Dutch designer 3D prints awesome mechanical hand-in-hand clock

May.25, 2015 - Dutch designer Yvo de Haas has created a 3D printed hand-in-hand timepiece: a minimalistic clock in which the minute hand has been fully incorporated into the hour hand. More

Nanjing University of the Arts graduates show off incredible 3D printed fashion accessories

May.25, 2015 - Recently a fashion show was held at one of the top design schools in China, the Nanjing University of the Arts. The advent of 3D printing technology in the fashion world has induced them to organize a special fashion show ... More

Fashion giant Dior develops 3D printed VR headset 'Dior Eyes' for backstage access

May.25, 2015 - French fashion house Dior has developed the Dior Eyes, a 3D printed virtual reality headset that will bring the fashion show into your living room. Always wanted to go backstage and see all the effort that goes into a single runway... More

German Youth Club uses 3D printing to turn 49 floppy disks into an amazing futuristic organ

May.24, 2015 - One German Youth Club has used 3D printing technology to create a truly futuristic and high tech instrument: The Floppy Organ, that completely relies on 49 old floppy disks to create fascinating music... More

Michael Repajic looking to set up initiative to bring 3D printed prosthetics to Los Angeles' Homeless

May.24, 2015 - Michael Repajic has started a wonderful initiative called Humanus Hands United, which will become a non-profit organization specializing in developing 3D printed hands for the homeless. More

Nikon uses 3D printing to let dogs take photos whenever they’re happy

May.24, 2015 - How on earth can a dog handle a camera? Key is a 3D printed custom case that enables the Nikon camera to be strapped to the dog’s chest. The case itself also contains a heart-rate monitor that tracks the furry creature’s heartbeat. More

Cambridge, UK hardware store dummy gets fitted with new 3D printed hand after theft

May.23, 2015 - In Cambridge, England, “Dickie”, a dummy that has resided outside of a hardware store for ten years was recently fitted with a 3D printed ‘replacement’ hand after his left hand was stolen by thieves recently. More

Ittyblox Miniature Buildings to create a 3D printed Amsterdam for new Kickstarter campaign

May.23, 2015 - A Netherlands-based company has taken the philosophy of creating 3D printed building as models and has reversed the role to create miniature toy models that are based off of existing buildings that exist in the world today. More

Chinese doctor removes kidney tumor with the aid of a 3D printed replica

May.23, 2015 - Doctors in China were able to leverage 3D printing technology in an effort to help successfully remove a tumor from a 60-year-old woman’s kidney. Thanks to the use of a 3D printed model in advance of the surgical procedure... More

Surfing start-up Ho Stevie uses 3D printing to create ground-breaking mouth mount GoPro cams

May.22, 2015 - You might have forgotten about it due to the endless hordes of insecure teens using them all day, but GoPro cameras were actually developed a tool for surfing. More

Roby, the 3D printable robot hits Kickstarter to teach kids programming, 3D design & robotics

May.22, 2015 - The Roby educational robot kit has been specifically designed to help people of all ages to get to grips with programming, 3D design and the world of robotics. More

Help the nonverbal speak: Dustin's Words communication tool brought to life via 3D printing

May.21, 2015 - Built out of love for his own autistic brother, Dustin, Experience Designer Matt Reamer’s “Dustin’s Words” is an open source invention that helps people who can’t speak or communicate their needs with the push of a button. More

Chinese surgeons use 3D printing to help straighten a young woman's severely deformed leg

May.21, 2015 - China has repeatedly been using the technology in a range of surgical procedures. More recently, the combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies were used to help repair a young woman’s leg that had been... More

Columbia's Cocreat3D designs stylish 3D printed arm prosthetics that can be worn with pride

May.21, 2015 - The prostheses from Cocreat3D's Passive Prosthesis project are unlike what you expect to see in a typical E-NABLE creation. While most of those 3D printed prosthetics are functional, featuring a simple mechanical grip good enough to pick up lightweight objects, Cocreat3D’s CEO Esteban Velásquez Rendón... More

Con3D Consortium 3D prints a life-sized sofa to demonstrate new 3D printer for buildings

May.20, 2015 - Now, a group of companies have come together to create a consortium in an effort to help advance the near-future of 3D printed buildings. Consisting of three Spanish companies that includes: Tudela Veguín, a global leader... More

Materialise teams up with KAYIWA to create modern 3D printed clothes rack DINO

May.20, 2015 - Belgium-based 3D printing software and service provider Materialise has teamed up with Finnish design studio KAYIWA to create a series of 3D printed cloth racks called DINO. More

Diamonds are too traditional? Give your fiancé a 3D printed Bitcoin ring worth just as much

May.20, 2015 - Seb Neumayer and his Bitcoin-crazed friends over at thebtcring.com have developed a 3D printable BTC ring that can be made of any material, but that features a QR code linking to a Bitcoin Blockchain. More

Inventor creates 3D printed solar powered motors that can run non-stop for 100 years

May.20, 2015 - Created by YouTube user “3D_Printing”, the 3D printed motor isn’t just simply designed to last for one-hundred years - it is also designed to be able to do so unattended! More

This wheeled robot drives itself off of a 3D printer’s print bed once it is done printing

May.20, 2015 - One design engineer by the name of Alex has used the technique of applying various components by hand during a printing process to generate a variety of products. His latest use of the process - called “Print Out” - is the coolest... More

Kickstarter campaign to launch for 3D printed fantasy miniatures platform Mounted Heroes

May.19, 2015 - Imagine 3D Miniatures will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for an online design platform Mounted Heroes where you can easily create original and very cool heroes and their mounts, and send it out for 3D printing ... More

US Navy uses 3D printed ABS parts to get P-3 Orion airplane back in air

May.19, 2015 - A team of designers and engineers from the Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE, part of the Naval Air Systems Command of the US Navy) have relied on 3D printed ABS parts to fix a broken landing gear mechanism on a P-3 Orion... More

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer adopts 3D printing for watch design and development

May.19, 2015 - TAG Heuer have been known for decades as an innovative manufacturer of Avant garde watches that focus on accuracy and tabulation. Located in a small town on the French border called La Chaux de Fonds... More

UT Austin students create an awesome 3D printed cap gun through reverse engineering

May.19, 2015 - Patrick Lyons, along with three other mechanical engineering students in his class, were tasked by their teacher to take an original product, disassemble it, model the assembly in SolidWorks, and then 3D print the individual parts... More

3D printing helps trio bring rugged Sprite UAV to Kickstarter campaign

May.19, 2015 - Among other more recent examples is the Sprite; a portable and rugged drone that’s designed to be used in the great outdoors for backpacking, hiking and other outdoor activities. More

3DiTALY's 3D printed Eggform furniture blends craftmanship with modern technologies

May.18, 2015 - 3DiTALY’s first foray into furniture design - the “Eggform” line of products - represents all of the core values that the company wants to highlight with their new furniture design direction... More

Create a 'Soft Robot' using 3D printing and some spare hot glue sticks

May.18, 2015 - Perhaps it was glue sticks then, that inspired 3D printing enthusiast Pavel Mihaylov to create a soft robot using little more than glue sticks, some 3D printing parts, servos and an Arduino Uno. More

Slrp, a 3D printed child-friendly sealable, storable & drinkable bowl launches on Kickstarter

May.18, 2015 - The 3 printed Slrp bowl has been ergonomically designed to be drinkable, fun, safe and even sealable. The Slrp is the result of a collaboration between four fathers and one friend (Jack, Peter, Sean, Steve and Trey). More

Fox encourages people to 3D print Jason Statham’s face for new 'Spy' movie campaign

May.17, 2015 - Now, a new movie 'Spy' is following suit with the success of Broken Bells’ 3D printable models and have announced that fans can take home (or print at home) a little piece of movie memorabilia before the movie even comes out. More

Mythbusters 3D models Homer Simpon's head for new experiment

May.17, 2015 - Perhaps it comes with little surprise then, that the fantastic myth-busting duo have taken it upon themselves to re-enact and test something that didn’t even happen in the real world at all... More

3D printing used to help bring smart fart tracking wearable to life

May.17, 2015 - The $120 smartphone-enabled, 3D printed tracking device sadly recently failed its run on Kickstarter, however it serves as an important reminder of just how powerful 3D printing can be for bringing relatively any idea to Kickstarter. More

New Kickstarter campaign aims to bring 3D printed racing quadcopter frames to life

May.16, 2015 - Now, a new campaign has launched on the popular crowdfunding platform and is promising a super-easy DIY quadcopter building experience for those that enjoy racing quadcopters - a relatively new hobby that’s sure to pick up traction... More

3D print your own 'Tact', a low-cost, advanced prosthetic hand

May.16, 2015 - Now, highly-skilled maker Patrick Slade has taken it upon himself to build off of existing 3D printing prosthetic designs and has since released his design for an inexpensive, open source advanced prosthetic hand on ... More

Get started on an Elysium-like exoskeleton with this incredible 3D printed hand

May.16, 2015 - Australian 3D printing enthusiast Alex Czech has been spending his free time designing a 3D printable exoskeleton hand based off of his own hand with the goal of extending that build into a complete exoskeleton body suit... More

New 3D printed microbattery could independently power small chips

May.16, 2015 - Scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a super small battery using an unusual 3D printing technique that can be used to power all those miniscule chips already available. More

3D print your own wind turbine and charge your devices while camping

May.15, 2015 - Created by Windsor, Ontario-based RMRDTECH - which was founded by mechanical engineer Kyle Bassett and civil engineer Lucas Semple - the "Small Wind Turbine for a Big Difference” is a portable micro wind turbine... More

Success for #toylikeme campaign as MakieLabs launches 3D printed custom dolls with disabilities

May.15, 2015 - Inspired by a recent Facebook campaign - Toy Like Me (#toylikeme) - UK-based 3D printed toymaker MakieLab (creator of Makie Dolls) has responded by creating a line of dolls that are not only customizable to match the owner of the doll... More

MIT Researchers 3D print synthetic spider webs to help design materials with high strength & low density

May.15, 2015 - Now, by using a combination of computational modeling and mechanical analysis, a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a way of using 3D printing to create synthetic spider webs... More

Help raise money for volunteers using 3D printing in Nepal Earthquake relief efforts

May.15, 2015 - Most recently, the massive earthquake in Nepal claimed over 7,000 lives and left over 15,000 individuals injured. While there have been many efforts put into place to help bring help to the area.... More

This 3D printed little robot cracks any master combination lock in 30 seconds

May.15, 2015 - Hacker Samy Kamkar has developed a very cool 3D printed Arduino-based device that can crack any master combination lock in just 30 seconds. So there’s no need to get the bolt cutters. More

Turkish 3D printing specialists save life of Sea Turtle with a 3D printed titanium jaw implant

May.15, 2015 - A Loggerhead Sea Turtle named AKUT3 was recently rescued from the Mediterranean and brought to the Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Pamukkale University (PAU). More

Faraday Motion in the process of creating an app-controlled 3D printed electric skateboard

May.14, 2015 - Sune Pedersen of Faraday Motion is helping lead the revolution of electronic skateboards and he’s using 3D printing to help us get there. With a wide variety of engineers, makers and researchers scattered across Denmark, Poland... More

Emerging Objects 3D prints Utah Teapot Set out of instant tea

May.14, 2015 - Most recently, the design and material science team at Emerging Objects (led by Virginia San Fratello and Ronald Rael) picked a rather unusual material to 3D print with: instant tea. More

Italy’s WASP teams with Rizzoli Institute to create breakthrough 3D printed splints & cranial implants

May.14, 2015 - As a part of their partnership, WASP and Rizzoli will be developing 3D printed braces and casts (which they refer to as “tutors”) as well as 3D printed cranial bone implants - both of which will be printed using PLA filament. More

Singapore-based Polychemy uses 3D printing to turn necklaces into Bitcoin wallets

May.14, 2015 - Polymchemy has brought 21rst century technology into the jewelry world by using 3D printing to engrave necklaces with Bitcoin addresses. Effectively, this turns these necklaces into Bitcoin wallets or debit cards... More

Intricate life-size Iron Man suit, remote controlled tank and drone: 3D printer gives wings to your imagination

May.14, 2015 - While Korean makers have created a number of very cool projects with their ROKIT 3DISON 3D printer, perhaps the most eye-catching is the Iron Man suit. 1 More

House of Eleonore raising funds for fine jewellery made with 3D printing, fair-trade gold & non-mined diamonds

May.14, 2015 - House of Eléonore has now even incorporated 3D printing into the highest segment of the jewelry industry: diamonds. What’s more, they are making diamond jewelry in an entirely humanitarian, using fair-trade gold... More

Disney's 3D printed sound-controlled 'acoustruments' could add physical controls to iPhones

