3D concrete printing market worth $56.4M by 2021

May.30, 2016 - According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the 3D concrete printing market could grow from $24.5m in 2015 to $56.4m by 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.02%. The report suggests that concrete printing can be cheaper and faster than other construction methods. More

KPMG manufacturing report: 25% already invested in 3D printing, 31% 'definitely will' over next 2 years

May.30, 2016 - According to KPMG International's 2016 Global Manufacturing Outlook (GMO), a quarter of manufacturers have invested in 3D printing, with a further 31% certain to invest over the next two years. The report showed that manufacturers are generally adopting aggressive strategies to achieve growth. More

Lawrence Livermore researchers discover what causes tiny flaws in metal 3D printing

May.27, 2016 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered that microscopic flaws in metal parts made with laser powder-bed fusion 3D printing are caused by a denudation process caused by the laser's movement and heat. More

European Parliament calls for common and competitive 3D printing strategy

May.27, 2016 - The European Parliament met this week for the second Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing European Conference, where it highlighted the pressing need for a common 3D printing strategy. More

3D printed titanium suffers from porosity that can cause breakage, CMU study reveals

May.26, 2016 - A new study from Carnegie Mellon University has revealed that 3D printed titanium alloy parts suffer from porosity that decreases a part's strength and cannot be avoided by changing the 3D printer's settings. More

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority launches tender for $136M 3D printed laboratories to test drones

May.23, 2016 - Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has released a tender for the construction of new 3D printed laboratories at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The 3D printed laboratories, which would require $136M USD investment, would be used to research drones and 3D printing technology. More

Maker invents a clever ultrasonic approach to smoothing ABS based 3D prints

May.22, 2016 - Acetone vapor based 3D print smoothing has been around for a while. A lack of control and fear of working with dangerous solvents has prevents most 3D print enthusiasts from giving it a shot. This clever approach may change that. More

New Harvard laser 3D printer prints metal structures in mid-air by lasering nanoparticles

May.17, 2016 - Harvard researchers have just published a paper detailing a revolutionary new laser-DIW metal 3D printing technique, which allows the creation of complex microscopic and conductive free-form metal structures in mid-air. More

MIT researchers 3D print programmable 50 micron Cilllia hair that can act as sensors

May.16, 2016 - A team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab have just showcased their Cilllia 3D printing platform, which enables the creation of functional and programmable hair structures that can act as sensors and actuators. More

3D printing listed as a top at-risk emerging technology in CERT report

May.13, 2016 - The Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has recently published a study that lays out the top 10 at-risk emerging technologies. The report includes 3D printing, augmented reality, smart medical devices, and autonomous machines among others. More

New 3D printed shock-absorbing bio-glass could be used for cartilage implants

May.12, 2016 - Researchers from the Imperial College London have discovered a new 3D printed shock-absorbing bio-glass that could be a fantastic alternative for cartilage implants. More

3D printing industry to reach $21 billion by 2020, UPS and CTA report shows

May.9, 2016 - UPS recently teamed up with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to release a report detailing how the 3D printing industry is expected to grow over the next four years. The report has found that in 2016 the 3D printing industry will reach $7.3 billion, and by 2020 it is expected to grow to $21 billion. More

Researchers use titanium-tantalum alloy to improve stress absorption of 3D printed implants

May.9, 2016 - By mixing titanium and tantalum powders together, Singapore researchers have developed a new biocompatible alloy that is perfect for 3D printing stress-resistant implants. More

Eat Cambridge food festival to serve five-course 3D printed meal with Nufood 3D food printer

May.6, 2016 - It isn't surprising that 3D printed foods are popping up at more and more gastronomic festivals, as there are even conferences dedicated to 3D printed food. With Eat Cambridge, a local food and drink festival in the UK, starting this week, more 3D printed edibles will be showcased as design studio Dovetailed will be there with the Nufood 3D food printer. More

New A$3.7M 3D bioprinting center to open doors in Australia

May.6, 2016 - The Australian government has just announced that they will set up the $3.7 million ARC Training Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing for the development and practical application of new 3D bioprinting innovations. More

3D printing breakthrough makes low-cost flexible carbon nanotube sensors for wearables possible

May.4, 2016 - At a tech convention at Hebrew University last week, Israeli researchers showcased a new inkjet-based 3D printing technique that enables the production of low-cost flexible carbon nanotube sensors, which can be integrated into hybrid machine elements and wearable biosensors. More

Reflow turns plastic waste into 3D print filament to lift waste pickers out of poverty

May.4, 2016 - Dutch startup Reflow has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first batch of recycled PET filament. The filament was sourced from plastic waste in Tanzania and is providing local waste pickers with a living wage. More

3D Food Printing: VTT Finland to explore 3D printed snacks packed with nutrients

May.4, 2016 - Researchers from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have just announced that they are exploring the development of custom 3D printed snacks with appealing textures that are packed with nutrients. More

Full color 3D models made faster and cheaper with computational thermoforming

May.3, 2016 - ETH Zurich has developed Computational Thermoforming, a method for producing complex, full color 3D models faster and cheaper than color 3D printing. More

3D printed buildings can improve the planet, says Google's Eric Schmidt

May.3, 2016 - During the Milken 2016 Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet Eric Schmidt listed 3D printed buildings as one of six moonshot initiatives that could potentially change the world. More

United Sciences’ 3D printed Aware earbuds huge hit on Kickstarter

May.3, 2016 - 3D scanning specialists United Sciences have found immense Kickstarter success for their 3D printed Aware earbuds, which not only fit perfectly but are also packed with brain-scanning sensor technology. More

How to address safety concerns with metal 3D printing

May.1, 2016 - With AM being increasingly integrated into manufacturing sectors, many questions of safety have arisen. To address these questions surrounding metal 3D printing, Ed Tackett, the director of education programs at the UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center, has laid out some guidelines which could reduce certain risks posed by the technology. More

Optimizing structural integrity of load-bearing 3D printed parts with ribs and gussets

Apr.30, 2016 - In a very informative blog post, Fictiv's Sean Thomas shares some tips for optimizing the structural integrity of load-bearing 3D printed components through the clever placement of ribs and gussets. More

Dresden names itself the 3D printing capital of Europe

Apr.29, 2016 - The German city of Dresden has claimed the title of "3D Printing Capital of Europe" due to its ongoing commitment to research and development in the field of additive manufacturing materials, processes and industrial production. More

New ORNL study: A full overview of metal 3D printing technologies and their bright future

Apr.29, 2016 - In a new comprehensive study of the state of metal 3D printing, researchers from the ORNL provide a full overview of the different metal 3D printing technologies and discuss their very bright future. More

BotFactory announces Squink upgrade that lets you 3D print multi-layer PCBs

Apr.27, 2016 - PCB 3D printing experts BotFactory have just announced an upgrade kit for their Squink PCB minifactory, that lets you 3D print multi-layered PCBs for more complex electronics. More

Newly released patents attempt to clarify Orange Maker's Heliolithography 3D printing process

Apr.27, 2016 - With every generation of 3D printing technology comes improvements in speed, volume, materials or all of the above. 3D printing startup Orange Maker just released patents describing how exactly they feel their Heliolithography 3D printing technology will make a permanent mark on the industry. More

Disney files patent for super-fast and support-free resin 3D printing

Apr.26, 2016 - Disney Research has filed a patent application for a near-instantaneous 3D printing process that circumvents the layer-by-layer approach and eliminates the need for support structures. More

71% of US manufacturers optimistic about competitive advantage brought about by 3D printing

Apr.25, 2016 - A recent study released by PricewaterhouseCooper lays out, in percentages, how the expectations of 3D printing applications for manufacturers have shifted in the past two years. More

Cobbler Technologies closes an equity financing round to help bring 3D printing of functional multi-material to shoemaking

Apr.22, 2016 - Maine-based footwear 3D printing specialist Cobbler Technologies has unveiled its new Atomized Particle Deposition (3DAPD) 3D printing process. 3DAPD is able to functionally grade multiple materials in real time, enabling 'on-the-fly material mixing'. More

Fictiv develops tolerance calculator along with tips to ensure your 3D prints find a snug fit

Apr.20, 2016 - As any product developer can attest to, finding the correct tolerances for 3D printing is often a mix between research with a dash of luck. Fictiv has released an easy to follow guide and tolerance calculator to help you along your way. More

Researchers develop 3D laser writing technique for high quality micro-optics

Apr.20, 2016 - A team of researchers based at the University of Stuttgart in Germany have recently published a study that demonstrates their capability to 3D print micron-scale optics with more precision and reproducibility than ever before. The recent breakthrough could have a big impact on the manufacturing of micro-scale integrated optical elements More

KU Leuven researcher developing 3D printed candy made with pectin gel

Apr.18, 2016 - KU Leuven PhD student Val'rie Vancauwenberghe recently presented the prototype for a food 3D printer that uses pectin gel to additively manufacture candy. The innovative project was introduced at this year's 3D Food Printing Conference held in Venlo, The Netherlands. More

Stereolithography (SLA) viable for making 3D printed pills, recent study shows

Apr.18, 2016 - A recent study conducted by researchers from the University College London has shown the possibility and even viability of using stereolithography 3D printing technology to manufacture drug-loaded tablets using a Form 1+ 3D printer. More

What risk professionals need to know about 3D printing

Apr.15, 2016 - Technology consultant Scott Klososky weighs in on three key risk factors associated with 3D printing that those in the insurance and risk management industries must be aware of. More

University of Miami researchers optimize 4D polymer printing with photochemical microreactor

Apr.15, 2016 - A team of researchers at the University of Miami has developed a 4D printing system using a massively parallel flow-through photochemical microreactor. The extra 'dimension' comes from the 3D printer's ability to precisely control the monomer composition of each feature in a brush polymer array. More

CONPrint3D, conceptual system for 3D printing concrete structures, recognized at Bauma 2016

Apr.14, 2016 - A research team from the Dresden University of Technology has conceived of CONPrint3D, a technology that could allow for effectively 3D printing concrete on a large scale. The project was recently awarded the Innovation Award at Bauma 2016. More

Missouri S&T and Honeywell embark on five-year metal 3D printing research project

Apr.13, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology are collaborating with Kansas-based Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies. Together, the institutions will work on a five-year project aimed at performing material analysis for selective laser melting (SLM) processes. More

3D Cocooner spins nature-inspired fiberglass stuctures in mid air

Apr.8, 2016 - The 3D Cocooner by Festo is a innovative 3D printing system inspired directly by caterpillars and web-weaving insects. Using a robotic spinneret and vertical tripod, the 3D Cocooner 'spins' fiberglass resin into free-standing lattice structures. More

Norsk Titanium to expand aerospace metal 3D printing in U.S. and beyond

Apr.8, 2016 - Norsk Titanium has entered into a strategic partnership with Connecticut-based Precision Holdings to support the worldwide production of Norsk's Rapid Plasma Deposition, a proprietary metal 3D printing process for aerospace-ready parts. More

University of Pennsylvania engineers 3D printed transistors made from nanocrystal inks

Apr.8, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, led by Cherie Kagan, recently published a study detailing a new technique for 3D printing transistors made from nanocrystal inks. The breakthrough could have important implications for 3D printed wearables. More

USC Selective Separation Sintering technology could help NASA 3D print on Mars

Apr.8, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Southern California have won first prize in NASA In-Situ Materials Challenge with their Selective Separation Sintering 3D printing, which can make in-space and planetary 3D printing viable. More

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute 3D prints potentially life saving miniature drug dispensaries

Apr.8, 2016 - Germany based Fraunhofer institute has been developing a 3D printing method which allows for microreactors and other medical tools to be created in any design. The technology could provide a new and innovative approach to dispensing life-saving drugs. More

Airbus Group to establish 3D printing Aerospace Factory in Germany

Apr.7, 2016 - Airbus will be establishing a new 3D printing center in Munich, Germany, dubbed the 'Aerospace Factory.' Bringing together leading industrial partners, the facility will research and develop materials and processes for 3D printed propulsion systems. More

Wohlers Report 2016 reveals $1 billion growth in 3D printing industry

Apr.5, 2016 - The Wohlers Report 2016 has revealed that for the second year in a row, the global 3D printing industry has grown by $1 billion to a total of $5,165 billion. In particular, metal additive manufacturing and desktop 3D printers continue to show strong growth. More

Scientists 3D print chemically active structures that could help fight pollution

Apr.4, 2016 - A team of researchers from the American University in Washington D.C. have successfully managed to 3D print chemically active structures using a commercial 3D printer, a development which could have a big impact on mitigating pollution. More

MatterControl Touch T10 device enables 3D printing without a computer

Mar.31, 2016 - MatterHackers has unveiled the MatterControl Touch T10, a 10.6' touchscreen 3D printing 'brain' which enables user to control their 3D printer without a computer. The device comes bundled with free access to MatterControl Cloud Sync's wireless capabilities. More

NASA researchers pioneer plasma 3D nanoprinting technique for use on flexible surfaces

Mar.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from NASA and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have just revealed a new plasma-based 3D nanoprinting technique that could open the way for a wide range of flexible 3D print applications, such as wearable sensors. More

MIT patent for 3D printed part qualification and removal issued by US patent office

Mar.29, 2016 - The US patent office has just issued an MIT patent for automated part qualification and several automated 3D printed part removal systems, including one featuring a pneumatic blade that pushes successful prints off the print bed. More

3D printed 'Pixelstones' are laying the foundations for future construction techniques

Mar.29, 2016 - Dutch startup Pixelstone has developed a 3D printer prototype capable of printing intricately designed facades made of small cubic ceramic bricks called 'Pixelstones'. The startup is aiming to bring a new form of craftsmanship to the interconnected worlds of architecture and construction. More

