Taulman3D unveils that Nylon 680 3D printer filament is FDA approved for food contact

Mar.30, 2015 - Today taulman3D announces the Nylon 680 is FDA approved for food and beverage contact. Unlike other polymer materials, the Nylon 680 is designed to handle the high temperatures of boiling water, steam and dishwater usage. More

Korean plastics manufacturer BnK unveils new anti-microbial PLA filament 'Purement'

Mar.26, 2015 - For plastics manufacturer BnK (Books and Kimchi) have just announced a new line of PLA filament that has anti-microbial properties. They believe this filament, called Purement, is the first of its kind and is perfect for use in homes... More

taulman3D unveils new 3D printing filament Alloy 910 with 8,100 PSI Tensile Strength

Mar.23, 2015 - taulman3D, developer of desktop 3D printing materials, has unveiled today a new material called Alloy 910. Alloy 910 has a combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons... More

INDMATEC's revolutionary PEEK filament now compatible with FDM 3D printers

Mar.22, 2015 - German company INDMATEC GmbH has developed a unique way to extrude raw PEEK into a quality filament form, which is compatible with FDM 3D printing technology. More

Virtual Foundry reveals that their 3D printer metal filament can now contain up to 99.9% metal

Mar.18, 2015 - Remember the promising Filamet metal filament by The Virtual Foundry? Founder Bradley Wood has just revealed a whole new interesting technique that could turn Filamet objects into 99.9% metal structures. More

Graphene 3D Lab announces commercial sale of conductive graphene filaments for 3D printing

Mar.17, 2015 - Calverton, New York-based Graphene 3D Lab has officially announced the commercial availability of its Conductive Graphene Filament for 3D printing. More

Autodesk open sources Ember 3D Printer's Standard Clear resin

Mar.11, 2015 - Today, Autodesk shared the formulation of the PR48 under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license Arduino uses to share their design files, and encourage makers to remix and remake their own resin at home. More

NanoSteel expands material portfolio for metal 3D printing

Mar.5, 2015 - 3D metal printing uses fine metal powders to produce highly complex metal components. The powder's purities and how well it is ground result in different quality of 3D printed metal objects. More

InnoCircle develops 3D printing filament from recycled materials

Mar.2, 2015 - InnoCircle, a joint project between Dutch filament manufacturer Innofil3D and CiorC, is the latest development in the sustainable 3D printing market. The companies have created a line of unique monofilaments made from recycled... More

New Kickstarter campaign offers 85% metal filament for artists and makers

Feb.20, 2015 - Bradley Wood, a 3D printing enthusiast with a penchant for metals, has recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign that he hopes artists and makers will help support in order to bring his metal filament to market. More

Formfutura launches transparent and almost odorless ClearScent 3D printing ABS filaments

Feb.13, 2015 - 3D printer filament maker Formfutura annouces today its new ClearScent ABS filament range. As its name suggests ClearScent ABS is a transparent and almost odorless 3D printing ABS filament. More

Enhanced version of Strooder 3D printing filament extruder nearly ready for release

Feb.10, 2015 - Strooder, marketed and typically seen as the first truly consumer-oriented filament extruder, is now almost ready to be released. OmniDynamics team has said they are now parterned with a reliable, competent... More

Proto Crate offers monthly filament subscription with different materials for $49.99

Feb.4, 2015 - For the $49.99 monthly cost of subscribing, users of Proto Crate will automatically receive a new type of filament each month in their mailbox with shipping included. More

ColorFabb 3D prints an OpenRC Truggy using its new carbon fiber composite XT-CF20

Feb.4, 2015 - Dutch 3D printing filament manufacturer ColorFabb has added a new material to its XT Filaments range. The company announces today ColorFabb XT-CF20, a copolyester based carbon fiber composite material based on the unique Amphora 3D polymer from Eastman Chemical. More

Filament wizard Kai Parthy unveils his new MOLDLAY wax 3D printing filament

Jan.28, 2015 - MOLDLAY is a type of plastic with distinct wax-like properties. Specifically, it becomes totally liquid (with a water-like viscosity) when heated up to about 270 degrees Celsius thanks to some specially chosen types of oily paraffin. More

Chinese maker eSUN offers new bronze PLA 3D printer filament

Jan.23, 2015 - In honor of the upcoming year of the goat, Chinese filament manufacturer eSUN adds a new bronze PLA filament for 3D printers to their portfolio. PLA is a common biodegradable thermoplastic used in FDM 3D printers. More

LAYWOO-D3 Inventor Kai Parthy unveils BENDLAY flex 3D printing filament

Jan.14, 2015 - In the coming weeks German inventor and filament specialist Kai Parthy will be releasing another exciting filament that will grant you another series of 3D printing applications: BENDLAY flex. More

Noztek UK launches new PCB-controlled 3D printing filament extruder 'Noztek Touch'

Jan.13, 2015 - Among those who bridge the two seamlessly are the creative minds over at UK-based Noztek, a 3D printing filament extruder company that aims to make producing your own filament from bulk pellets as easy and pain-free as possible. More

eSUN's new PETG 3D printing filament features high toughness & impact strength

Jan.2, 2015 - Fortunately, we’ve just learned of eSUN's new PETG 3D printing filament that is not only affordable at $35 per kilo, but is also highly durable, flexible and even transparent. More

ProtoPlant announces highly conductive PLA 3D printer filament

Dec.30, 2014 - Vancouver, Washington based ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta exotic 3D printer filament, has announced today their latest material: Conductive PLA designed for users interested in combining 3D Printing and electronics. More

