Russian programmer 3D prints real-life Terminator, complete with AI and moving parts

Feb.23, 2017 - A programmer in Russia has built a replica of the T-800 from The Terminator, equipped with a sophisticated AI 'brain.' The robot's head is fully functional, and works in sync with the AI software in order to respond to commands and answer questions. More

Printable Scenery launches 3 new 3D printable wargaming and RPG sets on Kickstarter

Feb.20, 2017 - New Zealand-based Printable Scenery has released a new set of 3D printable set pieces designed for Wargames and RPGs via a Kickstarter campaign. The stunning new additions to its already impressive collection of 3D gaming models include The Rampage Castle, Time Warp: Europe, and Time Warp: The Americas. More

3D printed straws just made McDonald's 'suck' even more

Feb.16, 2017 - Engineers from NK Labs and JACE have used 3D printing to create the STRAW, a multi-hole drinking straw designed to suck evenly from each contrasting half of the new McDonald's Chocolate Shamrock Shake, made to celebrate St Patrick's Day. More

Soda Locker: a 3D printed vending machine that fits in your locker

Feb.14, 2017 - Instructables user Blake Hawkins, a Kansas 17-year-old with a passion for making, has built an incredible 3D printed vending machine designed to fit inside a regular school locker. The unusual creation scooped First Prize in the Instructables Arduino Contest 2016. More

Ultra-sexualized 3D printed Harley Quinn figurine is Gambody's idea of Valentine's Day romance

Feb.13, 2017 - Online 3D printable model shop Gambody, a popular destination for DIY 3D printed Star Wars models, tanks, and more, has stepped out of its comfort zone to release a special 'Valentine's Day' model: a 3D printable model of Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn. The model costs $24.99. More

The best treehouse you've ever seen, entirely 3D printed by two grandparents

Feb.8, 2017 - Two ambitious grandparents have just shown the world that you don't need to be of the younger generation to be a 3D printing wiz! Chris and Janet Knowlton are the proud makers behind this one-of-a-kind 3D printed treehouse, created specially for their granddaughter Josselyn's third birthday. More

Prizewinning 3D printed quadruped robot uses 38 printed parts and a Playstation 2 controller

Feb.7, 2017 - Scott Hatfield, a maker who goes by the alias Toglefritz, has built a 3D printed quadruped robot roughly the size of a small dog. The robot, designed using Autodesk Fusion 360, was one of three First Prize winners of the Design Now: 3D Printing Contest sponsored by Shapeways and 3Dconnexion. More

This 3D printed salad-tossing robot will up your culinary game

Feb.2, 2017 - A 3D printed 'Salad Tossing Machine' has been produced for humorous YouTube channel, Useless Duck Company. The product, while not the most crucial addition to the market, demonstrates the accessibility and ease of use of 3D technology More

Boston celebrates Chinese New Year with 2,000 3D printed roosters

Jan.30, 2017 - To celebrate the start of the Year of the Rooster, the Rose Kennedy Greenway park in Boston is hosting an unusual 3D printing project, created by artist Chris Templeman. Over the course of the year, a 3D printer will print out more than 2,000 3D printed plastic roosters for visitors to keep. More

Adorable 3D printed 'Peeqo' bot communicates in GIFs

Jan.23, 2017 - If your GIF appreciation hasn't already been saturated by your social media contacts, we daresay you might enjoy Peeqo, a 3D printed robot that communicates using only GIFs. The small robot, developed by New York-based Abhishek Singh, could be the perfect desk companion. More

Broken Solidoodle 3D printer becomes 'Robot Picasso,' makes unique artistic portraits

Jan.23, 2017 - Australian maker James Novak, who found himself with a defunct Solidoodle 3D printer on his hands, has created what he calls the 'Robot Picasso,' a machine that can create unique 2D drawings based off of real photographs. More

Make your own 3D printed Iron Man model

Jan.20, 2017 - A teacher at the China Science and Technology Museum has 3D printed a miniature replica of the Iron Man suit Mark I in order to teach his students about 3D printing. The 3D printable Iron Man model is available to download on Thingiverse. More

Creative tourist makes 3D printed models of every landmark he visits

Jan.18, 2017 - Angelo D'Angelo, an engineer from Italy, has been traveling the world and making miniature 3D printed replicas of the famous landmarks he visits. After starting with Milan Cathedral, D'Angelo has gone on to make models of buildings in Cologne, Pisa, Athens, Bucharest, and elsewhere. More

Boyfriend of the year makes 3D printed mechanical toy for long-distance girlfriend

Jan.18, 2017 - A Reddit and Imgur user going by the handle 'gsxr93' has used 3D printing to make a cute, vintage-inspired 'automaton,' or mechanical toy, for his long-distance girlfriend, Elisabeth. The toy was designed in Solidworks, and cost around $80 to build. More

3D printed e-NABLE hands help bagpipe-playing robot hit all the right notes

Jan.17, 2017 - Instructables user XenonJohn has used 3D printed parts to create an impressive bagpipe-playing robot. The noisy system consists of a low-cost bagpipe 'chanter,' a pair of 3D printed e-NABLE hands, and an Arduino Mega 2560. More

Maker turns Ducati and Suzuki motorcycles into 3D printed RC racers (with rider!)

