Siemens, UAE's Strata and Etihad Airways unveil first ever 3D printed aircraft interior part

Mar.28, 2017 - Siemens, Strata, and Etihad Airways Engineering are moving briskly along with their plans for the first ever 3D printed aircraft interior. The three-way partnership has unveiled its first major accomplishment in the project: a 3D printed plastic frame surrounding the media screens on Etihad Airways aircrafts. More

Mecuris NexStep: the world's first CE-certified 3D printed foot prosthetic

Mar.28, 2017 - Mecuris, a Munich-based manufacturer of bespoke 3D printed prosthetics, announced that it has shipped and delivered the world's first CE-certified 3D printed prosthetic feet. The prosthetic in question, called 'NexStep,' has been in development for some time, and with the CE mark it is now ready for market. More

3D printing used to restore world's only 1914 Delage Type-S grand prix car

Mar.27, 2017 - Grant Cowie, an engineer and pre-war motorcar specialist from Australia, has used 3D printing to restore a 103-year-old grand prix car. The vehicle, whose engine was recreated using a 3D printed sand mold, is the only surviving 1914 Delage Type-S in the world. More

BAE Systems speeding up aircraft with falcon-inspired 3D printed feathers

Mar.27, 2017 - Inspired by the physiology of the peregrine falcon, researchers at British defense company BAE Systems and City, University of London have developed 3D printed 'sensory feathers' and other new aircraft technologies that could be applied to real aircraft within the next 20 years. More

NASA's tiny 3D printed PUFFER robot could be the ultimate Mars rover sidekick

Mar.27, 2017 - NASA is developing a tiny 3D printed robot inspired by origami that is destined to accompany rovers in space. PUFFER (Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot) is capable of climbing and crawling over many types of terrain, as it can flatten itself, tuck its wheels in, and even lift itself up with its tail. More

Rave like Iron Man with the 3D printed Arc Reactor Orbit

Mar.27, 2017 - A group of enterprising young ravers from San Francisco have 3D printed a Tony Stark-inspired Arc Reactor Orbit. Perfect for creating your own light show on the dance floor, this one-of-a-kind orbit houses up to 8 LED lights, and can also be worn around your neck so you can 'walk the floor as Iron Man.' More

Adam Savage investigates the 3D printed robot skeleton of Ghost in the Shell in new web episode

Mar.26, 2017 - Ex-Mythbusters TV personality Adam Savage has gone behind the scenes of the highly anticipated blockbuster Ghost in the Shell, adapted from the original Japanese manga and the 1995 anime film. In the newest installment of Savage's web series Tested, the designer paid a visit to New Zealand's Weta Workshop, the practical effects studio behind Ghost in the Shell, where he got an exclusive sneak peak of the film's acclaimed props, models, and effects. More

Fisher Price uses 3D printing to help design newly released Batman BatBot Xtreme toy

Mar.26, 2017 - Fisher Price's toy design process uses 3D printed prototypes to explore various physical features of the toy before manufacturing. Its latest Batman-themed product, the Batbot Xtreme, was perfected using virtual reality- uploading the 3D design into a virtual environment for designers to test out More

3D printing news ICYMI: 2017 Hackaday Prize, Formlabs Form 1+ discontinued, Formide cloud solution, more

Mar.25, 2017 - In a week that saw a large number of dental 3D printing innovations showcased at IDS 2017, there was also additive manufacturing news from the U.S. Navy, SLA pioneer Formlabs, beloved tech website Hackaday, and others. Here's a quick roundup. More

LPW case study: The effects of gaseous corruption on 3D printed metal objects

Mar.25, 2017 - LPW Technology has released the results of an investigation it conducted into gaseous corruption of 3D printed metal objects. It suggests that, regardless of the method used, oxygen impurities in the final product can build up with repeated uses of a 3D printer, leading to imperfections in the material qualities. More

3D printed robo-fruit packed with sensors can test for freshness

Mar.24, 2017 - A new project by researchers in Switzerland will enable the freshness of large amounts of fruit to be determined more easily. Their 3D printed robo-fruits mimic the average physical characteristics of a particular fruit and are fitted with a temperature sensor, to give a more accurate reading than would otherwise be available More

3Ders interview with John Robertson, 3D printed jewelry extraordinaire & creative director of VerticesEdge

Mar.24, 2017 - With over 20 years of experience in digital 3D design, John Robertson is one of the most qualified individuals in the business. The multidisciplinary designer recently spoke with 3Ders about the state of 3D printing, 3D design, and his exciting new jewelry brand, VerticesEdge. More

Supreme Court ruling on cheerleader uniform copyright case could pose challenges for 3D printing community

Mar.24, 2017 - A new U.S. Supreme Court decision surrounding copyright laws that could impact the 3D printing industry has come from a seemingly unlikely case. The case, which started gaining attention a couple years ago, had to do with whether cheerleader uniform designs should be copyright protected. More

Color-changing 3D printed robot skin developed at MIT

Mar.24, 2017 - MIT researchers are developing 3D printed 'skin' for robots that changes color upon receiving physical stimuli. The technology was inspired by the golden tortoise beetle, or 'goldbug,' an insect whose golden exterior turns red when prodded. More

Promising start for Wiivv's 3D printed sandal Kickstarter

Mar.24, 2017 - 3D printed shoe brand Wiivv is gearing up for warmer weather with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative custom-fit sandals, made using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. Backers can get their hands on a pair of bespoke flip flops starting at $70. More

UK cancer patient receives new jaw thanks to 3D printing

Mar.23, 2017 - A British man's jaw has been completely reconstructed with the help of 3D printing. The radiotherapy that was used to treat his throat cancer caused his jawbone to disintegrate. A 3D printed mold was made, and the missing jawbone was successfully replaced with bone from his leg. More

3D printed MAT(T)ISSE bio-prosthesis could revolutionize breast reconstruction surgery

Mar.23, 2017 - An innovative method for using 3D printed tissue-like lattice structures to reconstruct breast tissue for breast cancer survivors has been awarded the Theophile-Legrand first prize in France. The project, called MAT(T)ISSE, was pioneered by Julien Payen and Pierre-Marie Danze. More

Jamiroquai's Jay Kay dons light-up 3D printed headpiece in Automaton music video

Mar.23, 2017 - Jamiroquai fans will already be familiar with the British band's latest track, Automaton, which dropped in January. What fans might not know is that the light-up headpiece worn by frontman Jay Kay in the song's impressive music video was actually 3D printed. More

Researchers in Sweden induce 3D bioprinted human cartilage cells to live and grow inside mice

Mar.23, 2017 - Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska Academy, both located in Gothenburg, Sweden, have used 3D bioprinting to induce living human cartilage cells to develop and grow in an animal. The breakthrough could be a step towards 3D printed body parts. More

3D printed orthoses could help out children with cerebral palsy

Mar.22, 2017 - A new method has been developed to make body braces for children suffering from cerebral palsy, thanks to the work of parents whose son succumbed to the disease. Making use of 3D printing and 3D scanning, their method provides braces that are a much better fit, and will drastically cut wait times. More

Canada Makes, FusiA, MDA partner to 3D print metal satellite parts

Mar.22, 2017 - Canada Makes has teamed up with FusiA Impression 3D Metal Inc., and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) to 3D print a part that will be launched into space this year. Canada Makes provided much of the funding for the project through its Metal Additive Demonstration program, while MDA designed the part and FusiA took charge of 3D printing it. More

3D printed robot hands could gain sense of touch with biomimetic forebrains

Mar.22, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK are working on the development of a biomimetic forebrain that can be installed in 3D printed robot hands to increase their manipulation skills and applications. More

3D printed rocket launch startup Rocket Lab raises $75M in Series D round

Mar.22, 2017 - Rocket Lab, a Los Angeles- and New Zealand-based startup whose rocket boosters use 3D printed engines, has raised $75 million in a Series D financing round. The money will be used to expand manufacturing facilities for the Electron launch vehicle. More

Under Armour's $300 3D printed Futurist sneakers available March 30

Mar.22, 2017 - Under Armour has previewed its newest 3D printed shoes, dubbed the 'Under Armour Futurist.' The shoes, which will retail for $300 a pair, are expected to hit the market on March 30, 2017 in a very limited release. More

3D printing inspires UC Davis prof to tackle tricky 'moving sofa problem'

Mar.22, 2017 - Dan Romik, a UC Davis mathematics professor, has turned to 3D printing to help advance the problem of the moving sofa, which has stumped researchers for over half a century. More

Meet Firefly: the world's first 3D printed, tablet-powered smart mirror

Mar.21, 2017 - A group of University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) students and alumni have created the world's first tablet-powered smart mirror. The Firefly Smart Mirror, chiefly comprised of a 3D printed backing which fits an Android or iOS tablet, comes equipped with voice and gesture control, facial recognition, push notifications, and tons of apps. More

Divergent 3D and SLM Solutions partner to scale up Divergent Manufacturing Platform for 3D printed cars

Mar.21, 2017 - Divergent 3D, the company behind the amazing Blade 3D printed supercar, has signed a Strategic Development Partnership with German metal 3D printer manufacturer SLM Solutions Group. More

'Envision the Future' challenge invites makers to design 3D printed tools for the visually impaired

Mar.20, 2017 - MatterHackers and have teamed up again to launch their latest design competition, this time for 3D printed assistive devices and learning tools for the visually impaired. 'Envision the Future' is inviting makers of all ages to put their design and 3D printing chops towards a good cause. More

Natural Dental Implants presents cost-cutting 3D printed REPLICATE Tooth at IDS 2017

Mar.20, 2017 - Natural Dental Implants AG has unveiled a 3D printed version of its REPLICATE Tooth system at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. The company currently has a prototype of the 3D printed tooth implant and plans to begin extensive testing on it this year. More

3D printed liquid battery could power (and cool) future computers

Mar.20, 2017 - Scientists at IBM Research Zurich and ETH Zurich in Switzerland have used 3D printing to build a tiny redox flow battery that can power computer chips while cooling them at the same time. The 3D printed liquid battery is just 1.5 millimeters thick. More

DuBox to showcase UAE's first 3D printed concrete structure at GMIS 2017

Mar.20, 2017 - The United Arab Emirates, which is aiming to become a world leader in the field of 3D printed construction, has announced an exciting step in realizing that goal: UAE-based construction company DuBox has unveiled the country's first locally 3D printed concrete element. More

E3D makes 3D printed molds for composite parts using its new soluble filament

Mar.19, 2017 - E3D has developed a filament, Scaffold, that can be completely dissolved in water. It has been experimenting with Scaffold, 3D printed molds, and composite materials, to produce all sorts of impressive parts. More

3D printed single cylinder engine runs on balloon power

Mar.19, 2017 - A hobbyist has 3D produced an engine that can be powered by an inflated balloon, or even by directly blowing into a valve. He used an Ultimaker 3 to print the device, and his designs, which were created on AutoDesk Fusion 360, are available for free download. More

Watch Michael Fassbender get 3D printed in new Alien: Covenant teaser

Mar.18, 2017 - AI corporation Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has taken a leading role in the next installment of the Alien franchise. In a stroke of brilliant marketing, the new Meet Walter teaser for the upcoming Alien: Covenant film highlights both Michael Fassbender's leading role and AMD's growing stakes in the 3D printing industry. More

3D printed modifications for Oculus Rift Touch controller are now possible

Mar.17, 2017 - Oculus has published the 3D designs for its Touch controllers online. This will allow users with the expertise to 3D print their own modifications for the controllers, as well as potentially create their own devices and accessories, with a wide range of different uses More

Materialise 3D prints detailed scale model of New Albert Heijn distribution center

Mar.17, 2017 - Materialise has successfully 3D printed a highly detailed scale model of a warehouse run by Dutch logistics company Vanderlande. The building is the national distribution center for supermarket chain Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, and Vanderlande will be using the 3D model to demonstrate its new automated layout More

CeramicSpeed launches $1,700 3D printed hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels

Mar.17, 2017 - Danish bike company CeramicSpeed has just gone public with its newest luxury bike part. Created in collaboration with custom frame builder Mosaic Cycles and high-end wheel manufacturer ENVE, the new 3D printed hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels left cycling fans salivating at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend. More

Arizona State 3D prints Psyche asteroid model in preparation for NASA mission

Mar.16, 2017 - Researchers at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) have made a 3D printed model of Psyche, an asteroid roughly the size of Massachusetts. NASA will send a spacecraft to the asteroid in 2023, and SESE has received funding to carry out essential research. More

Amazing 3D printed butterfly dress sure to wow Vancouver Fashion Week attendees

Mar.16, 2017 - Vancouver Fashion Week is coming up and attendees can expect to see at least one piece of 3D printed fashion there. Up-and-coming Australian designer Charne Esterhuizen will debut her stunning 3D printed butterfly dress, made up of nearly 150 rubber 3D printed butterflies. More

French optician now offering customized 3D printed frames by Glass'yourself

Mar.16, 2017 - French optician Optique du Ferrain has joined the ranks of several eyewear shops around the globe that are offering customized 3D printed frames. The Neuville-en-Ferrain-based shop is the first optician to collaborate with Glass'yourself, a Mouvaux-based 3D printed glasses startup. More

Deutsche Bahn calls on suppliers to get on board with 3D printing

Mar.15, 2017 - Deutsche Bahn (DB), a German railway company that generates yearly revenue of almost 40 billion euros, used the Additive Manufacturing Forum Berlin 2017 to encourage suppliers to adopt additive manufacturing technology, which can reduce delivery times and inventory costs for spare parts. More

PERK: 3D printed pour over coffee machine launches on Kickstarter

Mar.15, 2017 - Maker Jakub Svec is launching PERK, a fully automated pour over coffee machine, via a Kickstarter campaign launching today. Made with the help of 3D printing, the coffee machine is said to rival some of the top 'third wave' coffee shops in the U.S. More

Toronto-based Revo Toys launches new 3D printed fidget spinner on Kickstarter

Mar.14, 2017 - A Toronto-based startup known as Revo Toys has launched a new line of 3D printed fidget spinners. The Revo Spinner is now backable on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, with early bird specials starting at $29 CAD. The hand-held toys are designed to help focus attention, increase creativity and keep fidgeting fingers busy. More

V-MODA launches new 'Remix' 3D printed Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone Amplifier

Mar.14, 2017 - V-MODA, an Italian audio device manufacturer has released its newest product 'Remix', a bluetooth connected speaker and headphone amplifier that can be customized with 3D printed casings and details. The audio device is retailing for $300, with added customization parts ranging from $40 to $370K. More

SXSW features Akinori Goto's stunning 3D printed light sculptures

Mar.14, 2017 - Japanese artist Akinori Goto, who is known for his stunning 3D printed and light-based art installations, has been given a platform at this year's SXSW to display his innovative work. There, Goto will be showcasing an installation called Toki. More

China's funeral parlors are going high tech with 3D printing and robots

Mar.14, 2017 - China's funeral industry has started adopting some high-tech elements, such as 3D printing and robots. 3D printing is being used to manufacture accurate facial reconstructions for corpses, and the robots are being used to decontaminate funeral parlors. More

Rize One 3D printer lets Boston Engineering print prototypes in the office

Mar.13, 2017 - Using a Rize One 3D printer, Massachusetts-based company Boston Engineering has been able to speed up its prototyping process. The company used the Rize 3D printer in its office, rather than a dedicated lab, since the printer requires no post-processing equipment or chemicals. More

Oxford Performance Materials gains European patent for 3D printed bone implants

Mar.13, 2017 - Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM), a leader in high-performance additive manufacturing or HPAM, has made headlines again with a new European patent for its osteo-implants. Privately held OPM announced today that it has officially received a Notice of Decision to Grant a Patent from the European Patent Office. More

Stylish 3D printed T3TRA speakers now on Kickstarter

Mar.13, 2017 - Los Angeles startup Alienology Audio is aiming to bridge the gap between good quality and stylish speakers with its new 3D printed T3TRA speakers. The colorful and compact speakers are being featured in a Kickstarter campaign, which launched last week. More

Is Goodyear's 'Eagle 360 Urban' 3D printed concept tire the future of autonomous driving?

Mar.13, 2017 - The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which has been making tires for over a century, has unveiled its newest concept tire for self-driving cars of the future: the 3D printed Eagle 360 Urban. More

Researchers put 3D printed cheese under the microscope

Mar.13, 2017 - Researchers at University College Cork in Ireland have conducted a series of experiments to understand what happens to cheese when it is 3D printed. They found that the 3D printed cheese turned out softer, darker, and less sticky than untreated cheese. More

Six 3D printed accessories to fix common Nintendo Switch problems

Mar.12, 2017 - Since its worldwide release last week, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed strong sales but mixed reviews, many of which point out irritating design flaws in the console. Makers are already popping up with 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories designed to solve these problems. More

3D printed 'OpenScope' is your ticket to affordable digital night vision

Mar.11, 2017 - Instructables user MattGyver92, an architecture visualization specialist, has designed a 3D printed monocular night vision device. The device, dubbed OpenScope, features an adjustable camera, LED, and 3D printed enclosure. More

3D printing news ICYMI: Leapfrog Bolt prints Polypropylene, new 3D printed spinal implants, more

Mar.11, 2017 - The 3D printing stories you might have missed this week: Leapfrog Bolt used to 3D print with Polypropylene, GE partners with global manufacturing summit, UCL tests 3D printed tablets, new spinal implants 3D printed for surgery by Stryker, and more. More

Amazing miniature 3D printed solar systems, moons and planets that fit on your desk

Mar.10, 2017 - An online store run by a 3D printing hobbyist and astronomy enthusiast has a scale model of the solar system available to purchase. Everything has been faithfully replicated using 3D printing techniques, and the set is available in a range of different sizes. More

Boeing issues patent allowing for on-demand 3D printing of aircraft parts

Mar.10, 2017 - Boeing is planning to establish a new system where the designs for its aircraft parts will be stored in a virtual library. This will enable any replacement to be 3D printed on-demand, drastically reducing wait times for aircraft manufacturers. More

Canadian 3D printed prosthetics non-profit is in the running to win $750K from Google

Mar.10, 2017 - The Victoria Hand Project, a Canadian non-profit that is helping to make 3D printed prosthetic hands more accessible in remote and developing parts of the world, is in the running for a $750,000 award through Google's Impact Challenge. More

DIY: 3D print your own custom Apple Watch band using Ninjaflex

Mar.9, 2017 - The Ruiz Brothers have come out with a new DIY 3D printing project that Apple enthusiasts are sure to enjoy: 3D printed wristbands for the Apple Watch. The tutorial shows makers how they can create their very own DIY wristwatch bands using only a few simple tools, Ninjaflex flexible filament, and of course a 3D printer. More

Siemens produces first 3D printed part for Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia

Mar.9, 2017 - A nuclear power facility in Slovenia was able to continue operation thanks to 3D printing reproducing one of its older parts. A team of engineers from Siemens reverse engineered the part, creating a 3D model which was then printed. It was the first time a 3D printed part has passed the incredibly high safety standards required by the nuclear sector More

Texas engineering students develop 3D printed Braille labels for consumer goods

Mar.9, 2017 - Undergraduate engineering students in Texas have been directly involved in a project that will allow braille labels to be 3D printed for consumer goods. They hope to develop a new portable 3D printer as well as the software required to use it, in order to make their project more widely available to the visually impaired community More

Low-cost FDM 3D printing can help in fight against liver cancer, says medical expert