ColorFabb announces new brassFill 3D printing filament

Dec.19, 2014 - The company offers a variety of different, innovative 3D printing filaments. Today the colorFabb team announced a new addition to its special filament portfolio: brassFill. More

ProtoCycler, a fully automated desktop filament extruder & grinder launches on Indiegogo

Dec.19, 2014 - ProtoCycler is a machine that ‘allows you to recycle waste plastic into valuable 3D printer filament - safely, quickly, and easily! It comes complete with a built in grinder, intelligent computer control... More

taulman3D introduces new highly flexible 3D printing filament PCTPE

Dec.16, 2014 - 3D printing filament manufacturer taulman3D announces today the release their new highly flexible 3D Printing material called PCTPE. PCTPE stands for 'Plasticized Copolyamide TPE'. More

ObjectForm announces Fila-Cycle line of 100% reycled 3D printer filaments

Dec.11, 2014 - ObjectForm, a Sheffield, England-based company founded in April of 2014, announced yesterday the launch of their own range of 100% recycled 3D printing filament and pellets under their new Fila-Cycle product line. More

Formfutura introduces EasyFil HIPS: softer and more flexible

Dec.10, 2014 - Amsterdam-based Formfutura launches its new EasyFil HIPS 3D printing material today, aiming to 'bring a specialty filament like HIPS to the ordinary.' More

Proto-pasta announces stainless steel PLA & magnetic iron PLA for home 3D printers

Nov.26, 2014 - ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta, has announced today two new materials for their line of exotic 3D printer filament: Stainless Steel PLA and Magnetic Iron PLA. ​ More

Graphene 3D Lab and taulman 3D to develop graphene-enhanced nylon material for 3D printing

Nov.25, 2014 - Graphene 3D Lab Inc. and Taulman 3D LLC have announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), laying the foundation for the joint research and development of 3D printing materials. More

ProtoFlux magnetic 3D printing filament launches on Kickstarter

Nov.25, 2014 - Ever needed to 3D print something in a magnetic material? The guys at 3D printing filament shop ProtoParadigm has designed ProtoFlux Magnetic Filament, a new ProtoTek 3D Printing Material that attracts magnets and stores data. More

i.materialise add five sparkly colors to their alumide 3D printing material

Nov.20, 2014 - 3D printing service company i.materialise announced the availablity of a new line of 5 colors to their Alumide material. Until now, the only color available for alumide is in its natural color, mat aluminum. More

Functionalize fund raising for ultra-conductive 3D printing filament for printing electronics

Nov.10, 2014 - Seattle, WA based Functionalize today launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to bring an electronically conductive 3D printing material to the market. Measuring under 1 ohm/cm, the new filament, Functionalize F-Electric... More

3D printing incorporates complex metal alloys for stronger manufacturing parts

Oct.31, 2014 - Researchers at the University of Lorraine in France say that quasicrystals, a type of complex metal alloy with crystal-like properties, can be useful in the design of new composite materials for 3D printing. More

German scientists turn to 3D printing technology to create artificial textiles

Oct.27, 2014 - A team of scientists consisting of R. Melnikowa, A. Ehrmann and K. Finsterbusch sought to artificially recreate textile structures using 3D printing technology. More

Formlabs announces two new functional resins: Castable and Flexible

Oct.22, 2014 - Formlabs, the makers of the Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer, announced two new high-performance functional resins today. The new resins, Castable and Flexible, add capabilities to the Form 1+ 3D Printer. More

3DXNano ESD Carbon Nanotube 3D printing filament optimized for semi-con & electronics industry

Oct.16, 2014 - Responding to the needs of this global market, 3DXTech today introduced another two new grades of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)-safe materials that have been developed specifically for use in desktop 3D Printers. More

Cyrus printers releases new 3D printing filament range

Oct.12, 2014 - Netherlands based Cyrus printers has now released a whole range of new filament which is cheaper compared to the rest of the market while at the same time keeping the quality high. More

Design for Craft launches PLA HS 3D printing filament - stronger than ABS

Oct.8, 2014 - To combat its fragility, the guys from Design for Craft have worked to strengthen PLA filament by mixing it with a collection of mineral powders. More

Try 3D printing a sponge using Layfomm filament, a flexible material with viscoelastic properties

Oct.6, 2014 - Kai Parthy has recently discovered that one of these material, the Layfomm 40 filament, possesses some unique qualities that really add some diversity to any 3D printer’s arsenal. More

Biome Bioplastics launches Biome3D biodegradable material for 3D printing

Oct.1, 2014 - UK bioplastics developer, Biome Bioplastics, has launched this week a new material made from plant starches, dubbed Biome3D, which it has developed in partnership with 3D printing technology specialist 3Dom Filaments. More

NanoSteel announces crack-free 99.9% dense steel powder for 3D metal printer

Sep.28, 2014 - NanoSteel Company Inc., a corporation based in Province, Rhode Island, has announced this week the company’s newly engineered powders designed for additive manufacturing. More

ColorFabb releases new PLA CopperFill filament for 3D printers

Sep.26, 2014 - ColorFabb today introduced brand new material copperFill. Similar to bronzeFill it’s a PLA blend with micronized copper powder. This means that the material can be polished and finished with similar methods as bronzeFill. More

Graphene 3D Lab announces JV with Stony Brook Univ. in testing of graphene 3D printing materials

Sep.23, 2014 - Graphene 3D Lab announced on Monday a joint venture with Stony Brook University in quality control testing of 3D printing materials enhanced with graphene and other advanced materials. More