May.14, 2015 - Through their experiments, the researchers were able to harness ultrasonic waves - combined with their iPhone’s speaker and microphone - to create "Passive, Acoustically-Driven, Interactive Controls... More

New hydrographic printing adds complicated color patterns to 3D printed objects

May.14, 2015 - Thanks to recent developments in hydrographic printing, users may soon be able to accurately color standard 3D prints from any 3D printer. Hydrographic printing, which is also known as water transfer printing... More

The revolutionary Lily Flying Camera Drone is brought to life thanks to 3D printing

May.13, 2015 - Unlike what most people think of when they think of the term “drone”, Balaresque’s Lily Camera is designed to simply be a flying camera that focuses on a specific subject - such as a runner or a snowboarder. More

Sculpteo releases new study showing the 'State of 3D Printing'

May.13, 2015 - Sculpteo, the online 3D printing service founded in 2009 and based in San Francisco and Paris wanted to find this information out for themselves. The company has since released their findings in a free report released today... More

An updated insight into top-selling 3D printers at Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart's online stores

May.13, 2015 - JeeQ Data, a cloud-based online service that enables users to track product sales from major online retailers including Amazon.com, Walmart.com and BestBuy.com, recently opened up their platform to track 3D printer purchases... More

The TeeBot is an open source 3D printer that folds into a portable suitcase

May.13, 2015 - Now, following the successful release of his TeeBotMax foldable and portable 3D printer last year, design engineer Emmanuel Adututu of the Netherlands has now taken to Kickstarter to launch his new take on the foldable and portable... More

Help We-The-Builders to 3D print a 250 piece giant Edgar Allen Poe bust

May.13, 2015 - We The Builders are back with third crowdsourced 3D printing project, a larger and more ambitious project and tribute to perhaps the greatest writer to ever grace the city of Baltimore: Edgar Allan Poe. More

British architects create stunning 3D printed window installation for Xintiandi retail shop in Shanghai

May.13, 2015 - A recent example of how 3D printing has aided in the development of an interior facade installation was recently completed by London-based architecture firm Urban Systems. They created an installation that was featured in the RIBA... More

Michigan Tech explores 3D printing of nerve tissue with low cost BioBot 3D bioprinter

May.13, 2015 - Michigan-based school Michigan Tech recently acquired their very first BioBot to fabricate synthesized nerve tissue. The key is developing the right “bioink,” or printable tissue. More

Create a simple bamboo wind turbine to charge your smartphone with 3D printing

May.12, 2015 - For those who want to create their own simple wind turbine, Instructables user ‘Soliton’ of HERO Electronics has recently uploaded a project that enables users to create their own basic wind turbine for powering small appliances... More

Chinese doctors use 3D printed spine of patient to help in delicate spinal surgery

May.12, 2015 - More recently, a surgery in China on a young woman further helped highlight how 3D printing can help in even the most delicate of surgeries - such as those having to do with the spinal cord. More

Swiss artists 3D print shadow art that changes appearance when light moves

May.12, 2015 - The Zurich, Switzerland-based artists Drzach & Suchy have essentially made a very impressive lighting trick involving hundreds of ‘shadow casting panels’ (or SCP) that, depending on where the light is coming from... More

Amsterdam's design studio Space Junk 3D prints marble-like jewelry and accessories

May.12, 2015 - Amsterdam design studio has achieved some very remarkable effects in an entirely different material. For Space Junk, led by designers Alan Nguyen and Susie Gregson, have managed to 3D print in marble-like material. More

Artists recreate baroque masterpiece as a stunning 3D printed zoetrope

May.12, 2015 - London-based artist Mat Collishaw and 3D design specialist Sebastian Burdon have created an intricate and stunning masterpiece inspired by the seventeenth-century Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens. More

China establishes its first national 3D printing lab for the advancement of 3D printing technologies

May.12, 2015 - The launch ceremony of the state-of-the-art lab, which is being done in partnership with Chinese company Hunan Farsoon Hi-tech Co. Ltd., was held at the end of April 2015 and the Chinese government is showing no signs of... More

You Kick Ass, developer of custom 3D printed action figures, get $100,000 deal on Shark Tank

May.11, 2015 - That, at least, is exactly what Keri Andrews and Alesia Glidewell from You Kick Ass seem to have achieved. Their customized action figure business featured on the latest episode of Shark Tank (episode 625, aired on Friday 8 May)... More

Marble creates 3D printed MRB-1 drone that is more efficient than a quadcopter

May.11, 2015 - 3D printing start-up Marble has just completed a very interesting airplane drone that not only looks great, but should also outperform your typical 3D printed quadcopter. More

NEXT21 Japan signs deal with Xilloc to 3D print & sell customized artificial 'CT bones' within Europe

May.11, 2015 - As part of the NEDO project, NEXT 21 created a 3D printer capable of producing artificial bone structures for humans. Over the past year, the company has been thoroughly testing the applicability of these 3D printed bones... More

Build a 3D printed spy tie camera using a Raspberry Pi

May.11, 2015 - Blogger and product anaylist Raymond Wong, from Mashable’s, explores a whole other field of cool Raspberry Pi applications: spy gear. By mounting a Raspbery Pi controlled camera onto a 3D printed bow tie... More

Students 3D print an autonomous robot that can locate and open or close valves

May.11, 2015 - Students at University of Texas at San Antonio have built a very impressive 3D printed RC/autonomous 3D printed robot capable of not just opening and closing valves, but also locating them through a mixture of cam-based navigation... More

Argentinan patient leads normal life with 3D printed cranial implant

May.10, 2015 - A patient in Argentina required a particularly large cranial implant after stroke-related surgery, placing stringent requirements on the manufacture of the prosthetic. Naturally it needed to fit precisely, but in this case... More

Pharmaceutical researchers create new shapes for medicine tablets using 3D printing

May.10, 2015 - Using a combination of hot melt extrusion and 3D printing, a group of researchers from the University College London’s School of Pharmacy recently explored the effects of geometry on drug release on tablets... More

How 3d printing helped product designers develop a magnetic smartphone stand

May.9, 2015 - Among others who have used 3D printing to help bring a product design idea to life with the goal of launching it on a crowdfunding campaign is the three-man team behind a new portable smartphone stand and cable tidy called the Stikey. More

Fan builds an ultrasonic acetone vapor polisher for smoothing 3D printed parts

May.9, 2015 - One 3D printing nut called Michael has developed a very interesting method to polish your 3D printed surfaces: a vapor polisher, built from an ultrasonic humifier. More

Students turn to 3D printing to create custom flexible resin skins for prosthetics

May.8, 2015 - Now, a group of design and architecture students have taken that “customization factor” a step further and have been busy developing 3D printed prosthetic skins that allow a prosthesis wearer to instantly change the aesthetic... More

Here’s a 3D file to 3D print your own copy of NYC's illegal Snowden bust

May.8, 2015 - Among others, a pair of artists who famously erected a statue of Edward Snowden in the Fort Greene Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn last month - for their project “Prison Ship Martyrs Monument 2.0" - want people around the world... More

One meter tall 3D printed Bunnyman robot, built in just 2 months, unveiled in China

May.8, 2015 - There was plenty to see at the Intel Developer Forum 2015 (IDF2015), but none was as impressive as the 3D printed robotic version. This one meter tall robot Bunnyman came equipped with Intel's newest RealSense. More

This 3D printed CellScope Loa turns an iPhone into a life-saving blood parasite detector

May.8, 2015 - A team of researchers from the University of California Berkeley has developed the CellScope Loa, a mobile phone attachment that turns a smartphone camera into a clinical grade microscope capable of testing blood samples for parasites. More

Moldova to install massive walk-over 3D printed replica of capital city

May.7, 2015 - Perhaps inspired by the St. Petersburg model, architects and political leaders from the Republic of Moldova have confirmed that they will be building a 3D printed 400 square-meter installation of the Replica Of Chisinau... More

Toyota’s Open Road Project to bring 3D printing to custom electric vehicles

May.7, 2015 - Toyota will be launching their Open Road Project in Tokyo, which aims to encourage the practical, convenient and fun use of their i-Road vehicle on Tokyo’s city streets. The i-Road is an ultra-compact electric vehicle... More

Trusst Lingerie redefines bras through a revolutionary patent-pending support system

May.7, 2015 - Over the past year, Laura West and Sophia Berman have therefore being through an extensive 3D printing prototyping phase, resulting in 35 to 40 test bras. All three have a basic function of offering support from underneath... More

Cody Wilson & SAF file lawsuit against US State Dept over censorship of 3D printed firearms

May.7, 2015 - Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed was joined in the lawsuit by The Second Amendment Foundation, a large-budget institution that regularly finances lawsuits related to gun rights. More

Doctors share designs for 3D printable smartphone adaptor for diagnosis preventable eye defects

May.7, 2015 - But a new 3D printed solution by a pair of New Zealand-based doctors are actually combining those two functions. It’s called the OphthalmicDocs Fundus, and it is essentially a 3D printed adaptor for your smartphone ... More

3D print your own PhoneDrone - a drone for your smartphone - for just $99

May.6, 2015 - The PhoneDrone, which was created by Idaho-based drone startup xCraft, aims to allow your smartphone to become an autonomous aerial camera; integrated flight planner, tethered controller and more. More

SpaceX successfully completes Dragon Pad abort test using 3D printed rocket engines

May.6, 2015 - The first test flight of Crew Dragon for ensuring the safety of astronauts, the Pad Abort Test, took place this morning (Wednesday, May 6th) at the same launch pad that the community has used for previous missions - the SpaceX Space... More

Airbus chose Stratasys to 3D print over 1,000 parts for its A350 XWB aircraft

May.6, 2015 - Stratasys has just revealed that they have manufactured more than a thousand parts for the new Airbus A350 XWB jet in December 2014. The Airbus A350 XWB commercial airplane is the latest model in the family of Airbus aircraft. More

Italian policeman shares designs for very useful 3D printed PCB workstation

May.6, 2015 - The 3D printed PCB workstation with octopus-like tentacles could provide you with all the additional fingers you need. This cool-looking PCB holder is a wonderful and inexpensive solution for all your PCB needs... More

Kirschner3d & Jesse Howard launch an open source, partly 3D printable PS desk lamp for consumers

May.6, 2015 - To bring that to the public, Jesse Howard and Kirschner3d have now launched a website where you can find an open source, partly 3D printable PS-lamp for consumer purposes. More

The touching moment a blind Mom-To-Be feels her unborn baby boy's 3D printed face

May.6, 2015 - It was so very heartwarming to see a clip by Huggies Brazil, in which a blind expecting mother was given a 3D printed sculpture of her ultrasound to touch and experience. More

Sony and Paradigm 3D create 3D printed coral for world's first underwater pop-up shop

May.5, 2015 - Dubai-based Paradigm 3D's project - which was commissioned by electronics giant Sony - was initially conceived of by Sony’s creative team. The 3D printed coral would be a large part of the company’s three-day underwater pop-up shop... More

Artist uses 3D printing to create scratch-built model of Star Wars TIE Bomber

May.5, 2015 - Among others in the model making community who utilized 3D printing into their creations process are those who omit the typical model kits themselves in favor of building models from raw materials; scratch-built models. More

Two-legged German dog Luisa can play and run again thanks to a 3D printed wheelchair

May.5, 2015 - The two-legged young Luisa from Germany was born without her front legs and spent all her life crawling and hopping about. Luisa’s mother was a stray in Italy, so her puppies were not welcome in this world. More

3D-printed connectors Nüdel for DIY furniture and constructions launches on Kickstarter

May.5, 2015 - Nüdel simply consists of solid, small plastic connectors that can be easily modified to be used in any creation and with as many connecting slots as you need. More

This clever 3D printed Plumbob headgear turns you into a Sim

May.4, 2015 - Engineering student Daniel Harari has designed a costume that allows you to be yourself: a character from The Sims. Of course, key to this project is the multicolored crystal characters wear above their heads (called a Plumbob). More

Artists use 3D printing to create plausible theory on the Venus de Milo’s missing arms

May.4, 2015 - Since being discovered in 1820 amidst ancient ruins, the mystery of the Venus’ missing arms, and what could be suggested by her gaze and position, has been the subject of endless theories and speculations. More

First espresso brewed in space, thanks to ISSpresso & 3D printed cups

May.4, 2015 - Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, wearing her Starfleet uniform, became the first person in history to drink authentic Italian espresso coffee in orbit on Sunday, May 3 using the ISSpresso, the world's first zero-gravity... More

Student-made 3D printed vehicles drive & fly at 2nd annual Additive Vehicle Design Competition

May.4, 2015 - Held for the second time last Friday, the the second annual Additive Vehicle Design Competition truly puts 3D printed robots to the test by placing them in a series of hazardous, unstable and inaccessible environments. More