Mar.8, 2017 - A researcher in Poland has developed a new technique for 3D printing model organs to use as surgical guides, successfully demonstrating his process during a liver cancer operation. The process is significantly cheaper, giving it the potential to be implemented much more frequently in surgery. More

3DHEART trial will study effects of 3D printed models in pre-surgical planning

Mar.8, 2017 - 3D printing company Stratasys has announced that enrolment for its new 3DHEART investigative trial is open. The 3DHEART initiative, which stands for 3D Hearts Enabling a Randomized Trial, is a clinical study to see the effects of 3D printed heart models for pre-operative planning for pediatric heart surgery. More

Multiple 3D printing processes bring Additive Manufactured Excavator (AME) to life

Mar.8, 2017 - Visitors to this week's CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017 construction expo have been able to witness Project AME (Additive Manufactured Excavator), the world's first 3D printed excavator, which was developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Knoxville, Tennessee. More

Feetz makes world's largest 3D printed shoes for teen with size 28 feet

Mar.8, 2017 - 19-year-old Broc Brown has been given a pair of customized 3D printed shoes—probably the world's largest—made by Feetz. Brown, who has Sotos syndrome, currently has size 28 feet, making it very difficult and expensive to find shoes that fit. More

Florida Senator Bill Nelson pushes for 3D printed gun legislation

Mar.7, 2017 - A Florida Senator is pushing to ramp up legislation for 3D printed guns. Senator Bill Nelson announced this past Monday that he has filed legislation with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, which would make it tougher to get 3D printed plastic firearms through security screenings. More

This lightweight 3D printed Trabeculae Pavilion is inspired by internal bone structure

Mar.7, 2017 - The Politecnico di Milano, Italy's largest technical school, has announced a special preview of its new 3D printed Trabeculae Pavilion at the upcoming Made Expo 2017. This stunning and highly experimental architecture is particularly notable for its extreme lightness, and innovative combination of biomimetic research and 3D printing. More

3D printing helps design duo Drzach and Suchy realize incredible 'shadow clouds'

Mar.7, 2017 - Swiss design duo Drzach and Suchy have used 3D printing to create some spectacular 'shadow clouds,' 3D objects that cast different shadows depending on the direction of light. More

3D printing an increasing source of medical aid in earthquake-devastated Nepal

Mar.6, 2017 - 3D printing has become an increasing source of medical aid in earthquake-stricken Nepal. In the wake of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated the country in April 2015, killing almost 9,000 people, Nepalese communities have been struggling to survive with under-resourced medical clinics. More

U.S. Army tests RAMBO, a 3D printed grenade launcher

Mar.6, 2017 - Researchers at the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center have test fired a 3D printed grenade launcher called RAMBO (Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance). More

Madrid Hospital successfully simulates catheterization procedure in 3D printed heart

Mar.6, 2017 - Gregario Maranon Hospital in Madrid has made headlines by simulating a catheterization in a 3D printed heart. The demonstration took place as part of Gregario Maranon's ongoing Pediatric Cardiology Course, which held its 23rd edition on Saturday, March 4. More

3D printing aids reconstruction of Lorenz cipher machine used by Germans during WWII

Mar.6, 2017 - Engineers from the UK's Government Communications Centre (HMGCC) are using 3D printing to recreate the Lorenz SZ42, an 'unbreakable' cipher machine used by Hitler and the German Army during World War II. Only four of the machines still exist. More

3D printed baby skeletons could provide vital feedback for training doctors

Mar.6, 2017 - A PhD student from Eindhoven's University of Technology has created an extremely lifelike baby mannequin using 3D printing. The mannequin, which includes a 3D printed skeleton, a heart with functioning valves, and lungs that can inflate and deflate, is built to be used by doctors in training. More

These 3D printed flower lamps give a glimpse of summer

Mar.5, 2017 - If you simply can't wait for summer to get here, check out interior designer Paula Szarejko's new 3D printed flower lamps. These bright, LED-powered modular lights are inspired by hollyhock flowers, effectively creating an already-blooming home garden. More

Williams Martini Racing Formula 1 team turns to 3D printing for prototype design

Mar.5, 2017 - Williams Martini Racing F1 has released the details of their 2016 racing car, which incorporated 3D printing into the exterior components of the front wing assembly. The decision may come as a surprise, since the racing championships have always featured cars relying on carbon fiber composites. More

3D Printing News ICYMI: Aetrex footwear acquires SOLS, Sintavia awarded $15M finance deal, 3D printed metals continue to soar

Mar.4, 2017 - This past news week was an exciting one for the 3D printing industry. In case you missed it, here are 6 news stories that have been generating considerable buzz in the world of additive manufacturing. More

3D printed Phonak Virto B-Titanium is the smallest Phonak in-the-ear hearing aid ever

Mar.4, 2017 - Phonak, a major hearing aid brand, has once again partnered with EnvironTEC, the leading 3D printing company in audiology, to launch a competitive series of customized, 3D printed inner ear devices using state of the art materials. More

Miniature Rolls-Royce for hospitalized children incorporates 3D printing into luxury design

Mar.3, 2017 - The world's smallest Rolls-Royce has just been unveiled at St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex. Children slated for surgery will now be able to drive themselves to the operating theatre, in the hopes that young patients' anxiety ahead of operations will be reduced. More

Could Washington state be getting a full-scale 3D printed replica of Dracula's castle?

Mar.3, 2017 - Mike Draghici, a software engineer of Romanian origin, is hoping to build a full-scale replica of Romania's famous Bran Castle (often associated with Dracula) on his Washington estate. Draghici has teamed up with Minnesota-based engineer Andrey Rudenko, the man behind the Rudenko 3D concrete house printer, to bring the castle to life. More

UCSD researchers make 3D printed blood vessel networks with ultra-fast UV bioprinting system

Mar.3, 2017 - Researchers at the University of California San Diego have used 3D bioprinting to develop a functional blood vessel network. The researchers say their work could advance the creation of artificial organs and regenerative therapies. More

South Africa's giant Aeroswift 3D printer could be used by Airbus & Boeing for titanium aircraft parts

Mar.3, 2017 - Aerosud and the CSIR National Laser Centre, makers of South Africa's giant Aeroswift titanium SLM 3D printer, are in talks with Airbus and Boeing about the possibility of 3D printing aircraft parts. The Aeroswift research project is backed by the South African government, and will create local jobs. More

PassivDom's 3D printed houses are smart, modular & eco-friendly

Mar.2, 2017 - Ukrainian startup PassivDom is hoping to revolutionize the housing market with its concept for a stand-alone, energy-efficient 3D printed house, ideal for off-the-grid living. The PassivDom house is based on a modular principle that could allow for many units to be assembled together. More

Home appliance manufacturer Electrolux trials 3D printing its spare parts with Spare Parts 3D

Mar.2, 2017 - Swedish home appliance manufacturer Electrolux has partnered with Singapore-based startup Spare Parts 3D. As part of a new pilot program, Electrolux will commission Spare Parts 3D to create 3D printed versions of spare parts for Electrolux products that are no longer in production. More

Carpenter completes $35M acquisition of 3D printed metal powder company Puris LLC

Mar.2, 2017 - Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) has announced that its acquisition of West Virginia-based additive manufacturing powder producer Puris LLC is complete. The acquisition saw Carpenter buy Puris' manufacturing assets, patents, and intellectual property for a total of $35 million. More

US Navy Fleet Readiness Center Southeast 3D prints its first aircraft component

Mar.2, 2017 - Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE), the largest tenant command aboard Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida, has 3D printed its first aircraft component, a forearm-length piece of air duct tubing made from a composite material called Ultum 1085. More

Luxexcel's 3D printed ophthalmic lenses attain ISO standard

Mar.2, 2017 - Luxexcel's 3D printed ophthalmic quality lenses were found to be in accordance with the ISO 8980-1:2004 Focal Power standard. The 3D printed optics company will reportedly begin shipping its 3D printing platform to ophthalmic labs later this year. More

Custom self-lubricating linear axes 3D printed by igus within 48 hours

Mar.1, 2017 - Continuing its successes in the 3D printer manufacturing market, machine parts company Igus has released a new product, the SLTI3 linear axis and screw unit. Some of its components are themselves made using 3D printing, allowing for a high level of flexibility in design, as well as a highly durable material. More

Father 3D prints prosthetic arm for his infant son, hopes to help others with new startup Ambionics

Mar.1, 2017 - A Welsh father has made a custom 3D printed prosthetic arm for his infant son whose left arm was amputated just after birth. The father, one Ben Ryan from Anglesey, is the founder of Ambionics, a startup that is specifically dedicated to developing prosthetics for young children. More

Australian 'fanboy' charged for 3D printing and trying to sell imitation firearms

Mar.1, 2017 - A 27-year-old Australian man was picked up by authorities for trying to sell a 3D printed imitation gun online for $1 million. The man, Sicen Sun, had reportedly been manufacturing a number of imitation firearms using his own 3D printer.' More

Tramontana's ultra-rare, bespoke sports cars now available with 3D printed parts

Feb.28, 2017 - Barcelona-based automobile manufacturer AD Tramontana has teamed up with 3D printing bureau (and fellow Catalonian company) Eceleni to develop 3D printed components for its latest vehicles. The 3D printed car parts include dashboard components and wiper shafts. More

Hong Kong police use 3D printing to make detailed scale replicas of crime scenes

Feb.28, 2017 - A police unit in Hong Kong has purchased new 3D printers to help speed up the production of scale models of crime scenes. These painstakingly detailed recreations are used in criminal investigations as well as in court to test witnesses' testimony. More

How 3D printing helped create Ghost in the Shell's robot geisha masks

Feb.28, 2017 - Adam Savage and Richard Taylor from the Weta Workshop have given audiences a glimpse into how the special effects magic of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film were realized. See how 3D printing played a part in making the film's stunning robot geisha masks. More

Poland's first major satellite plant announced, 3D printed prototypes underway

Feb.28, 2017 - The Polish company SatRevolution S.A. has just announced plans for the country's first satellite production facility that will collaborate with foreign industry players in the production of small spacecrafts. SatRevolution's Swiatowid will be the first commercial satellite produced in Poland, with two Rusalka PhoneSat nanosatellites soon to follow. More

UCLA researchers combine 3D printing with machine learning to develop medical sensors

Feb.28, 2017 - A team of researchers at UCLA have designed a new prototype for a plasmonic detector, used to pick up signs of diseases and infections. The device makes use of 3D printing and machine learning, giving it a wide scope for modification as well as allowing to be made more cheaply and efficiently. More

Porous 3D printed scaffolds could help athletes with ACL injuries recover faster

Feb.28, 2017 - Researchers at the Mayo Clinic's tissue engineering and biomaterials laboratory in Rochester, MN have created a porous 3D printed scaffold implant for patients undergoing ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction. The 3D printed scaffold can facilitate bone regeneration. More

Thai startup Etran wants to put 3D printed electric scooter taxis on the streets of Bangkok

Feb.27, 2017 - Etran Group, a Thailand-based startup, is planning to launch a taxi service that uses 3D printed electric motorcycles. The company is hoping to raise 300 million Thai Baht ($8.6 million) to fund the venture, which could commence operations as early as September. More

Sound-shaping 3D printed metamaterials could be used to fight cancer and improve personal audio

Feb.27, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Sussex in the UK have used special 3D printed bricks to build sound-shaping metamaterials that can direct sound waves. The materials could be used to create audio hotspots or to destroy tumors using high-intensity ultrasound. More

French doctors successfully implant custom airway stent made with 3D printing

Feb.27, 2017 - A team of doctors from the CHU hospital in Toulouse have successfully implanted a 3D printed custom tracheobronchial prosthesis, marking a world first for the medical community. The implant was designed and manufactured in partnership with Anatomik Modeling, a Toulouse-based startup that specializes in custom-made 3D implants. More

CSIRO and Anatomics 3D print titanium and polymer sternum implant in medical world first

Feb.27, 2017 - CSIRO recently partnered with Melbourne-based medical implant company Anatomics and a team of UK doctors to implant a 3D printed titanium & polymer sternum into a 61-year-old patient. The operation marked the first time that a 3D printed sternum made from titanium and a synthetic polymer had been implanted. More

This year's Oscar statuettes 3D printed in upstate New York

Feb.26, 2017 - This year the iconic Oscar statuettes were 3D printed by Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry in upper New York state. More

Kamp Studio's 3D printed espresso set combines elegance and sustainability

Feb.26, 2017 - The renowned design brand Kamp Studio has just released a new collection of sleek homeware and wearables including a stunning espresso set. While New Zealand-based designer Daniel Kamp has always been drawn to experimental ways of creating, his new Kemp Collection is particularly notable for combining 3D printing with traditional handcrafting. More

Malaysia's 3D printed mini-wonderland a whopping 17,000 square feet

Feb.25, 2017 - A team of ambitious young makers in Malaysia has completed a 17,000 square foot miniature wonderland, after 8 years of 3D printing. MinNature Malaysia can now officially count itself as Malaysia's largest miniature exhibition. More

Make your own 3D printed light-up Lego bricks

Feb.25, 2017 - DIY project site Adafruit has just released a new tutorial for 3D printing your own light-up Lego bricks. Made with tiny battery-powered LED lights, the Adafruit project is functional with any Lego-compatible brick, and offers several different colour options. More

3D bioprinted conduits can effectively promote nerve regeneration (now in rats, soon in humans)

Feb.24, 2017 - Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan have used 3D bioprinting to create tubular conduits that can regenerate damaged nerve cells. The group used a Regenova 3D bioprinter from Cyfuse Biomedical. More

Australian hospital adopts 3D printing to make patient-specific bone models for preoperative planning

Feb.24, 2017 - Surgeons from the Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia are using 3D printers to produce life-size, patient-specific bone models to help in the treatment of broken or fractured bones. It is the first hospital in the Queensland region to do so. More

3D printing helps Native Union design stylish 'Eclipse' charging hub

Feb.23, 2017 - Tech accessory design studio Native Union has developed a compact and sleek charging hub that keeps your USB cables and devices organized and accessible. The new product, called the Eclipse, was developed with the help of 3D printing. More

California prof says 3D printed Mars habitats should be made from Martian soil, not ice

Feb.23, 2017 - Behrokh Khoshnevis, an engineering professor at the University of Southern California, is working with NASA to develop a system for 3D printing habitats on Mars made of powder-like materials found on the planet. More

Polish researchers 3D print affordable preoperative liver model using FDM technology

Feb.22, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland has successfully 3D printed a preoperative planning model of a human liver for only $150. The research project demonstrates that 3D printed, patient-specific surgical models can be made at an affordable cost using accessible 3D printing technologies. More

32-year-old undergoes successful face transplant thanks to 3D printing and the Mayo Clinic

Feb.22, 2017 - A medical team from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has successfully completed a facial transplant for 32-year-old patient Andrew Sandness. The incredibly complex procedure, which required over 50 hours of surgery, was made possible in part thanks to 3D printing technologies, which were used to produce 3D models and surgical guides. More

3D printed modular satellites could help Boeing cut costs

Feb.22, 2017 - Aerospace company Boeing is planning to use 3D printing in an effort to produce cheaper satellites in a shorter timespan. The 3D printed modular satellites would also require fewer workers to build. More

Stratasys partners with Team Penske to bring 3D printing to NASCAR, IndyCar racing

Feb.22, 2017 - 3D printing giant Stratasys has entered into a technical partnership with Team Penske, an American professional stock car and open-wheel racing team. The partnership will see Stratasys support Team Penske by providing equipment and services across its NASCAR and IndyCar racing platforms. More

Ohio boy with heart in wrong place breathes freely for first time after 3D printing-assisted surgery

Feb.21, 2017 - Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio have used 3D printing to operate on boy with Heterotaxy syndrome, a rare birth defect. Doctors said the boy's heart seemed to have 'two right sides' and no left, giving him serious breathing difficulties. More

Farsoon's 3D printed turbojet engine passes 100,000 rpm test

Feb.21, 2017 - Farsoon Technologies, a Chinese 3D printing company, has announced the successful testing of its 3D printed turbojet engine rotor pieces. The company says its 3D printed turbojet engine parts passed the 100,000-rotations-per-minute test. More

Open Bionics wins $1M prize from UAE for 3D printed bionic arms

Feb.21, 2017 - 3D printed prosthetic hand maker Open Bionics has taken home the International UAE Robotics for Good Award, a recognition that includes $1 million in funding. The award, which was presented to the UK-based startup this past Saturday, was given out as part of the UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good competition. More

Giuseppe Finizia's popular 3D printed PCB workstation gets 'crane arms' update

Feb.20, 2017 - Giuseppe Finizia, creator of a popular 3D printed PCB workstation released in 2015, has published an updated version of his project, complete with crane arms. The 3D printed workstation can be downloaded for free. More

VisLab's 3D printed VR headsets help students visualize the end of the world

Feb.19, 2017 - Matthew L Faerber, director of the Visual World Investigate Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, has built a set of 3D printed virtual reality / augmented reality headsets that he uses to demonstrate the effects of climate change. More

Analogue Loaders is playful 3D printed stop-motion homage to the dreaded loading screen

Feb.18, 2017 - Raphael Vangelis has created a playful stop-motion homage to the dreaded loading screen. The London-based filmmaker, who spends long nights simply staring at his computer screen, decided to transform the symbols into something analogue and playful using 3D printed models. More

Preserving Syria’s heritage: 3D printing helps restore Palmyra busts destroyed by ISIS

Feb.17, 2017 - Restoration experts in Rome have used 3D printing to repair two damaged busts salvaged from the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria. A number of the city's buildings and artifacts have been damaged or destroyed by ISIS, who took control of the city in 2015 and then again in December 2016. More

Australians use 3D printing, VR to bring local dinosaur back to life

Feb.17, 2017 - After more than 200 Leaellynasaura bone fragments were found in New South Wales, Australia, scientists are using 3D printing and virtual reality (VR) technology to bring the dinosaur 'back to life' at the National Wool Museum in Geelong. More

3D printed custom-made motorcycle could break 250 mph world record

Feb.17, 2017 - Mike Eaton of Jessco Racing, a local motorcycle builder in Bellingham, Washington, is trying to break the world record for fastest land speed in the 3000 CC class ' and this summer he may finally be able to do it, thanks to 3D printed engine components. More

Researchers optimize 3D print infill structures by mimicking natural bone tissue

Feb.17, 2017 - A joint team of researchers has turned to the natural world for inspiration in creating incredibly strong yet low density parts that borrow heavily from patterns found in our bones. Their infill optimization process could help to 3D print stronger, more efficient parts. More

3D printed humanoid 'Roboy Junior' an AI breakthrough

Feb.17, 2017 - Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Swiss robotics group Devanthro have 3D printed a four-foot robotic humanoid complete with tendons, muscles, and bones. Meet Roboy Junior, the first prototype of the Roboy initiative, which recently scored substantial funding from additive manufacturing heavyweight EOS. More

India: First 3D printed titanium vertebrae implant helps 32-year-old woman walk again

Feb.17, 2017 - Doctors in India have helped a 32-year-old woman back onto her feet by rebuilding part of her spine with 3D printed vertebrae in a first-of-its-kind procedure. The patient had been suffering from spinal tuberculosis. More

