Moment Case turns your iPhone into an even better camera, thanks to 3D printing

Jan.30, 2015 - A recent example of how 3D printing was used to develop a product design can be seen in a new Kickstarter campaign from Moment, makers of the Moment Case. More

Lilian van Daal's 'soft' 3D printed Biomimicry chair inspired by cell structures

Jan.30, 2015 - One such designer who has used 3D printing to realize their vision of a product design is Lilian van Daal, whose Biomimicry chair was produced using 3D printing. More

Unborn babies come to life through new full-color ultrasound 3D printing service

Jan.30, 2015 - Estonia-based Wolfprint 3D has started bringing full-color 3D printed models of fetuses to life for expecting parents that want to hold or monitor the growth of their yet-to-be born child. More

Youth for Technology spearheading 3D printing program for African girls

Jan.30, 2015 - Among other organizations that is taking advantage of the appeal of 3D printing for STEM-related purposes is Youth for Technology, a non-profit foundation that partners with low-income communities... More

The beloved Pancake Bot to reach mass market in third iteration

Jan.30, 2015 - Now, five years after PancakeBot first went viral online, Valenzuela finally plans to bring his invention to market—perhaps he felt a sense of sweet validation from CES this year when the CocoJet 3D printer stole the show. More

Build your own portable Raspberry Pi with 3D printed case

Jan.30, 2015 - Over at electronics shop Adafruit, Ruiz Brothers have posted a very accessible and easy to follow guide showing you how to build your own portable Raspberry Pi using the model A+, PiTFT 3.5” display... More

LaserCUSION 3D printing brings costs down and quality up for dental industry

Jan.30, 2015 - One example of a company that has been focusing on manufacturing custom dental solutions is Spain-based Fresdental, whose focus is on working with dentists to create and manufacture implants, bridges and crowns for dental patients. More

Learn how an engine works by 3D printing a working Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine 22RE

Jan.29, 2015 - Recently, a Thingiverse user by the name of ‘ericthepoolboy’ recently uploaded and shared his build progress on a 22RE Toyota engine that he has reverse engineered and rebuilt using the 3D modeling program SolidWorks. More

Singleton the Robot from 'Grey Goo' is brought to life in full-size thanks to 3D printing

Jan.29, 2015 - To help celebrate the recently-released Sci-Fi video game Grey Goo, artists at Gentle Giant Studios worked with Grey Goo game developers Grey Box to create one of the games characters; a seven-foot tall robot by the name of Singleton. More

Graphene 3D Lab ready for conductive graphene filament production

Jan.29, 2015 - Graphene 3D Lab announced today that it has received and successfully assembled an industrial scale thermoplastic extruder line for the production of conductive graphene filament. More

LETU student 3D prints 3-foot long replica of Atlantic Mercy, world’s upcoming largest hospital ship

Jan.29, 2015 - On Wednesday, January 28th, LeTourneau University engineering student Hans Nelson presented an extremely detailed, 3-foot long 3D printed model of the Atlantic Mercy, a soon-to-be-constructed private hospital ship... More

Andrey Rudenko plans to 3D print a full sized fantasy-style concrete village

Jan.29, 2015 - Andrey Rudenko is starting a new main project entitled ‘fantasy-style 3D concrete print village’. As the name suggests, he is planning on 3D printing a whole village of intricately designed, architecturally innovating structures. More

Designer creates Innervision super strong 3D printed bike concept using space frames

Jan.29, 2015 - One example of a large-scale product that has been produced using 3D printing versus traditional manufacturing methods is with industrial designer Matt Clark’s 3D printed (and fully-rideable) Innervision IV-1 bicycle. More

Cosplayer creates highly-complex 3D printed Iron Man Hulkbuster suit

Jan.29, 2015 - Among those who create these cosplay costumes is James Bruton, a sci-fi and superhero fan who uses his Lulzbot TAZ dual-extruder 3D printer to create some very complex costumes ranging from an Iron Man suit... More

After four months, Made in Space completes first round of interstellar 3D printing tests

Jan.28, 2015 - The Silicon Valley 3D printing startup successfully designed and engineered a 3D printer that was installed on the International Space Station last year and just recently finished printing their initial test round of objects. More

Stratasys scores a touchdown with multi-material 3D printed football

Jan.28, 2015 - Stratasys announced that as a part of their #3DPrintedSports marketing campaign for showing off the capabilities of their 3D printers, they have successfully 3D printed what they believe might be the World’s First 3D Printed Football. More

Inflatable stickies turn everyday objects into robots

Jan.28, 2015 - Ryuma Niiyama from University of Tokyo and his colleagues at MIT have developed a way for the layperson or child to become a rudimentary robotics engineer. Free-form planar soft actuators, or “sticky actuators”... More

Swiss teacher 3D prints a 1.9 meter tall, 100-piece replica of the Eiffel Tower

Jan.28, 2015 - This 3D printed 1.9 meter tall replica of the famous Eiffel Tower has been a private project by Swiss teacher Gregor Luetolf from Bern for most of 2014, taking him more than 1600 hours to complete. More

Solidscape and LSR announce faster and better rapid prototyping process

Jan.28, 2015 - Solidscape and LSR’s Design Studio have developed a new mold-making process that will disrupt current prototyping methods by speeding time to market and save on machining expensive metal parts. More

Inspired amputee maker creates his own 3D printed robotic arm for just $250

Jan.28, 2015 - The motivated self-starter, founder and project manager of the Bionico Hand tragically lost his own hand during a work accident in April of 2002. Because of his active life, which includes a career heavily focused on music... More

Father and son makers create a full-sized 3D printed surfboard

Jan.28, 2015 - When it comes to projects we enjoy hearing about on a daily basis, leave it up to those that involve family bonding as among the best and most inspiring. After sitting down at breakfast one morning with his son Matej... More

3D printed social topographies of San Francisco intelligently blend art with data

Jan.28, 2015 - Recently, a user by the name of ‘gkapriel’ on Instructables shared a project they did that combined a study on the social fabric of San Francisco with additive manufacturing. More

Create unique graphic icons with modular 3D printed bracelets by Ontic

Jan.27, 2015 - Milan-based jewelry company Ontic's modular, 3D printed women’s cuff features customized graphic icons that are designed using interactive software and then attached to the face of the bracelet magnetically. More

Two-year-old girl survives surgery thanks to a 3D printed heart

Jan.27, 2015 - The two-year-old Mina Khan from the Manchester area was born with a rare condition where the wall between two of her heart chambers was punctured. The hole was located exactly between her ventricles... More

From science fiction to fact: 3D printed metamaterial bends light to make objects disappear

Jan.27, 2015 - Now, scientists are developing 3D printed technology that brings this fantastical idea one step closer to reality. In fact, according to lead researcher Hao Xin, invisibility cloaks... More

Pasadena students 3D print a rubber band-powered Cirin RC car with a top speed of 30 mph

Jan.27, 2015 - This impressive creation by three students from the Pasadena-based Art Center College of Design is a 3D printed RC car, powered by elasticity and can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour. More

Using 3D printer & PLA filament, researchers create cartilage to repair tracheal damage

Jan.27, 2015 - Researchers at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System have made a medical breakthrough using a Makerbot 3D printer to create cartilage designed for tracheal repair or replacement. More

iPipet: a 3D printing/tablet solution to make pipetting more efficient than ever

Jan.26, 2015 - A team of researchers from the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research (from MIT in Cambridge, Mass.) has come up with a remarkably simple solution that requires a tablet, a 3D printed adaptor and a pair of hands. More

How to build an affordable mini 3D printer /CNC machine using old DVD drives

Jan.26, 2015 - Developed by a 17-year-old high school student going by the username wootin24, this guide will allow to assemble a basic three axis machine that can either be customized to become a 3D printer, a plotter or a CNC machine. More

Turn your 3D printer into a coffee-brewing robot

Jan.26, 2015 - A robotics veteran and 3D printing enthusiast, he has combined his knowledge, skills and love for coffee into a truly remarkable creation: the DeBrew, a coffee brewing and pouring robot made from a delta 3D printer. More

Engineering students create a fleet of 3D printed rockets for ‘Space Cup’

Jan.26, 2015 - More recently, José Miraglia, an aerospace engineer and professor at Brazil’s FIAP school, has designed a competition to introduce his students to the world of 3D printing. More

3D printed radioactive tritium flashlight, bottle openers and jewelry glow in the dark

Jan.26, 2015 - All of these beautiful 3D printed creations have been designed by an unnamed hobbyist from Athens, Greece. As he explains about himself, he seeks to ‘create functional, innovative and unique objects and artifacts.’ More

Keep track of your printing madness by adding a filament counter to your 3D printer

Jan.25, 2015 - Have you ever noticed how quickly you can burn through those filament roles? Well, now Thingiverse user Kyle Gagnon presents us with a solution to find out once and for all how much plastic you use: a 3D printable filament counter. More

3D print an Articulated Warhammer 40k Power Fist

Jan.25, 2015 - For his Warhammer 40k Space Marine Costume, which was his second costume build, Sterley decided to use both foam and 3D printing to bring his larger-than-life costume to reality. More

Malaysian girl born without a right hand gets two 3D printed prosthetics

Jan.25, 2015 - Ainaa was tragically born without a right hand, but has been able to live a relatively carefree live despite it. But thanks to 3D printing and social media, she will now be able to hold things with both hands. More

Bubbles the two legged weiner dog walks again thanks to 3D printed wheelchair

Jan.25, 2015 - After weeks of bottle feeding and researching, Byers and Smoak decided that once the puppy, who they named Bubbles, was big enough, they would get her a 3D printed wheelchair. More

Flexy-hand 2 - Filaflex Remix: a realistic-looking prosthetic hand 3D printed by Gyrobot

Jan.24, 2015 - Now, just six months later, Steve Wood has again revolutionized the 3D printed prosthetic world with his latest design, the Flexy-hand 2 – Filaflex Remix. More

Tourdefork shares design of smart 3D printed DIY gadgets for your dinner party

Jan.24, 2015 - For the month of December 2014, TourDeFork teamed up with Italian magazine CASAfacile to showcase a collection of five laser cut acrylic rings which can be decorated with cakes, fruit, sweets or any other delicious edibles. More

'Build your own 3D printer' partwork magazine aims to bring 3D printing to schools across UK

Jan.23, 2015 - If you can’t a afford a 3D printer right now, but can afford to put a few (British) pounds away every week, you can always try the 90-week partwork magazine released by Eaglemoss publishers in late December 2014. More

This 3D printed 'Alien helmet' changes shape & color in reaction to the wearer’s brainwaves

Jan.23, 2015 - Behnaz Farahi, a designer, architect at the University of Southern California (USC)created this inspiring headpiece to explore the possibilities created by bringing high-level 3D printing and the human body together. More

This fully articulated Matrix ‘Sentinel’ model is 3D printed out of over 500 parts

Jan.22, 2015 - Now, it’s possible to 3D print a beautifully realistic, fully articulated model at home thanks to Reg Taylor’s downloadable design. The sentinel is assembled out of over 500 3D printed pieces. More

Help fund a 3D printed prosthesis for an injured Costa Rican toucan bird

Jan.22, 2015 - Although we’ve been hearing a lot lately about 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics for humans, our furry friends and other animals are just as likely to be in need of a custom designed prosthetic as their human counterparts. More

Add a closed loop control to your 3D printer and never worry about missed steps again

Jan.22, 2015 - But fortunately the YouMagine user Miguel Sánchez (going by Misan) has come up with an ingenious solution: a closed loop control of DC motors for your 3D printer. More

German Sci-Fi enthusiast designs and 3D prints working airsoft rifle

Jan.22, 2015 - A self-proclaimed true science fiction fan who goes by the online alias Alkany has designed and 3D printed his own futuristic “M-1 Enforcer” airsoft rifle using his Ultimaker 2 FDM 3D printer. More

Why buy a new skateboard if you can just 3D print yourself a new one?

Jan.21, 2015 - That is exactly what Julian Sarokin, CEO of open-source hacking business Simple Labs has done: 3D print a skateboard. As he explained on his blog, his previous wooden mini-board was run over by a bus. More

Young doctors seek to revolutionize 3D printed prosthetics with Kickstarter campaign

Jan.21, 2015 - Tyler Mannee and Tyler Dunham of Frederick, Maryland, USA have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help spur the 3D printed prosthetic revolution in hopes that backers will help them purchase their first 3D printer. More

New RC Brick uses smartphone to control LEGOs and 3D printed brick toys

Jan.21, 2015 - More recently, Peter Varga of Bratislava, Slovakia has taken to LEGO toys to develop his own modified toy concept that he has recently launched on Kickstarter: the RC Brick. More

Dad designs and 3D prints a whole Hot Wheels drag race track for his 3-year-old son

Jan.21, 2015 - Apachexmd wanted to construct something fun for this three-year-old’s birthday. Being an electrician by trade and a tinkerer by heart, he decided to build a drag race timer with his 3D printer. More

Teen seeks funding for developing full mind-controlled 3D printed prosthetic arms

Jan.20, 2015 - With this iterative-design mindframe, LaChappelle continued to work on the robotic hand until gradually it became a full prosthetic arm design, and then finally, a full mind-controlled and 3D printed prosthetic... More

Italian designer develops highly detailed 3D printable cars Shelby Cobra, Fiat 500 & Ferrari F430

Jan.20, 2015 - If you’re going to 3D print toys, miniatures, accessories, you might as well do it properly. That might’ve been going through Maurizio Casella’s mind when designing his insanely detailed miniatures. More

A closer look at the Mini F1 Drivers 3D printed toy business on Shapeways

Jan.20, 2015 - While a lot of 3D printing enthusiasts use Shapeways to simply get their own 3D models printed or browse amongst other designers’ creations, there are some who have taken to using the on-demand 3D printing service’s storefront as... More

Hong Kong doctors use 3D printing to help treat patients with bow legs

Jan.20, 2015 - And that is exactly what makes this 3D printing innovation so promising, as it can correct bow legs without the need for lengthy hospital stays, painful treatment, and months of living with a metal pinned in your flesh. More

Bashkir tribe of Russia relies on 3D printing to preserve its culture

Jan.20, 2015 - Who’ve guessed that a creation tool like 3D printing technology could also be a preservation tool? Well, that’s exactly what the Russian designer Bashkosha and his team are using it for. More

Learn ‘Stairway to Heaven’ with a 3D printed LED guitar chord chart

Jan.20, 2015 - Aiming to solve this problem - with a little help from his 3D printer, Instructables user MushfiqM has made the process easier (and cheaper) with his Digital Chord Chart. More

Man 3D prints humanoid robot that imitates human behaviour

Jan.20, 2015 - Fabrice Noreils' project, Artbot, is to design and build a biped robot which imitates human emotional and physical behaviours. Artbot stands at 65cm tall, and each 3D printed piece was made using the Form1+ 3D printer. More

Now you can 3D print this incredible multi-limbed robot at home

Jan.20, 2015 - Andreas has been working on 3D printing a multi-limbed gripping robot arm on a rotary plate, that can be easily controlled by the user and can move in any direction. More

Engineer develops DragonFlex 3D printed medical instrument for complex operations

Jan.19, 2015 - The DragonFlex, which Jelínek developed as a part of his PhD thesis at TU Delft, is a 3d printed, steerable medical instrument for keyhole operations. Modeled after the EndoWrist, a surgical tool... More

Kenny Lee Lewis of the Steve Miller Band played “Fly Like an Eagle” on 3D printed guitar

Jan.19, 2015 - At this year’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, 3D Systems brought in a special musical guest to highlight one their 3D printed electric guitars designed by Olaf Diegel. More

German RepRap launches new 3D printing material Performance PLA

Jan.19, 2015 - With their new Performance PLA, RepRap has developed a filament for 3D printers with exceptional printing properties. Objects printed with this PLA filament look as though they’ve been refinished. More

PlusFab shares designs for ergonomic handles 3D printed using Formlabs’ flexible resin

Jan.19, 2015 - Exploring Formlabs’ latest resin Flexible, Boston-based team behind PlusFab has developed a series of great and ergonomic grips which you can download for free from their website. More

Sinopec, the fifth biggest company in the world, plans to develop 3D printing material

Jan.19, 2015 - Yesterday Sinopec, which is short for China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, announced it will establish innovation works and a 3D printing branch. The company, which is the fifth biggest company in the world... More

Make sparks fly with your very own 3D printed Wimshurst machine

Jan.19, 2015 - Now, imagine being able to create that static energy anytime you want. Wimshurst influence machines, originally developed in the late 1800s, allow you to do just that, and Jake von Slatt has found a way to 3D print your very own. More

Exclusive: WinSun China builds world’s first 3D printed villa and tallest 3D printed apartment building

Jan.18, 2015 - Today, just ten months after the initial project, the company behind these 3D printed buildings, Shanghai WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, made a new announcement that will take 3D printed buildings to a whole new level. More

Did your key break off? Just 3D print yourself a new one!

