3D printers for home-use to exceed 1 million unit sales by 2018

Apr.18, 2014 - Sales of consumer 3D printers will exceed 1 million units by 2018, rising from just over an estimated 44,000 this year, according to UK-based research firm Juniper Research. More

Tinkerine soon launch Ditto Pro 3D printer

Apr.16, 2014 - Vancouver based 3D printing company Tinkerine will soon launch its Ditto Pro printer, aimed at the education market. The Ditto Pro features a sleek Open C frame crafted out of uni-piece aluminum composite shell. More

ROKIT unveils three new 3D printers: Compact, Pro and Giant

Apr.14, 2014 - Korean startup ROKIT officially announced three brand new models of their 3D printer in Seoul on Friday 11’th of April. ROKIT’s 3DISON series features up to 1000mm/second printing speed. More

Amaker 3D printer set to launch on Kickstarter next week

Apr.11, 2014 - Singapore based Amaker3D has announced today that they will launch a Kickstarter campaign for their new 3D printer, Amaker. More

EU developing 3D food printer for the elderly, set to finish by 2015

Apr.9, 2014 - Researchers in Europe are working on a 3D food printer that will be able to create easily digestible food, which not only maintains the shape and taste of the real thing, but can also be fortified with specific nutrients. More

High speed, high resolution DLP 3D printer Titan 1 set to launch soon

Apr.8, 2014 - Kudo3D's first product is Titan1, an easy to use and upgradable desktop DLP Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer. DLP Projector based printers have been gaining in popularity in the last few years. More

$199 The Micro 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Apr.7, 2014 - Today Bethesda, MD based startup M3D launches a Kickstarter campaign for its Micro 3D printer. The Micro is a lightweight (1kg) consumer 3D printer that comes ready to use out of the box. More

High resolution M-One DLP 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter soon

Apr.4, 2014 - Chinese company Makex want to take desktop 3D printers to the next level with their new DLP 3D printer M-One. More

The new Cyrus 3D printer

Apr.3, 2014 - The Cyrus is a compact fully assembled desktop 3D printer with a built-in spoolhoolder on the back. It comes with a small metal geared stepper motor with a torque of 1.0Nm. More

Studio Under develops a large & fast ceramic 3D printer

Apr.3, 2014 - Studio Under, a design and research studio based in Israel, claimed that they have built the largest ceramic 3D printer ever made. More

Bonsai Mini 3D printer released in Japan

Apr.2, 2014 - Japanese startup Bonsai Lab released its ultra-compact Bonsai Mini 3D printer BS01 today. The BS01 was launched on Japanese crowdfunding site "kibidango" in December 2013 and raised about JP¥10,500,000 funding in 3 weeks. More

XYZprinting starts taking pre-orders for da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer

Mar.31, 2014 - The company is not wasting any time getting its latest 3D printers to market - XYZprinting today announced its da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer is available for pre-order. More

New iNvent One 3D printer launches on indiegogo

Mar.30, 2014 - Italian 3D print start-up MakerDreams has just launched its iNvent One 3D printer on indiegogo. Created by brothers Luca and Frederico Faggiotto, iNvent One is a plug-in-and-play machine. More

Ultimaker 2 3D printer source files now online

Mar.29, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker releases the Ultimaker 2 source files today, as promised when they introduced the new 3D printer 6 months ago. More

Lixpen, the smallest 3D printing pen

Mar.28, 2014 - Called Lixpen, the 3D printing pen has the similar function as of 3D printers: it melts and cools colored plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures. More

Researchers print live cells with multi-material 3D bioprinter

Mar.27, 2014 - Chinese company Unique Technology announced that it has successfully developed a 3D bio-printer that is capable of printing a variety of cells simultaneously. Tests revealed that the cell survival rate was up to 92%. More

3D Pioneer signs MoU with Mbot to develop 3D printer

Mar.27, 2014 - 3D Pioneer Systems has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Hangzhou, China based Magic Firm, manufacturer of Mbot 3D printers to co-develop company's new 3D printer and related accessory hardware. More