Artist 3D prints a spaceship cockpit for an Augmented Virtual Reality experience

May.4, 2015 - As part of a sensational exhibit at the San Francisco Art Market, artist Micah Ganske has designed a stunning VR experience that revolves around a 3D printed cockpit. More

‘MicroTug’ 3D printed robots pull objects 2,000 times their own weight

May.3, 2015 - Researchers at Stanford University have built tiny robots that can pull objects nearly 2,000 times their own weight horizontally, or 100 time their weight vertically up a glass surface. More

Create a wall-mounted 3D printed automatic pet feeder

May.2, 2015 - Now, for Makers who travel a lot or work long hours, a new project that utilizes 3D printing aims to help make feeding your pets a completely automated experience. More

Prop artist uses 3D printer to create a full size, wearable Avengers Ultron helmet

May.2, 2015 - Michael Ruddy, a popular cosplay artist used his new gMax 1.5 XT 3D to print a full size, wearable Ultron helmet for a special client. The gMax 1.5 XT, which is manufactured by gCreate... More

Russian neurosurgeons use 3D printing to create skull implant for trauma patient

May.1, 2015 - Recently, neurosurgeons at the Vologda Regional Hospital in the Vologda region of Russia called upon the assistance of Dr. Ivan Ulianovsky to help create a mold for a cranial implant for a patient who had extensive ... More

Voice your thoughts to the US Copyright Office about not criminalizing third-party 3D printer filament

May.1, 2015 - 3D printer manufacturer (and owner of MakerBot) Stratasys has requested that the US Copyright Office denies a proposal that would allow for the legalization of jailbreaking 3D printers in order to use a third-party feedstock. More

Conceptual designer Laura Thapthimkuna inspired by aliens to create sci-fi 3D printed neck wear

May.1, 2015 - Although 3D printing is used in a variety of industries for completely different purposes on a day-to-day basis, it is perhaps the fashion industry that is having one of the biggest influences on what exactly the future... More

Dutch scientists successfully 3D print the first clavicle to be used in surgery

May.1, 2015 - The future of 3D printing technology in the medical sector seems to be bright indeed. For while most bioprinting innovations will take a few years to be implemented, other 3D printed medical pieces area already been used... More

ALS-diagnosed Maker uses 3D printing to create eye-tracking wheelchair

Apr.30, 2015 - Although we’ve seen quite the gamut of various DIY projects that utilize both 3D printing and microcontrollers to create a unique and customized hardware product design, very few of these projects have been done by a disabled person... More

Xavier students use 3D printing to create prosthetic leg for three-legged service dog

Apr.30, 2015 - Just as 3D printing helped offer custom solutions for Derby and Bubbles, it is also helping a three-legged service dog named Tiny learn to run and walk on all fours thanks to students at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. More

Transaction Project combines the best of ceramics & glassblowing into beautiful 3D printed art

Apr.30, 2015 - The Translation Project, a collaboration between ceramicist Jonathan Keep, artist researcher Charles Stern and design studio Unfold, is essentially using 3D printing technology to finally combine ceramics with glassworks. More

Dutch scientists develop 3D printed fiber structures for bone cartilage repair on a large scale

Apr.30, 2015 - Dutch scientists from the University Medical Center Utrecht have unveiled their own 3D bioprinting innovation: a hydrogel solution that can be used for repairing bone cartilage on a large scale. More

The inside-out and 3D printed KAZbrella umbrella hits Kickstarter

Apr.30, 2015 - The KAZbrella is a reverse-engineered umbrella that opens and folds to the outside. It’s cheap, 3D printed, functional and features a design so clever and simple. More

3D printing used to create 4D airway splint, saving three babies from imminent death

Apr.30, 2015 - A 3D printer was used to create a medical device being called a 4D airway, which saved the lives of three baby boys with life-threatening breathing problems. This amazing new medical implant is designed to change shape... More

Australian man designs a 3D printable braille rubik’s cube for the blind

Apr.29, 2015 - One Australian 3D printing fanatic known by the sensible Instructables username of liquidhandwash has 3d printed one of the most complex mechanical toys a child can have: the rubik’s cube for blind people. More

Printednest offers chic open source 3D printable bird houses for urban dwellings

Apr.29, 2015 - The Printednest bird feeder/nests are designed to help increase the number of birds in urban areas through the use of urban-inspired bird house designs that are able to be locally produced using additive manufacturing technologies. More

Biofabrication team makes breakthrough in creating 3D printed replacement body parts

Apr.29, 2015 - A biofabrication team from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia has made a major breakthrough by successfully 3D printing mechanically reinforced, tissue-engineered constructs... More

BMW turns to 3D printing to create water pump wheel for DTM race cars

Apr.29, 2015 - In the last year alone, German automaker BMW has created custom 3D printed thumbs for their factory workers to help prevent injuries, used 3D printing to create student-designed concept cars... More

‘Unwrap’ & explore Egyptian Neswaiu mummy at Stockholm museum, thanks to 3D scanning & printing

Apr.29, 2015 - One such museum is the Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm, Sweden, where a groundbreaking new 3D digitization project has been installed that allows visitors to get up close and personal with ancient Egyptian mummies... More

Researchers develop 3D printable graphene ink for electronic and biomedical applications

Apr.29, 2015 - And now researchers from Northwestern University have developed a solution-based 3D printable graphene ink. As they explain in a new research paper, it can be used to make objects multiple centimeters in length... More

Post-mortem CT scan data could be used to create 3D prints for medico-legal death investigation

Apr.28, 2015 - Recently, Dr. Chris O'Donnell from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) gave a talk about the use of 3D Printing in forensics - particularly in how the technology can work in tandem with post-mortem CT scanning... More

O’Qualia creates CAPTOR, first 3D printed collapsible and custom Unmanned Aerial System

Apr.28, 2015 - O’Qualia Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based unmanned aerial systems (UAS) manufacturer has developed a fully-customizable and collapsible fixed-wing unmanned aerial system design that is manufactured in-full through... More

Startup Pembient uses 3D bioprinting to make rhino ivory without killing rhinos

Apr.28, 2015 - San Francisco-based startup called Pembient has developed a way of 3D printing actual rhino horns without harming these endangered animals. Hopefully, this can become a viable and environmentally-friendly alternative... More

3D printed Flow Hive that puts 'honey on tap' raises over $12 million on Indiegogo

Apr.28, 2015 - The Flow Hive is a bee hive featuring 3D printed honey combs that open up to form a honey tap. While that sounds impressive enough to laymen honey eaters, its revolutionary implications are perhaps more clear when you find out... More

3D printed 'WaterBone' design wins grand prize in Local Motors ARPA-E LITECAR Challenge

Apr.27, 2015 - Local Motors, in partnership with the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), announced the winner of the LIghtweighting Technologies Enabling Comprehensive Automotive Redesign (LITECAR) Challenge. More

Gensler marries unmanned drones with 3D printing to create MUPPette Mobile 3D printing

Apr.26, 2015 - Most technological breakthroughs are the result of recognizing a flaw or limitation within existing industrial practices—such as the lack of a mobile platform for 3D printing objects of limitless scale—and having... More

Eye of Horus brings eye-tracking to astronauts thanks to 3D printing

Apr.26, 2015 - The Eye of Horus is a 3D printed open source platform that allows a user to control devices simply by looking at them using eye tracking and light beacons to control wireless protocols. More

New technology utilizes 3D printed microscope to create virtual reality microscopic landscapes

Apr.25, 2015 - Over the past six months, Nanotronics Imaging has been busy further developing their technology and has finally unveiled what they are calling nVisible. nVisible is a virtual reality experience that lets anybody walk through... More

Japanese artist uses 3D printing to create Raijin and Fujin Kabuto samurai helmets

Apr.25, 2015 - In order to help inspire the samurai helmet designers, i.materialise Japan enlisted the help of mixed-media artist and competiton juror Russ Ogi to develop a unique pair of 3D printed kabuto inspired by Raijin and Fujin... More

Electrical engineering student creates his own Jimi Hendrix 3D Printed Guitar

Apr.24, 2015 - Jose Moreno, an electrical engineering student and Vice President of the Purdue 3D Printing Club at Purdue University really wanted a 3D printed guitar. The problem was, existing 3D printed guitars sold for roughly $3,000 each - .. More

Merck inks multi-year collaboration deal with Organovo to use 3D printed liver system for drug testing

Apr.24, 2015 - Major pharmaceuticals manufacturer Merk & Co has just made a deal with 3D printing researcher Organovo to use their 3D printed liver system for drug testing. More

Materialise and Belgian design studio Hoet launch collection of 3D printed eyewear

Apr.24, 2015 - It’s a big week for major Belgian 3D printing provider Materialise, as they will be hosting the Materialise World Conference in Brussels, Belgium, over the next couple of days. Coinciding with that event... More

3D printed sneaker 'FUTURE' wins Silver Award at Global Footwear Design Competition

Apr.24, 2015 - Chinese designer Zhang Xiaolong submitted the 3D printed sneaker called ‘FUTURE’ as his entry and has just won the Silver Award at the Global Footwear Design Competition. More

Researchers used 4D printing to create a valve that opens and contracts according to water temperature

Apr.24, 2015 - Researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia have now created something very remarkable: a 4D printed a valve that automatically opens and contracts when exposed to either water or to high temperatures. More

Dutch students smuggle 3D printed knives into court to prove a security flaw

Apr.24, 2015 - Philine van Bilsen, who studies Communication & Multimedia design at Avans College in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, successfully smuggled two 3D printed knives – both sharp enough to stab someone – into the courtroom... More

Livermore researchers create energy-storing 3D printed "liquid smoke" aerogel

Apr.23, 2015 - Recently, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California have made graphene aerogel that is capable of making for better energy storage, sensors, nanoelectronics, catalysis and separations. More

UCSD students launch Kickstarter campaign for a completely 3D printed rocked engine

Apr.23, 2015 - A team of students from the UCSD in California are challenging the establishment with their plans for the Vulcan-I: a completely 3D printed rocket engine that they hope to launch over 10,000 feet over the summer. More

Chinese aerospace industry successfully tests rocket engine with 3D printed parts

Apr.23, 2015 - Engineers from Institute 41 (part of the China Aerospace Science and industry Corporation) in China have already successfully tested an engine ignition device that has been created using 3D printing technology. More

Worldwide 3D printer market disappoints in the first quarter of 2015

Apr.23, 2015 - All that optimism has slightly ebbed away as the results of the first quarter of the year are coming in. In fact, it appears that the worldwide 3D printing market (though most data is from North America) has not done as well... More

3D printing technology successfully used to guide a complex liver resection in China

Apr.23, 2015 - A very complex surgery has just been completed in China using a 3D printed replica. For the first time in Chinese medical history, doctors in the Zhujiang hospital of Southern Medical University used a 3D printed replica to ... More

Chinese researchers 3D print Terahertz lens

Apr.23, 2015 - That team from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China have recently propsed that 3D printing technology is perfect for quickly making the very precise Terahertz devices, and have even successfully produced a Terahertz ... More

Shin Kuo envisions rotating, 3D printed housing structures in 2035 so everyone can live up top

Apr.22, 2015 - For his Turn to the Future student thesis project, industrial designer Shin Kuo presented a building concept that rotates each home within the structure so that everyone shares the same view - from the lowest floors... More

Researchers use 3D printing to test if ancient Mayan civilization flew airplanes

Apr.22, 2015 - A group of researchers from the Tongji University College of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics in Shanghai, China recently decided to recreate some historical Mayan relics that were expected to be over 1,000 years... More

NASA 3D prints world’s first full-scale copper rocket engine part

Apr.22, 2015 - NASA has just revealed that they have 3D printed a rocket engine part that can actually be used as part of a space program. The part itself is a copper combustion chamber liner, a crucial component that needs to withstand... More

Students develop 3D-printed self-sustaining micro-farming pod AstroGro for cultivating food in space

Apr.22, 2015 - AstroGro team's solution is utilizing the current 3D printing capabilities in space to build an intelligent system to organically grow fresh foods. A 3D printed pod that is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI)... More

Kickstarter campaign launched for 3D printed RC snow blower

Apr.22, 2015 - Earlier this year, we reported on the development of an impressive 3D printed RC snow blower built by designer and all-around maker Moo Skyper (a.k.a, Ryan). Now, Ryan has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring his 2nd ... More

Create 'The Wave' - a 3D printed kinetic sculpture that’s perfect for your desktop

Apr.21, 2015 - Among others, “The Wave” sculpture from 3D printing enthusiast Adam Patterson is among one of the finest examples of what can be done with nothing but access to a 3D printer and some simple engineering skills. More