Stratasys launches new UV-resistant thermoplastic material ASA for 3D printing

Sep.9, 2014 - Stratasys today announced availability of a new thermoplastic material option for its FDM-based production 3D printers: ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate). More

ColorFabb launches low-odor, tough XT 3D printing filament made with Eastman Amphora 3D polymer

Sep.4, 2014 - Eastman Chemical Company, a specialty chemical company, and Helian Polymers, the company behind 3D printing filament ColorFabb, have teamed to launch colorFabb XT-Copolyester made with Eastman Amphora 3D polymer. More

Grafoid opens 21000 sqm MesoGraf production facilities to support graphene-based 3D printing

Aug.24, 2014 - Following Grafoid's ALCERECO acquisition a couple of months ago, the company has officially opened its Kingston, Ontario production facilities where high purity, high energy density graphene will be mass produced. More

Taulman3D launches 'ToolBox' of 6 new high strength 3D Printing materials on Kickstarter

Aug.22, 2014 - 3D Printing materials company taulman3D is today releasing via Kickstarter six materials. These six materials, which are bundled in a materials 'ToolBox' are some of the most requested polymers by industry. More

Verbatim enters 3D printing filament market

Aug.17, 2014 - Data storage giant Verbatim revealed its foray into 3D printing filament materials, a market with explosive potential that’s estimated to reach a value of $669 million by 2014, according to Gartner. More

Avante Technology announces FilaOne 'engineering grade' composite filament system

Aug.3, 2014 - Avante Technology announced the release of new, proprietary "engineering grade" composite filament and a companion print adhesion sheet designed for desktop 3D printer. More

Eastman teams up with Colorfabb to introduce low-odor 3D printing material with superior strength

Jul.31, 2014 - 3D printing material manufacturer Helian Polymers, Brand Owner of colorFabb based in the Netherlands, announced today the collaboration with Eastman Chemical Company (USA). More

MadeSolid announces Tough Resin for 3D printing, available for pre-order

Jul.30, 2014 - MadeSolid, a YC-backed 3D printing materials startup out of Emeryville, CA, is doing R&D to create more variety of resins with unique properties for your 3D printer. More

ColorFabb offers PLA, WoodFill pellets for 3D printing

Jul.3, 2014 - ColorFabb announces today that it will start producing 3D Printing materials in pellet form. This new product is aimed at the DIY filament producers who own a small DIY filament extruder such as a filabot. More

3D printing ceramic filled polymers for electromagnetic applications

Jun.27, 2014 - Two years ago, desperately trying to get a $350 Chinese 3D printer to operate the idea was born to modify the filament to print materials that can influence the electromagnetic field, in a more complex way than just ordinary plastic. More

The Ewe Filament Extruder turns recycled plastic into inexpensive 3D printing

Jun.27, 2014 - Ewe Industries, an Italian company wants to change that with its Ewe filament extruder that is designed for every individual. The Ewe filament extruder turns any recycled plastic. More

MadeSolid’s new FireCast resin designed to be burned away

Jun.25, 2014 - MadeSolid's FireCast resin can be used for direct investment casting of products such as jewelry. So when you print a ring in FireCast, you can use this plastic prototype to create a mold. More

Airwolf 3D announces WOLFBEND TPU flexible 3D printing filament

Jun.18, 2014 - Most 3D-printed objects are made out of rigid plastic. But if you want to print some handle bar grips for a bicycle or a cell phone case, you need a more flexible material. More

For space ceramics or Swamp Thing replicas: applications abound with Kai Parthy's 3D printing materials

Jun.15, 2014 - Inventor Kai Parthy is the mind behind the materials Laywoo-3D, Bendlay, and Laybrick. Today, we checked in with Kai on the progress of his new materials. More

Stratasys adds flexible & rigid materials for Objet500 Connex3 color Multi-material 3D printer

Jun.10, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys released today extended range of flexible and rigid material options for the Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer. More

ColorFabb releases GlowFill glow in the Dark PLA/PHA filament

Jun.4, 2014 - Dutch 3D printer material manufacturer ColorFabb has launched today an extreme intense GlowFill glow in the dark filament based on a highly concentrated phosphorescent pigment. More

Precious Plastic, open source recycling machines, offers 3D printing an eco-friendly future

Jun.4, 2014 - Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has developed a set of plastic machines to set up a small scale plastic workshop. This project, called ‘precious plastic‘, is based on general industrial techniques. More

Strooder, first truly consumer 3D printer filament extruder to launch on Kickstarter today

May.27, 2014 - David Graves and Greg Gruszecki, founder of OmniDynamics are going to launch Strooder, a truly consumer 3D printing filament extruder on Kickstarter today. More

NASA & Tethers Unlimited developing on-orbit 'Positrusion Filament Recycling System' for 3D printers

May.12, 2014 - NASA has also selected Tethers Unlimited for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 award to produce a system that would recycle left over plastic from NASA's on-orbit 3d printers for reuse. More

ColorFabb beta tests new PLA Bronze & BambooFill filament for 3D printers

May.12, 2014 - ColorFabb announced lately it plans to beta test two new materials: BronzeFill and BambooFill which are scheduled to launch in the next months. More

3DXTech announces three specialty 3D printing filaments and testing program

May.7, 2014 - Michigan-based startup 3DXTech has announced their first three specialty filaments that can be used in existing FDM/FFF 3D Printers. More

