for real estate 

Feb.1, 2013 -  New York-based Floored unveils an impressive 3D modeling software that generates 3D models of interior spaces for the commercial real estate market.  More 

First "scan to print" 3D printing shop in France

Jan.16, 2013 -   Last week another 3D printing shop is opened in France near Toulouse. Digiteyezer teamed up with Nailloux Fashion Village and Open Studio and presented an amazing attraction. More

First open source D3D scanner from 3D Creations

Jan.4, 2013 -  3D Creations, a Milwaukee-based reseller of affordable 3D printers and 3D scanners, is currently developing a low-cost open source 3D scanner. More 

PhoneScope 3D: add a high-res 3D scanner to your iPhone

Dec.4, 2012 -   PhoneScope 3D designed by Spatial Vision and Design is a special macro lens add-on for your iPhone's camera. - "Think of it as a magnifying glass for your iPhone." More

3D scan of Newton's Death Mask 

Oct.2, 2012 -  This 3D scan of Newton's Death Mask was created by Microsoft Cambridge using a normal X-box Kinect scanner and some of their experimental software. More 

Track and translate the motion of swimming fish into 3D printed sculpture

Oct.1, 2012 -   A fish swims in a tank, and its motion is scanned by the surrounded cameras and then translated into a 3D printed sculpture. This project is called Float. More

Turn Kinect into portable and wireless depth camera 

Sep.17, 2012 -  Microsoft's Kinect is often be used to make 3D scans. But researchers from the University of Bristol have developed a mobile, wireless depth camera based on the Kinect. More 

Historians discover secret of famous painting using 3D scanners 

Sep.10, 2012 -  The portrait of Anthony van Dyck, a 17th century Flemish artist, is believed for centuries to be by his teacher, Peter Paul Rubens. Thanks to the latest image processing techniques. More 

Help the robots with your Kinect at home 

Aug.30, 2012 -  Kinect@Home, a new project launched by robotics researchers at the CAS Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, asks people in the world to scan things around them and upload the scan to the Kinect@Home database. More 

New Kinect-based 3D scanning software released

Aug.7, 2012 -   3D3 Solutions announces the release of KScan3D at Siggraph 2012 today. KScan3D is a Kinect-based 3D scanning software running on Windows OS allowing users to capture 3D scans with a click of a button. More

3D model of Diplodocus skull revealed eating habit of the giant dinosaur

Jul.31, 2012 -   The eating habits of Diplodocus, one of the longest known dinosaur - about 30 meters in length and weighing around 15 tonnes, have been revealed by scientists using CT scans and biomechanical modelling. More

Mahoro robot performs dangerous lab work with more accuracy and in half the time 

Jul.30, 2012 -  A two-armed robot, called Mahoro, is co-developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) and Yaskawa Electric Corporation, already being used in labs to carry out dangerous lab work that previously had to be done manually by human. More 

Eva 3D Scanner delivers accurate color and structure data without markers 

Jul.5, 2012 -  Artec Group recently released their "next-gen" EVA 3D scanner, a full color scanner that captures subtle changes in object and delivers accurate color and structure data. Artec is similar to a video camera which captures in 3D. More 

Recreating dinosaurs with 3D scanner and 3D printer 

Jul.3, 2012 -  With 3D printing technology, scientists can make endless duplication for their studies. By watching how the bone and joint structures fit together, they could have a more accurate picture of how the animal actually lived and moved. More 

Scientists will produce the first 3D models of the Arctic sea ice

Jun.2, 2012 -   Starting on July 9, scientists led by Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University will work together with 3D scanning experts and engineers to capture the true shape of Arctic sea ice for the first time. More

Makerbot works with the Met capturing and sharing great artworks with the world

Jun.3, 2012 -   The MakerBot team and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are working together to digitize the Met. This weekend Makerbot team, a group of artists and curators, digital archivists from Met team are studying, scanning, and recreating pieces from the Met's collection of art and artifacts. More

Trimensional to team up with MakerBot on 3D scanning and exporting 

May.24, 2012 -  MakerBot Industries and Trimensional have released Trimensional: MakerBot Edition. What is Trimensional? Trimensional is a 3D scanner for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad created by Georgia Tech researcher Grant Schindler and released On Jaunary 5, 2011.  More 

Boeing unveils 3D imaging technology to build planes 

May.22, 2012 -  Boeing unveils on Monday its experiement of applying new 3D technology on the 747 line in its Everett plant. There are four laser sersors built in a cart and each laser looks into different direction and angles. More 

Hohenstein Institutes unveil compact portable 3D scanner

Apr.19, 2012 -  Researchers at Germany's Hohenstein Institute have developed a new handheld, portable 3D scanner which allows quick and precise recording of small and medium-sized shapes, objects and body parts. More 

Home 3D Scanning with X box Kinect 

Apr.12, 2012 -  How computers make sense of our environment? How can we detect the movement, position and rotation of a object by using an input device?  More 

Step by step tutorial to fix a 3D scan for 3D printing

Apr.9, 2012 -   Tony Buser at Makerbot made this execellent step-by-step tutorial showing how he uses a variety of programs to fix 3D objects. More

MatterPort's scanner makes 3D capture as digital photography 

Apr.3, 2012 -  Silicon Valley startup MatterPort recently unveiled their new technology at Y-Combinator's Bi-Annual Demo Day, a new compact scanner that allows users to basically point a gun and do instantaneous scan-to-model of their surrounding environment.  More 

Incredibly low-cost line lasers for 3D scanning 

Mar.5, 2012 -  "Do it yourself Gadgets" didn't want to buy the line laser so he just made his own from supplies he can find in his home. He tried two different methods of building line lasers. More 

Build your own Kinect-like 3D camera 

Mar.5, 2012 -  Want to take 3D picture and print it out using your 3D printer? This home-build kinect-like 3D camera is a simple solution. Hackengineer has presented a portable 3D camera that only uses an HVGA projector with an ordinary CMOS camera.  More 

Armada conceptual portable 3D scanner running with iOS

Mar.1, 2012 -   Armada is a conceptual portable 3D scanner that can rapidly capture the physical forms of objects in an editable 3D format and maintains a Z axis resolution of .004 inches up to 5 feet from object. More

orcamOrcaM reconstructs perfect digital copies of any object 

Jan.20, 2012 -  The best partner for a high-precision 3D printer is a 3D scanner which can build high-resolution 3D models of any objects. Here we have one: a digitally-scanning "reconstruction sphere".  More 

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IRENE/3D scanner restores 125-Year-Old recordings 

Jan.3, 2012 -  Restoration specialists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA have succeeded in using 3D optical scanning technology to recreate 125 year old recordings. More 

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Holiday project: build a 3D FabScan yourself 

Dec.23, 2011 -  Christmas holiday is coming, finally have time to start your favorite DIY project at home. Why not build you own 3D-scanner - a FabScan. What is that?  More 

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Alley Posts: a beautiful film created using 3D Scanner 

Dec.20, 2011 -  A 3D scanner, an idea and a creative mind forms this short film. More 

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3D scanning technology helps Robot to learn 

Dec.17, 2011 -  Wanna a robot help with your house chore and make dinner for you? It is now possible! European university researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany are developing ARMAR-III. More 

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