Blue Man Group presents themed 3D printed bionic arm to 12-year old fan

Apr.21, 2015 - But in addition to the already-amazing ability to create the prosthetics, one of the better parts of the growing industry of 3D printed prosthetics is how celebrities and other idols are stepping in to present them to the wearers... More

3D printed pelvis replica aids Chinese doctors in successful hip surgery

Apr.21, 2015 - Now, doctors at the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University in Xinjiang, China have figured out how to use the technology to aid them in what is considered to be a highly-complex surgical procedure... More

The Palette multi-color 3D printing add-on launches now on Kickstarter

Apr.21, 2015 - While the 3D printing community is filled with promising start-ups preparing interesting and possibly even revolutionary products, few have been so intriguing as Mosaic. Since the summer of 2014, this team ... More

The advantages of RepRap 3D printing on farms in the developing world

Apr.21, 2015 - While we’ve already seen numerous individual examples of what 3D printing technology can do for people in the developing regions of the world – remember the Wakati tent? – that wasn’t enough for dr. Joshua Pearce. More

Yale scientists develop fill compositing technique to improve strength of FDM 3D printed parts

Apr.21, 2015 - Joseph T. Belter and Aaron M. Dollar, two scientists from the department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Yale, have explored an interesting option that combines the low cost of FDM 3D printing technology... More

MONO, an eyewear collection 3D printed to fit your face, launches on Indiegogo

Apr.20, 2015 - Hong Kong-based ITUM describes their MONO 3D printed eyewear collection as “a collection of eyewear sets out to bring the perfect-fit and thus enhance wearing comfort by providing the choice of size, a fundamental yet... More

3D printer to recreate bottle used in Plymouth Argyle footballer Alex Sosa murder trial

Apr.20, 2015 - According to the BBC, a 3D printed bottle was recently used in the trial of a man was later convicted of murdering a teenager. City College Plymouth, a higher education school in Southwest England, was recently called upon by... More

Skin cancer survivor is given new 3D printed face prosthetic modelled after his son

Apr.20, 2015 - 74-year-old skin cancer survivor Keith Lonsdale shows that these 3D printed prosthetics can also blend right in. He was recently given a 3D printed face prosthesis to cover up the large hole in his face left by the necessary ... More

Australian twins with muscular dystrophy enable themselves through 3D printing

Apr.20, 2015 - While we’ve seen so many heartwarming examples of what 3D printing technology can do for the disabled, seeing disabled people actually use 3D printers for themselves is somewhat rarer. But that is exactly what two disabled brothers... More

Meet Italian Designer Cristina Franceschini and her collection of 3D printed shoes, jewelry & accessories

Apr.20, 2015 - Italian designer Cristina Franceschini represents a new generation of designers trying to combine long-standing tradition with innovation, a process enhanced by new technologies such as 3D printing. More

Turn your voice into 3D printed jewelry

Apr.19, 2015 - But did you know that don’t need a high-quality metal 3D printer to make beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry? That’s exactly what Instructables-user 10DotMatrix has proven when showing us how to turn spoken words into beautiful... More

Fan shares dozens of 3D printable monster designs for Dungeons & Dragons

Apr.18, 2015 - Tabletop wargaming and paper-and-pencil rolegaming both suffer from the same problem: miniatures and scenery can be dull and repetitive. Nothing is worse than fighting over the same old pieces of cardboard every single session... More

52Shapes: every week a new and unique 3D printed lamp design

Apr.18, 2015 - We’ve already known for a while that 3D printers can be used to make interesting and original lamp shades in all shapes and sizes. Just look at the cool Kayan lamp we reported on earlier this week... More

Salvador Dali inspires 3D printed jewelry collection by Desmond Chan

Apr.18, 2015 - “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” Those words of wisdom come from the surrealist master himself, Salvador Dali, who appropriately enough, was the inspiration behind Vulcan Jewelry-founder... More

Cardiologists and 3D Systems help toddler breathe easier with 3D printed heart model

Apr.17, 2015 - A 20-month-old toddler is breathing and swallowing easier thanks to a full-color 3D printed replica of his heart which was used to prepare for a lengthy procedure at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. More

Turn a Party Popper into a cool and powerful 3D printed toy cannon

Apr.17, 2015 - Just check out this very cool Party Popper Cannon by designer Chris Czech. He has effectively designed a cool little cannon that looks a bit like an eighteenth century mortar. More

Father uses 3D printing to help teach his blind daughter math

Apr.17, 2015 - This story already has everything to warm your heart, but unfortunately the eldest of the three, Layla, was born blind. The girl, who is currently in the eighth grade, was facing tremendous difficulties due to her blindness. More

Nin10do: Dutch magician brings NES to 21st century using 3D printing & a Raspberry Pi

Apr.17, 2015 - Dutch part-time magician Daniel Spies has brought the eighties back to life with his Nin10do game station: a 3D printed console that uses an Arduino to play all those classes that made the NES such a revolutionary machine in its day. More

Greek OpenBionics shares update on their low cost 3D printed bionic robot hand

Apr.17, 2015 - Greek Open Bionics opened a registration form on their website for people in need of 3D printed bionic limbs, through which they could work together to help those people in need. More

Create a 3D printed arcade cabinet using a Raspberry Pi

Apr.16, 2015 - For those who grew up during the heyday of coin-operated arcade games - particularly in the 1970s and 1980s - it’s easy to get nostalgic about the “simpler days” where video games were in 8-bit and had simple objectives. More

Wake Forest researchers create 3D printed “beating” heart cell

Apr.16, 2015 - The “organoids” as they’re called, are 3D printed and beating cardiac cells which are a part of a groundbreaking research program from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine... More

MakerBot’s new iPad app can now turn your drawings into 3D printable models

Apr.16, 2015 - The new Shape Maker tool from MakerBot will allow users to take their drawings and sketches and instantaneously turn them into 3D printable files - all with the ease of snapping a photo. More

Made In Space releases 'space-grade' AstroABS 3D printer filament for sale

Apr.16, 2015 - Made in Space has revealed that the exact same “space-grade” filament that was used by NASA astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore will be made available to the public for anybody who wants to experiment with printing... More

The FAA cleared the first 3D printed part to fly in a GE commercial jet engine

Apr.16, 2015 - While 3D printing technology has been readily adopted by aviation and aerospace industries over the past few years, both as a prototyping and manufacturing technology, it looks like it will now finally be commercially used. More

SABIC develops 3D printed economy class seat to reduce aircraft costs

Apr.16, 2015 - While several companies in the aircraft industry have already adopted 3D printing as a prototyping technology for the design of all sorts of components, aircraft passengers currently rarely come into contact with actual 3D printed parts. More

3D printed design company Xuberance wins first prize 'SaloneSatellite Award' at the Milan Design Week

Apr.16, 2015 - The ongoing Milan Design Week in Italy’s design capital is obviously a great place to see new and exciting 3D printed creations. Opened until 19 April, it’s in fact the perfect place to explore the world of design in all its aspects. More

3D printed 'Comfortably Numb' device takes the pain away from injection needles

Apr.16, 2015 - Three freshman students from Rice University in Houston, Texas, have developed a handy little device called Comfortably Numb that will numb any part of your body well enough to receive an injection without feeling pain from it. More

Japanese design studio DMM Akiba presents viable 3D printed titanium road bike at Milan Salone

Apr.16, 2015 - DMM Akiba teamed up with design studio the Triple Bottom Line and focused their efforts on creating the world’s first viable road bike that is technology proven and made from SLS titanium sintering, the DFM01. More

Rocket Lab unveils first 3D printed, battery-powered rocket engine for low-cost space travel

Apr.15, 2015 - Yesterday, at the Space Symposium in Colorado, the New Zealand-based Rocket Lab unveiled their brand-new rocket engine that was designed to drastically cut down the cost of space travel. More

Rockefeller heir invests in Brooklyn-based 3D printed meat company Modern Meadow

Apr.15, 2015 - Justin Rockefeller, who is the great-great-grandson of Stand Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, feels that the “steak chips” created by Modern Meadow might be one of the next big industries... More

3D printing vagina artist Megumi Igarashi denies obscenity charges in Japanese court

Apr.15, 2015 - Back in December of 2014, 43-year old Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi who works under the name Rokude Nashiko — which translates to “bad girl” — was charged with distributing 'obscene' data after releasing 3D printable data... More

Dutch scientists develop 3D printed ‘light traps’ to make solar cells more efficient than ever

Apr.15, 2015 - Physicists from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands have developed a very interesting 3D printing application that can revolutionize the availability of environmentally-friendly energy. More

27-year-old tumor patient in China is given a new titanium shoulder, thanks to 3D printing

Apr.15, 2015 - A young woman has recently undergone a high-risk surgery in a hospital in South China to replace her scapula with a titanium replica. The surgery was necessitated by a recent discovery by doctors that three-fourths... More

Polish designer creates this awesome kaleidoscope using 3D printing

Apr.15, 2015 - This kaleidoscope has been designed and assembled by Polish designer Paweł Grzelak, who was looking for a nice and original birthday gift for a friend. More

Dutch student mass customizes 3D printed insoles using TNO's 10x faster 3D PrintValley

Apr.15, 2015 - In cooperation with Dutch technological institute TNO, Dutch graduate student Mathijs de Schipper has developed 100% customizable 3D printed insoles for all types of shoes. More

Alexis Walsh brings 3D printing to high fashion with her LYSIS Collection

Apr.15, 2015 - More recently, New York City-based artist and designer Alexis Walsh - whose inspiration stems from developing wearable designs from more rigid structural forms - has been experimenting with using additive manufacturing... More

Introducing Kayan, an exclusive 3D printed lamp shade for Plumen

Apr.14, 2015 - Last week, British lamp manufacturers Plumen and Italian 3D design and printing start up Formaliz3d together unveiled their Kayan lamp shades, a brand new 3D printed product that could be the first commercial version of its kind. More

Pimp your keyboard with these awesome 3D printed custom keycaps by Adafruit

Apr.14, 2015 - If you happen to have one of those old fashioned keyboards laying around, then the latest 3D printing project by Adafruit is definitely something for you: 3D printed custom keycaps for mechanical keyboards. More

Create a customizable 3D printed robot arm

Apr.14, 2015 - For many who are able to 3D print their own parts, creating a robot isn’t actually as daunting of a task as it would appear, and starting with building a robot arm is actually a great place to start - such as this 3D Printed Robot Arm project that has been shared by Instructables user ‘Beaconsfield’. More

Maker Onyx Ashanti creates 3D printed 'exo-foot' footwear platform

Apr.14, 2015 - With an open mind, Ashanti dove straight into researching what would be the best possible outcome for his shoe design, however he decided that he wanted to have the same freedom for his feet that he has for his hands... More

United Nude exhibits 3D printed shoes by Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel in Milan

Apr.14, 2015 - For this exhibition, United Nude’s founder Rem D Koolhaas enlisted the assistance of five well-known architects and designers to 3D print highly original women’s shoes. These are architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel... More

Weta Workshop and Image Engine 3D printed 19 robots for sci-fi film Chappie

Apr.14, 2015 - In order to achieve this level of realism and detail, Blomkamp once again worked with visual effects house Image Engine and concept/practical effects studio Weta Workshop not only to create 3D models of the complex droids... More

Artist uses a Form 1+ and 80 liters of resin to create movie 'Chase Me' with 2,500 3D printed parts

Apr.14, 2015 - Now, despite the high cost of creating thousands of 3D printed figurines, a French filmmaker has independently created a short film 'Chase Me' that uses over 2,500 3D printed parts that were printed using a Form 1+ 3D printer ... More

Flexy-hand - Filaflex Remix: the most realistic 3D printed prosthetic hand

Apr.13, 2015 - Earlier this year, Wood released the “Flexy-Hand 2 – Filaflex Remix“. Now Wood has again revolutionized the 3D printed prosthetic world with his latest design, the Flexy-Hand - Filaflex Remix. More

Microsoft releases four 3D printable yoyo designs

Apr.13, 2015 - Microsoft has just released four free 3D printable files on Thingiverse a few days ago. All four designs are for making your own – hopefully fully functional – yoyos. More

China Eastern Airlines uses 3D printing to produce aircraft cabin components

Apr.13, 2015 - China Eastern Airlines has successfully 3D printed a number different aircraft cabin components for their new Boeing 777-300ER passenger plane. Included are cover plates for cabin door handles, signage and a number of... More

Roboteurs launches Print-A-Bot 3D printable robot arm for teaching design & programming

Apr.13, 2015 - Canadian start-up Roboteurs' flagship product can be seen above; it’s the Print-A-Bot ARM 3D printed robotic arm, that has been designed to be assembled, programmed and used by high school students, engineering departments... More