ExOne introduces metal 3D printing material Inconel Alloy 625

May.5, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer ExOne today introduces Inconel Alloy 625, a nickel-based alloy, as newest addition to its 3D printing metal portfolio. More

German RepRap offers nylon filament PA6 for 3D printing robust models

May.2, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer German RepRap announced today the availability of its new nylon-PA6 filament. Nylon-PA6 filament can be used to print extremely robust parts. More

Groupe Gorgé acquires 3D printing materials company DeltaMed

Apr.28, 2014 - French 3D printer manufacturer Groupe Gorge announced Monday that it has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the capital of DeltaMed GmbH, a photosensitive resins developer. More

Straw based 3D printer filament will cost half the price of PLA

Apr.28, 2014 - Now a Chinese company has invented another eco-friendly material - straw based plastic - made from rice and wheat stalks and can be used in 3D printing, without sacrificing price or performance. More

Legacy Filament Extruder soon on Kickstarter, turning old plastic into 3D printer ‘ink’

Apr.21, 2014 - The extruder she is working on, called the Legacy, is designed by Seattle inventor Hugh Lyman who had won a contest by building the device that turned plastic pellets into 3D printing filament. More

Stratasys releases new Endur, tough PP-simulating 3D printing material

Apr.8, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer has expanded its portfolio of 3D printing materials with Endur, a new simulated polypropylene material. It offers both high impact resistance and elongation at break. More

Grafoid & Altamat to mass produce graphene-based 3D printing materials

Apr.3, 2014 - Grafoid Inc. announces it has signed an agreement with Altamat Inc. for the construction of an atomization facility to produce MesoGraf graphene-based powders and filaments for 3D printing. More

German startup TwoBEars launches BioFila Silk and Linen 3D printer filament

Mar.31, 2014 - After nine months of development, German company twoBEars has launched bioFila, a new biodegradable filament designed for 3D printing. More

Sierra Resins & 3D Printlife to introduce bioplastic filament for 3D printing

Mar.30, 2014 - Mansfield, MA, U.S. based Bioplastics formulator Sierra Resins and 3D Printlife, an online US filament and 3D printer retailer have launched a venture to introduce a 3D printer biofilament. More

Students develop renewable soy-based 3D printing filament FilaSoy

Mar.28, 2014 - A group of Purdue University students who created a soy-based, renewable and recyclable filament for 3D printing won the top prize in the annual Student Soybean Product Innovation Contest. More

Igus introduces world's first tribo-plastic filament for 3D printers

Mar.26, 2014 - Igus, the tribo polymer specialist from Cologne, Germany introduced the world's first tribo-plastic (tribologically optimised special plastic) filament for 3D printers. More

Arevo Labs introduces carbon fiber reinforced polymers to 3D print ultra-strong parts

Mar.24, 2014 - Arevo Labs announced today new carbon fiber and Carbon Nanotube (CNT) reinforced high performance materials for 3D printing, as well as patent pending 3D Printing technology and specialized software algorithms. More

MadeSolid's new PhoenixCast resin for SLA 3D printers, taking pre-orders

Mar.24, 2014 - MadeSolid is currently developing a resin suitable for investment casting. The resin is compatible with a number of SLA printers including the Form1, the B9 Creator , the Muve3D and more. More

EOS introduces two new metal materials for 3D printing

Mar.17, 2014 - Industrial 3D printer maker EOS introduces today two new metal materials: EOS Titanium Ti64ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L. More

Polymakr launches three new 3D printing materials on Kickstarter

Mar.15, 2014 - A Chinese company, Polymakr, has created three new printing materials that aren’t just regular plastic, but re-engineered plastic to be used as an "ink" with 3-D printers. More

3D Printing branches out with new clay-based filament for ceramics

Mar.10, 2014 - If you own a printer and like to experiment, get ready to freak out! You can now squeeze ceramic objects through the nozzle of your 3D printer. More

UK firm introduces Noztek Pro ABS and PLA filament extruder for 3D printers

Mar.9, 2014 - Inspired by the Lyman Filament Extruder which turns plastic pellets into filament that can be used for 3D printing, UK start-up Noztek has developed the Noztek Pro, a new ABS/PLA filament extruder. More

Turning old plastic into 3D printer filament is greener than conventional recycling

Mar.4, 2014 - A study led by Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technological University has shown that making your own plastic 3D printer filament from milk jugs uses less energy - often a lot less - than recycling milk jugs conventionally. More

Chinese test self-forming liquid metal, seeing a Terminator-like future

Mar.4, 2014 - Now a team of scientists, working out of Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have taken the first tep to make smart liquid machines. More

InnoCentive wants to weave cotton into 3D printing

Feb.7, 2014 - A new campaign may take us one stitch closer to 3D printed clothing. The open innovation and crowdsourcing organization InnoCentive is looking for ideas that would weave more cotton fibers into 3D printing technology. More

Taiwan develops heat-resistant, food-grade bioplastics

Feb.3, 2014 - The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) based in Taiwan has developed a food-grade quality polylactic acid (PLA) material which can resist temperatures up to 100°c without deforming. More

DSM wins patent opposition appeal impacting SLA resins development

Jan.28, 2014 -   Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company, has won an appeal regarding the opposition of patent EP1232198, titled, UV Curable Compositions at the European Patent Office Board of Appeal in Munich, Germany on 17 January 2014. More

Plastic garbage becomes 'ink' for 3D printers 

Jan.24, 2014 -  It is a hopeful development when innovation, community, and environmental improvement dovetail; the project Perpetual Plastic which uses plastic garbage to make 'ink' for 3D printers may be considered one such development.More 