3D printed Bobby Tailor luxury vehicles let kids ride in style

Feb.16, 2017 - German company Bobby Tailor is taking the standard of children's toy vehicles up a few notches. The company's luxury (and customizable) Bobby cars, which cost over €3,000, are made with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

NASA launches first ever 3D printed space art into orbit

Feb.16, 2017 - A 3D printed 'laugh sculpture' has officially become the first major artwork to be made in space. Printed aboard the International Space Station's (ISS) famed zero-gravity 3D printer, the unique art project was born from the mind of Israeli artist Eyal Gever. More

Tiny 3D printed camera lens could give drones eagle-eye vision

Feb.16, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Stuttgart in Germany have developed 3D printed lenses that can be used for miniature camera surveillance systems. The lenses, which employ 'foveated imaging,' come close to mimicking natural vision by offering a super-sharp central focus and wider peripheral vision than other cameras. More

Poland's first supercar, Arrinera Hussarya, contains 3D printed parts from OMNI3D

Feb.15, 2017 - Polish sports car manufacturer Arrinera Technology has teamed up with local industrial 3D printer manufacturer OMNI3D to 3D print parts for Arrinera Hussarya, Poland's first supercar. OMNI3D, known for its industrial FFF 3D printing solutions, says it helped manufacture functional prototypes for the supercar, as well as final parts. More

Customize your own 3D printed diamond necklace, made in the heart of Antwerp's Diamond District

Feb.15, 2017 - Belgian diamond brand Baunat has teamed up with mass customization startip Twikit to launch the Twikit Tool for Baunat Customized: an online tool that lets shoppers design their own diamond name necklace. Using 3D printed molds and expertly handcrafted diamonds, customers can have their name cast in G VS2 diamonds, on their choice of 18 karat gold chain. More

Metal 3D printing company Intech DMLS develops India's first jet engine series

Feb.15, 2017 - Indian manufacturing company Intech DMLS, which specializes in metal 3D printing solutions, has announced it is developing India's first locally made jet engine series. The jet engines will be destined for small aircraft such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Remote Controlled Aircraft. More

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announces plans for UK's largest 3D printing centre

Feb.15, 2017 - The Mayor of London has announced a new proposal to transform the Thames Estuary into a global creative hub. The UK's largest 3D printing centre, which will be established in a new facility for the production of large-scale artworks, forms a major part of his plans. More

DIY 3D printed Raspberry Pi laptop case integrates official Pi display

Feb.14, 2017 - Matthew Rose-Innes, a maker from South Africa, has built a Raspberry Pi 'laptop' using the Pi Foundation Display and a 3D printed casing that incorporates a keyboard and touchpad. The laptop is part of a wider trend for printing cool housings for the tiny Pi computer. More

Researchers reveal how to build 3D printed bio-bots

Feb.14, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign have spent the past few years working on the development of a new class of bio-bots, which use muscle cells, 3D printed scaffolds, and electrical and optical pulses to move. Now, the team has decided to share its research so that anyone can make their own 3D printed bio-bot. More

Skelmet introduces extremely lightweight, custom-fit 3D printed sports sunglasses

Feb.14, 2017 - Massachusetts-based sports eyewear startup Skelmet has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its innovative 3D printed custom-fit sports sunglasses. The company is using 3D scanning and 3D printing to make its bespoke frames. More

These auto-focusing 3D printed 'smart glasses' are a sight to behold

Feb.14, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Utah have used 3D printing to create a prototype pair of 'smart glasses' whose liquid lenses can automatically adjust focus. The 3D printed glasses could eliminate the need for bifocals. More

3D printing construction company Apis Cor prints 37 m2 house near Moscow, plans global expansion

Feb.13, 2017 - Apis Cor, an additive manufacturing construction company based in San Francisco and the Russian cities of Moscow and Irkutsk, has used its own construction 3D printer to build a 3D printed house in Stupino, near Moscow. Construction of the 37-square-meter building took less than a day. More

Primal Crafts: 3D printed metal jewelry inspired by Norse mythology

Feb.12, 2017 - Kristoffer Rønn-Andersen is the creative mind behind Primal Crafts: the Danish jewelry brand 3D printing in steel, silver, and titanium. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, Rønn-Andersen's stunning statement pieces strike a perfect balance between style and craft. More

Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Limited Edition comes with a 3D printed Death Trooper helmet

Feb.11, 2017 - Nissan has teamed up with Lucasfilm for their newest automotive model, the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition, complete with 3D printed Death Trooper replica helmet. It's 'the closest you'll ever get to sitting in the cockpit of a starfighter,' says Nissan. More

Los Angeles doctor saves infant's life thanks to 3D printed model heart

Feb.10, 2017 - When 18-month-old Nate Yamane's pulmonary artery began narrowing due to a life-threatening heart condition, doctors at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles created a 3D printed model of the obstructed area, ensuring a successful surgical procedure. More

University of Michigan launches 3D printed orthotics program

Feb.10, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Michigan (UM) are implementing a new orthotics and prosthetics outfitting system: 3D printed assistive devices that will be customized to individual patients' needs, and reach them faster than ever before. More

3D bioprinted myocardial patch could boost heart attack recovery, Korean researchers say

Feb.10, 2017 - A team of researchers in Korea has used a 3D bioprinter to make a myocardial therapeutic patch for treating ischemic heart disease. When attached to the heart, the 3D printed patch can generate new blood vessels and tissues. More

CW&T's 3D printed lamp lights up Kickstarter

Feb.9, 2017 - The adorable family behind Brooklyn's CW&T art and design studio has just shown how wildly successful a Kickstarter campaign can be. Their newest venture, 100 3D printed Dropped Pendant Lights, raised almost $11,000, over 12,000% of its initial goal. More

3D printed soft robotic hand controlled by brain signals offers 'better interaction with the environment'

Feb.9, 2017 - Soft robotics researchers at the University of Wollogong (UOW) in Australia have used 3D printing to build a realistic robotic hand that can be controlled by brain signals and which has a surface texture similar to human skin. More

Porous 3D printed scaffolds help Rice University scientists tackle bone cancer

Feb.9, 2017 - Scientists at Rice University in Houston have used 3D printing to create porous, bone-like scaffolds that can be used to study bone cancer tumors. They found that the size and orientation of individual pores affected how cells proliferate in the absence of blood. More

Etihad Airways Engineering can now certify 3D printed aircraft parts under EASA

Feb.9, 2017 - Etihad Airways Engineering has secured the approval of EASA to design and certify 3D printed aircraft interior parts. The approval makes it the first airline MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) service working under EASA to 'hold certification approvals for 3D printed parts flying on Etihad Airways aircraft.' More

New 3D printer installed at Middle East's only reconstructive surgery hospital

Feb.8, 2017 - A hospital in Jordan that offers reconstructive surgery to victims of violence in the region has installed a new 3D printer. It will allow the production of prosthetic eyes and ears, helping Medecins Sans Frontieres offer better care to enable to patients recover from the trauma they have suffered. More

Giant 3D printer builds clay model of iconic Devil’s Tower in new Anya Gallacio installation

Feb.8, 2017 - British artist Anya Gallacio is using a clay 3D printer for her latest work, Beautiful Minds. The installation at Thomas Dane Gallery in London uses the giant 3D printer to deposit wet clay in hexagonal patterns that will eventually resemble a scale model of Devil's Tower, the iconic mountain featured in Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". More

3D printed insole startup Wiivv Wearables looking well-heeled: $4M raised, competitor eSoles acquired

Feb.8, 2017 - Wiivv Wearables, a 3D printed footwear company, today announced that it has raised $4 million in Series A funding and acquired eSoles, a company known for its modular customizable footbeds. Wiivv lets customers order customized 3D printed insoles through a foot-scanning smartphone app. More

Engineer prototypes 3D printed multifunction walker for people with limited mobility

Feb.7, 2017 - Biomedical engineer Eliza Wrobel has designed and prototyped an innovative 3D printed multifunctional walker. The assistive device was prototyped using the ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer. More

3D printing at the heart of filmmaker Nicola Piovesan's new sci-fi movie

Feb.7, 2017 - Italian director Nicola Piovesan has begun pre-production for his newest flick: Attack of the Cyber Octopuses. Piovesan's film promises to recreate the look and feel of 1980s sci-fi classics without relying on CGI. Instead, nearly all props, models, and set pieces will be 3D printed. More

3D printed expansion turbine could be 'huge step' on road to sustainable energy in Russia

Feb.6, 2017 - Scientists at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) have used 3D printing to develop an expansion turbine for electric generators that operate on high-pressure natural gas. The research is described by SPbPU as a 'huge step' towards sustainable energy in Russia. More

3DX Industries to collaborate with Taylor Freelance on stylized metal 3D printed firearm part

Feb.6, 2017 - Seattle-based 3DX Industries has announced it will be partnering with firearm company Taylor Freelance to design and manufacture a stylized metal 3D printed magazine funnel. According to the companies, the 3D printed funnel will be used by sportsmen in competition events, trials, and training. More

Ottawa Hospital launches Canada's first medical 3D printing program

Feb.6, 2017 - The Ottawa Hospital is now the home of Canada's first medical 3D printing program. The new multi-department program, which will seek to improve surgical planning and make 3D printed prosthetic limbs more accessible, was launched in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, located in Canada's capital city. More

Siemens' 3D printed turbine blades withstand 1,250°C heat, 994 mph speeds to pass testing phase

Feb.6, 2017 - German manufacturing and electronics company Siemens has engine tested its new 3D printed gas turbine blades. The 3D printed components were tested at 13,000 revolutions per minute and temperatures beyond 1,250 degrees Celsius. More

OSF HealthCare teams with Caterpillar to 3D print multi-material surgical heart models

Feb.6, 2017 - Not-for-profit healthcare corporation OSF HealthCare has teamed up with construction giant and fellow Peoria resident Caterpillar to build a 3D printed model of a sick patient's heart. The 3D model will be added to the Jump 3D Heart Library, created to assist medical research on heart conditions. More

Build your own miniature, portable spy camera with 3D printed case

Feb.5, 2017 - Ever wanted to build your own camera but don't know where to start? Open source hardware company Adafruit has just posted a new guide for constructing your own mini spy camera. Although relatively low resolution, the miniature camera module is portable, features an integrated driver, and stores everything on a microSD card. Everything is housed within a basic 3D printed case. More

3D printed 'steam punk' Apple Watch cover combines high- and low-tech design

Feb.4, 2017 - Pittsburgh-based maker Jeremy Burnich has created a 3D printed Apple Watch cover that's as quirky as it is dependable: built from 3D printed and finished copper, the watch case has a resounding steam punk feel, effectively intertwining low-tech and high-tech sensibilities. More

Boeing contracts Oxford Performance Materials to 3D print 600 parts for its Starliner space taxis

Feb.3, 2017 - Boeing Co and Oxford Performance Materials are already blasting off with their Starliner partnership. Earlier this month, Boeing contracted Oxford, a leading player in high performance additive manufacturing (HPAM), to make 600 3D printed parts for Boeing's new Starliner space taxis. Now, Oxford has just secured an additional strategic investment of $10 million from the Hexcel Corporation. More

Loewe's latest menswear collection features 3D printed bracelet made by VOJD Studios

Feb.3, 2017 - Madrid-based luxury fashion brand Loewe has unveiled a 3D printed bracelet in its new autumn/winter 2017/18 menswear campaign. The bracelet, made in collaboration with Berlin-based VOJD Studios, was 3D printed in one piece using a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer. More

60-year-old becomes first UK patient to receive 3D printed titanium sternum and rib implant

Feb.2, 2017 - In what has been described as a UK first, a man from Studley in Warwickshire has been given a custom-built 3D printed titanium sternum and ribs after having part of his own removed. He is the first patient in England and only the second in the world to receive such treatment. More

Pledge £35 for a trackable 3D printed turtle egg that could help save endangered sea turtles

Feb.2, 2017 - A PhD candidate at the University of Kent has come up with a new way to save endangered turtles using 3D printing. Helen Pheasey is the driving force behind Turtle Tracks, an initiative that will use 3D printed replica turtle eggs equipped with GPS technology to track poaching in Central America. More

Japanese researchers 3D print detailed visualization of electron cloud using new software

Feb.2, 2017 - Researchers from Tokyo University have developed a software capable of converting 'the distribution of physical quantities within space' into 3D printable data. The 3D printed models could help scientists better understand the relationships between molecular functions and the density distributions of electrons in an atom. More

A better, safer drone? 3D printed 'Bat Bot' flaps and swoops just like its namesake

Feb.2, 2017 - Robotics engineers have used 3D printing to create the joints for 'Bat Bot,' a futuristic flying robot that mimics the way bats move through the air. The winged creation, otherwise known simply as 'B2,' could serve as an aerial service robot. More

3D printing helps MIT scientists build hydraulic claw that scoops up fish (and could save lives)

Feb.2, 2017 - Scientists at MIT have used 3D printing to create a transparent hydraulic claw that scan scoop up live fish in water. Thanks to its soft and squishy structure, the hydrogel-based device could eventually be adapted for human medical purposes. More

UAE professor uses 3D printing to make highly personalized, advanced prosthetic arms

Feb.1, 2017 - A professor from the UAE University is developing artificial arms using 3D printing in order to drastically lower the cost of their production and to introduce an unprecedented level of personalization. The project is being conducted in partnership with the University of Michigan. More

Reports suggest Ferrari 2017 Formula 1 car will use 3D printed piston heads

Feb.1, 2017 - Ferrari is looking to improve its 2017 Formula 1 engine by using 3D printing technology to fabricate new and innovative steel alloy piston heads. The 2017 Ferrari, codenamed 668, is set to be unveiled on February 24. More

French students could soon be living in 3D printed housing built by X-Treee

Feb.1, 2017 - The University of Rouen's Mont-Saint-Aignan campus will soon be the site of 3D printed student housing. The project is being realized through a collaboration between French social landlord organization Habitat 76 and CROUS with the help of 3D printing company X-Treee. More

Majestic uses ISS 3D printer to 3D print data visualization of 'The Internet' in space

Feb.1, 2017 - Majestic, a British internet mapping and search engine company, has 3D printed a sculpture that represents 'the internet' in space. Thanks to the Made In Space Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) 3D printer, Majestic becomes the first British company to commercially manufacture in space. More

Sciaky 3D prints titanium tank for ISE Arctic Explorer AUV using EBAM tech

Feb.1, 2017 - International Submarine Engineering, Ltd. (ISE) has enlisted the help of metal 3D printing company Sciaky, Inc. and its innovative Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) technology to manufacture a titanium Variable Ballast (VB) for ISE's Arctic Explorer Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). More

World's first 3D printed graphene 'little black dress' unveiled in Manchester

Jan.31, 2017 - In what is surely a world first, wearable tech company CuteCircuit and the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester have used graphene to construct a stunning little black dress, all with the help of 3D printing. More

Successful implantation of 3D printed metal talus bone is first procedure of its kind in Hong Kong

Jan.31, 2017 - Doctors at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Hong Kong have used 3D printing to fabricate a metal talus implant for a motorcycle crash victim. The 3D printing procedure is the first of its kind to be carried out in Hong Kong. More

Yonoh's stunning 3D printed 'Perpetuum Calendar' now available on OTHR

Jan.31, 2017 - Spanish design studio Yonoh has created the Perpetuum Calendar, a 3D printed analogue calendar that incorporates an architectural aesthetic with tactile interaction. The stunning calendar is being featured on homeware brand OTHR's online shop for $470. More

Dubai dental clinics to begin using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies within weeks

Jan.31, 2017 - The Dubai Health Authority has announced it is ready to launch additive manufacturing at 11 DHA-operated health centers within a matter of weeks. The first phase of 3D printing integration will be led by the Dental Services Department, which will begin 3D scanning and 3D printing patient impressions within weeks. More

New 3D printed spinning fidgets cost only $5 for all your fidgeting needs

Jan.29, 2017 - A young Canadian maker has launched a Kickstarter campaign for affordable, 3D printed fidgets: handheld toys that help users stay focused, attentive, and calm. Sean Hodgins, who self-identifies as a fidgeter, has dedicated himself to designing, producing, and retailing the world's most inexpensive spinning fidget, known as the Five Dollar Fidget Spinner. More

11-year-old girl who made glitter-shooting prosthetic has more 3D printed projects lined up

Jan.28, 2017 - 11-year-old Jordan Reeves, who last year made a 3D printed, glitter-shooting prosthetic arm, has become a source of inspiration for many. Since last year, Reeves has continued creating more 3D printed prosthetic accessories. Her latest project a device that combines a medical-grade prosthetic arm with 3D printed, changeable attachments. More

How to 3D print your own custom modules for Snap Circuits

Jan.27, 2017 - Maker Chuck Hellebuyck, from the popular CHEP Youtube channel, recently demonstrated how to design and 3D print custom modules for a Snap Circuit using beginner 3D modeling software TinkerCAD and a few easy-to-find snaps. More

60-cent 3D printed 'Lens Safe' ring keeps your SLR lens safe from thieves

Jan.27, 2017 - Rutger Geerling, a professional dance and music photographer, and his friend Mark, a sound guy for famous Dutch DJ Tiesto, have devised a remarkably simple and cheap solution for deterring lens thieves: a 3D printed ring called 'Lens Safe' that simply fits over your camera's lens release button. More

Kentucky middle schoolers 3D print 'Bat Bunker' to help save dwindling bat population

Jan.26, 2017 - A team of devoted middle schoolers in Kentucky is using 3D printing to save the environment, one bat at a time. Calling themselves Team Blackout, the students have designed a 3D printed 'Bat Bunker' to help save local bat populations. More

Swedish company OssDsign receives FDA clearance for 3D printed cranial implants

Jan.26, 2017 - OssDsign, the Swedish manufacturer of next-gen 3D printed cranial and facial implants, recently announced it received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA for its OSSDSIGN Cranial PSI. The clearance means that the company's 3D printed cranial implants can now be marketed and sold within the United States. More

ArcheoRov: a 3D printed underwater vehicle that captures images at 100-meter depths

Jan.26, 2017 - Engineers from the Austrian University of Innsbruck have created a 3D printed ROV called ArcheoRov that is capable of swimming to 100-meter depths and capturing images. The vehicle could be used by marine biologists, environmentalists, or even search and rescue teams. More

Divergent 3D raises $23M to commercialize 3D printed chassis technology

Jan.26, 2017 - Divergent 3D, maker of the 3D printed Blade Supercar and developer of the innovative 'Node' platform for automotive manufacturing, has announced that it has successfully raised $23 million through a Series A funding round. The funding round was led by tech venture capital firm Horizons Ventures. More

3D printed mold helps researchers build microfluidics system made of LEGO bricks

Jan.25, 2017 - Researchers in California have used 3D printed molds to develop customized LEGO bricks, which can then be used to build complex microfluidics systems. The researchers say the system could assist with future studies. More

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Organovo partner to develop 3D bioprinted kidney

Jan.25, 2017 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo Holdings, Inc. will collaborate with Professor Melissa Little and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia to develop an architecturally correct kidney that could be used in therapeutic applications. More

Sculpteo designers complete 1000km road trip on 3D printed bikes

Jan.24, 2017 - French 3D printing company Sculpteo has announced that two of its designers have successfully completed a 1000 km road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco on 3D printed Sculpteo Bikes. More

Spanish research group develops skin-printing 3D bioprinter for commercial market