Jan.18, 2015 - The creative duo behind the Smith│Allen studio has been working on a 3D printed solution for this exact problem, so you’ll (theoretically) never have to worry about breaking a key again. More

Man 3D prints working model based on Porsche engine

Jan.17, 2015 - The freelance designer and formally trained mechanical engineer has applied his passion and skills to create an impressive, 3D printed kinetic structure which he calls The Flat Six. More

Experts use 3D scanning and 3D printing to recreate Hedd Wyn's famous 'black chair'

Jan.17, 2015 - It comes with little surprise that among those who have taken to adopting 3D printing into their arsenal of tools include those whose jobs and passions lie in both discovering and preserving historical artifacts. More

3D print and build your own Robotic Beetle with functional clamps

Jan.16, 2015 - Now you can print out parts and assemble your own Escarabajo robot, Spanish for beetle, with the help of Navarra, Spain based BQ Labs. They provide a user-friendly kit with all the servo motors... More

Students build 3D printing robot capable of building architectural structures

Jan.16, 2015 - Among other projects that have explored the possibility of combining the powers of additive manufacturing with robots is Swarmscapers, which was a two-month long research undertaking led in the Creative Architecture Machines studio. More

Japan researchers develop bio 3D printer to print bones, joints and human skin

Jan.16, 2015 - Japanese scientists have announced that they are well on their way with the development of a ‘next-generation bio 3D printer’ that can produce biomaterials through layers of stem cells, proteins and collagen-like synthetic materials. More

New Zealand designer develops 3D printed skin and anatomy for medical training

Jan.16, 2015 - It’s no secret that 3D printing has a lot of potential in the medical field. In recent weeks we’ve reported on a number studies looking to develop bio-printed skin tissue, organs, you name it. More

Going supersonic with Steve Jurveston's 3D printed rockets

Jan.16, 2015 - As more interest surrounds various efforts in space exploration ranging from the recent Rosetta Comet Landing to SpaceX’s attempt to launch a rocket into space and have it return to a barge off the coast of Southern California... More

First 3D printed guitar in Holland auctioned off for charity

Jan.16, 2015 - It might have been inconceivable just a few years ago, but 3D printed instruments like guitars are slowly but certainly becoming more commonplace. While not as affordable as conventionally produced guitars... More

Create a 3D printed portable retro video game controller with Raspberry Pi

Jan.15, 2015 - Among other projects that tap into the RetroPie platform is a new 3D printed handheld gaming console that was developed by the fun folks over at Adafruit Industries, the Super Game Pi. More

Doctors use 3D printing to aid successful open-heart surgery on four-year old

Jan.15, 2015 - Born with a heart condition that resulted in her having two open heart surgeries before the time she was even four years old, Adaenelie Gonzalez recently underwent her third heart surgery last week. More

3D printed Cat Chariot is the most stylish way for Barbie to travel

Jan.15, 2015 - Thanks to the support that he received from the Faire Play campaign, Rodda is back for Kickstarter project number 2 in the form of another Barbie-inspired 3D printed toy...however this one brings the family cat in on the fun. More

FABMOB raising funds on Kickstarter to 3D print the atmosphere

Jan.15, 2015 - The architects, who also teach architecture at schools in Paris and abroad, have been busy over the past year developing FABMOBs|ATMOStag, a media and content creation company for digital fabrication. More

3D printed robot helps hospitalized children visit the zoo

Jan.15, 2015 - Dutch/British Wevolver has recently began work on an even more ambitious project that will give hospitalized children something I never thought would be possible wit ha 3D printer: a trip to the zoo. More

Dying Light releases free 3D-printable zombie bikini figurine

Jan.15, 2015 - With the release of zombie survival game Dying Light just two weeks away, developer Techland has unveiled a special gift for fans. The company has released 3D printable files for a figurine of one of the zombies. More

Seus Corp finds success with 3D printing, mass-produces Minecraft figurines using Makerbot

Jan.15, 2015 - Seus Corp, a Las Vegas based app developer, found itself in a very common position for companies wanting to make the leap from digital to physical manufacturing: 3D printing. More

Biochemists use 3D printing and DNA-coated nanoparticles for tissue engineering

Jan.15, 2015 - Recently, a team of biology researchers have discovered that the strands of DNA molecules are capable of acting as a glue to hold together 3D printed materials that might someday be used to grow tissues and organs in a lab environment. More

French helicopter manufacturer Turbomeca begins 3D printing flight-ready helicopter parts

Jan.15, 2015 - This week, it was announced that helicopter engine manufacturer Turbomeca has also started production of helicopter components using 3D printing methods at their manufacturing facility in Bordes, France. More

Japan to invest $21 million in developing 3D printed human organs

Jan.15, 2015 - Could 3D printable human organ transplants become a reality in the coming years? Reports are surfacing that the Japanese government will also begin heavily investing in this very human branch of 3D bio printing technology. More

Artist uses digital fabrication to aid in fabricating massive bronze sculptures

Jan.14, 2015 - When it comes to creating large-scale 3D objects, ask any artist, designer, architect or engineer what tool helped in aiding their success and you’re likely to hear “models” - or more recently - “3D printing”. More

Mathematical precision meets natural beauty in 3D printed sculptures

Jan.14, 2015 - Pier 9 Artist-in-Residence John Edmark has created stunning Fibonacci Zoetrope sculptures using nature’s very own ‘golden angle’ and a 3D printer. The above video shows a series of solid 3D printed sculptures... More

This 3d printed vase is actually a fully-functional vacuum cleaner

Jan.14, 2015 - More recently however, Hans Fouche and his colleagues including Kobus Van der Walt from South African makerspace House4Hack have done something similar by repurposing an old and broken Hoover vacuum cleaner. More

Patient 3D prints his own kidney to aid his doctors in operating on him

Jan.14, 2015 - John Cousins, a Southampton, UK 3D print specialist who also just happens to be the managing director at 3D printer consulting and retail company isodo3D, 3D printed his own internal organ to help his doctors during a surgical procedure. More

French students create fully-functional and open source scientific calculator

Jan.14, 2015 - Aiming to help solve the problem of having to purchase a scientific calculator for mathematics classes, Piere Parent and Ael Gain have developed a scientific calculators using 3D printing. More

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan honored with a life size 3D print in his signature pose

Jan.14, 2015 - As a special gift to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan's 1995 film Karan Arjun's 20th birthday, Redchillies VFX, and Autodesk India came together to create a life size 3D printed model in his signature romantic pose. More

Fashion stylist teaches himself 3D printing in one year to create 3D printed dress design

Jan.13, 2015 - London-based fashion stylist and creative director Jiv D has been actively working on his own 3D printed wearable concepts that he has figure out how to complete with just a single year of 3D printing experience. More

Israeli engineer builds bio-inspired 3D printed hexapod robots Billy and Charlie

Jan.13, 2015 - Among others who have been finding success with combining 3D printing with microcontrollers is Jonathan Spitz, a Mechanical Engineer who is currently seeking a PhD at the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel. More

Design Lab Workshop merges 3D printing with solar energy for glowing architecture

Jan.13, 2015 - Among those who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing and architecture are Design Lab Workshop’s Brian Peters and Daphne Firos. The design duo, who both share a background in architecture... More

Wisconsin graduate student develops 3D printed music scores for the blind

Jan.13, 2015 - ut mechanical engineering graduate student William Aquite, from the University of Wisconsin, has utilized 3D printing to serve a far more noble musical purpose: to give it to the blind. More

A simple technique for how to plate your 3D prints in copper or silver

Jan.13, 2015 - Fortunately, we have come across a surprisingly simple and relatively inexpensive technique to plate your plastic creations in silver or copper. More

7-year old receives 3D printed Stormtrooper prosthetic arm at Star Wars birthday party

Jan.13, 2015 - While many adults probably remember some of their childhood birthday parties quite fondly, perhaps there are few that will remember theirs as much as 7-year old Liam Porter of Augusta, Georgia, USA. More

Local Motors 3D prints a working car live at Detroit Auto Show, to open 2 mini-factories this year

Jan.13, 2015 - The 3D printed car Strati is fully capable of being driven within a week’s time, and that Local Motors is going to open two micro-factories to commercially produce these vehicles in 2015. More

Toyze hits a milestone: over 1 million 3D models has been created by gamers

Jan.12, 2015 - Toyze (pronounced toy-zee), the first "app store" for 3D printed customizable game characters announced today that over 1 million 3D printable characters have been created by its gamer community. More

New startup uses 3D printing to manufacture Bitcoin point-of-sale terminals

Jan.12, 2015 - The Bitcoin terminal, which is a 3D printed point-of-sale machine similar to existing credit card readers, was developed in part because a large majority of European merchants require cash due to high credit card transaction fees. More

Olympus launches open camera platform so hackers can 3D print their own lens camera parts

Jan.12, 2015 - We are therefore happy to report that the Olympus Open Camera platform has been launched in Japan, that’s putting another marvel of modern technology into the hands of the maker. More

Impressive double helix Christmas tree built using 3D printing and Dyson parts

Jan.12, 2015 - And in that respect, the engineering team from vacuum cleaner giant Dyson certainly don’t disappoint with their 12 feet tall helix Christmas tree. More

The open source Knitic knitting machine - MakerBeam, Arduino and 3D printing

Jan.12, 2015 - However, a brand-new machine is currently on display at the Etopia Center for Arts & Technology in Zaragoza, Spain, that could change the role of 3D printing in the clothing industry: the Knitic. More

Rolex Submariner watch 3D printed at three times its original size

Jan.12, 2015 - Franc Falco definitely fits into that last category of creative thinkers. He recently designed and produced a Rolex Submariner watch using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer. The watch is almost an exact replica of the classic Rolex design. More

Man solves world’s largest and hardest 3D printed Rubiks’ Cube in 7 hours

Jan.12, 2015 - The mighty, 3D printed puzzle boasts 17 tiles on each side, and is said to have over 66.9 quinquagintatrecentillion possible ways of being scrambled (that’s 6.69 * 10^1054—a figure with over a thousand zeroes. More

3D printed marble machine delivers complex design in a simple package

Jan.11, 2015 - Tulio Laanen, a first year student at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in the Netherlands, has 3D printed a flawless marble machine that is sure to make you stop and admire the machinery. More

3D print the ultimate semi-automatic rubber band gun

Jan.11, 2015 - Among other electrical and mechanical engineering projects he’s explored, Gavilan Steinman has also created a semi-automatic rubber band gun design assembly using six separate 3D printed components. More

3D Printing used to help fight Malaria in Zambia

Jan.11, 2015 - Researchers from the Vanderbilt-Zambia Network for Global Health Technology have teamed up with local scientist Pricsilla Lumano-Mulenga to apply 3D printing in the battle against Malaria and other life-threatening diseases. More

ORNL 3D printed a full-scale Shelby Cobra replica, a highlight of Obama visit

Jan.10, 2015 - During Obama’s visit, a Shelby Cobra 3D printed car was highlighted as an example of the changing world of manufacturing. The car was printed at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL. More

Create a 3D printed robot and learn the basics of Klann Linkage

Jan.10, 2015 - For Instructables user ‘Bit-Boy’, creating a Klann Linkage-inspired walking robot was something that’s been on his to-do list for awhile now and thanks to him, he is sharing it with the Instructables community... More

Build a 3D printed motor runs almost like a perpetual machine

Jan.10, 2015 - LaserSaber, a garage hacker on YouTube, has 3D printed a EZ Spin Motor that runs almost like a perpetual motion machine. The device is so efficient and 'would run for a very long time on a 5v super capacitor,' says LaserSaber. More

Japanese company wants to build ocean community with large-scale floating 3D printer

Jan.9, 2015 - The Ocean Spiral, which was created as a solution for the continual threat to coastal communities due to unpredictable environmental conditions, was conceived of by the Shimizu Corporation. More

16-year old redesigns his own wheelchair with help from classmates & 3D printing

Jan.9, 2015 - When it comes to coming up with solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, leave it up to a group of teenagers with access to a 3D modeling program and a 3D printer. More

Destiny fan 3D printed a life-sized Thorn exotic hand cannon

Jan.9, 2015 - Kirby Downey has an eye for detail and have many experiences in 3D modeling and printing. Most recently, he has come up with another impressive creation: a 3D printed, life-sized Thorn exotic hand cannon from Destiny. More

LyteShot launches new mobile gaming system with 3D printing compatibility

Jan.8, 2015 - Aiming to bring video games out into the real world, new open world gaming startup LyteShot has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign that they hope will generate enough attention to bring their mobile gaming platform to life. More

NASA astronomers use 3D printing to aid in research of Eta Carinae star system

Jan.8, 2015 - Astronomers from the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society discussed recent observations of the Eta Carinae star system and used 3D printed models to help advance the group’s current understanding of the system. More

Chinese Navy warships are taking 3D printers to sea

Jan.8, 2015 - An unknown number of Chinese naval warships have reportedly already been outfitted with a 3D printer. Now, this concerns military-purpose testing in the broadest sense of the world... More

Yale student builds a music instrument using beer bottles and a 3D printer

Jan.8, 2015 - One Yale student has taken 3D printed music to a whole different level, and has developed an entirely new instrument: Helmotz’s Harmonious Homebrew. This instrument consists of a series of beer bottles and 3D printed mouthpieces. More

Building a PCB printer with a Blu-Ray pickup to print circuit boards

Jan.8, 2015 - One such example of the Blu-Ray pickup being put to excellent use is in the latest project from Diyouware’s DiyouPCB open-source PCB printer. Using the Blu-Ray pickup, the creators of the DiyouPCB have created... More

3D model generator creates custom Star Wars Death Star 3D printed speaker cases

Jan.8, 2015 - Created by Nothing Labs' Rich Olson and available over on Thingiverse, the "Parametric Spherical Speaker Generator" NOMOON generator is, at its core, capable of creating spherical speaker enclosures of any volume. More

MANAV, India’s first 3D printed humanoid robot, unveiled at IIT Mumbai TechFest 2015

Jan.7, 2015 - This two-feet tall MANAV, India’s first 3D printed humanoid robot has just been unveiled at the Tech Fest 2015 convention at the ITT in Mumbai, and can mimic a number of human movements. More

3D Printlife brings 3D printed apartment replica to CES 2015

Jan.7, 2015 - 3D Printlife and their spokesman, Joel Rush, have set up an impressive, life-size replica of Joel’s 3D printed apartment at this year’s CES, asking you to rethink your idea of interior design. More

WhiteCloud shows off most detailed home architectural 3D print ever at CES 2015

Jan.7, 2015 - WhiteClouds, a 3D printing and 3D visualization service company based in Ogden, Utah, will show off its largest, most detail-oriented 3D architectural model print ever created at CES 2015. More

General Electric announces 3D printable accessories for smart refrigerators

Jan.6, 2015 - The ChillHub is a refrigerator designed for tinkerers and hackers. General Electric wants their users to take control of their appliances and hack them to make them smarter using programming and 3D printing. More

New York artist creates a life-sized Honda CB500 motorcycle using just an Ultimaker 3D printer

Jan.6, 2015 - Canadian-born modern artist Jonathan Brand has produced an absolutely stunning life-sized replica of a 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle using just a regular Ultimaker 3D printer. More

Airwolf 3D prints entire outfit with over 20 materials using their newest HD-R 3D printer

Jan.5, 2015 - Airwolf 3D will introduce its latest desktop 3D printer, the AW3D HD-R, at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In order to stand out from the crowd and showcase their latest innovation... More

South African man 3D prints a working lawn mower with his home-made 3D printer

Jan.5, 2015 - In recent months however, Hans Fouche has been working on his Cheetah 3D printer. While these include very representable items like coat hangers, slippers and chests, his latest 3D printed creation is truly remarkable: a working lawn mower. More

Neri Oxman who plans to '3D print' buildings wins Vilcek Prize

Jan.5, 2015 - In recent months however, Hans Fouche has been working on his Cheetah 3D printer. While these include very representable items like coat hangers, slippers and chests, his latest 3D printed creation is truly remarkable: a working lawn mower. More

Build your own Raspberry Pi Mini 3D printing monitor

Jan.5, 2015 - While Adafruit’s builders have built up a reputation for constructing very cool and original 3D printed toys, perhaps the most impressive of all their designs was the 3D printed Raspberry Pi Mini Computer. More

Blast zombies with a homemade 3D printed cornstarch flamethrower

Jan.5, 2015 - For the inevitable hordes of zombies that will overrun our planet? Well, if you happen to have a 3D printer at home, you have the tools to prepare yourself and build the ultimate weapon for fending off hungry zombies: a Flamethrower! More

3D printing finds NEMO and enhances deep sea exploration

Jan.4, 2015 - Exploring deeper ocean environments grows more feasible utilizing ROVs (remote operated explorers), and the cost of such ROVs has dropped with the utilization of 3D printing technology. More

‘Sex Robot’ concept creates conversation around the current state of sex and technology

Jan.4, 2015 - Created for a robotics design competition earlier this year, Cesar Vonc created the 3D printable sex robot using Cinema 4D to model the complex interior and toy-like exterior surfaces before rendering the scene using Octane Render. More