$1,000 Foodini 3D food printer hits Kickstarter, ships in Jan 2015

Mar.26, 2014 - Barcelona start-up Natural Machines has just launched its new invention: Foodini, a prototype 3D printer that can produce a range of foodstuffs on Kickstarter. More

FACTUM high speed sintering 3D printer makes a part in less than a second

Mar.26, 2014 - University of Sheffield spin-out FaraPack Polymers and researchers at the Universities of Loughborough have created a new 3D printer that is capable of making finger-sized parts at less than one second per part. More

AST2 introduces Invent3D printer and student partnership

Mar.25, 2014 - Applied Systems & Technology Transfer LLC introduced its Invent3D printer at the America Makes’ project management review meeting last week. More

Open-source Mamba3D printer set to launch via Kickstarter

Mar.25, 2014 - Dutch startup MyMatics has been working on their prototype 3D printer Mamba3D since last year, hoping to set a new standard for quality, usability and affordability. More

$460 Mostfun 3D printer raised $21K in a week on crowdfunding site DemoHour

Mar.20, 2014 - This is something many have been waiting for. Affordable, easy to use and a good looking 3D printer. Chinese manufacturer mostfun.cc has just launched their Mostfun 3d printers on Chinese crowdfunding platform DemoHour. More

Printrbot releases info on the Go V2 3D printer

Mar.19, 2014 - Printrbot has released info on the Go V2. The Printrbot GO comes fully assembled and has three different sizes: Go Small, Go Medium and Go Large. More

Italian startup introduces customizable Galileo Smart 3D printer

Mar.19, 2014 - Kentstrapper, has introduced their latest 3D printer: Galileo Smart, an entry-level, customizable and easy to use 3D printer. More

Concept Laser showcases largest component created on its metal 3D printer

Mar.18, 2014 - German company Concept Laser, a pioneer in the field of laser fusing technology, reports that it has printed the largest component, a gear part, on its X line 1000R system, with the dimensions of 474 x 367 x 480 mm. More

AOD Artist smart 3D printer raised $195K in three hours

Mar.17, 2014 - Claimed to be China 's first smart 3D printer, the AOD Artist developed by the AOD 3D Printing Ltd has raised 1.2 million RMB ($195,000) in less than three hours on Sunday evening. More

Three Ohio high school students create working 3D bioprinter

Mar.14, 2014 - Three high school students, Nathan Bryant, Cameron Spicer and Thomas Worsham have created a working 3D bioprinter that has the ability to print and grow bacteria. More

Czech startup be3D unveils DeeGreen 3D printer at CeBIT 2014

Mar.13, 2014 - Czech 3D printer manufacturer be3D.cz unveiled a fully automatic 3D printer 'DeeGreen' at the German trade expo CeBIT. More

Celebrating Hardware Freedom Day: LulzBot 3D printer sale

Mar.12, 2014 - In celebration of Hardware Freedom Day, Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot line of desktop 3D printers, is offering a sale on all TAZ 3 3D printers. More

EnvisionTEC launches Perfactory Micro Advantage 3D printer for jewelers

Mar.12, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer EnvisionTEC launches their new Perfactory Micro Advantage 3D printer at both the Atlanta Jewelry Show in Atlanta and the MJSA Show in New York. More

Afinia launches new H480 desktop 3D printer (video)

Mar.10, 2014 - Afinia has launched its next-generation 3D Printer H480, an affordable device that includes a number of features, including what Afinia called "automatic bed levelling and nozzle height detection". More

HD^2 High Definition & Heavy Duty 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Mar.10, 2014 - The HD^2 stands for High Definition AND Heavy Duty, and "it embodies the personality of this printer, from the oversized base to the professionally designed interworking parts," creator Ryan O'Donaghy explained. More

Plastic Scribbler announces $689 Asterid 1100 3D Printer

Mar.5, 2014 - Plastic Scribbler announces today a new model, Asterid 1100 3D printer, which features a Smart Controller, a 12V 40W heater cartridge, a heated build platform with a borosilicate glass build surface. More

US$649 da Vinci 2.0 3D printer to ship in April

Mar.3, 2014 - Priced at just $649, the new da Vinci 2.0 3D printer from Taiwan-based XYZprinting is set to ship in mid-April, a company executive said Monday. More