Jan.24, 2017 - Scientists from Spain have developed a prototype for a 3D bioprinter that can print functional human skin. They say the 3D printed skin is fit to be transplanted onto patients or used to test chemical products, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical products. More

Urban Alps unveils 3D printed 'inside-out' Stealth Key to combat key duplication

Jan.23, 2017 - Urban Alps, a lock and key specialist based in Z'rich, Switzerland, has created the Stealth Key, billed as the world's first metal 3D printed key with hidden internal mechanics. The key is built to withstand the rising threat of 3D printed key duplication. More

Siemens, Strata, Etihad Airways partner to develop MENA's first 3D printed aircraft interiors

Jan.23, 2017 - The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) could soon see the arrival of 3D printed aircraft, thanks to a new partnership between Siemens AG, Strata Manufacturing PJSC, and Etihad Airways. Together, the three companies are seeking to develop the first 3D printed parts for aircraft interiors in the region. More

Next-gen exercise bike startup Peloton using MakerBot 3D printers to race ahead of the pack

Jan.23, 2017 - New York City-based Peloton, a startup that produces next-generation exercise bikes with touchscreen consoles and WiFi connectivity, is using MakerBot 3D printers to prototype new designs. The company debuted its most recent bike at CES 2017. More

These mouthwatering modular chocolates were made with the help of 3D printing

Jan.22, 2017 - Australian design agency Universal Favourite has teamed up with the Bakedown Cakery to create a box of geometrically stunning chocolates. The stair-shaped morsels were made with a 3D printed mold. More

New Makerpad platform enables beginners to design 3D prints via smartphone

Jan.21, 2017 - Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana have partnered with the National Science Foundation to launch new Makerpad platform that turns your smartphone into a user-friendly design system. More

Nottingham engineers making lightweight SLM 3D printed car parts in new 'FLAC' project

Jan.20, 2017 - Engineers at the University of Nottingham in the UK are using 3D printing to develop lightweight automotive components, boosting vehicle fuel efficiency while reducing noise and CO2 emissions, as part of the ongoing 'FLAC' project. The parts are being made with SLM 3D printers. More

Wearable 3D printed fashion: 3Doodler announces top picks for 2016 Wearable Awards

Jan.20, 2017 - 3Doodler has announced the top picks for the 2016 3Doodler Wearable Awards. They include a 3D printed bra, a series of masks, and a bridal headpiece. More

Blue Origin incorporates 3D printed housing, turbine, nozzles, rotors into BE-4 rocket engine

Jan.20, 2017 - Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is using 3D printing to build the BE-4, a next-generation rocket engine fueled by liquefied natural gas. The engine will power Blue Origin's New Glenn orbital rocket and potentially a United Launch Alliance rocket too. More

Startup with Purdue and NASA ties can 3D print rocket engines in just two days

Jan.19, 2017 - Tri-D Dynamics LLC, a startup co-founded by graduate students from Purdue University, is using 3D printing, or 'hybrid additive manufacturing techniques,' to create small rocket engines. Using 3D printing is purportedly faster and cheaper than traditional methods. More

Australian Kyle Worth charged for 3D printing handgun parts

Jan.19, 2017 - A man from Australia has been given a six-month suspended sentence having been found guilty of attempting to 3D print a handgun. According to the court that charged him, while the threat of 3D printed guns is not yet widespread, it does have the potential to become a serious problem in the region. More

Student group EnableUC working on 3D printed 'Luke Skywalker' prosthetic hand

Jan.19, 2017 - Meet EnableUC, the new student organization at the University of Cincinnati that pairs engineering students with people looking for a helping hand. The organization was founded by 22--year-old-Jacob Knorr. More

NZ fisherman invents 3D printed 'Keepa' to prevent injury to caught fish

Jan.19, 2017 - Tran Lawrence, a fisherman and self-proclaimed inventor from New Plymouth, New Zealand, has invented a clever 3D printed fishing device to help prevent injury to fish. The plastic 'Keepa' fish scoop allows fishers to safely handle fish once caught. More

Life-saving 3D printed heart model inducted into Boerhaave Museum

Jan.18, 2017 - The 3D printed heart model that helped Dutch doctors save the life of a three-month-old baby with a ventricle septum defect will soon be on display at the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden, the Netherlands. More

This 3D printed phone case can detect cancer

Jan.18, 2017 - A new study published in the scientific journal 'Nature Communications' shows how a 3D printed phone case could detect cancer-related genetic mutations. More

3D printed prosthetics company UNYQ expands, opens new office in Charlotte, NC

Jan.18, 2017 - 3D printed prosthetics company UNYQ has decided to expand its business to the U.S. East coast with a new office in Charlotte, NC. According to the UNYQ, the expansion will bring it closer to its biggest client base, and situate it closer to its partner 3D Systems, which is based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. More

Maison 203's 3D printed Bern Clutch to premiere at Maison et Objet in Paris next week

Jan.18, 2017 - Fashion-forward design brand Maison 203 will be unveiling a stunning new 3D printed clutch at the Paris trade show Maison et Objet next week. The item marks another step in the ongoing cultivation of 3D printing in the fashion world. More

3D printed optical tactile sensor wins top prize at 2016 Annual Soft Robotics Competition

Jan.18, 2017 - TacTip, a 3D printed optical tactile sensor developed by researchers at the UK's Bristol University, has won first prize in the 2016 Soft Robotics Competition in the Contributions in Soft Robotics Research category. The sensors could enable robots of the future to have human-like dexterity. More

3D printed 'Hummingdoc flip' device lets users record their heart rate for remote diagnosis

Jan.17, 2017 - A startup from Reno, Nevada has developed a 3D printed device that can turn your smartphone and Apple EarPods into a functioning stethoscope for checking heart rates. Called 'Hummingdoc Flip,' the new device could be a breakthrough for personal, at-home diagnostics, as well as telemedicine. More

Chinese company Jala Group using 3D printed skin to test cosmetics for Asian market

Jan.16, 2017 - Jala Group, a Chinese cosmetics company, has used 3D bioprinting technology to print artificial 'Asian skin,' complete with dermis and epidermis, that can be used to test cosmetics products for the Asian market. More

SALVO's 3D printed Lattice Cubed pen aims to write its way into history via Kickstarter

Jan.16, 2017 - Technology-focused design startup SALVO has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Lattice Cubed, a 3D printed titanium pen. Described as a 'reinvention of the classic writing instrument for the modern generation,' the Lattice Cubed is available at an early bird price of '225. More

Israeli dentists seek partnership with Philippines to promote 3D printed implants

Jan.16, 2017 - A team of Israeli dentists has met with dentists in the Philippines to discuss the establishment of a medical cooperation between Tel Aviv and Manila's top dental professionals. As part of the cooperation, Israel's advanced dental 3D printing technologies would be expanded to the Southeast Asian country. More

These 3D printed sculptures bloom like hypnotic flowers when spun under strobes

Jan.15, 2017 - California-based designer and Stanford University Lecturer John Edmark has been mesmerizing crowds around the globe with his 3D printed sculptures known as 'Blooms.' More

Stanford engineers use 3D printing to transform children's toy into 20-cent malaria diagnosis device

Jan.15, 2017 - Scientists at Stanford University have developed a potentially life-saving 3D printed tool inspired by a whirligig, a spinning toy that dates back to the Bronze Age. The new device could help healthcare workers diagnose malaria in areas lacking precise laboratory equipment. More

'Paper Watch' combines 3D printing and household materials in cheap alternative to Apple Watch

Jan.14, 2017 - Researchers in Saudi Arabia have invented a cheap, easy alternative to the Apple Watch that could make fitness tracking affordable to consumers worldwide. Meet the “paper watch,” a wearable device that combines common household items such as aluminum foil and sponges with silicon-based soft sensors. More

Dutch students prepare to launch entirely 3D printed rocket

Jan.13, 2017 - Students at Inholland University of Applied Science in the Netherlands have begun building an entirely 3D printed, fly-ready rocket, heralding a promising future in 3D printing education. More

AddUp Solutions developing 3D printed molds to improve Michelin tire performance

Jan.13, 2017 - The Michelin Group and industrial engineering group Fives Group S.A. have spoken about their joint venture 'AddUp Solutions,' a metal 3D printing project. AddUp is developing a line of metal 3D printers, and will use 3D printed molds to improve Michelin tire performance. More

3D Rider: Zortrax 3D prints functional motorcycle

Jan.12, 2017 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has created a 3D printed motorcycle to demonstrate the power of its warp-resistant materials. The middleweight-class 3D printed bike was printed on Zortrax M200 and M300 3D printers. More

Ioan Florea's 3D printed Liquid Metal Ford Torino up for auction next week

Jan.12, 2017 - The stunning 3D printed Liquid Metal Ford Torino, made by Romanian artist Ioan Florea, will go up for auction on January 18, 2017. It will be the first ever 3D printed car to cross an auction block. More

3D scanning helps uncover 350M-year-old tetrapod fossil in Scotland

Jan.11, 2017 - Palaeontologists in Scotland have used micro-CT scans to uncover one of the first animals to crawl up out of the water and walk the shores of land. The fossil, affectionately named Tiny, dates back to roughly 350 million years ago. More

DOD unveils world's largest swarm of 3D printed micro-drones

Jan.11, 2017 - The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that it has successfully tested a swarm of 3D printed micro-drones. The drone swarm, called Perdix, is made up of autonomous micro-drones that are capable of collective decision-making, adaptive formation flying, and self-healing. More

Renault Trucks using 3D printers to make lighter, more efficient engines

Jan.11, 2017 - French truck and military vehicle manufacturer Renault Trucks is reportedly working on developing a metal 3D printing process that will help boost engine performance. Additive manufacturing is expected to help make engines more compact and lightweight and thus more efficient. More

Eco-friendly 3D printed fashion collection features secret braille messages

Jan.10, 2017 - German fashion designer Babette Sperling has used 3D printing to create a line of stunning eco-friendly clothes that are decorated with braille. The designer used BioInspiration's flexible and compostable WillowFlex filament to make the garments. More

3D printed medical implant startup Supercraft3D raises $1M

Jan.10, 2017 - Singapore-based medical 3D printing startup Supercraft3D has announced that it has raised $1 million in investments, largely from Binny Bansal, the cofounder of e-commerce platform Flipkart. More

ActivArmor uses 3D scanning to create breathable, water-safe alternative to casts and splints

Jan.9, 2017 - ActivArmor, a Colorado-based company that makes custom-fit medical casts, is using 3D scanning technology to ensure that each patient receives a perfectly fitted device. The company has also used 3D printing to prototype its affordable, water-safe products. More

Student 3D prints prosthetic hand inspired by Metal Gear Solid's Venom Snake

Jan.9, 2017 - A Philadelphia-based industrial design student has created a functional 3D printed prosthetic arm inspired by Venom Snake, a character from the video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The impressive 3D printed prosthetic can be replicated by anyone, as the maker has made his 3D files open source. More

3D printed ‘Robird’ airport drones preparing for U.S. migration

Jan.9, 2017 - Clear Flight Solutions, a Dutch company that has developed 3D printed, wing-flapping bird drones called 'Robirds,' is ready to go international once it has finished trialling its product at a European airport. The 3D printed birds can be used to scare off real birds, which can damage aircraft. More

3D printed Trillennium Man shows how human skeleton could evolve

Jan.9, 2017 - Scientists from Oxford University have used 3D modeling and printing technologies to create interactive 3D models of human joints. The interactive models, which are based on 3D scans of over 200 individual bone specimens, demonstrate the history of common joint complaints and present how they are expected to evolve. More

3D printed models help surgeon rebuild cyclist's broken jaw after bike accident

Jan.9, 2017 - A British man who suffered a serious facial injury from a cycling accident now has a rebuilt and functioning jaw thanks to a team of dedicated doctors who used 3D printing technologies to help in the rebuilding process. More

Sip your morning coffee from a NASA-certified 3D printed space cup

Jan.8, 2017 - Oregon-based spacecraft fluid system firm IRPI has developed a 3D printed coffee cup, specially designed to be used in zero-gravity environments. For those of us who only dream of being astronauts, the firm has released the 3D printed space mug to the public through a side project called Spaceware. More

This incredible 3D printed supercar helps Divergent 3D steal the show at CES in Las Vagas

Jan.8, 2017 - 3D printing automotive startup Divergent 3D has just sealed a major partnership with luxury car maker Peugeot More

Shir Atar's 'Hairline' project features fully 3D printed hairy statues

Jan.7, 2017 - For anyone with a nostalgia for Chia Pets, we may have found this decade's equivalent: an art project called 'Hairline'. Created by designer Shir Atar, Hairline consists of a number of 3D printed head statues, each with a wildly different head or face of 3D printed hair. More

UK designer invents 3D printed camera rig to help terminally ill photographer take pictures again

Jan.6, 2017 - Inventor Jude Pullen has worked with 23-year-old disabled photographer James Dunn to invent a system for remotely controlling a camera via smartphone and tablet. The 23-year-old photographer has a rare genetic condition known as epidermolysis bullosa. More

Johnson & Johnson and Aspect Biosystems begin work on 3D printing knee cartilage

Jan.6, 2017 - Aspect Biosystems announced a new research collaboration with DePuy Synthes Products (Johnson & Johnson company) that will see Aspect's Lab-on-a-Printer bioprinting platform being used to develop 3D bioprinted knee meniscus suitable for surgical therapy. More

These 3D printed modules can be used to absorb sound at home or in the office

Jan.6, 2017 - Maker Julien Dorra has developed a 3D printable noise absorption system that can be fabricated on a low-cost 3D printer. The open-source modules of the system are based on acoustic research literature from 1975 up to 2016. More

3D printed clothing could be commonplace in just 10 years, Google expert Ray Kurzweil predicts

Jan.6, 2017 - Ray Kurzweil, a machine learning expert at Google, has predicted that 3D printed clothing will experience a surge in popularity over the next decade. The expert says the growing number of 3D printable materials and easy-to-use CAD applications will act as catalysts for the trend. More

Tiny 3D printed biobots could dispense drug doses from inside your body

Jan.5, 2017 - Samuel Sia, a professor of biomedical engineering at New York City's Columbia University, has developed a 3D printed biobot that can be implanted in the body to release controlled doses of drugs. The amazing device can be controlled from outside the body using only magnets. More

Personalized, 3D printed earnotz wireless earphones launches on Kickstarter

Jan.5, 2017 - Ill-fitting, uncomfortable earbuds have been a common affliction since the tech was first invented. But earnotz, an American startup specializing in custom 3D printed earphones, is one of the few companies doing anything about it. More

3D printed handguns pose serious threat, an Australian police force says

Jan.4, 2017 - Police in New South Wales (NSW), Australia are cracking down on 3D printed guns like never before. NSW Police Chief Wayne Hoffman has announced a new focus on 3D printed guns as part of his team’s ongoing ballistics research. More

3D printed stretchable electronics may be here to stay

Jan.4, 2017 - The emerging field of stretchable electronics is no longer the stuff of science fiction, according to a recent study published in the January 2017 issue of 'Micromachines' journal. More

3D printing helps NASA experts develop incredible Ice Dome for Mars

Jan.4, 2017 - A group of designers, architects, and NASA experts has unveiled the Mars Ice Dome, a concept for an ice-based habitat that could be used on Mars. The concept is an evolution of the Mars Ice House, winner of NASA's 2015 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. More

3D print your very own portable acoustic tractor beam

Jan.4, 2017 - Researcher Asier Marzo has released a tutorial on how to build your very own 3D printed acoustic tractor beam. The device, which can levitate and attract small objects such as beads or insects, can be built for under $70. More

This new 3D printed bone implant features hundreds of tiny claws, increased durability & longer lifetime

Jan.3, 2017 - Researchers from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) have partnered with UK-based additive manufacturing company 3T RPD to develop a highly innovative 3D printed bone implant. More

U.S. Army researchers can build mission-specific 3D printed drones in just 24 hours

Jan.3, 2017 - Engineers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have performed flight tests on 3D printed drones that could be used to assist soldiers. Using mission planning software, the engineers can fabricate and deliver a mission-specific 3D printed UAV in just 24 hours. More

3D printed skull helps baby born with craniosynostosis enjoy his first Christmas

Jan.3, 2017 - A New York family has had a happy 2016 holiday largely in part to a team of dedicated doctors and their innovative use of 3D printing technologies. More

Team Unlimbited outfits kids around the world with colourful 3D printed prosthetics, free of charge

Jan.2, 2017 - Working out of an unassuming garden shed, Team Unlimbited is a self-funded project that gives children with disabilities around the world 3D printed arms and hands, completely free of charge. More

Luke's Toy Factory brings local manufacturing back with made in USA, 3D printed toy trucks

Jan.2, 2017 - In an effort to bring local manufacturing back into the toy industry, one father-son team has founded Luke's Toy Factory. So far, the company has released 4 toy truck models, each made from plastic wood composites, which it has developed with the help of 3D printing. More

3D printing helps in the discovery that spiders can actually hear sounds

Jan.2, 2017 - Researchers from Cornell University have discovered that jumping spiders, long thought to have no hearing faculties, can actually sense sounds through the hairs on their legs called trichobothria. The discovery was made in part thanks to a 3D printed contraption that held the spider in place for experiments. More

New gDraw software lets you make your own 3D printed greeting cards

Jan.1, 2017 - Berlin-based maker Niklas Roy has released a free software package that creates 3D printed greeting cards. Consisting of a 2D drawing program which creates a 3D printable G-Code file, the aptly named gDraw lets you print out your 2D greeting card drawing on your home 3D printer. More

3D print your own modular medieval castle play-set

Jan.1, 2017 - Tim Wahlström and Sweden-based CreativeTools have unveiled their amazing modular 3D printable castle play-set. The set, which consists of over 75 individually designed 3D printable parts, can be accessed for free through Thingiverse. More

Gartner: 3D printing to accelerate in manufacturing industries in 2017

Dec.31, 2016 - Research and advisory firm Gartner has released its predictions for 3D printing technologies in 2017. Additive manufacturing is expected to grow and be adopted within a number of manufacturing industries. More

3D printing in 2016: year in review

Dec.30, 2016 - 3D printing in 2016: XJet, Nano Dimension, Carbon, and Rize did exciting things; printing giant HP entered the additive manufacturing market; and specific 3D printing technologies like 3D bioprinting reached new levels of sophistication. Here are the most important 3D printing stories of the year. More

€1,200 3D printed Youbionic hand can replace or supplement a limb

Dec.30, 2016 - Federico Ciccarese, an engineer from Italy, has announced the availability of Youbionic, a 3D printed robotic hand that can be controlled with muscle movement. The device can be used to replace a missing hand or as a supplemental second hand to increase the physical capabilities of the wearer. More

Mercedes partners with FATHOM 3D printing studio on intelligent cargo space management system

Dec.29, 2016 - Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with the California-based 3D printing studio FATHOM to engineer a sophisticated cargo delivery management system. Using electromechanical tiles embedded with sensors, cargo delivery companies can now actively track packages from inside the delivery vehicle. More

New study asks: will people actually eat 3D printed foods?