Automated 3D printing robot designed to keep beaches clean

Jan.4, 2015 - Dr. Recare, an autonomous mobile ‘doctor’ could be the solution to the growing environmental problem of overly polluted beachfronts and oceans. More

Brooklyn’s Makeshift Society brings 3D printing to Chanukah festivities

Jan.4, 2015 - Brooklyn’s Makeshift Society hosted an event last week that was focused on 3D printing and the Jewish experience, including a 3D printed design competition featuring a dozen entrants. More

3D printed Matrix clock displays the time in a Matrix digital rain-like animation

Jan.4, 2015 - The 3D printed Matrix Clock does much more than simply tick away hours and minutes. Instead, a very cool rain-animation of numbers is constantly swooping in from above, reminiscent of those very cool features in the Matrix movies. More

Japanese artist looking to collaborate with companies to realize his ‘Contemporary Buddhism’ project

Jan.3, 2015 - Taketo Kobayashi is currently working on an inspiring solo project entitled ‘3D Printed Contemporary Buddhism Statues’, and you can contribute! As part of this project... More

Recent developments in 3D printed plastic electronics showing promise

Jan.3, 2015 - More recently, an IBM Research lab in Zurich, Germany developed a device by reconfiguring an atomic force microscope so that it was capable of creating 3D patterns with a nanometer-scale resolution in organic material. More

Scientists use stem cells in 3D printed scaffolds to help repair injured joints

Jan.3, 2015 - Spearheaded by PhD candidate Ken Ye, they have explored combinations of 3D bioprinted cell structures and ‘Infrapatellar fat pad adipose stem cells’ (or IPFP-ASCs). More

BioScope 3D printed bandage is a ‘smart band-aid’ for monitoring patient health

Jan.2, 2015 - Earlier this year, students at the National Taiwan University developed the BioScope, a “smart bandage” that brings wearable technology seen in products such as the Nike FUEL to bandages worn by patients in the hospital. More

Use Autodesk 123D Design to create a 3D printed night light

Jan.2, 2015 - Aiming to add their own twist to traditional and store-bought night light designs, Instructables user DayDream Unique has created their own 3D printed night light design using Autodesk’s 123D Design. More

3D printing helps arduino developer create open source Ö bluetooth smart ring

Jan.2, 2015 - Inspired by recent crowdfunded attempts to bring a smart ring to market, arduino enthusiast Kevin Bates of Arduboy set out to create his own smart ring design and unlike previous attempts, actually works! More

3D printed white chocolate comes to life in 'Hello Play' new conceptual stop-motion film

Jan.2, 2015 - Perhaps inspired by the success of 3D printing in creating The Boxtrolls or BEARS ON STAIRS, art/creative director Greg Barth recently created a promotional video for Belgian electronic music platform Hello Play. More

Entirely 3D printed Arkham Origins Batman suit takes cosplaying to the next level

Jan.2, 2015 - Stevie Dee, the man behind Crimson Coscrafts, has turned his passion cosplay, along with his 3D printing skills, into a mind-blowingly accurate replica of Batman’s classic Batsuit. More

3D printed lightsaber used in a ‘sweded’ recreation of the latest Star Wars trailer

Jan.2, 2015 - The numerous Star Wars fans amongst you might recall a very cool project by the French 3D printing shop LeFabShop, that allowed you to recreate the very controversial lightsaber from the recent Star Wars trailer. More

Modlab student develops a revolutionary simple helicopter using 3D printed parts

Jan.1, 2015 - A brand new design, developed by James Paulos, simplifies the standard design of a helicopter and could thus be paving the way for more cost effective, reliable and affordable helicopter technology. More

How squids are helping advance the future of thermoplastics for 3D printing

Jan.1, 2015 - In a recent project at Penn State University, researchers focused their efforts on exploring the protein complex that exists in squid ring teeth (SRT). The teeth are a naturally-made thermoplastic material... More

Toy designer uses 3D printer to quickly produce ball-jointed doll designs

Jan.1, 2015 - One of these doll designers, Spanish artist Sonia Verdu, has created some of the cleanest and well-executed 3D prints with movable joints in recent memory. More

Can 3D printing defy physics? Man claims to have printed “Impossible Triangle”

Dec.31, 2014 - 3D printing has gone above and beyond what many of us could ever have imagined, but can it defy the very laws of physics? One man claims to have printed the “impossible triangle,” which as the name implies... More

3D print a custom shoe insole using FilaFlex and free open source tools

Dec.30, 2014 - Steve Wood, a mechanical engineer at Gyrobot, recently put some of the more complicated projects on hold in order to 3D print a custom insole for a shoe. More

Professional origimai artist uses 3Doodler pen to create high heel shoe

Dec.30, 2014 - More recently, Chan, who creatively operates under the name Kade Chan Origami Studio, took his creative hand to working with the 3Doodler to create a high heel shoe using traditional shoemaking methods. More

BioP3 technology may be the future of bioprinting human organs

Dec.30, 2014 - A new technology could revolutionize the medical industry by making it possible to manufacture whole organs such as livers, pancreases or kidneys ‘on-demand’, solving the shortage of organs transplant patients currently face. More

Create your own 3D printed, Android-controlled H Quadcopter

Dec.30, 2014 - 16-year-old Timothy, has combined his passions for RC, gadget hacking and 3D designing in order to create an impressive quadcopter frame that seems to be equal parts technology, design, and adrenaline-pumping fun. More

3D print very cool models of Star Wars' TIE Fighter and X-Wing

Dec.30, 2014 - For one fan recently shared a brief clip of his endeavor to 3D print quite accurate models of two iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise: an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter. More

How Reebok used 3D printing to develop revolutionary new brain trauma product

Dec.29, 2014 - Sports equipment manufacturer Reebok has been actively busy in developing a solution that both monitors potential brain trauma as well as prevents obstructing an athlete’s physical performance. More

E-Nable designs young UK child a new superhero-inspired 3D printed arm

Dec.29, 2014 - Thanks to Baltimore, Maryland-based E-nable, Charlie was not only able to unwrap presents with both hands on Christmas morning this year, he was also able to help decorate the tree, too. More

3D print a low-cost laser projection keyboard design

Dec.29, 2014 - Various users have been exploring how to ‘hack’ their laser keyboards and program them to do anything want. One such DIY project comes in the form of the Laser Projection Keyboard Kit V2 from DF Robot. More

Taiwan artist reimagines Noah’s Ark as a distorted 8-meter shipwreck made of 6,000 3D printed pieces

Dec.29, 2014 - As part of an ongoing and growing exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan, artist Hung-Chih Peng has spent the last four months to 3D print a giant twisted and distorted modern rendition of the Biblical Ark of Noah. More

The world’s first 3D printing college opens its doors in Guangzhou, China

Dec.29, 2014 - For in the Baiyun district of the city of Guangzhou in Southern China, the country's first 3D printing college has opened its doors: the Baiyun-Winbo 3D Printing Technology College. More

Now you can 3D print the wrench NASA emailed to the space station

Dec.29, 2014 - When International Space Station commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench, rather than having to go to the trouble of sending one, NASA emailed him a digital file. More

5th Grade Students design and 3D print a prosthetic leg for three-legged box turtle

Dec.28, 2014 - Stumpy the turtle has a new spring in her step—literally—thanks to a group of fifth graders and a 3D printer. The 12-year old female box turtle had had one of her front legs amputated in September due to an injury and infection. More

3D printing vending machine unveiled on University of Texas Campus

Dec.28, 2014 - A very interesting vending machine has been revealed in the ‘T-Room’ of the Cockrell School of Engineering, that is attached to the University of Texas. More

Build your own Oddbot, a 3D printable omnidirectional robot

Dec.28, 2014 - Olaf Diegel has created a very cool 3D printing project that is specifically designed to be 3D printable on almost every type of 3D printer. Anyone looking for an original robotic printing project should definitely check out his Oddbot. More

Russian designer develops 3D printed lingerie in response to a ban on lace

Dec.28, 2014 - This 3D printed lingerie was devised by the German-based lingerie label Lascana in collaboration with the Russian designer Victoria Anoka. This two piece lingerie set consists of a bra and pants. More

Students team to create 3D printed search and rescue grapplier for LA county fire department

Dec.27, 2014 - A pair of students at Palos Verdes on the Net spent their time designing a 3D printed search and rescue "grappler" made to fit under a quadcopter which will be delivered to the Los Angeles County Fire Department in June 2015. More

Bring interactivity to your 3D prints with a 3D printed touch sensor

Dec.27, 2014 - One of the more simple (but no less exciting) projects is the 3D printed Touch Sensor by MakerBot Thingiverse user Gareth (AKA Chiprobot). The project, which is a modified displacement resistance type touch sensor.. More

Japanese creative firm brings kids’ drawings to life in the form of 3D printed cars

Dec.26, 2014 - The latest initiative to offer a service of bringing 2D drawings into the 3D world is Japan-based t-o-f-u in collaboration with 3D printing company Inter-Culture. More

Startup uses 3D printing to preserve Singapore’s rich cultural history through 3D prints

Dec.25, 2014 - Mēkā teamed up with the Singapore Memory Project to create BuiltinSG, an immersive project that aims to preserve Singapore’s rich cultural history through the use of 3D printed models. More

Japanese '3D printed vagina' artist is charged with 'distributing obscene data'

Dec.25, 2014 - Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi (42) who makes objects shaped like her own vagina has been charged with distributing 'obscene' data. Igarashi was first arrested in July for selling 3D printable data of her own genitals. More

3D printed Exo-Prosthetic leg balances aesthetics with affordability

Dec.24, 2014 - Industrial designer William Root believes that the combination of cost and undesirable aesthetics are the result of flawed and outdated processes for creating prosthetic limbs. More

This 3d printed robotic Spider dress is perfect for somebody who needs 'space'

Dec.23, 2014 - Anouk Wipprecht's recent Spider Dress 2.0, features an Intel Edison chip that uses biosignals and learned threat detection to defend the wearer’s personal space. More

Russian toy designer creates complex and awesome robot toys on his Ultimaker 2 3D printer

Dec.22, 2014 - Sergey Kolesnik, a 3D modeler from the small town of Labytnangy, Russia, was inspired by sci-fi films of the 1970s and 80s including Star Wars, Short Circuit, Robocop and The Terminator. More

Now you can 3D print your own Hoover-exclusive vacuum accessories

Dec.22, 2014 - Hoover announced today that they have launched a partnership with Makerbot to offer print-on-demand vacuum accessories for anyone with access to a 3D printer. More

UK's Hobs Reprographics receives £7m investment for 3D printing service expansion

Dec.22, 2014 - 3D printing services company Hobs Reprographics has received a £7m investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF). The capital will enable Hobs to roll out new studios as part of its plans to offer state-of-the-art 3D printing service. More

Think3D & Oakridge International School co-hosting 3D printing Art Exhibit for kids

Dec.21, 2014 - Indian company think3D has partnered with Oakridge International School, one of the top K12 schools in India to come up with 3D Printing Art exhibition on 17th December, 2014. More

3D Systems objects at Cooper Hewitt, presents Most Elegant Scissors Ever at opening ceremony

Dec.20, 2014 - Beginning December 12 3D Systems' innovative examples of 3D printed desgin are featured in the newly reopened Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. More

Two Ohio artists use 3D printing to create snake-skin patterns on human skin

Dec.19, 2014 - {skin}-D.E.E.P. is a project by the collaborative arts duo //benitez_vogl, and is all about the creation of ‘temporary biomimetic skin patterns’, or temporarily mimicking patterns that exist in nature on human skin. More

Table top scenery done right: New Zealand fans 3D print an entire high-rise

Dec.19, 2014 - As Matt of Printable Scenery explained to, their love for table top war games has inspired them to experiment with various creations for 28 mm gaming, like Warhammer (40k). More

NASA just emailed a socket wrench to astronauts in space for 3D printing

Dec.19, 2014 - When International Space Station commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench, rather than having to go to the trouble of sending one, NASA emailed him a digital file. More

Learn how to create 3D printable articulated sculptures

Dec.19, 2014 - In their Instructables project “How to Create 3D Printable Articulated Sculptures”, project creator ‘chosetec’ outlines the steps necessary for creating your very own 3D prints with movable parts and print-assembled parts. More

TABBY is an open source, full-sized car chassis that you can 3D print and drive

Dec.18, 2014 - Aiming to bridge the gap between the automotive industry and the ethos of open source product development, Tin has spent the last 8 years assembling a team to further develop the concept into what is now known as OSVehicle. More

Build a flower robot with six 3D printed muscles that can open and close

Dec.18, 2014 - Instructables user Mikey77 has developed a way to 3D print cheap and easy muscles that could potentially replace servos and gear-motors in robots in the future. More

3D printed sensors help advance cardiac research and surgery methods

Dec.18, 2014 - More recently, researchers from the University of Western Ontario have developed an implantable solution for investigating the state of the heart... which has been manufactured using 3D printing. More

3D print yourself a simple, cheap and versatile circuit board

Dec.18, 2014 - Jonny Bischof, a YouMagine user, has just shared a very useful and equally accessible guide for 3D printing yourself a very cheap circuit board that can be used for whatever project you’re working on. More

Australian dentist develops 3D printed solution for sleep apnea

Dec.18, 2014 - It was therefore very interesting to learn about Oventus technology, a brand-new 3D printed solution for sleep apnea developed by Australian dentist Chris Hart. More

Teenagers develop 3D printed wristband that pauses and records live TV when you fall asleep

Dec.18, 2014 - But this year might be the last time that happens, as two British teenagers have just finished work on a 3D printed solution: a wristband that senses when its wearer falls asleep. More

Build a realistic 3D printed Dalek from the TV Show Doctor Who

Dec.18, 2014 - Inspired by the popular villainous cyborg, Instructables user ‘snifikino’ has created a Dalek project using 3D printed components, and has shared the CAD files for creating your own on the 3D printed Dalek project page. More

Researchers creating low-cost 3D printed hands for developing countries

Dec.17, 2014 - More recently, the University of Victoria has been exploring ways in which they can build off of similar 3D printed prosthetics hands and upper limbs by redesigning more complicated, non-3D printed prosthetic hands. More

Hershey announces its first ever 3D printed chocolate exhibit

Dec.17, 2014 - The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY), in partnership with 3D Systems, today announced the December 19 debut of its 3D Chocolate Candy Printing exhibit at Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction. More

You can now 3D print yourself a 1.3 meter tall World of Warcraft Frostmourne Sword

Dec.17, 2014 - South-African born 3D designer Kirby Downey has taken things to an entirely different level with his giant 3D printed replica of the Frostmourne blade from the Warcraft franchise. More

British scientists 3D print ‘phantom’ tumors and organs to help combat cancer

Dec.17, 2014 - British scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, England, have developed a method for 3D printing personalized replica models of tumors and organs. More

3D printed Touchable Yearbook lets blind students ‘See’ faces of their friends

Dec.17, 2014 - One small Korean 3D printing company has come up with a Touchable Yearbook, featuring very accurate, 3D printed busts of students, allowing blind students to feel and experience their own past once again through touch. More

Print your very own bone or skull with a desktop FDM 3D printer

Dec.16, 2014 - But did you know you can already print some very accurate medical replicas on your very own desktop 3D printer? This is true for just about any FDM 3D printer that can work with G-code (which most can). More

Tinello's 3D printed scale models give customers a glimpse of their future kitchens

Dec.16, 2014 - Last Saturday visitors of the ‘Excellent Beurs’ convention in Rotterdam were able to catch a glimpse of a brand-new 3D printing application: 3D printed kitchens. More

3D printed chair by Joris Laarman added to collection of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Dec.16, 2014 - While already turning heads at the time, Joris Laarman's 3D printed chair has now been donated to the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (the State Museum Amsterdam, the largest museum of the Netherlands) by a private donor. More

3D printed custom prosthetic legs allow Derby the Dog to run upright for the first time

Dec.16, 2014 - Born with deformities in both of his front legs, Derby the dog was, until now, only able to get around on soft surfaces. With the help of 3D printed prosthetics, Derby has got a second chance and his life completely changed. More

Spanish startup 3d prints trophies for Hockenheim & Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix races

Dec.16, 2014 - It turns out that both the first prize trophies of the Hockenheim (Germany) and Silverstone (England) racing tracks have been completely 3D printed. More

3D print a christmas ornament while donating to a children’s hospital this season

Dec.15, 2014 - The Toronto-based startup Voovo has launched a charity initiative this month that allows users around the globe to pick from one of four 3D printable Christmas ornaments after making a small donation... More

Researcher earn grant to create better 3D printed bone coating material

Dec.15, 2014 - While existing coatings used for 3D printed titanium replacements are able to create a more natural-feeling surface for the surrounding tissues in the hip and knee areas, the material properties still lack the rigidity... More

