3D Printed Simple Steady GoPro stabilization add-on blows past Kickstarter target

Feb.14, 2016 - Stabilization software on GoPro and Smartphones only work so well. A group of Swiss friends have successfully Kickstarted the Simple Steady, a 3D printed adapter to keep your footage shake free. More

The Black Crook: The first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry

Feb.13, 2016 - Holy Faya, the brainchild of French designers C'lia Elmasu and Nelly Zagury, Just Premiered 'The Black Crook', billed as the 'first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry', in New York. More

The Black Crook: The first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry

Feb.13, 2016 - Holy Faya, the brainchild of French designers C'lia Elmasu and Nelly Zagury, Just Premiered 'The Black Crook', billed as the 'first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry', in New York. More

Singapore Technologies Aerospace adopts 3D printing to design VIP aircraft interiors

Feb.13, 2016 - Singapore Technologies Aerospace has today opened a new VIP Aircraft Interiors Centre equipped with digital design studios and 3D printing workshops, to respond to the growing demand for bespoke, luxury aircraft cabin interiors. More

Watly's modular device provides clean water, Internet connectivity to infrastructure-poor regions

Feb.13, 2016 - Watly is an integrated utility machine that harnesses solar power to provide free, off-grid electricity, water filtration, and internet connectivity to infrastructure-poor regions. Uniquly modular, Watly can also be fitted with a variety of tools depending on specific community needs, including everything from e-car chargers to 3D printers. More

Dutch consumers ready for technical revolutions and 3D printing, new study says

Feb.13, 2016 - While specialists are often skeptical about the adoption rates of new technologies, including 3D printing, a new study by Dutch IT specialists EMC Federatie has argued that Dutch consumers are ready for technical revolutions and new digital technologies. More

Faircap Project: Open source 3D printed water filter aims to solve global crisis for just $1

Feb.12, 2016 - The Faircap Project is a collaborative, clean water initiative, whose aim is to create an affordable, portable, open source 3D printed water filtration device that could provide clean, safe, drinkable water to those in need. More

Vincent Brinkmann turns flip-flops into ritualized concrete art with the help of 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - In an attempt to change the way we look at production, reproduction and manufacturing, German new media artist Vincent Brinkmann has created ritualized, concrete art in his 'Serial 3D printing' project. More

Top 10 ideas for 3D printed Valentine's Day gifts

Feb.12, 2016 - We've rounded up a list of our top picks of 3D printed or 3D printable Valentine's Day gifts that will have your loved one extruding affection. More

Smithsonian's 3D scanning reveals astronaut graffiti inside Apollo 11 spacecraft

Feb.12, 2016 - During an ongoing 3D scanning and digitization project, the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum recently uncovered never-before-seen handwritten notes from inside the Apollo 11's command module, Columbia. More

3D printed terracotta heart replica by Yardena Kurulkar wins Blake Prize 2016

Feb.12, 2016 - A truly remarkable series of photographs by Yardena Kurulkar, showing a 3D printed terracotta heart replica slowly decaying, has won the prestigious Australian Blake Prize 2016 for spiritual art. More

Resurrect popular chocolate bar the Trio with help of 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - Feelings of nostalgia can bring back the fondest of memories in a flash. RepRap blogger Richrap uses 3D printing to revive the discontinued chocolate bar the Trio. More

Unimpossible Missions: GE gives a snowball a chance in hell through 3D printing and industrial engineering

Feb.12, 2016 - To celebrate Thomas Edison and National Inventors Day, GE has used a super alloy container and 3D printing to give a snowball a chance in hell, as part of their Unimpossible Missions project. More

Adaptable children's arm prosthetic made from 3D printing and LEGO wins award at Paris show

Feb.11, 2016 - Colombia designer Carlos Torres, who designed the IKO Creative Prosthetic System, a 3D printed LEGO children's arm prosthetic, has recently won the Grand Prix for his project at Netexplo digital technology summit in Paris. More

Gamer revives NES-classic Duck Hunt with VR and 3D printing

Feb.11, 2016 - 21-year-old Joseph Delgado has created a Virtual Reality version of the classic, 8-bit Nintendo game Duck Hunt. The modified setup consists of an Oculus Rift DK2, a Razer Hydra and a 3D printed headmount. More

Rubik’s Cube solved by robot in 0.887 seconds, beating recent record set by 3D printed bot

Feb.11, 2016 - The Sub1, a new robot designed by industrial engineer Adam Beer, has solved a scrambled Rubik's Cube in 0.887 seconds, a new world record. The previous record was set just a few weeks ago, by a 3D printed robot built by Jay Flatland and Paul Rose. More

New smart lock on the market, IKILOCK, prototyped with 3D printing technologies

Feb.11, 2016 - French company GEMECOD has introduced their new product IKILOCK, a smart lock that unlocks not only your own front door, but also your building's front door if you live in an apartment complex. The product was designed with the help of 3D printing. More

ALDI Australia to sell budget Cocoon Create 3D printer and 3D printing pen

Feb.11, 2016 - In a very surprising move, Aldi's Australian supermarkets will begin to sell the budget Cocoon Create 3D printer, as well as filament and a 3D printing pen, starting next week. More

New York private hospital offers high quality 3D printed preview models for cosmetic procedures

Feb.11, 2016 - The Montefiore Medical Center, a New York-based private hospital, has adopted the Mirror Me 3D printer for the production of highly detailed 3D printed preview models to give cosmetic surgery patients a realistic expectation of what the procedure can achieve. More

Monster Crayons, made with 3D printed molds, to raise funds for abused kids through Act For Kids charity

Feb.11, 2016 - A crowdfunding campaign has recently been launched for Monster Crayons, a product made with the help of 3D printing that its founders hope will become a solid source of income for Australia-wide children's charity Act For Kids. More

Texas students taking on Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes with 3D printed test kit

Feb.11, 2016 - A team of students from the University of Texas is working on clever little tool for combating the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes, a 3D printed DIY test kit that can diagnose viruses carried by mosquitoes in your own backyard. More

Israeli artist Eyal Gever works with NASA on first ever 3D printed Laugh sculpture in outer space

Feb.11, 2016 - For what will be the first ever space art production, NASA will collaborate with Israeli artist Eyal Gever to 3D print a sculpture of laughter on their zero-gravity 3D printer, made by Made in Space. More

Source3 and U.S. Army to 3D print personalized keepsakes for soldiers

Feb.10, 2016 - As part of a licensing agreement between Source3 and the U.S. Army, soldiers, service members, family, and friends will be able to order customizable, full-color, 3D printed keepsakes featuring official U.S. Army logos and personal photographs of proud U.S. Army service members. More

Write memos from across the world with 3D printed 'iBoardbot' whiteboard robot

Feb.10, 2016 - JJRobots, a tech startup from Edinburgh, UK, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D printed, web-connected whiteboard robot. The iBoardbot allows users to remotely command the robot's pen-wielding arm to write messages and draw images. More

3D printed human transplant organs a reality within 15 years, say Russian researchers

Feb.10, 2016 - Kirill Kaem of Russia's Skolkovo Foundation has stated that he believes 3D printed human organs for transplants will be achievable in as little as 15 years thanks to the country's achievements in 3D bioprinting research and development. More

Could cotton candy machines help scientists to 3D print human organs?

Feb.10, 2016 - Leon Bellan, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, has used a $40 cotton candy machine to help create artificial capillaries. Bellan's research could contribute to the future 3D printing of human organs. More

Make life easier with clever 3D printed life hacks

Feb.10, 2016 - In an attempt to prove that 3D printing is about more than creating useless clutter, Nanjing University lecturer Ding Zhou has hosted a very successful workshop for the creation of tangible life hacks, including 3D printed cutlery a special cutting plate and an umbrella extension. More

Singapore takes levelheaded approach to 3D printed public housing

Feb.10, 2016 - The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing is planning to test the viability of 3D printed public houses as a way to address its growing and ageing population's needs. More

Artistic duo 3D prints plays from all 50 Super Bowl games as sculptures

Feb.10, 2016 - As a tribute to the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, artistic duo benitez vogl have captured all the game data from all 50 finals in a series of impressive 3D printed frames. More

Under-construction Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway began life as 3D printed model

Feb.10, 2016 - A gargantuan auxiliary spillway is currently being built for the Folsom Dam in the Sacramento region by the US Army Corps of Engineers, who have just revealed that the most important mechanisms were all prototyped using 3D printing. More

Transitions Hair Solutions offering 3D printed realistic hairpieces for cancer survivors

Feb.10, 2016 - Transitions Hair Solutions, a New Jersey-based hair prosthesis provider, is providing 3D printed hairpieces for hair loss sufferers. The hairpieces, which can cost between $2,000 and $15,000, have already been made for several cancer survivors. More

Scientists use graphene-based inks to 3D print ultralight supercapacitors

Feb.10, 2016 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Santa Cruz have created the first ever 3D printed supercapacitors using an ultra-lightweight graphene aerogel. The technology could greatly improve energy storage in smartphones, electric cars, and wireless sensors. More

Run Baby Run! Follow 3D printed baby across the world in amusing stop motion film

Feb.9, 2016 - Created by Eran Amir, Run Baby Run! is a 2:50 minute 3D printed stop motion animated film following a 3D printed baby as it 'runs' from location to location around the world. More

3D printed tactile picture books entertain and teach visually impaired children

Feb.9, 2016 - Tom Yeh and his team of students at the University of Colorado Boulder have been working hard to provide a variety of 3D printed tactile children's books meant for the visually impaired. More

Poietis successfully 3D prints living human tissue with laser-based 3D bioprinting

Feb.9, 2016 - French 3D bioprinting startup Poietis has used its proprietary laser-assisted 3D bioprinting technology to successfully 3D print living human tissue, proving that 3D printed skin is not only a possibility, but a reality. More

Felicia Day models stunning 3D printed Dream Regalia Armor by Melissa Ng in fantasy photo shoot

Feb.9, 2016 - Actress, gamer and Internet Queen Felicia Day recently modeled the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor, a custom-made, 3D printed fantasy costume designed by artist Melissa Ng. More

Dutch designers are using sound to create stunning 3D printed ceramics with custom 3D printer

Feb.9, 2016 - Dutch industrial artist Olivier van Herpt and sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven have collaborated to bring us Solid Vibrations, a project that uses sound to create uniquely textured 3D printed ceramic pieces. More

UC San Diego team 3D bioprints lifelike liver tissue with hopes of saving lives

Feb.9, 2016 - A team of engineers at UC San Diego has recently developed a lightning quick approach to 3D bioprinting liver cells, speeding up potential life-saving drug testing in the process. More

3D printed 'Linespace' display lets blind people explore images & maps by touch

Feb.9, 2016 - Members of the Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI), a computer science and mechanical engineering organization, have developed a tactile display system for the blind using a 3D printer print head. Linespace features a 140x100cm display area on which raised tactile lines are created by the 3D printer. More

Raspberry Pi users can now 3D print a replica of Tim Peake's £3,000 Astro Pi flight case

Feb.8, 2016 - The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the 3D printing files for its Astro Pi enclosure, as used by British astronaut Tim Peake aboard the International Space Station. The cases sent to space cost '3,000 ($4,300) to produce, but makers can print their own replicas for a fraction of that price. More

EpiBone pioneers 3D printed animal bone scaffolding for human bone regrowth

Feb.8, 2016 - While regenerative bone surgery now still relies on a patient's own bone grafts or cadaver bones, NYC-based startup EpiBone is pioneering a method involving stem cell bone growth within a custom 3D printed scaffold made from animal bone material. More

3D printed chameleon robot changes color to adapt to surroundings

Feb.8, 2016 - A mechanical chameleon, encased in a 3D printed shell and covered with plasmonic displays, automatically changes its color in order to blend into various backgrounds. The robot chameleon's technology could be used in military and biomimetic research applications. More

Lucian Popescu's amazing 3D printed Pandov Chess Set now completed

Feb.8, 2016 - Romanian designer Lucian Popescu has completed his amazing 3D printed Pandov Chess Set, featuring an elegant reimagined set of white and black armies that gets the most out of Shapeways' 3D printing services. More

3D printed 'Spermbots' boost sperm mobility and could help solve male infertility

Feb.8, 2016 - Researchers in Germany have used a Nanoscribe 3D printer to develop tiny 'micro-motors' that can actually help boost a sperm's ability to actively swim and latch onto an egg. These 3D printed 'Spermbots' have proven very successful in lab tests, and could eventually be used to help solve this aspect of male infertility. More

Dutch entrepreneurs 3D print a 20-feet submarine for military and oil platform applications

Feb.8, 2016 - Dutch entrepreneur Filip Jonker recently joined forces with large scale 3D printing expert Jasper Menger to develop small carbon fiber 3D printed submarines that can carry up to two people and can be used for underwater repairs and exploration. More

Russia uses 3D printing in production of colossal T-14 Armata tank

Feb.8, 2016 - Electromashina JSC, a manufacturer of armored vehicles for the Russian army, has revealed that it is using an industrial 3D printer to produce an Armata tank, the standard next-generation armored vehicle platform of the Russian military. More

Melissa Ng 3D prints stunning Dream Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day

Feb.7, 2016 - Fantasy 3D mask designer Melissa Ng teamed up with Shapeways and CoKreeate to design a stunning, custom-fitted suit of armor for actress Felicia Day. After more than 228 hours of dedicated work, the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor is finally complete. More

German designer 3D prints custom high heel shoes for his wife

Feb.7, 2016 - Just in time for Valentine's day, a German mechatronics engineer has designed a 3D printed a stylish, custom, and actually comfortable pair of high-heel shoes for his wife using ABS filament and a desktop 3D printer. More

Get to grips with these funky 3D printed climbing holds

Feb.6, 2016 - Instructables user Whitney Potter has published a tutorial for making customized climbing holds with a 3D printer. Following Potter's method, makers can print their own molds in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) before filling them with polyurethane resin to create the finished hold. More

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kotlus designs 3D printed surgical tools for eyelid surgeries

Feb.6, 2016 - Accomplished physician Dr. Brett Kotlus has designed two 3D printed surgical instruments for use during eyelid surgeries which did not previously exist on the market. The stainless steel 3D printed eyelid wand and 3D printed pinch forceps are available for purchase through Shapeways. More

Fool your friends with the Three Deck Illusion, a 3D printed card trick

Feb.6, 2016 - Mark Fuller has created a 3D printed version of a deceptively simple card trick, in which three identical decks of cards appear to weigh the same as a single deck alone. The free STL files for 3D printing are up on Thingiverse, so you can create this clever illusion at home. More

Make your own 3D printed Fallout 4 'Pip-Boy 3000 MKVI' powered by Raspberry Pi

Feb.6, 2016 - Adafruit's Ruiz Brothers have published an online tutorial for a 3D printed replica of the 'Pip-Boy 3000', a wrist-computer worn by the protagonist of the 'Fallout' series of video games. The 3D printed cosplay accessory uses a Raspberry Pi and packs several cool features. More

Watch a skier capture stunning'360-degree footage with 3D printed camera rig and iPhone 6

Feb.5, 2016 - Professional skier and visual artist Nicolas Vuignier has designed a 3D printed camera rig that attaches to his iPhone 6, allowing him to capture mesmerizing, 360-degree footage of himself while skiing. The resulting film, titled Centriphone, is definitely worth a watch. More

Moon2STL lets you 3D print the moon

Feb.5, 2016 - For his latest project, Moon2STL, Thatcher Chamblerlin has converted a topographical model of the lunar surface into a navigable STL file, allowing users to explore and select a portion of the Moon's surface to 3D print at home. More

Kids design their own 3D printed prosthetics with Autodesk and KIDmob's Superhero Cyborgs

Feb.5, 2016 - Autodesk and KIDmob recently held the Superhero Cyborgs workshop, inviting six kids born with upper-limb disabilities to design custom 3D printed prosthetics imbued with 'super powers' that reflect their interests and individualities. The workshop also was an opportunity to empower each child by giving them practical experience in 3D modeling, 3D printing, and other 21st century skills. More

BioArchitects announces FDA approval of 3D printed titanium cranial plate implants

Feb.5, 2016 - Custom medical solutions company BioArchitects recently announced the approval of their patient specific 3D printed titanium cranial/craniofacial plate implants by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). More

Bone Therapeutics and Kasios develop 3D bioprinted 'waffle' structures for improved spinal fusion and bone fracture repair

Feb.5, 2016 - European biotechs Bone Therapeutics and Kasios have extended a collaboration to develop a novel product for spinal fusion procedures that uses a spinal fusion cage, made from a 3D bioprinted synthetic matrix, or waffle, to improve natural bone regeneration. More

Thermaltake launches 3DMakers platform for 3D printable PC mods and accessories

Feb.5, 2016 - Thermaltake, a globally recognized manufacturer of computer cases and power supplies, has just launched 3DMakers, a professional platform for free, 3D printable PC mods, case components and accessories. More

Dutch architect, Janjaap Ruijssenaars, unveils 3D printed bench inspired by his plans for the Landscape House

Feb.5, 2016 - In 2013, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars impressed us all with his plans to create a 3D printed concept house called the Landscape House. Though the construction has not yet started, Ruijssenaars has made a 3D printed bench reminiscent of his building's design, which will be unveiled in Amsterdam. More

Team CurVoxels creates a new method of using robots to build stunning 3D printed voxelized chairs

Feb.5, 2016 - A group of students from the Bartlett School of Architecture at the University College London have created a set of stunning 3D printed chairs using a new additive manufacturing technique that allows them to create extremely detailed and complex structures. More

Mechanical 3D printed dove delivers message of peace, hope and joy

Feb.5, 2016 - 3D designer Mike Le Page as created an elegant 3D printed dove comprised of 29 moving parts that can be printed in a single run, with no assembly required. The 3D printed dove demonstrates the capabilities of SLS 3D printing, while also spreading a symbolic message of peace, joy, and hope. More

Researchers reveal a swarm of 3D printed self learning aquatic robots that can cooperate with each other

Feb.5, 2016 - Researchers from two Lisbon universities have developed a swarm of intelligent 3D printed aquatic surface robots. These 3D printed robots could be deployed in their hundreds or even thousands and could be used for environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and maritime surveillance. More

Low-cost 3D Printed OrigiGrip robotic hand launches on Indiegogo

Feb.4, 2016 - 3D printing has provided a means to innovate in the hobbyist community for years now. The low-cost, dexterous robot gripper ORIGIGRIP just launched on Indiegogo proves this yet again. More

3D printed brace gives injured NLF star Thomas Davis shot at Super Bowl glory

Feb.4, 2016 - Thanks to a custom-made 3D printed brace by Whiteclouds, Carolina Panthers' all-pro linebacker Thomas Davis might soon become the first NFL player ever to wear a piece of 3D printed equipment during the Super Bowl. More

Z3DLab patents titanium-ceramic metal 3D printing powder for medical and aerospace applications

Feb.4, 2016 - French 3D printing company Z3DLab has developed and patented ZTi-powder, the first titanium-ceramic composite for metal 3D printing, and the hardest material for SLM 3D printing in the world. Combining the strength of ceramic zerconia with the malleability of titanium, ZTi-powder can be used in 3D printed medical implants and areospace parts. More

3D Zings creates custom 3D printed skull-protecting prosthetic for cancer patient

Feb.4, 2016 - Spanish 3D printing company 3D Zings created a custom-made, 3D printed skull-protecting prosthetic for a young man whose cranium and brain were left extremely vulnerable after a tumor removal surgery. More