Dec.29, 2016 - As 3D printed food technology grows, the question remains: will people actually eat 3D printed edibles? Researchers from the University of Canberra have conducted a survey to gauge whether people would actually consider adding some 3D printed eats to their regular diet. More

Russian scientist says 3D printed satellite entering orbit in 2017

Dec.29, 2016 - Alexey Yakovlev, head of the Institute of High Technologies at Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia, has just given an update on the groundbreaking Tomsk-TPU-120, a fully 3D printed CubeSat that will be placed into orbit in 2017. More

Iranian artist challenges gender norms with awesome 3D printed Middle Eastern Goddesses

Dec.29, 2016 - In her solo exhibition at Brooklyn gallery TRANSFER, Iranian-American artist Morehshin Allahyari creates 3D printed pieces of forgotten goddesses form Middle Eastern mythology. More

Russian space agency Roscosmos to 3D print living tissue on ISS

Dec.29, 2016 - Russian scientists are planning to install and operate a 3D bioprinter aboard the International Space Station, according to an official source. They believe that microgravity conditions could actually improve the bioprinting process. More

Car fanatic makes incredible 3D printed model of Chevrolet Camaro V8 LS3 engine

Dec.28, 2016 - Maker Eric Harrell has made a working 3D printed model of a Chevrolet Camaro V8 LS3 engine. The car lover used a combination of 3D files from the internet and his own models based on images, repair manuals, and diagrams. More

Scientists are one step closer to 3D printing hearts with bioprinted beating heart cells

Dec.28, 2016 - Scientists from the Sydney-based Heart Research Institute (HRI) have developed a bioprinter that is capable of 3D printing human cells that could be used to repair damaged heart tissues. The breakthrough marks a step forwards towards eventually 3D printing a whole heart. More

3D printed breathalyzer can diagnose 17 different diseases with 86% accuracy

Dec.28, 2016 - A 3D printed breathalyzer that costs as little as $29 to make has been used to 'sniff out' 17 different diseases, including Parkinson's and eight types of cancer. The device uses gold nanoparticles that react to certain exhaled chemicals, and is claimed to be 86% accurate. More

200 3D printed toys to be hidden around San Francisco for a city-wide scavenger hunt

Dec.27, 2016 - San Francisco is being invaded! By 3D printed toys, that is. 25-year-old software developer Ben Baltes has launched a city-wide scavenger hunt for 3D printed toys across San Francisco. More

South Korean government to invest further in 3D printing, AI, 5G service, and more

Dec.27, 2016 - The South Korean government has unveiled its plans to invest in a wide range of growth-driving technologies. Included in the plans are 3D printing technologies, artificial intelligence, IoT, self-driving cars, and a new 5G network. More

Concrete 3D printing startup Cazza Construction to create 3D printed buildings in Dubai

Dec.27, 2016 - Architectural 3D printing startup Cazza Construction is working with the Dubai Government to implement concrete 3D printing systems in the UAE city. Cazza will start sending engineers to Dubai in 2017 with the intention of creating 3D printed buildings. More

Dutch artist Paco Raphael creates large-scale 3D printed 'Bambi' deer sculptures

Dec.27, 2016 - Dutch artist Paco Raphael has ventured into the world of 3D with his series of 3D printed deer sculptures. Part of his "Bambies" collection, the 3D printed statues were made in collaboration with i.materialise. More

Chinese farmer builds his own construction 3D printer to make greenhouses

Dec.27, 2016 - While many companies around the globe are doing their best to push forward and advance construction 3D printing, a fruit farmer from China has taken it upon himself to create his very own construction 3D printer, which—as it turns out—actually works quite well. More

Could 3D printed Michelin tires help Tesla win Le Mans 2030?

Dec.26, 2016 - Jeroen Claus and Fabian Brees, two concept car designers from Belgium, have imagined what a Tesla entry into the 2030 24 Hours of Le Mans race might look like. The futuristic vehicle design features 3D printed Michelin tires and an augmented reality windshield. More

Create your own 3D printed ‘Mutoscope' flip book machine

Dec.26, 2016 - John Croucher, the 3D printing enthusiast behind the Fail Try Again blog, has used 3D printing to create a DIY flip book machine, otherwise known as a Mutoscope. 3D printable files for the 24-frame motion picture device can be downloaded from Thingiverse. More

Overwatch fans will love this 3D printed 'Bastion' PC case

Dec.25, 2016 - Bastion, the lovable robot from the immensely popular Overwatch video game, has been turned into a 3D printed desktop computer, complete with an Intel Core i5 6200U CPU and HD Graphics 520'ample power for playing Overwatch. More

3Ders' top 15 3D printed Christmas ornaments and decorations

Dec.24, 2016 - Check out our top picks for 3D printable holiday games, decorations, accessories, and Christmas baubles! More

Smartphone and 3D printed parts combine to create cheap and easy live cell imaging

Dec.23, 2016 - Researchers at Uppsala University have invented a new way to make live cell imaging technology affordable and easy to assemble yourself. All it takes is a smart phone, a few 3D printed parts, and some off-the-shelf electronics. More

7-Eleven and drone maker Flirtey carry out 77 drone deliveries in Nevada

Dec.23, 2016 - Drone delivery company Flirtey has announced that convenience store 7-Eleven has used its drones on 77 autonomous delivery missions. The drones delivered flu medicine, hot food, and other items to customers' homes in Reno, Nevada. More

Four-year-old boy has xmas wish come true with 3D printed Iron Man bionic hand

Dec.23, 2016 - A four-year-old boy from Doncaster, UK is the proud new owner of a custom 3D printed Iron Man hand. More

I (do), Robot: woman to marry a 3D printed InMoov robot

Dec.23, 2016 - A woman from France is engaged to a 3D printed robot called InMoovator. According to sex robot experts, this could be a normal occurrence within the next 35 years. More

Farmers in Myanmar benefit from new 3D printed tools

Dec.23, 2016 - Yangon-based organization Proximity Designs is helping Myanmar's farmers by developing innovative 3D printed tools and equipment. More

NANORESTART conservation project looks to endangered 3D printed artworks

Dec.23, 2016 - A European research team known as NANORESTART is pushing the boundaries of modern and contemporary art conservation ' an initiative that could considerably impact the lifetimes of endangered 3D printed artworks More

3D printed prototypes that 'shred the gnar': Burton Snowboards launches Step-on Binding system

Dec.23, 2016 - International snowboarding company Burton has incorporated 3D printing into their newest product launch: an advanced Step-on Binding system which allows snowboarders increased ease and swiftness when snapping their boots onto their board More

FDA explains its role in medical 3D printing with dubstep-heavy '3 Rs of 3D printing' video

Dec.22, 2016 - Regulation, Research, and Resource. According to a new video, those three Rs are the ways in which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerned with 3D printing in the medical industry. More

Europe to explore 3D printing applications for military and defense

Dec.22, 2016 - The European Defence Agency has just announced it is launching a new defence-related Additive Manufacturing project. The initiative will explore how 3D printing technologies can benefit and be applied within the defense and military context. More

Amazing 3D printed Vortex Dress is out of this world

Dec.22, 2016 - Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Chicago-based fashion designer Laura Thapthimkuna has just unveiled her newest creation: the Vortex Dress, a stunning galaxy-inspired piece made entirely through 3D printing More

Tech community helps father develop 3D printed myoelectric elbow for 5-year-old daughter

Dec.21, 2016 - Maker Bodo Hoenen has used 3D printing to make a robotic elbow for his daughter, Lorelei. After being diagnosed with AFM, a rare, polio-like condition, Lorelei suffered near-total paralysis of her upper left arm, but the 3D printed device is helping in her rehabilitation. More

Engineer creates 1:25 3D printed model of new apartment to work out furniture arrangement

Dec.21, 2016 - Craig Broady, an engineer at SLA 3D printing specialist Formlabs, has used 3D printing to create a 1:25 scale model of his future apartment. Broady used the model to determine furniture arrangement in the small and awkwardly shaped apartment prior to moving in. More

3D printed gingerbread house lets you celebrate Christmas the Scandinavian way

Dec.20, 2016 - William Kempton, a design researcher at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, has made what might be the world's first 3D printed gingerbread house. The edible Christmas abode was made from a hardened gingerbread dough printed on a DeltaWASP 20 40 clay 3D printer. More

3D printed facial reconstruction aids investigation into body found in Ohio

Dec.20, 2016 - A forensic artist with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has made a partially 3D printed facial reconstruction of a woman whose remains were found in Greene County earlier this year. It is hoped that the reconstruction will help somebody to recognize and identify the woman. More

Check out SexyCyborg's 3D printed makeup palette-cum-hacker kit

Dec.20, 2016 - Chinese maker Naomi Wu, aka 'SexyCyborg', has become somewhat of a sensation within the maker community for her provocative tech wearables, including a 3D printed underlit mini-skirt and a 3D printed cropped LCD shutter top. Now, SexyCyborg is at is again with her latest creation, the 3D printed Pi Palette, the hacker's cosmetic case. More

ALTAIR Pathfinder, equipped with 3D printing tech, to launch to ISS in 2017

Dec.20, 2016 - Millennium Space Systems announced it has completed its very first ALTAIR satellite and is preparing to ship it into space. The preproduction satellite, the ALTAIR Pathfinder, has been developed for the specific purpose of demonstrating technologies such as additive manufacturing, advanced avionics, etc. More

3D print your own LED backed 1970s inspired Commodore PET classic computer

Dec.20, 2016 - As long as there are crafty makers around there will continue to be replication of classic consoles and personal computers. Adafruit has shown this once again with its tutorial on a 3D printed Commodore PET desktop classic. More

Indian engineers unveil low-cost 3D printed robotic prosthetic hand

Dec.19, 2016 - A team of engineers from the Amrita University in India have developed a new robotic 3D printed prosthetic hand. The robotic prosthetic, which can lift objects that weigh up to 400 grams and can even handle a mobile phone, was presented by the engineers at a conference in Kollum, Kerala. More

3D printing helps Chinese doctors grow a new ear from a patient's arm

Dec.19, 2016 - A doctor from China's Kunming Medical Second Hospital of Plastic Surgery has made headlines for having used 3D printing to help grow an ear out of a patient's arm. Yes, you read that right: a doctor is growing an ear on a human's arm. Read on to find out how. More

Incredible 3D printed Legend of Zelda map sells for $100

Dec.19, 2016 - A video game fan has made an amazing 3D printed version of the overworld map from the original Legend of Zelda Nintendo game. After spending six months building the map in Minecraft, the keen maker then sold a 3D printed version of his creation for $100. More

Realistic 3D printed heart model made with inkjet technology to be mass produced in Japan

Dec.19, 2016 - A realistic 3D printed heart model for children could soon be mass produced in Japan. Made using an organ modeling system and inkjet 3D printing technology, the realistic heart models could soon be used for doctor training and for pre-surgical planning for children. More

Five 3D printed art projects too awesome to miss

Dec.18, 2016 - Check out a number of innovative artists who are working with 3D design and printing as a medium who help to remind us of the amazing potentials of the technology within the artistic field. More

The 3D printed models that can help mend a broken heart

Dec.16, 2016 - A team of researchers at the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute are developing 3D printed replicas of patients' heart valves that could help save them suffering from cardiac disease. More

3D printed bones could soon aid landmine victims

Dec.16, 2016 - Researchers at the University of Glasgow could soon be growing and shipping customized, 3D printed bones to landmine blast survivors. More

Cornell researchers use 3D printing to create soft robotic hand that 'feels' like a human

Dec.16, 2016 - Cornell researchers have used a 3D printer and four-step soft lithography to create a soft robotic hand that can feel surfaces just like a human. Stretchable optical waveguides act as curvature, elongation, and force sensors in the 3D printed hand. More

Pilot project for teaching 3D printing in rural Indian schools launched by Mahindra Group

Dec.16, 2016 - The Mahindra Group, one of India's largest multinational conglomerate holding companies, has just launched its newest pilot project: a specialized 3D printing program for semi-urban and rural schools in India. More

Incredible four-year-old makes nine 3D printed prosthetic hands for himself and others

Dec.15, 2016 - Cameron Haight, a four-year-old North Carolina resident born with the fingers on his right hand fused together, has helped to make nine 3D printed prosthetic hands for himself and other children with limb differences. More

Ikea introduces its first 3D knitted furniture

Dec.15, 2016 - Ikea has unveiled the PS Collection, which features a 3D knitted chair. Designed with urban dwellings in mind, the chair is both compact, minimalist, and stylish. More

Hotels in 2060 could have in-room 3D printers, RoboButlers, dream machines

Dec.15, 2016 - A 'Hotels of the Future' study conducted by predicts that hotels in 2060 will feature crazy amounts of technology, such as advanced 3D printers, touchscreen everything, morphing beds, artificial intelligence, and AR. But will the sheets be clean? More

Loopcreative uses 3D printing to create sculptural steel clothing rack in fashion store

Dec.14, 2016 - Australian fashion brand Alquema has collaborated with Sydney-based design studio Loopcollective to manufacture and install a custom-made steel clothing rack in their new flagship store. Created using 3D modelling software and 3D printers, the breathtaking radial steel rack constitutes the main design feature of the Aussie brand's new 75 sqm space in the Queen Victoria Building. More

Spain unveils world's first 3D printed pedestrian bridge made of concrete

Dec.14, 2016 - The city of Alcobendas in Spain has just unveiled the first ever 3D printed pedestrian bridge made entirely of concrete. More

Gambody releases 40cm 3D printed Star Wars AT-AT walker to celebrate Rogue One release

Dec.14, 2016 - 3D printed model company Gambody has unveiled its latest impressive creation: a 3D printed Star Wars AT-AT walker. The 40-cm 3D printed model was made to celebrate the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in theaters Friday, and can be downloaded for $35. More

Spanish hospital integrates 3D printed custom medical tools for cardiovascular surgery

Dec.14, 2016 - A hospital in Spain has begun integrating specialized 3D printed instruments into certain extracorporeal surgical operations. Used by cardiovascular surgeons, the 3D printed medical tools have been used successfully for 30 separate procedures over the past year. More

First pre-clinical data for Organovo's 3D bioprinted liver tissue shows promise

Dec.13, 2016 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo Holdings, Inc. has just presented data that demonstrates how its 3D bioprinted human liver tissue is surviving and sustaining functionality implanted in animals. According to the company, the pre-clinical data shows the potentials of their bioprinted tissues and the benefits of advancing its technology. More

NASA awards Pitt researchers $500K to advance metal 3D printing simulations

Dec.13, 2016 - NASA's Space Technology Research Grants Program recently awarded grants to university-led ESI project proposals. Among those given grants were ANSYS, Inc. and a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering. The team from Pitt was awarded $500K to move forward their AM research. More

Get your feet in a pair of Adidas' new $333 3D printed running shoes

Dec.13, 2016 - Adidas has just released its new "3D Runner" shoes, which are made up of a 3D printed mid-sole and a Primeknit upper. The 3D printed shoes are available in limited quantities and are retailing for $333. More

3D printed model of The District Detroit development helps garner support for the project

Dec.13, 2016 - Olympia Entertainment has teamed up with Stratasys to create 3D printed miniature models of its new Little Caesars Area and its The District Detroit development project. The extremely detailed 3D printed models have helped to raise awareness and draw support to the new Detroit-based development. More

MESO-BRAIN initiative receives €3.3M to 3D nanoprint brain’s neural networks

Dec.12, 2016 - Researchers at Aston University, a British research and educational institution based in Birmingham, are attempting to replicate the brain's neural networks using 3D nanoprinting techniques. The project, called MESO-BRAIN, will use pluripotent stem cells generated from adult human cells. More

3D printed surgical aid helps UAE doctors save woman's kidney

Dec.12, 2016 - A team of doctors in Dubai have successfully removed a kidney tumor with the help of a transparent, patient-specific 3D printed surgical aid. Not only did the 3D printed aid help them to carefully plan their surgical process for removing the tumor from the patient, but it allowed them to shave an hour off the total operation time. More

Giant 3D printed Death Star in downtown Madrid sees Spain turn to dark side

Dec.12, 2016 - A giant 3D printer in downtown Madrid is currently fabricating a huge two-meter-wide 3D printed 'Death Star' to promote the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The large-scale 3D printer was provided by US company ErectorBot. More

Student 3D prints functional hand prosthesis for only $15

Dec.12, 2016 - Ryan Bouricius, a university physics major from Ithaca College, has once again demonstrated how 3D printing technologies can be used to create functional and very affordable prosthetic hands. The student's innovative design is capable of gripping, catching, and even writing. More

Monkeys undergo successful 3D printed blood vessel transplant in major stem cell biotech breakthrough

Dec.12, 2016 - Scientists in China have announced a breakthrough in stem cell biotechnology after their 3D bioprinted stem cell grafts implanted in monkeys were able to promote vascular tissue regeneration. Merging of a 3D printed blood vessel with the organic aorta was achieved in just seven days. More

More 3D printed firearms seized by officials in Australian crime raid

Dec.12, 2016 - Not even a month ago, Australian authorities seized a number of submachine guns that were made using 3D printers during a drug raid in the Gold Coast. Now, in an even more recent raid, officials announced that they had discovered more firearms which appeared to be made from 3D printed parts. More

Swedish teen with neurofibromatosis walks again with 3D printed hip implant

Dec.11, 2016 - Researchers at Skane University Hospital in Sweden have collaborated with 3D printing company Materialise to put teenager Fanny Fellesen back on her feet with a new 3D printed hip implant. More

Duke University's eNABLE chapter pushes boundaries of 3D printed prosthetics

Dec.10, 2016 - Two senior students at Duke University are pushing the boundaries of both prosthetics and 3D printing with their most recent collaboration: a prosthetic hand with exchangeable tools that perform different functions. More

Mount Sinai launches Medical Modeling Core, multidisciplinary 3D printing service for clinicians

Dec.9, 2016 - Mount Sinai Health System has launched the Medical Modeling Core, a service through which clinicians can order 3D printed models for specific cases. The service will be the first of its kind to cater to the unique patient-specific modeling requirements of clinicians at Mount Sinai. More

Fast 3D printing for a fast motorcycle: Alta Motors races ahead with Carbon's CLIP technology

Dec.9, 2016 - Alta Motors, a Californian electric motorcycle brand, has been using CLIP 3D printing technology from 3D printer manufacturer Carbon to 3D print road-ready motorcycle parts made from Carbon's RPU material. More

Oventus opens Australian 3D printing facility for O2Vent sleep apnea device

Dec.8, 2016 - Australian company Oventus Medical has launched a new 3D printing facility for the production of its O2Vent sleep apnea device. The facility was launched in partnership with CSIRO and is located on CSIRO premises. More

Experts approve 3D printed nuclear reactor component in China

Dec.7, 2016 - Less than a month ago, the China Nuclear Power Research Institute and Nanfang Additive Manufacturing Technology 3D printed a pressure vessel cylinder for an ACP100 nuclear reactor. That critical 3D printed part has now passed a technical appraisal from experts. More

3D printed sculpture buried in time capsule under Manchester's new transport hub

Dec.7, 2016 - A 3D printed sculpture commissioned by Manchester Metropolitan University has been buried in a time capsule underneath the new St Peter's Square tram stop in Manchester. More

In ten years, you could fly to the moon aboard a 3D printed rocket for only $10,000

Dec.7, 2016 - Moon Express, the brainchild of billionaire Naveen Jain, has announced its first unmanned mission to the Moon will commence in 2017. Next year’s rocket mission will cost a whopping $5 million USD, but due to the Silicon Valley-based company’s use of additive manufacturing, Jain predicts the same mission will cost a jaw-dropping $10,000 in a decade. More