3D printing helps bring SipCaddy shower cup holder to life

Dec.15, 2014 - Two brothers, who themselves enjoy a beer in the shower, want to change that and have brought to market one of the better solutions we’ve seen in the form of the SipCaddy. More

500 3D printed figurines created for Steven Sebring’s 360-degree camera rig project

Dec.15, 2014 - As digital cameras become cheaper and free 3D software more readily available for a wide range of users, 3D printing has found its way into a wide variety of projects that only a couple years ago might not have even been an option. More

MonkeyFab 3D prints a five foot tall replica of Poland’s White Eagle emblem

Dec.15, 2014 - The Polish 3D printer producer MonkeyFab have recently unveiled something truly remarkable at the 3D Print Show in Warsaw, Poland: a giant replica of Poland’s national emblem, the White Eagle. More

Charleston, WV Newspapers sells 3D printed Christmas tree ornaments to support local charities

Dec.15, 2014 - Charleston Newspapers, the publisher behind the local papers Charleston Daily Mail, will be selling 3D printed Christmas tree ornaments to the benefit of the Daily Mail’s Neediest Cases Appeals and Gazette Charities. More

3D print a highly-detailed Russian T80 Tank

Dec.15, 2014 - We've stumbled on a printing project that will doubtlessly inspire you: a highly-detailed Russian T80 Tank. It might not entirely be in the spirit of Christmas, but it certainly is very cool. More

Jelwek launches 3D printed, wood filament watch collection

Dec.14, 2014 - A young team of Polish designers and engineers has created a beautiful, functional wristwatch using FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology and a unique, wood-like material. More

3D printable German Panzer Tank IV model kit

Dec.14, 2014 - 3D printing empowers many toy enthusiasts to design and 3D print toys and gaming figurines. This week London based designer Elliott Viles has showcased another latest design cool design: a German Panzer IV Tank. More

EOS 3D printers create flight-ready helicopter parts for Bell Helicopters

Dec.14, 2014 - For years Bell Helicopter has been relying on 3D printing to test and prototype components before putting them into production as final helicopter parts, which requires incredible precision and final execution. More

Hush creates world’s first wireless noise-cancelling earplugs

Dec.14, 2014 - Created by engineers Daniel “Ewok” Lee, Daniel Synn, and Daniel “Chesong” Lee, affectionately referred to as the Three Daniels, Hush is a set of wireless earplugs that connect to your smartphone. More

3D printed implant producer Ossis aims to revolutionize orthopaedic surgeries

Dec.14, 2014 - New Zealand-based implant producer Ossis Ltd has announced to expand and revolutionize their production of 3D printed implants. The company has already been producing custom-made implants... More

Students use 3d printing for BMW X3 concept redesign parts

Dec.12, 2014 - Among other real-world applications that the student body focuses on as a part of the graduate program is the Deep Orange project, a two-year vehicle prototype project... More

'EDAG Light Cocoon' 3D printed paper-light concept car to debut at Geneva 2015

Dec.12, 2014 - Giant German manufacturing firm EDAG has announced plans to introduce the Light Cocoon concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the most important European event for all car makers. More

$5m 3D (or 6D) printed building project, 'Nautilus Genesis Resort', set to start in March 2015

Dec.12, 2014 - Chorogenesis revealed that their brand new and revolutionary 3D printing technology will be showcased in a futuristic and inspiring construction project called Nautilus Genesis Resort, that is set to begin in March 2015. More

Two 3D printed vertebrae successfully implanted into the spine of 21-year-old tumor sufferer

Dec.12, 2014 - The 21-year-old Wang Lin, who is currently in her senior year at a university in Hangzhou, China, certainly wouldn’t have thought that 3D printing could save her life. More

Bio-responsive architectural 3D prints can sense external environments

Dec.11, 2014 - One project at the University of Stuttgart has explored the development of digital fabrication of climate responsive material systems for architectural applications with a focus on additive manufacturing methods. More

NOOKA founder and Creative Director Matt Waldman on 3D printing

Dec.11, 2014 - 3D Systems has partnered with fashion brand NOOKA since last November to deliver a special edition 3D printed Zub 40 watch collection for tech enthusiast alike. More

Research firm to review 3D printing to help UK Army find land forces future capability

Dec.11, 2014 - The British Army is taking a look at what kind of future technology may have impact on land forces in the 2030-2040 timescale and has recruited Roke Manor Research to identify potential ideas. More

3D printed implant helps regenerate meniscus and prevent arthritis

Dec.11, 2014 - Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have devised a way to replace damaged menisci using a personalized 3D printed implant infused with proteins that stimulate stem cells. More

Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge uses 3D printed drones to save endangered animals

Dec.11, 2014 - Unmanned Aarial Vehicles have been making headlines recently due to their controversial use by the U.S. Military. However, there is another war being waged that could significantly benefit from UAVs and 3D printing technology. More

iRobot releases hackable Roomba robot with 3D printing support

Dec.10, 2014 - iRobot has spearheaded the effort to expand the device with 3D printed accessories by including a 3D printable bin with modification instructions on their projects page to help ignite some ideas... More

3D print yourself a very cool ‘Word Clock’

Dec.10, 2014 - Unlike most clocks, this 3D printed ‘Word Clock’ lights up the specific time, up to a five minute accuracy. While therefore not great when boiling an egg, it's a clever and unusual design that looks absolutely stunning. More

How 3D printing helped aid in the design of the Durr minimalist watch

Dec.10, 2014 - Among other watch designs that aim to take a more minimalist approach is the Durr Bracelet by Skrekkøgle, a conceptual design studio consisting of design duo Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler. More

Tesseract Design develops 3D printed headphones for pets

Dec.10, 2014 - Tesseract Design has recently developed customed-made 3D printed headphones for dogs and guinea pigs. Yes, this is weird, but it does capture the essence of 3D printing. More

Sutrue 3D prints medical stitching device with improved safety features

Dec.10, 2014 - Engineer Alex Berry, founder of Sutrue Ltd, has developed an automated medical stitching device that will enable doctors and surgeons to close wounds faster and with greater accuracy while minimizing the risk of needle-stick injuries. More

Tennessee 10-year old girl receives a custom-made 3D printed diabetes monitor

Dec.10, 2014 - In Knoxville, Tennessee 3D printing technology is helping a ten-year-old girl to be a happy child again. Riley has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a few years ago. More

3D print a Star Wars VII Crossguard Lightsaber with an actual laser ‘blade’

Dec.9, 2014 - Those of you looking to take things to the next level might want to take a look at Wicked Lasers’ own design for a 3D printed lightsaber. Wicked Laser is a Hong Kong-based company providing all type of lasers. More

3D Printing Helps Make Innovative ‘Electric Sherpa’ Trolley a Reality

Dec.9, 2014 - As a tandem pilot for paragliders, one part of eSherpa designer Ralf Naumann’s job is to help haul over 25kg of cliff-jumping equipment up some of the steepest hills in the world. More

Theo Jansen's strandbeest and 3D printed small-scale species appear at art basel miami beach

Dec.9, 2014 - Artist Theo Jansen's strandbeest, the larger-than-life creatures have been admired at numerous conventions and exhibitions, recently trudging along the sandy shores of Florida for the art basel miami beach event. More

3D-printed robot 'evolving' synthetic cells to help discover the origins of life

Dec.9, 2014 - Using a cheap, self-assembled and modified RepRap 3D printer, a team of Scottish scientists is working hard at discovering the origins of life itself. More

3D printed space buckle among first designs slated for off-world manufacturing

Dec.8, 2014 - Among one of the more recent efforts to make living in a zero-gravity environment more realistic for humans is the design and development of a 3D printed buckle. More

3D printing aids in creating world’s first bionic bra

Dec.8, 2014 - Australian researchers have used 3D printing to aid their development in creating the world’s first bionic bra aimed at supporting female breasts during various stages of an athletic workout. More

Researchers develop special filament for making 3D printed fuel cells

Dec.8, 2014 - For one solution to our problems might be ceramic fuel cells, devices that generate electricity through a high-temperature electrochemical process. While much cleaner and more efficient than combustion engines... More

Be tempted by the dark side of the force and 3D print your own Star Wars VII Crossguard Lightsaber

Dec.8, 2014 - LeFabShop, a French start-up offering 3D printers and printing services, has shared a very cool design that will allow you to replicate it yourself a Star Wars VII Crossguard Lightsaber. More

Large scale replica of Star Trek's Starship Enterprise 3D Printed on Ultimaker 2

Dec.7, 2014 - A 3D print and Star Trek enthusiast has boldly gone where no man has gone before by creating a realistic, large-scale 3D replica of the infamous Starship Enterprise using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer and an airbrush kit. More

Enhance your audio experience with custom molded, 3D printed UE11 headphones

Dec.7, 2014 - Ultimate Ears has integrated 3D printing into their design and manufacturing process, improving the quality, fit, and turnaround time of their world-renowned audio aids. More

3D Printed medical model helps surgeons re-construct cancer patient’s jaw

Dec.6, 2014 - Case in point: A cancer patient in Bangalore, India has undergone a life-changing surgical procedure in which 3D printed medical models were used to re-construct his jaw. More

Decorating your Christmas tree with 3D printed Astrolabe ornament

Dec.6, 2014 - The holiday season is fast approaching and do you love to make some cool and stylish ornament for your Christmas tree? 3D designer Don Foley is getting into the holiday spirit by creating a 3D printed Astrolabe tree ornament. More

Could 3D printable edible sensors replace a check-up at the doctor’s?

Dec.5, 2014 - But now Australian scientists, led by Marc in het Panhuis, are working on a 3D printable medical innovation that could be used to help everyone. In het Panhuis is associate professor chemistry... More

You can now 3D print your own Ball Droid from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Dec.5, 2014 - Thingiverse member calling herself lilykill posted 3D printable STL files for creating your very own ball droid. While only on screen for just a few seconds, the droid definitely looks cool and thus a fun mascot for the new movie. More

Be a part of Airwolf 3D Print-a-Thon: 3D print 200+ Robohands in one day

Dec.5, 2014 - Simply help 3D printer manufacturers Airwolf 3D and 3D printing charity Robohand US to set a world record at the world’s largest Print-A-Thon on Saturday, 13 December in Costa Mesa, California. More

Cults' Top 18 3D printable toy models for Christmas

Dec.5, 2014 - And if you’re looking for inspiration – or lack the skills to design your own presents – then take a look at this top 18 Christmas list made by model repository platform Cults. More

British anti-cyberbullying campaign relies on 3D printed advertisement

Dec.5, 2014 - As part of this great initiative, the 2014 day featured a 3D printed advertisement that really captures the essence of cyberbullying: keyboard keys spelling the phrase WORDS WOUND, impressed into someone’s skin. More

Swedish architecture firm plans to build SwimCity, 3D printed housing on the Water

Dec.5, 2014 - Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter proposes a project that aims to increase the supply of housing for young people: SwimCity. With the help of 3D printing and recycled concrete.. More

Luna modular Bicycle is 3D printed on demand, no stock required

Dec.4, 2014 - London-based designer Omer Sagiv has showcased his latest design: the Luna 3D printed bicycle, a clever and futuristic ensemble of solid 3D printed parts and regular bicycle components. More

Build a light-up 3D printed Stargate that actually dials

Dec.4, 2014 - Fans like Cara McNab, who has created the most impressive tribute to the hit sci-fi franchise Stargate that I’ve ever seen: an actually ‘working’ Stargate. More

Winners of first-ever White House 3D Printed Ornament Challenge announced

Dec.4, 2014 - On Wednesday first lady Michelle Obama unveiled the holiday decorations, inlcuding five 3D printed ornaments desgined by students, tinkerers, engineers and artists. More

The world’s first 3D printed bone conduction headset launches on Indiegogo

Dec.3, 2014 - A new, 3D printed solution has just appeared on Indiegogo: the Cynaps Mint. It’s a solution both for avoiding hearing loss yourself, as for listening to music if you’ve already damaged your hearing. More

Organovo & Yale to develop 3D bioprinted tissues for organ transplantion

Dec.3, 2014 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo and Yale School of Medicine, Department of Surgery have formed a collaboration to develop bioprinted tissues for surgical transplantation research. More

Never be late again! 3D print yourself a cool and simple gear clock

Dec.3, 2014 - Unlike most clocks, this 3D printed ‘Holo Clock’ features a two gear trains, each one moving an arm around (one for hours and the other for minutes). It’s a clever and unusual design that is still very easy to read. More

3D print yourself a kite with the Polycon construction kit

Dec.3, 2014 - Berlin-based artist and engineer Michael Ang has developed a 3D printing kit that is perfect for recreating the connectors that are central to kites. Simply add fabric or paper... More

DAMN x Café Costume offers customizable 3D printed men’s accessory collection

Dec.3, 2014 - Thanks to their unique, three-way partnership with architect designer duo DAMN and Twikit, the Antwerp-based pioneer of 3D customization, Café Costume plans to bring tailored, 3D design into the fast-paced world of men’s fashion. More

Behind the Scenes: how the first 3D-printed portrait of President Obama was made

Dec.3, 2014 - The first 3D printed presidential portraits created from 3D scan data were displayed at White House Maker Faire last June. The White House released a new video today showing you behind-the-scenes of Obama's 3D-face scanning session. More

3D printed Satellite project SatNOGS from Greece wins Hackaday Prize

Dec.2, 2014 - Things have clearly been going well for the SatNOGS team since then, as they just picked up the Grand Prize at the 2014 Hackaday competition in November. Beating a diverse and massive field of 800 competitors to take the main prize. More

Finnish Puzzlephone relies on 3D printing to build modular smartphones

Dec.2, 2014 - The Puzzlephone that is aiming for a September 2015 release itself, features a simple and inviting design, an open-source, Linux-based philosophy and relies on 3D printing to develop it. More

7-year-old girl receives new 3D printed custom-made bionic arm

Dec.2, 2014 - One seven-year old girl from Lynchburg, Virginia, received one of the most special gifts of her life last week: a bionic, custom-made 3D printed arm. More

Zortrax showcases their signature model by 3D printing a coffee table

Dec.2, 2014 - Polish 3D printer manufacturers Zortrax has, as the photos illustrate, chosen a very interesting project to showcase their Zortrax M200 3D printer: a “KARO” coffee table. More

Concept Laser's new metal laser melting system M2 cusing at Euromold

Dec.1, 2014 - Concept Laser presented its new M2 cusing system featuring a modern design and numerous innovations, as well as two new certified materials at Euromold 2014. More

Cool and custom-made 3D printed branding irons available on Etsy

Dec.1, 2014 - The most enjoyable 3D printed creations tend to be both functional an fun, like this series of 3D printed branding irons made by Etsy artist Niquegeek. Niquegeek (or James) refers to himself as a Digital Blacksmith. More

Adidas develops new Springblade footwear using 3D printing technology

Dec.1, 2014 - Adidas, the German sports apparel giant is now incorporating 3D printing into its footwear design process. The company started as a footwear producer in 1920. More

19th Century Japanese woodblock drawings given 3D shape at Tokyo Designers Week 2014

Dec.1, 2014 - This 3D printed sculpture combines references to contemporary Japanese manga culture with a touch of something that might be referred to as Tim Burton-esque. More

Rohinni produces the 'world's thinnest' LED lights using 3D printing, and it adds light anywhere

Dec.1, 2014 - Idaho-based startup Rohinni's goal is to enable the leading lighting option for endless applications. What they are developing is its Lightpaper, the world's thinnest LED lighting. More

Researchers use 3D printing to aid human face transplants

Dec.1, 2014 - Surgeons are using computed tomography (CT) and highly accurate 3D printers to recreate life-size models of patients' heads to guide face transplantation surgery, according to a study. More

3D printed face masks defy surveillance technology

Nov.30, 2014 - In response to this aggressive pervasiveness of surveillance technology, artist Sterling Crispin has reverse-engineered facial detection algorithms to create DATA MASKS, a 3D art project-cum-act of political protest. More

3D printed stereographic lampshades create dazzling light projections

Nov.29, 2014 - Jenny, the software developer and blogger behind Caret Dash Caret, has created and released her script for creating personalized stereographic lampshades using the Blender API. More

Attaching a 3D printer to a microscope? Spanish scientist 3D prints a microscopic image of Hydrogel

Nov.29, 2014 - Spanish scientist Andrés Gómez has taken a absolutely minute microscopic image of some hydrogel, and gave it a tangible shape using 3D printing technology. More

Protect your quality beers with this 3D printed bottle lock

Nov.28, 2014 - To solve this age-old problem Jonathan Odom, one of the full-time designers at the Instructables Design Studio, has developed a 3D printable beer bottle lock that will protect your prizes any bottle opener you’re not holding. More

DIY 3D printable Raman spectrometer could provide cheap & early detection of hazardous chemicals

Nov.28, 2014 - For most of us, 3D printing is simply a fun tool and creative outlet for any little fun project that we come across. But it goes without saying that 3D printing is also a potent innovative manufacturing technology... More

Protect your iPhone 6 with a Kornez customizable 3D printed cover for each corner