Make a funny face with image-distorting, 3D printed lenses

Apr.12, 2015 - Now, imagine being able to apply those same ‘filters’ and distort your face in real life--endless fun, right? That’s the idea behind Smaller & Upside Down, a collection of 3D printed lenses with customized, optical designs. More

Johanna Gieseler designs 3D printed prosthetic with wonderful gripping mechanism for children

Apr.12, 2015 - Those are exactly the goals German industrial designer Johanna Gieseler set out for herself when designing a new 3D printable prosthetic: a prosthesis that can take a punch and can hold on. Something that would enable children to play... More

Spanish designer shares files for a fun 3D printed robot that can hold your phone

Apr.12, 2015 - Spanish-made Bequi robot is a fun little project to work on. Designed by Spanish designer Sonia Verdu, the Bequi robot is basically a 3D printed toy with a massive 16 different joints, despite only being 23 cm tall. More

Ex-Amazon engineers develop smart Meld Knob + Clip cooking solution with help from 3D printers

Apr.11, 2015 - The Meld Knob + Clip aims to help users create perfectly-cooked food regardless of any unknown variables including vague instructions and unpredictable stovetop temperatures. More

Brooklyn-based REIFY turns songs into 3D printed sculptures

Apr.11, 2015 - After just a few short months of development in the NEW INC incubator, Founder and CEO Allison Wood has not only created an impressive portfolio of 3D printed objects created from soundwaves, but has also assembled an experienced team... More

Wounded war hero gets a 3D printed Dextrus bionic hand

Apr.11, 2015 - War hero Taylor has become the first wounded soldier to benefit from 3D printed bionic technology. Taylor is a very unfortunate hero, having become a quadruple amputee after losing his limbs in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan. More

Indian company Cremagine 3d prints 24K gold, sapphire and ruby Hindu temple

Apr.10, 2015 - More recently, an Indian 3D design and printing company Cremagine has created a 24K gold and ruby Hindu temple that was created using additive manufacturing technology for a private client. More

Project Aquero uses 3D printing to create revolutionary freshwater-collecting water bottle

Apr.10, 2015 - Now, the Project Aquero initiative has developed an affordable way to harvest drinkable water using pre-existing moisture that lives within the atmosphere... and they’re able to further develop their product thanks to 3D printing. More

Create a 3D printed pocket-sized smartphone charger

Apr.10, 2015 - For Instructables user ‘hobbyman’, making sure his (and his girlfriend’s) phones were always charged came in the form of a project that he recently did that was created using a 3D printer and some simple electrical engineering skills. More

Test and calibrate your 3D printer’s capacities with the #3DBenchy test project

Apr.10, 2015 - 3D printing the #3DBenchy will help you find out what the best settings for your FDM 3D printer are. All you need to do is 3D print the #3DBency boat, a model that has been specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. More

Forget Apple Watch, 3D print yourself a retro Apple II smartwatch

Apr.10, 2015 - Developed by Instructables designer Aletor777, this 3D printed cool watch looks like a cross between the classic Apple computers and a wrist calculator. The rectangular body, dubiously grey color and the classic knob... More

Second Boneheads 3D printable skull series launches on Kickstarter

Apr.10, 2015 - 3DKitbash has just launched a new campaign for the Boneheads Series 2: a range of three sets of gorgeous high quality skulls that look so cool you’d like to hang them over a fireplace or something. More

Taiwan launches Fab Trucks to bring 3D printing to 497 campuses over the next 2 years

Apr.10, 2015 - Over the next two years, these Fab Trucks will embark on a very ambitious project, visiting 497 high schools throughout Taiwan. Throughout that project 160,000 students and teachers are set to come into contact with 3D printing. More

Engineer 3D prints a jet-powered snowboard that can go up to 15 mph on the flat

Apr.10, 2015 - San Francisco-based engineer decided to 3D print a jet powered snowboard that can cruise over flat areas with ease. The design itself was inspired by a Dreamscience design for a jet that you can hold in your hands... More

Kickstarter campaign launched for exciting Sinterhard metal filled 3D printer filaments

Apr.9, 2015 - This interesting product has been developed by a team of veteran engineers who have worked with conventional metal injection molding and ceramic injection molding techniques since the 1980s. More

Spanish designer creates 3D printable 'Dog's Game' set to help spur canine intelligence

Apr.9, 2015 - More recently, the talented designer Empezando Diseño has designed and modeled for 3D printing a game for dogs that is capable of being 3D printed by dog owners around the world using the Cults platform. More

New photolithographic technology uses oxygen inhibitors to build 3D printed microstructures

Apr.9, 2015 - Recently, a research team at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) led by Professor Shin-Hyun Kim have developed a new type of photolithographic... More

Designers create SuperMod, a 3D printed, fully-customizable modular wall system using Makerbot

Apr.9, 2015 - The designers, Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed of Simplus Design, have designed and fabricated what they are calling SuperMod, a 3D printed wall organization system that balances aesthetics with function. More

2-year-old girl can now smile for the first time after her face was rebuilt with the help of a 3D printer

Apr.9, 2015 - We are especially very happy to see these 3D printed models being used to give young children a good start for their lives to come, as they recently did for the two-year-old Violet Pietrok from Portland, Oregon. More

Lingerie Company Anita uses 3D printing to reduce cost of breast prostheses by up to 50%

Apr.9, 2015 - German industry giants Anita has recently adopted 3D printers to ensure that their breast prosthetics are identical and even far cheaper and more efficient to produce. More

U.S. Army funds research for 3D printed body armor inspired by fish scales

Apr.8, 2015 - Researchers have developed a new way of thinking about body armor that enables soldiers to move freely and with little added weight, but is still capable of stopping bullets and shrapnel. More

Belarus-based 3DSphere develops 3d printed DJ helmet featuring embedded light show

Apr.8, 2015 - However thanks to 3D printing and some clever electronics work, a group of 3D printing and music enthusiasts have recently taken matters into their own hands and have created their own 3D printed head hardware... More

Light Play 3D printed robot army gears up for Maker Faire in May

Apr.8, 2015 - Currently working under then name Light Play, Petkus and Koch are currently developing the latest iteration their kinetic army of delta robots for the upcoming Bay Area Maker Faire May 16th and 17th in San Mateo, California. More

Watch NASA unbox the first set of objects 3D printed in space

Apr.8, 2015 - This week, nearly six months since they first launched the 3D printer into orbit, engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama are unboxing the first items that were manufactured in space... More

Student Rachel Nhan creates inspiring 3D printed neckpiece

Apr.8, 2015 - This 3D printed neckpiece was made and continuously adjusted alongside the dress in AutoDesk Maya, to ensure the two seamlessly matched each other. More

Light Insoles develops revolutionary custom orthotics using light-cured composite technology

Apr.8, 2015 - With a background in material science developing lightweight materials, Alan Jacobsen Ph. D. has since changed his direction of focus to develop custom insoles under his newly-establish company Light Insoles. More

'Museum in a Box' project uses 3D printing to explore how people interact with museum objects

Apr.8, 2015 - As part of that endeavor, Good, Form & Spectacle has been working on a smaller project entitled Museum in a Box, which relies on 3D printing to explore the value and meaning of museum objects. More

Never lose your screwdriver bits again with this useful 3D printed tool wristband

Apr.8, 2015 - Fernando Sosa has designed a useful, stylish and fun accessory that will ensure that you will never lose your screwdriver bits again while working: the 3D printed Tool Wristband. More

IR3 Industrial Revolution III 3D printer / Pick & Place assembly bot launches on Kickstarter

Apr.8, 2015 - Developed by London-based Buzz Technology Limited, this IR3 3D printer doesn’t just 3D print components, it’s also capable of picking and inserting non-printed components into the design. More

American company created and tested the first 3D printed metal gun silencer

Apr.8, 2015 - One metal part manufacturer, who has so far remained anonymous, has even used a 3D printer to produce perhaps the most complex part of a gun arsenal: the silencer. More

Japanese designer Danny Choo creates four-foot tall smart robot using 3D printing

Apr.7, 2015 - Two years ago, designer Danny Choo of Culture Japan created a 3D printed “Smart Doll” that was designed based off of the anime character Mirai Suenaga, the mascot for Culture Japan. More

MIT student beats cancer, shares his data and experience with digital models and 3D prints

Apr.7, 2015 - With the personal fascination with his condition combined with his experience and background in data management and additive manufacturing technologies, Steven Keating has leveraged the data surrounding his condition and has created digital and 3D printed models of his tumor... More

3D printed solar-powered toy airplane

Apr.7, 2015 - Quadcopters are a lot of fun to play with – but it’s also great to see designs that go in an entirely different direction, such as this cool solar powered toy airplane by Instructables user JoKu. More

Four year old boy is given a very lifelike 3D printed prosthetic ear

Apr.7, 2015 - Medical applications of 3D printing technology have been very successful in recent months, so it’s unsurprising that many experts are already predicting a very bright future for 3D printing technology in the medical industry. More

Fan builds a Lego 3D printer that ‘3D prints’ Lego bricks

Apr.7, 2015 - One Lego-crazed maker who goes by the bubbly username of ev3rything_is_aw3some has submitted something truly remarkable into a competition for turning projects into actual Lego sets. More

Ozzie the goose can walk again with the help of a 3D printed leg and webbed foot

Apr.7, 2015 - But perhaps slightly more challenging to make was the leg and webbed foot that South African waterfowl Ozzie needed. This lucky duck was in need of help after a broken leg was amputated at the joint. More

U.S. Rep. Steve Israel to reintroduce bill to ban undetectable 3D printed gun

Apr.7, 2015 - California recently passed a ‘Ghost Gun’ bill, but it remains unclear how that will be implemented. Lawmaker Steve Israel’s (D-New York) 2013 bill to prohibit the manufacturing of 3D printed guns failed to be adopted. More

Build a 3D printable multi-purpose talking robot or simple toy platform

Apr.6, 2015 - Among other recent projects that utilize a computer or other microcontroller to bring a 3D print to life is the Multi-Purpose Talking Robot Platform that was recently shared by Instructables user ‘hobbyman’. More

Japanese filmmakers use 3D printing to bring 'Mayupo' female companion robot to life

Apr.6, 2015 - In “Mayupo | A Robot Dreams of Apple Trees”, a Japanese film that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the concept of a robot as a female companion is what the entire movie is about - and thanks to 3D printing... More

Customize and build your own smartphone using a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing

Apr.6, 2015 - One of the more recent projects that makes use of existing 3D printing technology to create an otherwise complex product is with the tyfone: a DIY smartphone that anyone can make. More

US Navy researcher 3D prints adjustable groove-joint pliers

Apr.6, 2015 - Instead of compromising his experiment or making due with the existing tools in his lab, John Steuben 3D printed his very own adjustable groove-joint pliers, designed precisely for the task at hand. More

Japanese artist creates awesome 3D printed transforming robot 'Stingray'

Apr.6, 2015 - This intricate transformers-like robot toy T060101 STINGRAY has been designed by Japanese artist Tomoo Yamaji, who spent years working as a civil engineer in a previous life. More

Zoomcity creates a set of 3D printed business cards that map out the Barcelona city

Apr.6, 2015 - Barcelona-based Zoomcity Barcelona, a blog about contemporary architecture, art and design in that city has decided to 3D print their business cards. And to ensure that their image as a stylish company... More

Harvest your own energy using 3D printed wind turbines and solar stirling engines

Apr.6, 2015 - Among the projects that Andreas Haeuser has been focusing on are energy-harvesting 3D printed wind turbines and 3D printed solar stirling engines, which are the result of two years of development, multiple prototypes... More

Maker creates modern 3D printed vertical seder plate for celebrating Passover

Apr.5, 2015 - The Jewish holiday celebrating the Israelites’ freedom from Egypt known as Passover began in the evening of Friday, April 3 around the world and will last for a total of eight days. More

Who needs an Apple Watch when you can have a 3D printed smart pocket watch?