Jan.12, 2017 - Brett Turnage, a 3D printing and RC racing expert, has unveiled two functional 3D printed RC motorcycles'complete with a moving 3D printed rider. Both 3D printable models are free to download. More

Coffee 3D printing stunt lets single Londoners find a match in their mocha

Jan.11, 2017 - Online dating service will launch an unusual dating scheme at a pop-up coffee shop in London next week. 'Espresso Yourself' will serve coffees topped with 3D printed foam selfies of eligible Match members, giving caffeine lovers a chance to find their soulmate while sipping. More

Mark Zuckerberg 3D printed a mini version of his dog for its birthday

Jan.11, 2017 - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has commissioned some of his employees at Oculus to make a miniature 3D printed version of his dog, Beast, for its 6th birthday. More

See the design and 3D printing process behind XRobots' incredible Star Wars droids (BB-8 included!)

Dec.9, 2016 - James Bruton, the British electronics whiz behind the website XRobots, has used 3D printing to create a trio of functional droids from the Star Wars universe. Bruton recently uploaded a new video of the brilliant 3D printed BB-8, R6 (R2-D2), and GNK in action. More

Inchvilles for Nintendo 3DS will feature 3D printable toys-to-life figurines

Dec.7, 2016 - Hungarian gaming studio Moragami Games, creator of Pazaru and Goony, is releasing a new 3D printable toys-to-life game for the Nintendo 3DS. The new game, Inchvilles, allows players to design their gem-collecting character in game before 3D printing a one-inch replica of that character. More

New 'Printone' design tool lets you 3D print wind instruments in crazy shapes

Dec.6, 2016 - 'Printone' is a new interactive design tool that allows users to create their own 3D printable wind instruments in virtually any shape or form. The tool, which utilizes interactive sound simulation feedback, can help to create a wide range of 3D printed wind instruments. More

Perrier-Jouet commissions 3D printed ice bucket made from ground-up grapes

Dec.5, 2016 - San Francisco architect Andrew Kudless, founder of Matsys, has unveiled Strand Garden, a special collection created in partnership with Perrier-Jou't, a champagne producer with a history collaborations with Art Nouveau artists. The collection features a 3D printed ice bucket made from grapes. More

NASA will 3D print your laugh in space with new ‘laugh app’

Dec.2, 2016 - One month from now, one lucky chuckler will be chosen to have their laugh 3D printed in outer space by NASA, and released into orbit for eons to come. The initiative is part of the #Laugh art project headed by Israeli artist Eyal Gever. More

3D printing brings stretchable, bendable, twistable 'bionicTOYS' to life

Dec.2, 2016 - A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for bionicTOYS, a set of (currently) 3D printed 'flex-bricks' designed to bring bionics into construction-based play. The toys will be funded and produced via injection molding if 30,000 euros are pledged by December 23. More

3D printed ear art installation contemplates its own existence

Dec.2, 2016 - Multimedia artist Saurabh Datta has created an insightful installation revolving around a 3D printed ear. In 'Ears after all,' a mounted hearing post 'listens' to words spoken into it, then searches Wikipedia and online dictionaries for the meaning of those words, and how they may be relevant to its own existence. More

Walmart CA launches custom 3D printed ornaments for Christmas season

Nov.28, 2016 - Walmart Canada has launched a limited pilot project to explore the potential of customized 3D printed products. Just in time for the holidays, the pilot project will be offering clients the chance to make customized 3D printed Christmas ornaments. More

We're over the moon about this 3D printed lunar phase clock

Nov.25, 2016 - Remember the out-of-this-world supermoon we experienced last week? Experience it again, every night, with this 3D printed lunar phase clock. Thingiverse user G4lile0 made the device with an Arduino, OLED display, and 3D printed moon face. More

New McDonald's Christmas ad features a 3D printed doll named Juliette

Nov.21, 2016 - McDonald's UK has just unveiled its "biggest ever" Christmas ad campaign which features Juliette, a 3D printed doll, and an augmented reality prize contest. The 90 second ad featuring the 3D printed doll was created by Leo Burnett London. More

Fake 3D printed Nintendo Switch fools gamers...again

Nov.18, 2016 - For the second time in a year, a 3D printed fake Nintendo console has fooled a portion of the online gaming community. With the Nintendo Switch due to be released in March 2017, a YouTuber named Etika convinced some viewers that the video game giant had sent him an early version of the console. More

Domino's is now delivering pizza via 3D printed drone

Nov.16, 2016 - In what is said to be the world's first pizza-by-drone delivery service, drone company Flirtey and Domino's Pizza Enterprises are now offering autonomous delivery of Domino's pizzas to select customer homes. A recent poll found that 70% of Domino's customers would happily use the service. More