Zecotek developing 3D Printer, shares rise after announcement

Feb.27, 2014 - Zecotek Photonics announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Zecotek Display Systems is designing a unique 3D printer which will offer technical and commercial competitive advantages to existing 3D printers. More

Google & 3D Systems developing high-speed 3D printer for modular smartphones

Feb.27, 2014 - Google is working with 3D Systems to develop new high-speed continuous 3D printer capable of mass-producing modules for their future modular smart devices. More

See the BotObjects ProDesk3D color 3D printer in action (video)

Feb.26, 2014 - German 3D printer shop igo3d uploaded a video today showing BotObject's ProDesk3D 3D Printer in action. The ProDesk3D 3D Printer promises a speed of 175mm/s. More

MakerBot takes orders for Replicator Mini 3D printer, lands this spring

Feb.26, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot announced a new 3D desktop printer the MakerBot Replicator Mini during CES 2014. The company announced today it is now taking orders for Replicator Mini. More

Airwolf AW3D HD 3D printer enables larger prototypes (video)

Feb.26, 2014 - Erick Wolf, President of Airwolf 3D, demonstrates in the video all the details on their largest 3D printer - the AW3D HD. The HD features a print volume of 1,150 cubic inches (12”x8”x12”). More

LulzBot giving away TAZ 3D printers to hackerspaces

Feb.25, 2014 - LulzBot announced today it is giving away eight free TAZ 3D printers to hackerspaces to celebrate Hardware Freedom Day on Saturday March 15, 2014. More

Dual-nozzle Lathon 3D printer with large build area now on Kickstarter

Feb.25, 2014 - After purchasing his first printer kit in 2012 Nohtal Alex Partansky quickly noticed he wanted a one with more capabilities. Since all of the high performance models were so expensive he decided to make his own. More

T-Black DLP 3D printer from Trimaker

Feb.24, 2014 - Buenos Aires, Argentina based Trimaker is a company specialized in 3D printing. Their latest 3D printer T-Black is based on DLP projector solidification of near UV photopolymers. More

DIY 3D chocolate printer at home

Feb.23, 2014 - Keep has been experimenting with chocolate 3D printing and he managed to create a low-cost method to 3d print chocolate at home. More

Stratasys introduces copier-size Eden260V 3D Printer and VeroGlaze material for dental labs

Feb.21, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys today introduced the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer and VeroGlaze (MED620) dental material for use with its Objet EdenV and OrthoDesk 3D Printers. More

Dutch company unveils the extra-tall Big Builder 3D printer

Feb.20, 2014 - Dutch company Builder 3D Printers launches today a new 3D printer the “Big Builder”. Like the previous versions, the Big Builder has a sleek powdercoated steel frame. More

Large scale 'anti-gravity' 3D printer goes full metal

Feb.20, 2014 - Using an industrial robot, together with an advanced welding machine, the MX3D-Metal printer is able to print with metals, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze or copper without the need for support-structures. More

OpenKnit printer lets you print your own clothes from digital files

Feb.20, 2014 - Gerard Rubio has created a new open source knitting machine called OpenKnit that is able to knit anything from a sweater to a dress using open source hardware and software. More

Worldwide shipments of 3D printers to reach 100k units in 2014

Feb.19, 2014 - Worldwide shipments of 3D printers will reach a total of 100,000 units in 2014. World demand for 3D printing is projected to rise every year and total 3D printer shipments are forecast to reach 6 million units in 2018. More

French starup aims to bring ECV-One 3D printer to the desk of professionals

Feb.19, 2014 - Rennes, France based e-crew vis wants to create a desktop 3D printer to offer professional rapid prototyping and functionality while still keeping the price low. More

Mark One, the world’s first carbon fiber 3D printer now available for pre-order

Feb.18, 2014 - Be one of the first to 3D Print carbon fiber with the new Mark One. The Mark One 3D printer is now available for pre-order. More

ORNL, CINCINNATI partner to develop large-scale 3D polymer printer

Feb.18, 2014 - ORNL will partner with Cincinnati Incorporated over the next year to develop a large-scale 3D printer capable of producing large polymer parts much faster and a lot cheaper than today’s technologies. More