Apr.5, 2015 - Now, maker Alex Maund has created a 3D printed conversion kit for turning your smartwatch (or other 20mm, 21mm or 22mm watch band size watches) into a retro-style pocket watch, which was initially inspired... More

Russian scientists create 3D printed ‘bio-cement’ that regenerates human bone tissue

Apr.5, 2015 - Russian scientists have developed a biological material known as ‘bone cement’ that is derived from animal bones can be 3D printed into bone fractures, aiding the body to heal faster and eventually dissolving into... More

Emirati designer Khulood Thani creates Dubai’s first 3D printed dress

Apr.5, 2015 - This weekend, fashion meets culture meets 3D printing technology, as Not Just a Label revealed Bint Thani’s awe-inspiring, 3D printed dress at the first ever ‘Meet D3,’ an art and fashion showcase hosted by Dubai Design District. More

Caltech's tiny high-resolution camera chip can turn your smartphone into a mobile 3D scanner

Apr.5, 2015 - Wouldn't it be great if we can just use phones to take a snapshot of every day objects, send it to a 3D printer, and within minutes a replica of the original object has been reproduced? More

Adafruit shares designs for a very cool Bioshock little sister syringe cosplay prop

Apr.4, 2015 - And the undisputed masters of electronic cosplay props are the Ruiz brothers over at Adafruit, who have just shared their designs for another great prop: the syringe Little Sisters carry around in Bioshock for extracting ADAM. More

Dream Factory unveils free 3D printable toy cars ‘BuddyRacers’ for kids

Apr.4, 2015 - A company called Dream Factory has just announced the release of “Buddyracers”, a 3D printable city of toys designed for children between the ages of 4-10. 'BuddyRacers can help your child learn creativity... More

Chinese patient has new lease on life thanks to 3D printed pelvis

Apr.3, 2015 - Now, an orthopedic surgeon at the First Affiliated Hospital of Baotou Medical College by the name of Dr. Dong Lele has used 3D printing to help save a patient’s life who had previously been suffering extreme pelvic pain. More

Stepan Ignatovich shares designs for his amazing 3D printed electric violin

Apr.3, 2015 - While not the first 3D printed electric violin on Thingiverse, musician Stephan Ignatovich has decided to recreate one that looks and functions just like a regular violin and can even incorporate some classic pieces... More

Star Trek fan 3D prints impressive Mr. Spock bust in tribute to great actor Leonard Nimoy

Apr.3, 2015 - Perhaps the most impressive 3D printed tribute to Leonard Nimoy has been made by veteran designer Phi Vu from Glendale. The bust is already impressive, though only a 1/5 scale test print that is approximately 4.75” tall. More

Vortic uses 3D printing to pass on classic American watches to a new generation

Apr.3, 2015 - While most involve components for (or even entirely) new 3D printers or 3D printed toys, this project by Vortic is using 3D printing technology to give new life to classic American pocket watches from the late 1800s... More

Italian designer develops new 3D printing filament 'Agridust' made from food waste

Apr.2, 2015 - Italian designer Marina Ceccolini’s AgriDust is an environmentally friendly building (rather than eating) filament that could become a very useful alternative for those mountains of plastic we collectively consume. More

Chinese doctors rely on 3D printing to successfully complete complex wrist surgery

Apr.2, 2015 - Liu Rong and his team developed a 3D printed replica of the student’s wrist, complete with fractures. The highly detailed wrist was completely 3D printed in just five hours. More

The Diamond single nozzle hotend for perfect multi-color 3D printing launches on Kickstarter

Apr.2, 2015 - A new option has just launched on Kickstarter all the way from Denmark: the Diamond Hotend, a flashy extruder that could be the most effective and affordable option currently on the market. More

Artist Ioan Florea presents colorful 3D Printed Camaro Art Car at NY Auto Show

Apr.2, 2015 - Using a combination of pigment fused deposition and 3D printing technologies artist Ioan Florea completely transformed the Camaro into a piece of art. Florea will unveil the 3D printed Camaro at the New York International Auto Show. More

You can now create 3D models by waving your smartphone around an object

Apr.2, 2015 - Until now, our smartphones have not yet been capable of measuring distances between points (and thus making 3D printable files), but CMU researchers have developed a very clever way of solving that problem. More

Hong Kong researchers use 3D printing to develop surgical breakthrough for orbital eye operations

Apr.2, 2015 - Researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Industrial Center (IC) have been able to create customized molds for orbital implants for the surgery in under four hours using a Fortus 3D production System 3D printer... More

Army drones to deliver 3D printed pizzas to soldier outposts in 30 minutes or less

Apr.1, 2015 - According to a team of researchers at the Natick Soldier Systems Center - a United States Army facility - the ‘3D printed’ pizzas would be produced on specially-designed 3D printers and then flown to soldier outposts... More

Australian scientists create software to print money on 3D printers

Apr.1, 2015 - Thanks to some inspired developers, 3D printing our own money to spend on everything from mochas at Starbucks to new sneakers from Nike may soon become a reality. More

3D-printed aortic model helps surgeons save teenager from life-threatening aneurysm

Apr.1, 2015 - Most recently, a 17-year old teen became the first patient in the US state of Michigan to benefit from the use of 3D printing prior to her medical procedure. More

Watch over 500 3D printed nails 'Transform' in Japanese stop-motion film

Apr.1, 2015 - ‘Transformation’ is the theme behind Mizuki Kawano and Yuna Takayama’s short animated film, and it also applies perfectly to the world of 3D printing: it is constantly changing, evolving, and transforming before our eyes. More

VU Medical Center Amsterdam to 3D print cartilage implants for noses and ears

Apr.1, 2015 - A new team of researchers from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam have announced that they are beginning a program focused on 3D printing cartilage for implantations. More

Engine of the DeltaWing race car has been manufactured with 3D printed parts

Apr.1, 2015 - Debuting on the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2012, the DeltaWing has been a great looking participant in various races since then, competing in the United SportsCar Championship last year. More

Creating 3D printed soft dart weapons with Mostly Harmless Arms

Apr.1, 2015 - Among those who are actively involved with creating their own soft dart blasters from scratch is the cleverly named duo Mostly Harmless Arms (MHA). Led by 3D printing enthusiasts Ryan and Kane... More

Maker creates real-life Katamari Ball to test the limits of 3D printing

Apr.1, 2015 - Inspired by the concept of ‘rolling a bunch of random objects together’, 3D printing enthusiast Arian Croft has applied the same idea to 3D printing in a new project that he is calling the Katamari Roll. More

DeeThree creates line of highly-detailed 3D printed yachts

Apr.1, 2015 - The company, Dee Three, was approached by yacht manufacturer to create three physical yacht models of their V62-S yacht design for their offices and clients. More

The Jigless Kit helps you fabricate a bicycle at home using 3D printed parts

Mar.31, 2015 - Most recently, a group of designers from Tel Aviv, Israel have created the Jigless Kit, which consists of an easy-to-assemble set of parts for users to fabricate their own bicycles at home out of old jeans... More

Artist Dominic Goldman creates impressive Air Max 1 concrete sculptures using 3D printing

Mar.31, 2015 - As an homage to his favourite sneaker, and in celebration of Air Max 1 Day back on March 26th, Goldman created a limited series of solid concrete AM1 sculptures “for the sneakerhead’s home.” More

Horde Invasion, set of Hi-Res 3D printed fantasy miniatures successfully funded

Mar.30, 2015 - And a challenger has certainly appeared in the form of professional digital modeller Taras Skorobruh, who has recently debuted his Horde Invasion set on Indiegogo. More

Avoid germs in public places with this extremely useful 3D printed Germavoid Clean Touch

Mar.30, 2015 - Invented by a Utah-based landscaper and fellow germaphobe Zach Friedli, this clever device could be just what germaphobes and other sensible people need. It is, in a nutshell, a 3D printed device that will allow you to touch... More

MODA 3D printer promises to apply your makeup in 30 seconds

Mar.30, 2015 - Foreo, the Swedish lifestyle company that brought us the LUNA skin exfoliator and ISSA electronic toothbrush, is once again trying its hand at combining the worlds of beauty and technology with MODA. More

Jason Preuss shows off his amazing and gigantic 3D printed dome clock

Mar.30, 2015 - Instead of settling on function alone, Michigan-based designer and woodworker Jason Preuss has 3D printed a gorgeous clock with a n intricate designs that not only works, but is also insanely tall (48 inches, or about 1.20 meters). More

Learn about aerodynamics and have fun in the water with Tinkerine's 3D printed RC airboat

Mar.29, 2015 - Tinkerine, Canada’s leading 3D printing company and manufacturers of the Ditto and Litto open-source 3D printer kits, has designed a fun and functional servo-controlled airboat with 120 degrees of rotation... More

Designer Maria Eife's bold and playful 3D printed jewelry now available online

Mar.29, 2015 - Philadelphia-based designer Maria Eife is a baking-mad designer who can always be found tinkering with her Makerbot and is a veteran of 3D printing technology. She has launched successful and beautiful pieces... More

New Me Ducer 3D printer offers plug n’ play 3D printing for less than $500

Mar.28, 2015 - One of the more promising 3D printers to hit the market in recent memory comes from China-based Geeetech. Since being established in 2011, the company has been devoted to developing open source hardware... More

Rescued pet tortoise gets new lease on life with 3D printed shell

Mar.28, 2015 - A leopard tortoise suffering from malnutrition and a deformed shell has just received a brand new, 3D printed prosthetic shell that could extend the teenage pet’s life well into her 80s. More

USAID relies on 3D printed weather stations to save lives in third world countries

Mar.28, 2015 - For the United States Agency for International Development (or USAID) is, together with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a number of international partners, using 3D printing technology... More

Iris van Herpen's Crystal-esque 3D printed dress & shoes for Paris Fashion Week turns heads on the runway

Mar.28, 2015 - Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s most recent collection for Fall/Winter 2015-16, titled “Hacking Infinity”, debuted at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month. More

Printed Firearm's 3D printed AR-10 lower receiver can fire larger, deadlier rounds

Mar.27, 2015 - Recently, a group of gun enthusiasts with 3D printing know-how from Printed Firearm have successfully designed, 3D printed and test fired the receiver for a Colt CM109 modular battle rifle, which is a larger gun than the AR-15. More

Russia's 3D Bioprinting Solutions makes breakthrough in creating first ever 3D printed thyroid gland

Mar.27, 2015 - Among other developments, in November of 2014, a Russian company claimed that they would be able to 3D print a transplantable organ (a thyroid gland) in March of 2015. More

Tim Giles' 3D printed Robotic Third Hand could be worker's helper

Mar.27, 2015 - This Robotic Third Hand has little to do with the 3D printed prosthetics you often see. Instead, it's essentially a device worn on your wrist that holds tools for you – in this case a screwdriver. More

Create an NFC Door Lock with the Qduino Mini and a 3D printer for under $100

Mar.27, 2015 - One example of how microcontrollers are liberating makers and allowing them to create their own functional product designs is with the recent NFC Door Lock with the Qduino Mini. More

Festo's 3D printed giant bionic ants communicate wirelessly to get things done

Mar.27, 2015 - Those of you interested in next-generation robots will have doubtlessly heard of German automation company Festo, that seems to have a patent on imaginative robotics that have been inspired by animal behaviour. More

Go back to the 1950s with this 3D printed replica of the iconic Predica TV set

Mar.27, 2015 - If you happen to be a historian of consumer technology, or even remotely interested in life in the 1950s (or in the Back to the Future franchise), there is one piece of equipment that should immediately spring to mind... More

SpotiBear - a 3D printed toy bear that plays Spotify music using a Raspberry Pi

Mar.27, 2015 - The SpotiBear is a Spotify-powered bear that plays children’s music, lullabies and stories and leverages the low-cost power of a Raspberry Pi to operate it. More

Creating 3D printed functional bronze scissors using the $1500 Mini Metal Maker

Mar.27, 2015 - While 3D printing metal trinkets and static objects is one thing, the ability to 3D print functional metal objects that are generally made through more traditional manufacturing methods such as die casting is pretty impressive... More

New Balance uses 3D printing to make custom spiked running shoes

Mar.26, 2015 - Specializing in athletic shoes, New Balance has developed 3D printed components for shoes that actually make athletes faster during races. What specifically makes or breaks an athlete on the track is the traction provided... More

Over 70 makers collaborate to create the 3D printed Maker Chair

Mar.26, 2015 - To help celebrate their first anniversary, France’s Makershop - a sort of all-in-one stop for everything 3D scanning and 3D printing - organized over 70 makers to contribute towards making a single chair... More

Italian student 3D prints Quasi: a heart in a jar that can get seriously angry with you

Mar.26, 2015 - But Italian student and designer Enrica Becalli, who currently studies design at Parsons in New York, has made something truly remarkable: a 3D printed heart in a jar that can get seriously angry with you. More

Ingenious 3D printed drill can drill holes in wood and metal

Mar.26, 2015 - Performance 3-d LLC has designed a plastic 3D printed drill that is a perfect addition to your toolkit. If anything, it shows us just what you can accomplish with a bit of innovative design ideas. More

VFX artist uses Luxology MODO and a Form 1+ to create amazing 3D printed zoetropes

Mar.25, 2015 - Having run the successful VFX company EyelandArts, visual effects (VFX) artist Alexandrovich Friderici has expanded his skill set and is currently bringing the creative freedom given to him while working on films... More

Chinese scientists successfully tested biodegradable 3D printed artificial bone on rabbits

Mar.25, 2015 - But now the Xi’an Particle Cloud Advanced Materials Technology company from China has successfully combined 3D bioprinting with implant applications. In collaboration with doctors from the military Xijing hospital in Xi’an... More