Novel 3D graphene-like material promises super electronics

jan.21, 2014 -   Now scientists have discovered a material that has a similar electronic structure to graphene but can exist in three dimensions. More

Graphene 3D Lab files patent for graphene-infused filaments for multiple material 3D printer 

Jan.20, 2014 -  Canada-based Lomiko Metals annouced that Graphene 3D Lab has filed a provisional patent application for the use of graphene-enhanced material, along with other materials, in 3D Printing. More 

Seaweed could be key ingredient for 3D printing BioPen 

Jan.20, 2014 -  Australian researchers are farming and processing seaweeds from the sea aimed at producing biomaterials such as ingredient for 3D printing BioPen. More 

LG Chem to supply 3D printing material to Stratasys 

Jan.16, 2014 -  LG Chem (LG Chemical), South Korea's largest chemical company, plans to jump into the rapidly emerging 3D printing market earlier than others. LG Chem is in talks with 3D printer company Stratasys to supply ABS plastics. More 

Food-grade PP filament for 3D printers 

Jan.11, 2014 -  You can now 3D print plates, cups and other food containers as well as children toys using food-grade Polypropylene (PP) filament.  More 

Carl Bass hints at Autodesk's involvement in 3D printing in 2014 

Jan.4, 2014 -  Most of the 3D printing business these days is around a business that's built around the consumables, and it certainly is a good business. More 

3D printing with wood filament on Robo 3D Printer (video)

Jan.4, 2014 -   Nerdgasm wants to try something he has never done before: 3D printing a with sliding top in wood using Robo 3D printer and wood filament. More

3D printing with beeswax 

Jan.3, 2014 -  Two Dutch designers, Olivier van Herpt and Joris van Tubergen, developed an open source extruder that can be used for printing with beeswax. More 

Could wood-based material lead 2014 3D printing priorities? 

Dec.23, 2013 -  Usually when we think of materials that can be used in 3D printers, we think of substances like plastic, resin or metal. But now the 3D printing community is toying with wood, a more natural material with a unique aesthetic.  More 

Printing porous and flexible 3D objects with new filament line, PORO-LAY 

Dec.22, 2013 -  Kai's new plan is to complete a range of 4 pre-structured 3D printing materials, including FDM Filaments (new PORO-LAY line, a two-in-one filament), Light curing resins, Sinterpowders and other materials based on similar technique and Polymers. More 

MadeSolid's new PET+: a strong and flexible filament for 3D printers 

Dec.12, 2013 -  3D printing materials startup MadeSolid has just launched PET+, a strong and flexible material for 3D printers.  More 

Self-repairing running shoes made from 3D-printed protocells 

Dec.11, 2013 -  London designer and researcher Shamees Aden has developed a prototype for running shoes that could repair themselves overnight. More 

Formlabs announces white resin for the Form 1 3D printer

Dec.10, 2013 -   3D printing start­up Formlabs announced today the latest from their in­house material science team: White Resin. More

Matt Stultz: advanced materials for 3D printing (video) 

Dec.9, 2013 -  Matt Stultz gives the lowdown on a variety of some of the new and exciting advanced 3D printing materials and their uses.  More 

Low-cost titanium powders used in 3D printing for the first time 

Dec.9, 2013 -  For the first time, low-cost titanium powders, developed by Metalysis, have been used to 3D print automotive parts. More 

3D printing materials market to reach $408.5 million by 2018

Dec.8, 2013 -   An Markets and Markets report states that by 2018, the global 3D printing materials market like plastics and metals could be worth $408.5 Million. More

Stratasys booth tour: new tough Nylon 12 announced at Euromold 2013 

Dec.4, 2013 -  Stratasys announced the first nylon material specifically engineered for the company's line of Fortus 3D Production Systems called FDM Nylon 12. More 

3ders at Euromold 2013: DigiFabb (2) - ColorFabb 

Dec.3, 2013 -  ColorFabb is a brand of the Helian Polymers company which specialized in additives for plastics and polymers located in Venlo, The Netherlands.More 

Is waste peel the future material for green 3D printing? 

Nov.30, 2013 -  British designer Alkesh Parmar created a series of objects under the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, the idea to create waste-free systems. More 

Produce your own filament for 3D printer with FilaFab

Nov.29, 2013 -   FilaFab (Filament Fabricator) is capable of converting pellets into fresh filament for your 3D printer with ease. More

Lab to develop 'Super-material' graphene for 3D printing

Nov.22, 2013 -   Lomiko Metals, announced today the formation of Graphene 3D Labs Inc. to focus on the development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing. More

Le Fabshop announces world first 'green' seaweed 3D printing filament

Nov.16, 2013 -  Le Fabshop in Paris, a 3D printing startup, announced a world first "green" seaweed 3D printing filament at the opening of 3D print show in Paris. More 

3D print multicolor objects with Stick Filament 

Nov.7, 2013 -  Stick Filament is a new filament system designed specifically for 3D printing and suitable for most FDM/FFF printers.  More 

New initiative developing Ethical Filament standard, targeting 3D printing's plastic waste 

Nov.7, 2013 -  U.K. charity techfortrade today announces the launch of The Ethical Filament Foundation which will work in partnership with organisations around the world to encourage the manufacture of ethically produced 3D printing filament. More 

The Filament Safe keeps your filament in good shape 

Nov.6, 2013 -  Perception Engineering designed and built the Filament Safe, an airtight storage container that helps maintain the print quality of your 3D printing filament. More 