Catch the last of the supermoon with a 3D printed astrophotography camera

Nov.16, 2016 - Using 3D printing and a Raspberry Pi, tech tinkerer TJ Emsley has created an astrophotography device to capture the much-talked-about 'supermoon' that appeared 30% brighter and 14% larger on Monday. Another supermoon is due to appear in December. More

Sainsbury's and James Corden get in the Christmas spirit with 3D printed animation

Nov.14, 2016 - British supermarket Sainsbury's has released its latest Christmas advert, "The Greatest Gift". The short animation features comedian James Corden's vocals, as well as a number of 3D printed puppets. More

Tell a loved one they matter with a 3D printed 'message ring' from Poesis

Nov.9, 2016 - Hong Kong-based company Poesis has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its customizable 3D printed message rings. The rings, which come in a variety of styles, can feature messaged from 10 to 30 characters long. More

Modular 3D printed 'Dtto' robot wins Hackaday Prize

Nov.9, 2016 - Dtto, a modular 3D printed robot designed by Alberto Molina Perez, has scooped the 2016 Hackaday Prize. Perez, who will receive a grand prize of $150,000, says the 3D printed robot could be used in search and rescue operations. More

Maker creates hilarious 3D printed 'pass the butter' robot from Rick & Morty

Nov.7, 2016 - A robotics blogger has used 3D printing to create the hapless 'Butter Robot' from animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty. The base of the robot consists of an 'I Spy Tank' RC car, with 3D printed parts added for the upper sections. More

Create unique tabletop dungeons with $25 3D printable TileScape terrain set

Nov.2, 2016 - A Kickstarter for the 3D printable TileScape Dungeons terrain set from Rocket Pig Games has eclipsed its $300 campaign goal in just three minutes. The modular building system for tabletop gamers consists of 3" x 3' 3D printable tiles which can be rearranged to create unique landscapes. More

Pinshape invites makers to take part in 3D printed cosplay design challenge

Nov.1, 2016 - Online 3D printing marketplace and community Pinshape has teamed up with 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker to present makers with a new design challenge geared towards costume and cosplay props. The contest is open until November 24, 2016. More

Help kids make sense of the U.S. elections with this 3D printed Electoral College Map

Oct.31, 2016 - Before this year's election becomes any messier, and in the short lead-up to the actual election on November 8, teachers and parents everywhere might want to consider 3D printing this tactile and customizable Electoral College Map to teach kids about the electoral process. More

SnapTank unveils realistic Walking Dead-style zombies you can 3D print at home

Oct.31, 2016 - 3D scanning and modeling company SnapTank has gone above and beyond with their 3D printable zombie models, using real actors, make-up artists, special effects and photogrammetric digital scanning to get the most realistic effect. More

3D printed DIY 'Dieselpunk' tanks merge WWII and sci-fi model-making

Oct.31, 2016 - Artist Noah Li has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a set of five 3D printed 'Dieselpunk' tank models, based on a combination of sci-fi machinery and WWII vehicles. Dieselpunk is a closely related, chronologically advanced cousin of the popular 'steampunk' genre. More

For $30K Groupon will send your mom a life-sized 3D printed replica of you for Mother's Day

May.5, 2016 - This Mother's Day, Groupon and 3D printing company Swigro are offering one lucky client the chance to have themselves replicated as a life-size 3D printed model. The 3D printed you, which costs a hefty $30,000, will be shipped to your mom in case you can't make it home for the holiday. More

3D printed cart, made from recycled ABS, to race at Billy Cart Derby in Bangalow, Australia

May.3, 2016 - Local prop maker Steve Rosewell is working on a 3D printed aerodynamic cart for the annual Billy Cart Derby in Bangalow, New South Wales. WIth it, he hopes to showcase the dynamic recycling power offered by 3D printing technology. More

Human vs. 3D printer 

Apr.23, 2012 -  What a fun idea to start this Wilcox vs 3D printer race. A couple of month ago British designer Dominic Wilcox tweeted that he wanted to race a Rapid Prototype Machine - that is a battle between human and 3D printer.  More 

"Pimp My Ride" host to customize a Nissan Cube for 3D systems' cross country trip 

Mar.15, 2012 -  Mad Mike, the automotive customization entrepreneur from the hit television show "Pimp My Ride," is also recognized worldwide as the best of the best when it comes to customizing.  More 

Cubify prepares a 25 city trip across the US 

Mar.6, 2012 -  Following the Pocket Factory project that two guys who packed a Prius with 3D Printers to spread the word about desktop manufacturing, announced today that they are going to start their road trip.More 

Happy holiday with Christmas calendar 

Dec.17, 2011 -  Christmas is almost there! Discover this year's advent calendars and 3D print some for him, for her, for kids. Here are some advent calendars collection of 2011. More 

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fun with 3d printing in halloweenA Little Fun in Halloween      Nov.1, 2011

Nov.1, 2011 - This Halloween, people in the 3D printing world are having bit fun around. Here is a party at Makerbot. More         

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