This bird wears tiny 3D printed safety goggles to fly through lasers

Dec.7, 2016 - A team of researchers from Stanford University created a pair of tiny 3D printed goggles to fit on a bird. The bird wore the goggles to safely fly through a sheet of lasers for an experiment about animal flight. More

Louis Vuitton opens stunning 3D printed pop-up shop in Australia

Dec.7, 2016 - Australian 3D printing company OMUS has teamed up with luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton to create a large scale 3D printed installation at its pop-up shop in Sydney. The installation was 3D printed using a Massivit 1800 3D printer. More

Ultra-functional 3D printed prosthesis could monitor blood pressure and heart rate

Dec.7, 2016 - A student from Malta is designing an ultra-functional 3D printed prosthetic arm that can monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. The myoelectric prosthesis would enable its user to perform a range of actions through muscle movement, and would be 3D printed with embedded electronics. More

3D printed kidney models help determine doses for nuclear medicine

Dec.6, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Wurzburg in Germany has demonstrated how 3D printed organ models could have an important role in testing dosage amounts of radioactive materials for clinical prototyping within the field of nuclear medicine. More

WinSun, Jiayuan to implement 3D printing in landscaping, gardening projects

Dec.6, 2016 - Hong Kong property developer Jiayuan International Group has joined forces with Chinese 3D printing and construction company WinSun. Jiayuan will apply WinSun's 3D printing technology to landscape gardening and outdoor products, with a view to 3D printing buildings. More

Capture 360-degree video with a 3D printed mount and 4 Sony cameras

Dec.6, 2016 - Virtual reality and 360 video specialist SUMO has created a 3D printed camera mount which turns four Sony a7S II cameras into a 360-degree video camera. The $359 rig, which costs over $16,000 with cameras included, can achieve 6,000-pixel resolution in limited light. More

Sri Lanka to buy 3D printed Xian Y-20 military transport aircraft

Dec.5, 2016 - The Sri Lankan government has just announced that it is thinking about purchasing the Chinese-made Xian Y-20 aircraft to be used as a combination military and transport plane. The Xian Y-20 aircraft is the first cargo aircraft to be made with 3D printing technology. More

Renishaw uses 3D printing to improve efficiency of Land Rover BAR yacht

Dec.5, 2016 - British engineering company Renishaw has used its metal 3D printing expertise to improve the performance of the Land Rover Ben Ainsley Racing (BAR) yacht. The boat now uses a 3D printed sheave case and other metal 3D printed parts. More

3D printed Jaipur foot prosthetic launches in 4-month pilot project

Dec.5, 2016 - The popular Jaipur foot, which has helped millions of people with disabilities, is getting a revamp thanks to 3D printing technologies, a Google grant, and the IIT-Bombay. The 3D printed foot will be launched this month with a four-month pilot project. More

3D printed lung model could become new standard for testing of inhaled drugs

Dec.5, 2016 - Scientists from the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic have used 3D printing to develop a functional model of a human lung. The researchers say the 3D printed lung could be used to simulate the effect of inhaled drugs for respiratory conditions. More

3D printing news this week ICYMI: 3D printed magnet breakthrough, Concept Laser and Swisslog partner

Dec.2, 2016 - During a week in which many people opened up the first two doors of their advent calendar, we were busy opening up press release after press release concerning the latest 3D printing news and innovations: a 3D printed magnet breakthrough, a 3D printed robotic arm for $450, and much more. More

These 3D printed human organ simulations were so realistic they fooled trained professionals

Dec.2, 2016 - Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) have developed a new way to fabricate human organ simulations that look and feel almost exactly like the real thing. Sacks of red dye that 'bleed' when cut have helped to fool even nurses and physicians into thinking the organs are the real thing. More

Nine-year-old girl to receive new ear thanks to 3D scanning and printing tech

Dec.2, 2016 - The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh is using 3D printing technology to make a new ear for nine-year-old Anya Storie. Born with the congenital condition microtia, Anya has always had an underdeveloped right ear which has affected her hearing. More

Audi to send 3D printed Lunar Quattro rover to the moon in 2017

Dec.2, 2016 - German auto manufacturer Audi has partnered with Berlin-based engineering group Part-Time Scientists to launch a 3D printed moon rover into space. The rover, a squat WALL-E-esque machine, is called the Lunar Quattro, and was developed as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. More

3D printed dog nose could help detect explosives

Dec.2, 2016 - A team of researchers has taken inspiration from the way dogs 'sniff' odors to develop a new 3D printed device capable of detecting explosives and other contraband up to 18 times more effectively than other detection systems. More

Chronio, Arduino-powered 3D printed smartwatch, lasts half a year on a single charge

Dec.2, 2016 - With smartwatches bringing back the popular wristwatch that has been with us for centuries, there is no wonder the 3D printing community is contributing to the scene. The Chronio is a power-efficient 3D printed smartwatch that can run up to half a year on a single battery. More

Loopa 3D printed looping microphone officially launches for $119

Dec.1, 2016 - Cambridge, UK-based company Sonuus has officially launched its 3D printed looping microphone, the Loopa. The 3D printed mic, which is capable of looping, overdubbing, and more, is retailing for $119. More

Crayons from 3D printed molds surpass crowdfunding goal, all proceeds go to children's charity

Dec.1, 2016 - Christian McKechnie and Ben Lees, the two ad executives behind Monster Crayons, have announced their charitable crayons will hit stores in early 2017. More

Melissa Ng's 3D printed mana potion pendant raises funds for a friend's cancer treatment

Nov.30, 2016 - Melissa Ng of Lumecluster has unveiled her latest design: a 3D printed mana potion pendant. The pendant, which is being sold through 3D printing service Shapeways is raising funds for one of the designer's friends who is undergoing intense cancer treatments. More

Engineers 3D print first fully functional drone with embedded electronics & aerospace-grade material

Nov.30, 2016 - Researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have teamed up with additive manufacturing giant Stratasys to 3D print a fly-ready drone capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures using aerospace-grade material. More

A 3D printed 'cradle' for laboratory house sparrows could help cure chronic stress

Nov.29, 2016 - Yale University researcher Christine Lattin has used 3D printing and scanning to study stress in house sparrows. The researcher believes her work could be used to develop more effective treatments for humans suffering from chronic stress. More

New 3D printed Bicicletto e-bike sees Materialise and Nuova SPA go full throttle

Nov.29, 2016 - Materialise recently partnered with Italian automotive brand Nuova SPA to develop a 3D printed upgrade for the latter's Bicicletto e-bike. The new and improved Bicicletto features a number of 3D printed parts that make it lighter, faster, and more cost-efficient to manufacture. More

We can 3D print a house in 24 hours, says teenage CEO of Cazza Construction

Nov.29, 2016 - Led by 19-year-old millionaire entrepreneur Chris Kelsey, San Francisco-based Cazza Construction claims it can use large-scale 3D printing to build entire 100 sq m houses in as little as 24 hours. Cazza will, however, be keeping the secrets of its 3D printer under wraps until December. More

Photographer uses 3D printing to turn monocle from 1890 into camera lens

Nov.29, 2016 - French experimental photographer Mathieu Stern has proven that there are some ways around spending hundreds of dollars on a new camera lens. Our favorite involves turning a vintage monocle lens into a camera lens with a 3D printed casing. More

UCL researchers explore how to preserve & restore 3D printed contemporary art

Nov.28, 2016 - A team of researchers from the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage are experimenting with new and effective ways of maintaining and restoring contemporary art made from materials like ABS and PLA. The project is a preemptive effort to maintain and preserve contemporary 3D printed art pieces. More

3D printable 'meat inks' could be used to feed the elderly

Nov.28, 2016 - New research from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) suggests that the 3D printing of red meat products could add significant value to the Australian red meat industry, especially when targeted at the aged care sector. MLA believes that secondary cuts could be turned into a 3D printable 'meat ink.' More

Australian surfer to get back in the water after 3D printed titanium implant saves leg

Nov.28, 2016 - Thanks to a 3D printed titanium leg implant made by Texas company 4WEB, Queensland resident Callum Harewood will be able to continue his active surfer lifestyle following a horrific motorway accident. Without the 3D printed implant, Harewood may have lost his leg. More

3D printable OpenRC Formula 1 car hits the track with NinjaFlex tires

Nov.26, 2016 - Daniel Norée, creator of the OpenR/C Project, has unveiled his third-generation 3D printed OpenR/C car, which can be 3D printed in PLA (body) and NinjaFlex (tires). Nor'e has published a guide explaining how to assemble the new R/C car. More

3D printing holds promise for musicians using prosthetics

Nov.25, 2016 - A Northern Illinois University engineering student has joined forces with a young violinist to innovate a 3D printed prosthetic hand made of lightweight nylon and plastic, which grants the wearer an increased range of motion while playing. More

Researchers use nanoscale 3D printing to recreate 'structural colors' of blue tarantula and peacock

Nov.25, 2016 - The stunning blue tarantula holds the key to consistent structural color that could change the textile, packaging, and cosmetic industries, according to a research team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The German researchers have found a way to replicate the natural phenomenon using nanoscale 3D printing. More

Dutch designer launches Holthinrichs Watches, new 3D printed watch brand

Nov.24, 2016 - Dutch designer Michel Holthinrich recently launched his very own 3D printed watch brand: Holthinrichs Watches. The new brand, which so far consists of one stunning 3D printed watch design called the Ornament 1, has expertly combined traditional watchmaking techniques with 3D printing. More

3D printed steering wheel & bracket propels Team Delft to Formula Student glory

Nov.24, 2016 - Team Delft, the Formula Student racing team from the Netherlands' Delft University of Technology, has explained how 3D printing is helping guide its cars to victory on a yearly basis. The latest version of the student-made racing car utilizes a 3D printed steering wheel and bracket. More

The pen mightier than the sword: Dutch designer releases titanium 3D printed fountain pen

Nov.24, 2016 - Dutch designer Rein van der Mast has just announced his newest effort in the world of luxury fountain pens: the Spica Virginis, a titanium 3D printed fountain pen and nib. The pen was 3D printed on 3D Systems' ProX DMP 300 3D Printer. More

Estonian, British companies using 3D printed parts to refine aircraft interiors

Nov.24, 2016 - Magnetic MRO, an Estonian company specializing in aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations, has teamed up with British subsidiary company MAC Interiors to integrate 3D printing into the production of aviation-approved parts. MAC has expertise in retrofitting and refurbishing aircraft lavatories, interiors, and more. More

Divergent 3D premieres its first 3D printed superbike at Los Angeles Auto Show

Nov.23, 2016 - Divergent 3D, the company which brought us the first 3D printed supercar, Blade, has just become a new contender in the world of custom motorcycles. Meet the Dagger: the bold new superbike with a 3D printed chassis, unveiled last week at the annual LA Auto Show. More

3D printed cat tongue mimic could have applications for soft robotics industry

Nov.22, 2016 - Researcher Alexis Noel has been exploring the structure of cat tongues with the help of a 3D printed cat tongue mimic printed at a scale of 400%. The project could have potential applications within the field of soft robotics, cosmetics, and more. More

Krone Golf comes to the fore with 3D printed KD-1 driver

Nov.22, 2016 - Krone Golf and CRP Group have joined forces to develop a partially 3D printed golf driver. The club is made using both additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques, and features optimized surface thicknesses, a controlled head weight, and a tuned center of gravity. More

Maker of 3D printed Blade supercar predicts flatpack future for auto industry

Nov.22, 2016 - Divergent Microfactories has embraced 3D printing and a modular structure to create a new kind of local manufacturing process that could slash the environmental impact of the automotive industry More

German 3D printed prosthetics manufacturer Mecuris secures major investment

Nov.22, 2016 - Munich-based 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics manufacturer Mecuris GmbH has just announced that it has secured a significant investment through a seed funding round. The new funds will be put towards expanding and further developing the company's cloud-based AI design technology and 3D printed prosthetics. More

Paraguayan company Po aims to make 3D printed prosthetic hands accessible to all

Nov.22, 2016 - Po, a Paraguay-based company, is hoping to make prosthetics more accessible to those in need by offering customized 3D printed upper-limb prosthetics to locals with amputations and disabilities. Its newest prosthetic hand integrates Myo sensors, giving the device more versatile functions. More

3D printed QuadBot Kickstarter combines open source robotics and STEM education

Nov.22, 2016 - Quadbot, an open source robotics kit geared towards educating students and makers about 3D printing and STEM subjects, has just launched on Kickstarter. Developed by Engimake, the QuadBot is composed of a number of 3D printed parts, an Arduino based QuadBoard, servo motors, and more. More

Dutch hotel's 3D printed, cutting-edge conference center nears development

Nov.21, 2016 - Dutch hotel De Slaapfabriek Teuge is closing in on the funding required to create a groundbreaking 3D printed conference center with a design inspired by plane trails. The building will utilize an internal projection system that can virtually transport guests to Central Park or Copacabana beach. More

Dubai teen wins award for 'mind-controlled' 3D printed bionic arm

Nov.21, 2016 - Rishabh Java, a 14-year-old boy from the UAE, has scooped the 'Best Innovative Project' prize at the first Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad. Java designed a 3D printed bionic arm that can purportedly be controlled with the mind using an Electroencephalography (EEG) monitor. More

Australia to open state-of-the-art biofabrication institute for 3D printing implants

Nov.21, 2016 - Australia's Herston Health Precinct has announced that it will be opening a new biofabrication institute on its premises. The institute, which will occupy two floors at the Herston Health Precinct, will be dedicated to imaging, modeling, and manufacturing 3D printed patient-specific tissues. More

3D print an earthquake in 8 steps

Nov.20, 2016 - After creating a 3D printed shake intensity map of the 2014 South Napa earthquake two years ago, Oakland-based artist Doug McCune has published a guide to creating a 3D printed map of almost any earthquake from around the world. More

Bioniks wants to give Pakistani children 3D printed superhero prosthetic hands

Nov.19, 2016 - Pakistani company Bioniks is determined to give amputee children a new lease of life with a range of 3D printed prosthetic limbs inspired by comic book characters. More

Neri Oxman uses 3D printing to create spectral collection of 'death masks'

Nov.18, 2016 - Stratasys has launched The New Ancient, a new art and design collection that includes Vespers, a series of 15 3D printed death masks designed by Neri Oxman. The masks will be unveiled at the grand reopening of London's Design Museum next week. More

3D printed shoes: has this designer found the perfect model for making, marketing, and selling them?

Nov.18, 2016 - Kevin Pagdon, a recent graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and aspiring footwear designer, has developed '3D Printed Performance,' a concept solution for sustainably making, marketing, and selling 3D printed shoes. More

China successfully 3D printed its 1st pressure vessel cylinder prototype for a nuclear reactor

Nov.18, 2016 - The China Nuclear Power Research Institute and Nanfang Additive Manufacturing Technology Co. Ltd. (Nanfang-AM) have announced their first ever 3D printed pressure vessel cylinder prototype. The 3D printed part marks a step forwards for the "Made in China 2025" initiative. More

StringKing calls on lacrosse players to up their game with 3D printed heads

Nov.17, 2016 - In 2011, L.A.-based lacrosse equipment manufacturer StringKing set out to design new and improved lacrosse equipment using innovative new technologies. Now, thanks to 3D printing, the company is set to release a line of six new stick heads. More

Mars space suit could be patched up with 3D printed parts

Nov.16, 2016 - Mars One, an organization that has ambitions to land the first humans on Mars and establish the first human colony there by 2026, has just unveiled a new design concept for a Mars-ready space suit. The suit features a modular system that would allow for 3D printed replacement parts and add-ons. More

New 3DyourSCAN service 3D prints patient-specific surgical models in less than 24 hrs

Nov.16, 2016 - 3D printing cloud provider WhiteClouds has launched 3DyourSCAN, a service that provides life-size 3D printed models of a patient's CT/MRI scan, and which is designed to improve collaboration and education between physicians and patients. The service uses a 'Hinge & Slice' modeling process. More

Alexander McQueen's stunning $595 umbrella features ergonomic 3D printed handle

Nov.16, 2016 - British luxury fashion label Alexander McQueen has just unveiled its "black mirror" umbrella, which features a stunning ergonomically designed 3D printed handle. The handle's design is actually based on 3D scans of a human hand. More

Circumventive Organs: artist Agi Haines explores 3D bioprinting human organs with animal cells

Nov.16, 2016 - Along with the potential to create human organs through 3D bioprinting, comes the potential to rethink and redesign those organs, or at least that is what designer Agi Haines has shown us with her provocative Circumventive Organs project. More

3D printed water pipes and medical equipment part of Oxfam's major Nepal earthquake relief effort

Nov.16, 2016 - More than a year after the earthquake in Nepal, Oxfam is beginning to explore new technology-focused disaster relief methods. These include using plastic bottles for home insulation and bringing in 3D printers for on-the-spot production of much-needed equipment. More

3D printing training program offered to 800 teachers across India to promote STEAM

Nov.15, 2016 - MakerBot AJP and the Veltech University in India have teamed up to offer 800 middle school and high school teachers a 3D printing training program. The program is aimed at equipping teachers with the tools they need to teach students about 3D printing technologies. More

Sunconomy, Apis-Cor raising funds to build two 3D printed houses for charity

Nov.15, 2016 - Sunconomy and 3D printing construction company Apis-Cor are raising funds to build two fully 3D printed affordable housing units. The two houses will not only prove the viability of the Apis-Cor method, but will be donated to a veteran and to a job training program. More

These 3D printed smart sensors show you to the nearest free parking spot

Nov.15, 2016 - Dutch startup PARKEAGLE has partnered with 3D printer software company Printr to help prototype its smart parking sensor enclosures. The innovative sensors are designed to communicate with drivers, letting them know where there is a free parking spot nearby. More

This 3D printed glove can trick fingerprint scanners

Nov.14, 2016 - Researchers from Michigan State University have developed a technique for 3D printing gloves that can successfully dupe a range of fingerprint scanners. Each glove is made from proprietary materials that can mimic real skin, including the exact texture of a fingerprint. More

WASPmedical is revolutionizing scoliosis treatment with 3D printing

Nov.14, 2016 - Italian doctor Lelio Leoncini is taking on orthopedic scoliosis with the help of a Delta WASP 4070 3D printer and a holistic approach that includes 3D scanning and modeling software. His custom made 3D printed devices could change the way we think about scoliosis treatment. More

Amherst researchers use 3D printed teeth to study evolution of earliest mammals

Nov.14, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a set of 3D printed teeth that were used to test the damaging ability jaws of the earliest mammals, revealing that damage is a much more important evolutionary factor than energy expenditure. More

Russian research group successfully tests 3D printed bullets

Nov.13, 2016 - The Russian Fund for Perspective Research has performed tests on 3D printed bullets. According to the organization, the additive manufactured ammunition performed in a similar manner to traditionally made bullets. More

Open Bionics: 3D printed superhero prostheses make children feel empowered

Nov.13, 2016 - British 3D printed prosthetics specialist Open Bionics has explained the thinking behind its open-source, child-friendly 'superhero' prostheses. Founder Samantha Payne gave a talk about her company's 3D printed robotic hands at the WIRED Next Generation event on November 5. More

Lightest: the levitating lamp you can customize with 3D printing

Nov.12, 2016 - Barcelona-based startup Base Forge has launched Lightest, a color-changing levitating lamp on Kickstarter. Users are invited to design and 3D print their own lampshades for the Lightest lamp. More