3D printing kiosks coming soon to a toy store near you

Feb.17, 2014 - AlphaLab Gear startup PieceMaker Technologies, is working to develop a 3D printer kiosk system that allows retailers to provide low-cost customizable products for customers, creating a factory-in-a-store experience. More

iNventOne low cost printer wants everyone to 3D print their dreams

Feb.17, 2014 - Italian startup Maker Dreams has introduced its first 3D printer iNventOne, a safe, solid, fast and cheap 3D printer with a simple but appealing design. More

BigRep ONE, a giant FDM 3D printer that prints a table in one piece

Feb.16, 2014 - The BigRep ONE is an oversized open source 3D printer created by Berlin-based artist Lukas Oehmigen and his friend Marcel Tasler. More

The Micro 3D printer launching soon on Kickstarter for $199

Feb.16, 2014 - David Jones and Michael Armani of The Micro released a small 3D printer 'The Micro 3D printer' (M3D) this weekend at the 3D Print Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. More

3D printing coloring system for FDM printers wins innovation contest

Feb.16, 2014 - Spectrom, an automated, continuous, and variable coloring process for desktop FDM 3D printers won both the $10,000 Schoofs Prize for Creativity and the $2,500 Tong Prototype Priz. More

RoboHand inventor launches RoboBeast, an ultra robust 3D printer

Feb.16, 2014 - Now van As is back with another invention - RoboBeast - a rugged, ultra robust 3D printer specially designed for taking prosthetic hands into conflict zones and areas of extreme poverty. More

Leapfrog goes big with Creatr XL 3D printer

Feb.14, 2014 - Leapfrog 3D Printers launches today a new product: the Creatr XL. The Creatr XL is based on the popular Creatr 3D printer, but it has nearly three times the build height. More

$2.2 Million research to design automated assembly line of 3D printers

Feb.12, 2014 - A team of university and corporate partners, led by The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), has started a project to create an automated assembly line of 3D printers. More

New all-metal Printrbot Simple 3D printer unveiled

Feb.12, 2014 - 3D printer company Printrbot will show off its first metal-framed 3D printer from Feb. 12 to 15 at the 2014 3D Print Show in New York. More

€995 Ultimaker and Doodle3D bundle, limited time offer

Feb.11, 2014 - Ultimaker announces today that it has partnered with Doodle3D to make their WiFi-Box widely available to young makers. More

SeeMeCNC develops first 3D printing curriculum for schools

Feb.9, 2014 - SeeMeCNC has recently launched SeeMeEducate, an initiative aiming to support innovative and stimulating ways of teaching STEM and design subjects with step-by-step guides and project ideas. More

'Made in Africa with e-waste' 3D printer campaign

Feb.9, 2014 - The WoeLab of Lomé, Togo in West Africa has launched a new campaign on the European crowd-funding site ululue.com to help them bring their W.Afate 3D printers to the 3D Print Show. More

Spanish maker hacked a 3D printer into a smart air hockey robot

Feb.8, 2014 - Spanish Hacker Jose Julio has built an awesome air hockey playing robot out of 3D printer parts and a PS3 camera. More

China developing world's largest 3D printer, prints 6m metal parts in one piece

Feb.7, 2014 - Since 2001, China began to focus on the development 3D laser printing technology to make titanium alloy structural components. More

RadioShack's SuperBowl ad has Jason Voorhees interested in 3D printer

Feb.4, 2014 - Apparently, RadioShack still exists. Last Sunday, RadioShack - once a go-to destination for household electronics - used a couple of the best Super Bowl ads of 2014 to usher in the company's new brand positioning. More

A vending machine with built-in Delta 3D printer hits Moscow

Feb.3, 2014 - Walker's 3D printing vending machine, called "SkyForge", is located in public places so that anybody can insert an SD card that contains 3D printer code into the machine. More

AT&T partners with 3D Systems to bring 3D printers closer to home

Feb.3, 2014 - AT&T and 3D Systems, a leading 3D printer company, have entered a partnership which will allow 3D Systems' Cube 3D printers to be sold through the AT&T store. More