Via Ludibunda launches a Kickstarter to build 3D printable terrain for RPGs and Wargaming

Feb.4, 2016 - Via Ludibunda, a French miniature wargames and RPG design company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its range of 3D printed gameplay scenery. Backers can download their own 3D printable building sets for €15+. More

High school student develops 3D printed ring to monitor Parkinson's disease symptoms

Feb.4, 2016 - High school student at Cupertino High School in California, Utkarsh Tandona, has developed a 3D printed ring that is capable of monitoring Parkinson's patients' tremors and translating them into data accessible through an iOS app. More

Tabulate's accident-proof, 3D printed smartphone & tablet case can be mounted anywhere

Feb.4, 2016 - An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for Tabulate, a 3D printed, ergonomic phone and tablet case. The simple tech accessory, designed for Apple and Android devices, promises to 'eliminate discomfort and slipping'. More

West Virginia carpenter on target with (mostly) 3D printed semi-automatic gun

Feb.3, 2016 - A YouTuber going by the name of 'Derwood' has released a video demonstrating the Shuty-MP1, a 'mostly' 3D printed semi-automatic firearm capable of firing 9mm rounds. According to its creator, 95% of the weapon has been 3D printed in PLA. More

$582.7B Pentagon budget proposal includes plan for 3D printed microdrones

Feb.3, 2016 - US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has outlined plans for several new military projects during a preview of the Pentagon's fiscal year 2017 budget request. Included in the budget proposal is a plan to build 3D printed microdrones. More

How to create your own 3D printed ocarina instrument using 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Feb.3, 2016 - Artist Carrie Michael goes into detail about how to create your very own 3D printed ocarina instrument using nothing but a few small tools and the 3Doodler pen. More

TU Delft creates a fully functional 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle using MX3D's multi axis robotic arm

Feb.3, 2016 - A student team from TU Delft in the Netherlands have designed and produced a fully functional 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle. The students achieved the goal of their three-month project by printing the frame of the bicycle with the help of MX3D in Amsterdam. More

Unique 3D printed PEKK part included on NASA's ICESat-2 Satellite

Feb.3, 2016 - NASA has another pioneering 3D printing innovation on its hands, as their under-construction ICESat-2 satellite will feature a 3D printed bracket made from an electrostatically dissipative thermoplastic called PEKK, that has never gone into space before. More

Prisma 3D printed throwing dart makes a game out of everyday office supplies

Feb.2, 2016 - Looking to inject fun into even the most drab of office cubicles, designer Elvin Chu has created Prisma, an clever and economical 3D printed dart that can be easily assembled with the most basic of office supplies, including a standard pushpin and a few sticky notes. More

Researchers achieve breakthrough in stronger 3D printed bone implants

Feb.2, 2016 - Researchers from Nottingham Trent have achieved a major step forward in improving the strength of 3D printed bone implants by combining crystals grown in sub-zero temperatures with 3D printing technology. The 3D printed synthetic bone research could benefit cancer patients or accident victims who have suffered significant bone loss recover much faster. More

G2A and 3DGence launch G2A 3D+ all-in-one 3D printing platform for gamers

Feb.2, 2016 - G2A and 3DGence have partnered to offer an all-in-one 3D printing platform for video game publishers and developers that will allow users to create customized, 3D printed models of video game characters and content. More

Watch Taiwan researchers successfully launch eco-friendly, 3D printed APPL-9C rocket

Feb.2, 2016 - A locally-designed and developed rocket featuring a 3D printed PLA and fibreglass-based shell was successfully launched in Taiwan this week. The APPL-9C rocket's test launch, produced by the Advanced Rocket Research Center, was part of a test run for the larger, multistage HTTP-3 hybrid rocket, which is scheduled to launch later this year. More

This 3D printed Archelis wearable chair from Japan allows surgeons to sit down during long surgeries

Feb.2, 2016 - In an attempt to reduce fatigue for surgeons who have to stand for hours during complex operations, a team of Japanese researchers have created the 3D printed Archelis wearable chair that helps support muscles while standing. More

Laurent Bernadac covers X-Files theme song with entirely 3D printed electric violin

Feb.1, 2016 - To celebrate the revival of The X-Files and to show off both the design and sound quality of his transparent 3D printed electric violin, musician Laurent Bernadac has released a spooky black and white music video in which he covers the original X-Files theme song using his entirely 3D printed 3DVarius. More

3D printing software, sensors, and carbon nanotubes among top Advanced Materials trends of 2016

Feb.1, 2016 - Lux Research has predicted three of the top 'undercover' advanced materials trends of 2016, including the scale production of carbon nanotube products, 3D printing companies shifting to software and sensors for differentiation, and the emergence of IoT creating opportunities in novel sensing materials. More

3D printed brain model reveals physics of how human brains fold

Feb.1, 2016 - An international team of researchers based in the US, Finland and France 3D printed a fetal brain model using various soft gels to mimic the growth of an actual human brain. The results revealed that the folded structure of our cortex is determined by a physical growth process, a finding that could have implications for diagnosing and treating brain-related diseases. More

UNICEF to invest in technology startups to help children through 3D printing, AI, renewable energy etc

Feb.1, 2016 - The United Nations Children's Fund has recently launched a new initiative through which they will begin to invest more money into technology start-ups that have the potential to better the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children all over the world. Technologies include 3D printing, blockchain, renewable energy, artificial intelligence. More

Japanese prosecutors seek $6600 fine for 3D printed vagina artist Megumi Igarashi

Feb.1, 2016 - In a controversial court case that revolves around Japan's obscenity laws, Japanese prosecutors have asked the judge to fine 3D printed vagina artist Megumi Igarashi $6600 for spreading 3D printable models of her vagina among crowdfunding backers. More

Ikea to explore on-site 3D printer repair/recycle stations in new pilot program

Feb.1, 2016 - In an attempt to reduce waste, Swedish flat pack giant Ikea has launched pilot programs in France and Belgium where customers can bring broken or old furniture to repair stations, where they will be recycled or fixed with the help of 3D printed parts. More

Boeing 737 MAX, powered by LEAP-1B engines with 3D printed fuel nozzles, made its maiden flight

Jan.31, 2016 - The new Boeing 737 MAX, powered by two CFM International LEAP-1B engines, made its maiden flight in Seattle on Friday, January 29. Each LEAP-1B engine uses 19 3D printed fuel nozzles that are 25% lighter than previous models. More

Brooklyn-based Kisi pioneers 3D printed locking devices that replace keys with apps

Jan.31, 2016 - In an attempt to solve office key and access problems once and for all, Brooklyn-based German startup Kisi has developed the Kisi box, an app-controlled 3D printed device that replaces keycards and keys with the simple swipe on an app and was developed with MakerBot technology. More

Inventor Roger Freeman develops amazing 3D printed Freebird Flight drone that doubles as snow blower

Jan.31, 2016 - Designer Roger Freeman recently showed off what could be the most impressive 3D printed drone on the web. The Freebird Flight is a huge machine with four motors, weighs just 8 pounds and features an efficient weatherproof housing that makes it capable of acting like a snow or a leaf blower. More

3D printed interactive window displays captivate shoppers in Paris

Jan.31, 2016 - Paris' Semeast invited local makerspace Le FabShop to create 3D printed interactive window displays for ten Parisian shops. Using recycled and biodegradable materials, as well as laser cutting and 3D printing technologies, Le FabShop built mini, Paris-inspired Christmas villages that light up and spring to life as shoppers pass by. More

Vowsmith uses wax 3D printing to produce customized "fingerprint" wedding rings

Jan.31, 2016 - Using a 3DSystems ProJet MJP Series 3D printer, an industrial engineer has launched a customized wedding ring business. Vowsmith enables customers to purchase wedding rings with their spouse's fingerprint integrated into the 3D printed design. More

Adafruit 3D prints amazing Energy Sword with full light effects as a tribute to Halo

Jan.30, 2016 - As a tribute to the very popular Halo video game franchise, Adafruit's Ruiz Brothers have just shared their designs for a fantastic 3D printed dual-bladed Energy Sword absolutely packed with LED lighting effects. More

Look dapper in these 3D knitted bespoke ties

Jan.30, 2016 - Thursday Finest has collaborated with New York based designer Joe Doucet to introduce a new capsule collection of 3D knitted bespoke ties that can be easily made to custom fit your size. More

How to make a low-cost, Open Bionics 3D printed prosthetic hand

Jan.30, 2016 - Open Bionics made a successful debut with their 3D printed prosthetic hand at last year's CES. They're now releasing all the instructions for you to 3D print your own. More

Neri Oxman predicts 3D printing will usher a new age for humanity at Davos Conference

Jan.30, 2016 - During this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 3D printing is heavily featured in Neri Oxman's essay. By using modern technology like 3D printing in our digital age, she believes a fourth industrial revolution, what she calls the biological age, is fast approaching. More

U.S. DOE investing $1M in 3D printing research to develop cheaper wind turbine blades

Jan.30, 2016 - U.S. Department of Energy has recently announced a plan to invest heavily into 3D printing technology with hopes of lowering the cost of wind-turbine blade production by a further 5 percent. More

US Air Force approves first-ever 3D printed parts for AWACS aircraft

Jan.29, 2016 - Maintenance on some of the older aircraft still used by the US Airforce is an expensive undertaking. 3D Printing is helping bring costs down with 3D printed replacement components More

3D printing helps Vilecon reduce tooling costs by 95% & revive abandoned Swedish church project

Jan.29, 2016 - Denmark-based 3D printing specialist PLM Group has lent its expertise to plastics manufacturer Vilecon, also from Denmark, in order to optimize production of plastic components. Vilecon's newly installed 3D printing facility has enabled the company to revive a long-abandoned project. More

Sky's the limit for ALTA Tactical's 3D printed, low-altitude 'SmartBalloons'

Jan.29, 2016 - ALTA Tactical, a Florida-based aerial surveillance company, has been using 3D printing technology to produce its innovative 'SmartBalloons', blimp-like drones used for low-altitude imaging. More

Addicted to your smartphone? Try the 3D printed Dumb Phone Case

Jan.29, 2016 - Designer Jeff Lam has designed a 3D printed phone case that effectively turns your smartphone into a "dumb phone" by physically limiting access to apps and only letting you make calls. More

Russian student develops method for FDM 3D printing of artificial bones

Jan.29, 2016 - A graduate student from Tomsk Polytechnic University has developed a novel method for'3D printing a calcium phosphate compound biomaterial using FDM 3D printing technology. The resulting 3D printed artificial bone material is nearly identical to human bone tissue, and could provide a significantly cheaper alternative to traditional bone prostheses. More

Maker Andrew Sink 3D prints a full-size replica of his brain using MRI data

Jan.29, 2016 - Maker Andrew Sink reminds the world that 3D printed surgical models don't need to be limited to hospitals, as he has used data from his own MRI scan to create a very cool 3D printed replica of his brain. More

Researchers develop custom 3D bioprinted biodegradable vascular grafts for congenital heart disease patients

Jan.29, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Maryland's Fisher Lab have reached a possible breakthrough in making custom-fitting grafts for patients suffering from the birth defect congenital heart disease, using 3D bioprinters and the biocompatible PPF polyester. More

US Air Force invests $34.6M in 3D printed engine development through BAA Awards

Jan.29, 2016 - Over the past few months, the US Air Force has divided $34.6 million over ten manufacturing programs, many of which feature metal 3D printing solutions, all targeted at optimizing rocket engine systems while reducing dependency on foreign-made components. More

3D printing the magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens' famous Holochess scene

Jan.28, 2016 - Stop motion animator, Phil Tippett, goes into detail about recreating the magic of the original Star Wars Holochess scene for Star Wars Episode VII with the help of photogrammetry and 3D printing. More

3D printed Manifesto Concept car wins Ferrari Top Challenge 2015

Jan.28, 2016 - Skorpion Engineering 3D printed three amazing Ferrari concept cars entered in the Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015. The 3D printed Manifesto Concept has just been announced as the grand prize winner. More

Kickstarted launched for Microscape's 3D printed 1:5000 scale model of Manhattan

Jan.28, 2016 - New York based startup Microscape has just launched an $8000 Kickstarter campaign to get their 3D printed miniature models of iconic cities such as New York City into production. More

The Great Fredini shows off amazing glass figures made with lost 3D printed PLA casting techniques

Jan.28, 2016 - In an attempt to combine traditional glass casting techniques with 3D printing, the artist Great Fredini has had some great results with a technique called lost PLA kiln casting, in which the PLA is burned off to leave a custom mold. More

Romina becomes first dog in Mexico to receive a 3D printed prosthetic leg

Jan.28, 2016 - Romina, a six-year-old Whippet who lost one of her front legs in a lawn mower accident, is the first dog in Mexico to receive a custom-made, carbon fibre 3D printed prosthetic leg, thanks to efforts by the Veterinarian Hospital at the Universidad del Valles de Mexico. More

China's first 3D printed air purifier offers relief from record-breaking air pollution levels

Jan.27, 2016 - A company based in Ninjang, China has developed a 3D printed air purifier to provide clean, safe and breathable air as the country experiences some of the highest air pollution levels on record. More

Japanese medical insurance to cover cost of 3D printed organ models

Jan.27, 2016 - Japan's Central Social Insurance Council has announced that the cost of 3D printed organ models used to assist doctors in complex surgeries will be covered by national medical insurance. More

Watch a beautiful dancer turn into a 'Wide Open' 3D print in The Chemical Brothers' new video

Jan.27, 2016 - The Chemical Brothers have released a music video for the track Wide Open, featuring Beck, in which a beautiful dancer, played by Ex Machina's Sonoya Mizuno, transforms into a mesmerizing 3D printed version of herself. More

Thai doctors successfully transplant world's first 3D printed titanium thumb

Jan.27, 2016 - A team of thai doctors from the Phramongkutklao Hospital in Bangkok have, for the first time ever, successfully replaced a metacarpal thumb bone with a 3D printed titanium prosthesis. More

Danny van Ryswyk's gorgeous 3D printed sculptures inspired by his UFO experience in childhood

Jan.27, 2016 - Dutch artist Danny van Ryswyk recently revealed more about how he has created his gorgeous and slightly creepy line of 3D printed sculptures, all exhibiting a dark, fantastical dystopian style inspired by Victorian culture and a UFO sighting. More

A Helping Hand: E-NABLE France builds an awesome 3D printed hand for sweet little girl Mitsuko

Jan.26, 2016 - Mitsuko, a young girl from Noum'a, New Caledonia, has become the latest recipient of a 3D printed hand from e-NABLE. Volunteers from e-NABLE France worked with Mitsuko's family to develop two iterations of the prosthetic device, with the final model completed on January 11. More

First ever kidney transplant using 3D printing changes life of Northern Ireland toddler, Lucy

Jan.26, 2016 - British surgeons have successfully used 3D printing technology in helping to transplant a kidney from a father to his daughter. Two-year-old Lucy Boucher, who suffered from heart failure as an infant, was destined for a life of kidney failure. More

ONRL and SOM unveil world's largest 3D printed polymer building powered by a car

Jan.26, 2016 - US Department of Energy's ORNL and architectural firm SOM have recently unveiled the prototype for their sustainable, energy efficient 3D printed structure and its integrated 3D printed vehicle, which showcase the future of off-the-grid living. More

Clever 3D printed physical/virtual board game Fabulous Beasts is now live on Kickstarter

Jan.26, 2016 - The widely anticipated board game Fabulous Beasts, which combines a physical tower building game featuring 3D printed blocks with a fun virtual point scoring environment, has just turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary production funds. More

Put a bounce in your step with Neta Soreq's 3D printed Energetic Pass shoes

Jan.26, 2016 - Israeli designer Neta Soreq talks about designing her Energetic Pass collection, a series of 3D printed shoes that provide both comfort and innovative style to their wearer. More

3D print your own working Furious Power Fist from Fallout 4

Jan.25, 2016 - 3D printed prop-making legend Simone Fontana has released the free 3D print files for a working Furious Power Fist, a unique and powerful weapon from Fallout 4. More

Fallout 4 Fan 3D Prints full-size T45-d Power Armour Helmet

Jan.25, 2016 - Fans of the Fallout video game series have been actively creating props for the 3D printing community for years now. Super-fan Daniel Lilygreen has been at it again with after releasing the 3D Printable T45-D Power Armour Helmet. More

Open Space Agency releases first 3D printable files for Ultrascope Explorer Plus telescope

Jan.25, 2016 - Part of an attempt to usher in a new era of citizen aerospace exploration, the Open Space Agency have just shared the first 3D printable files for the open source Ultrascope Explorer Plus, a powerful smartphone-assisted telescope that can connect to satellites. More

SpaceX's dragon 2 with eight 3D printed SuperDraco trusters just passed the crucial 'hover test'

Jan.25, 2016 - SpaceX has released a short video of its 3D printed SuperDraco thrusters undergoing testing. The tethered tests of the SuperDraco-equipped Dragon 2 spacecraft took place at the SpaceX testing facility in McGregor, Texas in November. More

Johnson & Johnson teams with Carbon3D to develop custom 3D printed surgical devices

Jan.25, 2016 - The innovative high-speed, high-quality CLIP 3D printing technology of Carbon3D has now caught the eye of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, who has tapped Carbon3D for the development of 3D printed surgical devices as part of a new innovation model. More

Cody Wilson wants to release 3D print details for AR-15 rifle, could ISIS start using 3D printed weapons?

Jan.25, 2016 - A new chapter in the debate on 3D printed guns is likely to start soon, as Texas-based Defense Distributed has announced the release of 3D printable machine gun designs in April. This has worried UK antiterrorist experts, who have argued that Defense Distributed assisting terrorists. More

Dutch companies Atum 3D and Xilloc develop innovative medical 3D printing applications

Jan.25, 2016 - With an eye on developing new medical 3D printing innovations, Dutch 3D printing specialists Atum 3D and Xilloc joined forces in the ADAM research project, which has resulted in new 3D printed drilling and incision molds which will make dental and surgical procedures far more accurate. More

This 3D printed robot can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 2 seconds

Jan.25, 2016 - With a new 3D printed machine hooked onto a cube-solving algorithm, YouTubers Jay Flatland and Paul Rose absolutely shatter the current world record for fastest Rubik's cube solving device, consistently solving the puzzle in less than two seconds. More

Pierre-Felix So rethinks our relationship with notifications with help of 3D printing

Jan.24, 2016 - French designer Pierre-Felix So has designed three objects with the help of 3D printing for his project Push Revolution!, which aims to explore and shape the ways we interact with and respond to social media notifications. More

Taiwanese artist 3D prints a playful monkey with 24 movable joints to celebrate Chinese New Year

Jan.24, 2016 - To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Taiwanese artist Amao Chan has designed a playful and ingenious 3D printed monkey, with 24 movable joints giving it an impressive range of balance and movement. More

3D Systems pays tribute to computer technology with 3D printed liquid-cooled PC

Jan.24, 2016 - 3D Systems has just revealed more about how they built one of the more unusual 3D printing projects on display at CES in Las Vegas: a 3D printed liquid-cooled PC with an impressive transparent reservoir. More

Nascent Objects debuts 3D printed modular electronics platform to solve the E-Waste problem

Jan.24, 2016 - In an effort to solve the ecological crisis caused by rapidly replaced electronic gadgets, Nascent Objects has developed a modular electronics platform in which you can place all hardware modules you like into 3D printed containers, and replace, reuse and alter them at a later date. More

Disney reveals how to design and 3D print an Olaf Disney Infinity Figure

Jan.24, 2016 - A new video from the Disney Boxed series reveals the entire 3D design process of an Olaf Disney Infinity video-game figure. From 2D concept to 3D modeling in ZBrush, 3D printing, and careful hand-painting, viewers get to follow along the journey as a 3D printed Olaf figure is brought to life. More

Are 3D printed keys a threat to your security?