Arctic explorer 3D prints custom sunglasses to protect himself from ozone intense environments

Nov.12, 2016 - As many can attest to, sunglasses that don't fit properly can lead to all sorts of discomfort (or worse). Materialise and SEIKO have developed a system of creating the perfect fit with the help of 3D printing. More

Futuristic 3D printed CellPod incubator can grow food in just one week

Nov.11, 2016 - Research scientists at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a 3D printed biotechnology tool that can grow herbs, berries, and plants in just a week. The scientists see the CellPod incubator as a new way for consumers to produce their own food at home. More

Verus Art unveils 1st collection of 3D scanned and printed art re-creations

Nov.11, 2016 - 3D art re-creation company Verus Art has just announced that its latest collection of painting re-creations is now available for purchase. The collection, which was made in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada located in Ottawa, features such iconic pieces as Vincent van Gogh's "Iris", Claude Monet's "Agit'e" and more. More

Avatar-style 3D printed sea monster too big for university 3D printer

Nov.11, 2016 - Using the i.materialise 3D printing service, Irish design student Amy Doran has created a large-scale, Avatar-style 3D printed sea monster that has already featured in a number of exhibitions. The student turned to the online service after finding out her school 3D printer was too small. More

Avatar-style 3D printed sea monster too big for university 3D printer

Nov.11, 2016 - Using the i.materialise 3D printing service, Irish design student Amy Doran has created a large-scale, Avatar-style 3D printed sea monster that has already featured in a number of exhibitions. The student turned to the online service after finding out her school 3D printer was too small. More

German power plant saves millions thanks to 3D printed turbine components

Nov.11, 2016 - A heating power plant near Berlin, Germany is pioneering the use of 3D printed parts in its operations and has so far demonstrated promising results. More

3D printed heart helps develop lifesaving catheter

Nov.11, 2016 - Researchers from the Delft University of Technology are developing a new catheter for complex cardiac procedures. Materialise has partnered with the research team by producing a 3D printed heart which the catheter is being tested on. More

New online service lets students create 3D printed tactile maps and teaching aids for visually impaired

Nov.10, 2016 - Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron, 3D printing experts and co-founders of consulting firm Nonscriptum LLC, have started a project to help teachers of visually impaired students receive 3D printed tactile maps and teaching aids from sighted students learning about 3D printing. More

You'll be all smiles with these affordable 3D printed teeth aligners

Nov.10, 2016 - Startup SmileDirectClub is disrupting cosmetic dentistry with 3D printing. The company is offering its clients 3D printed custom-fitted teeth aligners that will straighten their smile for less than half the cost of traditional aligners. More

Israeli student uses 3D printing to breathe new life into 19th century lace bodice

Nov.10, 2016 - Israeli student Ganit Goldstein from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem shows that even historical outfits can be recreated using 3D printing, and has recreated a 19th century lace bodice using a desktop 3D printer. More

Katrien Herdewyn combines 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship to make stunning shoes

Nov.9, 2016 - Ever since she was a child, Katrien Herdewyn has been inspired to design and create footwear. Now, as a young and accomplished designer, she is breaking down footwear boundaries with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

3D printing helps bring We DDD eyewear from design to market 'with incredible speed'

Nov.9, 2016 - Eyewear brand Aoyama Optical France has, in partnership with 3D printing software specialist Materialise, used additive manufacturing to produce its We DDD (pronounced 'we 3D') range of glasses. 3D printing has enabled the company to create products with few geometric restrictions. More

Team behind world’s first 3D printed jet engine to print aerospace parts for Safran

Nov.9, 2016 - Major European aerospace manufacturer Safran has just signed a collaborative partnership deal with Australia's Amaero Engineering and Monash University to start 3D printing space-bound components including gas turbines for jet engines. More

This patient defied doctors and 3D printed his own heart

Nov.9, 2016 - After being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a disorder which affects the body's connective tissues, engineer Tal Golesworthy refused to undergo invasive and risky preemptive surgery. Instead, he recruited two doctors to 3D print a replica of his heart and make a special corrective device. More

Eliza Wrobel uses multi-tool 3D printer to craft beautiful rotating Ferris Wheel Bookshelf

Nov.9, 2016 - It's often the aesthetic and beauty behind a creation that drives its worth and 3D printing enthusiast Eliza Wrobel has shown this again with her intricately crafted ferris wheel inspired shelving unit. More

3D printed parts improve interiors of luxury helicopters

Nov.8, 2016 - Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG), a leader in customizing high-end helicopter interiors, is using industrial 3D printers from Roboze to create end-use parts for its designs. The company is using advanced materials like PEEK for parts that will be installed on forthcoming helicopters. More

3D printed satellite launcher wins Mouser space design challenge, will be printed aboard ISS

Nov.8, 2016 - Mouser Electronics, in partnership with Grant Imahara and astronaut Chris Hadfield, has announced the winner of its 3D printing ISS design challenge. The winner, Andy Filo, developed an innovative 3D printable femtosat launcher, which can be printed aboard the ISS and deployed in space. More

Is Sony developing a 3D printing system for the Playstation?

Nov.8, 2016 - Sony has filed a patent for a 3D printing system that would enable Playstation gamers to select in-game characters and objects for quick conversion into a 3D printable format. The application would periodically render the virtual environment of the game from multiple 'viewpoints' to collect 3D data. More

3D printed titanium skull implant helps Chinese osteoma patient live normal life

Nov.8, 2016 - Chinese doctors have successfully implanted a 3D printed titanium skull prosthesis for 22-year-old Liu Li, a patient who had been suffering from osteoma in her forehead since the age of six. More

3D printed titanium hips will last longer with less pain thanks to porous implants that mimick real bone

Nov.8, 2016 - McGill University professor Damiano Pasini has developed 3D printed titanium femoral stem joints for hip replacement surgeries that, thanks to a very porous structure, extend the lifespan of hip replacements and decrease patient discomfort. More

Powder & Heat's stylish 3D printed sunglasses win German Design Award

Nov.7, 2016 - German eyewear brand Powder & Heat has been recognized for its innovative 3D printed glasses. The young brand recently took home the German Design Award 2017 for its 'The Flamboyant' sunglasses design. More

Incredible 3D printed gadget turns air into drinking water

Nov.7, 2016 - 22-year-old Jawwad Patel, an engineering student from Hyderabad, India, has developed a 3D printed self-filling water device that can turn humid air into around 1.8 liters of water in just one hour. Patel has been working on various inventions and electronics since the age of 10. More

3D printed vertebrae surgical guide helps Indian doctors treat ten-year-old scoliosis patient

Nov.7, 2016 - A surgical team from the Lilavati Hospital, located in Mumbai, India, recently teamed up with Anatomiz3D to create a patient-specific 3D printed surgical guide to help treat a young girl suffering from severe scoliosis. More

Stylish 3D printed back brace brings fashionable look to female scoliosis patients

Nov.7, 2016 - Orthopedic specialist UNYQ is launching a very stylish 3D printed back brace for female scoliosis patients that not only looks very fashionable, but is also very lightweight, easier to wear and completely customizable. More

Two-year-old Everton fan Kobi receives 3D printed arm emblazoned with team logo

Nov.7, 2016 - The two-year-old Kobi from Liverpool in the UK has received a 3D printed arm emblazoned with the logo of his favorite soccer club Everton, and even went on a club tour after becoming a social media hit. More

Tony the pinball wizard 3D prints complete pinball machine with 8.5 km of filament

Nov.7, 2016 - Tony the pinball wizard and 3D FilaPrint showcased a mesmerizing completely 3D printed pinball machine at TCT 2016 in Denver, made from more than 8,5 km of filament and eighty different materials. More

Maki Sugimoto 3D prints educational organ replicas with realistic textures using Bio-Texture Modeling

Nov.7, 2016 - Maki Sugimoto has developed the Bio-Texture Modeling platform, which creates 3D printable organs that are both anatomically correct and realistic in texture, mass, and other physical qualities, using water-retaining resins. More

This beautiful green guest house has all 3D printed light fixtures

Nov.6, 2016 - This stunning eco-friendly guest house designed by architect Steven Holl features all 3D printed fixtures in its interior. The house, named Ex of In House, was built by Holl on his property in Rhinebeck, New York, and is undoubtedly one of the most stunning pieces of architecture we've seen lately. More

3D printed electronics on stickers could diversify IoT

Nov.5, 2016 - Researchers at Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have developed a new method for 3D printing high-performance electronic decals for Internet of Things applications. The method involves printing complex CMOS circuits using advanced nanofabrication techniques. More

Say goodbye to whisk cleaning woes with new 3D printed Whisk Wiper, available on Kickstarter

Nov.5, 2016 - Inventor Matthew Michel has just launched his latest kitchen tool through a Kickstarter campaign. Called the Whisk Wiper, it is a handy 3D printed tool that makes cleaning a whisk easier than ever before. More

New Adidas sneaker made from ocean plastic and developed with 3D printing goes on sale this month

Nov.4, 2016 - Adidas, in partnership with Parley, has announced its innovative UltraBoost Uncaged Parley sneakers, made almost entirely from recycled ocean plastic and which owe much of their development to 3D printing technologies. More

Dutch Hospital adopts novel system for 3D printing surgical models

Nov.4, 2016 - Surgeons from the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg, the Netherlands, have adopted their own 3D printer for the systematic production of 3D printed surgical models that will make it easier to prepare surgical procedures. More

3D printed fish backpack provides valuable tissue regeneration insights

Nov.4, 2016 - Researchers from the New Mexico State University have developed special 3D printed backpacks for long-tailed knife fish that allow them to study the fishes' unique electric tissue regeneration ability more closely. More

Redditor wins Halloween with fantastic 3D printed Daft Punk helmet

Nov.4, 2016 - Redditor CrazyElectrum made his Halloween unforgettable with a fantastic 3D printed Daft Punk helmet, featuring a massive pre-programmed and app-controlled 326 LEDs. More

V-Moda introduces Forza in-ear headphones with luxury 3D printed custom caps

Nov.3, 2016 - Audio device manufacturing company V-Moda has just released its new Forza series of in-ear headphones. Excitingly, the new collection of high-res headphones offer the world's first 'jewel-grade' 3D printing customization for in-ear headphones. More

New Balance releases 40 pairs of new MS066 3D printed sneakers in collaboration with Concepts

Nov.3, 2016 - Sneaker brand New Balance is releasing a very limited edition run of its newest 3D printed shoe. The MS066, which features an innovative 3D printed midsole, will be available exclusively through Concepts in New York City and is retailing for $349.95. More

3D printed Cyton Gamma 300 robotic arm successfully delivered to ISS

Nov.3, 2016 - A 3D printed Robai Cyton Gamma 300 robotic arm will be installed on the International Space Station after its carrier, Orbital ATK's Cygnus spacecraft, successfully berthed on the ISS last weekend. The Cygnus was also carrying several CubeSats and other equipment. More

Fraunhofer researchers are developing 3D printed bespoke insoles for diabetes patients

Nov.2, 2016 - A German collaborative research project called LAUF is seeking to demonstrate and advance the use of 3D printing to make custom insoles for diabetes patients. While still in development, the innovative system could be available in as soon as two years. More

Innovative ADEPT system to simplify 3D printing of bespoke implants for facial injuries

Nov.2, 2016 - A collaborative effort between the Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales, the Cardfiff Metropolitan University, and UK-based 3D printing companies Renishaw and LPW Technology Ltd. has succeeded in facilitating the creation of patient-specific 3D printed maxillofacial implants. More

ORNL's 3D printed incredibly power permanent magnets outperform conventional magnets

Nov.2, 2016 - Magnets have been used throughout history in a seemingly endless number of technological innovations. A new 3D printing process allows for the creation of permanent magnets to come out stronger than ever before. More

First ever 3D printed art created with HTC Vive VR headset to go on display at Royal Academy of Arts

Nov.2, 2016 - In January, three artists from the Royal Academy of Arts will be exhibiting a series of 3D printed artworks that have been fully designed using HTC Vive VR goggles, while visitors can simultaneously experience their VR design process as well. More

GE unveils 35% 3D printed ATP engine: 'more additive parts than any engine in aviation history'

Nov.1, 2016 - General Electric (GE) has tested a demonstrator engine with 35% additive manufactured printed parts. The engine was made to validate 3D printed parts for the clean-sheet design Advanced Turboprop (ATP) engine, which will power the new Cessna Denali single-engine turboprop aircraft. More

UPENN students 3D print Piccolissimo, world's smallest self-powered flying robot

Nov.1, 2016 - There's no question that making technological advancements in the world of the tiny is as important as the large. A team of researchers have come up with Piccolissimo, world's smallest 3D printed self-powered remote controlled flying droid that may one day take part in disaster relief exercises. More

OpenOrbiter satellite will test 3D printer in low Earth orbit

Nov.1, 2016 - Students at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota are building a CubeSat satellite that will test the capabilities of a 5 x 5 x 8 cm 3D printer in space. The students believe the project could contribute to the long-term goal of 3D printing spacecraft in space. More

Hadrian X, Australia's bricklaying 3D printer robot, gets go-ahead from local council

Oct.31, 2016 - Fastbrick Robotics' innovative Hadrian X bricklaying 3D printer robot is moving ahead towards commercial readiness. A house built using the same materials used by the 3D printer was just approved by local government and council in Perth, Australia. More

Stanford uses 3D printing to develop microspine grippers for RoboSimian climbing robot

Oct.31, 2016 - A Stanford Robotics team has developed a way, with the help of 3D printing, for its RoboSimian rock climbing robot to grip onto over 50KG of weight with little effort at all. More

Introducing FEND: a foldable 3D printed bike helmet that is portable and stylish

Oct.31, 2016 - FEND, a 3D printed collapsible bike helmet that showcases a sleek and minimalist design, is currently seeking funds through a Kickstarter campaign. The innovative helmet was the brainchild of NY-based couple Sujene Kong and Christian Von Heifner. More

3D Veterans completes first educational 3D printing bootcamp, aims to train 400 vets per year

Oct.31, 2016 - With backing from America Makes, 3D Veterans have set up a bootcamp program to provide veterans with free courses on digital processing, CAD design and 3D printing, giving them a head start when looking for jobs in the technical sector. More

3D printed Vue smart glasses support gesture control, play Music, track activity

Oct.31, 2016 - A huge Kickstarter success in the making with the 3D printed Vue smart glasses, which are indistinguishable from an ordinary pair, compatible with prescription lenses and packed with smart sensors and communication tools. More

Custom 3D printed chess set pits famous US cities against one another

Oct.30, 2016 - A special range of 3D printed chess sets, created by Etsy designer AberuizDesign, lets you play the game as your favorite US city. The designer has created 3D printed sets for six US cities, with tiny replicas of famous buildings taking the place of the regular pieces. More

Nano-Racing scales down racing with 3D printed drones that fit in the palm of your hand

Oct.30, 2016 - French startup Nano-Racing has been using Sculpteo 3D printing services to create a very small line of drones that have all the functionality of professional-grade drones, and none of the drawbacks of large 3D printed ones. More

German students 3D print human tissue on hacked Ultimaker using new bio-ink

Oct.29, 2016 - Students from the Technical University of Munich have hacked an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer and developed a special 3D printable bio-ink called 'biotINK.' The students have entered their project into the iGEM challenge, an annual biology contest. More

Université Rennes students well on their way to 3D printing a functional code breaking Enigma Machine

Oct.29, 2016 - Code breaking has been used throughout history to keep secrets from enemy forces and this continues through to today. It's now possible to 3D print the most popular code breaking device of all time; the Enigma Machine. More

Stunning 3D printed trees by Architect Se Yoon Park bring light and darkness to New York

Oct.28, 2016 - Korean Architect Se Yoon Park has produced a stunning art installation called 'Light, Darkness and the Tree' using 3D printed trees that explore the relationship between light and shadows. More

This 3D printed conductive Terminator head with blood-red LED eyes is ideal for Halloween

Oct.28, 2016 - Multi3D's cofounder Patrick Flowers has just shared a fantastic 3D printed Terminator head, whose eyes shine an eerie red thanks to a pair of LEDs and Multi3D's new highly conductive Electrifi copper filament. More

Tacoma's Ivan the gorilla immortalized as 3D printed bronze statue

Oct.28, 2016 - The western lowland gorillas Ivan, who became a local hero in Tacoma after living in a local mall for decades, has now been immortalized as a bronze statue realized through 3D printing by Form 3D Foundry, and will educate coming generations about animal welfare. More

Scientists have made a tiny model of the universe that you can 3D print at home

Oct.28, 2016 - While the universe can seem so big, it has never looked so small! A team of researchers from Imperial College London have 3D printed a super miniature scale version of our universe which you can actually hold in your hand. More

Bosch France buys 3D printers, recoups 10x investment costs in matter of weeks

Oct.28, 2016 - The French arm of global automotive component manufacturer Bosch has been using 3D printing to cut costs on items such as grippers and connector plugs. According to Frederic Boumaza, manager of the Bosch plant in Mondeville, investment in 3D printers was recouped tenfold in a matter of weeks. More

Moscow scientists pioneer 3D printed polymeric skull implants that are absorbed into the body

Oct.28, 2016 - Researchers from the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow have just unveiled a new 3D printed polymeric bone implant for skull injuries that is slowly absorbed into the body and replaced with natural bone tissue. More

High-precision 3D printed ultrasound transducer could aid complex eye surgery

Oct.28, 2016 - Researchers from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have 3D printed a transducer that can control high-pressure ultrasound to move, manipulate, or destroy tiny objects like particles, drops, or biological tissue. The 3D printed device could be used in surgery or advanced research. More

MakerBot co-founder Bre Pettis launches 3D printed heirloom startup Bre & Co.