Nov.28, 2014 - Demnard Design, a young product design company based in Boca Raton, Florida, announced that it is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Kornez, a sleek and customizable cover for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. More

Formlabs shares designs to add screw threading to 3D printed objects

Nov.27, 2014 - Formlabs have now released a series of designs and stl files that can be used to add screw threads to your own multi-component designs. For our convenience, these have been ranked in order of effectivity. More

London designer 3D prints a gorgeous replica of ‘An Athlete Wrestling with a Python’ sculpture

Nov.27, 2014 - For the London-based designer David Rencsenyi has just successfully 3D printed a highly-detailed and gorgeous replica of Frederic Leighton’s stunning ‘An Athlete Wrestling with a Python’ sculpture. More

Mixee Labs introduces two new 3D printable jewelry design, offering a special discount for Thanksgiving day

Nov.27, 2014 - For celebrating US Thanksgiving day, 3D printing shop Mixee Labs launches today two new products: 3D printed Ambigram Jewelry and 3D Printer Charm. More

Electric vehicles, 3D printers, low-priced smartphones among Dentsu's 2015 'Expected Hit Products' in Japan

Nov.27, 2014 - Dentsu, the world’s largest advertising agency brand, announced today the release of its '2014 Hit Products in Japan' report. Dentsu shares ten key trends that drive consumer mind-set and behavior for 2014. More

Crowdfunding campaign launched for the 3D printed virtual reality headset Pinć

Nov.27, 2014 - The Canadian interactive media company Cordon Media have started an Indiegogo campaign for their own and very intriguing 3D printed VR headset: the Pinć. More

French designer showcases 3D printing’s artistic potential with her ceramic '3D Crafts'

Nov.26, 2014 - While visitors of might not need to be convinced themselves, many people would scoff at the idea that 3D printed creations can match the warmth or artistry of hand-crafted objects. More

Special 3D printed cups are allowing astronauts aboard ISS to enjoy espressos

Nov.26, 2014 - Imagine being sent up there into the cold darkness of space, where the lack of gravity makes even the simplest activity a giant task. Don’t you think you’d have the right to enjoy a nice cup of coffee every now and then? More

Italian maker creates the largest ever 3D printed Marvin mascot

Nov.26, 2014 - Mario's giant Marvin measures to a maddening 800 x 600 x 800mm (or 31.4 x 23.6 x 31.4 inches), took a mind-blowing 180 hours of continuous printing to complete (printing at approximately 50 mm per second). More

Create a new 3D object every 10 minutes by combining 3D printer with revo casting machine

Nov.26, 2014 - The revo is being developed by the Canadian company Magic Maker, based in Calgary, Alberta. A revocaster is a rotational casting device that allows you to cast objects based on molds. More

Tenvas launches the first 3D printed, interchangeable fashion watches

Nov.26, 2014 - Singapore-based Tenvas company entered production just two weeks ago, on November 8th, and offer customised, expressive and stylish watches to the public using digital design and 3D technology. More

Neri Oxman & team create 3D printed “Wearable Skins” for planetary voyages

Nov.26, 2014 - Neri Oxman's team at MIT Media Lab has created four 3D printed artworks called "wearable skins", showcasing the spectacular opportunities that 3D printing brings to the creative design industry. More

The first 3D printer in Space creates its first functioning part on ISS

Nov.26, 2014 - The International Space Station’s 3D printer has manufactured the first 3-D printed object in space, paving the way to new age of off-Earth manufacturing. More

Brazilian start-up TriDom seeks to solve the world’s housing problem using 3D printing

Nov.25, 2014 - That is exactly what TriDom seeks to fix using 3D printing technology. The name of their social enterprise refers to 3D printed houses (Tri = 3 and Dom, the Russian word for home), and that is their product. More

The flashy, 3D printable and functionally designed DyRos Humanoid Robot

Nov.25, 2014 - Unlike its many competitors, the DyRos Robot features both an impressive engineering interior, as well as a flashy exterior. Unsurprisingly, it heavily relied on 3D printing to achieve success in that latter category. More

Open source 3D printed water quality tester

Nov.24, 2014 - To help to solve these issues, Joshua M. Pearce and his research group from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Michigan Technological Institute designed a new open source 3D printed water testing platform. More

The ‘Turtle’ project - using 3D printing to make the world a better place

Nov.23, 2014 - One inspiring example is Italian designer Stefano Giovacchini (from Di Segno Studio) and his ‘Turtle’ project which seeks to make transportation easier. For Turtle is a simple anchoring solution. More

Open source 3D printable accessories turns vegetables and fruits into fun toys

Nov.23, 2014 - The Open Toy project was born in the summer of 2013 during a workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. Using material waste from the band saw, such as cork and wood, designer Samuel N. Bernier has created a serie of toys... More

Ingocraft, 3D printable construction set for kid makers

Nov.23, 2014 - Sarasota, Florida-based Ingocraft is offering a 3D printed construction set that combines hands on making with a fun 3D modeling app and 3D printable parts ready for customizing your own kit. More

Dutch designer wins New Material Fellow award with her 3D printable ‘balloon’ project

Nov.23, 2014 - Her Aera Fabrica project has just won the New Material Fellow award at the Dutch New Material Award design competition. This competition is an initiative of the Dutch innovation funds DOEN Foundation. More

Designer Jenny Wu launches LACE, a new 3D printed jewelry collection

Nov.22, 2014 - Internationally celebrated architect, Jenny Wu, announced this week the official public launch of her first 3D printed wearable designs, LACE. The collection will make its debut at Aqua Art Miami this December. More

Maker builds a 3D printed compound bow that can shoot at 10 meters

Nov.22, 2014 - The compound bow is more energy-efficient than other bows, which is why a maker by the name of Dick Cho set about creating a 3D printed version of compound bow. More

Publisher to release 90-week ‘Build your own 3D printer’ partwork magazine in Britain and Ireland

Nov.21, 2014 - UK publisher Eaglemoss Collections have announced a partwork for building your own, actually workable 3D printer. Could this be the definitive proof that 3D printing has reached mainstream society. More

Go bananas with 3D printed food

Nov.21, 2014 - Food printing can be considered as the holy grail of 3D printing, and it’s hardly surprising that so many companies and start-ups are looking at different possibilities and ‘food filaments’. More

RedEye 3D prints 30 antenna arrays for NASA to function on the exterior of a satellite

Nov.21, 2014 - RedEye, a Stratasys Company and leading provider of 3D printing services, has partnered with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to 3D print 30 antenna array supports for the FORMOSAT-COSMIC-2 satellite mission. More

A 3D printed, interactive and touch-responsive talking map for the blind

Nov.21, 2014 - Now Researchers from the University of Buffalo have come up with an ingenious application – a 3D printed interactive wayfinding - for the visually impaired. More

3D printed compass draws and duplicates various shapes from digital files

Nov.21, 2014 - 3D printed COMP*PASS, developed by Japanese Design student Ken Nakagaki, is a multi-functional, automatic drawing tool that can be programmed to replicate various detailed shapes and sizes. More

Awesome and creepy 3D printed robotic spider featured on 'Inside Adam Savage’s Cave'

Nov.20, 2014 - Made by Hong Kong technology manufacturers Robugtix, the spider is called the Robugtix T8, and was only available for a limited time last year. Adam picked it up for a hefty sum of $2950, but it looks to be worth its value. More

Czech photographer immortalizes wake skater Zuzana Vráblová as a 3D printed action figure

Nov.20, 2014 - Zuzana Vráblová won the first prize at the Byerly Toe Jam wake skating championship in Orlando, Florida in 2013, but was now honoured in a very unique way: to be scanned, 3D printed and photographed as 3D action figure. More

9-year-old boy designs his own multifunctional, 3D printed prosthetic hand

Nov.20, 2014 - Nine-year-old Aidan Robinson's lower left arm has been missing since birth. Recently Aidan took the 3D printing route himself, designing a custom prosthetic that allows him to perform crucial tasks, like controlling the Wii. More

3D printed heart replicas used to save lives of babies with congenital heart defects

Nov.20, 2014 - 3D printed replicas of the human heart may help surgeons treat patients born with complicated heart disorders, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014. More

3D printed self-learning, self-repairing robots can adapt to extreme environments

Nov.19, 2014 - A team of researchers at Oslo University’s Department of Informatics has developed a category of robots that, through simulation programs and 3D printing, adapt to unforeseen obstacles. More

Daniel Norée launches OpenRailway project for 3D printed miniature trains

Nov.19, 2014 - Aside from working on very cool 3D printable trains and railways, Daniel Norée has also launched an open-source community to accompany this new and exciting project: OpenRailway. More

OPM receives $150K to improve treatment of infections related to implanted devices

Nov.19, 2014 - Oxford Performance Materials has received a three-year, $150,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to explore new approaches to improve the treatment of infections related to implanted devices. More

Japanese artist collaboration XSENSE develop gorgeous and artistic 3D printed artificial limbs

Nov.19, 2014 - The XSENSE project is where (digital) art meets shapes. Artist Yoshinori Sakamaki paints and draws beautiful scenes where the traditional meets the industrial, and these are subsequently given shapes and purposes in 3D. More

Photographers design a cheap 3D printed filter holder for a Nikon 14-24 mm f/2.8 lens

Nov.19, 2014 - And that’s where 3D printing comes in. That’s at least the option photographers Patrick Ludolph and Christian Steinkrüger chose. Ludolph was unable to find a reasonably priced filter holder for his Nikon 14-24 mm f/2.8 lens. More

Fan 3D prints very cool table top terrain for Warhammer 40k battles

Nov.18, 2014 - Now the father and son team have created something you won’t quickly find in your local gaming store: futuristic, multipurpose and stackable 3D printed ‘crystals’ that could be used in both a 40k and in a fantasy setting. More

Go back to the basics with the 3D printable Sundial Watch Collection

Nov.18, 2014 - Instructable user gkapriel has created a gorgeous collection of 3D printable watches. And unlike smartwatches or smartphones, you won’t have to provide these with power every 24 hours. More

Organovo announces commercial release of exVive3D 3D printed human liver tissue

Nov.18, 2014 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo today announced the full commercial release of the exVive3DTM Human Liver Tissue for preclinical drug discovery testing. More

Aachen University uses 3D printer to build a fully functional electric car in just 12 months

Nov.18, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys today announced it will feature the paradigm-breaking StreetScooter C16, an electric production vehicle available for under €10,000, on its stand at EuroMold, 25-28 November, Frankfurt, Germany. More

3D printed LYF Shoes: sustainable, recyclable and customizable footwear that also looks great

Nov.18, 2014 - However, a very interesting company called Lyf Shoes seeks to turn that industry upside down. What if shoes could be fashionable, 3D printed, recyclable and customizable, and even contribute to a sustainable environment? More

Zortrax & Piloci create ‘Mappingwall’, a 332-piece 3D printed multimedia display wall

Nov.17, 2014 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has partnered with design company Piloci Studio Co. to create an amazing multimedia installation ‘Mappingwall’ using video mapping and 3D printing technology. More

PrintAlive 3D bioprinter moves to preclinical trials, could revolutionize burn treatment

Nov.17, 2014 - This PrintAlive Bioprinter has now moved to the ‘preclinical trials’ phase of the medical adoption process. If all goes well, the first trials on patients can begin within the next two years. More

3D printing turns Miguel Chevalier's virtual art into 3d physical sculpture

Nov.17, 2014 - But now 3D printing is allowing Miguel Chevalier to give material form to his virtual universes, which is a genuine revolution in the world of sculpture. More

3D printed cork eyewear 'Oak and Dust' are customized to fit your face

Nov.16, 2014 - Using Rhino to create CAD models and a plug-in known as Grasshopper, Adrian Goegl designed unique, custom eyeglass frames. These were then printed in polyamide provided by i.materialise’s online 3D printing service. More

3D printing creates custom urns that look just like your loved one

Nov.16, 2014 - 3D printing technology has been entering the cremation urn industry as well. At times, this manufacturing technology is used to construct beautiful tributes that capture the essence of the deceased. More

English fan 3D prints gorgeous and scary Alien Xenomorph cosplay suit

Nov.16, 2014 - England-based James Bruton is a bigger 3D printing expert and enthusiast than most of us, producing dozens of self-designed parts and constructing whole 3D printed cosplay suits. More

Biodegradable drone made out of fungus and bacteria melts away when it crashes

Nov.16, 2014 - A team of students from Stanford, Brown and Spelman College and NASA Ames Research Center have developed a biodegradable drone made from a combination of fungi, bacteria and wasp saliva which recently completed its first flight. More

Jonty Hurwitz 3D printed nano sculptures at the same scale as a human sperm

Nov.15, 2014 - Artist Jonty Hurwitz has created so far the most detailed nano-sculptures with 3D printing and a technique called "Multi-Photon Lithography". Similar to standard photolithography techniques... More

UNYQ released new 3D printed military-inspired camouflage prosthetic leg covers

Nov.15, 2014 - This week, In celebration of Veterans Day for the service of all U.S. military veterans, UNYQ released a new line of military-inspired fairings: Conceal & Wow - the CAM Collection. More

Connecticut scientists replicate antique musical instruments using 3D printing

Nov.14, 2014 - Researchers at the University of Connecticut have been doing exactly that, by 3D printing the necessary parts to give hundred-year-old instruments a new opportunity to play beautiful music. More

Mixee Labs' new 3D printed Fantasy Football trophy

Nov.14, 2014 - Mixee Labs partnered with Andrew Thomas to create a Fantasy Football Trophy maker (American football) to bring 3D Printing to the world of Fantasy Football. More

4WEB makes milestone: Over 3,000 4WEB 3D-printed spinal implants in use

Nov.13, 2014 - 4WEB Medical announced yesterday at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco that its surgeon customers have now implanted over 3,000 of the company's 3D-printed orthopedic truss implants. More

ESA's first 3D printer POP3D set for Space Station

Nov.13, 2014 - Europe’s very first 3D printer in space is scheduled for installation aboard the ISS next year, announced European Space Agency today. Designed and built in Italy, it will be put to the test... More

Slovakian man recovers after surgeons successfully apply a 3D printed titanium skull implant

Nov.13, 2014 - The 30-year-old Slovakian Juraj Shank recently experienced this for himself, when doctors of the University Hospital of L. Pasteur in Slovakia’s second city of Košice placed a large, 3D printed skull implant over his brain. More

SUMISAYA Japanese sword combines traditional katana craftsmanship with 3D printing

Nov.13, 2014 - For by reaching down 400 years of history of the Kansai region, Japanese company Studio Shikumi and startup Kabuku have teamed up to create a breath-taking katana and case that are both ancient and modern at the same time. More

South African teens build self-repairing 3D printer to support human mission to Mars

Nov.13, 2014 - Ambitious 15-year-old Rueben Pretorius, Mathew Whyte and Jared Rheeders have designed and created a working prototype of a space ready 3D printer which will be showcased at the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) in Russia this month. More

3DPrinterOS and 3Dponics team up to offer 3D printable DIY hydroponics system

Nov.13, 2014 - Cloud-based 3D printing operating system 3DPrinterOS and 3Dponics Inc. will be collaborating to include 3Dponics’ open-source DIY 3D printable hydroponics system as part of the upcoming launch of 3DPrinterOS. More

World’s largest 3D sand printer gives 1912 Brush car a new lease of life

Nov.12, 2014 - London-based 3Dealise has announced today that they have created the world's first prototype from the largest and fastest 3D sand printer. The S-Max was introduced by ExOne in 2010. More

Two men 3D printed a life-size replica of themselves to find love

Nov.12, 2014 -, an online dating service with websites serving 25 countries, has 3D printed 1:1 life-size replicas of two of its members, hoping that could boost their chances to find the right one. More

Get a personalized, 3D printed signpost that perfectly matches your location

Nov.12, 2014 - A new Canadian start-up called Directive Designs that exemplifies all that creative and customizable potential with their latest printing service: MyWay Sign. These are a mini directional signs. More

GE 3D prints and test fires a fully functional miniature jet engine

Nov.12, 2014 - And recently American giants General Electric (GE) have just shown off their commitment to 3D printing by producing a 3D printed, fully functional miniature jet engine. More

Modular 3D printed roof system could replace corrugated iron roofs in developing countries

Nov.11, 2014 - Their project is called Resilient Modular Systems, and in a nutshell, it seeks to provide 3D printed alternatives for the corrugated iron roofing that prevails throughout much of the third world. More

Autodesk biologist is hacking 3D printed virus to fight cancer

Nov.11, 2014 - At the recent WIRED 2014 technology conference in London, the cell biologist and genetic biologist Andrew Hessel discussed the possibilities of 3D printing personalized medicine. More

Cool 3D printed puzzle box now available on Shapeways

Nov.11, 2014 - And if that particular person is crazy about puzzles, than this recent 3D printed addition to Shapeways might just be the perfect present: the Centrifugal Puzzle Box. More