Allforge seeks to create first true desktop factory with plastic and metal 3D molding machines

Mar.21, 2016 - Allforge has launched a campaign for its upcoming super-fast, super versatile 3D molding machines, which allow for the automated production of metal, plastic, and candy 3D printed parts within seconds, right from your desktop. More

3D printing significant growth sector for CAD software businesses, Business Advantage survey reveals

Mar.21, 2016 - A new survey report by the Business Advantage Group has revealed that the 3D printing sector has significant growth potential for CAD software developers, and should play an important role in their business models. More

ES-Cage technique lets you 3D print big and strong objects in no time at all

Mar.17, 2016 - 3D printing large objects that can withstand any sort of weight can be a lengthy process. 3D Print veteran and founder of Amsterdam's 3D Print Shop Erik Es has developed a technique that lets you produce large, structurally sound items in short time with the help of bridging. More

America Makes and ANSI join forces to set concrete standards for Additive Manufacturing industry

Mar.15, 2016 - America Makes and the American National Standards Institute today announced the launch of the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative, an initiative that will serve to coordinate and advance the development of additive manufacturing standards across the industry. More

Disney reveals anti-copying 3D printing tech involving embedded ID in authorized 3D prints

Mar.14, 2016 - In an attempt to stop unlimited and unauthorized copying, Disney has just revealed a new solution in which IDs are embedded in authorized 3D prints, turning your desktop 3D printer into a legitimate part of the Disney manufacturing system. More

Autodesk's Project Escher connects multiple 3D printers for faster, scalable large-format 3D printing

Mar.10, 2016 - In an exciting ongoing project, Autodesk is exploring what could be the future of large scale 3D printing. Called Project Escher, it's a software configuration that can run multiple collaborating 3D printers and toolpaths on a huge build platform to make large and quick and production possible. More

Four tips for finding the right wall thickness to turn your 3D model into a 3D print

Mar.10, 2016 - If you've ever not been able to print your 3D model because its walls were too thin, you're certainly not alone. Fortunately, French 3D printing service Sculpteo has published a number of useful tips that can help make your model ready-to-print. More

Harvard bioengineers scale up vascularized tissue engineering with 3D bioprinting

Mar.8, 2016 - In a new publication, a team of Harvard researchers has revealed a paradigm shifting 3D bioprinting technique that can greatly scale up vascularized tissue engineering and can produce thick constructs complete with stem cells, extracellular matrix and circulatory channels. More

Disney receives patent for replicating reflective properties on 3D printed surfaces

Mar.7, 2016 - Another of Disney's 3D printing patent filings has just been approved by the US patent office, this time for a technique to replicate reflective properties on 3D printed surfaces by optimizing geometry and 3D printing an additional layer of reflective ink. More

15 Ideas to start your own 3D printing business

Mar.4, 2016 - From small business to individuals to giant corporations, 3D printing can be an extremely lucrative profession to take up. Here are some creative 3D printing business ideas for launching a successful new career. More

Sounds emitted by 3D printers could put Intellectual Property at risk

Mar.2, 2016 - Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have revealed that the sounds emitted by a 3D printer can be used to reverse-engineer and re-create 3D printed objects, presenting a new security threat to Intellectual Property and 3D printing designs. More

German Fraunhofer IFAM institute reveals new high quality metal 3D screen printing technology

Feb.26, 2016 - An exciting new metal 3D printing technique called 3D screen printing is coming out of the lab of German Fraunhofer IFAM, and could be the solution to commercial metal manufacturing. More

K-State scientists develop new technique for 3D printing graphene aerogels

Feb.25, 2016 - Researchers from Kansas State University have developed a new technique for 3D printing graphene aerogels with complex microstructures. The technique combines drop-on-demand 3D printing with freeze casting. More

TNO's EU-backed Hyproline mass production 3D printing project successfully completed

Feb.25, 2016 - TNO's EU-backed research project for developing the Hyproline 3D printing mass production line has successfully been completed, and its developers say it could add a new boost to Europe's small and medium-sized businesses. More

Boeing patents incredible 'levitating' 3D printing process for aircraft part production

Feb.24, 2016 - Aerospace giant Boeing has patented an additive manufacturing process for 3D printing objects while floating in space. Using multiple 3D printers and diamagnetic printing materials, the system would be able to rotate a levitating print about every axis and deposit layers from all directions. More

Spending in Middle Eastern and African 3D printing market to reach $1.3 billion by 2019, IDC predicts

Feb.24, 2016 - According to a new report by IDC, the African and Middle Eastern 3D printing market will be the biggest grower in the world over the coming years, with the amount of spending on 3D printing set to almost triple over the coming three to four years. More

Mosaic’s Palette primed to bring multi-color 3D printing to the masses

Feb.23, 2016 - With the Kickstarter units about to ship, new patents secured, and a brand new system set to be announced, Mosaic Manufacturing is rolling forward unchallenged with their single-extruder multi-filament Palette technology, which can turn any desktop 3D printer into a multicolour machine. 3Ders.org visited their Toronto factory to find out more. More

Watch this 'Epic Science' video compilation of 3D bioprinting in action

Feb.21, 2016 - Video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili, known for creating entertaining and educational science films, has compiled five minutes of footage revealing some of the most groundbreaking medical and scientific advancements, including several examples of 3D bioprinting and 3D bioprinted organs, tissue and more. More

New 3D printing technique for high entropy metal alloy pioneered by Hitachi, Tohoku University researchers

Feb.17, 2016 - Researchers from Hitachi and Tohoku University have pioneered a new 3D printing technique for HiPEACE, a new high entropy alloy, and have successfully created complex shapes with excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance properties. More

3D printed houses/furniture/food, trips to Space and underwater cities 'just a century away', scientists say

Feb.15, 2016 - A new report by Samsung-owned SmartThings is truly optimistic about the scientific innovations that can be expected over the next century. From 3D printed megastructures and high quality meals to the colonization of space and the oceans, the world around us is set to change rapidly. More

Carnegie Mellon professor predicts 5 key advances in metal 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - Jack Beuth, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering and Director of the Nextmanufacturing Center, has predicted what he thinks will be the five key advances in metal additive manufacturing over the next five years. More

Mechanical engineer receives $500K NSF grant to develop 'electrospray' 3D printing technique

Feb.11, 2016 - Paul Chiarot, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Binghamton, New York, has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop his electrospray 3D printing method. More

'Shape Optimization' 3D printing method produces unlikely, but not impossible, 3D printed objects

Feb.11, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, has developed a new method for 3D printing that, using mathematical optimization, produces objects with seemingly impossible geometric properties. More

Warwick engineers develop micro-SLA 3D printing process for functional piezoceramic materials

Feb.8, 2016 - A team of engineers from the University of Warwick have just developed a new microstereolithography technique for 3D printing functional piezoceramic materials that can be used for the production of sensors and scanners. More

Cell Applications & Cyfuse bring scaffold-free 'Kenzan Method' of 3D bioprinting to North America

Feb.3, 2016 - Cell Applications, Inc. and Cyfuse Biomedical K.K., both based in Japan, today announced the introduction of the 'Kenzan Method', a unique scaffold-free bioprinting technique which uses a needle array to precisely arrange cell aggregates into organic tissue, to the North American market. More

Chinese Academy of Sciences achieves breakthrough in high-speed continuous DLP 3D printing, building at 1cm/minute

Feb.3, 2016 - Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a continuous growth 3D printing process using that builds on DLP and CLIP 3D printing techniques by adding a semi-permeable transparent window to the bottom of the resin vat, allowing for continuous 3D printing speeds up to 1 cm per minute. More

New study shows health hazards of 3D printing, suggests PLA could be your safest bet

Feb.1, 2016 - While it's no secret that small particles are emitted into the air during 3D printing, a new study reveals that 3D printing in confined, unventilated spaces can be bad for your health, as especially ABS, PCTPE, and HIPS filaments release toxic emissions. More

Danish competitive position threated by lack of interest in 3D printing, experts say

Jan.29, 2016 - Though industrial 3D printing for prototyping and small-scale production is becoming more popular, a new report by the Danish Technological Institute reveals that Danish companies are very slow to adopt the technology and are damaging their own competitive position. More

Bruil develops high resolution concrete 3D printing technique and white or colored concrete

Jan.28, 2016 - While most concrete 3D printer can do little more than quickly build basic grey wall sections, a new 3D printing technique by Dutch construction specialist Bruil is now capable of creating high resolution, colored concrete shapes with actual architectural value. More

'Sound wave tweezers' can transfer single cells round for 3D bioprinting

Jan.26, 2016 - A team of researchers from Penn State have just revealed that they have developed a pair of 3D acoustic tweezers that essentially act as a 3D bioprinter, capable of noninvasively picking up single, live cells and depositing them elsewhere to form custom structures. More

Harvard Scientists unveil 4D printed structure that change shape when placed in water

Jan.25, 2016 - 4D Printing is the combination of 3D Printed items transforming into something completely different with the help of external stimuli and time. Harvard scientists have unveiled 4D-printed hydrogel composite structures that change shape when immersed in water. More

IDC predicts global spending on 3D printing to grow at CAGR of 27% to $26.7 billion in 2019

Jan.21, 2016 - The IDC have released their Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide which predicts a 27% compound annual growth rate for global spending on 3D printing technologies. In other words, the 3D printing industry will grow from nearly $11 billion in 2015 to $26.7 billion in 2019. More

Amalgamma develops new 3D printing concrete technique for large-scale structures

Jan.21, 2016 - Amalgamma, a group of Masters students from the Bartlett School of Architecture, has developed a new method for 3D printing concrete that combines extrusion and powder bed 3D printing to create large, structurally sound architectural elements. More

Frost & Sullivan: 3D printing will generate $4.3 billion in the auto industry by 2025

Jan.21, 2016 - Though most predictions on the future of 3D printing are optimistic, a new report by Frost & Sullivan is especially positive about its impact in the auto industry, and especially in the aftermarket. They argue that 3D printing could generate up to $4.3 billion in the auto industry by 2025. More

ETH Zurich and Cytosurge develop FluidFM: micro 3D printing process for tiny, complex metal objects

Jan.20, 2016 - Researchers at ETH Zurich have been developing a technique for Micro 3D Printing for years now. Spin-off company Cytosurge has recently developed a method to overcome previous overhang and automation hurdles. More

Swedish research trio establishes national arena for metal 3D printing

Jan.20, 2016 - Chalmers University of Technology, University College West and research group Swerea have together established a national arena for metal 3D printing, intended to accelerate the pace of 3D printing research, education and information throughout the Swedish metal and engineering industries. More

Scientists develop a new form of 3D printing that uses ultrasound to 3D print composite materials

Jan.19, 2016 - A team of engineers from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, has developed a novel method for 3D printing composite materials. The method uses ultrasonic waves to manipulate tiny fibers within a resin, and can be used on off-the-shelf 3D printers. More

Delcam to research metal 3D printing with new ABB robot arm and PowerMILL Robot interface

Jan.19, 2016 - CAD/CAM software supplier Delcam has acquired a new ABB robot fitted with a Fronius CMT Advanced welding head. The unit will be used to research the programming of robots for metal 3D printing using Delcam's PowerMILL Robot interface. More

3D printing, AI robots, machine learning and nanotech to lead to 5 mln less jobs by 2020

Jan.18, 2016 - The World Economic Forum has released a report indicating that the Fourth and Current Industrial Revolution, characterized by an increase 3D printing technology, robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, will lead to the loss of more than 7 million jobs by 2020, with only 2 million new skilled jobs being created. More

Livermore Labs applies physics-based research to improve metal 3D printing once and for all

Jan.14, 2016 - Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have launched a strategic research-based project known as the Accelerated Certification of Additively Manufactured Metals Initiative (ACAMM), which seeks to improve metal 3D printing and encourage its widespread adoption across various industries. More

Irish government announces €28.8M investment in next-gen sciences including nano 3D printing

Jan.13, 2016 - In order to create more jobs and to give scientists the funds to get the right equipment and facilities, the Irish government has announced it will invest €28.8M in 21 different next-generation sciences, including nano 3D printing with an eye on medical applications. More

A faster and cheaper way to 3D print with metal powders and even rust

Jan.12, 2016 - A team of Northwestern Engineers has developed a new method for 3D printing metal that uses liquid inks and a simple syringe-extrusion technique, much like a regular 3D printer, yet with the ability to create complex and more uniform architectures than previously possible in metal 3D printing, all while using a wider variety of metals, alloys and metal oxides. More

Lloyd's Register launches global 3D printing certification framework

Jan.8, 2016 - Lloyd's Register has launched a set of goal-based additive manufacturing guidance notes to industry. The certification framework aims to give operators and manufacturers in the energy and marine industries confidence in 3D printed metal components. More

CTA report: IoT drives industry growth, 3D printing industry 'Tech Sector to Watch' in 2016

Jan.6, 2016 - A Sales & Forecasts report from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has predicted a record-setting $287 billion in 2016 retail revenues for the U.S. consumer technology industry. The 3D printing industry, predicted total revenues of $152 million, has been listed as a 'Tech Sector to Watch'. More

Taiwan's MIRDC and Tohoku University of Japan join R&D forces to advance metal 3D printing

Jan.5, 2016 - Taiwan's Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) has signed a cooperative agreement with the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) of Tohoku University of Japan in order to develop and advance metal 3D printing technology and related metallic 3D printing materials. More