Jan.24, 2016 - In the research project Replication Prohibited, Eric Wustrow and his University of Michigan Colleagues discuss how 3D printed keys are impacting physical security systems. Looking at the common pin tumbler lock specifically, they reveal three common 'attack models' currently used to create 3D printed keys. More

Berlin Fashion Week debuts Michael Michalsky's 3D printed lifelike mini mannequins

Jan.23, 2016 - 3D printing technologies are making a big splash at this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, though not on the catwalk as you might expect. That is to say, reputable German fashion designer Michael Michalsky has put together an exhibit which showcases his couture being worn by miniature 3D printed mannequins. More

Caleb Kraft 3D prints amazing Xbox foot controllers for one-handed gamers

Jan.23, 2016 - To help the one-handed gamer Jesse B play on his Xbox, Make Magazine's Caleb Kraft recently built a very impressive Xbox One controller that can be played with one hand, or alternatively with the help of two 3D printed foot controllers. More

Make your own PiGRRL 2: Adafruit's new Raspberry Pi 2 enabled handheld gaming console

Jan.23, 2016 - Adafruit has just released all the instructions necessary to 3D Print your very own Raspberry Pi 2 powered hand-held gaming console. So get your soldering iron ready, this project is perfect for the curious Maker. More

CEO has first ever 3D Printed crown implanted with company's own Micro Filled Hybrid material

Jan.23, 2016 - Rik Jacobs, CEO of bio-compatible 3D print material firm NextDent puts his money where his mouth is after receiving first ever 3D Printed crown replacement using their own Micro Filled Hybrid material. More

Add retro charm to your desk with this 3D printed classic Mac Apple Watch charging station

Jan.22, 2016 - In an attempt to combine the oldest with the newest technologies, Swiss designer Erich Styger has created a fantastic 3D printed miniature Apple Macintosh computer that actually functions as an Apple Watch charging station as well. More

Megakopter drones set Guinness record for heaviest load lifted, thanks to 3D printing

Jan.22, 2016 - After spending over 18-months developing and building their RC controlled Megakopter, the University of Oslo Team succeeded in breaking the multi-copter Payload Guinness World Record More

Designer Patrick Tai creates an entire dress using only the 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Jan.22, 2016 - Fashion Design graduate Patrick Tai is turning heads with his women's dress made entirely using the 3Doodler 3D printing pen. The project took him almost one hundred hours to create. More

Graphene 3D and Ideum create interactive JCB Wine Tasting Experience with 3D printed smart coasters

Jan.22, 2016 - Interactive design company Ideum recently partnered with JCB Wines to create an immersive, multifaceted wine tasting experience, brought to life by conductive 3D printed smart coasters by Graphene 3D Lab. More

Arrow Drone builds highly flexible, 150kmh 3D printed racing drones

Jan.22, 2016 - Arrow Drone, an exciting startup from Berlin, Germany, has built a range of highly flexible, partially 3D printed racing drones, suitable for beginner and pro pilots alike. The company has launched a Kickstarter to bring its products into production. More

Medically inclined 3D Printing and VR technologies rise up as stars at this year's BC Tech Summit

Jan.22, 2016 - 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and VR technology continue to make significant progress in the tech community. The recent variety being showcased at this year's BC Tech summit proves this even further. More

Custom-fitting 3D printed Phits Insoles win ISPO Health and Fitness Award

Jan.22, 2016 - Made by 3D scanning your feet and 3D printing through Materialise, the impressive Phits Insoles by the Belgian company of the same name have caught the attention of sporting goods giant ISPO, who just awarded them the first prize in their Health and Fitness-themed competition. More

Guitar giant Fender uses 3D printing to produce Pro In-Ear Monitor headphones

Jan.21, 2016 - US guitar and audio equipment manufacturer Fender has unveiled a range of 3D printed in-ear monitors, priced between $100 and $500. More

Welsh company Innoture reveals new wrinkle cure: 3D printed Radara micro needle patches

Jan.21, 2016 - A new anti-wrinkle product by Welsh company Innoture has just appeared, which uses 3D printed micro needle patches. These Radara patches are placed around the eyes and stimulate the production of skin smoothing collagen without leaving any marks or using chemicals. More

Philips launches the world's first personalized, 3D printed face shaver for limited edition run

Jan.21, 2016 - Philips, in partnership with Shapeways and Twikit, has launched an exclusive pilot project, inviting 125 people to design, personalize and purchase their very own 3D printed electric shavers. The limited edition run begins today. More

Branch Technology invites you to design a 3D printed 'Freeform Home' through Cellular Fabrication

Jan.21, 2016 - Branch Technology has just launched the architectural Freeform Home Design Challenge, for which participants need to design a complete house that can be 3D printed with their new C-Fab construction 3D printing technique which 3D prints efficient cellular scaffolding. More

3D bioprinted nose and ear reconstructions slowly becoming possible

Jan.21, 2016 - Though it will still take some time before becoming a normal medical procedure, plastic surgery specialist Ernst Jan Bos from the Dutch VU medical center just revealed that they have made several important steps in realizing 3D printed cartilage tissue for nose and ear reconstructions. More

DNA-informed, 3D printed models of Chelsea Manning's face turned into controversial artwork

Jan.20, 2016 - Chicago-based artist Heath Dewey-Hagborg has 3D printed two masks depicting the face of Chelsea Manning, the US soldier and whistleblower who was sentenced to 35 years in military prison in 2013 for violating the Espionage Act. More

Bioengineer develops 3D printed polymer stent to fight esophageal cancer, receives $141K grant

Jan.20, 2016 - Dr. Yunqing Kang of Florida Atlantic University has received a $141,743 grant from the National Cancer Institute in order to develop a biodegradable, 3D printed polymer stent. The 3D printed stent will decrease complications and act as a delivery system for cancer therapy drugs. More

Redefining luxury: Meet American Standard's first-ever 3D printed metal Faucet Collection

Jan.20, 2016 - American Standard is releasing a series of luxury 3D printed faucets at this year's Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. With three models on display, they are hoping to make a splash by using 3D print technology to modernize bathroom fixture production. More

Cornell senior receives scholarship for convertible 3D printed outfits made from recycled materials

Jan.20, 2016 - With the goal of reducing waste and making apparel more functional, Cornell University student Eric Beaudette has developed the Recycl3-D clothing line, featuring convertible outfits with interchangeable components that have been 3D printed from recycled materials. More

Build a 3D printed Star Wars Stormtrooper using Autodesk Tinkerplay app and Blender

Jan.20, 2016 - An Instructables user has uploaded a cool 3D printed Stormtrooper Design, which becomes the latest addition to the burgeoning collection of Star Wars 3D prints in the maker community. More

Maison 203 to present 3D Printed Kalikon Jewelry at Maison et Objet Paris this week

Jan.20, 2016 - Italian jewelry brand Maison 203 will be introducing their new stunning collection of 3D printed jewelry, which was designed in collaboration with industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti, at this year's Maison et Objet Paris trade fair. More

HiveHaven stops production of 3D printed hives for stingless bees due to cost concerns

Jan.20, 2016 - Though Australian beekeeping specialists HiveHaven have been very successful in keeping Australian stingless bees in environment-regulating 3D printed hives, they have just revealed that they are stopping 3D printing production due to the costs involved. More

Be a 3D printing hero with Zortrax's free 3D printable Superhero Mask

Jan.19, 2016 - Zortrax has released free downloadable STL files for an edgy cosplay Superhero Mask. Consisting of 46 3D printed parts and made on an M200 3D printer, the 'Legendary Zortrax' superhero mask shows just how easy it can be to create customized, realistic cosplay costumes at home. More

APPROXIMATELY 800cm3 OF PLA: All-you-can-print with a single spool of PLA

Jan.19, 2016 - A Brazil based art project, APPROXIMATELY 800cm3 OF PLA, is seeking to investigate the tensions that exist in additive manufacturing by 3D printing as many objects as possible from a single spool of filament. More

Snow and ice are no match for these 3D printed winter tires for the OpenRC F1 race car

Jan.19, 2016 - 3D designer Thomas Palm has designed 3D printable snow-chain inspired winter tires for Daniel Nor'e's 3D printed OpenRC Formula One race car, and has released the free 3D files--plus a special Easter Egg--on Thingiverse. More

JS Shoes’ customizable 3D knitted shoes hit Kickstarter

Jan.19, 2016 - J&S Enterprises, a small California based development company is Kickstarting a customizable 3D Knitted shoe called the JS Shoe. On top of being stylish, light-weight and affordable, their novel method of automated and custom manufacturing is what sets them apart. More

Airbus Helicopters using German RepRap 3D printer to produce windshield wipers, gears and more

Jan.18, 2016 - Airbus Helicopters is reducing development costs of prototype components with the help of an X400 3D printer from Feldkirchen, Munich based company German RepRap. Windshield wipers, gears, levers and shafts were all made using the large-format FFF machine. More

3D printed fetuses: The Hottest Parenting Trend of 2016

Jan.18, 2016 - Channel Mum, the UK's most popular video-based parenting site, has predicted that 3D printed fetuses will be one of 2016's hottest parenting trends. More

Orbital ATK successfully tests metal 3D printed hypersonic engine combustor at NASA

Jan.18, 2016 - Aerospace and defense company Orbital ATK has successfully tested a 3D printed hypersonic engine combustor at NASA's Langley Research Center. The metal 3D printed part was subjected to a variety of high-temperature hypersonic flight conditions, including one of the longest duration propulsion wind tunnel tests of record. More

3D printed robots to fight to the death in BBC's Robot Wars reboot

Jan.17, 2016 - The BBC has officially announced that it will be re-activating its technological game show hit, Robot Wars. Thanks to low-cost robotic technologies including 3D printing and computer boards like Rasperry Pi, the competing, custom-built remote-controlled fighting machines should be more innovative, powerful, and deadly than ever before. More

Mozart the cat gets 3D printed wheelchair following terrifying 30m fall

Jan.17, 2016 - After falling 30m from a balcony in New South Wales, Australia, Mozart the cat broke two legs and was lucky to survive. Luckily, the 3D printing community was on hand to provide a 3D printed wheelchair for the fortunate feline. More

Animate your boring old headphones with NeoPixels and lightweight 3D printed enclosures

Jan.17, 2016 - Adafruit's Ruiz Brothers have released a tutorial for adding app-controlled LED lights to a pair of headphones, with lightweight 3D printed enclosures used to keep everything together. More

Paralysed mountain biker Tom Wheeler now racing again thanks to 3D printed arm brace

Jan.17, 2016 - After a fall during a race left cyclist Tom Wheeler with a paralyzed right arm, he joined forces with PDR and product designer Poppy Farrugia to develop a custom 3D printed brace that allows him to hold a steering wheel with two hands and cycle again. More

3D printed micrometer can measure down to five thousandths of an inch

Jan.16, 2016 - Mechanical engineering student Dan Olson has 3D printed a functional micrometer that, though not perfectly accurate, has a 2.5 inch travel distance and can measure down to five thousands of an inch or smaller. More

Airbus starts 3D printing airplane cabin partition that mimics cells and bones' structure

Jan.16, 2016 - Airbus and its subsidiary APWorks, in collaboration with Autodesk-owned architecture firm The Living, has started printing the world's largest metal 3D printed airplane part. The jet partition, 3D printed in a high-tech alloy called 'Scalmalloy', is 45% lighter than current partitions. More

Nebraska 9-year-old boy gets 3D printed ‘Star Wars’ arm delivered by Darth Vader

Jan.16, 2016 - Nine-year-old Alvin Garcia Flores was given 'a new hope' on Thursday, in the form of a 3D printed bionic arm made by Limbitless Solutions. Presenting the 3D printed prosthesis to the young Nebraska resident was none other than Darth Vader, iconic villain of the Star Wars franchise. More

Return to retro gaming with 3D printed NES controller and Raspberry Pi Zero

Jan.16, 2016 - A bit of simple 3D printing has enabled fans of retro gaming to revive their old-school NES controllers and run them on the new Raspberry Pi Zero. The trend has even grown into an entire online community project, known as RetroPie. More

Sink your teeth into this mechanical 3D printed 'Saber' inspired by Disney Research

Jan.16, 2016 - Thingiverse maker Greg Zumwalt has built a 3D printed mechanical creature, which he has called 'Saber'. The project was inspired by 3D printable 'Cyber Tiger' model' in 'Disney Computation Designs of Mechanical Characters' created by Disney Research. More

Brilliant Mush-Lume lampshades made with bio mushroom mixture and 3D printed molds

Jan.15, 2016 - To show that original making can be environmentally friendly, designer Danielle Trofe has combined Ecovative's bio mushroom mixture and 3D printed molds to grow original and biodegradable lampshades and pot planters. More

CorenPuzzle finally succeeds at creating the world’s largest 22x22 3D printed Rubik’s Cube

Jan.15, 2016 - After two disastrous attempts at creating the world's largest 3D printed Rubik's cube, CorenPuzzle has finally managed to assemble a functional, record-breaking, 22 x 22 3D printed Rubik's cube, printed entirely on a consumer-grade Prusa i3 3D printer. More

Plunkett Associates uses 3D printing to build high performance heat sinks

Jan.15, 2016 - Plunkett Associates, a British manufacturing expert, has used additive manufacturing to produce a range of DMLS-produced heat-sinks. The 3D printed components can be used to improve convection cooling systems in electronic devices. More

US Navy adopts metal 3D printing as practical manufacturing tool in warfare center

Jan.15, 2016 - With several 3D printing experiments are underway onboard warships already, the US Navy has just revealed that they have equipped a warfare center with a metal 3D printer as well, with the purpose of developing practical solutions for the entirety of the navy. More

ESA and BEEVERYCREATIVE developing 3D printing breadboard machine for ISS

Jan.15, 2016 - The European Space Agency has commissioned four tech companies, including 3D printing specialists BEEVERYCREATIVE< to develop a 3D printing breadboard machine capable of 3D printing electric circuit boards on the International Space Station. More

Japanese artist reimagines 5000 year old pot from Jomon period using 3D printing

Jan.15, 2016 - Japanese modern artist Taketo Kobayashi is known for bringing ancient cultural expressions together with modern Japanese subcultures, and for his latest 'Visions of the Universe' he has recreated and reimagined a 5000 year old pot from the Jomon period with the help of 3D printing. More

SpaceX wins US Air Force contract to advance rocket engines with 3D printing

Jan.15, 2016 - 3D Printing has become commonplace for rocket design and manufacturing in the aerospace industry in recent years. A recent contract awarded to SpaceX and Orbital ATK ensures the merger of technologies will continue. More

3D printed lifesize Titanosaur, largest dinosaur ever found is on display in New York

Jan.15, 2016 - The American Museum of Natural History has just unveiled the newest member of its permanent exhibit - a colossal casted and 3D printed skeleton of the world's largest known dinosaur, a new species of titanosaur. More

Learn about robotics with this 3D printed Hobby Hand that mimics natural hand movement

Jan.14, 2016 - Prosthesis startup Biomechanical Robotics Group (BRG) has created a 3D printed DIY prosthetic hand kit. The Hobby Hand, now the subject of a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign, promises easy controllability and accurate imitation of natural hand movement. More

3D printing helps separate three-month-old conjoined twins in China

Jan.14, 2016 - Doctors at the Children's Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai used both 3D modeling and 3D printing for the first time to successfully separate three-month-old conjoined twins. More

Artist Tomoo Yamaji uses 3D printed sculpture to warn about the misuse of technology in human body

Jan.14, 2016 - Japanese 3D artist Tomoo Yamaji has designed an abstract, 3D printed sculpture to express "the excessive modification" of the human body, and to warn against the incorrect use of technology. The two-piece, snap-fit 3D printed kit was inspired by the rough sketches used in car development and is covered in the traditional patterns found on Japanese Kimonos. More

Chinese experts unveils its first 3D printed nuclear fuel element, could be widely used in 10 years

Jan.14, 2016 - Scientists from the China National Nuclear Corporation have just revealed a major 3D printing breakthrough, as they have successfully 3D printed parts of a CAP1400 nuclear fuel assembly, a key element in Chinese nuclear reactors. More

MHOX expands dystopian Carapace brand with 3D printed VR facemasks

Jan.14, 2016 - With the purpose of integrating the hottest technology of 2016, Italian design studio MHOX has just expanded their range of dystopian and alien Carapace wearables collection with custom 3D printed VR facemasks that could add a whole new dimension to the human experience. More

Organovo’s Samsara Sciences to focus on 3D bioprinted human liver cells

Jan.13, 2016 - 3D bioprinting specialist Organovo today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Samsara Sciences, Inc., has launched commercial operations. Samsara will focus solely on the provision of 3D printed human liver cells. More

Hacked Formlabs 3D printers repurposed for real-laser version of Spacewar

Jan.13, 2016 - Using the optical engine from a Formlabs Form 2 3D printer and the translucent orange cover from a Form 1, Matt Keeter has created a Frankenstein version of the classic video game Spacewar'using real lasers. More

Sony makes world's first 48k 360-degree video using smartphones and 3D printed rig

Jan.13, 2016 - Sony has created the world's first 48k 360 degree video of the French Alps using their 4K enabled smartphone, the Xperia Z5, and a 3D printed rig. More

Injured Costa Rican toucan singing again thanks to 3D printed prosthetic beak

Jan.13, 2016 - One year after a horrific attack left Grecia the toucan with a severely injured beak, 3D printing experts in Costa Rica have managed to 3D print a brand new prosthetic beak, giving the bird a second lease on life. More

You can 3D print your own front plate for your Loud Mini, car horn for your bike

Jan.13, 2016 - Inventor Jonathan Lansey has known for years that cyclists need to be heard by motorists to feel safe on the road. After two successful Kickstarter campaigns for Loud Car Horns, he is ready to share his designs so 3D Print enthusiasts can customize their own horns. More

3D printed bone implant saved Virginia woman's leg from amputation

Jan.13, 2016 - Virginia school teacher Ruth Smith-Leigh was initially told that her leg would need to be amputated following a car crash, but Duke specialists managed to develop a custom 3D printed implant that not only enabled her to keep her leg and continue walking, but also encourages her bones to heal. More

Washington-based Printabowl 3D prints elegant elevation instruments for legal marijuana consumption

Jan.13, 2016 - Inspired by the legalization of marijuana in Washington, brothers Al and Saul Jacobs have started Printabowl, a company that designs and 3D prints stately water pipes. More

Moog wins $728K US Air Forces contract to advance launch vehicle booster tech w/metal 3D printing

Jan.13, 2016 - Moog has won a technology development contract from the US Air Force under the Booster Propulsion Technology Maturation Broad Agency Announcement. The contract will see Moog develop parts for liquid fueled first stage rocket engines through additive manufacturing technology. More

Fashion collection 'Mama Africa' blends African tradition and 3d printing

Jan.12, 2016 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer BEEVERYCREATIVE has used its wealth of 3D printing expertise to help Lisbon based Fashion Studio produce a range of Africa-inspired, 3D printed accessories 'Mama Africa'. More