SteelSeries offers 3D printable nameplate for its Rival optical gaming mouse

Nov.11, 2014 - SteelSeries has added a 3D printable nameplate to its offering. By default the Rival comes with 2 interchangeable nameplates. But if you have a 3D printer,you could just customize the part and 3D print your own nameplate. More

Giant 3D printed spaceship displayed at BFI IMAX in London for the premiere of Interstellar

Nov.10, 2014 - Interstellar is a movie that is making headlines in the film world for its gripping tale and gorgeous production, though it should do the same in the 3D printing community for its impressive use of 3D printing technology. More

3D printed Leash Mate gives dog owners the perfect grip to hold on to their best friend

Nov.10, 2014 - The Leash Mate is an additional handle shaped like an ergonomic ball that will help you keep your dog under control. It can be easily attached to any standard dog leash to allow you to keep your dog closer and safer. More

Pioneering 3D printing used to reconstruct cylinder heads for legendary Porsches

Nov.10, 2014 - Anyone who owns a legendary Porsche 550 Spider, 904 or 356 Carrera can count himself lucky. These cars have experienced an enormous increase in value over the last few years. More

Russian scientists to unveil 3D bioprinted transplantable organ in March 2015

Nov.10, 2014 - Based at the Skolkovo Innovation Center just outside Moscow under the leadership of Professor Vladimir Mironov, Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions has been working on a Bio 3D printer for some time now. More

3D printing takes streetart to a whole new level

Nov.10, 2014 - 3D printing takes streetart to a whole new level. Approached by some talented graffiti artists, 3D designer Normally Ben designed representations of these style writing art tags. More

3D printed Microsoft Band charging stand now available for $10

Nov.10, 2014 - If you are a lucky owner of a Microsoft Band, you can now purchase a 3D printed charging stand for the device for as low as 10 USD. Microsoft has released its own fitness tracker. More

English researchers use 3D printing to produce flexible and fine textile-like structures

Nov.9, 2014 - An intriguing English project entitled Technical Crafting is a collaborative effort of two researchers from the Manchester School of Art. Their aim has been to develop a range of flexible textile samples using 3D printing. More

Plastic surgeon 3D prints realistic before and after images for Rhinoplasty patients

Nov.8, 2014 - In a video released recently, an Iranian plastic surgeon from Turkey, dr. Yakub Avşar, explained how he employs 3D printing to improve the experience of his patients. More

Italian start-up Youbionic has prototyped a promising 3D printed bionic hand

Nov.8, 2014 - The Italian start-up Youbionic is currently working on marketable and affordable bionics. All of its 3D printed parts have been made using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. More

ESA outlines plan to use 3D printing to build a fully habitable base on the moon

Nov.7, 2014 - Could astronauts one day be printing rather than building a base on the Moon? In 2013 the European Space Agency (ESA proved that 3D printing using lunar soil was feasible in principle. More

Adafruit designs a 3D printed ray gun, complete with LED lights and cool sound effects

Nov.7, 2014 - Adafruit has come up another mind-blowing project, literally: a very cool prop ray gun blaster, complete with intricate electronics that provide cool lighting and sound effects each time you pull the trigger. More

Pennsylvanian man develops steel-reinforced bullets for 3D printed guns

Nov.6, 2014 - For Michael Crumling, a 25-year-old American from Pennsylvania, has just shared footage of a type of bullet called .314 Atlas, that has been specifically developed to be fired from 3-D printed plastic guns. More

Princeton creates first fully 3D printed quantum dot LEDs using a custom 3D printer

Nov.6, 2014 - But team at Princeton has now successfully 3D printed quantum dot-based LEDs, showing that diverse classes of materials can be 3D printed and fully integrated into device components with active properties. More

A 3D printed robot that can actually draw

Nov.6, 2014 - Randy from the Instructables Design Studio has recently created a 3D printed pencil robot. While many robots we find online, this surprisingly simple robot walks on four legs. More

Gorgeous 3D printed T-Rex skeleton made with a Form 1+ 3D printer

Nov.5, 2014 - However, another recent project is perhaps just as ambitious and impressive: a 3D printed T-rex skeleton that is so detailed and authentic-looking, you’d think you just wandered into a natural history museum. More

3DP Unlimited 3D prints 27-inch tall giant Frankenstein head in one solid piece

Nov.5, 2014 - For last week, the Illinois-based 3D printer manufacturer 3DP Unlimited revealed one of the largest single-piece 3D printed creations we’ve ever come across: A 27-inch tall Frankenstein Monster head. More

Prosthetic designers Open Bionics win second prize in Intel’s ‘Make it Wearable’ Challenge

Nov.4, 2014 - Open Bionics have received an incredible and well-deserved boost by winning the second prize in Intel’s design competition, along with the $100,000 prize that accompanies it. More

Check out this cool ghostly spinning top that is 3D printed in metal

Nov.4, 2014 - This is what makes the Ghost Spinning Top, that can be found on Shapeways, so incredible. As can be seen in the pictures, the Ghost is an impressive geometric shape that is 3D printed as a single, beautiful piece. More

Sneak peek of a 3D printed, compact and portable drone

Nov.4, 2014 - Backcountry Drones is currently working on a promising and cool-looking drone that is portable, compact, light-weight and autonomous: perfect for practical and harsh environments. More

Learn to code, design & build 3D printed bots with Maker Club's app & learning system

Nov.3, 2014 - According to Brighton, UK based Maker Club, a platform & community for 3D Printed robots, the ‘home robot revolution’ is coming. Maker Club has just launched the first batch of it’s robots on crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. More

3D Bioprinting helps researchers create a better in vitro breast cancer model

Nov.3, 2014 - A Texas Medical Center research team has made a breakthrough in breast cancer research using revolutionary 3D bioprinting technology being developed by Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), a joint venture partner of Rainbow Coral Corp. More

Pierro Astro designs, prototypes, tests star-gazing equipment using 3D printing

Nov.3, 2014 - In fact they're more than just an astronomy shop, they're more an astronomy experience. In order to provide these customized products, Pierro Astro quickly turned to 3D printing. More

You will be able to 3D print customised medicines on demand 'within a decade'

Nov.2, 2014 - But researchers from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston in the UK are working on a revolutionary new way to deliver customized medicines on demand using 3D printing. More

Collaboration and 3D printing came together to help Oreo the dog run again

Nov.2, 2014 - A cross-functional team of veterinary surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and biomedical engineers who work thousands of miles apart, has created a custom patella implant for a dog in need of a new knee cap in 4 days. More

How to 3D print a working speaker with a 3D resin printer

Nov.1, 2014 - Marin Davide from Lumi Industries, the creators of LumiPocket, the compact DLP 3d printer has just published a new instructable teaching how to 3D print a working speaker with a 3D printer. More

Adafruit’s 3D printed Mario clouds electronic jewelry

Nov.1, 2014 - This week Noe and Pedro Ruiz of Adafruit Industries has come up another awesome 3D printing project: 8-bit retro Mario Clouds, a wearable Mari Clouds pendant featuring animated scrolling clouds. More

3D printed T-Rex shower head brings you back to the age of the dinosaur

Nov.1, 2014 - Thingiverse user Jonathan Schwartz, a product manager at 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot, has recently created an awesome piece of 3D printed T-Rex Shower Head which can fit on any standard 1/2" shower head pipe. More

iMakr & Le Bon Marché team to offer 3D printed 'Mini-You' candles

Nov.1, 2014 - This week, in partnership with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche – The Paris Luxury Department Store, iMakr is launching “Scandles” – The Candle Mini-You. Using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technology... More

San Francisco company using 3D printing to develop adjustable prosthetic legs

Oct.31, 2014 - LIM Innovations has now developed a quick, easy and relatively affordable way to customize and produce these sockets. Not only do they achieve a very high-level of comfort and quality, these Infinite Sockets are also... More

MIT's 'Huggable': a 3D printed bear that helps parents & doctors interact with children

Oct.31, 2014 - That is what scientists from the MIT Media Lab have shown us with their “Huggable”: a 3D printed teddy bear that not only looks absolutely adorable, but is also filled with a load of electronics... More

The Elle: a 3D printed prosthetic swimming leg that will allow amputees to swim again

Oct.31, 2014 - Elle is a prosthetic leg and swimwear that has been cleverly designed to maximize the amputee’s swimming experience. It has been developed by Della Tosin, an Indonesian born, LA-based product designer. More

3D Print yourself an affordable and flexible circuit board

Oct.31, 2014 - Instructables user Mikey77 has recently posted a guide for 3D printing circuit boards with just about any type of FDM printer. His handy tutorial could very well hold the key to easy and affordable circuit boards for any project.. More

NASA Engineers build 'Frankenstein' aircraft using 3D printed parts & UAV components

Oct.31, 2014 - Engineers at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, along with a team of student interns have successfully constructed a custom-build aircraft using 3D printed parts and components from surplus unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). More

Bristol engineer develops 3D printed bionic hand that 'fits like a glove'

Oct.30, 2014 - Unlike other wonderful examples of 3D printed prosthetics, Joel Gibbard has developed a bionic prosthetic with an electronic grip. This cool feature, alongside its futuristic appearance... More

Dutch engineering graduate develops a 3D printed ambulance drone that could save thousands of lives

Oct.30, 2014 - Dutch graduate student Alec Momont has designed and produced an unmanned, autonomously navigating mini-airplane that is capable of delivering a defibrillator at a moment’s notice. More

3DAround camera app turns your phone into a 3D scanner

Oct.29, 2014 - The 3DAround app will let you shoot a quick photo in a cool 360-degree, swivel-around photo with just your smartphone. It’s very simple and user friendly: Simply hit record... More

The world’s second 3D printed metal gun revealed: the ‘Reason’

Oct.29, 2014 - While the 1911 was already capable of firing, this new gun that has been dubbed ‘Reason’, looks much sturdier. Unlike its predecessor, however, we haven’t yet seen any proof of this gun being able to fire. More

Keyshapes : (Re)design your surroundings, furniture & accessories with 3D printed connectors

Oct.29, 2014 - Keyshapes, a manufacturing system that will allow you to (re)create and re(design) your surroundings, furniture and accessories to match your lifestyle, preferences, space and budget. More

Vic Govt in Australia promises 3D printers for all state high schools if re-elected next month

Oct.29, 2014 - A re-elected Victorian Coalition Government in Australia will offer to put a 3D printer in government secondary schools and special schools. Premier Denis Napthine said the $2.2 million program... More

Don Foley's 3D Printed skeleton keys, cuffs and chains just in time for Halloween

Oct.29, 2014 - Don builds a huge set in his front yard every Halloween and cooks up a huge pot of Gumbo for his friends and neighbors. Since Don also loves 3D printing, he needed to do a few things on his annual stage that he 3D printed. More

MIT engineer 3D prints a multi-colored replica of the brain of a fruit fly

Oct.28, 2014 - For Nicolas Aimon has used 3D printing technology to create a replica of the brain of a fruit fly, and has incorporated lighting effects to mimic brain activity (and lighten up the room). More

3D print yourself a cool and safe crossbow toy

Oct.28, 2014 - And in the spirit of keeping things small but fun, Steve Thone has created a cool design for a miniature, but actually workable crossbow. Consisting of a few 3D printable supplies plus some extras... More

3D print yourself an edible 'virus' popsicle

Oct.28, 2014 - The San Francisco-based Li seeks to push the boundaries of people’s comfort zones with the Dangerous Popsicles project. And obviously, 3D printing is a great tool in such creative processes. More

Ultimate tribute to the first-person shooter Destiny: 3D printed Thunderlord gun

Oct.28, 2014 - London based product designer Kirby Downey has a passion for 3D printing. He has created an extremely cool replica of the Thunderlord exotic gun from the brand-new Destiny video game in real life. More

3D printed guitars on the road as part of Klaxons' last UK headline tour

Oct.28, 2014 - 3D printed guitars are on the road for the first time as part of the Klaxons tour which kicked off on Saturday. The Klaxons have declared that this was their last headline tour. More

Fan 3D prints an extremely cool Destiny's Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle

Oct.28, 2014 - However the London-based designer Elliott Viles has just raised the stakes on 3D printed tributes with his latest creation: an extremely cool life size replica of the Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle from Destiny video game. More

Switzerland's RUAG Space to build satellites components using a 3D printer

Oct.28, 2014 - Swiss company RUAG Space plans to soon be equipping satellites with components made using a 3D printer - making them lighter and cheaper. As part of a pilot project, specialists have built an antenna support... More

Celebrate the life of a loved one with a 3D printed custom urn

Oct.27, 2014 - Based in the small city of Eden Prairie, the team behind Foreverence uses 3D printing technology to create custom-made cremation urns that are shaped exactly like objects that were important to the person... More

Artec's Shapify 3D full-body scanning booth creates custom figurines in minutes

Oct.26, 2014 - Artec Group, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D scanner and software, announces last week the debut of its Shapify Booth in the USA. More

76 percent 3D printer owners report high daily & weekly usage, finds new CEA study

Oct.25, 2014 - According to a study released this week by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), three quarters of 3D printer owners (76 percent) report using their 3D printers daily or several times a week. More

3D printed wheelchair that can be customized to user’s needs

Oct.25, 2014 - However, Chinese company Qingdao Unique Technology interprets this in an entirely different fashion. Rather than just settling for a 3D printed prosthetic, they’ve taken things to a totally different level... More

Why buy a filament spool holder for your 3D printer, if you can just print one?

Oct.25, 2014 - That's probably what the guys from Swedish 3D printing web store Creative Tools must have been thinking, when they shared their designs for a 3D printed filament spool holder earlier this week on Thingiverse. More

Scientists from POSTECH University Korea using 3D printing to reconstruct bone tissue

Oct.24, 2014 - South Korean scientists from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) are already exploring the possibilities of integrating bioprinting into regular medical practise. More

3D printing helps Rosetta mission find potential landing zone for spacecraft

Oct.24, 2014 - Last August, the spacecraft became the first to successfully rendezvous with the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Currently Rosetta is mapping the comet in detail to determine the safest place to land. More

Belgian company uses 3D printing to give bikes a covert electric boost

Oct.22, 2014 - It’s a problem everyone will face at some time or another. Either through age or infirmity, our muscles won’t always perform the way we’d like them to. More

AmphibianSkin: an affordable 3D printed splint that aids the healing process

Oct.22, 2014 - A company from Pueblo, Colorado, called 3DMedScan has developed an intriguing 3D printed medical device that fits into that last category. Their AmphibianSkin is a new high-tech, custom-made exoskeleton support device. More

Student shares 3D printing designs for fully functional RC airplane

Oct.22, 2014 - That must be what Florida-based engineering student Kiril Lange has been thinking, as he recently designed a fully functional, airworthy and 3D printable airplane. This plane is both very cool and easy to create. More

'Touchable Memories' lets the blind see their most cherished photos using 3D printing

Oct.21, 2014 - We see a lot of beautiful, impressive and practical applications come by on a daily basis, but for 3D printing to truly become a mainstream, household and common technology it will need to be human as well. More

LivePrint, watch 3D printing live in action & vote for the next object to be printed

Oct.21, 2014 - Our regular readers will know that we also sometimes report on some peculiar stories out of the web’s 3D printing community. Now here's something fun, addicting and perfect for 3D printing enthusiasts: Live Print. More

3D printed facial prosthesis offers new hope for eye cancer patients following surgery

Oct.21, 2014 - Researchers have developed a fast and inexpensive way to make facial prostheses for eye cancer patients using facial scanning software and 3D printing, according to findings released at AAO 2014. More

US government uses 3D printing to develop artificial bomb-sniffing dog noses

Oct.21, 2014 - The US government has purchased a $228,977 3D printer to produce objects replicating the dogs’ fine sniffing abilities. The printer in question is a Connex 500, of Stratasys design. More

Community 3D printing project EGG on display at the Dutch Design Week 2014

Oct.21, 2014 - Perhaps chief among these is the very impressive and ambitious Project Egg by Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley, who collaborated with countless others to realize a 3D printed-object that is literally the size of a house. More

3D printing used to help remove his wife's tumor - Join Mike Balzer's free seminar to learn '3D in Medicine'

Oct.20, 2014 - At the end of 2013 Michael Balzer, the producer of 'All Things 3D', was told that his wife was diagnosed with brain turmor. My wife was diagnosed with Menigioma. More

3D printing helps build upper jaw prosthetic for Indian cancer patient

Oct.20, 2014 - We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. While 3D printing technology is set to make our lives far more convenient and practical, no industry is poised to benefit from it as much as the medical sector is about to. More

Morgenrot 3D printed eyewear wins innovation award, to be released in early 2015

Oct.20, 2014 - But German designer Joachim Bischoff is taking things to an entirely different level. For in early 2015, his Morgenrot eyewear collection, which have been entirely constructed with 3D printers, will hit the shelves. More

Australian doctors use 3D printer to save 71-year-old cancer sufferer’s foot

Oct.20, 2014 - Doctors in Melbourne, Australia used a 3D printer to build a new heel bone for a man with cancer in the calcaneus and saved him from losing his leg. More