2016 will be year 3D printing goes mainstream, says Bing search engine

Jan.4, 2016 - While most experts are quite optimistic about what the new year will bring for the 3D printing industry, Windows' Bing search engine revealed 2016 will see 3D printing going mainstream while virtual reality technology, fitness trackers and personal digital assistants will become the biggest technology trends. More

‘Sewing machine’ uses maths to create intricate 3D printed patterns from molten glass

Jan.2, 2016 - Mediated Matter and the MIT Glass Lab have collaborated with Dr. Brun, a renowned mathematician, to produce a mathematically precise 'molten glass sewing machine'. The machine combines 3D printing of glass with maths to form intricate 3D printed glass objects. More

3D Printing Year in Review: The Biggest 3D Printing News Stories of 2015

Dec.30, 2015 - With the New Year fast approaching, it's time to look back on the biggest 3D printing news stories of 2015, and reflect on what they might mean for the year to come. More

Gartner places 3D printing among the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2016

Dec.24, 2015 - With the end of the year rapidly approaching, experts are already looking at what the next year could bring. And according to Gartner, we can expect a lot from the 3D printing industry over the coming years, as they have listed the technology among the top ten strategic technology trends for 2016. More

German engineering team pioneers LaserStacker machine to '3D print' acrylic objects

Dec.23, 2015 - In an excellent attempt to combine the best of CAD design, the speed of laser cutting and the material properties of acrylic, a team of German engineers from the Hasso Plattner Institute have built the LaserStacker: an efficient tool that '3D prints' 3D objects made from acrylic. More

TU Delft students develop method for 3D printing flexible materials

Dec.20, 2015 - Ben Kromhout and Lukas Lambrichts, two students on the Technologies for Concept Design (TfCD) course at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, have come up with a novel method for 3D printing flexible materials, using a simple geometric pattern. More

Fabrisonic using sound waves to produce 3D metal objects

Dec.19, 2015 - Since 2011, Ohio based 3D printing specialist Fabrisonic has pioneered the unique 3D printing process of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM), which involves the merging of layers of metal foil using sound waves. More

Get a unique 3D nanoprinted selfie only visible under a microscope through µPeek

Dec.17, 2015 - A team of Swiss 3D nanoprinting experts now offer a unique opportunity through their Kickstarter campaign for the 'Peek mini microscope: a 3D printed nano selfie the size of a grain of salt that is only visible under a microscope. More

Lumi Industries announces LumiFold Z-axis mechanism that makes 3D printers extremely compact

Dec.17, 2015 - While most 3D printing innovations focus on printed quality, Lumi Industries has just announced a revolutionary new Z-axis 3D printing mechanism that makes FDM, SLA, and DLP 3D printers compacter and more efficient than ever before. More

Samsung deems 3D printing unprofitable on the short term, shifts focus to IoT and drones

Dec.16, 2015 - While the 3D printing revolution is picking up speed, unverified reports on Samsung policy suggest that it hasn't quite matured as a consumer technology yet. The electronics giant was considering it as one of its new priorities, but deemed the technology unprofitable on the short term. More

China and Israel sign multi-million dollar research deal on 3D printing, nanotech, and more

Dec.14, 2015 - The science ministers of Israel and China have today signed a multi-million dollar joint research declaration to advance research in areas including 3D printing technology, bio-medicine, nano-technology, renewable energy, aging populations and more. More

3D printer emissions study to determine impact on air quality and health

Dec.8, 2015 - Safety organization Underwriters Laboratories has partnered with Georgia Tech and Emory University to conduct indoor air quality research on 3D printing technology, and assess the potential hazards to human health. More

Add dazzle and shine to 3D printed jewelry with new internal reflection technique

Dec.8, 2015 - London-based inventor and designer Otto Souta has developed a new 3D printing technique that utilizes Total Internal Reflection to emulate the dazzle and shine of diamonds in your own 3D printed accessories. More

ITRI develops new laser tech for regulating hardness of metal parts during 3D printing

Dec.4, 2015 - While metal 3D printing is limited by the fact that all parts feature the same hardness, strength and toughness throughout the part, a new laser engine by Taiwan research institute ITRI can regulate these characteristics during 3D printing, making it suitable for a far wider range of applications. More

Revolutionary 'ReForm' hybrid clay design process combines 3D printing with manual sculpting

Nov.24, 2015 - Computer scientists from Lancaster University have developed a hybrid design process which allows creators to make clay objects using both 3D printing and manual sculpting techniques. The 'ReForm' process was the subject of an academic paper presented earlier this month. More

China to invest $313 million in 3D Printing R&D

Nov.18, 2015 - In a push to modernize the Chinese economy, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology among other state authorities will see 2 billion RMB, roughly 313 million USD, invested in 3D printing technology over a three-year period. More

Arevo Labs' 6-axis Robotic Additive Manufacturing Platform enhances 3D printing of composite parts

Nov.16, 2015 - Arevo Labs' Robotic Additive Manufacturing Platform is a novel solution that enables the 3D Printing of complex composite parts made from high-performance carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic filaments. More

3D printing is innovation-driven development tool, says Chinese president Xi JinPing at G20 summit

Nov.16, 2015 - At the G20 summit in Turkey, which concludes today, the Chinese president Xi Jinping has given as speech that called for transforming the Chinese economy into a smart manufacturing economy with the help of 3D printing and Internet+. More

WIPO report: Japan and US lead in patent filings in 3D printing, nanotechnology & robotics

Nov.12, 2015 - The new WIPO report, which looks at original mapping of patents in the fields of 3D printing, nanotechnology and robotics has shown that since 1995 more than 75 percent of the patent filings in these areas have been made by a small group of developed nations. More

3D printing on a nano-scale opens the doors for medical breakthroughs

Nov.11, 2015 - Researchers at London's Imperial Hamlyn Centre have found a way to use micro-scale 3D printing technology to make breakthroughs in various medical applications. More

New Capricate platform enables users to embed sensors during 3D printing

Nov.10, 2015 - Developed by a team of German researchers from the Technische Universit't Darmstadt, Capricate is an exciting design platform that enables users to embed sensors into the surface of objects during 3D printing on regular desktop machines, with the help of carbon-filled ABS filament. More

New 'RevoMaker' creates functioning products straight from 3D printer

Nov.6, 2015 - Researchers at Purdue University, Indiana have developed a new system for 3D printing functioning products with electronic and motorised components enclosed within. The system, dubbed 'RevoMaker', allows users to print on a rotational axis rather than a standard printing bed. More

Solve your 3D printing woes with Simplify 3D's Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Oct.27, 2015 - 3D software developers Simplify3D have launched an extremely user-friendly troubleshooting guide that not only identifies common 3D printing issues, but offers explanations and multiple solutions. More

Swiss engineers create game-changing Mesh Mould 3D printing and In-Situ Fabricator for construction sites

Oct.22, 2015 - Developed by Swiss researchers, the use of Mesh Mould 3D printing to create complex, custom formwork moulds on construction sites could allow for non-standard designs and more time and resource efficient construction methods. More

LLNL's Large Area Projection Micro Stereolithography (LAPµSL) 3D printing device wins tech-transfer award

Oct.2, 2015 - Bryan Moran, a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) optical engineer, has won the 2015 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Far West Region Award for his Large Area Projection Micro Stereolithography (LAPµSL) 3D printing technology. More

4D printing: Complex self-folding structures created with 3D printed shape memory polymers

Sep.22, 2015 - Scientists have found a way to 3D print smart shape memory polymers (SMPs) that can self-fold into precise, predetermined shapes when exposed to uniform heat. These structures could be rolled or flattened for shipment, and then self-assemble on-demand. More

Singapore launches national Additive Manufacturing Cluster (NAMIC) to help scale up use of 3D printing

Sep.22, 2015 - The Singapore government said on Tuesday (Sep 22) that they have formed a National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) to support the country’s 3D printing infrastructure. More

TNO’s Hyproline could clean and polish 100 metal 3D printed parts simultaneously, makes mass production 3D printing realistic

Sep.15, 2015 - Dutch research institute TNO have now developed a very interesting machine called the Hyproline that efficiently takes care of post-print processing on up to a hundred metal 3D printed parts simultaneously. More

SMU team develops promising new laser-based LBDMD metal 3D printing technology

Sep.7, 2015 - BDMD (short for laser-based direct metal deposition) 3D printing has been developed by researchers from the Southern Methodist University. This promising metal 3D printing solution seems to combine FDM principles with laser technology and is perfect for manufacturing high quality metal parts. More

SMU team develops promising new laser-based LBDMD metal 3D printing technology

Sep.7, 2015 - BDMD (short for laser-based direct metal deposition) 3D printing has been developed by researchers from the Southern Methodist University. This promising metal 3D printing solution seems to combine FDM principles with laser technology and is perfect for manufacturing high quality metal parts. More

Germany's Wacker Chemie unveils new silicone 3D printing technology

Aug.12, 2015 - In a recently published Q2 report from the global chemical company, the company has revealed that the silicone branch of the company has developed a groundbreaking new process for 3D printing with silicone. More

Virginia Tech develops Binder Jetting 3D printing to manufacture high quality copper parts

Aug.4, 2015 - One team of scientists at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state University has now developed a Binder Jetting 3D printer that could make copper, one of the most sought after metal materials, available in an efficient manner. More

Chinese researchers make breakthrough in SLA 3D printing, soon be able to 3D print porcelain teeth in minutes

Jul.31, 2015 - The research team in China is developing a new SLA 3D printer. The 3D printing speed is several times faster than comparable machines, while it is also capable of working with a very large variety of materials, including ceramics, metal filler materials and more. More

New research into gas metal arc weld 3D printing unveils easier part removal techniques

Jul.29, 2015 - Researchers at Michigan Technological University are claiming that they’ve solved this problem once and for all with the use of substrate release mechanisms for gas metal arc weld metal 3D printing - and they’re ready to share their results with the 3D printing community. More

MASSIVit 3D shows off GDP Gel Dispensing 3D Printing technology by printing a Strati car

Jun.26, 2015 - One Israeli startup called MASSIVit is working hard on a 3D printer that could bring large scale 3D printing to the massive. With a build space of .5m x 1.2m x 1.8m (or 4ft x 5ft x 6ft), they can actually 3D print life-sized human statues. More

Micron 3DP announces breakthrough in 3D printing glass materials

Jun.22, 2015 - Thanks to recent developments by Micron3DP, we’ll soon be able to 3D print structures out of glass using fused deposition modeling methods. More

Stunningly realistic, full color 3D prints made possible by Fraunhofer Researchers

Jun.21, 2015 - A team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research in Germany has created a new technique for producing accurate colors in 3D printing for the first time. More

Researchers successfully 3D print tiny metal and copper structures using a laser melting technique

Jun.11, 2015 - A team of researchers from the University of Twente have found a way to 3D print structures of copper and gold through an additive process of stacking small metal droplets that are created by melting a thin metal film with a laser. More

Samsung's multi-color 3D printing process patent reveals its interest in 3D printing market

Jun.10, 2015 - It appears that Samsung may have had an interest after all thanks to both a fairly-recent announcement that they have established a team to further explore 3D printing, as well as a recently unveiled patent that was filed by the company in September of 2014. More

Israel-based Utilight develops revolutionary new technique for 3D printing solar cells

Jun.10, 2015 - The engineers at Utilight have been actively developing a new type of additive manufacturing technology called Pattern Transfer Printing (PTP) that allows for the immediate implementation in the photovoltaic metallization process of c-Si solar cells. More

Wire-feed additive manufacturing might be the future of metal-based 3D printing

May.31, 2015 - The research saw the faculty proposing the use of a technique called “wire-feed advanced manufacturing technology”, which involves the use of layered metal wire to create a pre-determined three-dimensional object. More

Researchers develop new 3D printing process to enable objects to glow in the dark

May.22, 2015 - A new 3D printing process that was developed by researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany shows promise that soon we may be able to create bright and glowing glow-in-the-dark objects on-demand. More

Researchers develop new 3D bioprinting technique for engineering joint cartilage

May.17, 2015 - Among other recent developments, an international study published in the journal Nature Communications details a more effective use of biocompatible materials in repairing human tissues - particularly the restoration... More

Microsoft announces new 3MF 3D printing file format, launches 3MF Consortium

May.1, 2015 - Microsoft kicked off its Build Conference 2015 on Thursday in San Francisco, CA. After a day and half of sessions, seven leading companies in the global 3D printing sector launched the 3MF Consortium. More

Microsoft will reveal new 3D printing file formats during Build 2015

Apr.26, 2015 - Microsoft has just announced that it will reveal information on its new 3D printing file format in Windows 10 at this year’s Build conference in San Francisco. More

Adobe steps further into 3D printing industry with 'print smoothing' patent

Apr.13, 2015 - Recently, a patent that was originally filed by Adobe in September of 2013 has been published online that gives light to some more complicated software development that the company had quietly been working on that had little to do.. More

Global 3D printing market surpasses $3.3 billion in 2014, up 34% from 2013

Apr.2, 2015 - Market revenue from 3D printers and materials and services grew to US$3.3 billion last year in a 34% increase from 2013, according to the research firm Canalys. More

ELF releases tips for 3D Printing open source drones

Mar.26, 2015 - In one of many efforts to make their platform easier to use for existing ELF drone owners, the ELF team has just released a list of 3D printing tips that are aimed at those who want to further modify their drones... More

Michael Weinberg's 3 Steps for Licensing Your 3D Printed Stuff

Mar.24, 2015 - Michael Weinberg from over at Public Knowledge has just released an excellent whitepaper that will help you come to grips with the complex crossroads of copyright and 3D printed objects. More

Flexible modular 3D prints bend and stretch without losing their shape

Mar.16, 2015 - Filiprimante3D, the largest French webstore dedicated to consumables for 3D printers, took note of the ‘small revolution’ made possible by flexible filaments, which so far have primarily been applied to create... More