Czech firm Innomia uses 3D printing to accelerate production of auto components by 17%

Jan.12, 2016 - Czech additive manufacturing specialist Innomia has used DMLS technology to produce a refined cooling system for its client, Magna. The new system has yielded a 17% increase in productivity for Magna, a component supplier for 'koda Auto. More

Colorful 3D printed zoetrope becomes real life award at Amsterdam's KLIK Film Festival

Jan.12, 2016 - We spoke with artist Klass-Harm de Boer, who designed and created a lively 3D printed zoetrope animation Amsterdam's KLIK Animated Film Festival. A the end of the ceremony, each 3D printed statue from the film was given away as an award to festival winners. More

3D printable Martian concrete might be the best material to build a house on Mars

Jan.12, 2016 - A team of researchers from Northwestern University have come up with a solution that could make life on Mars realistic: a concrete made from Martian materials, which is not only very high in strength but also easily 3D printable. More

Nasa selects Aerojet Rocketdyne to mature 3D printed MPS-130 CubeSat propulsion system

Jan.12, 2016 - NASA has just tapped aerospace 3D printing specialists Aerojet Rocketdyne for the development of the MPS-130 CubeSat Propulsion System, which will be the first of its kind to use a green propellant and will greatly improve the capacity of CubeSats and nanosats. More

Doctors use 3D imaging and Google Cardboard virtual reality tech to save baby's life

Jan.12, 2016 - A 3D printing tragedy occurred before the surgery of the six-month old Teegan who suffered from an underdeveloped heart. Surgeons wanted to use a 3D printed surgical model, but as the 3D printer broke down they used a VR Google Cardboard headset to prepare for the complex surgery. More

Buick unveils ultra-modern Avista concept car with 3D printed interior details

Jan.11, 2016 - Hoping to shed it's 'dinosaur image', Buick unveiled it's most modern concept car yet, the Avista, at Detroit Auto Show. The proportional and sleek 2+2 coupe features a 400-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-6 engine to power its exterior, and sleek 3D printed door and seat details to complement its luxurious interior. More

Swiss designer shows off amazing 3D printed fully mechanical tourbillon watch

Jan.11, 2016 - As a tribute to centuries of handcrafted watches, Swiss designer Christoph Laimer has developed and shared a fully mechanical watch that features the complex tourbillon mechanism and accurately displays the time for up to 35 minutes with the help of a winding system. More

Audi building 3D printed rover to drive across the moon

Jan.11, 2016 - As part of of the Google Lunar X Prize competition, Audi and Part Time Scientists have teamed up to 3D print a rover capable of landing on the moon's surface, and traversing at least 500 meters thanks to metal 3D printing technology. More

Laika wins technical award from the Oscars for pioneering 3D printing in animation

Jan.11, 2016 - The winners of the Scientific and Engineering Awards of the Academy (known for their Oscars) have just been announced, and among them is animation film studio Laika Entertainment for their fantastic success in using 3D printing technology for stop-motion picture The Boxtrolls. More

Jinn: an Android-based 3D printed robot that walks, talks, teaches and learns

Jan.11, 2016 - Jinn is the first Swiss-made 3D printed walking humanoid robot, capable of hearing, speaking, and displaying various emotions, while being controlled via an Android smartphone and downloadable app. More

3D printed interior parts to be included on upcoming Telluride SUV, Kia reveals

Jan.11, 2016 - It seems as though South Korean car manufacturers Kia are also ready to incorporate 3D printing into their production process, as they are set to showcase the new Kia Telluride SUV at the Detroit Auto Show next week, complete with 3D printed door panels, dashboard components and steering wheel. More

3D printing helps CAE Healthcare develop complex human patient birthing simulator

Jan.10, 2016 - Simulation technology firm CAE has developed the Fidelis' Maternal Fetal Simulator (MFS), using 3D printed parts provided by Stratasys. The simulator teaches obstetricians how to deal with dangerous birthing complications. More

Scientist recreates amazing ancient trilobites by 3D printing them in metal

Jan.10, 2016 - Biochemistry professor Dr. Alan Drummond has been creating highly detailed 3D printed trilobites, using both a Formlabs Form 1 3D printer and metal 3D printing services provided by Shapeways. More

Cyant turns children's drawings into 3D printed objects to promote STEM education

Jan.10, 2016 - Berkeley based startup Cyant has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new project which turns children's drawings into 3D printed objects to promote STEM education and engagement from a young age. More

Autodesk helps design 3D printed replica shells in crowdfunded effort to save Desert Tortoise

Jan.10, 2016 - Hardshell Labs has devised a plan to create realistic, 3D printed replica shells to help protect the endangered Desert Tortoise from predatory ravens. More

Doctor develops 3D printed eye examination kit for developing countries

Jan.9, 2016 - New Zealand based eye doctor, Hong Sheng Chiong, has developed oDocs Eye Care, a group that specializes in creating and offering open source, 3D printed eye care equipment. More

3D printed modular 'Europe building' erected for Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Jan.9, 2016 - On January 1, 2016, the Netherlands began its six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union, taking over from Luxembourg. Ministerial meetings will be held at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, where a partially 3D printed structure'the Europe Building'has been erected. More

Fallout 4 superfan 3D printed his own Codsworth action figure

Jan.9, 2016 - As a tribute to the most popular game of the moment, Mark Mosinski just revealed his 9-inch tall 3D printed Handy Codsworth, the cool robotic companion from Besthesda's post-apocalyptic Fallout 4. More

Croft Additive Manufacturing and ESR Space to 3D print customized spacecraft mechanisms

Jan.8, 2016 - Metal 3D printing company Croft Additive Manufacturing (CAM) has teamed up with the Space division of ESR Technology to research3D printing applications spacecraft components. Specifically, the two organizations aim to 3D print customized mechanisms that will address the issues surrounding the use of liquid or grease-based lubricants in spacecrafts. More

DIY Dudes put different spin on 3D printed weapons with full-sized crossbow

Jan.8, 2016 - While 3D printed parts are famously not good under pressure, Dan of DIY Dudes has managed to 3D print a full sized, very powerful crossbow that can be used up to fifty times before being eroded and packs a huge punch. More

3D printing helps develop breakthrough surgical tool Pathfinder that transforms ACL reconstruction

Jan.8, 2016 - With the help of Stratasys' Direct Metal Laser Sintering 3D printers, medical developers DamaMed and orthopedic surgeon Dana Piasecki have developed the Pathfinder, a breakthrough tool that will greatly improve the likelihood of success in ACL graft surgery. More

Planetary Resources reveals first object 3D printed from alien metal

Jan.8, 2016 - Up until now, everything we've ever used in space has been brought there from Earth. Planetary Resources Inc. has long-term ambitions to mine the infinite resources space provides. In the mean-time, they've proven its possible by 3D printing material derived from an astroid. More

3D printing bends reality in Inception-like Wave City Coffee Table

Jan.7, 2016 - Greek-based designer Stelois Moussaris used 3D printing technology along with a combination of steel and wood materials to create the Wave City Coffee Table, a mind-bending yet functional piece of furniture that looks like something straight out of Inception. More

PilotManu project to develop high value nano-structured powders for additive manufacturing

Jan.7, 2016 - A consortium of ten partner organizations across seven EU countries is developing a proprietary, high energy ball-mill (HEBM) pilot plant that will be capable of producing innovative nanostructured powders for use in additive manufacturing and other high-value manufacturing applications. More

Gold and silver 3D printed nanowalls could make touchscreens cheaper and better

Jan.7, 2016 - Using gold or silver nanoparticles, a team of researchers from ETH Zurich have developed a novel, cost efficient method for 3D printing ultra-thin 'nanowalls' that could improve the performance of the touchscreens used in our smartphones and other devices. More

Kirby Downey 3D prints fantastic fully mechanical rubber band gun

Jan.7, 2016 - While there are a number of different designs for 3D printed rubber band guns out there, South African designer Kirby Downey has just shared a particular cool version that is almost completely 3D printed and features an easy-to-make hand-powered firing mechanism. More

BASE by Wivv 3D printed customized insoles now available on Kickstarter

Jan.7, 2016 - Wiivv has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for BASE, a fully customized and biomechanically optimized 3D printed insole that you can order directly through your smartphone. More

New Balance partners with Intel to create customized 3D printed midsoles for your running shoes

Jan.6, 2016 - New Balance has announced a partnership with Intel to use its RealSense 3D scanning and imaging technology to gather precise measurements of each customers' foot, and potentially create the most accurate customizable 3D printed midsoles on the market. More

JetPack Aviation accelerates JetPack design cycle with Airwolf 3D printer

Jan.6, 2016 - While jetpack technology has long since been confined to Sci-Fi, JetPack Aviation is making it an actual reality with the help of Airwolf 3D's AXIOM 3D printer. The 3D printed prototype parts for the forthcoming JB-10 jetpack will be on display at the CES in Las Vegas. More

You can now make a Lego selfie with Funky 3D Faces' custom 3D printed Lego head

Jan.6, 2016 - Why get a 3D printed selfie when you can turn yourself into a 3D printed Lego figure too? With the help of Funky 3D Faces, you can get a custom 3D printed Lego head that fits onto your favorite Lego body. More

US Air Force taps Aerojet Rocketdyne to develop new standard of 3D printed rocket engines

Jan.6, 2016 - In order to reduce their dependency on foreign-made parts, the US Air Force has made a $6 million deal with Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, who will develop new standards for 3D printed liquid-fueled rocket engine parts. More

RepRapPro to close its doors, will cease trading on Friday 15 January

Jan.6, 2016 - Faced with an increasingly competitive, unpredictable and volatile 3D printing market RepRapPro, one of the pillars of the open source 3D printing community, has decided to shut down and will cease trading on Friday 15 January. More

Orbitrec, a titanium 3D printed road bike with built-in sensors and IoT connectivity unveiled at CES2016

Jan.5, 2016 - Tokyo-based Cerevo Inc. has unveiled a connected road bike with custom-built titanium 3D printed frame and advanced built-in sensors that can make the cycling experience more enjoyable and significantly safer for users of all levels. More

Syfy partners with MakerBot to share exclusive 3D printable content via Thingiverse

Jan.5, 2016 - As part of its new Innovation Lab initiative, American TV network Syfy has partnered with MakerBot's Thingiverse to offer exclusive 3D models of a variety of ships, characters and items from Syfy's original programming. More

Version 2.0 of inspiring open source Hovalin 3D printed violin now available

Jan.5, 2016 - While the first edition already sounded amazing, Kaitlyn and Matt Hova are now back with the second edition of their truly remarkably 3D printed Hovalin violin, featuring an optimized design. More

Aiman Akhtar designs gorgeous 3D printed dress that looks like something out of Star Trek

Jan.5, 2016 - As a culmination for a yearlong project for 3D World Magazine, 3D modeler Aiman Akhtar has created a stunning 3D printed dress that has been inspired by Science Fiction and features a stellar display of LEDs and optic fiber cables. More

3D printing helps revive Czech Cubism through stunning geometric table set

Jan.4, 2016 - Czech home goods retailer Lauriger has collaborated with architect Svetlana Koženová to design a table set reminiscent of Czech Cubism, by combining 3D printing with more traditional porcelain making techniques. More

European Space Agency plans to 3D print 'village on the moon' by 2030

Jan.4, 2016 - The European Space Agency is working on a multinational plan to 3D print a permanent village on the surface of the moon within the next 15 years, which it believes is more realistic and safer than attempting a manned mission to Mars. More

Researchers develop 3D printed electronic radar parts using a new conductive ink

Jan.4, 2016 - Using a new conductive ink consisting of metal nanoparticles suspended thermoplastic polymer, a team from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, a team of scientists has successfully 3D printed a number of radar parts capable of tuning, selecting or generating radio waves. More

Ittyblox takes 3D printed miniature Paris architecture set to Kickstarter

Jan.4, 2016 - After amazing miniature fans everywhere with fantastic collectable miniature buildings from Amsterdam, London, New York and elsewhere, Ittyblox's Stef de Vos has now gone to Kickstarter to realize a fantastic set of 3D printed buildings inspired by the most beautiful city in the world: Paris. More

Queensland, Australia looking to claw back tourists with 3D printed foam dinosaur

Jan.3, 2016 - The Maranoa, an area of the southern inland of Queensland, Australia, is using 3D printing technology to turn a local prehistoric discovery into a futuristic tourist attraction. More

ReFlow recycled 3D printing filament giving fair deal to waste pickers in developing countries

Jan.3, 2016 - ReFlow is a social enterprise making high quality PET 3D printing filament from plastic collected in developing countries. The organization has designed a <$1,000 extruder for converting scrap plastic into filament, which is being used in small-scale production facilities all over the world. More

VOJD and Akris create geometrically-inspired 3D printed jewelry for Paris Fashion Week

Jan.3, 2016 - Luxury 3D printing jewelry designer VOJD Studios and Swiss fashion house Akris have teamed up to create a series of silver and polyamide 3D printed rings inspired by a large-scale polyhedron geometric structure. More

How 3D printed pills are personalizing medicine

Jan.2, 2016 - 3D printing technology enables doctors and pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs tailored to the specific needs of individual patients--taking into account their age, weight, race, and kidney and liver functions to increase the effectiveness while reducing side-effects. Yet what are the potential effects of 3D printed drugs on the medical industry? More

Melissa Ng shares how search for solitude inspired new 3D printed jewelry line

Jan.2, 2016 - Looking back on 2015, fantastical 3D designer and founder of Lumecluster Melissa Ng shares how her quest for inner solitude led her to create a series of 3D printed jewelry pieces titled Solitude & Innovation. More

This huge brain sculpture consists of 100 unique 3D printed bronze-and-stainless-steel 'neurons'

Jan.1, 2016 - Sculptor Ralph Helmick has designed a massive 3D printed sculpture of a human brain, to be installed at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. More

HRL creates ultra-strong, flawless 3D printed ceramics, resistant to temperatures of 1,400+ degrees

Jan.1, 2016 - HRL Laboratories has developed a new technique for 3D printing ultra-strong ceramic materials which can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,700 degrees Celsius. The company believes the process could soon be used in the aerospace industry. More

Cardillac Jewelers using Ultimaker 3D printer to produce personalized 'Face-to-Face' rings

Jan.1, 2016 - Netherlands based Cardillac Jewelers is using an Ultimaker 3D printer to create prototypes of its jewelry and to create molds for its 'Face-to-Face' rings, designed in the image of the wearer's profile. More

Italian brand XYZbag allows you to customize stylish 3D printed handbags

Jan.1, 2016 - Want your fashion choices to stand out? Italian design brand XYZbag allows you to do so by customizing their 3D printed handbag, the 'Dada for You'. XYZbag was founded by Italian design duo Annalisa and Matteo who were both inspired by their love of handbags and their interest in the potentials of additive manufacturing technologies. More

MASSIVit 3D prints life-size shark for global campaign against hunting

Dec.31, 2015 - Israeli 3D printing startup MASSIVit has teamed up with anti-shark hunting campaign Silence of the Sharks to 3D print a two-meter long shark replica to be used in a series of high-profile underwater protests taking place across the globe. More

Star Wars super-fan builds two-foot 3D printed Star Destroyer

Dec.31, 2015 - The force is strong with this maker: An ambitious Star Wars fan has built a two-foot long, 3D printed Star Destroyer ship, made from thousands of individual 3D printed parts. More

Beat the post-Christmas blues with this 3D printed Daft Punk helmet

Dec.31, 2015 - Adafruit's Ruiz Brothers have released a tutorial for making a smartphone-controlled, LED-lit, 3D printed Daft Punk helmet. The project aims to replicate the headgear worn by Thomas Bangalter'one half of the French duo. More

Watch 8 year-old-boy ride his BMX thanks to 3D printed prosthetic

Dec.31, 2015 - e-NABLE member Peter Binkley teamed up with Intel and pro BMX athlete Jeremiah Smith to design and create a 3D printed prosthetic hand for eight-year-old Jimmy Wilson, born without a left hand, in order to let him pursue his dreams of becoming a BMX biker. More

3D imaging and 3D printing help Washington surgeon build new knees for patients

Dec.31, 2015 - Kirkland, Washington based surgeon Dr. Vincent Santoro is one of a new generation of medical professionals to successfully utilize the unique Image-to-Implant' 3D printing process developed by ConforMIS. The medical 3D printing company raised $135M in July after going public on NASDAQ. More

This DIY 3D printed sundial displays time like a digital clock

Dec.31, 2015 - Combining the ancient time-telling technology of sundials with algorithmic design, a creative and extremely patient maker from Mojoptix has created an open source, 3D printed sundial that allows users to digitally read the time. More

Field Ready uses 3D printing to provide relief in quake-stricken Nepal and beyond

Dec.30, 2015 - NGO Relief organization Field Ready uses 3D Printing to demonstrate on-site solutions in earthquake ravaged Nepal. Their continued work in Haiti and beyond are bringing 3D Printing the the world of International Development. More

Hide an entire PC in this huge 3D printed Star Destroyer case mod

Dec.30, 2015 - Dutch modder Sander van der Velden has created a 3D printed case mod for his MSI gaming PC that perfectly replicates a Venator-Class Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise. The project is an entry for the MSI Pro Mod Season 3 competition. More

Belgian GoAhead Digital Agency is 3D printing customized chocolate to market their services

Dec.30, 2015 - A kickstarter campaign is underway for GoAhead SmartFood 3D Printing which plans to 3D print customized chocolate for marketing purposes. The company’s early goal is to break into the world of 3D printed chocolate as part of their “Food for Marketing” campaign, and they need to raise their kickstarter goal of €15.000 to get a head start. More

3D printing gives researchers control over highly reactive materials

Dec.30, 2015 - While reactive materials such as thermite are currently hard to predict and control when they release energy, a team of scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have successfully harnessed the materials by precisely 3D printing them onto micro architectures. More

3D printed haptic sonar glove lets you feel what's far below the water

Dec.30, 2015 - Harnessing the echolocation techniques used by dolphins, two Japanese PhD candidates have developed a 3D printed sonar glove called the IrukaTact, which enables divers to accurately feel sunken objects at up to two feet away. More

Derby the dog walks and sits more like other dogs now with updated 3D printed prosthetics

Dec.30, 2015 - About a year ago, Derby the dog was lucky enough to receive two prosthetics that allowed him to walk despite the congenital deformity affecting his front legs. Having gotten used to those, it was time for a 3D printed upgrade that allowed him to walk and sit like other dogs. More

3D printed Star Wars urns store your loved one's ashes in a Death Star or Darth Vader mask

Dec.30, 2015 - UK based Urns for Ashes has been finding it difficult to keep up with demand as interest for their 3D Printed Star Wars urns is up over 300 percent since November. Fortunately, they are 3D printed and this allows for the usual assortment of customization that the technology excels at. More

UK hospital seeks to use 3D bioprinted noses and ears on humans within 3-4 years

Dec.29, 2015 - Plastic surgeons at Morriston Hospital in Wales are developing a method for 3D bioprinting cartilage-based body parts, including noses and ears, using the patients' own cells, and they hope to be among the first to use them in human clinical trials within the next three to four years. More

Disney develops 3D printed VertiGo robot that can drive straight up walls

Dec.29, 2015 - Disney Research Zurich and ETH Zurich have created a multimodal wheeled robot that can seamlessly transition from driving over rugged terrain to climbing vertical walls thanks to steerable propellers and lightweight 3D printed components. More