The first crowd fabricated open source 3D printable chair

Oct.20, 2014 - One of them, the black and white 'Puzzle Chair' was generated out of a single shape divided into 202 3d jigsaw puzzle parts. In collabration with the leading open source 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker. More

Box man, China's first 3D printed stop-motion animation short film released

Oct.20, 2014 - Who is ‘Box man’? He is the main character in a Chinese short stop-motion animation film that launched last week. Entitled ‘Breaking out of the box, be yourself!’. More

Japanese man sentenced to two years in prison for 3D printing guns

Oct.20, 2014 - Earlier today, a verdict was reached in the infamous 3D printed gun trial that was being held in the Yokohama District Court in Tokyo, Japan. Presiding Judge Koji Inaba found the 28-year-old Yoshitomo Imura... More

AMRC engineers reach new heights: 3D printed UAV with integrated electric ducted fan engines

Oct.19, 2014 - Now the AMRC team has taken another step forward: they have developed their original glider to incorporate electric-powered, ducted fan engines and unveiled the new developments at a top US aerospace conference. More

Drones, photogrammetry & 3D printing used to generate 3D models of landscapes

Oct.18, 2014 - French company Drones Imaging reminds of this with an innovative way to quickly and accurately generate 3D models of landscapes. They’re effectively using 3D printing to revolutionize the very important science of Photogrammetry. More

The future of stitches: 3D printed skin fusion concept could heal skins by 2030

Oct.18, 2014 - Andrew Guscott recently shared his design for a revolutionary-looking skin fusion device that would make the lives of doctors and patients the world over far easier. More

MicroFear, tiny & intricate dioramas based on iconic horror scenes

Oct.17, 2014 - Professional special FX makeup artist Jason Bakutis, founders of the successfully Kickstarted Fire & Bone, has launched a new line of tiny dioramas based on classic horror scenes from movies and books on Kickstarter this week. More

Treat your dog with the Odin, a stylish & entertaining 3D printed modular dog toy

Oct.17, 2014 - What is this Odin? Well, it's a modular geometric puzzle toy named after Moy’s own Pembroke Welsh Corgi Odin. Insert a few treats through the flaps, and you’ve got a mental and physical challenge for your dog. More

French artist uses 85 3D printed figurines to create a film without film

Oct.17, 2014 - Entitled ‘Relief’, his exhibition features a film made with 85 figurines printed with Stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printing technology. Together, these impressive figurines form an animated film. More

American Engineer uses 3D printing to turn PS4 into a laptop

Oct.16, 2014 - Recently, the Florida-based electrical engineer Ed Zarick revealed his PLAYBOOK 4, a ‘laptopified’ PS4 that can be played in the comfort of your own desktop. More

Awesome 3D printed prosthetic hand lets kids feel like Iron Man

Oct.16, 2014 - While not affiliated with E-Nable, creator Pat Starace is doing similar and wonderful work with this tribute to perhaps the most suitable superhero for a prosthetic creation. More

Extract & 3D print models from your favorite video games

Oct.16, 2014 - Just this week, avid gamer and mastermind of the YouTube channel Maker's Muse Angus posted a video tutorial on YouTube that enables anyone to create actual objects from the files of your most addicting games. More

Atlanta Hobby launches Vortex, revolutionary new 3D printed multi-rotor UAV

Oct.16, 2014 - Atlanta Hobby, one of the fastest growing hobby specialty shops and supplier of small-scale aerial photography equipment, launched the Vortex, one of the world’s most advanced hexacopters this week. More

3D print your own 'The Chandelier of Fear' for Halloween

Oct.15, 2014 - MakerBot Retail Store designers came up with a 3D printable Halloween-themed chandelier. Called 'The Chandelier of Fear', this holiday accessory is full of fun details like tiny pumpkins and dripping candle wax. More

Free design for a 3D printed Quadcopter on Instructables

Oct.15, 2014 - And now a new 3D printable quadcopter has appeared on Instructables that you can easily recreate yourself with its useful tutorial. And this particular quadcopter is also a bit larger than the Hovership. More

Austrian artist creates life-like insect models using a Form1+ 3D printer

Oct.15, 2014 - Are you sure these are 3D printed? All of these beautiful insects have been printed in multiple parts. The last one, a Midge larva, consists of 14 separate components. More

Bold Machines releases third 3D printable character Margo's dog named Eddie

Oct.15, 2014 - Yesterday, Bold Machines released its third character: Margo's dog Eddie for your 3D printing pleasure from the Margo movie series. Here is a back story about this dog. More

The Sound City project: four 3D printed ears that bring the sounds of world cities to your home

Oct.14, 2014 - nyone who ever checks out this site will know that the potential of 3D printing technology is only limited by your own creativity. But did you know that 3D printing could even capture sounds from all over the world? More

Nanotronics' 3D printed microscope captures 3D Images at nanoscale with a mouse click

Oct.14, 2014 - Nanotronics Imaging, developer of the world’s most technologically advanced nanoimaging solutions, today introduced its latest computer-controlled microscope, the nSPEC 3D. More

LibraryLyna brings 3D printing to teachers of the visually impaired

Oct.14, 2014 - Let’s start with a shocking statistic. Did you know that only 32.2 percent of visually-impaired people above the ages of 21 have a high school diploma or an equivalent of it? More

WASP to demonstrate 3D printed ceramic bone at 3D Printing Show Paris

Oct.14, 2014 - WASP will introduce this new extruder and 3D printed ceramic bone at 3D Printing Show in Paris held on 17th and 18th of October. More

Australian scientists develop 3D printed synthetic bone substitute

Oct.14, 2014 - For the past few years this team, led by professor Hala Zreiqat, have been working on a 3D printed substitute for bones, whose exact characteristics have so far been impossible to reproduce synthetically. More

3D-printed microRNA miroculus detects cancers with a single blood test

Oct.13, 2014 - Biotech company Miroculus has createad a 3D-printed microRNA 'miroculus' that could detects and monitor disease at the molecular level. The company wants to bring an accurate, easy to use, non-invasive and affordable microRNA. More

3D printed racing quadcopter launches on Kickstarter

Oct.13, 2014 - This campaign was started by a team of quad-crazy Australians who want to develop a 3D printing service that brings affordable, efficient and aerodynamic quadcopters to racing enthusiasts everywhere. More

Reseachers exploring biodegradable 3D printed metal bone scaffolds

Oct.13, 2014 - Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering and the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine are proposing a new technique to construct biodegradable tissue repair structures using 3D printing. More

16 cool 3D printing trends all self-respecting fashionistas should know about

Oct.12, 2014 - We all heard about the 3D printing technology bending and breaking the fashion world rules. To be honest, it's old news. What everyone's digging into right now is the successful cases. What's trending? More

US researchers develop two open-source portable solar-powered 3D printers for off-grid communities

Oct.12, 2014 - Joshua Pearce researches both solar power and 3D printing to develop two solutions in the form of open-source solar-powered 3D printers, capable of printing objects in any community with access to sunlight. More

3D Print me a horse's head

Oct.11, 2014 - It’s not every day that you get a request to 3D print a life-size replica of a horse’s head from a statue, but that’s what happened when Fokus Grupa – an artist collective based in Rijeka, Croatia, contacted us this summer. More

Emerging Objects creates 3D printed column that can withstand earthquakes

Oct.10, 2014 - California-based architecture firm Emerging Objects has used 3D printing technology to create a structure that, according to the firm, can withstand earthquakes without mortar or rebar. More

PrintScreen lets you 3D print your own touchscreens for mobile & wearable

Oct.9, 2014 - Three German researchers have created a solution: PrintScreen. This technology will allow anyone to 3D print custom, thin and flexible displays that can be affixed to just about any object you’re working on. More

3D print your own Lumia 1020 powered space telescope Ultrascope

Oct.9, 2014 - Teamed up with Microsoft and the biggest names in space exploration, Parr has crafted the first affordable 3D Printed telescope called ‘Ultrascope’. This kit-set telescope is designed to allow amateur astronomers... More

Generate & 3D print a custom hand prosthetic with e-Nable’s new online service Hand-O-Matic

Oct.9, 2014 - E-Nable, perhaps the most noble and inspiring movement in the world’s 3D printing community, has unveiled an exciting new online toolkit to help needy children throughout the world: the Hand-O-Matic. More

German man 3D printed a crazy machine gun that folds & shoots paper airplanes

Oct.9, 2014 - Paper aeroplanes, are great fun to play. German paper airplane enthusiast and tinkerer Dieter Michael Krone has come up with a 3D printed machine gun that rapidly folds and shoots paper airplanes. More

Maison & Objet, 3D printable, city-inspired home accessories now available on Cults

Oct.8, 2014 - A collaboration between French 3D printing provider leFabShop and biannual French trade fair Maison & Objet – which is one of Europe’s most important interior design events – is taking things to a whole new level. More

Adafruit's cool Halloween costume: a 3D printed dystopian gasmask with laser eye & LED lighting

Oct.8, 2014 - Noe Ruiz, is preparing to turn heads at Halloween with his newest creation. The 3D printed dystopian gasmask has got a bit of Star War’s storm troopers, but also reminds us of a number of other Sci-Fi games and movies. More

ESA tests 3D printing for space: redesign Tropomi mirror using AM

Oct.8, 2014 - Recently, engineers at European Space Agency (ESA) teamed up with Netherlands research institute TNO to redesign a 3D-printed mirror, a crucial piece of the Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument (Tropomi)... More

3D print your own robot using Harvard’s open-source soft robotics ‘toolkit’

Oct.7, 2014 - For their brand-new Soft Robotics Toolkit is a comprehensive database of knowledge, experience and examples that will help all those robot tinkerers out there expand into the realm of ‘soft’ robots. More

Hack your household with 3D printing to give new life to old appliances

Oct.6, 2014 - Under the title ‘Hacking Households’, which is part of BIO, a long-running Slovenian industrial design exposition, they have explored the possibilities that 3D printing and open-source modifications bring to normal consumers. More

Panasonic has developed 3D printed covers for lumix cameras

Oct.6, 2014 - Panasonic designers seem to think there is, as they have developed a variety of 3D printed covers for their widely used LUMIX GM1 compact cameras. More

Breakthrough: UK doctors creating 3D printed ears for children with deformities

Oct.6, 2014 - Scientists are using 3D printing to create ears which will be used to help children with deformities. In a few month they will start trials to implant 3D printed ears into patients. More

Make your very own 3D print of an actual comet circling earth

Oct.6, 2014 - The European Space Agency, or ESA, has released 3D models of the comet, which can be easily transformed into STL files and printed. A fan of space travel and 3D printing? More

The Edible Growth project: a study into sustainable, healthy 3D printed food

Oct.6, 2014 - All this makes the Edible Growth project, by the young but very talented Dutch industrial designer Chloé Rutzerveld, extremely interesting. Throughout 2014, she worked on a 3D food printing project... More

Pi-Top releases final 3D printed laptop prototype, details of 3 new Raspberry Pi HATs & launch date

Oct.4, 2014 - This week, the team has released more details about the Pi-Top. First of all, they have created multiple file formats so the Pi-Top can be printed on any 5”+ bed size 3D printer. More

LAB+ shares designs for 3D printed, thermoformed wrist brace

Oct.4, 2014 - Why outsource it, if you can construct your own using a regular desktop extrusion 3D printer? Fortunately, the Italian design team behind LAB+ has released designs for this on Thingiverse. More

Minnesota company bringing 3D printing services to individual farms

Oct.3, 2014 - This is being wonderfully illustrated by the Litchfield, Minnesota-based company GVL Proto Poly, that are taking 3D printing technology to their agricultural customers. More

Could airplane food be 3D printed in the future?

Oct.3, 2014 - They have developed a concept wherein food printers are used to revolutionize air travel as part of their entry for the international student design competition OzCHI24 last month. More

Aston Martin Magazine commissions 3D printed typeface to illustrate its possibilities for auto industry

Oct.3, 2014 - And to accompany the article, the manufacturer of James Bond’s stylish cars also commissioned a 3D printed typeface. This very impressive piece was created by the Canadian designer and letter artist Ben Johnston. More

3D printed bottle opener designed to help people with arthritis

Oct.3, 2014 - This 3D printed bottle opener is designed to help people, whose disabilities limit the functions of their hands, open bottles without requiring a lot of strength or firm grips. More

Inexpensive, table-top 3D printed RoboPuppet for teleoperating full-size robots

Oct.3, 2014 - Researchers at Indiana University came up with a method to create inexpensive, table-top sized models of robots to provide teleoperate input control to full sized robots. They call it 'ROBOPuppet'. More

3D printer found in Bulgaria-Spain raid, ATM skimming gang busted

Oct.3, 2014 - Bulgarian and Spanish police have busted a Bulgarian organised crime network suspected of a variety of crimes including large scale ATM skimming, electronic payment fraud and forgery of documents. More

The ELF Quad, a very cool, 3D printed and open-source quadcopter

Oct.2, 2014 - Check out this very cool 3D printed creation! The Shenzhen, China-based company ElecFreaks have dropped a few hints in the past, but now their awesome little ELF Quad quadcopter is finally on its way. More

World's first 3D-printed rocket-powered spaceplane set to launch in autumn

Oct.2, 2014 - The first 3D printed rocket-powered spaceplane 'Vulture 2' will be launched this autumn with sponsorship from EXASOL AG, the provider of EXASolution the world's most powerful engine for analytics and data warehousing. More

Iris van Herpen debuts 3D-printed garments 'grown' with magnets at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.2, 2014 - For her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, presented in Paris yesterday, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen unveiled 3D-printed garments and accessories "grown" that explores the interplay of magnetic forces. More

MIT unveils football-size, 3D printed underwater robot designed for port security

Oct.2, 2014 - Researchers from MIT revealed their latest robot, a type of submersible drone that is set to be changing underwater security. What’s more, its 3D printed, making it an impressive and affordable addition to the world of robotics. More

Seattle designers Pensar develop 3D printed DNA shoes tailored to your anatomy

Oct.2, 2014 - The Seattle-based company Pensar (Italian for ‘to think’) has been working on a far bolder step. They have developed a concept for DNA shoes: 3D printed footware that has been modified to not only fit your own feet precisely. More

Fan creates brilliant, lifelike and actually wearable Samus Varia suit using 3D printing

Oct.1, 2014 - 3D printing technology is being used by countless enthusiasts around the world to make tributes to their favorite shows or video games, but one Redditor going by the name of Talaaya has done... More

Enhanced robotic cleaning with a low-cost 3D printed grip

Oct.1, 2014 - The two scientists from the Human Centered Robotics Lab have developed a simple 3D printed tool designed to make one of the most basic human functions, gripping and using objects, more robot-friendly. More

This 3D printed iPhone case comes to the rescue of bendgate victims

Sep.30, 2014 - While it won’t actually fix your troubled phone, a Shapeways designer has created a special case for bent phones, that can help you begin living with your terrible disability. More

Dutch students use 3D printing to replicate 17th century glass objects

Sep.29, 2014 - A group of students from the Technical University Delft teamed up with Dutch Artist Maaike Roozenburg to recreate a few pieces of Dutch history using the latest 3D technology. More

Israeli startup develops first-ever 3D printed medical marijuana dispenser

Sep.29, 2014 - But now the Israeli start-up company Syge Medical Ltd has come up with a particularly inventive way to incorporate 3D printing in the medical field. More

Studio MOCCI creates jewelry line from 3D printing, set to launch on Kickstarter next week

Sep.29, 2014 - A team of ambitious engineers, entrepreneurs, artists started MOCCI, a LA based studio aiming to bring luxurious high-tech jewelry to everyone. They spent the past nine months learning about 3D printing. More

Fashion Designer Chromat’s Spring/Summer 2015 line to include 3D printed outfits

Sep.28, 2014 - The line in question is the Spring/Summer 2015 Formula 15 line, by Chromat fashion studio. This young studio already had a reputation for strange and original pieces, as many of their earlier creations... More

Cool 3D printed electric skateboard launches on Kickstarter

Sep.26, 2014 - For this week, the Atlanta-based freelance inventor Andrew James launched a particularly original idea on the crowdfunding website. This skateboard enthusiast is seeking to raise $55,000... More

Greek hackerspace uses 3D printing to construct an open source satellite network ground station

Sep.26, 2014 - The latest impressive project we’ve come across is the Greek SatNOGS project, that is developing a functional, complete platform for an open source Networked Ground Station. More

Japan develops software for printing 3D maps for the blind

Sep.26, 2014 - Japan’s cartographic authorities has developed a software that allows users to download data from the internet and produce low cost geographical maps of the country for the visually impaired using a 3D printer. More

Now you can 3D print your own miniature Strati car

Sep.25, 2014 - Today Local Motors released the file to print an incredibly accurate 1:10 scale model of the Strati so everyone can now 3D print their own miniature Strati at home. More

3D printing optical lenses on the Form 1+ 3D printer

Sep.25, 2014 - One of the resident engineers over at Formlabs, Craig Broady, has made a very cool little accessory that shows off the possibilities of Stereolithography printing technology (or SLA). More