Optimize the quality of your 3D prints through 3D Matter's study on the influence of infill %, layer height & infill pattern

Mar.11, 2015 - Fortunately, thanks to a study done by 3D printing start-up 3D Matter, you won’t have to go through a whole trial-and-error process anymore. Save yourself time, money and frustration and find out what printing parameters are right.. More

LUXeXceL compares its transparent 3D printing to SLA, MJM and Polyjet technology

Mar.6, 2015 - But as labels about ‘the best’ and so on can only truly be based on comparative studies, LUXeXceL recently performed a series of tests to truly capture differences between technologies. More

Chinese government unveils ‘National Plan’ for development of 3D printing industry

Mar.2, 2015 - But now the Chinese government is taking things to an entirely different level. For the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), has just unveiled their ‘National Plan’ for 3D printing. More

Nanoscribe brings maximum precision to 3D printing of microfabrication

Mar.1, 2015 - With a new extension set for its 3D printer, German company Nanoscribe GmbH is the first manufacturer to provide a complete solution for microfabrication. More

3Dealise, ExOne and Bruil introduce new technology for freeform 3D-printed architectural concrete

Feb.17, 2015 - 3Dealise, an industrial 3D printing and 3D engineering company and Bruil, a Netherlands-based construction company, have partnered to develop a way for fabricating large-scale concrete structures... More

Infographic: Remarkable Advances in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Feb.15, 2015 - Founded by National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951, National Engineers Week, February 22–28 is held annually during the week of George Washington's birthday. More

UK engineers successfully 3D print graphene structures

Feb.12, 2015 - But of all those different types of ‘filament’, graphene should perhaps be seen as the holy grail of manufacturing. It’s therefore very exciting to hear that a team of London-based engineers have successfully experimented with graphene 3D printing. More

New infographic details how to pick the right 3D printing filament for your next project

Feb.7, 2015 - Aiming to help users approach figuring out which material might work the best for them, CAPINC has created an infographic that they hope will help steer users in the best direction for their next 3D printing project. More

Spectrom to bring full-color 3D printing to a desktop near you

Jan.30, 2015 - Spectrom's new product, described as a ‘virtual paintbrush,’ will be capable of producing full color 3D prints through a dye-based process with a single polymer feedstock—basically. More

Consumer goods giant Unilever cuts prototype lead times by 40% with 3D printing

Jan.20, 2015 - Today Stratasys announced that consumer goods specialist, Unilever, has cut lead times for prototype parts by a staggering 40% since introducing Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing technology into its manufacturing process. More

Irish engineers leading €500K European Space Agency project to develop cold spray 3D printing technique

Jan.19, 2015 - This week, the European Space Agency (ESA) has announced they are also stepping up its 3D printing activities, but in a way that could also change how we 3D print here on earth. More

3Ders interviews Joris Peels about the future of 3D print licensing

Dec.29, 2014 - Aiming to find a viable solution for this gray space, 3D print industry heavyweight Joris Peels has been busy crafting a new way of allowing for proper recognition, attribution and sharing of 3D printable files. More

Researchers expect to commercialize graphene 3D nano printers in three years

Dec.25, 2014 - Last month, a team from the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), published a revolutionary approach to 3D print nanostructures entirely of graphene in the November 33, 2014 edition of Advanced Materials. More

New research leads to stretchable 3D prints that test structural strength

Dec.25, 2014 - While we’ve previously seen materials change color digitally through the use of analysis tools in 3D modeling programs, we soon may be able to test structural strength in their physical form through the use functional 3D printing polymers. More

Husband and wife create superfood ‘3D printer’ to get their kids to eat their vegetables

Dec.23, 2014 - Partly inspired by additive manufacturing, Tsipi and Ben Shoham, founders of Green Onyx, want bridge the gap between agriculture and 3D printing in a way that makes eating vegetables fun for kids (and adults). More

Artist uses complicated 3D printing technique to create entire broom with a 3D printer (including the bristles!)

Dec.23, 2014 - Artist and 3D printing enthusiast Mark Leonard recently announced a how he used a complicated 3D printing technique to create an entire broom including the bristles. More

Pyramidal shape algorithm removes need for 3D print material support

Dec.11, 2014 - Simon Fraser University Computer Science professor Richard Zhang and PhD candidate Ruizhen Hu have developed a new method for automatically decomposing a 3D object into pyramidal parts. More

Michigan Tech developed cheap and easy post-printing techniques for metal objects

Dec.11, 2014 - For an engineering team from the Michigan Technological University – Led by Joshua Pearce, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering – has been working on an open-source 3D metal printer for some time now. More

High acquisition and start-up costs are delaying investment in 3D printers, Gartner says

Dec.9, 2014 - In the second quarter of 2014, Gartner conducted a worldwide survey to determine how organizations are using or planning to use 3D printing technologies. More

Mosaic Manufacturing 3D prints a flashlight using just a single extruder

Dec.4, 2014 - Mosaic Manufacturing has shared a new example of their product’s potential: a 3D printed flashlight, printed with regular PLA filament and F-Electric’s conductive filament. More

Korean researchers develop 3D printed nanostructures composed entirely of graphene

Nov.27, 2014 - For the first time in history, a team from the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), has managed to demonstrate 3D printed nanostructures made entirely of graphene, the unique and promising ‘material of the future.’ More

Aortica raises $7M to treat Aneurysms with 3D printing

Nov.27, 2014 - Aortica Corporation, a privately held startup based in Kirkland, WA, is using 3D technology to give new hope to patients who suffer from a common yet deadly form of aneurysm. More

voxeljet announces new Phenolic-Direct-Binding 3D printing method at Euromold

Nov.25, 2014 - voxeljet, a leading provider of high-speed, large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services to industrial and commercial customers, announced today a new method of 3D printing: Phenolic-Direct-Binding method. More

Purdue 3D printing innovation capable of making stronger, lighter metal parts

Nov.24, 2014 - A startup based on a Purdue University innovation could produce stronger, lighter metal parts that work for the automotive and aerospace industries through a new, 3D printing technology. More

Waterford Institute of Technology launches €1.1m metal 3D printing programme

Nov.20, 2014 - Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) has launched a €1.1m metal 3D printing programme that could revolutionise manufacturing industries in Ireland. More

A $9 million 3D printing research and development hub opens in Melbourne, Australia

Nov.20, 2014 - A state-of-the art 3D printing research hub has just opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia. It’s full name is the ARC Research Hub for Transforming Australia’s Manufacturing Industry through High Value Additive Manufacturing. More

Mosaic lets you 3D print multi-colored objects on a single color 3D printer

Nov.14, 2014 - What if it were possible to 3D print multiple-colored objects with a single extruder system that doesn't sacrifice any build space and, most importantly, will deliver high-quality, non-oozing results every time? More

Metal 3d printing soon 'affordable' thanks to new Selective Inhibition Sintering (SIS) process

Nov.11, 2014 - Researchers have developed a very peculiar application of inkjet technology that is capable of 3D printing metal, called Selective Inhibition Sintering, or SIS. The SIS process is based upon the retardation of sintering. More

Spanish Government grants HP over €21m in funds for 3D printing R&D

Nov.10, 2014 - The Spanish government has approved a total of EUR 21.25 million fund to support Hewlett-Packard Spain for its research and development of new 3D printing technologies. More

Interview with futurist Christopher Barnatt on his book '3D Printing: Second Edition'

Nov.9, 2014 - Christopher Barnatt is a well-known 3D printing academic, videographer and pundit. On 7th November, an update of his book called "3D Printing: Second Edition" was published. More

Researchers working on semi-solid metals that could revolutionize 3D metal printing

Nov.5, 2014 - Together, they are researching the use of so-called semi-solid metals that can be extruded, rather than lasered. These exciting new metal material could overcome all the problems associated with metal 3D printing. More

OPM and Yale University to jointly develop patient-specific 3D printed biomedical products

Oct.29, 2014 - Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM), today announced an extensive joint research program with Yale University to develop innovative and cost-effective 3D printed biomedical technologies and applications. More

Gartner says worldwide shipments of 3D printers to reach 217,350 in 2015

Oct.27, 2014 - Worldwide shipments of 3D printers (3DPs) will reach 217,350 units in 2015, up from 108,151 in 2014, according to Gartner, Inc.'s latest forecast. 3D printer shipments will more than double every year between 2015 and 2018... More

Japanese inventor uses modified FDM 3D printer to 3D print plants in any shape and size

Oct.24, 2014 - For Yuichiro Takeuchi, who works for Sony Computer Science Laboratories, has found a very interesting way to 3D print whole gardens, complete with any herbs and flowers you’d like to see. More

Graphene 3D Lab unveils first 3D-printed graphene battery

Oct.24, 2014 - Yesterday Graphene 3D released a brief video outlining details of the 3D printed battery development. Graphene can be easily mixed with thermoplastics commonly used in FDM 3D printer. More

NovaCentrix & nScrypt awarded $1M to develop all-in-one system for 3D printing electronics

Oct.24, 2014 - FlexTech has announced the awarding of $1,291,000 to nScrypt and NovaCentrix to develop a next-generation 3D printing system for creating complex and functional objects. More

3D printed titanium components now onboard the Airbus A350 XWB

Oct.21, 2014 - Recently, the bracket connector used in the Airbus A350 XWB was honored as a finalist in the running for the "2014 German Industry Innovation Award." The cabin bracket is manufactured using the patented LaserCUSING technology. More

ORNL reveals technique to precisely control 3D metal printing process at the microscale

Oct.16, 2014 - Researchers at ORNL have demonstrated a metal 3D printing technique that controls the structure and properties of metal components with precision on a microscopic scale. More

MIT lab 3D printed programmable self-assembling wood and carbon fiber

Oct.15, 2014 - A year after they figured out how to reprogram plastic to self-assemble into new structures, they have come up some new materials that can be programmed to transform their shape autonomously. More

Two-thirds of top 100 manufacturing companies now use 3D printing, says survey

Oct.10, 2014 - Now two-thirds might sound even more impressive than many optimists in the 3D printing community would have claimed, but the majority of these two-thirds are simply experimenting with 3D printing’s potential. More

A few ways to strengthen 3D printed parts

Oct.10, 2014 - There are some 3D print jobs that require a focus on part strength. We’ve had a few projects in our time that have led us to trying a few different strengthening techniques... More

Chinese scientists develop liquid-phase 3D printing using low melting metal alloy ink

Sep.30, 2014 - Chinese scientists are sharing an experimental metal printing method that uses metals that melt at a low temperature to greatly reduce printing time and costs. More

Stratasys VP's predictions about 3D printing over the next 10 years

Sep.14, 2014 - At the 3D Printshow , which was held in the Old Billingsgate in London between 4 and 6 September, IB Times UK caught up with Andy Middleton of Stratasys for a particularly interesting interview. More

Netflix’s 3D Printing Docu ‘Print The Legend’ streams September 26th

Sep.12, 2014 - Netflix has released the trailer for Print The Legend, Luis Lopez and J. Clay Tweel‘s documentary about the nascent American 3D printing industry. More

The 10 most influential companies and executives in 3D printing

Sep.4, 2014 - The report lists the ‘Ten Most Influential Companies’ including Autodesk, Amazon, Home Depot, GE and Makerbot. Retail made a particularly strong showing, led by Amazon’s recent introduction of a 3D printed items marketplace. More

Philips' Smit Röntgen introduces pure tungsten components made by laser sintering

Sep.1, 2014 - Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a hard, robust, rare metal and has the highest melting point of all the elements. Therefore Tungsten and its alloys have numerous applications. More

Gartner: mainstream consumer adoption of 3D printing is more than five years away

Aug.19, 2014 - However, although consumer 3D printing is at the peak of its hype, Gartner believes that consumer adoption will be outpaced by business and medical applications that have more compelling use cases in the short term. More

Organovo's 3D printed liver could detect the toxicity of a drug

Aug.19, 2014 - Pioneering 3D printing biology company Organovo announced that it has passed a major drug test with the company’s 3D bioprinting technology. In collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company. More

GE reveals breakthrough in 3D printing super light-weight metal blades for jet engine

Aug.18, 2014 - Today GE unveiled a breakthrough process for 3D printing light-weight metal blades for jet engine turbines. Developed by engineers at the Italian aerospace company Avio and Sweden’s Arcam. More

Ultrasonic 3D printing uses sound to merge layers & embed electronics in metal

Aug.18, 2014 - A new technology, called ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM), can help embed sensors in protective metal housings, without any damage. More

Disney researchers found a way to 3D print figurines with the most realistic hair

Aug.11, 2014 - By scanning the individual’s face with a depth camera or other sensor, we can create a 3D model of the facial features which can then be applied to a figure that is produced on a 3D printer. More

Engineers discover new 'less is more' approach to make 3D printed parts lighter and stronger

Aug.5, 2014 - A 'less is more' approach has enabled UK engineers to make 3D printed parts lighter and stronger, using methods that will also make 3D printing faster and more economical. More

Met Museum intern creates '3D Printing Booklet for Beginners'

Aug.4, 2014 - Created by Met MediaLab intern Decho Pitukcharoen, the booklet was designed to "build on the MediaLab's practice of helping audiences use 3D models of objects in the Met's collection for their own creative purposes." More

Voxeljet: Water soluble 3D printing for producing lightweight composite fiber material objects

Aug.2, 2014 - Fiber composite materials are well known for use in lightweight construction. Conventional shaping for the molds means working with milling machines to obtain the desired shape. The level of complexity is therefore limited. More