Stratasys releases new 3D printing material for ultra thin parts 

Nov.6, 2013 -  3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has debuted the second generation of its Digital ABS material, named Digital ABS2. More 

Researchers developing gelatin bio-ink to 3D print human tissues and organs 

Nov.1, 2013 -  German researchers have developed a new gelatin bio-ink that can be used by 3D printing technology to produce artificial tissues.  More 

Russ's home brewed filament extruder for 3D printer 

Oct.31, 2013 -  Inspired by the Lyman filament extruder for 3D printers, Russ Gries created his own version. His filament extruder is still a work in progress, but it looks promising. More 

3D printing materials market will be worth more than $600m by 2025

Oct.28, 2013 -   The 3D printing materials market will be worth in excess of $600m by 2025, according to a recent released report 3D Printing Materials 2014-2025: Status, Opportunities, and Market Forecasts. More

Proto-Pasta adds three new materials for your desktop 3D printer

Oct.27, 2013 -   Aaron Cram, a computer scientist, and his brother Dustin Cram has developed three new materials for desktop 3D printers. Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA, High Temperature PLA and Polycarbonate - ABS Alloy. More

3D printing with graphene is coming, and it will charge the world 

Oct.19, 2013 -  On Friday Oct.18, 2013, American Graphite announces it has finalized the intellectual property agreement for P-600 with the project manager and National Science Centre KIPT of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  More 

MadeSolid launches line of SLA resin on indiegogo

Oct.16, 2013 -   3D printing materials startup MadeSolid announced the launch of their crowd funding campaign aimed at developing and launching a new line of resins designed specifically for consumer SLA printers. More

Talpadk's review of NinjaFlex, flexible filament for 3D printers

Oct.11, 2013 -   NinjaFlex, a flexible filament for 3D printers, is specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that produces flexible prints with elastic properties. Talpadk from Denmark decided to try out NinjaFlex filament. More

NinjaFlex: flexible TPE filament for 3D printers

Oct.2, 2013 -   NinjaFlex, a flexible filament for 3D printers, is specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that produces flexible prints with elastic properties. More

A new, user-driven 3D printing materials site 

Sep.30, 2013 -  Today the 3D Printing Materials Corporation (3DPMC) launches a new source for high quality, high performance 3D Printing materials options. 3DPMC uses a crowdsourcing model to find innovative new products. More 

Shapeways introducing 3D printing materials Polished Brass and Raw Brass 

Sep.26, 2013 -  Shapeways announces today two new 3D printing materials: Polished Brass and Raw Brass.  More 

Skin-Frame structure could save up to 70% of 3D printing material 

Sep.23, 2013 -  Researchers at University of Science and Technology of China have designed an automatic and practical method to generate a skin-frame structure for a given 3D model for minimizing the material used in printing and the number of struts in the structure. More 

STRUdittle: a precise and low-cost filament extruder on Kickstarter

Sep.10, 2013 -   Fishler's latest filament extrusion device, STRUdittle is an ultra-compact device and can make ABS filaments with extrusion rates of 12-24"/minute at only 5V out of the rated 12V motor. More

OPM & 3D printed skull implant featured on HardWired with YouTube star iJustine 

Sep.9, 2013 -  YouTube star iJustine visits with Scott Defelice, founder and CEO of Oxford Performance Materials. More 

Verlan 3D printed dress built with Replicator 2 and new MakerBot Flexible Filament

Sep.6, 2013 -   The Verlan Dress is built with two MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printers. It is the first creation to ever use MakerBot Flexible Filament, a new adaptable filament material made out of polyester. More

Inventor raising funds for developing high-resolution resins for 3D printers

Aug.30, 2013 -   Jemmel Belkacem, main inventor of a patented resin formulation for the stereolitography in 2010, is developing an affordable high-resolution photo-polymer for 3D printers. More

Filament extruder Filabot Wee Kit launched for pre-order

Aug.7, 2013 -   The Filabot team has today announced the launch of its Filabot Wee Kit, a filament extruder. More

taulman3D releases "t-glase" A low temp industrial 3D printing material

Aug.5, 2013 -   Today taulman3d has released a completely new high strength material for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers. More

3D Systems introduces strong and durable VisiJet M3 Black material

Jul.9, 2013 -   3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today a new plastic injection molding-like material– VisiJet M3 Black for use in its ProJet 3500/3510 professional 3D printers. More

The fastest filament extrusion Bot on Kickstarter

Jun.19, 2013 -  The ExtrusionBot, developed by Chandler, Arizona based Mark Dill, is claimed to be the world's fastest home built automatic filament extruder. More 

BendLay: a clear, tough and bendable 3D printer filament 

Jun.14, 2013 -  Orbi-Tech, a filament-maker in Germany has now released it´s new filament, BendLay. BendLay is a very tough material, but it is also bendable and resilient. More 

New Nylon filament for 3D printers, made in Italy 

Jun.13, 2013 -  Italian company 3ntr has launched a new nylon filament developed specifically for 3d printers.  More 

Filabot launching its own line of filament 

Jun.6, 2013 -  Filabot, maker of Filabot Core, a system that makes filament for your 3D printer, is launching its own line of filament produced on the Filabot Core system. More 

i.materialise introducing its first flexible Rubber-like material

May.30, 2013 -   i.materialise announces today that the company is testing its rubber-like material which were used for making the latest dress from Iris van Herpen together with Julia Koerner. More