3D printed GoPro cannonball lets you safely experience being shot from a cannon

Dec.29, 2015 - To celebrate the launch of their website, the guys from Eclectical Engineering have built a fun partially 3D printed aircannon and GoPro cannonball setup that captures some amazing footage as the camera is crashing down to earth. More

Samsung scores U.S. patent for 3D holographic smartphone

Dec.29, 2015 - Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has just been awarded a key patent for 3D hologram technology, which the company has been working on for around three years. More

Top ten 3D printing projects of 2015

Dec.29, 2015 - As 2015 wraps up, we at 3Ders have looked back to some of the most exciting projects of the year, which can be found below, and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring for us 3D printing enthusiasts! More

Scott Hanselman: 3D printing is far more than just making "brightly colored pieces of crap"

Dec.29, 2015 - In an attempt to add value to the 3D printing hobby, Scott Hanselman recently shared an insightful essay complete with solid tips for taking 3D printing beyond the repetitive, single-part busts, pot planters and smartphone cases. Just what you need to take your 3D printer to the next level. More

New Zealand scientists optimize honey production with 3D printed honeycombs

Dec.29, 2015 - As building those impressive honeycombs actually requires a lot of energy and honey, a team of New Zealand researchers are seeking to make the lives of bees and beekeepers a lot easier with perfect 3D printed honeycomb replicas that can be taken into use immediately. More

Savvy Society gives girls head start in STEM through customized 3D printed shoes

Dec.29, 2015 - Though STEM is still largely a boys' club, fashion startup Savvy Society is seeking to change that by getting girls interested in STEM sciences with the help of a fun platform for fashionable and cute CAD designs and 3D printed accessories for shoes. More

3D printed replicas of ISIS-Destroyed Arch of Palmyra to be erected in London and NYC

Dec.28, 2015 - A 3D printed replica of the 2,000 arch of Palmyra is to be erected in Trafalgar Square, London. The model arch will emulate the last standing section of the Temple of Bel in Syra, which was razed to the ground by Isis earlier this year. More

Architect Vincent Callebaut envisions future oceanic city 3D printed from algae and plastic waste

Dec.28, 2015 - Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a fictional oceanic city, made using sustainable 3D printed materials, that is meant to emphasize the importance of the earth's oceans and their cleanliness. More

Aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and Kearsarge print spare parts at sea with 3D printers

Dec.28, 2015 - Miniature fabrication labs have recently been placed on two Navy ships: the aircraft carrier Truman and the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge. Both ships and their respective 3D printers have been deployed in the fight against the Islamic State. More

'Eye-on-a-chip' 3D printed eyelids displayed at Collegiate Inventors Competition, gold for 3D printed human tissue

Dec.28, 2015 - 3D printed biomedical innovations were rightly prominently present at this year's Collegiate Inventors Competition, where the 'eye-on-a-chip' 3D printed eyelids received a lot of attention, and Harvard PhD student David Kolesky won the gold medal for his 3D printed human tissue breakthrough. More

Team FAST using 3D printing to develop world's first formic acid powered car

Dec.28, 2015 - Students from the Technical University (TU) of Eindhoven are developing a sustainable 3D printed car. The vehicle, set to be unveiled next summer, will be fueled by formic acid, a natural substance produced by ants. More

New Media Performance Tiffany Trenda's interactive 3D printed dress leaves her audience in awe

Dec.27, 2015 - The merger of technology and technology has increased with recent trends in wearable tech. New Media Performance artist Tiffany Trenda takes things to the next level with her new and interactive work entitled Ubiquitous States; complete with a 3D Printed dress. More

Belgian startup Turbulent designs 3D printed turbines that harness natural energy of small rivers

Dec.26, 2015 - As existing sustainable energy farms are still very expensive, not cost-effective and have a negative impact on the environment around them, Belgian startup Turbulent is working on small scale 3D printed turbines that harness natural energy of small rivers without affecting the river itself. More

Createc 3D reboots 'Printing Smiles' campaign to donate 3D printed toys to children in need

Dec.26, 2015 - Createc 3D, a 3D printing makerspace and fab lab in Granada, Spain, has managed to collect over 100 3D printed toys as part of the Printing Smiles/Imprimiendo Sonrisas campaign. The 3D printed toys will be donated to disadvantaged children over the holiday season. More

South African PLENZA recreates 3D printed robot PLEN2 at a fraction of the price

Dec.26, 2015 - A hackerspace in South Africa has developed their own 3D printed humanoid robot, based off the of the popular Japanese PLEN2, that uses significantly cheaper and locally available 9g servos. Costing less than half of the original price, PLENZA is South Africa's take on the 3D printable bot, and it is completely available on Github to be recreated at home. More

Lame duck given clean bill of health thanks to 3D printed leg

Dec.25, 2015 - A pair of Indian 3D printing experts have come to the aid of a lame duck, providing it with a new 3D printed leg. The tiny prosthesis took two hours to print and will be attached by a veterinary doctor in the near future. More

Canadian design trio Daniel Christian Tang break into luxury 3D printed jewelry design market

Dec.25, 2015 - Jewelry brand Daniel Christian Tang has taken the Canadian luxury jewelry market by storm with their unique and complex 3D printed designs. Daniel Christian Tang (DCT), which was founded by two architects, Heng Tang and Mario Christian, and one structural engineer, Luca Daniel, is now one of Canada’s leading design brands in 3D printed luxury jewelry. More

Explore the British Museum and 3D print its artifacts all from the comfort of home

Dec.24, 2015 - Not only can you 3D print artifacts of the British Museum, you can now virtually explore it with Google Cultural Institute from anywhere in the world. GCI recently partnered with the British Museum and have just launched the virtual version of it, which covers nine floors of the museum and 85 of its permanent galleries, making it the most expansive interior Google street view space. More

RMIT University unveils beautifully intricate titanium 3D printed ceremonial mace

Dec.24, 2015 - A new 3D printed, titanium ceremonial mace was recently unveiled at the RMIT University of technology and design in Australia. The intricate and lightweight 3D printed mace was digitally constructed via a multi-agent swarm algorithm and 3D printed using SLM technology and fused titanium powders. More

Rick Winscot shares fantastic design for 3D printed sensor-packed RC sand buggy

Dec.24, 2015 - If you're looking for a fun 3D printing project for over the holidays, be sure to check out Rick Winscot's cool design for a 3D printed, sensor-packed RC sand buggy called the Sandblaster. Featuring obstacle detection and autonomous driving options, it is a perfect project to waste a day or two on. More

3D printed tribute to SpaceX's successful Falcon 9 rocket landing now available

Dec.24, 2015 - As a tribute to the fantastic aerospace achievement of SpaceX earlier this week, who made a successful landing with their Falcon 9 rocket as it returned from space, a former intern has just shared a fantastic 3D printed replica of that rocket. More

Burn victim Safyre receives a 3D printed hand after inspiring the world with Christmas cards

Dec.24, 2015 - After losing her closest family in a fire in 2013, 8-year old Safyre has inspired warm hearts around the world to send send her Christmas cards. Through this, a team at Albany University has produced and tested a 3D Printed eNABLE hand for her. More

LIGHT consortium develops ultra-lightweight 3D printed metal structures

Dec.23, 2015 - On December 15th 2015, the latest meeting of the LIGHT project consortium took place at the Magna Parva headquarters in Leicester, UK. The purpose of the meeting was to allow partners to review the progress of three 3D printed demonstrator parts, which are in various stages of development. More

Tamicare to mass produce Cosyflex 3D printed textiles for booming wearables market

Dec.23, 2015 - UK based Tamicare, the company responsible for Cosyflex, their patented 3D printed textile and production system, have just begun operations on their first production line. Tamicare’s founders, Tamar and Ehud Giloh, worked for over ten years to develop their 3D printed textile and printing system. More

India's National Aerospace Laboratories 3D prints prototypes of aerospace parts

Dec.23, 2015 - National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), India's second largest aerospace firm, has recently demonstrated 3D printed prototypes used for the design and validation of various aerospace components at an exhibition in Bangalore. The 3D printed parts were manufactured using local MSME J Robotics' 3D printer system. More

Musical Instrument Museum 3D prints entire symphony orchestra in miniature

Dec.23, 2015 - The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, has created the world's first complete miniature symphony orchestra thanks to 3D printing technology. It is now setup as an audio-visual display in the MIM's Europe Gallery. More

Innovative Gaming company brings the virtual world with the physical with Gamaya

Dec.23, 2015 - The virtual world and the physical world have existed independently for years now. An innovative new game called Gamaya is hoping to change that with NFC driven collectable statuettes that communicate directly with the game. More

3D print objects from the Fallout 4 universe with Maker’s Muse tutorial

Dec.22, 2015 - Gamers can now 3D print almost any object from the Fallout 4 universe, as Angus from Maker's Muse has released a tutorial which shows how to turn game data into 3D printable files. More

Stunning 3D printed 7 meter tall sculpture provides backdrop for Richard Strauss’ tragedy Elektra

Dec.22, 2015 - L'Opera de Montreal showcases impressive 7 meter tall 3D printed statue as backdrop for recent production of Richard Strauss' Elektra. The process of 3D printing the giant set piece was led by a team at AsorCAD, a 3D printing service that specializes in 3D design, reverse engineering, and capture point cloud. More

Fairphone teams with designer Alan Nguyen to offer 3D printed wooden accessories for Fairphone 2

Dec.22, 2015 - Fairphone, the Netherlands based social enterprise and technology company, recently released its latest smartphone, the Fairphone 2. The company has now teamed up with 3DHubs and designer Alan Nguyen to produce a range of 3D printed wood accessories for the device. More

Pandorum Technologies becomes first in India to develop 3D bioprinted liver tissue

Dec.22, 2015 - Bangalore-based bio-tech startup Pandorum Technologies has successfully developed artificial 3d bioprinted liver tissues that mimic human liver functions, enabling affordable medical research for developing new life-saving medicines and vaccines, and eventually leading to full-scale, transplantable 3D printed organs. More

Filmmaker Raymond McCarthy Bergeron turns own childhood drama into vivid 3D printed zoetrope movie

Dec.22, 2015 - After a lengthy six month 3D printing process, filmmaker Raymond McCarthy Bergeron has completed an amazing movie called re+belief, filled with 3D printed zoetropes that tells the story of his own childhood experiences and coming-of-age process. More

150 puppets & 1,261 faces 3D printed for stop-motion Oscar contender Anomalisa

Dec.22, 2015 - While Star Wars is dominating cinemas everywhere, a lot of Hollywood buzz is instead focusing on upcoming movie Anomalisa. A gripping stop-motion film, it has extensively relied on 3D printing technology to make more than 150 puppets and 1,261 faces to let them express their emotions. More

North Carolina man raising money to 3D print prosthetic leg covers for wounded soldiers

Dec.22, 2015 - After losing his left leg from the knee down after a motorcycle accident, Adam White hopes to raise money through Kickstarter to create 3D Printed Prosthetic covers for wounded soldiers. More

Real burning lightsaber created with 3D printing and a touch of butane

Dec.21, 2015 - Engineer Allen Pan has created a 'real-life' Star Wars lightsaber that shoots out a butane-propelled blade thanks to a nichrome ignition, a syringe valve housed inside a 3D printed enclosure, and a methanol-acetone fuel mixture. More

3D printing helps marine robotics company Blue Robotics to reinvent underwater drones

Dec.21, 2015 - Southern California based start up Blue Robotics has created affordable and high quality under water thrusters for submarine drones with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

3D printed Star Wars toys made from compostable WillowFlex re-paintable with biodegradable watercolors

Dec.21, 2015 - Berlin-based BioInspiration used their compostable WillowFlex 3D printing filament to 3D print two iconic Star Wars toys. They then discovered that they could use biodegradable watercolors to paint and re-paint their 3D prints, making them as completely eco-friendly as possible. More

'The Little Designer' book lets kids learn 3D printing in an intuitive and fun way

Dec.21, 2015 - With the purpose of giving kids a head start in 3D design and imaging tools, Dream Factory has just taken a very interesting book to Kickstarter. Called 'The Little Designer', it teaches kids the basics of 3D design and 3D printing by taking them on a colorful and imaginative adventure in Buddyland. More

Free 3D Printable of the Week: Don Foley's Freedom 7 Capsule and Christmas ornament

Dec.21, 2015 - In 2015 the 43rd Space Congress asked Don to 3D print the speakers award. The logo for the 43rd space congress was the Freedom 7 Capsule. Don Foley has shared its design free through the holidays. More

Dagoma and Twitter France use #COP21 to power 3D printer and climate change action

Dec.20, 2015 - French 3D printer manufacturer Dagoma and Twitter France, via Hobbynote, harnessed the power of social media and 3D printing technology to raise awareness about the historic conference and the issue of climate change in general. More

Light up your X'Mas tree with Functionalize's 3D printable flashy ornaments made with conductive filament

Dec.19, 2015 - With Christmas around the corner, conductive filament manufacturers Functionalize have just shared two fun and free designs for 3D printable tree ornaments that can light up your home with the help of lasers, LEDs and their F-Electric filament. More

3D printed lithophanes bring new dimension to digital photographs

Dec.18, 2015 - BYU student Justin Jensen reveals how he created 3D printed lithophanes, three-dimensional representations of digital photographs that, when lit from behind, reproduce the original image with a high level of fidelity. More

MIT researchers use 3D printing to produce MEMS at one-hundredth usual cost

Dec.18, 2015 - Researchers at MIT's Microsystems Technologies Laboratories have developed a method for producing high quality microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) using a 3D printed desktop device. These MEMS can be produced at one-hundredth the cost of a market alternative with no loss of quality. More

3D Printing used to develop locust inspired jumping robots for search and rescue

Dec.18, 2015 - Robotics have been used to assist humans in all sorts of ways throughout recent years. A team from Tel Aviv University are hoping their 3D printed, locust inspired robots will one day assist in search and rescue and rough terrain reconnaissance operations. More

Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that 3D printing will become common in daily life in 2020s

Dec.18, 2015 - While the future of 3D printing seems optimistic, futurist Ray Kurzweil takes things even further and argues that the rapid growth of information technology will make 3D printed food, homes and objects common in daily life by the 2020s. More

NASA successfully tests completely 3D printed rocket engine producing 20,000 pounds of thrust

Dec.18, 2015 - While NASA has been testing a number of 3D printed engine parts for a while, their biggest success has just been achieved by successfully testing a completely 3D printed breadboard engine seven times. This engine was exposed to a realistic environment and produced 20,000 pounds of thrust. More

Renishaw lends 3D printing expertise to bring America's Cup to Britain

Dec.17, 2015 - Additive manufacturing experts Renishaw have joined the Land Rover BAR Technical Innovation Group, providing expertise in metal 3D printing to help give the British sailing team a competitive edge in the prestigious America's Cup challenge. More

Minifig Battlefields recreates epic WWI battles with LEGO and 3D printed dioramas

Dec.17, 2015 - UK-based company Minifig Battlefields uses 3D printing to bring richly detailed and historically accurate WWI trenches and battlefields to life. Their dioramas and minifig soldiers are compatible with popular brick brands such as LEGO, and their 3D printed Stiknklik tool helps enable creative visual storytelling. More

3D printed 'Mouth Operated Mouse' wins Thingiverse Assistive Technology Challenge

Dec.17, 2015 - Tobias Wirtl has won the Thingiverse Assistive Technology Challenge for his 3D printed, mouth operated computer mouse. Runner up prizes went to a 3D printable wheelchair and a kit for assisting disabled dogs. More

3Doodler Awards: 3D printing pen remains the tool of choice for unrestrained 3D creativity

Dec.17, 2015 - 3Doodler has announced the finalists for the inaugural 3Doodler Awards, with the winning 3D printed designs divided into eight categories. Always spontaneous and never dull, the 3D printing pen remains the tool of choice for unrestrained 3D creativity. More

XRobots rolls out new concept for functional 3D printed Star Wars BB-8 droid

Dec.17, 2015 - XRobots' James Bruton has revealed his V2 3D printed Star Wars BB-8 droid that, unlike many previous versions, features a single axis hubless wheel and a magnetic head coupling. The result is a life-size, functional BB-8 that looks and moves just like its on-screen counterpart. More

Volumetric displays re-imagined with 3D printed double helix

Dec.17, 2015 - Berlin-based company Volumetrics has developed an open-source volumetric display design that uses a large 3D printed helix to project full-resolution and color 3D objects. Their goal is to contribute to the development and widespread use of volumetric displays for everyday use. More

China Eastern Airlines adopts 3D printing to significantly reduce costs of cabin components

Dec.17, 2015 - While a number of airlines are already using 3D printing for prototyping, China Eastern Airlines is already using it to produce a wide range of plastic cabin components in their own maintenance facility and are greatly improving their cost efficiency. More

Introducing Adorn: a 3D printing pen that prints makeup to perfectly match your skin

Dec.17, 2015 - A new foundation pen that utilizes elements of 3D scanning and 3D printing to create the perfect tone of foundation has just been released on the market. More

3D printed Infant Resuscitator to save newborns who can't breathe

Dec.16, 2015 - The Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) is a 3D printed device designed to improve the effectiveness of newborn resuscitation. The device is an add-on piece for existing bag valve masks (BVMs) and several types of ventilation equipment. More

3D printed helmet material to reduce brain injuries wins $250K in NFL-backed competition

Dec.16, 2015 - A multi-layered elastic 3D printed material'developed by researchers at Cardiff University has the ability to reduce brain injuries and protect football players by absorbing and dissipating impact. This 'C3' material has won $250,000 in an NFL-backed competition, and is being further developed using 3D printing technology. More

Create custom 3D printed stamps using free software and this easy tutorial

Dec.16, 2015 - Maker Chris Slyka has released an easy-to-follow tutorial for designing and 3D printing custom stamps using two cost-free programs: Inkscape and OpenScad. The stamps can be used to make personalized holiday cards, beer coasters, or whatever you want to create. More

Ultra Clean Holdings and Kulicke & Soffa to 3D print semiconductor equipment parts

Dec.16, 2015 - Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. (UCT) has announced a partnership with Kulicke & Soffa for the use of their commercial scale 3D printing services, making K&S the first known company in the semiconductor equipment market to adopt the mass customization capabilities of 3D printing technology. More

Dutch craftsman takes bookbinding into the 21rst century with the help of 3D printing

Dec.16, 2015 - While the artisanal craftsmanship is what makes bookbinding so remarkable, Dutch craftsman Luc Volders has developed an easy and interesting 3D printing method to make embossed covers without losing that traditional nature of the craft. More

Aciturri Aeronautics and Prodintec to 3D print airplane parts in Spain

Dec.16, 2015 - Spanish aviation leader Aciturri Aeronautics and technology center Prodintec are joining forces to 3D print airplane components at a new 3D printing factory in Asturias, with the aim of developing 3D printing knowledge and applications for the Spanish aviation industry. More

14-year-old becomes first teen saved by 3D printed tracheal splint

Dec.16, 2015 - 14-year-old, autistic Hannah Coulter, who suffered from a life threatening respiratory problem is the first grown person to successfully receive a 3D printed tracheal implant, which has previously only been used in babies and infants. More