Australia to launch Additive Manufacturing Hub to stay globally competitive

Jul.31, 2014 - Australia is launching the Additive Manufacturing Hub in a bid to increase collaboration and to take advantage of 3D printing to save Australian manufacturing. More

Italian designer 3d printing with waste coffee and clay composite

Jul.21, 2014 - Italian designer and engineer Francesco Pacelli has recently successfully printed objects using mixture of used ground coffee and clay. More

Squink lets you print a circuit board fast and cheap

Jul.16, 2014 - A company called BotFactory has developed Squink, a portable factory that creates circuit boards in minutes at the very low cost. More

South Korea drawing up a 10-year plan for 3D printing

Jul.16, 2014 - The South Korean government announced Wednesday that it is drawing up a 10-year plan to promote the country's 3D printing industry. More

Boeing and Lotus F1 team up to develop method of 3D printing strong fiber reinforced parts

Jul.16, 2014 - Boeing and Lotus are working on to solve the issue is to include reinforcing fibers into 3D printed parts. In the SLS process, the reinforcing fibers are essentially layed down in the same direction. . More

Open source 3D printing as learning tool in two high schools in Greece

Jun.30, 2014 - A three-month research project attempts to examine to what extent the technological capabilities of open source 3D printing could serve as a means of learning and communication. More

Virginia Tech & Quantum Materials develop uncloneable anti-counterfeiting 3D printing technology

Jun.30, 2014 - Virginia Tech has teamed up with Quantum Materials Corp. to develop uncloneable anti-counterfeiting 3D printing technology to help to ensure positive identity of any particular object. More

Makerbot seeking patent to print objects larger than build volume of a 3D printer

Jun.26, 2014 - Everyone's now aware of 3D printing. There are literally hundreds of desktop 3D printers emerging on the market, but most of them have very small build volume which limits the type of parts that can be printed. More

Minibuilders, tiny robots 3D printing structures in any size

Jun.17, 2014 - Researchers from IAAC in Barcelona, have combined robotics with 3D printing and developed a group of three separate robots, all mobile and capable of constructing objects far larger than the robot itself. More

Researchers develop efficient approach to 3D print high-density metal parts

Jun.17, 2014 - LLNL researchers have developed a new and more efficient approach to determine the right parameters in selective laser melting to print 3-D high-density metal parts. More

Scientists say we are close to 3D printing brand new organs that generate electricity

Jun.11, 2014 - Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat, co-director of the University of Iowa's AMT Group, says that we may one day bio-print an organ that can generate electricity within the body, pushing the technology even farther. More

Strengthening your 3D prints with carbon nanotubes and microwaves

Jun.2, 2014 - Brandon Sweeney, a chemical engineering graduate student at Texas Tech, is researching techniques to improve the strength and durability of 3D printed parts. More

3D printing: How it works, its advantages, how it’s shaping business & how to invest [Infographic]

May.30, 2014 - A new infographic created by VisualCapitalist on helf of Graphite, Graphene and 3D Printing company Lomiko Metals details the ins and outs of 3D printing and its effect on the business world. More

Makerbot seeking patent for multi-material switching midprint

May.13, 2014 - Makerbot filed for a 3D printing technique that changes from one color to another during a printing process. The printer includes a build platform, an extruder, an x-y-z positioning assembly, and a controller. More

NASA wants to develop ABS recycling system & hybrid plastic/metal 3D printing in orbit

May.11, 2014 - To truly "develop a self-sustaining, closed-loop on-orbit manufacturing process that will result in less mass to launch", NASA has decided to awards for two new projects on 3D printing. More

3D printed hydrogel nanocomposites helps to detoxify the blood like a liver

May.9, 2014 - Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a 3D printed detoxification device, inspired by the human liver to remove dangerous toxins from the blood. More

Master course of 3D bio-printing human body parts launched

May.9, 2014 - Students will soon learn how to use 3D printing to create human body parts, with a world's first master's degree to be offered by four of the world's leading research universities. More

Wohlers Report 2014 uncovers annual growth of 34.9% for 3D Printing, highest in 17 years

May.3, 2014 - Wohlers Associates, a research consultancy focused on additive manufacturing and 3D printing, announced this week the publication of Wohlers Report 2014. More

3D Systems 3D printing with conductive ink for Google Project Ara smartphones

May.3, 2014 - Google plans to release this first modular smartphone in January 2015, which will allow users to personalize their own device via miniature components and 3D printing. More

Lux Research expects 3D printing market to quadruple to $12B in 2025

Apr.29, 2014 - In the latest report issued by Lux Research, the analysts note that total 3D printing (3DP) market will nearly quadruple to $12 billion in 2025. More

New 3D cartilage printing technology could combat Osteoarthritis

Apr.28, 2014 - Scientists have created an innovative 3D printing approach to create replacement cartilage for patients with osteoarthritis or soldiers with battlefield injuries. More

IBM 3D prints world's tiniest magazine cover

Apr.25, 2014 - IBM Research in Zurich has created the smallest magazine cover in the world, using a tiny chisel to create an image so small that 2,000 of them could fit on a grain of salt. More

Korean government invests $2.3 million in 3D printing centers

Apr.23, 2014 - The South Korean government has announced plans to invest 2.4 billion won ($2.3 million) this year to set up 3D printing centers aiming to put South Korea at the forefront of the developing industry. More

DrugPrinter, print any drug instantly?

Apr.23, 2014 - The article, titled “DrugPrinter: print any drug instantly”, proposes a drugprinter, an all-in-one 3D molecular level printer that can ‘print’ a compound in only one step. Basically it uses optical tweezers to synthesize drugs atom-by-atom. "It is fast, 100% yield, and no by-products." the paper writes. More

3D Printing is one of the hottest outsourced jobs right now

Apr.21, 2014 - Freelancer.com has published its quarterly analysis on outsourced jobs on its site in Q1 2014, and the latest data reveals a huge rise in trending tech, with particular demand for 3D printing. More

3D Printing: one step closer to a Star Trek future? [Infographic]

Apr.20, 2014 - Bestcomputerscienceschools.net has published a nice infographic titled “3D Printing: One Step Closer To A Star Trek Future” to help illustrate the power of 3D printing. More

OxSyBio raises £1m to develop 3D bio printer to print synthetic tissue, organs

Apr.17, 2014 - Oxford University spin-out OxSyBio has secured £1 million fund to develop a 3D printer to produce tissue-like synthetic materials for wound healing and drug delivery. More

NTU, Dental Centre Singapore in S$1M 3D bio-printing research tie-up

Apr.16, 2014 - A new partnership between National Dental Centre Singapore and Nanyang Technological University will focus on fostering research collaborations and grooming more clinician scientists in Singapore. More

Light-directed EPD, a new 3D printing technique with nanoparticles

Apr.11, 2014 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have created a technique called light-directed electrophoretic deposition to dynamically pattern the surface material. More

Creating multi-color prints using a one-color 3D printer (2)

Apr.10, 2014 - It was just a little over a year ago that Andre Tiemann started playing around with multi-colour relief design and printing using a single extruder printer. He hasn’t slowed down since. More

Taiwan's 3D printing development program to kick off in May

Apr.9, 2014 - The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan announced today a 3D printing development program is scheduled to kick off in May to tap the fast-growing 3D printing industry. More

Canalys says 3D printing market to reach $16.2 billion by 2018

Mar.31, 2014 - 3D printing market, including 3D printer sales, materials and associated services, is forecast to expand to $16.2bn in 2018 with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.7%. More

Print like an Egyptian - UWE Bristol develops innovative 3D ceramic printing

Mar.28, 2014 - Researchers at the University of West England (UWE) Bristol, UK have developed an enhanced 3D ceramic printing technique to produce tableware, such as beautiful teacups and intricate ornaments. More

Sigma Labs announces patent filing of sensor invention for 3D metal printing

Mar.27, 2014 - Sigma Labs, Inc. (SGLB) announced that it has filed a patent application protecting a unique sensor invention that will significantly enhance the ability to improve the quality of additive manufacturing processes. More

Netflix acquires award-winning 3D printing docu ‘Print The Legend’

Mar.26, 2014 - Netflix announced today that it has acquired exclusive rights to “Print The Legend,” a documentary about the nascent American 3D printing industry that premiered at SXSW this month. More

An analysis of patenting activity around 3D printing from 1990-current

Mar.20, 2014 - Gridlogics Technologies, a software products company has shared some interesting results from a recent report on analysis of patenting activity around 3D-Printing from 1990-Current. More

The UK 3D printing market looks set to be worth £2.9bn, research reveals

Mar.12, 2014 - Researchers have discovered over one in 10 British adults are already sold on the benefits of having a printer in the home which can ‘create’ things like smart phone cases, picture frames and children’s toys. More

Optomec awarded new patent on Aerosol Jet print head for 3D printing electronics

Mar.7, 2014 - Industrial 3D printer manufacturer, Optomec was awarded a new U.S. patent, titled Miniature Aerosol Jet and Aerosol Jet Array, patent # 8,640,975. More

New book '3D Printing: Rise of the 3rd Industrial Revolution', free for a limited time

Mar.6, 2014 - In 2014, 3D printing will go mainstream. A new book, "3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution" scrutinizes what this will mean for the world and the future of humanity. More

Research into 3D-Bioprinting may soon produce transplantable human tissues

Mar.6, 2014 - A team of scientists at Swansea University in the UK are working on the design and development of a new generation 3D-bioprinting technology, together with the biological methods to make living tissues. More

'Print the Legend', new film that tracks rise of 3D printing (video)

Mar.1, 2014 - A new documentary, "Print the Legend", takes a closer look of the rise of the 3D printer, and follows the people racing to bring this hot new technology to your home. More

Open-source 3D printed parts often stronger than proprietary versions

Feb.28, 2014 - Pearce and his team conducted a study on mechanical properties of components fabricated with open-source 3D printers. The study used standard test methods, except for changing the environmental conditions. More

4 AXYZ 3D printing 'smart wood' furniture with embedded electronics

Feb.26, 2014 - This week 4 AXYZ reveals its 3D printed furniture at the Launch festival Monday. For example the stool in the image below is printed in three pieces while it might need 8 or 9 pieces using traditional method. More

Obama announces two new manufacturing hubs

Feb.26, 2014 - U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced the creation of two new Pentagon-led institutes to boost advanced high-tech manufacturing, with the eventual goal of creating jobs that have been lost to global competition. More

Jefferies: metal 3D printing will grow faster over next few years

Feb.24, 2014 - Peter Misek follows the shares of 3D printer makers and in this report, he offered some thought on both the consumer market and the professional/industrial market. More

Harvard scientists 3D bioprint layered tissue with blood vessels

Feb.20, 2014 - Scientists at the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering announced Wednesday that they have printed intricately patterned 3D tissue constructs with multiple types of cells and tiny blood vessels. More

CNN interviews Chuck Hull: 'The night I invented 3D printing'

Feb.14, 2014 - CNN sits down with Chuck Hull in Frankfurt, Germany talking about his incredible invention and 3D printing today. More

3D Printing: The Future is Now [infographic]

Feb.12, 2014 - Let’s take a look at how 3D printing works and how far the technology has come since its recent inception. More

Home 3D printers revenues to grow to $70 billion by 2030

Feb.12, 2014 - The market for home 3D printers is in its early stages but there is strong interest from specialist players as well as global technology vendors in its long-term potential. More

Cell-building robots bring 3D printed replacement organs closer

Feb.11, 2014 - Biomedical engineers in the United States have announced a unique micro-robotic technique to assemble the components of complex materials, bringing 3D-printed replacement organs even closer to reality. More

Doctor to 3D bioprint cartilage into knees

Feb.10, 2014 - Dr. Darryl D'Lima and colleagues at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California are developing new 3D bioprinting technology that will print living cartilage into the body to provide better treatment for patients with knee injuries. More

NASA to grow 3D printed space wood

Feb.10, 2014 - Researchers at NASA and Stanford University are trying to 3D print cell clusters that can produce non-living structural biomaterials like wood, bone minerals, and tooth enamel. More

Utrecht's “tissue factory” experiments further with 3D bioprinting

Feb.6, 2014 - Utrecht's experimental tissue factory aims to use research and 3D printing technology to break new ground in biofabrication and bring living, 3D-printed cartilage one step closer to becoming a reality. More

3D printing builds a nanowall

Feb.5, 2014 - 3D printing went nano again last week as researchers in Korea published a paper which shows that nanoscale 3D objects – like free-standing nanowalls – can be constructed using 3D printing technology. More

EOS and Airbus team on aerospace sustainability study for industrial 3D printing

Feb.5, 2014 - 3D printer company EOS has collaborated with Airbus Group Innovations (previously EADS Innovation Works), of Filton, Bristol, to complete an environmental lifecycle comparison of two key production technologies, rapid investment casting and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). More

5 disruptions caused by 3D printing according to McKinsey

Feb.4, 2014 - The speedy evolution of 3D printing technology will be accompanied by five trends disruptive to the world economy – that's according to recent predictions by global management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company. More

Japanese government to fund 3D printing in education

Feb.3, 2014 - Japanese government announced plans to support the use of 3D printers in educational settings where students may receive hands-on experience in learning about 3D data and 3D printing technology. More

The 3D printing revolution explained in 20 minutes 

Feb.1, 2014 -  Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founder Janine Benyus gives one of her always educational talks at The Circular Economy 100 Annual Summit in June.  More 

Obama to spur job growth and innovation with six more high-tech hubs

Jan.29, 2014 -   In last night's State of the Union address, U.S. president Barak Obama announced plans to launch six more high-tech hubs this year which he hopes will generate domestic job growth and keep the country competitive in manufacturing. More