Qingdao Unique to 3D print skin and corneas within one year

Mar.25, 2015 - But now Wang Hong, Qingdao Unique’s chairman, has explained that their research has been progressing with such speed that it could take just one year before the first animal test take place. More

First Chinese 3D printed car hits the road in Sanya, Hainan

Mar.25, 2015 - While almost countless applications can be named for FDM 3D printing technology, cars usually don’t top the list. But that is exactly what Chinese manufacturers from the Sanya SiHai 3D Technology company have made. More

Researchers embed sensors into 3D printed casts to measure the efficacy of the treatment

Mar.24, 2015 - While designing and fabricating low-cost and custom medical devices is one thing, a group of researchers are now using 3D printing to create ‘smart’ devices that can be embedded within existing rehabilitation equipment. More

Dutch hobbyist 3D prints a slide scanner to digitize dozens of old family photos

Mar.24, 2015 - Dutch 3D printing hobbyist Luc Volders recently completed a very remarkable project to salvage family history for another generation: a 3D printed slide scanner that links up to your smartphone. More

Manulith launches MakerOS: a free operating system for maker business management

Mar.24, 2015 - Mike Moceri of Detroit-based 3D printing provider Manulith has just released an operating system that could make your start-up life a bit easier. It’s called MakerOS, and its sole intention is to take a lot of work out of your hands... More

Adafruit 3D prints trophy for upcoming Dronie Awards using BronzeFill filament

Mar.24, 2015 - But to take things a step further into that aforementioned “future”, the Adafruit team - particularly Adafruit designer Neo Ruiz - have taken the concept of a physical award a step further by offering a 3D printed Drone award.. More

3D printing helps to accelerate construction of Gaudi’s Segrada Familia

Mar.23, 2015 - Unfortunately, the Segrada Familia is also known for being one of the longest active construction projects in the world—in the 133 years since building began, the Catalan community has yet to see it completed. More

BetaBox: a mobile rapid prototyping lab in a shipping container

Mar.23, 2015 - One group of young ambitious entrepreneurs, who have banded together to found Betaversity, have come up with a temporary solution: the BetaBox, an on-demand mobile prototyping lab that is ingeniously housed... More

Australian students 3D print a gigantic working crane that can lift up to five kilos

Mar.22, 2015 - Well this crane, that has been built by Australian engineering student Samuel Ashfort and his fellow students Karl, Charlie, Amanda and Rob, falls in a similar category. More

Japanese start-up Exii unveils latest Handiii: a myoelectric 3D printed prosthetic hand

Mar.22, 2015 - Dedicated readers might remember the Handiii (previously known as Handie), as Exii has been working it on since 2013. This team of graduates from Sony’s manufacturing industry... More

Help a young dog with no legs walk for the first time with 3D printed prosthetics

Mar.21, 2015 - Thanks to her caring owner, Nimble - a chihuahua Pom mix who was brought into the world with a rough start - may soon be able to walk again thanks to 3D printing. More

3D printed RC boats become a hit in Japan

Mar.21, 2015 - Recently, the trend of creating 3D printed remote controlled boats and boat accessories has been taking off in Japan and although many boats come in kits, many enthusiasts have turned to creating their own boat designs.,, More

Next Eurostar E3000 satellite to feature Airbus 3D printed aluminum parts

Mar.21, 2015 - Airbus Defence and Space has announced that a new generation of telecommunications satellites they are producing for Eurostar are to feature several space qualified aluminum components that have been made... More

MHOX expects 3D printed and enhanced human eyes with WiFi connection to be available by 2027

Mar.20, 2015 - The vision that MHOX sees involves their synthetic printed eyeballs that they are simply calling EYE (Enhance Your Eye). If the they’re able to overcome technological hurdles between now and their expected product launch in 2027.. More

3D printed Twitter Mood Lamp changes colors to match the mood of the city of Denver

Mar.20, 2015 - While these are mostly used to program LED strips or add some basic functions to your gripping robot, Denver student Chadwick Friedman has used it for a more complicated construction: a 3D printed mood lamp that changes it colors... More

5 dakika designs functional model 3D printed dairy truck that stores and distributes milk

Mar.20, 2015 - In Istanbul, Turkey, design team 5 dakika collaborated with Studioflow to work on a unique 3D printing project, which was coordinated by Serdar Okumuş and Kağan Hanoğlu. More

Help send this 3D printed satellite to the moon

Mar.20, 2015 - The NASA Cube Quest competition - which is sponsored by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate Centennial Challenge Program - is currently offering a total of $5 million to teams that meet the challenge objectives... More

WASP inches closer towards 3D printing house, plans to mix clay with seeds to grow roots inside for support

Mar.19, 2015 - Although we’ve been seeing quite a few concepts for housing designs that rely completely on additive manufacturing technologies for their structure, few of these companies or designers have actually come out of the woodwork... More

Grow a custom palm tree with your 3D printer to hold your fruit

Mar.19, 2015 - This week, Hagemann released his latest toy design concept that - similar to the Linklings - is also modular and can be customized in a number of different ways by the user. More

This fruit and vegetable cutter is entirely 3D printed

Mar.19, 2015 - Jerry’s 3D printed Fruit and Vegetable Slicer has several advantages: you can make it at home, adjust it to your own preferences (and fruits) and it features various different splitters for optimal slicing potential. More

Synthesis Design & Stratasys create multi-material and multi-color 3D printed rocking chair

Mar.19, 2015 - Although there have been a wide variety of conceptual products that use 3D printing as a final method of manufacturing, the stakes have been pushed higher over the last couple of years to really push rapid prototyping... More

Create a 3d printed instrument using an old espresso portafilter

Mar.19, 2015 - Currently available on Instructables for anybody who wants to build their own, John Granzow’s Javalele project uses 3D printing to create an electroacoustic mini-instrument that can be plugged into an amplifier for control... More

Xrobots releases CAD files for impressive 3D printed R2D2 robot from Star Wars

Mar.19, 2015 - British James Bruton recently made the CAD files for his huge and highly detailed R2-D2 robot for free – the ultimate 3D printed tribute to the Star Wars universe. More

New Zealand engineer Lance Abernethy 3D prints the world's tiniest working cordless drill

Mar.19, 2015 - But as small or as big as you want really means that, and maintenance engineer Lance Abernethy from Auckland, New Zealand proves it. He has recently 3D printed what is probably the smallest working drill in the world. More

Now you can 3D print your very own Paul McCartney

Mar.18, 2015 - Ever fancied having your own Paul McCartney to display on your desk? Well, good news is, if you've got a 3D printer you can now 3D print your own little, plastic Paul. More

Historical artifacts destroyed in Iraq by ISIS to be restored using 3D modeling and printing

Mar.18, 2015 - Now, a group of digital preservationists under the name Project Mosul is aiming to restore the damaged objects by reconstructing them using old photographs and 3D modeling. More

Polish author Jacek Dukaj releases sci-fi eBook complete with 3D printable stl files

Mar.18, 2015 - Author Jacek Dukaj is already taking things to a new level. His new book The Old Axolotl (to be released on the 24th of March) aims to give his audience a whole new reading experience by including various interactive elements... More

Greek OpenBionics unveils affordable, light-weight 3D printed bionic hands with 144 grasp movements

Mar.18, 2015 - Greek OpenBionics' new designs can be made for less than $200 each, made from 3D printed components and off-the-shelf materials that won’t weigh more than 300 grams – less than an actual hand would. More

Open Board Game is an open framework for creating 3D printable board games

Mar.17, 2015 - Open Board Game seeks to become a platform/community for designing and constructing original 3D printed board games. At its core is a multifunctional hexagonal pattern, but the rest is left to your own imagination. More

The Love Project gives 3D printed shape to the love stories of 53 people

Mar.17, 2015 - But can you call those objects the embodiments of those emotions? Brazilian designer and architect Guto Requena has tried to answer that question through 3D printing in the Love Project, which he has been working on since August 2014. More

Michigan researchers call for a change in recycling codes to benefit 3D printing

Mar.17, 2015 - Why shouldn’t we be able to recycle our own trash for 3D printing purposes? That is exactly what a research team from Michigan Technological University, led by Joshua Pearce, is calling for in a new article that has recently... More

French students develop Hikari no Sumi: a 3D printed mix of a video game and a board game

Mar.17, 2015 - Hikari no Sumi was developed by three French multimedia engineering students – Nicolas Bertrand, Gaétan Guerrero and Matthieu Lefebvre – during a student exchange program in Japan. More

3D printed, open-source humanoid robot PLEN2 launches on Kickstarter

Mar.17, 2015 - Yet one Japanese company wants to re-imagine and re-humanize robotic technology by introducing the irresistibly cute (and surprisingly functional) PLEN2, a customizable 3D printed humanoid robot. More

Swiss scientists to test 3D printed nose implants on sheep

Mar.16, 2015 - Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which is based in Zurich, has just announced that their 3D printed nose implant technology is already ready for testing. More

BioSpawn makes 3D printed fishing lures that fool fish into biting

Mar.16, 2015 - That’s exactly what BioSpawn seeks to do. Using 3D printing technology, they produce soft lures that resemble life forms and stimulate predators to strike. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully tests 3D printed components for AR1 Engine to maintain 2019 delivery

Mar.16, 2015 - Aerojet Rocketdyne, a GenCorp company, has recently completed a successful series of hot-fire tests of key components for its AR1 booster engine at its Sacramento test facility. More

Fan 3D prints an amazing wireless Tesla desk lamp as a tribute to inventor Nikola Tesla

Mar.16, 2015 - As a tribute to his hero, David has developed a 3D printed lamp that functions on one of the core principles of Tesla’s inventions: wireless transmission of electricity. More

Create a 3D printed 18" tall Titanfall Atlas Mech action figure

Mar.16, 2015 - Among them, mechanical design engineer Daniel Lilygreen from Wales - a SolidWorks user who works in the steel industry - likes to combine his love for gaming with his 3D modeling skills to create some unbelievably... More

Wakati One: 3D printed solution to keep fruit and veg fresh for longer in developing countries

Mar.15, 2015 - WakatiOne is essentially a tent that –through a few 3D printed parts and a solar panel – can keep food fresh for a long time. If efficiently used, up to 200 kg of produce can be stored in it. More

3D printed ELF hexacopter drone with virtual reality options launches on Indiegogo

Mar.14, 2015 - ElecFreaks launched a crowdfunding campaign for their follow up model: the 3D printed ELF hexacopter drone, and it looks like its flying towards success at an alarming speed. More

Create aged metal objects by cold casting your 3D prints

Mar.14, 2015 - For those who are interested in creating their own toys using 3D printing but want to explore creating designs in materials other than the typical plastic, designer Paul Braddock has recently released a video tutorial... More

Inspiring 3D printed dolls of The Beatles to commemorate the famous Abbey Road ‘procession’

Mar.14, 2015 - Taipei-based design studio Bito has released an inspiring and retro set of 3D printed toy figurines based on The Beatles, called Bitoy (as a combination of the studio’s name and the word ‘toy’). More

Actress Grace Mandeville dons 3D printed Swarovski-studded prosthetic arm

Mar.13, 2015 - Open Bionics, a Bristol, UK-based startup that focuses on designing and developing low-cost 3D printed bionic hands has unveiled today a Swarovski-studded hand, their latest 3Dprinted prosthetic... More

Xuberance unveils two stunning 3D printed wedding dresses at TCT Shanghai

Mar.13, 2015 - Xuberance, a design studio based in Shanghai, has presented two 3D pritned wedding dresses at TCT Asia, held during March 12-14, at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing in China. More

Project Ryptide drone flies life-rings to save the lives of swimmers

Mar.13, 2015 - And now a brand-new 3D printing project is called Project Ryptide is seeking to combine 3D printing technology and drones to tackle a very dangerous problem: saving drowning people from heavy currents and riptides. More

Engineer builds 3D printed working 5 speed transmission for Toyota 22RE engine

Mar.13, 2015 - Going for a larger and more complex model, Eric Harrell has now 3D printed the four-wheel-drive gear box for his previous model: the 5 speed transmission Toyota 22RE. More

Watch Tony Stark delivers real 3D printed ‘Iron Man’ prosthetic arm to seven-year-old fan

Mar.13, 2015 - Yesterday in Atlanta, Robert Downey Jr—a.k.a, the world famous actor who just happens to play bionic engineer and all-around superhero Iron Man—posted a video to his Facebook page which shows... More

Haier unveils world's first 3D printed air conditioner, sold immediately on-site for $6400

Mar.13, 2015 - The Haier Group unveiled their latest product: a fully functional air conditioner that has been created with 3D printing technology. It’s the world's first 3D printed air conditioner, and as you can see, it also looks great. More