FLUX 3D printed glowing zoetrope will mesmerize and mystify

Dec.15, 2015 - Design students Dieter Pilger, Janno Str'cker and Frederik Scheve have created a dizzying yet beautiful 3D printed zoetrope illuminated sculpture inspired by the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence and John Edmark's 3D printing work. More

Floatility E-Floater electric scooter glides into production thanks to 3D printing

Dec.15, 2015 - German start-up Floatility has designed a light-weight, solar-powered, electric scooter to redefine modern commuting, and has said that Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D Printing solutions were absolutely integral to creating the functional prototype that brought their product from development to launch. More

Douglas Coupland works on 3DCanada, huge 3D printed sculpture of Canadian citizens

Dec.15, 2015 - Celebrated Canadian novelist and artist Douglas Coupland has teamed up with 3D printing expert John Biehler to create 3DCanada, a huge artwork consisting of around 1,500 3D printed busts of Canadian citizens. More

Liverpool student Jade Crompton reinvents ceramics with the help of 3D printing

Dec.15, 2015 - While ceramics still have a very old-fashioned reputation, Liverpool student Jade Crompton is quickly reinventing that through a 3D printing production method that involves CAD design and i.materialise but still achieves that top quality, traditional style. More

UC Riverside physicist using 3D printing to understand the evolution of the universe

Dec.15, 2015 - Studying galaxy formation is a complex field that is forced to rely on unclear digital models that are hard to comprehend, but physicist Miguel Arag'n-Calvo from the University of California, Riverside, has made a series of complex 3D printed plastic models that are far easier to understand. More

Monash University creates 3D printed cadavers in an attempt to modernize anatomical models

Dec.15, 2015 - The use of cadavers have been used for centuries as a tool for medical training. The accuracy of the real-thing has always had its drawbacks however. A team at the Monash University in Australia has developed a 3D printed full-color option that offers great advantages over the traditional corpses. More

28 schools in South Australia to be equipped with 3D printers, minister announces

Dec.15, 2015 - In an effort to ensure that young children will gain an intuitive understanding of up and coming technologies, the state government of South Australia has just announced that they will be equipping 28 schools with 3D printers, with the educational program kicking off in the first semester of 2016. More

BB-8 Builders Club and J.R. Bédard reveal two 3D printable Star Wars BB-8 Droid designs

Dec.14, 2015 - The BB-8 Builders Club and software engineer Jean-René Bédard have revealed two functional, 3D printable, and movie-realistic designs that awaken the force of 3D printing and bring Star Wars: The Force Awaken's BB-8 Droid to life. More

Reel in the big fish with Zombait 3D printed bait ‘re-animator’

Dec.14, 2015 - An intriguing Kickstarter campaign by New England-based Magurobotics is about to revolutionize the fishing industry. With the help of 3D printing, they have developed a ever fishing tool called Zombait, a small robotic device that can reanimate dead bait used for catching big predatory fish. More

Nonmanifold: 3D printed jewelry for the 'modern woman'

Dec.14, 2015 - New 3D printed jewelry company, Nonmanifold, has been recently launched and not only are its designs made using 3D printing technology, but the jewelry is 3D printing themed. More

Build your own walking, waving, 3D printed 'Social Quadruped' robot

Dec.14, 2015 - Instructables user [chombaw] has designed a 3D printed robot called 'The Social Quadruped', thus named because of its friendly robot wave. The saluting machine, which is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth, is able to walk on four legs with two degrees of freedom, and moves with a distinctive crawling motion. More

Hans Fouche shows off cool 3D printed acoustic guitar made with Cheetah 2 3D printer

Dec.14, 2015 - With the help of his Cheetah 2, a gigantic, lightening quick plastic pellet 3D printer, South African engineer and chocolatier Hans Fouche has again 3D printed something you'd never think of making: a fully functional acoustic guitar, based on the iconic Yamaha. More

Fan successfully flies super cool 3D printed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Speed Racer

Dec.13, 2015 - Star Wars has inspired many fan creations over the years. A fan of the upcoming film takes things to the next level with a custom designed 3D Printed Quadcopter that'll tickle the fancy of any Star Wars fan. More

Exclusive Komorebi 3D printed jewelry collection inspired by sunlight in nature

Dec.13, 2015 - Combining the best of classic design with the latest technologies, Stockholm-based jewelry designers Lumitoro have again developed a fantastic exclusive 3D printed jewelry collection called Komorebi. This time, founder Roberto Chaves was inspired by sunlight filtered through the leaves of trees. More

Chinese entrepreneur debuts fantastic 3D printed educational building block set packed with lights

Dec.13, 2015 - Originally trying to make a fun toy for his sons with the help of 3D printing, Chinese entrepreneur Ye Xi Quan has since turned his 3D printed building block set into a fantastic educational toy packed with lights and the electronics necessary to safely build radio's, MP3 players and more. More

Student's 3D printed balancing device is a whole new ball game

Dec.13, 2015 - Ramy Mounir, a student maker at the University of South Florida, has designed a 3D printed balancing game. The design process for the game, in which one or two players must balance a ball atop a moving plate, has been shared on Instructables. More

Maker shares cool design clip for partially 3D printed metal Amulet of Talos

Dec.12, 2015 - If anyone is thinking about cosplaying a Dragonborn from the Skyrim video game, then the latest prop by PunishedProps is just what you need. Brittany Doran has just made a completely metal Amulet of Talos with the help of 3D printed mold. More

Ultra-light 3D printed titanium firefighting drone to aid in bushfires

Dec.12, 2015 - Engineering students from Melbourne University have developed a 3D printed firefighting drone, able to resist high temperates and fly for up to 45 minutes. The UAV has been designed to extinguish bushfires. More

3D printed Solar System spins our planets around at varying speeds by a slight turn of the hand

Dec.12, 2015 - From the team that helped downsize Theo Jansen's Strandbeest to life comes another dazzling display of design ingenuity with The Solar System. After only three prototypes, this fully assembled piece is available on Shapeways today. More

Scare your pets with this 3D printed, Transformers-style spider robot

Dec.12, 2015 - Budding engineer and maker [Smudger_WTH] has developed a 3D printed, Transformers-style spider robot, which can move on both legs and wheels. More

Ease into timelapse filmmaking with 3D printed GoLapse trolley

Dec.11, 2015 - Amateur timelapse filmmaker Joe Fabiani has designed an easy and affordable 'trolley' system for timelapse videography. To bring the GoLapse to market, he's turned to two proven product-launching resources: 3D printing technology, and the crowdfunding power of Kickstarter. More

Janne Kyttanen unveils 3D printed and 'explosion welded' Metsidian table

Dec.11, 2015 - Finnish designer and artist Janne Kyttanen has unveiled a unique 3D printed table at Design Miami 2015. The 'Metsidian' sculpture is partially 3D printed, and partially made via 'explosion welding'. More

Cobbler Technologies' 3D shoe printer is bringing shoe manufacturing back to Maine

Dec.11, 2015 - Vincent Lewis and Andrew Katon have developed a proprietary, multimaterial 3D printer to manufacture high-performance 3D printed running shoes. With the launch of their new company, Cobbler Technologies, they're putting themselves at the forefront of the high-tech 3D printed shoe industry, while bringing a historical trade back to Maine. More

Bone Mother 3D printed film explores dark side of stop motion

Dec.11, 2015 - Montreal-based Sea Creature Animation and the NFB are producing a stop motion animated film titled Bone Mother that uses 3D printing technology to tell a dark and sinister story. 3Ders.org spoke with animator Dale Howard to find out they they incorporated 3D printing into the creative process. More

Anthony Daniels reveals he wore C-3PO's new 3D printed suit for upcoming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Dec.11, 2015 - While much of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still shrouded in mystery, veteran Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels has just revealed that a 3D printer was used on site during filming to make and maintain a comfortable C-3PO costume. More

Dilli Dalli develops flexible and comfortable children’s glasses using Formlabs 3D printers

Dec.11, 2015 - Children's eyewear brand Dilli Dalli enlisted the help of Formlabs' Form 1+ 3D printer to develop prototypes for their new line of pediatric eyewear. More

Melbourne researchers successfully 3D print brain cell tissue that lives up to 30 days

Dec.11, 2015 - Using a special bio 3D printer capable of 3D printing different types of human cells, a team of scientists from the University of Melbourne have successfully 3D printed a small clump of brain tissue that could be revolutionary for the study of brain disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. More

Chinese Nobel Prize laureate Tu YouYou honored with tea display made with 3D printer in Nobel Museum

Dec.11, 2015 - Yesterday the Nobel Prizes were awarded in a ceremony in Stockholm. Among the winners was Chinese laureate Tu You You, selected for discovering a groundbreaking malaria cure using 1700-year-old knowledge. She was further honored with a partially 3D printed display in the Nobel Museum. More

Thales brings metal 3D printing to Morocco with new Industrial Competence Center

Dec.11, 2015 - Thales announced this week that it will be establishing a new high-tech industrial competence center for 3D metal printing in Morocco, to be completed and ready to manufacture aerospace and other high-value parts by 2018. More

ImprimaLAB creates impressive 3D printed movie memorabilia from Chappie, Mad Max and more

Dec.10, 2015 - Brazilian industrial designer Pedro Augusto Coelho, founder of ImprimaLAB, creates highly detailed 3D prints that movie buffs are sure to love. More

Small business owner Anita Redd expands from skincare to 3D printed packaging

Dec.10, 2015 - Lawrenceville, GA based small business owner Anita Redd, who invented the skin moisturizer Anita's Balm, has recently and rather serendipitously entered into the world of 3D printed packaging. She is now expanding her skincare company to sell empty 3D printed containers to other individuals or small businesses. More

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art acquires 3D printed 'Gemini' chaise

Dec.10, 2015 - Gemini, an acoustic chaise designed by Professor Neri Oxman and featuring a 3D printed skin produced by Stratasys, has been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection. The piece was designed to replicate the tranquility of the womb. More

Kids can 3D print their own Nickelodeon characters thanks to in-store PieceMaker booths

Dec.10, 2015 - PieceMaker Technologies, provider of in-store 3D printing booths, has announced a partnership with Nickelodeon. The partnership will allow children to 3D print their own Nickelodeon characters at a select number of Mid-Atlantic stores. More

Grismont unveils luxury custom-crafted 3D printed golf clubs

Dec.10, 2015 - Grismont Paris has released a line of three limited edition driving irons, designed by 3D digital artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques and manufactured using metal 3D printing technology. More

Rinkak develops beautifully finished, 3D printed accessories for Olympus Air Open Platform Camera

Dec.10, 2015 - 3D printing platform Rinkak Services has joined the Olympus OPC Hack & Make Project, teaming up with FEEL GOOD CREATION to develop a range of 3D printed Olympus OPC accessories. More

Libraries harness power of 3D printing, ALA urges policymakers to take note

Dec.10, 2015 - The American Library Association has just issued a paper on libraries and 3D printing that urges policymakers to recognize the libraries' leading role in promoting education, entrepreneurship, and economic development through access to 3D printing technology. More

6-year-old boy gets his best Christmas gift ever - a 3D printed 'bionic' hand

Dec.10, 2015 - The six-year-old Lucas from Kentucky has gotten his Christmas present early, as the boy was given a custom-made 3D printed prosthetic hand. The prosthetic was made by a team of bioengineering students from the University of Louisville after Lucas's grandmother wrote them a letter. More

Ikea considers putting sustainable lab-grown 3D printed meatballs on menu

Dec.10, 2015 - With the meat industry being a major contributor to climate problems, Ikea's future-living lab Space10 has been thinking about alternatives for Ikea's classic Kottbullar meatballs. Among their solutions you can even find 3D printed laboratory grown meat. More

Loaded 3D printed gun found in meth lab during police raid in Gold Coast, Australia

Dec.10, 2015 - For the second time in a year, police from Gold Coast, Australia, have found a 3D printed gun during a raid on a drug lab. The gun was loaded and kept in the bedroom of the property and the owner, a biker from an outlawed gang, was arrested alongside three others. More

3D printing to shape future of fashion, says Syrian fashion designer Nabil El-Nayal

Dec.10, 2015 - Syrian fashion designer Nabil El-Nayal, a pioneer of 3D printing in the fashion world, speaks about the potential benefits and difficulties of 3D printing in fashion. More

3Discovered and 3D Scanning AS partner to improve 3D printed parts for cruise ships

Dec.9, 2015 - 3D Scanning AS, a subsidiary of The Maritime Group of Norway, has announced a partnership with 3Discovered of Chicago, in order to quicken the supply of 3D printed parts for its cruise ship repair and retrofit service business. More

Teen makes 3D printed flamethrower drone, incinerates holiday turkey

Dec.9, 2015 - Connecticut teenager Austin Haughwout--who previously crafted a gun-wielding drone--has posted a video of a partially 3D printed, flamethrower-toting drone. The four-minute video shows the unmanned aircraft incinerating what is apparently a Christmas Turkey. More

Google calls upon makers to produce 3D printed shells for OnHub Wi-Fi router

Dec.9, 2015 - Google has called upon makers to produce their own 3D printed and hand-crafted shells for the OnHub Wi-Fi router, released by Google in collaboration with TP-LINK earlier this year. The search engine colossus has launched an online platform on which creators can share their designs. More

Chromat and Metalepsis introduce bold, futuristic 3D printed jewelry line

Dec.9, 2015 - Clothing and accessory brand Chromat has recently teamed up with jewelry design brand Metalepsis Projects to design and release a collection of trendy 3D printed jewelry. More

24-year-old Sean Walker creates an award-winning leg prosthesis with a 3D printer

Dec.9, 2015 - Showing up late and seemingly unprepared, 24-year-old Hackathon participants didn't win over the judges with his appearance but instead with his intuitive and unique 3D printed approach to prosthetic limbs. More

Appliance maker Arçelik urges plastics industry to adopt 3D printing at faster pace

Dec.8, 2015 - Arçelik A.S., one of Europe's leading manufacturers of home appliances, recently urged the plastics industry at large to increasingly incorporate 3D printing technologies into their manufacturing processes in order to push the boundaries of manufacturing technologies. More

Jay Leno turns to 3D printing to restore custom-built EcoJet and other rare cars

Dec.8, 2015 - When critical components of his handmade EcoJet car broke, Jay Leno used 3D Systems' solutions 3D print better-than-ever parts. The celebrity TV host is becoming a strong advocate for 3D printing technology, calling it the "Future of manufacturing in America". More

Polimotor 2 implements 3D printed fuel intake runner in all-plastic race car engine

Dec.8, 2015 - Solvay Specialty Polymers has today announced today that the Polimotor 2 project, led by Matti Holtzberg, will feature a 3D printed fuel intake runner, produced by composite parts manufacturer Arevo Labs, and made from Solvay's KetaSpire polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material. More

Adidas & Parley for the Oceans reveal 3D printed shoe made from plastic ocean waste

Dec.8, 2015 - Adidas has just revealed the "Ocean Plastic" concept shoe with a 3D printed midsole made from reclaimed plastic ocean waste. The shoe was presented in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans in Paris today. More

ic! berlin launches bold 3D printed, screwless 'I See Exoskeleton' eyewear collection

Dec.8, 2015 - German fashionable eyewear manufacturers ic! berlin has just launched their second line of 3D printed eyeglasses made with SLS 3D printing technology and the polyamide 3D printing material, plotic. The I See Exoskeleton line features a new 3D printed screwless hinge and a design inspired my molecular structures. More

Long Beach makers design gorgeous 3D printed keys of the city

Dec.8, 2015 - While keys of the city are usually big heavy mass-produced things, three residents of Long Beach, California, are about to be presented gorgeous keys that, through 3D printed design, are intricate and detailed tributes to everything to city stands for. More

Printable Scenery brings gorgeous 3D printable city for fantasy wargaming to Kickstarter

Dec.8, 2015 - As the amount of available 3D printable wargaming scenery remains disappointingly low, New Zealand-based Printable Scenery has taken to Kickstarter with an excellent and affordable 3D printable fantasy city that will give a huge boost to any tabletop game. More

Designer creates nature inspired interactive jewelry collection with 3D printing

Dec.8, 2015 - Florida based jewelry designer Cassidy Terry recently introduced a new collection of jewelry, which consists of a series of nature inspired rings as well as a necklace made from casted twigs and 3D printed elements. More

Sasquatch speculation given new boost with remarkable 3D printed full-scale Bigfoot skeleton

Dec.8, 2015 - While Sasquatch remains a very controversial creature, this hasn't stopped a team of Idaho State specialists led by Jeffrey Meldrum to 3D print a full-scale Bigfoot skeleton. Relying on archeological artifacts of similar primates and on data they do have, this is how they believe he looks like. More

Sasquatch speculation given new boost with remarkable 3D printed full-scale Bigfoot skeleton

Dec.8, 2015 - While Sasquatch remains a very controversial creature, this hasn't stopped a team of Idaho State specialists led by Jeffrey Meldrum to 3D print a full-scale Bigfoot skeleton. Relying on archeological artifacts of similar primates and on data they do have, this is how they believe he looks like. More

3D printing assists Taiwanese surgeons in complex cheek reduction surgeries

Dec.8, 2015 - Senior surgeon Xie MingJi from Taipei, Taiwan, has used 3D printing technology to assist in orthognathic, corrective jaw, or cheek reduction surgeries, resulting in reduced operating and recovery time, and improved accuracy and patient saftey. More

3D Fashion Police: How 3D printed clothing could affect Fashion Law

Dec.8, 2015 - As 3D printed wearables being to enter the market, fashion industry lawyers will be faced with a new range of legal issues. Lawyer Randia Sedhom takes a look at some of the most pressing legal issues surrounding 3D printed fashion. More

3D print your own Microsoft Surface Pro 3 dock adapter for Pro 4 tablets

Dec.8, 2015 - Microsoft has released the free 3D printable files for a 'dock spacer' that allows the Surface Pro 3 docking station to accommodate the Surface Pro 4 tablet, all while saving customers from having to buy an entirely new dock. More

Belgian Bruno Vereecke turns 3D printed lamps into hearing aids with Absorblight

Dec.7, 2015 - While you might not see any link between lamps and hearing, Belgian architect Bruno Vereecke has designed the Absorblight, which carefully lights up facial features to make you more understandable to the hard of hearing, while the top side absorbs noise from your surroundings. More

Explore swamps with this cool propeller-powered RC 3D printed swamp boat

Dec.7, 2015 - While virtually all 3D printed RC builds take to the skies or the dirt roads, German RC fan Sebastian Huber has just shared his designs for a fun, very cool and easy to build propeller-powered RC swamp boat that is definitely worth checking out. More

3D printing skin remains a complicated process, Arnold Bos at Lux Research calls for caution

Dec.7, 2015 - 3D printing skin is one of the fastest growing areas of research within bioprinting, but researchers need to take caution, explains Arnold Bos of Lux Research. More

Pollen gets super-sized: Seeing and feeling unseeable is becoming a reality thanks to 3D printing

Dec.7, 2015 - As microscopes don't always capture the complexity of miniscule 3D shapes, a New Zealand-based research team has developed a series of 3D printed, large scale models of tree pollen to help students fully understand them. More

Cheap, efficient 3D printed micro turbines could bring energy to remote locations

Dec.7, 2015 - With politicians and scientists currently discussing the best response for climate change in Paris, a very interesting solution has come out of the 3D printers of Omni3D: 3D printed mini wind turbines that are cheap, efficient and bring energy to urban areas and remote locations. More

TEPCO sends 3D printed RC robot to investigate damage in Fukushima Unit 3 Reactor