3D printing human organs may be regulated or banned by 2016 

Jan.29, 2014 -  The technology of 3D "bioprinting" - the medical application of 3D printing to produce living tissue and organs - is advancing so quickly that it will spark a major ethical debate on its use by 2016, according to Analyst Group Gartner Inc.  More 

Let the revolution begin: key 3D printing patent expires today

Jan.28, 2014 -   Today may be a milestone in the 3D printing revolution: one of the key 3D printing patents related to Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology expires today. More

New solvent-cast 3D printing technique raise potential of printing antennas 

Jan.24, 2014 -  The solvent-cast 3D printing technology is a highly versatile microfabrication technique that can be used to fabricate 3D geometries at room temperature.  More 

RBCC partner n3D develops new magnetic 3D Bioprinting

Jan.13, 2014 -   Rainbow Coral Corp (OTCBB: RBCC) announces today its joint venture partner, Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), has developed the first commercially available 3D bio printer designed for high throughput and high-content drug screening. More

Japanese researchers 3D print blood vessels using patient's skin cells 

Jan.6, 2014 -  Saga University in Japan and Cyfuse Biomedical, a biotech start-up in the field of regenerative medicine, have jointly developed arteries using patient's skin cells and 3D printing technology.  More 

America Makes' 2013 'By the Numbers' [Infographic] 

Jan.2, 2014 -  The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, rebranded as America Makes, formed in August 2012 with the goal of making the U.S. more competitive in the 3D printing (additive manufacturing) arena.  More 

Global demand for 3D printing to rise over 20% annually through 2017 

Jan.1, 2014 -  According to the report "World 3D Printing to 2017" by Freedonia Group, world demand for 3D printing is projected to rise more than 20 percent per year to $5 billion in 2017. More 

Colored Ceramic 3D Printing 

Dec, 31, 2013 -  In collaboration with Roy Yahalomi, Studio Under has designed a diamond shaped light fixture and printed out, for the first time, using colored 3D ceramic printing. More 

Researchers demonstrate novel approach towards 3D printing pacemakers in vivo 

Dec.23, 2013 -  Researchers at TsingHua University in China presented an alternative way of directly printing three-dimensional (3D) medical electronics inside the biological body. More 

Global 3D printer shipments to grow ten times over four years

Dec.23, 2013 -   Global 3D printer shipments are anticipated to grow by ten times over the next four years, a new IDC report revealed. More

UK unveils 1.2m titanium wingspar 3D printed in one piece 

Dec.21, 2013 -  One of the largest 3D printed metal parts has been made in the UK, demonstrating how 3D printing technology could revolutionise the way aircraft are produced in the future. More 

Custom implants created using LENS 3D printing may soon fix complex injuries 

Dec.12, 2013 -  Researchers are using the technology for 3D printing metals, ceramics and other materials to create custom medical implants designed to fix complicated injuries. More 

Manipulate pliable 3D printed structures 

Nov.29, 2013 -  ID4A has recently created a method to generate tractable systems for a range of architectural and industrial applications.  More 

Harvard shows important progress toward 3D printing lithium-ion batteries 

Nov.26, 2013 -  Harvard scientists first introduced 3D printing batteries back in June. The team created lithium-ion microbatteries the size of a grain of sand using 3D printing technology. More 

Top 10 tech trends for 2014: the revolution will be 3D 

Nov.25, 2013 -  IEEE Computer Society unveils today top 10 tech trends for 2014. In the coming year, innovative business models will emerge for 3D printing. More 

A*STAR Singapore launches $15m program to develop 3D printing 

Nov.22, 2013 -  The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore has launched a new $15 million programme to develop additive manufacturing - or 3D printing technology. More 

UK Intellectual Property Office looking at patenting in 3D printing 

Nov.21, 2013 -  The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of UK releases a report which looks at patenting in 3D printing, giving a unique insight into what innovation is actually taking place. More 

Apple filed five Liquidmetal patents, two are 3D printing related 

Nov.21, 2013 -  The US Patent & Trademark Office published today a new series of five Liquidmetal patent applications from Apple which were originally filed in Q2 2012. More 

3D printing for final part production up to 28.3% 

Nov.19, 2013 -  The use of 3D printing for the production of parts for final products is getting close to 30% of all 3D printing, says a leading analyst firm Wohlers Associates.  More 

MTU Prof writes 3D printing guide to making your own low-cost lab equipment

Nov.18, 2013 -   In his new book, "Open-Source Lab", Pearce provides a step-by-step DIY guide for making lab equipment. The essential tools are a 3D printer, open-source software and free digital designs. More

MIC report: Entry-level 3D printers grew sixfold in two years 

Nov.18, 2013 -  The global market value of 3D printers is forecast to grow at a 20.4 percent compound annual growth rate to US$4.45 billion in 2016 from US$2.15 billion in 2012, says Taiwan's MIC. More 

GE's new Cold Spray 3D printing technology to build up and repair parts 

Nov.14, 2013 -  General Electric researchers have developed an additive technology called "Cold Spray" in which metal powders are sprayed at high velocities to build a part or add material to repair an existing part. More 

3D Printing Market worth $8.41 Billion by 2020 

Nov.11, 2013 -  According to a new market research report, the 3D Printing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% from 2013 to 2020, and reach $8.41 billion in 2020. More 

Maker, a documentary on the Maker Movement doubles Kickstarter goal

Nov.1, 2013 -   The team who made Design & Thinking, a Kickstarter funded film that went on to inspire audiences worldwide, now present to you their second feature film—Maker: A documentary on Maker Movement. More

New 3D printing technique to eliminate the need for multiple 3D printers

Oct.30, 2013 -   Scientists have developed an initiator integrated 3D printing approach (i3DP) to enable post-printing surface modifications for various applications. More

3D printing can cut material consumption by 75%, CO2 emissions by 40% 

Oct.24, 2013 -  Additive manufacturing can reduce costs of building and operating aircraft, says EADS. EADS / EOS joint study shows material consumption cut by 75 per cent and CO2 emissions by 40 per cent. More 

Vitamin boost for 3D printing of medical implants

Oct.23, 2013 -   Researchers have discovered that a naturally-occurring compound can be incorporated into 3D printing processes to create medical implants out of non-toxic polymers. The compound is riboflavin, which is better known as vitamin B2. More

Researchers develop 4D printing technology for composite materials 

Oct.23, 2013 -  Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have successfully added a fourth dimension to their printing technology, opening up exciting possibilities for the creation and use of adaptive, composite materials in manufacturing, packaging and biomedical applications. More 

3D printing to dominate STEM education within 3 years 

Oct.22, 2013 -  A new report from the NMC Horizon Project has identified the 12 emerging technologies will have a significant impact on STEM+ education over the next one to five years. More 

Buccaneer 3D printer pre-orders open next month, shipping April 2014 

Oct.21, 2013 -  Pirate3D is opening preorders of the Buccaneer 3D printer on November 1, 2013 on their website pirate3d.com. Preorder units, priced at US$497, will be shipped in April 2014.  More 

3D printing with marble dusts 

Oct.21, 2013 -  The project focuses on exploring the use of the marble dust and the main advantages of 3D printing technology. More 

UK grants £500K funds to bring 3D printers to 60 schools 

Oct.19, 2013 -  Education Secretary Michael Gove revealed today that a £500,000 fund was now being established to enable up to 60 teaching schools can buy 3D printers and train teachers to use them effectively. More 

ESA demonstrates complex structures made of metal using 3D printing

Oct.18, 2013 -   If you want to know the future of 3D printing, the London Science Museum is the place to be. The European Space Agency (ESA) has unveiled plans to take 3D printing into the metal age. More

3D Printers could change our education and economy 

Oct.15, 2013 -  Much attention has been paid to 3D Printing lately. New companies are developing cheaper and more efficient 3D printers. When you produce something yourself instead of purchasing it, that changes your relationship to it.  More 

ESA Amaze project to take 3D printing into the metal age

Oct.15, 2013 -   The European Space Agency (ESA, the "European NASA") has unveiled plans to "take 3D printing into the metal age" by developing the first large-scale production methods to 3D-print with metal. More

Gartner: 3D printing to result in $100 billion IP losses per year 

Oct.14, 2013 -  By 2018, 3D printing will result in the loss of at least US$100-billion per year in intellectual property globally, according to Analyst group Gartner.  More 

3D printing of continuous fiber composites within reach in 3-5 years 

Oct.11, 2013 -  Composites specialist Nathan Armstrong, formerly founder and president of Motive Industries, is leading a partnership developing a 3D printing technology that will produce composite parts with continuous fiber reinforcement. More 

3D printing: the business opportunities (video)

Oct.10, 2013 -   Futurologist Christopher Barnatt highlights what this means for businesses, as well as offering some broader predictions. More

3D printing reality: myths about 3D printing busted (video) 

Oct.10, 2013 -  The London Science Museum invited some industrial experts to guide you around the hype of 3D printing, look into 3D printing myths in the media and reveal this technology's real-life potential.  More 

3D printing isn't just cheaper, it's also greener, scientist says 

Oct.3, 2013 -  3D printing isn't just cheaper, it's also greener, says Michigan Technological University's Joshua Pearce, an associate professor of materials science and engineering/electrical and computer engineering.More 

Gartner says 3D printer shipments to grow 49% in 2013, set to double year over year 

Oct.2, 2013 -  Worldwide shipments of sub-$100,000 3D printers will grow 49 percent in 2013 to reach a total of 56,507 units, according to Gartner, Inc.'s latest report "Forecast: 3D Printers, Worldwide, 2013." More 

U.S. Army grants $855K for developing 4D printing of adaptive materials

Oct.1, 2013 -   Now the U.S. Army Research Office is hoping to make this a reality by providing an $855,000 (€632,000) grant to develop 4D materials, which can exhibit behavior that changes over time. More

GE Global Research: The Future of Additive Manufacturing (video)

Sep.29, 2013 -   GE Global Research hosted a Google+ Hangout on Friday to discuss about the latest in advanced material applications and innovative design capabilities made possible by additive manufacturing. More

Tesco: You will see 3D printing in supermarkets over the next few years 

Sep.28, 2013 -   Mike McNamara, the IT chief of supermarket giant Tesco said 3D printing could soon come to supermarkets, allowing shoppers to order certain basic items and have them printed out on-demand.  More 

Rotational 3D printer under development for tailor-made medical products 

Sep.24, 2013 -   The 22-year-old - who is studying at Nottingham Trent University's School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment - is undertaking research which will help shape the future of how tailor-made medical products are printed. More 

Consumers not ready for 3D printing wave (Reuters video)

Sep.22, 2013 -   There is skepticism about whether this is going to be a living room device anytime soon. Experts say there's no place for it next to our telephone, TV or even regular printer. More

NIST awards $7.4 Million to fund Additive Manufacturing Research

Sep.19, 2013 -   The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the award of two grants totaling $7.4 million to fund research projects aimed at improving measurement and standards in additive manufacturing. More

Credit Suisse: 3D printing market will be much bigger than what industry consultants estimate 

Sep.18, 2013 -  On Tuesday Credit Suisse initiated coverage on three different 3D printing stocks and expressed bullish research notes about the 3D printing market. More 

European Commission seeks 'Capital of Innovation' to stimulate 3D printing and digital design 

Sep.18, 2013 -  The European Commission has started in September the search for the first European Capital of Innovation, or iCapital. The prize will reward the city which is building the best "innovation ecosystem".  More 

NASA funds research to create stronger materials using 3D printing

Sep.18, 2013 -   Aided by funding from NASA, researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology are using 3D printing to create stronger, more durable materials for the space agency. More

When will 3D printers print 3D printers? 