Australian company Modfab takes the initiative with 3D printing education

Sep.25, 2014 - Illawarra Company, Modfab Pty Ltd in Australia has begun nationally recognised training funded by NSW Department of Education and Communities, State Training Services in partnership... More

South Korea reveals strategy to make 3D printing a motor for the economy

Sep.25, 2014 - This might not be such a big surprise to some people, but 3D printing technology is booming in South Korea. The number of Korean entrepreneurs and consumers using 3D printing... More

A live concert with ’3D-printed band’ at Lund University Sweden

Sep.24, 2014 - A live concert with a band consisting only of 3D-printed instruments has taken place at Lund University in Sweden. The band included a drum, keyboard and two guitars, all 3D-printed by Lund University professor Olaf Diegel. More

New 3D printed revolver dedicated to Yoshitomo Imura in development

Sep.24, 2014 - Support it or loathe it, but it is happening once again: Members of the FOSSCAD community, which is short for Free Open Source Software & Computer Aided Design, are working on another 3D printable firearm. More

3D printed open source Rhinobot can push things & take part in 'sumobots fights'

Sep.24, 2014 - The Rhinobot’s a sturdy and clever design and tracks make it an excellent contraption for rough terrain, and a machine that can also take a hit. Combine that with its flashy front shield.... More

This solar-powered 3D printer will turn plastic pollution on the high seas into Sea Chairs

Sep.23, 2014 - Designers from London-based Studio Swine have recently launched a noble Kickstarter project that seeks to make 3D printing a part of the solution, rather than the problem. More

Fascinating 3D printed lamps created by Studio Under's massive paste 3D printer

Sep.23, 2014 - Studio Under, a design and research studio based in Israel, has earned a worldwide reputation for ultra-fast and large-format ceramic and paste 3D printing. More

Researchers created 3D printed replica of 125-year-old golf club

Sep.23, 2014 - Dundee University and St Andrews Golf Co have teamed up to produce the world's first metal replica of a 125-year-old golf club using 3D printing technology. More

Man's fractured orbital bone rebuilt with 3D printer after crash

Sep.22, 2014 - And this week, another complex medical case was solved using 3D printing technology. Surgeons from the Taipei Veterans General Hospital have successfully treated an orbital bone fracture with 3D printing technology. More

3D printed clock tower stamp for 10 year anniversary of UNNC

Sep.22, 2014 - Two students from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China have developed a very special tribute for their university’s anniversary: a highly detailed, 3D printed stamp that closely resembles the campus’s clock tower. More

The evolution of 3D printed firearms

Sep.22, 2014 - In this article I decided to review the current state of the technology and those weapon technologies which have evolved since Cody Wilson’s 3D printed firearm which shook the world back in May 2013. More

Paula Radcliffe finishes third in Worcester City 10k, thanks to 3D printed insoles

Sep.22, 2014 - In her first race since 2 years, world-record-holder Paula Radcliffe (40) made a comeback Sunday with a strong run at the Worcester City 10k race. Supporting her every move, RS Print’s 3D-printed insoles... More

UpLocket: A 3D printed locket with a cool digital twist launches on Kickstarter

Sep.22, 2014 - Fortunately, two guys from Baltimore have come up with UpLocket: an ingenious little creation that returns that special status to certain photographs, while not sabotaging the convenience of digital sharing. More

Don Foley: How to 3D print a colonial lantern

Sep.21, 2014 - This is part of Don’s ongoing project to 3D print his backyard patio. Not all of it, of course, just the details. He built his beach side house about 3 years ago. More

Solidoodle partners with KiKi Han to bring children's book to life in 3D

Sep.21, 2014 - Solidoodle announced its partnerships with KiKi Han (a.k.a. GeekyKiKi), author of Cutie's Alphabellies. Featuring bright and colorful illustrations, Cutie's Alphabellies is a fun and educational book for children learning the alphabet. More

3D prints of supermodel Karlie Kloss go around the globe in 80 days

Sep.20, 2014 - As part of a unique media campaign, the scanning - and 3D printing - of supermodel Karlie Kloss travelled all over the world for one of the most original and international photo-shoots ever made. More

Redditor 3D prints an actually working flight computer for Kerbal Space Program

Sep.19, 2014 - Recently, a redditor and KSP fanatic going by the username KK4TEE, has developed a very cool flight computer to cope with all the data generated by Telemachus. More

Qualcomm uses 3D Printing to turn a Smartphone into a Robot

Sep.19, 2014 - American telecommunications company Qualcomm has unveiled a cool little combination of 3D printing technology and smartphones: the fully printable Snapdragon Micro Rover. More

Chinese man fitted with 3D printed brain mesh recovers after successful surgery

Sep.19, 2014 - During this one-of-a-kind surgery, a titanium mesh cover created with 3D printing technology was to be placed over his brain to combat several of his disabilities and to allow his brain tissue to start regenerating. More

3D printed DIY PiKon telescope snaps first moon pictures

Sep.19, 2014 - University of Sheffield has shown the first picture taken by PiKon telescope, a £100 reflecting telescope built using 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and camera. More

Fan uses photogrammetry & 3D printing to convert ArcheAge character into real 3D model

Sep.19, 2014 - Software designer and 3D printing enthusiast Jenny Cheng made a very cool 3D printed tribute to the ArcheAge game. This particular model involved some unusual techniques. More

3D printed membrane could improve water filtration rate by 10x

Sep.18, 2014 - Nano Sun, a young start up company at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore has developed a first-of-its-kind multifunction water filtration membrane using 3D printing. More

Indian teen invents 3D printed ‘Talk’ device for people with speech impediments

Sep.18, 2014 - A teenager from Panipat in northern India, named Arsh Shah Dilbago has developed a very clever device that is set to improve the lives of people with speech impediments throughout the world. More

Researchers could now 3D print their own syringe pumps using a RepRap

Sep.18, 2014 - A team led by an engineer at Michigan Technological University has published an open-source library of designs that will let scientists build the commonly used piece of equipment: the syringe pump on their 3D printer. More

Now you can 3D print your own smartphone microscope for pennies

Sep.17, 2014 - Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a sleek, simple and inexpensive way to turn a cell phone into a high powered, high quality microscope. More

198-piece 3D printed 'Distributed Ben Franklin' puzzle is done

Sep.16, 2014 - Today We The Builders team announced that they finish up the old Ben Franklinstein, just in time for World Maker Faire NYC on September 20th and 21st. More

3D printed book 'Folium', 2000 years of history printed in plastic

Sep.16, 2014 - But now the Chicago-based artist Tom Burtonwood has finished an even more ambitious historical project called Folium, which takes on a massive stretch of history. More

Crowdfunding campaign launched to help disabled children through 3D printing

Sep.16, 2014 - On the 14th of September, a brand-new crowdfunding initiative was launched that seeks to greatly improve the lives of disabled children throughout the world with the help of 3D printing. More

Using Metal Effects on a 3D print of a Confederate Submarine

Sep.15, 2014 - This project was special to me because I was present at the site when the Hunley was raised in 2000, 136 years after it sank and I spent days in the laboratory covering the excavation for National Geographic Magazine. More

e-NABLE explores the possibilities of 3D printing with a ‘Light Show Hand’ prosthetic

Sep.15, 2014 - The inspiring 3D printing collective e-NABLE has revealed a new, very cool looking prosthetic that, like so many of their creations, highlight the endless possibilities that creativity and 3D printing hold. More

3D Printing is Transforming one of Japan’s most Popular Pastimes: 4WD Racing

Sep.15, 2014 - This is also felt in Japan, where a particularly popular hobby – 4 wheel drive racing – is being transformed by the many new possibilities 3D printing offers. This was particularly evident at a fun event in Tokyo. More

Autodesk & Local Motors utilize the Spark platform to develop Strati 3D Printed Car

Sep.15, 2014 - Autodesk announced that it is collaborating with Local Motors to utilize the Spark platform as Local Motors continues to develop the Strati, its first 3D printed car. More

Scientists and metalsmith teamed up to use 3D printing to create jewellery

Sep.15, 2014 - A team of University of Wollongong researchers in Australia and a Scarborough designer are taking advantage of 3D printing to create bespoke jewellery and art pieces. More

3D printed fibre-reinforced hydrogels could mimic the strength of human cartilage

Sep.15, 2014 - Researchers have developed a way to 3D-print tough, fibre-reinforced hydrogels that mimic the strength and suppleness of human cartilage. Hydrogels is suitable for making artificial organs for medical treatments. More

After 6 days, Local Motors' 3D printed Strati car took first test drive

Sep.15, 2014 - Local Motors made history last weekend when their 3D-printed car, Strati, drove out of McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill. During the six-day IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014.... More

Laika releases Boxtrolls models to let fans 3D print their own at home

Sep.13, 2014 - Laika has partnered with 3D Systems to use its ProJet 660Pro 3D printer to print the on-camera models. Laika takes advantage of incorporating their character’s paint jobs into the printing process itself. More

Hackers could exploit 3D printers, stealing / altering designs, or making them explode

Sep.12, 2014 - This week, a report by the U.S. Department of Commerce surfaced warning government defense contractors about the dangers that 3D printing can hold. More

Dress the way you feel with Intel’s 3D printed smart dress

Sep.12, 2014 - At this year’s Intel Design Forum, a model wearing a 3D printed ‘smart dress’ covered in flashing lights. What’s so smart about this ‘synapse dress? More

3D printed textiles hit the runway at New York Fashion Week

Sep.12, 2014 - Designer Bradley Rothenberg debuts a series of 3D printed textiles in collaboration with designers Katie Gallagher and Katya Leonovich on the runway on the 9th of September. More

Desktop 3D printer changed the faces of stop-motion animation 'House of Monsters'

Sep.11, 2014 - Mummies, Werewolves, Vampires, and all your favorite creatures of the night will gather together for a stop-motion monster party in the upcoming House of Monsters series. More

Fire & Bone is back again with wearable miniature dinosaur and dire wolf skulls

Sep.11, 2014 - Fire & Bone, a popular project that launched on Kickstarter last year to a huge response from nature lovers and geeks of all kinds, is back with a new set of digitally miniaturized real animal skulls. More

Check out the #Cast: An arm cast 3D printed in the messages of your loved ones

Sep.10, 2014 - The #CAST (pronounced ‘Hash Cast’) has been developed by the industrial design team over at FATHOM, an Oakland, California-based company that offers 3D printing services. More

The silver industry is waking up to the possibilities of 3D printing

Sep.10, 2014 - Jeffrey Ellis, their senior technological consultant, wrote a short but insightful piece about how 3D printing is currently applied in the production of silver objects, and called for greater awareness for its possibilities. More

This 3D printable R/C Car Truggy is testing the limits of 3D printing

Sep.10, 2014 - We were then already impressed by this open source R/C Car developed by Swedish designer and 3D enthusiast Daniel Norée. Since sharing that report one and a half years ago, he has only been improving... More

Meet the Razor, a 3D printed, hand-launched, fully autonomous U.A.V.

Sep.10, 2014 - The Razor, is a 3D-printed, hand-launchable, fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle U.A.V. developed by UVA Professor David Sheffler, in partnership with the Mitre Corporation. More

26 Clever 3D-printed Life Hacks for Urban Cyclists

Sep.9, 2014 - Urban cycling is blooming. The two-wheeled monsters are reclaiming city streets and that’s good news for the planet, for our own health and the bank account. More

3D printing restores Frank Lloyd Wright’s Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

Sep.9, 2014 - The unique buildings of iconic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is right now undergoing a high-tech restoration, thanks to 3D printing. More

Cool 3D-printed Wolverine Claws make children’s prosthetics super awesome

Sep.9, 2014 - One of their volunteers, Aaron Brown, put a unique, nerdy spin on it that will allow children with prosthetics to enjoy their youth for a while longer: the ‘SUPER AWESOME!’ Wolverine hand. More

Love, science & 3D printing: 3D printed wedding ring that holds a piece of the moon

Sep.9, 2014 - For during their ceremony, the Scottish designer Andrew Johnstone presented his bride Jeri Schneider a custom-made, 3D printed white gold wedding ring. More

3D printed ‘Robird’, a robotic bird of prey that will keep airports and farms bird-free

Sep.8, 2014 - A Dutch team of engineers and students is working to develop a 3D printed, flying and menacing scarecrow-like construction that is already proving to be very effective at spooking birds. More

Build your own low-cost radio-controlled quadcopter with a 3D printer

Sep.8, 2014 - Any readers who are looking a challenging new 3D printing project should definitely check out this cool folding micro FPV (first-person view) H-Quadcopter made by the guys over at Hovership. More

3D print your own building bricks compatible with LEGO with open source MyBuild system

Sep.7, 2014 - The developers behind the Taiwan-based Hero Design Studio have come up with a simple but cool open source design for Building Bricks that are compatible with LEGO bricks without breaking their copyright. More

Stunning 3Doodled seashell lace dress

Sep.6, 2014 - SHIGO, a fashion art house founded by two young Hong Kong fashion designers, has created a stunning dress, simply using 3Doodler. This 3D Printing Pen’s Dress project is a challenge they set for themselves. More

Doing your own gel manicure at home with this 3D printed UV manicure lamp

Sep.6, 2014 - This might be a common problem for our female readers who enjoy tinkering with printers, constructions and electronics: your nails keep getting bust up, ruining your carefully created nail polish. More

A 1,500 sqm giant miniature of 18th century St. Petersburg, created using milling, laser cutting & 3D printing

Sep.6, 2014 - A giant miniature of 18th century St. Petersburg is now on display on the sixth floor of a new shopping center opened in May 2014, above the subway station Admiralty. More

Airbus turns to 3D printers for satellite bracket production, saving 20% on cost

Sep.5, 2014 - Airbus Defence and Space, a division of Airbus Group uses this efficient production technology to optimize the satellite bracket production and reduces cost by more than 20 per cent and satellite weight by nearly one kilogram. More

Meet the Retroband, a 3D printed, wearable Arduino fitness tracker

Sep.5, 2014 - It’s called the ‘RetroBand’, and it’s an Arduino-based tracker that is worn on your wrist and, interestingly, you can print yourself using a 3D printer. More

Japanese police using 3D printing in an attempt to solve an 18-year-old murder case

Sep.5, 2014 - The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is using 3D printing technology to recreate the crime scene of a murder case that has gone unsolved for the past eighteen years. More

3D print your own Halloween costume? Check out this tutorial for a Daft Punk Helmet

Sep.5, 2014 - The creative masterminds over at the electronic innovators Adafruit have revealed another very cool 3D printing project on their website. And as we’ve come to expect from that ambitious team... More

3D printing used to successfully operate on a child suffering from ‘brain erasers’

Sep.4, 2014 - Recently Doctors in Boston’s Childrens Hospital have successfully used 3D printing technology to perform a hemispherectomy on the 18-month-old Gabriel. More

Superbly detailed scale model of Ducati 119 Superbike 3D printed with Ultimaker

Sep.4, 2014 - The very talented and ambitious designer Jacky Wan (aka Valcrow) has just revealed his latest awe-inspiring 3D printing project: A scale model of the 2013 Ducati 1199 Superbike. More

The world’s first 3D printed elbow replacement surgery successfully completed

Sep.4, 2014 - A new medical application for 3D printing technology was recently successfully implemented in the academic hospital of the Jilin University in Changchun, Northern China. More

3D printing restores full functionality of 7-year-old boy's badly-healed arm after fall

Sep.3, 2014 - To set Joos’s arm back to normal, a novel technology needed to be used. Thanks to new 3D printing technology, the surgeon was able to achieve a good result. After taking scan of both of Joos' arms... More

Strakka DOME S103 LMP2, AirDog, Noa Raviv's dress on display at 3D Print Show in London

Sep.2, 2014 - A variety of Stratasys customers will show products made with the group’s technology at the 3D Printshow London, which takes place at Old Billingsgate on 4-6 September. More

Artists use Ultimaker 2 to 3D print stunning 'losing faces' sculpture series

Sep.2, 2014 - For featuring in the ‘Artist of the Year’ competition is the 3D sculpting collaboration duo Pussykrew with their thought-provoking ‘Materia’ series. More

‘Ghost Gun’ bill SB 808 on 3D printed guns passed in California, now heads to governor

Sep.1, 2014 - In Sacramento, California, the senate bill SB 808 has been passed been passed by both the Assembly and the Senate, and has now been sent to California Governor and Democrat Jerry Brown for review. More

Kwambio 3D design platform lets you create personalized 3D-printed products

Sep.1, 2014 - Founded by Volodymyr Usov, Kwambio is a community for people who’d like to create different customizable products (lamps, vases, coat-hangers, etc.) and share them with the world. More

RMIT's $30 million facility to include first rapid 3D nanoscale printer for nano tech research

Sep.1, 2014 - A new AU$30 million research facility at RMIT University in Melbourne will bring to Australia the world’s first rapid 3D nanoscale printer. The new MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) was launched last week. More

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