Oct.27, 2016 - Bre Pettis, MakerBot co-founder, has just launched Bre & Co., a new startup that is dedicated to making 3D printed heirlooms and custom quality gifts. More

3D printed stylish LCD shutter top makes an impact in Shenzhen for SexyCyborg

Oct.27, 2016 - Chinese maker SexyCyborg is back in the news with a stylish wearable LCD shutter top that made a splash at the Shenzhen Maker Faire and made a point at the same time. More

Brazilian Airforce adopts 3D printing to test viability of new aircraft parts

Oct.27, 2016 - The Brazilian Air Force's Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv) has recently adopted 3D printing technologies in its Aerothermodynamics and Experimental Hypersonic Division. Additive manufacturing has allowed researchers there to streamline the prototyping and testing processes for new parts. More

11-year-old Dane Jarvis 3D prints working violin, starts violin 3D printing business

Oct.27, 2016 - The eleven-year-old Dane Jarvis from Fenton, Michigan, has actually 3D printed a working violin at home, inspired by the 3D printable Hovalin instrument, and has now started his very own violin 3D printing business. More

Eindhoven plans to built Europe’s first 3D printed concrete house

Oct.27, 2016 - After experimenting with their custom concrete 3D printer over the past year, TU Eindhoven researchers have now finally received permission from the municipality of Eindhoven to build the first 3D printed concrete home in the Netherlands. More

UAE 'Smart Buildability Index' to standardize 3D printed buildings and construction

Oct.26, 2016 - In the UAE, where arguably one of the most ambitious 3D printing construction plans is being put forth, officials have just announced that their standardization is moving swiftly forwards, and that a new Index is being put together for the standardization of 3D printed buildings. More

Top 30 3D printed Halloween costumes, props, and decorations

Oct.26, 2016 - With October 31st fast approaching, makers everywhere are sure to be warming up their 3D printers to make some awesome costumes, props, and decorations. If you're still looking for inspiration, check out some of our top 3D printed Halloween ideas for 2016. More

3D printed ZEI time tracker makes time management easier than ever

Oct.26, 2016 - Time tracking can be a pain: jotting down minutes and hours in a day can be exhausting, and forgetting to do it can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, a team of developers have created a remarkably simple solution that combines innovative object design and IoT: the ZEI. More

TU Wien: 3D printed magnets cheaper and more flexible than injection molded ones

Oct.25, 2016 - Researchers at TU Wien in Austria have devised a method of fabricating permanent magnets using a 3D printer. The method allows for the 3D printing of complex forms with precisely customized magnetic fields, useful for magnetic sensors and other devices. More

Bring Godzilla into your home with Bandai's 40k 3D printed human-sized statue

Oct.25, 2016 - Bandai has 3D printed a man-sized Godzilla statue that perfectly captures every detail of the iconic cinematic monster, the first in a line of human-scale monsters, and it is now available for a massive 40,000 dollars. More

SpiderFab: Spider robots may soon 3D print satellites in space

Oct.25, 2016 - Aerospace company Tethers Unlimited Inc (TUI) has teamed with commercial satellite firm Space Systems Loral (SSL) to develop 3D printing robots for use in space. The 'SpiderFab' project will see robots 3D printing large truss structures in space in order to support antennas and other constructs. More

Mihai Chiriac believes 3D printed aquaponic homes can bring ecosystems back to urban areas

Oct.25, 2016 - Mihai Chiriac from the University of Sheffield has given the world a glimpse of a sustainable future with Aquaponic Future Housing, 3D printed aquaponic homes that create miniature ecosystems in urban areas that can sustain vegetable and even fish life. More

Researchers find zebrafish want to hang out with moving 3D printed robotic models of themselves

Oct.25, 2016 - A team of researchers from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have discovered that zebrafish actually engage more with 3D printed robotic models of themselves than they do with other types of stimuli. The finding reveals certain things about not only the fish's behavior but also of human disorders. More

LPW invests £20m to produce high quality metal powders for 3D printing, creates 120 new jobs

Oct.25, 2016 - 3D printable metal powder manufacturer LPW Technology is about to invest 20 million pounds in their manufacturing capacity and the Liverpool region, creating 120 new jobs in an attempt to boost the local innovation climate. More

Japanese artist Taketo Kobayashi uses 3D printing to bring ancient Shinto god to life

Oct.25, 2016 - Japanese artist Taketo Kobayashi has again combined traditional Japanese animistic religious expressions with modern technology while 3D printing a gorgeous statue of the ancient Shinto god Sarutahiko. More

3D printed organs on a chip could one day put an end to animal testing

Oct.24, 2016 - Harvard University has 3D printed 'organs on a chip' that could help change medical research and put an end to animal testing. More

TU Delft researchers pioneer self-folding medical implants using 3D printing and origami techniques

Oct.24, 2016 - Dutch research team affiliated with the Universities of Maastricht and Delft have successfully 3D printed smart implants with self-folding properties that encourage cell regeneration after implantation. More

3D printed portable smartphone laboratory by WSU researchers can detect cancer on the go

Oct.24, 2016 - Researchers from Washington State University are making it possible to diagnose cancers in every corner of the world with the low-cost portable laboratory Spectrometer smartphone accessory. More

IFPEN unveils world's first 3D designed and printed chemical reactor

Oct.24, 2016 - A team of researchers from French energy company IFP Énergies Nouvelles (IFPEN) have developed an innovative method for 3D printing a metal chemical reactor using CFD. The 3D printed chemical reactor, the first of its kind, will be used in the production of clean fuels. More

3D printed, Nintendo-inspired 'Harmonicartridge' plays a novelty song for Donkey Kong

Oct.23, 2016 - Two Canadian game-lovers have created a novelty musical instrument inspired by classic Nintendo cartridges. The Blotendo Harmonicartridge, a cross between a NES cartridge and a harmonica, was prototyped on a 3D printer and is currently available for $19 through Kickstarter. More

LLNL researchers use 3D printing to advance target production for material strength tests

Oct.23, 2016 - Researchers from the United States' Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that they are exploring the use of 3D printing for the production of 'on-demand' targets for the testing of different material behaviors. More

Prolific Maker Christoph Laimer at it again with 3D printed LED focused gadgetry certain to impress

Oct.22, 2016 - Inspiration is sometimes difficult to sustain but Swiss Maker Christoph Laimer continues his streak with 3D printed brushless motors, generators, watches and LED driven wind power writers. More

Dr0wned: Researchers highlight security concerns with 3D printing by downing a drone

Oct.20, 2016 - Cybercriminals can hack in to a 3D printing process and put defects into the next plane, car or boat off the 'production line'. Now a team of researchers has proved it. More

WiGo: UAE's first 3D printed self-driving car unveiled at GITEX 2016

Oct.20, 2016 - UAE-based company DigiRobotics recently unveiled WiGo, the country's first 3D printed autonomous vehicle. The 3D printed self-driving car was presented at GITEX 2016 in Dubai. More

KillaJoule, the world's fastest electric motorcycle, breaks records with the help of 3D printing

Oct.20, 2016 - Swedish engineer Eva Håkansson has developed the world's fastest electric motorcycle, the KillaJoule, with the help of 3D printing. The impressive vehicle currently holds the world record for fastest electric motorcycle with an impressive speed of 248.746 mph (400.2 kph). More

Influence of 3D printed Lily light remains undimmed after 14 years

Oct.20, 2016 - In an interview with Dezeen, designer Janne Kyttanen looks back on the 3D printed Lily light, a flower-shaped lamp designed at Amsterdam's Freedom of Creation studio back in 2002. The laser-sintered lamp was an early example of 3D printing being used to create desirable, functional objects. More

See paper in a new way with Nendo's 3D printed paper outline exhibition 'Un-Printed Material'

Oct.20, 2016 - Japanese design firm Nendo has unveiled its latest exhibition: Un-Printed Material. Hosted at Tokyo's Creation Gallery G8, the exhibition explores the medium of paper through 3D printed outlined objects. More

MSU researchers use 3D printed hand replicas to fight fingerprint identity theft

Oct.20, 2016 - Researchers from Michigan State University have discovered that 3D printed hands and fingerprints can actually be used for identity theft, and have tested various fingerprint scanners to better protect against this type of crime. More

Redditor 3D prints incredibly cool Arduino powered UV triggered retractable sunglasses

Oct.20, 2016 - Sunglasses are incredibly useful in the sun but not so much when the glare disappears. A reddit user was inspired by Deux Ex to create a 3D printable pair of glasses that automatically retract based on incoming UV light. More

Educational 3D printed heart valve surgery simulator adopted at Maastricht University Hospital

Oct.20, 2016 - Cardiovascular surgeons from the Maastricht University Hospital have developed an educational simulator that relies on custom 3D printed heart valves to allow surgeons-in-training to practice particularly complex mitral valve repair surgeries. More

Drinkbot, a DIY 3D printed robotic cocktail dress is as stunning as it is thirst quenching

Oct.19, 2016 - Dutch fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht has unveiled her latest creation, Drinkbot: a 3D printed and leather robotic dress that can actually pour out cocktails. The innovative designer has posted a detailed tutorial on how you can make your own Drinkbot dress. More

Redditor 3D prints gargantuan Fallout T-60 power armor during 140 days of continuous 3D printing

Oct.19, 2016 - Redditor hirocreations built a truly inspiring T-60 power armor suit, inspired by the Fallout game franchise, during a mind-blowing 140-day continuous 3D printing marathon. More

Could fast internet and 3D printing change life in the Australian outback?

Oct.19, 2016 - A brave plan to bring fast internet to the Australian wilderness with satellites could pave the way for an additive manufacturing revolution that can change lives. More

Standard Products: 3D printed modular furniture that you can design

Oct.18, 2016 - Netherlands based designers Jesse Howard and Jesse Kirschner have just launched their latest collection of modular DIY 3D printed furniture through Kickstarter. The series is called "Standard Products" and will be featured at the upcoming Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. More

Amazon opens doors of top secret 'Prime Air' 3D printed drone lab in Cambridge UK

Oct.17, 2016 - Online retailer Amazon has invited schoolchildren and local media to its secret drone laboratory in Cambridge, UK. Inside the facility, which contains 3D printing equipment, researchers are developing drones which can deliver 2kg packages up to 15 miles in just half an hour. More

By 2017 all Dubai hospitals will be using 3D printing for pre-surgical models and more

Oct.17, 2016 - The Dubai Health Authority has announced that by the year 2017, all Dubai hospitals will have adopted 3D printing technologies for various applications. These include 3D printing artificial limbs, denture molds, fracture casts, and notably the 3D printing of artificial organs to be used in pre-surgical procedures. More

Ai Build unveils Daedalus Pavilion, 3D printed by robots using Artificial Intelligence

Oct.17, 2016 - London-based startup Ai Build is seeking to efficiently 3D print smart homes in the near future, and have just unveiled the 3D printed Daedalus Pavilion in Amsterdam to showcase the viability of their custom large scale 3D printing robot and learning algorithms. More

3D printed metal 'bones' allow Kengoro the humanoid robot to cool down by sweating

Oct.17, 2016 - Thanks to a 3D printed aluminum frame featuring porous surfaces, Japanese researchers have enabled their Kengoro robot to sweat de-ionized water and cool down his motors during use, significantly increasing his performance capacity. More

11-year-old Tilly tests 3D printed Deus Ex prosthetic arm after losing hands to meningitis

Oct.17, 2016 - After losing both of her hands to meningitis as a baby, the now 11-year-old Tilly has started working together with British prosthetics pioneer Open Bionics to test a 3D printed prosthetic arm inspired by Deus Ex. More

S'NEXT launches limited run of 3D printed titanium earphones for ultimate sound experience

Oct.17, 2016 - Japanese company S'NEXT is taking 3D printed earphones to the next level, with a limited run of 200 3D printed LAB II titanium earphones that should provide a vivid sound field and the ultimate audio experience. More

Biomedical engineer says 'yes' to 3D printed diamond engagement ring

Oct.16, 2016 - Husband-to-be Noah Keating surprised his fianc'e Nina Tandon, CEO of bone graft specialist EpiBone, with a 3D printed engagement ring inspired by the muscle fibers of the human heart. The 3D printed band was adorned with a lab-grown diamond. More

Aqua Shard hosts stunning 3D printed nature installation dedicated to Sir David Attenborough

Oct.16, 2016 - Aqua Shard, the restaurant in one of London's most iconic contemporary buildings, will be unveiling an installation dedicated to Sir David Attenborough next month. The installation features thousands of 3D printed leaves, each printed from recycled plastics. More

3D printing news roundup: Airbus and Stratasys strike deal, Nano Dimension expands into 3D bioprinting

Oct.15, 2016 - Everyone may be talking about Clinton vs Trump, but our 3D printing news roundup sees two graphene-based 3D printing filaments vying for your vote. In other news: Airbus and Stratasys strike a deal, Nano Dimension expands into 3D bioprinting, and the Boy Scouts of America get 3D printing. More

This DIY 3D printed UV Brush Cleaner keeps your makeup brushes dry and sterilized

Oct.15, 2016 - Adafruit's the Ruiz Brothers have come up with a clever design for a 3D printed UV Brush Cleaner tool. Essentially, the 3D printed box is equipped with a fan and UV LEDs which keep your makeup brushes dry and sterilized. More

WaterScope uses 3D printed microscope to bring water testing to the developing world

Oct.14, 2016 - A group of academics from Cambridge University have developed the WaterScope, a 3D printed microscope kit that relies on a Raspberry Pi to quickly test local drinking water for harmful pathogens, and which could help millions in the developing world. More

New Panasonic smart mirror scans your blemishes and 3D prints customized makeup

Oct.14, 2016 - Japanese multinational electronics company Panasonic has unveiled a new prototype of its smart mirror. This last prototype can analyze the user's skin imperfections and 3D print customized makeup sheets to be applied. More

KCNSC 3D prints 25000th part, saving more than $45M in production costs in the process

Oct.14, 2016 - Researchers from the Kansas City National Security Campus, part of the NNSA, have just reached an important milestone by 3D printing their 25,000th part and having saved millions in production costs while developing those components. More

3D printing lets the blind to touch and feel Gustav Klimt's 1908 masterpiece 'The Kiss'

Oct.14, 2016 - A 3D printed version of The Kiss (1908), a painting by Austrian Symbolist Gustav Klimt, is on display at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, where the original work also resides. The all-white 3D printed version represents the original in relief, and can therefore be studied by blind museum-goers. More

3D printing and scanning give twins conjoined at the head a fighting chance

Oct.14, 2016 - Jadon and Anias MacDonald are cranially conjoined twins and now 3D scanning and 3D printed models have helped the surgeon prepare for the Herculean task of their separation. More

3D printed EXO 1 exoskeleton transforms DJI Phantom 4 into a search-and-rescue drone

Oct.14, 2016 - Frost Design has transformed the popular DJI Phantom 4 drone into a dedicated search-and-rescue tool with the EXO 1, a 3D printed exoskeleton frame that enables the inclusion of various cameras, lights and other reconnaissance tools. More

Hyatt Hotels ad campaign celebrates business travelers with 3D printed statuettes

Oct.13, 2016 - Hyatt hotels have launched the #WhySettle campaign to celebrate business travelers. As part of the campaign, they have launched a context through which people can nominate their favorite business traveler who will be entered to win a 3D printed statue of themselves. More

Sharebot to unveil fully 3D printed RCSIR-3D race car prototype at Maker Faire Rome

Oct.13, 2016 - At this year's Maker Faire Rome, Italian 3D printer company Sharebot will be showcasing its latest 3D printing project: RCSIR-3D, a fully 3D printed RC racing car. In addition to the 3D printed RC car, the company will also display a number of its 3D printer models. More

These genius 3D printed earrings catch your Apple Airpods when they fall out

Oct.13, 2016 - To address the issue of Apple's Airpods falling out, 3D printer company M3D has unveiled a pair of 3D printed earrings, the 'Twisty Earbud Catchers', which have been specially designed to catch the falling Airpods. They earrings are available for download on Thingiverse. More

TurtleBot 3: Open source robotics to truly stretch your 3D printing skills

Oct.13, 2016 - TurtleBot 3, a simpler version of the legendary TurtleBot hits the market next year and it could be the perfect platform for the 3D printing community to take robotics to the next level. More

Incredibly detailed 3D printed Overwatch gun comes ready to blast sound through its built-in speakers

Oct.13, 2016 - Cosplay and hobbyists around the world have been embracing 3D printing technology for years now. It seems every month bigger and more intricate ideas get realized and Simone Fontana's 3D printed Overwatch gun (speakers included) proves this once again. More

3m statue of Polish soccer star Robert Lewandowski: 'The Tallest 3D Printed Person!'

Oct.13, 2016 - A collaborative project between five 3D printing and 3D scanning companies has produced what could be the world's tallest 3D printed person: a three-meter-tall statue of Polish soccer star Robert Lewandowski. FabLab Kielce, one of the companies involved, will apply for the official Guinness record. More

Get ready for Halloween with 3D printed pumpkins, spooky waving skeletons, and more

Oct.12, 2016 - Kitronic, a provider of 3D printing and electronics project kits, has released a range of 3D printing and laser cutting Halloween projects, including a 3D printable pumpkin with flickering LED candle. Two of the spooky projects make use of the pocket-sized, Arduino-like BBC micro:bit computer. More

Northwestern researchers pioneer custom 3D printed biodegradable vascular stents

Oct.12, 2016 - A team of researchers from Northwestern University have pioneered flexible 3D printed biodegradable stents, which can easily be customized for each and every patient and provide life-saving support in the case of weak or clogged up arteries. More

3D printed Griptight Snowboard Binding to improve performance on the slopes

Oct.12, 2016 - Australian student and entrepreneur Robert Leen is working on a 3D printed snowboard binding system called the Griptight Snowboard Binding that will give users far more movement control. He believes that 3D printing can revolutionize snowboarding. More

Prince’s ashes, encased in beautiful 3D printed Paisley Park urn, are now on display

Oct.12, 2016 - The ashes of the pop star prince, who died earlier this year, have been stored in a remarkable 3D printed Paisley Park urn made by Foreverence. The urn is actually on display in the studio and home of the artist, which has been transformed in a temporary museum. More

Does infill pattern change your 3D print's tensile strength? A new study has the answer

Oct.12, 2016 - The type of infill you choose for your 3D print can have a major impact on its tensile strength. Now a new study, a collaborative effort between two Universities in Valencia and the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana del Ecuador, has revealed more details. More

Harvard scientists 3D print 'living' kidney model, a step forward in building functional human tissues

Oct.12, 2016 - Scientists at Harvard have used a 3D bioprinter to 3D print a tubular renal architecture that mimics human kidney function. The research advances the collective goal of 3D printing functional human organs for drug screening, disease modeling, and regenerative medicine. More

3D printed Lego-inspired HelmetHair makes safe biking fun for kids

Oct.12, 2016 - Simon Higby and Clara Prior-Knock of DDB Copenhagen design agency have designed what could be the best helmet concept after H'vding's airbag for cyclists, and it is exactly what you may have guessed: a 3D printed helmet made to look like a head of hair. More

6m long 3D printed aluminum spar could be world's biggest metal 3D printed object

Oct.11, 2016 - British researchers from Cranfield University might have just set a new record for the biggest 3D printed object in the world, with a six meter long, 300kg double-sided 3D printed aluminum spar. More

SD3D unveils fully 3D printed skateboard, even down to its wheels

Oct.11, 2016 - In an attempt to test their material limitations, San Diego 3D printing service SD3D has just completed a fully 3D printed skateboard. Made from a variety of different materials, the skateboard was recently taken out for a test ride by Braille Skateboarding. More

$600 EpiPen price hike inspires DIY 3D printed EpiPencil that costs just $3

Oct.11, 2016 - In response to the unjustifiable 600 percent price hike that pharmaceutical manufacturer Mylan introduced for the EpiPen earlier this year, hackers have just shared a 3D printed EpiPencil alternative that can be built for just a few dollars. More

Awesome 3D printed gadgets: 3D printed smartwatch, Flux money pendulum, OpenRC Tractor

Oct.11, 2016 - For all makers and 3D printing enthusiasts out there, here is a roundup of some of the coolest 3D printed gadget projects we've seen this week. From a hacked Nokia 1100 cellphone, to a 3D printed OpenRC Tractor, to geometrically stunning 3D printed chocolates, we just can't enough of what's been happening in the world of 3D printing. More

This 3D printed Raspberry Pi Pokémon finder device could help you catch even the rarest Pokémon

Oct.11, 2016 - Adafruit's the Ruiz Brothers have released a 3D printing tutorial that is sure to get Pokémon Go users as excited as ever. In it, the innovative makers explain how one can easily build a Raspberry Pi based finder device which notifies players what types of Pokémon might be in their vicinity. More

Singapore researchers invented a 3D printed scaffold to grow bone for dental implants

Oct.11, 2016 - A team of Singapore researchers is making bone grafting obsolete with a 3D printed scaffold in which new bone material is grown for dental implants, and will be testing it on 132 patients over the coming years. More