Sep.12, 2013 -  When will 3D printers print 3D printers? Dr. Kaku addresses the question of the possibility of a "von Neumann probe", one of the inventions that may be realized by advances in nanotechnology. More 

3D printer maker Stratasys to raise over $400 million on Nasdaq 

Sep.10, 2013 -  3D printer maker Stratasys Inc. (Nasdaq: SSYS) announced on Monday that it intends to offer 4,000,000 of its ordinary shares in an underwritten public offering.  More 

Autodesk Infographic: how 3D printers are impacting small business 

Sep.10, 2013 -  How can 3D Printing save time and money for small businesses? A few years ago, a 3D printer would have costed you at least $10,000, but now you can buy a consumer 3D printer for less than $2,000. More 

NTU in Singapore building $30 million 3D printing research centre 

Sep.10, 2013 -  The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) announces today it is building a new $30 million research centre at NTU.  More 

3-D Printing: The $3B Job-Creating Industry 

Sep.7, 2013 -  3D printing has been around since the 1980s and it's set to be a $3 billion business by 2016.  More 

Analysis reveals fastest growing online jobs are in design and 3D printing

Aug.22, 2013 -   According to Freelancer.com, The fastest growing jobs online in the second quarter were in the design and 3D-printing industries. More

Gartner's 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies features Humans and Machines

Aug.19, 2013 -   The key theme of the 2013 edition of Gartner's long-running "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies" is "the evolving relationship between humans and machines". More

Panasonic announces plan to develop digital home appliances using 3D printing 

Aug.10, 2013 -  Panasonic announced that the company plans to fully utilize 3D printing technology in the development of digital home appliances. More 

Goldman Sachs describes 3D printing as creative destroyer

Aug.9, 2013 -   Goldman Sachs' analysts believe the following eight secular disruptive themes have the potential to reshape their categories and command greater investor attention in the coming years. More

MTU Study: 3D printers may soon be in every home

Jul.30, 2013 -   Michigan Tech researcher Joshua Pearce is predicting that personal manufacturing, like personal computing before it, is about to enter the mainstream in a big way. More

NASA awards $100,000 to initial analysis of 3D printing of biomaterials

Jul.29, 2013 -   NASA has selected 3D printing of biomaterials, such as arrays of cells as one of the 12 proposals for study under Phase I of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program. More

3D printing ranks at no.6 in the 7 Fastest Growing Industries of 2013

Jul.28, 2013 -   Infographic "2013 Biggest Businesses & Fastest Growing Industries" covers the seven fastest growing industries for entrepreneurs and small business owners, their reasons for growth. More

Freeform 3D printing with an undo function 

Jul.25, 2013 -  By injecting light-curing resin through a needle-like print head on a robotic arm one is able to shape freeform objects without the need for molds or other subtractive manufacturing processes. More 

6% of British people say they have interest in owning a 3D printer, survey finds 

Jul.23, 2013 -  6% of people in the UK, or one in 17 people say they have interest in owning a 3D printer. 71% of people say they know very little or nothing about 3D printers, according to a new survey. More 

Microsoft Research working on embedding ID tags in 3D printed objects 

Jul.23, 2013 -  Microsoft Research is working on embedding ID tags in 3D printed objects. These internal tags, called InfraStructs, can be read with an imaging system using terahertz (THz) radiation. More 

3D printing will take off soon as key patents expire in 2014

Jul.22, 2013 -   Key patents are holding back 3D printing. In February 2014 these patent which cover a technology known as "laser sintering," a low-cost 3D printing technology will expire. More

3D printers emit potentially hazardous ultrafine particles 

Jul.21, 2013 -  A recent research shows that 3D printers produce more potentially dangerous ultrafine particles than previously thought. More 

NMC Report: 3D printing to be widely adopted in K-12 education in 4~5 years 

Jul.17, 2013 -  In NMC Horizon Report 2013 K-12 Edition, six emerging technologies, including 3D printing, are identified across three adoption horizons over the next one to five years. More 

Chris Anderson: Terry Gou's definition of 3D printing is too narrow 

Jul.12, 2013 -  Chris Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, disagreed with the tycoon's dismissive remarks about 3D printing.  More 

3D printing of liquid metals at room temperature

Jul.9, 2013 -  Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed 3D printing technology and techniques to create free-standing structures made of liquid metal at room temperature. More 

UK kids to be taught 3D printing and robotics from age of 5

Jul.7, 2013 -   The new curriculum in UK, which will be announced this week, will give pupils the skills to design and make their own products using cutting-edge equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters and robotics. More

Infographic: The Impact of 3D Printing on Supply Chains

Jul.6, 2013 -   3D printing has the potential to change how and where manufacturing takes place. Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research made an infographic to show the impact of 3D printing on supply chains. More

Superman invented 3D printing 50 years ago 

Jul.4, 2013 -  2013 is a year of more rapid advances in technology, and while we think we are so trendy, someone else has been dreaming up stuff like 3D printing nearly 50 years ago. More 

'3D printing is just a gimmick,' says Foxconn President Terry Gou 

Jun.25, 2013 -  3D printing does not herald the arrival of the third industrial revolution, said Terry Gou, the president of Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer.  More 

Admatec aims to become market leader for 3D printing ceramics

Jun.25, 2013 -   Admatec invests in Lithoz's Cerfab 7500. By combining with Admaflex technology, Admatec is looking to become market leader for 3D printing ceramics. More

Hyrel 3D now lets you 3D print with Sugru

Jun.21, 2013 -   After 3D printing with Air-Dry Clays, Plasticines, RTV, Play-Doh, Atlanta-based Hyrel 3D is back again with a new material: Sugru, a self-setting Rubber. More

Your Future, 3D Printed [Infographic] 

Jun.21, 2013 -  How far has 3D printing come in the industrial sector and what changes it is bringing to the consumer market. This infographic by Mark Joseph Stern offers a basic overview of the technology. More 

US researchers develop 3D printed tiny lithium batteries 

Jun.19, 2013 -  A team based at Harvard University and the University of Illinois at Urbana have successfully created lithium-ion microbatteries the size of a grain of sand using 3D printing technology. More 

3D printing could be miners' new tool 

Jun.17, 2013 -  A mechanical engineer specializing in 3D printing says the practice could revolutionize parts manufacturing for the mining support industry. More 

3D printing helps Ford, GE & Mattel find efficiencies

Jun.13, 2013 -   Three major U.S. manufacturers, Ford, GE and Mattel are using 3D printing to be more productive, efficient and innovative in designs. More

Report: Demand for 3D printers surges, Asia remains relatively weak 

Jun.12, 2013 -  The 3D printer market in 2012 accounted for more than $1 billion in sales. The 3D printing market will be worth $4B by 2025. More 

UK government announces £14.7m investment for 3D printing projects 

Jun.6, 2013 -  UK businesses are set to benefit from a £14.7 million investment to develop 3D printing projects, Business Secretary Vince Cable announced today Jun.6. More 

University of Eastern Finland and LUXeXceL Partner to Develop Photonics 3D Printing

Jun.5, 2013 -   The Institute of Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland is launching cooperation with Dutch company LUXeXceL that offers rapid prototyping of optical components for prototypes and short-run batches. More

SmarTech estimates 3D printing market to reach $5.1 billion by 2018

Jun.2, 2013 -   SmarTech Markets Publishing estimates that sales of 3D printing hardware, software and services will be worth around $5.1 billion by 2018. More

3D printing market in China to reach $1.6 billion within three years 

May.30, 2013 -  According to Luo Jun, CEO of the Beijing-based Asian Manufacturing Association (AMA), Revenues for the 3D printing industry in China are likely to reach 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) within three years. More 

Mary Meeker's 2013 Internet Trends: Re-imagination of manufacturing - 3D printing 

May.30, 2013 -  Mary Meeker unveiled an stunning annual Internet Trends report for 2013 at the D11 Conference, showing what's ahead in the technology industry. More 

McKinsey report: 12 disruptive technologies by 2025, 3D printing included

May.29, 2013 -   Researchers at the global research firm McKinsey has released a new, wide-ranging report that identifies 12 economically disruptive technologies that could deliver significant economic impacts to the global economy. More

Amazon CEO: 3D printing will not change the distribution of products anytime soon 

May.25, 2013 -  Once a year, Amazon shareholders have a chance to ask Bezos anything they wish. One of interesting questions was about 3D printing, and its potential to change the distribution of products. More 

Wohlers reports continued growth in 3DP, growth of low-cost 3D printers cools significantly 

May.23, 2013 -  According to Wohlers report, the market for 3D printing in 2012, consisting of all products and services worldwide, grew 28.6% (CAGR) to $2.204 billion. More 

Terry Wohlers fears U.S. loosing its edge in additive manufacturing 

May.14, 2013 -  Terry Wohlers, an industry consultant, analyst, and speaker, president of independent consulting firm Wohlers Associates, provided some impressive insights into the market of Additive Manufacturing.  More 

Ultimarker: When augmented reality meets 3D printing

May.13, 2013 -  Augmented reality and 3D printing are the hottest emerging technologies and two most impactful and radical innovations of our time. More 

White House Launches $200M Competition for three new manufacturing innovation institutes 

May.10, 2013 -  The Obama Administration is launching competitions to create three new manufacturing innovation institutes with a Federal commitment of $200 million across five Federal agencies. More 

German ICT firms believe 3D printing will have significant impact on many industries

May.5, 2013 -   In a survey conducted by Bitkom among 320 companies in the ICT sector four out of five companies expect that 3D printers will affect large sectors of the economy. More

Australian researchers develop body parts using 3D printing

May.3, 2013 -   Researchers at Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital is working on developing human organs by building body cells layer by layer using a 3D printer. More

ICTP scientists publish free book: Low-Cost 3D Printing 

May.1, 2013 -  For preparing the First International Workshop held in Trieste, Italy in 2013, the ICTP has released a free e-book which collects all the contributions of the scientists and 3D printing ethusiasts that will take part in the workshop.  More 

Infographic: Navigating the Future of Industry

Apr.28, 2013 -   Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) released recently a new infographic to help students, business leaders, and entrepreneurs prepare for the next decade of America's economic evolution. More

Chinese government announces $6.5M for 3D printing research 

Apr.26, 2013 -  The Chinese government is to offer $6.5M for research aimed at developing technologies for additive manufacturing. More 

BotQueue v0.3 released, now with Webcams support and more

Apr.24, 2013 -   Zach Hoeken Smith has just launched the latest version of BotQueue, v0.3, that adds some new features to make it much nicer to use. More

3D printing spinal discs to combat back pain 

Apr.24, 2013 -  Imagine during the surgery, a 3D printer is used to print strings of stem cells onto highly specific portions of a patient's spinal disc.More 

Organovo Describes First Fully Cellular 3D Bioprinted Liver Tissue 

Apr.22, 2013 -  Organovo Holdings presented at the 2013 Experimental Biology conference in Boston, Massachusetts data on the company's in vitro three-dimensional liver. More 

3D Printing in Libraries Around the World 

By Riel Gallant | Apr.22, 2013 -  Since late 2011, when the Fayetteville Public Library received widespread media attention for its hackerspace, 3D printers slowly began appearing in libraries around the world, particularly in the United States. More 

Creating synthetic human tissue on a 3D printer (video) 

Apr.17, 2013 -  Microscopic water droplets sink into a bath of oil, where they bind together much like clusters of living cells. Produced by a 3D printer, the droplets could one day be infused with proteins and other ingredients to sustain life. More 

EFF to challenge six 3D printing patent applications 

Apr.16, 2013 -  EFF has submitted documents on six pending patent applications that might threaten the growing field of 3D printing technology.  More 

NZ Customs Minister: 3D printers pose a threat to border security 

Apr.12, 2013 -  Customs Minister Maurice Williamson says he is extremely worried about what 3D printers will do to border security.More 

TNO & ITRI launched R&D program for additive manufacturing 

Apr.11, 2013 -  TNO launched Penrose Shared Research Program together with Taiwanese non-profit R&D organization Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on the 10th of April in the Hannover Messe. More 

Led by auto, medical and aerospace, 3D printing to grow into $8.4 billion market in 2025 

Apr.9, 2013 -  3D printing will be an $8.4 billion market in 2025 led by automotive, medical, and aerospace applications – up from $777 million in 2012. More 

Jet engine maker Pratt to invest $8 Million in digital lab at UConn 

Apr.5, 2013 -  Jet engine maker Pratt & Whitney and the University of Connecticut announce today that they have set up one of the nation's most advanced additive manufacturing centers. More 

See 4D printing: "smart" components that can assemble themselves (videos) 

Apr.5, 2013 -  Skylar Tibbits, an architect, designer and computer scientist presented a new concept in February 2013: 4D printing. This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time. More 

The future of the Navy: Print me a cruiser! 

Apr.4, 2013 -  The 3D printing revolution will radically change naval construction and logistics, writes two junior Navy officers in Proceedings, the influential journal of the U.S. Naval Institute. More 

An alternative design for a 3D printer, powered by a Raspberry Pi (video)

Apr.3, 2013 -   Jon Wise is working on an alternative design for a 3D printer that uses radial arms with a minimum of mechanical engineering. More

IBISWorld: 3D printing services seen positive average growth since 2008 

Mar.31, 2013 -  Despite some hard times during the recession, the 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Services industry has largely recovered and has leaped ahead in recent years. More 

A Few Ways to Improve 3D Printing Interfaces

By Fred Kahl | Mar.30, 2013 -   There's two aspects to reprap style FDM(filament deposition modeling) 3D Printing slicing software that need greater levels of control; support for overhangs, and infill settings. More

3D printed stem cells seems work great in early testing

Mar.28, 2013 -   Currently 3D printing of stem cells is in early testing and the team hope that soon they could be able to create human tissue using stem cells as "ink". More

Gartner Says Early Adopters of 3D Printing Could Gain an Innovation Advantage Over Rivals 

Mar.26, 2013 -  Enterprises should start experimenting with 3D printing technology to improve traditional product design and prototyping, with the potential to create new product lines and markets, says Gartner, Inc. More 

Video: Is 3D printing the secret weapon against climate change? 

Mar.25, 2013 -  3D printing could slash the carbon footprint of manufacturing and provide nifty solutions for a disaster-prone world. More 

Acetone vapour bath smoothing experiment and safety test

Mar.24, 2013 -   Bracken and James from the Southackton hackerspace test acetone vapour smoothing of ABS 3D printed parts, including safety testing. More

NAMII awarded 7 projects $4.5 million funding

Mar.21, 2013 -   The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) announced Wednesday that they have awarded seven entities $4.5 million in funding for first round of projects. More

IBM recognises the importance of 3D printing 

Mar.20, 2013 -  In a new IBM's research about 3D printing, Paul Brody emphasizes that "3D printing is more than a manufacturing technology, it is a software-enabled ecosystem." More 

EFF partnered with Ask Patents to fight for Open 3D printing 

Mar.19, 2013 -  EFF has decided to partnered with Ask Patents, to help find the best prior art to fight against patent applications that could threaten to stifle innovation in the 3D printing community. More 

Making clothes at home with your 3D clothing printer

Mar.15, 2013 -   How we live by 2050? Industrial designer Joshua Harris has created a concept that in the future, we could use a clothing printer to manufacture our clothes at home. More

Co-extrusion 3D printing improves solar cells and battery

Mar.14, 2013 -   PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) is a Xerox company using Xerox technology. They developed an innovative 3D printing technique called co-extrusion (CoEx) which makes it possible to produce narrower and taller gridlines. More

Design Guide: how to optimize technical ceramic prototypes using 3D printing 

by Benjamin Becker | Mar.11, 2013 -  The following design tips are intended to aid to engineers and designers to optimize technical ceramic prototypes using 3D printing. More 

VIDEO: Researchers developing 'Bio-Ink' to 3D print human organs 

Mar.9, 2013 -  AMTecH group was formed at the University of Iowa College of Engineering's Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) to design, create, and test—both virtually and physically—a wide variety of electromechanical and biomedical components, systems and processes.  More 

Freeform printing, 3D printing without limitations

Mar.7, 2013 -  Freeform printing basically means 3D printing by using robot arms. Oxman believes that using robot arms has more potential for architecture. More 

Rebuttal to 3D Printing Revolution: the Complex Reality

Mar.6, 2013 | By Adam Levine -   I respect MAKE and the niche they've carved out for themselves, but after the hopes-and-dreams crusher I just read, well.... Sometimes we all take ourselves a little too seriously. More

NASA wants to 3D print lunar base too, with giant spider robots 

Mar.5, 2013 -  NASA's modules would be constructed from lunar soil by microwave sintering and contour crafting making use of NASA JPL robotics system. The tech is called SinterHab. More 

Video interview: Will 3D printing change the world?