Dec.6, 2015 - The Tokyo Electric Power Company recently dispatched a smartphone-carrying robot encased by a 3D printed shell to capture images and data from the Unit 3 Reactor, which was destroyed during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2011. More

Robotic Sea Lion flipper 3D printed to uncover the mystery behind a very peculiar swimming style

Dec.6, 2015 - Sea Lions have a very unique swimming technique that gives them the ability to move quickly through the water without causing much disruption. A research team uses 3D printing and scanning methods to uncover how this is done. More

Nervous Systems working with New Balance to perfect 3D printed running shoe midsole

Dec.6, 2015 - Somerville, Massachusetts based design studio Nervous Systems has just announced a partnership with the footwear giant New Balance in which the studio will help to perfect a 3D printed midsole. More

Get your pooch back on its paws with this 3D printed dog wheelchair

Dec.6, 2015 - Dog owners everywhere can now make their own 3D printed dog wheelchair, thanks to a Thingiverse project published by Rickee, a Toronto based digital media artist. The 'FiGo' 3D printable dog wheelchair can be downloaded for free and adjusted to fit mutts of all sizes. More

Face-controlled, 3D printed device gives more independence to people in wheelchairs

Dec.5, 2015 - Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit organization founded by students at the University of Central Florida, has developed a 3D printed device which allows wheelchairs users to move their chairs with simple facial movements. More

Russian students 3D print human-controlled robotic hand for ISS repairs

Dec.5, 2015 - Russian students from the Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed a 3D printed 'manipulator' hand that is controlled by a sensor glove, worn by a human. The hand will allow astronauts to perform repairs or other technical operations on the ISS, without ever having to leave the station. More

Maker brings space exploration to your desktop with cool 3D printable Canadarm model

Dec.5, 2015 - Instructables' own Jon-a-Tron is quickly building on a reputation as a designer of high detailed replicas of actual spacecraft, and has just added another in the form of a gorgeous model of the multifunctional Canadarm robot arm actually used by NASA. More

Jay Leno takes Local Motors' 3D printed car for a spin on national TV

Dec.4, 2015 - Celebrated late night host and automotive enthusiast Jay Leno recently featured Local Motors on his primetime tv series, Jay Leno's Garage, and even took the 3D printed Strati car out for a test drive. More

78 year old Taiwanese oral cancer patient saved with help of 3D printing

Dec.4, 2015 - While oral cancer patients either die young or see a large portion of their jaw being replaced by an ill-fitting implant, a 78 year old patient for Taiwan has successfully undergone a procedure in which a perfect replica made with 3D printing technology was used. More

Largescale adoption of metal 3D printing by US military could take >10 years, experts say

Dec.4, 2015 - While we've seen many promising reports of national military branches experimenting and even using 3D printed parts on ships and planes, a new report by the National Defense Magazine argues that largescale adoption by the US can take more than ten years before being realized. More

Cokreeate takes center stage with 3D printed celebrity figurines

Dec.3, 2015 - CoKreeate, a California-based 3D printing studio that offers a bespoke 3D scanning and printing service, has garnered a reputation for its miniature 3D printed celebrities, including Larry King, Christina Milian, and comic book legend Stan Lee. More

Livermore researchers 3D print 'living' blood vessels to recreate human systems on a chip

Dec.3, 2015 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have used 3D bioprinting to create self-assembling blood vessel systems that more effectively reproduce human physiology outside of the body. The researchers are today hosting a public forum on Reddit to field questions and shed some light on their research. More

How to build a cool 3D printed line follower robot

Dec.3, 2015 - An Instructables user named [newtonis] has published a guide for building a cool 3D printed line follower robot. The machine, which measures roughly 12x20cm, has already been put to the test in line following competitions. More

Singaporean students take to the skies with Snowstorm the personal flying machine

Dec.3, 2015 - Wanting to soar through the skies as free as a bird, a team of Singaporean students have built the snowstorm: an all-electric personal flying machine partially made with 3D printed parts, that is capable of flying for up to five minutes at a time. More

Project Seafood and how 3D printing can help produce a sustainable future

Dec.3, 2015 - Two tech-savvy Swiss surfers start Project Seafood in an effort to promote a sustainable lifestyle by recycling washed up beach plastic and repurposing the waste with a 3D Printer. More

Designer Laura Papp unveils 3D printed concept shoes which turn from heels to flats

Dec.2, 2015 - Fashion designer Laura Papp has designed a unique collection of 3D printed concept shoes. The four 'HEEL2' designs transform themselves from heels to flats with a short series of slides or a twists. More

Optomec backed by GE and Autodesk to advance 3D printed electronics

Dec.2, 2015 - Additive manufacturing firm Optomec today announced that GE Ventures and Autodesk have collectively invested $6 million in the company with the goal of furthering developing in areas such as 3D printed sensors, 3D printed electronics and 3D printed metal. More

3D scanning and printing could help Nairo Quintana win Tour de France

Dec.2, 2015 - Cycle clothing brand Endura have recently started using 3D scanning and printing technologies to enhance their designs for Movistar cycling team's outfits. More

Voodoo Manufacturing teams with e-NABLE to provide 150 3D printed hands to those in need

Dec.2, 2015 - 3D printing firm Voodoo Manufacturing has teamed up with prosthesis provider e-NABLE to provide 3D printed prosthetic hands to children in need. Voodoo's donation of 150 hands currently stands as the largest donation received by the nonprofit organization. More

ESA releases most detailed 3D shape model of Rosetta Comet + free 3D print files

Dec.2, 2015 - The European Space Agency has just released a brand new 3D shape model that reveals the Rosetta Comet in unprecedented detail, and has made the 3D shape model available in a variety of 3D printable file formats under a creative commons license. More

MeshPoint 3D printed WiFi hotspot brings Internet to refugees and crisis areas

Dec.2, 2015 - A Croatian startup has developed an open-source, 3D printable Internet hotspot called MeshPoint that is built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions while providing rapid and reliable Internet connectivity to those who need it most'namely, refugees and emergency services staff in Croatia and other crisis areas across the world. More

Dolphin researchers create first 3D print of human figure as seen by dolphins

Dec.2, 2015 - As dolphin hearing is so good they can determine the shape of objects and people from echoes, a team of Miami-based researchers decided to capture those echoes and turn them into 3D printable images. The result is a human figure as seen by dolphins. More

Canadian college 3D prints replica of 6,000-year-old ancient Japanese vase

Dec.2, 2015 - Mohawk College's Additive Manufacturing Resource Center has recently unveiled a 3D printed replica of an ancient Japanese Jomon vase. The vase, which Koyanagi noticed was missing a piece, dates back to 4,000 BCE and is from the Japanese Neolithic period also known as the Jomon period. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne completes first 3D printed parts for Orion spacecraft

Dec.2, 2015 - Aerojet Rocketdyne has completed twelve 3D printed nozzle extensions for use aboard NASA's Orion spacecraft. The twelve 3D printed parts are the first parts for Orion made through additive manufacturing, and were completed in just three weeks' time. More

Gartner: 10% of people in the developed world will be living with 3D printed items by 2019

Dec.2, 2015 - While the exact course of the 3D printing revolution can be difficult to predict, market study specialists Gartner predict that 3D printing is heading towards a very bright future, expecting that up to 10% of people in the developed world will be in contact with 3D printed objects by 2019. More

UNYQ launches collection of 3D printed prosthetic upper limb covers

Dec.2, 2015 - Prosthetic limb cover company UNYQ has recently launched a new collection of stylish 3D printed prosthetic covers, this time for upper arm prostheses. More

AIRBUS A320 saves weight with 3D printed bionic partition, made from high strength scalmalloy metal alloy

Dec.2, 2015 - Using a new super strong, yet lightweight metal alloy called scalmalloy, Airbus and Autodesk have 3D printed a biologically-inspired cabin partition for the A320 that features a very sturdy design and is up to 55 pounds lighter than currently used parts. More

3D print your own snowflakes using Snowflake Machine

Dec.2, 2015 - Thingiverse user Laura Taalman has created the Snowflake Machine through an algorithm and interface that allow for users to easily generate unique 3D snowflake designs. More

3D Printing Artist Joshua Harker Dazzles with his new Taurus Geodesica Sculpture

Dec.2, 2015 - After successfully Kickstarting three 3D Printed Art projects, artist Joshua Harker continues his efforts of turning 3D creativity into real-world art. This time in the form of a 16 foot geodesic sculpture using 2D image projection mapping. More

CT and 3D printing aid surgical separation of conjoined twins in Houston hospital

Dec.2, 2015 - As conjoined twin separation surgeries are particularly difficult because organs and blood vessels tend to be fused together, surgeons in the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston have used 3D printed surgical models to successfully separate 10 month old twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata. More

Star Wars TIE fighter toy hacked into actual flying drone with 3D printed parts

Dec.1, 2015 - A mysterious Star Wars superfan has converted a standard TIE Fighter toy from Hasbro into an actual flying drone by installing a quadcopter motor attached to 3D printed mounts. More

Fully 3D printable OpenRC F1 Race Car now available as free download

Dec.1, 2015 - Daniel Nor'e has released the free files for a fully 3D printable Formula One race car as part of his OpenRC Project. Having learned a few lessons from his previous models, the F1 race car was completely redesigned to focus on simplicity for 3D print enthusiasts of all skill levels. More

Canadian fan 3D prints a fantastic Fallout Mini Nuke

Dec.1, 2015 - As a tribute to the Fallout franchise whose latest release is exploding all over the web, Canadian makers from Redicubricks have just shared a fantastic and highly detailed 3D printed cross section of a nuclear bomb. More

Babines reinvents lollipop with 3D printing and artisanal design for the modern age

Dec.1, 2015 - French startup Babines wants you to completely re-think your conception of lollipops. It offers personalized lollipop designs for brands created with 3D printed molds and hand-poured by a master confectioner. More

3D printing a big part in helping the Guitar Triller reach its campaign goal

Dec.1, 2015 - A recently funded Kickstarter is introducing the world to a product they call the Guitar Triller. The Triller is a guitar accessory designed to give the guitarist another way to play beyond doing so with their fingers, picks, slides and the like. More

3D printed PETIT En SUITE portable potty lets toddlers go in private, anywhere

Nov.30, 2015 - A 37-year-old woman from Dalton, Great Britain has invented a 3D printed pop-up potty tent after noting her son's reluctance to go to the toilet in public. The 3D printed bowl is surrounded by a foldable pop up tent, which acts as a miniature Port-a-Potty for shy children. More

Dubai bets on 3D printing to help become most sustainable city in the world

Nov.30, 2015 - The city of Dubai has has just revealed its Clean Energy Strategy 2050, an ambitious plan to become the most sustainable city in the world by 2050. The strategy includes using 3D printing technology to construct a new Innovation Center, among other key steps. More

Open Bionics designs 3D printed Star Wars prosthetic arm for charity fashion collection

Nov.30, 2015 - Open Bionics has designed a 3D printed, Star Wars themed prosthetic arm. The fully functional 3D printed prosthesis was part of 'Fashion Finds the Force', a Star Wars themed fashion collection whose 20 pieces will be auctioned off for charity. More

This 'cyberpunk' 3D printed chorded keyboard covers A-Z in just seven keys

Nov.30, 2015 - 24 Hour Engineer has released an Instructables guide for building a fully functional, 3D printed chorded keyboard. The 3D printed device, initially designed as a Halloween costume prop, is Arduino powered and features Bluetooth connectivity. More

Vi glass dome with 3D printed synth modules lets deaf children see and touch sound

Nov.30, 2015 - A UK-based product designer and DJ has designed and developed a unique glass dome with LEGO-like 3D printed synthesizer modules that transforms sound into visual and haptic feedback. The product, called Vi, gives deaf or hearing-impaired children the chance to experience music differently, by seeing and even 'touching' sounds that they control. More

Lidewij van Twillert develops perfect fit Mesh Lingerie bras with body scans and 3D printing

Nov.30, 2015 - Called the Mesh Lingerie bra and designed by Lidewij van Twillert, this concept relies on body scans and 3D printing to make perfectly fitting and stylish bras for women everywhere. More

3D printed Beest hand cranked power generator is capable of generating 30 watts of power

Nov.30, 2015 - In an effort to save a little on electricity bills, Norwegian designer Even Erichsen has recently built a truly spectacular 3D printed generator. Called the Beest, this hand cranked machine can generate 30 watts ' not enough to boil water, but plenty to power some lights. More

What are the legal aspects of 3D printing? A European law firm weighs in.

Nov.30, 2015 - Dutch law firm De Clercq Advocaten Notarissen has just issued a brief yet educational white paper that discusses the legal aspects of intellectual property law, copyright law, product liability, and more, all within the new reality of 3D printing. More

3D printed 'Drinkable Book' turns dirty water clean for millions

Nov.29, 2015 - With more than 3 billion people dying of water-related disease each year, Charity Water is Life has come up with a fantastic innovation: The Drinkable Book, featuring pages that act as a bacteria-killing water purifiers, all kept in a 3D printed container that doubles as a filter holder. More

Branch Technology's 3D printed movable panel system mimics topology of Southern Tennessee

Nov.29, 2015 - Branch Technology has built a 100 square foot 3D printed movable panel system, whose surface imitates the topology of Southern Tennessee. Shawn Thorne, the company's materials science expert, has written a blog post detailing the ideas behind the 3D printed creation. More

Bring a Star Wars style Christmas into your home with this 3D printed BB-8 tree ornament

Nov.29, 2015 - With thanksgiving over, it's time to prepare for the next major festive occasion: the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But as Christmas follows a week after the movie release, you can now combine the two with this very cool 3D printable BB-8 droid tree ornament by Martin Hajek. More

GM builds special $30 million wind tunnel for testing smaller partially 3D printed vehicles

Nov.29, 2015 - With the purpose of optimizing car aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, General Motors has invested $30 million in a small scale wind tunnel facility, in which partially 3D printed scale model vehicles will be tested and studied. More

Bouroullec Brothers incorporate 3D printing into their recent project 17 Screens

Nov.29, 2015 - Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's exhibition 17 Screens, which includes 3D printed elements, will be on until March 2016 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The partitions or screens are made from a variety of materials, effectively combining more traditional craft materials such as ceramics, aluminium, glass, wood, and textile, with 3D printed plastic materials. More

New 3D printed, energy absorbing material could help make football helmets safer

Nov.28, 2015 - Researchers at Purdue University have teamed up with General Motors to develop a new kind of 3D printed, energy absorbing material. The material could have a range of applications, from earthquake engineering to safer football helmets. More

Now you can make your own DIY Remote Controlled 3D Printed Rover

Nov.28, 2015 - DIY Remote Controlled 3D Printed Rover Now on Instructables'for anybody to make. Instructables user dgrermain1 shared his Makecourse project with the world and I really recommend checking it out. More

LucidCam: A Crowd-sourced 3D VR Camera that allows you to share your experiences like Never Before

Nov.28, 2015 - LucidCam: A Crowd-sourced 3D VR Camera that allows you to share your experiences via portable stereographic cameras is currently funding on Indiegogo. More

ReitlingerEngineering uses 3D printer to reduce costs of labeling machine

Nov.27, 2015 - Design engineering firm ReitlingerEngineering has reduced the development costs for one of its labeling machines by using a German RepRap 3D printer to produce special 3D printed clamps. The precisely measured 3D printed clamps are designed to hold a product in place for labeling. More

Build a 3D printed enclosure for the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

Nov.27, 2015 - Adafruit's latest Layer by Layer tutorial shows makers how to design a 3D printed enclosure for the new Raspberry Pi Zero, due to hit stores in a few weeks. The 3D printed enclosure is fully customizable and therefore suitable for a range of projects. More

Artist Joaquin Baldwin combines math and organics in beautiful 3D printed air planters

Nov.27, 2015 - Artist, animator, award-winning filmmaker and 3D designer Joaquin Baldwin has just released two complete series of 3D printed floating planters, the Bulophyllum Series and Radiolaria Series, that are part mathematics, part organic structures, and entirely works of art. More

Aoyama Optical France launches We DDD 3D printed eyewear collection

Nov.27, 2015 - French optical company Aoyama has just announced their first collection of entirely 3D printed eyewear, We DDD, which uses clean SLS 3D printing technology to manufacture stylish, high-quality and customizable frames. More

Man suffering from motor neurone disease receives $196K prize for 3D printed wheelchair invention

Nov.27, 2015 - Patrick Joyce, who suffers from motor neurone disease, has received a $196,000 prize from Hackaday after inventing a unique 3D printed mobility device. The Eyedrivomatic technology, developed in collaboration with Steve Evans and David Hopkinson, facilitates unprecedented eye-controlled wheelchair movement. More

Attempt to build world's biggest 3D printed Rubik's Cube ends in disaster on livestream

Nov.26, 2015 - Though a very impressive attempt and a garguantan and complex 3D printing endeavor, the gigantic 22 x 22 Rubik's Cube puzzle by CorenPuzzle unfortunately ended in entertaining disaster on a livestream earlier this week. More

South Korean air force incorporates 3D printed metal parts into fighter jet engines

Nov.26, 2015 - While the South Korean military has already adopted 3D printing to manufacture a few components, new reports reveal that several active F-15k fighter jets have already been repaired with 3D printed engine turbine parts this year as cost saving measures. More

Lilly the goat given chance at normal life with 3D printed wheelchair

Nov.26, 2015 - As part of a heartwarming and very educational project for a class of high school students from the William Byrd High School in Roanoke County, Virginia, Lilly the two legged goat is given a chance at a normal, unassisted life with a custom made 3D printed wheelchair. More

This is an open call to design your own 3D printed tower to be exhibited in New York

Nov.26, 2015 - Wide Open Arts, in collaboration with 3D printing studio Voodoo Manufacturing, will be exhibiting a city of user-designed 3D printed towers at the Outsider Art Fair. Designers can submit their designs from now until December 15th. More

REshape improves doctor-patient communication with 3D printed medical models

Nov.25, 2015 - Researchers at the Radmoud UMC Hospital in The Netherlands have developed the REshape program to help doctors and patients communicate through the use of 3D printed anatomical models, made on an Ultimaker 3D printer. More

NASA awards Aerojet $1.6B contract to 3D print improved RS-25 rocket engines

Nov.25, 2015 - NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne have put pen to paper on a nine year contract to re-start production of the RS-25 engine for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS). 3D printing technology will be used to reduce the total part count of the rocket engine. More

Rebecca Minkoff and Normal produce exclusive 3D printed 14K rose gold earphones

Nov.25, 2015 - New York-based fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with high-end earphone manufacturer Normal to produce a limited run of custom-fit 3D printed earphones cast in 14K rose gold. Customers can get fitted for the 3D printed accessories at a handful of U.S. stores. More

Aruban students custom 3D print an e-NABLE prosthetic for Zizi, a girl with missing fingers

Nov.25, 2015 - Aruban students custom 3D print an e-NABLE prosthetic for Zizi, a girl with missing fingers on her right hand. The prosthetic was 3D printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. More

MolToys turns a series of 3D printed amino acid beads into scientific jewelry

Nov.25, 2015 - Molecular model company MolToys has designed a series of 3D printed amino acid beads that can be turned into jewelry. olToys was founded in 2008 by Jon Huntoon and Graham Johnson, who both sought to engage students in the sciences by effectively creating a more hands on, practical approach to learning about molecules. More