Shapeways announces new improved elasto plastic for makers 

May.30, 2013 -  Shapeways announces today a flexible, rubbery plastic material called Elasto Plastic. It features high impact resistance, flexibility and compression. More 

Scientists create carbonized micro-bunny sculpture showing promises of new 3D printing material 

May.30, 2013 -  A team of Japanese scientists created a tiny rabbit sculpture, the size of a typical bacterium, using a new 3D printing material, a new type of resin which can be molded into complex, highly conductive 3D structures.  More 

LAYBRICK: a new rough 3D printer filament for a sandstone effect 

May.27, 2013 -  Kai Parthy, inventor of Laywoo-D3 wood filament has just released a new filament, LAYBRICK, a rough filament that can be used to print large architecture models or landscapes. More 

3D Printer Test Kit on Kickstarter 

May.21, 2013 -  A small group of toy developers at 3DKitbash have come up with a 3D Printer test kit aiming to help makers forecast their 3D Printer's abilities.  More 

IC3D printers launches crowd funding campaign to make better 3D printing material

May.18, 2013 -   Dublin, Ohio-based IC3D Printers has launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to manufacture high-quality, more affordable and locally made 3D printing material. More

Formlabs announcing new print material: clear resin 

May.17, 2013 -  The Formlabs team, David Cranor, Maxim Lobovsky, and Natan Linder, has launched their first print material: clear resin. More 

American Graphite announces further details of Graphene 3D printing material development

May.2, 2013 -   Today American Graphite reveals that the Company has reached an agreement in principle with its collaboration partner, Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. More

American Graphite to develop 3D printing material 

Apr.24, 2013 -  American Graphite Technologies Inc. announces Letter of Intent with a European institute for research and develpoment collaboration for 3D printing. More 

Exploring 7 materials with 3D printing

Apr.13, 2013 -   Because the inherent nature of 3D printing opens new possibilities for shaping materials, Emerging Objects is able to create 3D printed objects using custom materials. More

Color craftsman Richrap: Tie-Dye 3D printing with Nylon 618

Apr.12, 2013 -   Another advantage of high strength taulman's "618" Nylon Co-Polymer is that it is easily dyed with standard fabric dyes (textile and paper acid based dyes). More

Control 3D printer with $110 PengPod touch-screen Linux tablet 

Apr.8, 2013 -  So he checked the PengPod 700 he recently bought, a 7 inch Linux tablet and used it as a controller for his Solidoodle 2.  More 

High strength taulman 645, 1.75mm Co-Polymer released 

Apr.8, 2013 -  Taulman3D announces today the release of "Clear" taulman 645 3D printing material, 1.75mm nylon based co-polymer. taulman 645 features very high strength, durability.  More 

Affordable filament extruder Filastruder on Kickstarter 

Mar.26, 2013 -  Tim Elmore, a Mechanical Engineering PhD student at the University of Florida and his friend Allen Haynes launched Filastruder, a filament-making machine on Kickstarter. More 

Materialise launches highly flexible and durable material for 3D Printing

Mar.15, 2013 -   Materialise, the Belgian-based 3D printing service company, announces today the official launch of a new, highly flexible and durable material for 3D Printing: TPU 92A-1. More

83-year-old inventor wins $40,000 award for his DIY filament extruder

Mar.4, 2013 -   On March 2, 2013 Zach Kaplan, CEO of Inventables, presents a $40,000 check to inventor and competition winner Hugh Lyman for his DIY filament extruder. More

3D printing parts with overhangs using new soluble support material 

Feb.28, 2013 -  3DPPVD discovered the HIPS filament can be printed together with ABS as dissolvable support material.More 

3D Printing Bone replacements, Cartilage replacements, Medical devices and more with 618 Nylon 

Feb.18, 2013 -  30 minutes after the accident, the patient is already on the operating table having been processed through xray. While nurses and doctors attend to cuts and bruises, two surgeons look over xrays of the right femur. More 

Wood filament LAYWOO-D3 suppliers and price compare

Feb.4, 2013 -   LAYWOO-D3 is a wood-based 3D printing filament invented by Kai Parthy and is designed for the RepRap and similar machines. More

Jeremie's roundup of home use 3D printing materials 

Jan.1, 2013 -  For helping you understand the range of materials available, Jeremie Francois made a survey of usable materials at home and put together a review of these materials and their properties. More 

3D Systems introduces FotoTec hearing aid material to ProJet 6000 

Dec.13, 2012 -  3D Systems announced the immediate availability of Dreve FotoTec hearing aid material for use in its ProJet® 6000 professional 3D printer. More 

taulman's 618-1.75mm available for Pre-Order 

Dec.12, 2012 -  taulman's 618 1.75mm Nylon Co-Polymer will go on sale starting this Wednesday 12/12/2012 for Pre-Order. First shipments are timed to begin shipping on or before 12/20/2012. More 

Objet expands material range to 123 

Nov.21, 2012 -  Objet Ltd. today announced the release of a new and improved Objet Rigid Black Material - VeroBlackPlus. The new material features enhanced dimensional stability and surface smoothness. More 

Flexible models printed on an Objet 3D printer 

Nov.16, 2012 -  3D printer manufacturer Objet offers a very wide range of 3D printing materials. Objet's 107 proprietary inkjet-based photopolymer materials range in properties from rigid to rubber-like, glass-like transparency to opaque color shades.. More 

Finding the proper temperature ranges for 3D printing wood 

Nov.5, 2012 -  In case you have the LAYWOO-D3 wooden filament at home, you would be interested to try this Cura & Skeinforge plugin created by Jeremie Francois for testing how varying temperatures impacts the color of the filament. More 