Artist 3D prints cosplay suit of Gabriel from the Last Man Standing graphic novel series

Mar.12, 2015 - While Iron Man seems to be the go-to cosplay suit for male 3D printing enthusiasts, Hugh has thus gone for a more obscure character: a genetically-modified super soldier from an apocalyptic future. More

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham uses 3D scanning and printing to create custom “talking” hot rod

Mar.12, 2015 - Among those who have used 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to create one-of-a-kind features for their hot rod is the talented entertainer Jeff Dunham. More

New Zealand-based Printable Scenery 3D prints gorgeous Maori Pa wargaming scenery

Mar.12, 2015 - What Printable Scenery produced for Roly Hermans was a 3D printed Maori fortified settlement, complete with palisades and defensive terraces. More

Artist & Composer Daren Banarsë creates a 3D printed melodica that sounds perfect

Mar.12, 2015 - In recent months we’ve seen a number of interesting 3D printed musical applications, but falling in the category of serious, beautiful instruments producing enchanting tunes is Daren Banarsë´s 3D printed melodica. More

Unique 3D printing tech allows visually impaired to 'see' priceless paintings

Mar.11, 2015 - By using 3D printing technology, these paintings have been covered with relief shapes that allow even the blind to experience the brush strokes and composition of Correggio and others, and ‘see’ the paintings in their own way. More

MHQ releases updated designs for 3D printable quadcopter frame

Mar.11, 2015 - But of all the designs we’ve seen in recent months, the 3D printable MHQ Quadcopter is still one of ones that sticks out most thanks to its no-nonsense design and modular potential. More

Rhode Island artist recreates the classic zoetrope animation device with his 3D printer

Mar.11, 2015 - That’s why its great to see that Providence, RI-based artist Kelly Egan has gone all the way back to the nineteenth century with his latest project: the Ponytrope, a 3D printed version of the classic zoetrope. More

Canadian engineer hacks his 3D printer to work with a NES remote

Mar.10, 2015 - However, avid Pronterface-user Canadian engineer Jeff Payeur has developed an interesting hack that makes Pronterface more intuitive to control and definitely a lot more fun to use: he has hacked his setup to be controlled... More

Non-profit sets up FabLabs in Syria conflict zones for 3D printing prosthetics

Mar.10, 2015 - With a mission centered around “employing disruptive technology to improve human rights fulfillment for both refugees and host communities in conflict zones,” Refugee Open Ware - or ROW - essentially establishes and operates... More

Formula One pit crews now using custom-made 3D printed noise Reducing earplugs

Mar.10, 2015 - The Cardiff-based company Minerva Hearing revealed today that they are using 3D printing to produce customized earplugs for a number of Formula One pit crews and engineers. More

Robosavvy debuts 3D printed Segway-riding robot in Barcelona

Mar.10, 2015 - But perhaps one of the biggest hits was the 3D printed Humanoid Robot developed by Robosavvy. Not only can this cool robot drive a Segway, it can even be operated through Oculus Rift to make it a perfect telepresence robot. More

Ultra-realistic 3D printed organs let Japanese doctors practice real surgery now

Mar.10, 2015 - The 3D printed ultra-realistic lung -- wet, soft, and complete with tumours and blood vessels, will allow surgeons to hone their skills without hurting anyone. More

3D printed mouthpiece Hydra-Guard helps athletes stay hydrated during games

Mar.9, 2015 - The Hydra-Guard has been developed by Louisiana-based inventor Joseph Tucker, and it is reportedly the world’s first refillable and hydrating mouth guard. More

CeramicSpeed debuts $1000 3D printed hollow titanium pulley wheels for high quality cycling

Mar.9, 2015 - CeramicSpeed's 3D printed titanium derailleur pulleys have been specifically designed to meet the most extreme applications in professional cycling. More

Boeing files patent for 3D printing of aircraft parts, printed 20,000 parts for its planes

Mar.9, 2015 - Aircraft manufacturers Boeing are the next in line to file a patent concerning 3D printing, but they are at least taking a different route. In a patent application published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), More

Test your 3D printer’s limits with this hard-to-print test object

Mar.8, 2015 - While we really should tackle a complex and educational project every now and then, there’s an easier option: a hard-to-print test file. While a few can be found on the web, this one by Thingiverse user ctrlV is quite good. More

Create a 3D printed robot that dances like Michael Jackson with new robot kit

Mar.8, 2015 - Thanks to 3D printing, you are now about to watch a robot dance like the Thriller himself: Michael Jackson. How is that for getting your weekend started on the right foot? More

Create your own 3D printed icicle projects using the Icicle Atlas

Mar.8, 2015 - The Icicle Atlas is a collection of images, time-lapse movies and time-series data on 237 distinct laboratory-grown icicles made at the University of Toronto’s Department of Physics over a four-year period between 2008 and 2012. More

Create your own 3D printed robot with the Pi Tank Open Source Robot

Mar.7, 2015 - Among other open source robot designers is Madis Kaasik, who, along with his development team, developed the Pi Tank open source robot using a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing. More

3D printing meets American football with the VS:0.02 [gridiron]

Mar.6, 2015 - For their most recent project, the artistic duo //benitez_vogl team decided to focus on interpreting game data of an American football game and visually telling a story using a sculptural form. More

NUVU students use Rhino and 3D printing to create exoskeleton cycling shoe for Triathlons

Mar.6, 2015 - Along with a group of classmates at the NUVU school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Connelly developed an exoskeleton cycling shoe that was created specifically for beginner triathletes... More

Intricate, multi-color & multi-material Italian fashion pieces created with 3D printer in hours

Mar.6, 2015 - That is exactly what Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani set out to do when they created a six-piece fashion collection that could only have been built with Stratasys’ triple-jetting Object500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D production system. More

Rotor DR1: a web series/film about a post-apocalyptic future filled with 3D printed drones

Mar.6, 2015 - Not only is Rotor DR1 one of the first series ever to rely on 3D printing technology, it’s also the developed through a unique production process known as ‘community collaborated entertainment’. More

Stratasys aids in developing FAA-approved 3d printed aerospace air duct

Mar.6, 2015 - A great and recent example of how additive manufacturing has aided in the airplane design and fabrication process is in the development of a custom airplane that was designed to be a “flying hospital”. More

Emerging Objects to unveil 9-foot-tall, the largest 3D printed cement pavilion

Mar.5, 2015 - Bloom will be ‘the first and largest 3D-printed cement structure demonstrating the architectural potential of 3D printing.’ A you can see, it’s essentially a concrete 3D printed pavilion consisting of beautiful individual blocks. More

3D printing to be used to construct Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Mar.5, 2015 - The ‘Museum of the Future’, which is slated to cost an estimated $500 million is being billed as a tribute to mankind and in addition to housing futuristic inventions and concepts, will be built using 3D printing technology. More

Family creates winter-themed ice bar and ice beverage coasters using 3d printing

Mar.5, 2015 - Aiming to provide a winter distraction in their Minneapolis, Minnesota backyard, Ann Bednarz and her family constructed an ice bar to entertain friends and neighbors who were willing to brave the sub-zero temperatures... More

3D print an entire PCB test version to ensure it always fits

Mar.5, 2015 - Working with Printed Circuit Boards (or PCBs) and ensuring they always work can be a bit of a challenge. When completely stuffed with components little parts can quickly cause problems when being fitted with an enclosure. More

MIT project introduces modular machines for the rapid prototyping of rapid prototyping machines

Mar.5, 2015 - The Modular Machines that Make project ([m]MTM) has released a low-cost and entirely modular hardware, modular electronic and modular software framework that will make machine prototyping streamlined, cheap, and easy. More

Ford uses 3D printing to help develop revolutionary new smart bikes

Mar.5, 2015 - Among other new ways that we’ll soon be able to get from A to B will be on two new smart bicycle concepts that were unveiled by Ford Motor Company at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, March 2nd. More

Razer announces OSVR Hacker Dev Kit with 3D printable virtual reality headset

Mar.5, 2015 - Two months ago, gaming brand Razer introduced their OSVR initiative that aimed to put virtual reality technology into the hands of developer and customers through an open source platform. More

GriTT 3D affordable, custom made 3D printed mouthguards launches on Indiegogo

Mar.5, 2015 - And that’s where GRiTT 3D comes in: a Montana-based company that produces custom made mouthguards that can be customized to fit your age, your teeth and even the sport you’re playing. More

Hobbes the three-legged dog to get 3D printed prosthetic leg from California students

Mar.4, 2015 - And now it looks like Hobbes, a six-year old terrier mix from Sacremento, is about to benefit. While Hobbes only has three legs, he can play around and explore like many other dogs. More

FREEZE! is a CGI adventure film made up of 100 3D printed frames

Mar.4, 2015 - This is a recent film created by Job, Joris, and Marieke of WENT&NAVARRO studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "We made this short loop as part of a 3D printed installation." explained the designers. More

Avengers Assemble! Fan 3D prints complete Iron Man suit

Mar.4, 2015 - 20-year-old Ross Wilkes, from Birmingham, England, has 3D printed his very own Iron Man suit. Be prepared, ComicCon. During the day, Ross works in flower wholesaling, but in his free time he has been working on something special. More

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 conceptual coupe takes advantage of 3D metal printing

Mar.4, 2015 - Bentley Motors is showing the future direction of luxury and performance with the debut of the EXP 10 Speed 6 at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. More

Defense Distributed offers to pay $15K for a Mark One carbon fiber 3D printer

Mar.4, 2015 - In an e-mail sent yesterday, the company’s founder Cody Wilson revealed to his supporters that he initially preordered one of these carbon fiber 3D printers, but that MarkForged refuses to do business with him. More

Design firm opens service for 3D printed chocolate molds and chocolate art

Mar.4, 2015 - Lehrmitt Design Studios' approach (called Surface Skins) can be used to produce absolutely gorgeous pieces of chocolate art and they assure users that they can etch anything into chocolate. More

MONAD Studio mixes 3D printing and sci-fi to create 2-string violin and futuristic sonic experiences

Mar.3, 2015 - Monad Studio’s two-string Piezoelectric Violin (one of five instruments designed by the pair along with musician Scott F. Hall) features a musician playing the form like a traditional violin. More

Fun and modular 3D printed toy Spring Things

Mar.3, 2015 - Just check out the modular Spring Things that 3D artist David Hagemann just revealed. As you can see, these are multi-part squid-like figures with many movable and flexible parts. More

Kerbal Space Program now offering gamers 3D printed models of their spacecraft

Mar.2, 2015 - More recently, those who invest their time building spaceships and rockets using NASA-approved real-world physics in the game Kerbal Space Program will be able to 3D print their customized designs using the EUCL3D 3D printing service.. More

Maker creates g-code for playing the Jurassic Park theme song on a 3D printer

Mar.2, 2015 - Andrew Sink, a Maker based out of Richmond, Virginia on the eastern side of the United States, has recently ‘hacked’ his 3D printer to be able to play the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme song. More

Aprecia invests $25M in new production hub for 3D printed dosage manufacturing

Mar.2, 2015 - A Pennsylvania-based pharmaceutical company plans to open a manufacturing facility in Blue Ash, Ohio that will use its powder–liquid 3D printing technology. The new production hub expects to bring 150 new jobs to Blue Ash. More

Go back to the nineties with this cool 3D printable GameBoy

Mar.2, 2015 - Designer and gamer Mike Barretta has come up with the Handheld RaspBMO, an emulator console that runs on a Raspberry Pi Model A+ and a Teensy 2.0 that perfectly fits in a 3D printed case resembling classic brick-like GameBoy. More

South Korean father and son replicate Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles using 3D printing

Mar.2, 2015 - But a remarkably artistic father and son duo from South Korea are proving to everyone that 3D printed art is by no means restricted to obscure attics and workshops. More

3D print your own glasses with this handy Blender algorithm

Mar.2, 2015 - This very useful and easy project will enable you to 3D print a new frame in which you simply have to insert a pair of prescription lenses. As a pair of designer glasses can quickly cost hundreds of dollars, it's a fun... More

JIMMY CHOO Award winner pushes the limits of shoemaking with 3D printing

Mar.2, 2015 - Traditional footwear manufacturing is a centuries-old practice that has relied on the same tried-and-true techniques for decades, however, fashion graduate and shoe designer Zoe Jia-Yu Dai is determined to shake things up... More

Engineer creates a 3D metal printer prototype for $2 using electroplating technology

Mar.1, 2015 - Metal 3D printing is highly coveted by designers and makers in many industries, from aerospace engineering to medical instrument manufacturing, however the incredibly high price of these machines... More

3D printing a blue Star Trek table lamp

Mar.1, 2015 - So when Michael Bowers was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation he came up with an idea: creating a table lamp and bringing the blue light of the Enterprise D into his living room. More

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