Screen Mutations: a 3D printed tableware set perfect for a virtual tea party

Nov.25, 2015 - Designer Louisa Zahareas has created a tableware set that only appears normal through the perspective of her webcam for her project Screen Mutations. The collection consists of a percolator, which in person appears sliced in half, a slanted teacup, a melted looking cereal bowl, and a teapot which has two lids and two spouts. More

ISS astronauts can now smell their espresso thanks to 3D printed cups

Nov.25, 2015 - While astronauts usually drink liquids from airtight containers to avoid filling the ISS with hot coffee, a new set of 3D printed open-topped cups take advantage of liquid dynamics to enable astronauts to drink and smell their coffee like they would on earth. More

Polymaker conquers animatronics world with cool 3D printed eye mechanism project

Nov.25, 2015 - With a fun new Eye Mechanism project, 3D printer filament expert Polymaker proves that even detailed and functional animatronic robots are not beyond our reach, with just the help of off-the-shelf parts and optimal use of a variety of filaments. More

Watch a 6'5 tall rocket with 3D printed nose cone launch 1,200 feet into the air

Nov.25, 2015 - Makers Jake Veilleux and Mark Fuller created a 6.5' tall rocket with a 16' tall 3D printed nose cone that they were able to successfully launch roughly 1,200 feet (365 meters) into the air, using little more than standard mailing tubes, plywood, a G40-7 rocket engine, and three 3D printed parts for the nose. More

India's pediatric surgeons turn to 3D printing for complex cardiac operations

Nov.24, 2015 - Mumbai-based 3D printing company Sahas Softech LLP's healthcare branch OCTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been assisting hospitals in complicated surgical cases where 3D printing could provide much needed help, including in the case of a two-month-old boy born with a severe heart defect. More

Make a beautiful Tiffany-style candle holder using a 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Nov.24, 2015 - 3D printing pen manufacturer 3Doodler has released a cool tutorial which shows makers how to build a 3D printed Tiffany-style candle holder using only their famous 3D printing pen and a few other regular household items. More

Artist Rosalie Yu explores human intimacy through 3D scanning and 3D printing

Nov.24, 2015 - Embrace in Progress is New York-based artist Rosalie Yu's most recent project which uses 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to explore and represent the movement and temporal elements of human intimacy through an embrace. More

Elevate your cup of joe with this 3D printed six-flask cold coffee brewer

Nov.24, 2015 - Jonathan Odom of the Instructables Design Studio has created a beautifully crafted, radial, six-flask cold coffee brewer, made from 39 different 3D printed parts. The machine can brew up to six different types of coffee beans at a time, and will surely perk up users in more way than one. More

Stratasys 3D printed vascular model assists life-saving brain aneurysm surgery

Nov.24, 2015 - An exact 3D printed replica of a patient's vascular system helped surgeons in New York plan and execute a complicated, life-threatening brain aneurysm surgery. The model was 3D printed using Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printing Solutions. More

3D printed plastic car jack revealed by Fouche 3D Printing

Nov.24, 2015 - To coincide with the launch of the Cheetah 2 3D printer, South African 3D printing developer Fouche 3D printing has created the first 3D printed plastic car jack capable of lifting an actual car off the ground. More

Fantastic Lego-compatible 3D printable meeperBOTS smart toy on wheels now on Kickstarter

Nov.24, 2015 - Featuring a 3D printable and fully customizable body, meeperBOTS are fantastic smart toys on wheels that can take any Lego project to the next level while also teaching your kids a thing or two. More

Want a 3D printed model of your house? Check out Spotscale's Life of Spotnik 3D printing campaign

Nov.24, 2015 - With the fun Spotnik 3D printing competition, Swedish engineers Spotscale are seeking to raise positive awareness about drone technology. To do so, they will visit the campaign winners and scan their homes or cool locations with a drone and make a 3D printed replica while you wait. More

Save money and the planet with Koguma: a piggybank made with 3D printing

Nov.24, 2015 - Koguma is an innovative and ethically-made piggybank and augmented reality app that teaches kids to save more than just money, it teaches them to save the planet. Designed with 3D printing, the Koguma is a beautifully and responsibly crafted product that can be appreciated by users of all ages. More

Archinaut: NASA selects Made in Space to 3D print large structures in space

Nov.24, 2015 - For the development of an autonomous and space-bound 3D printing/assembly factory program called Archinaut, NASA has tapped in-space 3D printing experts Made In Space, who will be working alongside Northrop Grumman and Oceaneering Space Systems. More

World's first fully 3D printed revolver can fire up to 8 bullets between reloads

Nov.24, 2015 - While most 3D guns seen before either featured a lot of non-printed parts or were easily damaged with every shot, mechanical engineering student James Patrick has just shared 3D printable designs for an almost fully 3D printed revolver that has been successfully fired repeatedly. More

Multistation presents Biocerawax, new bioceramics 3D printing process

Nov.23, 2015 - French additive manufacturing firm Multistation has unveiled Biocerawax, a new manufacturing process for bioceramics which can be used for the precise 3D printing of a wide range of custom architectures. More

GUTS Labs gets ahead of the curve with 3D printed curved LEGO bricks

Nov.23, 2015 - Montreal, Canada based GUTS Labs has developed a set of 3D printed prototypes for their special curved LEGO bricks, which allow keen builders to experiment with entirely new structures. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground. More

Johnson & Johnson recruits UNF students to develop 3D printed materials for biomedicine and implants

Nov.23, 2015 - Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson has provided a set of 3D printers for the University of North Florida to encourage students to undertake research in 3D printing technology. The seven new machines signaled the opening of the university's new 3D printing lab. More

Paleobiologist creates 3D printed replica of 170-million-year-old mammal jaw fossil

Nov.23, 2015 - Dr. Roger Close from the University of Oxford has used 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to create scaled-up 3D prints of a 170-million-year-old fossilized mammal jaw, which have been used for close inspection and easy sharing of the ancient specimen. More

Thomas Palm releases new 'No Screw' 3D printable wheels for OpenR/C Formula 1 Racecar

Nov.23, 2015 - A member of Daniel Nor'e's OpenR/C Project, Thomas Palm has today released several new 3D printable files for three different open source remote control car projects, including a set of tires for the highly anticipated 3D printable Formula 1 racecar. More

3Ders Monday Warm-Up: Top Twelve 3D Printed Watches and Clocks

Nov.23, 2015 - Time flies when you're 3D printing, so this week we've rounded up some of the top designs for 3D printed watches and clocks. They will at the very least make excellent conversation starters, whether displayed in your office, home, or on your very wrist. More

Uvero 3D printed earbuds by MIT-spawned Lantos are made to fit your ear perfectly

Nov.23, 2015 - Called Uverno earbuds and developed through MIT technology by Lantos Technologies, these earphones are made with 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to ensure a perfect fit each time. More

Artist Erica Gray uses 3Doodler 3D printing pen to create amazing wearable art

Nov.23, 2015 - Queensland, Australia based artist Erica Gray has used the 3Doodler 3D printed pen to create amazing and unique wearable art pieces featured in the World of WearableArt Show. More

Fantastic Leonardo da Vinci board game with 3D printed figures huge hit on Kickstarter

Nov.23, 2015 - Featuring gorgeous 3D printed game pieces, inspiring artwork and challenging gameplay, the board game Leonardo | The Game of Art and Death | Plague Edition seems to have it all and is already a huge hit on Kickstarter. More

NSW citizens face jail for possessing blueprints for 3D printable guns

Nov.23, 2015 - Through an amendment to existing gun legislation, the government of New South Wales in Australia has made it illegal to even own a digital copy of blueprints for a 3D printed gun. Owning a 3D printed gun was already illegal, but owners of just the schematics can now go to jail for up to 14 years. More

Build your own functional 3D printed robot with this easy Instructables guide

Nov.23, 2015 - An experienced software engineer and part-time maker named J.R. B'dard has built a pair of 3D printed robots, one animated and one stationary, sharing the build procedure on Instructables. More

Colombia's first 3D printed guitar is tribute to national culture

Nov.22, 2015 - Inspired by Olaf Deigel's 3D printed Americana guitar, maker Javier Mu'oz has created Colombia's first 3D printed guitar, inspired by the nation's rich history, culture, and the great Randy Rhoads. More

Latex Pixels: Interactive 3D printed wall packed with 37 individually moving modules

Nov.22, 2015 - Called the Latex Pixels project, New York-based designers Seiya Kobayashi and David Tracy have ventured into the fascinating concept of living architecture with a 3D printed wall packed with 37 individually moving modules. More

Drzach & Suchy uses 3D printed grates for cool shadow haiku art

Nov.21, 2015 - Creative collective Drzach & Suchy has unveiled its latest project: 3D printed shadow haikus. The Swiss artists have created a set of 3D printed mesh boards, which, when placed on water, spell out the words to a famous haiku in the shadows below. More

Full Circle Textiles uses shopping bag made from recycled filament to remind us of 3D printing's impact on our oceans

Nov.21, 2015 - Australian based initiative Full Circle Textiles has designed a shopping bag made from recycled filament to remind consumers of the impact of their choices and to educate them on impact 3D printing practices have on our oceans. More

Behnaz Farahi's details how to create dynamic 3D printed wearables using SMA actuators

Nov.21, 2015 - If you’ve been wracking your brain to figure out how artist Behnaz Farahi designed her recent 3D printed wearables project “Caress the Gaze,” you’ll be excited to hear that she has released an Instructables detailing how she created the piece using SMA actuators. More

GUTS Labs gets ahead of the curve with 3D printed curved LEGO bricks

Nov.20, 2015 - Montreal, Canada based GUTS Labs has developed a set of 3D printed prototypes for their special curved LEGO bricks, which allow keen builders to experiment with entirely new structures. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground. More

3D printed Winter Wonderland stop-motion captures the spirit of the holidays

Nov.20, 2015 - Motion graphics designer Maciej Gorski and his team at MTG Creative used 3D printing to create a cheerful and lively stop-motion animation that perfectly captures the spirit of the holidays. Everything on the Winter Wonderland set save the fake snow and trees was 3D printed on an Ultimaker 2. More

Gym teacher raising funds for 3D printed wheelchair recreation device for disabled children

Nov.20, 2015 - A New York based gym teacher is raising funds to build a 3D printed prototype of a recreational device for disabled schoolchildren. The device is intended to facilitate sport and play, and can attach to a wheelchair and other apparatus. More

5-year-old boy is first burn victim in China to receive 3D printed hand

Nov.20, 2015 - After a tragic accident two years ago that left 45 percent of his body severely burned, a five-year-old boy in China has become the first burn victim to receive a 3D printed prosthetic hand, once again letting him laugh, play and ride his bike just like any other kid. More

Children's 3D printed VR viewer the NEODiVRjr to be used as therapy in children's hospitals

Nov.20, 2015 - Mike Balzer of slo 3D Creators has developed a 3D printed Virtual Reality viewer for children that will be donated to children's hospitals throughout the US. More

Have a drink with partially 3D printed Russian Alkomat bartending machine

Nov.20, 2015 - Using a pile of recycled electronics and assorted parts, Russian hacker Strn has recently built the fantastic partially 3D printed Alkomat bartending machine, capable of making up to four different beverage in an instant. More

RMIT and Anatomics join forces to produce Australia's first 3D printed spine implant

Nov.20, 2015 - Researchers at RMIT University have joined forces with medical device specialist Anatomics to produce a 3D printed vertebral cage for a patient with severe back pain. The medical device is Australia's first 3D printed spine implant. More

ITC cannot police 3D printing data transmission in ClearCorrect case

Nov.19, 2015 - The Federal Circuit has recently ruled that the International Trade Commission cannot police 3D printing or other digital data being transmitted from outside the US, a decision that could significantly impact American IP holders and international 3D printing industries. More

BMW celebrates 25 years of additive manufacturing, outlines future 3D printing projects

Nov.19, 2015 - German automobile company BMW is celebrating 25 years of additive manufacturing. The car giant first introduced 3D printing technology to its Rapid Technologies Center in 1990, before building its first 3D printed prototype parts on a stereolithography machine in 1991. More

Eat your face as a cookie with these 3D printed customized cookie cutters

Nov.19, 2015 - Hungary based Copypastry is offering a service that turns your face into a personalized 3D printed cookie cutter! Kriszti Bozzai, the owner of Copypastry and the name behind the custom selfie cookies, is making and selling cookies cutters that can look just like you on her Etsy page. More

New Balance's 3D printed shoes to arrive by April 2016

Nov.19, 2015 - New Balance today announced their newest running shoe model that includes the company's first 3D printed midsole. Hoping to beat competitors Nike and Adidas to the finish line, their first consumer-oriented 3D printed shoe will be available as early as April 2016. More

Ban on 3D printable gun schematics among French security suggestions in wake of Paris attack

Nov.19, 2015 - In the wake of the dreadful jihadist attacks on Paris last week France will reportedly present a series of security suggestions to a meeting of EU interior ministers on Friday. Among the suggestions is to make ownership of 3D printable gun schematics illegal. More

Formlabs takes 3D printing to the streets with quality GoPro skateboard mount

Nov.19, 2015 - With the help of Formlab's high quality Tough Resin material, avid skater and Formlabs videographer Josh Foisey has created a 3D printable GoPro skateboard mount that is tough enough to withstand the pressures of use and brings a unique view at skateboarding action. More

Nervous System presents limited edition Hyphae lamps you can 3D print at home

Nov.19, 2015 - As part of their new Nervous Labs workshop, design studio Nervous System has released their first line of products that can be 3D printed on desktop printers. The Hyphae-designed Calyx and Bromeliad lamps can be purchased as 3D printable files or finished products, but only until December 15th. More

Micronesian boy given chance at normal life with 3D printed nose

Nov.19, 2015 - The fourteen year old Dalan Jennet from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific has been given a new lease on life by surgeons from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mt. Sinai, who implanted a 3D bioprinted functional nose after Dalan lost his own in a terrible accident. More

Cameraman Jaymis Loveday shares trade secrets with 3D printed follow-focus gears

Nov.19, 2015 - Sharing designs for a wide range of 3D printable follow-focus gears, cameraman Jaymis Loveday is helping hobbyists everywhere to get higher quality camera results without spending thousands on equipment. More

Oregon's Metal Technology and NASA collaborate to 3D print alloy rocket parts

Nov.19, 2015 - Metal Technology, an Albany, Oregon based custom manufacturing firm, has announced that it is working with the NASA Johnson Space Centre to develop 3D printed rocket engine components out of durable Inconel 718 alloy. More

NOWlab T 1000 3D printed stool inspired by nature, algorithms and Terminator

Nov.18, 2015 - NOWlab, the design company responsible for the 3D printed glacier stool, has unveiled their most recent design: a stool made from a 3D printed algorithmic method that combines digital manufacturing with traditional manufacturing techniques. More

Versoteq displays 3D printed tactile maps at Slush 2015

Nov.18, 2015 - Finnish 3D printing firm Versoteq has completed a pilot 3D printed map project in collaboration with Slush 2015, in which the additive experts 3D printed a set of tactile maps to help Slush attendees navigate the huge tech startup event. More

Love is the Answer: 3D printed sound wave pendant represents uplifting message for humanity

Nov.18, 2015 - French artist and voice sculptor Gilles Azzaro has created a piece of 3D printed jewelry based off the 3D layout of the stereophonic sound waveforms for the phrase: LOVE IS THE ANSWER. The 3D printed pendant is now available for purchase on Shapeways. More

Artist Doctor Octoroc is 3D printing the city of Philadelphia, block by block

Nov.18, 2015 - Philadelphia based artist Doctor Octoroc has decided to 3D print his beloved city block by block in his new project called 3D Printedelphia. The project, appropriately called 3D Printedelphia, seemed to be the natural next step for Octoroc who had previously built a miniature model of Philadelphia out of Lego pieces. More

3D print your Halo 5 Spartan through Sandboxr as of this Friday

Nov.18, 2015 - As of this Friday, fans of Halo 5: Guardians will be able to customize and order 3D printed models of their in-game Spartans directly through the Halo Waypoint website thanks to Sandboxr's 3D printing services. More

The City of Lights will shine brighter with LeFabShop's 3D printed Paris Lamp

Nov.18, 2015 - Paris based 3D printing startup LeFabShop have released the files for their 3D printed Paris Lamp to stand in solidarity with their city in light of the recent attacks. More

Opel adopts 3D printing to slash assembly tool production costs by 90 percent

Nov.18, 2015 - While the automobile industry is increasingly adopting 3D printing as a prototyping tool, German car giants Opel is already using 3D printed assembly tools on the factory floor. 3D printed using Stratasys technology, they are saving up to 90 percent in assembly tool production costs already. More

ABB and Materialise showcase groundbreaking 3D printed robotic grippers 'YuMi'

Nov.18, 2015 - With the help of the little-used TPU 92A-1 plastic, ABB and Materialise were able to design and 3D print functional, easily customizable and flexible robotic grippers that can be used for any purpose ' from delicate pieces of fruit to costly electronic components. More

Bio-inspired 3D printed Row-Bot cleans water surface as it 'eats' water bacteria

Nov.18, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Bristol have created a 3D printed robot that can 'row' along the surface of lakes or ponds, consuming microbes as it goes. As an autonomous artificial organism, this row-bot has potential to be used in environmental monitoring and water clean-up systems. More

Amazing SUPERLOCAL hairdryer is made entirely out of local materials, thanks to 3D printing

Nov.18, 2015 - With his SuperLocal project, Andrea de Chirico calls on all of us to make production sustainable with the help of locally produced and recycled materials. With the help of 3D printing, junk can be turned into the most amazing products, he says. More

Batter Up! World's first 3D printed smartBAT launches on Kickstarter

Nov.17, 2015 - Rip-It Sports has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the smartBAT, a partially 3D printed bat that can measure swing speed, and compile contact analytics. More

Ascent Aerosystems receives Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award for formerly 3D printed Sprite drone

Nov.17, 2015 - Arizona based Ascent Aerosystems has been presented with this year's Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award for its Sprite drone, a compact and rugged aircraft built with 3D printed prototype parts which will soon be taken into production thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. More

Firefighter Patrick Hardison receives world’s most extensive face transplant thanks to 3D printed guides

Nov.17, 2015 - A volunteer firefighter from Mississippi whose face was burned off has received a full face transplant. With the aid of 3D printed surgical models, a team of 150 medical professionals were able to pull of what has been described as the most extensive face transplant ever. More

Michigan Tech and Eric Friesen help bring RepRap open source 3D printing to Nicaragua

Nov.17, 2015 - Noticing the number of children in Nicaragua who lacked assistive devices, Eric Friesen teamed up with Michigan Tech professor Joshua Pearce and student Jill Poliskey to create an open-source RepRap 3D printer that uses accessible materials as filament to bring the benefits of 3D printing to developing countries. More

Chinese surgical first as 3D printed model used for successful liver transplant in ten yr old boy

Nov.17, 2015 - For the first time in China's history, a 3D printed model assisted in a high-risk liver transplant surgery between a mother (the donor) and her 10-year-old son. More than two weeks later, both patients are recovering very well. More

Simone Fontana 3D prints 1.3 meter-long, light-up Fiora Sword from League of Legends

Nov.17, 2015 - 3D designer Simone Fontana has created a 1.3 meter-long 3D printed replica of Fiora's sword from the online battle game League of Legends, completed with a simple LED light strip to bring the duel-worthy prop to life.