Stratasys adds black ULTEM 9085 thermoplastic for 3D printing

Oct.31, 2012 -   Stratasys unveiled black color ULTEM 9085, a high-performance thermoplastic, for use in its FDM 3D printers. More

High strength nylon 3D printing material available for sale 

Oct.31, 2012 -  taulman announced today the taulman 618 Nylon material is available for sale. This taulman's "618" high strength nylon line is specifically engineered for 3D printing. More 

Making a plastic filament extruder 

Oct.23, 2012 -  How to drive down the cost of filament? HLyman uploaded a Lyman Filament Extruder back in September, a machine that extrudes filament from fine pellets for use in a 3D Printer.More 

High detailed stainless steel available for 3D printing

Oct.14, 2012 -   This week i.materialse brought you a new material, high detailed stainless steel (HS). This material could deliver a significant level of detail and strength to your design. More

Fabbster's flexible material for 3D printing 

Oct.11, 2012 -  Fabbster uploaded a video of 3D prints of flexible material made on a Fabbster 3D printer. More 

Solidscape introduces 199 USD 3Z Studio materials Pack

Oct.5, 2012 -   Solidscape(r), Inc., announces the release of a new packaging concept for 3Z Series printing materials. More

Test printing of new Laywood filament 

Sep.25, 2012 -  A new filament called "Laywood" can now be extruded through the nozzle of RepRap FDM 3D printer. This German-made Laywood, a mix of recycled wood fibers and polymer binders could create "tree rings", a nice gradient effects in color. More 

LAYWOO-D3: New FDM filament can print wood with tree rings 

Sep.20, 2012 -  Inventor Kai Parthy has developed a new FDM filament that can print "wood" on RepRap 3D printers.More 

Open source home filament maker

Sep.14, 2012 -   Here we got Open Source Printing, a small group of people dedicate themselves to develop a low cost plastic extruder that is able to produce plastic filament for 3D printers. More

Polypor C: new particle material for voxeljet 3D printers 

Aug.14, 2012 -  With voxeljet's new binder type Polypor C for voxeljet 3D printers, it is possible to print purely white models to meet the high requirements for architectural models with respect to the model's look and feel. More 

University Of Dayton Research Institute wins $3M funding to develop new materials for aircraft parts 

Jul.27, 2012 -   The University of Dayton Research Institute was awarded $3 million from the Ohio Third Frontier to work on developing specialized materials for use in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.  More 

Objet break the 100 material range barrier 

Jun.20, 2012 -  Objet Ltd has announced 39 new 'Digital Materials' available with its Objet Connex range of multi-material 3D printing systems. Customers can now select from 107 materials ranging from rigid to rubber-like substances. More 

MSU uses Windform to build amateur radio satellite PrintSat on a 3D printer

Jun.9, 2012 -   CRP Technology, the Italian based group, is specialised in Laser Sintering (LS) technology and well-known for their Additive Manufacturing materials called Windform. Windform is carbon fiber reinforced composite material and made for applications such as motorsport sector, aerospace and UAV's. More

3D Printing with Clear Acrylic 

May.26, 2012 -  After 3D Printing nylon, Instructables user taulman tried another experiement: 3D printing with 0.125" Dia Clear Acrylic material. He designed and built a taulman 4 orifice Hot-End as the clear acrylic material needs real time conditioning so as to make printing possible.  More 

3D printing using nylon to make flexible parts 

May.23, 2012 -  Instructables user taulman recently uploaded his project - converting a 2D CNC machine into a 3D Printer and back to a CNC machine in less than an hour. For this project he uses NYLON 6/6 to make parts instead of the usual ABS or PLA. More 

Shapeways announced its first flexible 3D printed material Elasto Plastic 

May.21, 2012 -  Last week Shapeways announced Elasto Plastic, a flexible 3D printed material, and black is the first color available.  More 

Time to save your failed prints for recycling 

May.16, 2012 -  Check out this awesome shredder in the video below. It is developed by Marcus Thymark of Germany who won a crowd design challenge at GrabCAD for LifeTrac IV - Quick Connect Wheels early this year. The shredder can be used to recycle all your failed prints or any other plastic scrap. More 

Filabot's new website is on line now 

Apr.16, 2012 -  Filabot, a 3D plastic extrusion system, grinds and melts the old plastic items such as milk jugs, shampoo bottles and plastic packaging in an extrusion to make usable filament for 3D printing. More 

Review of 9 recently released 3D printing materials(video)

Mar.6, 2012 -   In the past few months there were 9 3D printing materials released by 5 companies. Industry analyst Todd Grimm from engineering.com made a summary of these newly released materials. More

bioplastics 3d printer Developing sustainable bioplastics for 3D printers

Feb.8, 2012 -   Many companies are working on recycled and biodegradable materials for the injection molding and packaging industries, can these materials being printed by a 3D printer? More

Posted in 3D Printing Materials

filabotFilabot turns recyclable plastics into 3D printer filament 

Jan.8, 2012 -  Tyler McNaney from Milton, VT is a student at Vermont Technical College studying Mechanical Engineering. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his technology project Filabot. What is Filabot?  More 

Posted in 3D Printing Materials

Experiment Polycarbonate with DIY 3D printer 

Jan.2, 2012 -  Luke Chilson and Alex English from ProtoParadigm LLC have been testing polycrabonate on Makerbot and Ultimaker 3D printer. More 

Posted in 3D Printing Materials

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