Feb.28, 2013 -   Folks at the PBS Digital Studios have posted a video, interviewing four industrial experts on the rising of 3D printing, what do they think of the future of 3D printing. More

4D Printing: transform shapes with multi-Material 3D printing 

Feb.27, 2013 -  Skylar Tibbits calls it 4D printing, where materials can be reprogrammed to self-assemble into new structures, directly off the print-bed.  More 

How far 3D printing has come since Good Morning America - January 1989 (video) 

Feb.26, 2013 -  How far we have come - 3D Printing is just as exciting today as it was in 1989.More 

Smooth surfaces of ABS 3D printed parts with acetone vapor 

Feb.26, 2013 -  Smooth surfaces of ABS 3D printed parts with acetone vapor with little or no money out of pocket. More 

Inforgraphic: How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom 

Feb.21, 2013 -  How could 3D printers revolutionize the classroom? Why should schools use 3D printers? Find the answer in the infographic. More 

University of Virginia expert discusses the future of 3D printing 

Feb.18, 2013 -  Fariss Samarrai, Senior News Officer at U.Va. Media Relations, interviewed Sheffler and discussed about the future of 3D printing in industry and society. More 

3D printers & scanners overview and 10 predictions in 2013 

Feb.16, 2013 -  Tuan Tranpham, North American Channel Manager, Stratasys Ltd., shared with us four graphics he created about the 3D printing world. More 

Rodney Brook on American manufacturing: localized production with robotics and 3D printing (video)

Feb.15, 2013 -   Robotics and 3D printing can help America make a more permanent play for manufacturing jobs and compete with off shore low cost labor. More

Infographic: step-by-step guide for 3D printing with a RepRap 

Feb.15, 2013 -  ArvidJense has been trying to 3D print functional musical instruments out of a RepRap 3D printer. After a lot of searching, testing and tweaking he figured out how to do it. More 

President Obama called 3D Printing: "the potential to revolutionize" in State of the Union Address (video)

Feb.13, 2013 -   In yesterday's State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama called 3D Printing a technology that has "the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything". More

Tutorial: Creating multi-color prints using a one-colour 3D printer

by Andre Tiemann | Feb.12, 2013 -   I have spent much of my free time in the last few months playing around with a method of printing that enables multi-colour results using a single extruder machine. More

Glenn Beck talks with Hod Lipson, author of "Fabricated The New World of 3D printing" 

Feb.10, 2013 -  Glenn Beck discusses 3D Printing and Technology with Hod Lipson of Cornell University, author of "Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing".More 

Lenovo & DHL vision: 3D printing and customization to become the new norm in future 

Feb.5, 2013 -  Lenovo and DHL share their vision in the videos below how the World will look like in the next 20 years and 40 years. More 

Breakthrough: Scientists use 3D printer to produce stem cells 

Feb.5, 2013 -  A team of researchers from Scotland has used a novel 3D printing technique to arrange human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) for the very first time. More 

New White Paper: So, What is the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing?

Jan.30, 2013 -   Public Knowledge announces today a new whitepaper: What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing? This paper is a follow up to their previous 3D printing whitepaper. More

'To mine asteroids' using MicroGravity Foundry 3D printer 

Jan.22, 2013 -  The MicroGravity Foundry is the first 3D printer that creates high-density, high-strength metal components even in zero gravity. More 

China looks to 3D printing, related stocks surge 

Jan.21, 2013 -  China is likely to draw a long-term route map for 3D printing technology and to use tax incentives to speed up its development. More 

3-meter long titanium airplane part 3D printed in one piece

Jan.18, 2013 -   The lab has made two Laser Additive Manufacturing machines with CO2 and YAG laser of several kilowatts beam power as heat source. More

Time managzine video: Make your own products with 3D printing 

Jan.16, 2013 -  Time managzine put up a video summerizing how 3D printing reaches mainstream consumers through personalization.  More 

Breaking the Mold Part II - Design Constraint Considerations

by Benjamin Becker | Jan.14, 2013 -   Today's current 3D printed ceramics have several factors which can limit the design of ceramic components. Some of the typical constraints of 3D printed ceramics are: More

CNN's The Next List: Neri Oxman's experiment with 3D printing buildings 

Jan.12, 2013 -  Is it possible to 3D print buildings? Neri Oxman believes we will soon be able to 3D print buildings. More 

Aol video: 3D Printing Is The Wave Of The Future 

Jan.12, 2013 -  There's a new kind of printer out there that could be changing technology as we know it. More 

Glenn Beck believes 3D printing is a game changer 

Jan.10, 2013 -  On Tuesday's radio show/online broadcast Glenn Beck featured a MakerBot 3D printer, the Replicator 2 and says it could change everything. During the program, the MakerBot replicator 2 was printing a mini plastic shark. More 

Creating large-scale parts with Sciaky's direct manufacturing (video)

Jan.8, 2013 -  Chicago-based Sciaky provides groundbreaking direct manufacturing (DM) solution to save manufacturers time and money on the production of large, high-value metal parts and prototypes. More 

Spiegel.de: Technology may bring new industrial revolution 

Jan.4, 2013 -  Spiegel.de, one of the biggest newspaper in Germany, published an article "Technology May Bring New Industrial Revolution". More 

3D printing becoming popular in Tokyo 

Jan.3, 2013 -  The Maker Faire 2012 in Tokyo focused on the do-it-yourselfers and professionals who design and make their own products. The "maker" movement in Japan is growing. More 

Why 3D printing isn't expected to take over mass-production any time soon 

Dec.31, 2012 -  Why 'additive manufacturing' isn't expected to take over large scale industrial production any time soon.  More 

3D printing predictions for 2013 

Dec.30, 2012 -  3D printing predictions for 2013: This year, a few key tech trends based on consumer market research have been examined... More 

Infographic: How 3D printing will change manufacturing 

Dec.28, 2012 -  Sculpteo shared a new infographic "3D Printing is the Future of Manufacturing". It helps beginners to get the basic idea about 3D printing and the future of manufacturing. More 

ZDNet's tech predictions: 2013 will see a dramatic rise in 3D printing

Dec.26, 2012 -   10 tech predictions for 2013 on ZDNet: 3D printing will go mainstream, printing at home? More

How 3D printing speed and temperature effect on material strength (video) 

Dec.25, 2012 -  microcubology explained in the video below how he addressed the problem of lack of strength in 3D printed parts by adjusting the printing speed and temperature. More 

Netherlands participates in 3D printing revolution 

Dec.24, 2012 -  Many countries in the world involve deeply in the 3D printing revolution, the Netherlands is one of them. More 

HUST plans first 3D printing industry park in China

Dec.20, 2012 -   Prof. Yusheng Shi, vice dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering and director of the Rapid Prototyping Center announced that HUST will set up the first 3D printing industry park in China. More

Wall Street takes a closer look at 3D printing biz

Dec.18, 2012 -   Is it time to buy into the 3D printing hype? Last week, at CNBC's Mad Money show investment guru Jim Cramer put two industry leaders: 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) to the test to find which one would be a better investment. More

China will promote 3D printing to boost its manufacturing power 

Dec.17, 2012 -  Bo Su, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said 3D printing will profoundly affect the future of the manufacturing industry, and China will strengthen the top-level design and overall planning. More 

EFF needs help in finding documents to stop dangerous 3D printer patents

Dec.15, 2012 -  The group have found a number of patents that seem both overly-broad and dangerous to the continued innovation in open source community. More 

Breaking the Mold – Ceramic 3D Printing Overview (Part I) 

by Benjamin Becker | Dec.12, 2012 -  Traditional manufacture of ceramics is a process that has long lead times, typically in excess of 8 to 12 weeks. When using traditional manufacturing methods in fabrication of ceramics, complex geometries such as a hollow sphere are impossible... More 

US Congressman urges lawmakers to renew a federal ban on 3D printed guns 

Dec.8, 2012 -  That firearm will be able to be brought through this security line, through the metal detector, and because there will be no metal to be detected, firearms will be brought on planes without anyone's knowledge. More 

Drag-and-Drop DNA: this 3D printer prints new cancer drugs 

Dec.6, 2012 -  Using a simple "drag-and-drop" computer interface and DNA self-assembly techniques, Parabon NanoLabs researchers have developed a new automated method of drug development that could reduce the time required to create and test medications. More 

MIT lab testing building-scale 3D printing (video) 

Dec.4, 2012 -  Neri Oxman believes we will soon be able to 3D print buildings. She's experimenting at MIT's Media Lab a novel method of mobile swarm printing that allows small robotic agents to construct large structures.  More 

3D-nanoprinting micropyramids for capturing living cells

Nov.29, 2012 -   Scientists from the University of Twente, the Netherlands have developed a field full of microscopic pyramids for cell research, thanks to 3D micro- and nano scale fabrication. More

3D printing cartilage using novel hybrid printer 

Nov.22, 2012 -  Researchers have developed a new method of printing 3D cartilage that could eventually be implanted into injured patients to help re-grow cartilage in specific areas, such as the joints. More 

Printing electronic sensors using low-cost 3D printers

Nov.22, 2012 -   The University of Warwick researchers have created a simple and inexpensive conductive plastic composite that can be used to produce electronic devices using the latest generation of low-cost 3D printers. More

3D printing food at home in 15 years

Nov.20, 2012 -   In a Twitter interview "#AskFuturist" today, followedby1d asked:"When will we be able to download food from the internet?" More

French researchers combines additive manufacturing with machining

Nov.20, 2012 -   Additive manufacturing and machining are usually regarded as competing processes. However, the two technologies are being combined in a project at the French research center PEP. More

Authors@Google: Chris Anderson speaks about his new book Makers 

Nov.19, 2012 -  At the recent Authors@Google, a series of presentations by invited innovative authors to speak at Google, Chris Anderson speaks about his new book Makers.  More 

Infographic: 3D Printing – How Long till the revolution 

Nov.14, 2012 -  The team at Newark.com made an interesting infographic: 3D Printing – How Long till the revolution More 

At Organovo: Let's print a heart (video) 

Nov.13, 2012 -  Scientists are taking the idea of 3D printing and catapulting it into the realms of something more suited to science fiction. One company, Organovo from San Diego in California are working with one of the world's first bio-printers: the NovoGen MMX. More 

World's first 3D liver printing from stem cells

Nov.12, 2012 -   Researchers at Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University have developed valve-based cell-printing processes that are able to deliver cells in specific patterns. More

3D printing in Dilbert Comic Strip

Nov.5, 2012 -   3D printing is featured in today's Dilbert comic strip, by Scott Adams. More

3D Printing will be part of open economy in the future 

Nov.3, 2012 -  Chris Yonge shared his overal view of how creativity might be redefined in the future. 3D printing will be part of an exciting open economy. More 

3D-printed ceramic bricks developed for large-scale construction 

Nov.1, 2012 -  After a six-week residency program at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the south of the Netherlands, Brian Peters developed a 3D-printed ceramic bricks project - "Building Bytes".  More 

Melotte: 3D printing significantly reduces production costs 

Oct.30, 2012 -  Mario Fleurinck (41), CEO of Zonhoven (Belgium) based technology company Melotte, is passionate about eco-system design and sustainable technologies development.  More 

Jordan Miller: Open Source is a Philosophy, Not a Checkbox 

Oct.29, 2012 -  Jordan Miller gave a talk at the 2012 Open Science Summit in Mountain View, CA regarding the science behind their work with RepRap for research in Regenerative Medicine. More 

Join EFF's Efforts to fight bad patents restricting 3D printing 

Oct.25, 2012 -  Want a world with open access to 3D printing? Join EFF's Efforts to fight bad patent applications that threaten new tech and keep 3D printing open.More 

Would you eat food made by a 3D printer?

Oct.23, 2012 -   Work on 3D food printing has also been taking place at TNO for years, but the hospitality industry still sees it like science fiction. More

UK Government to invest £7M in 3D printing technology 

Oct.23, 2012 -  The UK government, through its Technology Strategy Board (TSB), has announced its intention to invest £7m in in research and development of 3D printing technologies. More 

Unfold's Stratigraphic Manufactury: playing with ceramic 3d printing for unexpected results 

Oct.22, 2012 -  Antwerp-based design studio Unfold presents Stratigraphic Manufactury in the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial. More 

Global Additive Manufacturing Market expected to reach $3.5 Billion by 2017

Oct.19, 2012 -   According to a new market research report, the Additive manufacturing is a potentially growing market in every manufacturing sector with a global market of $1,843.2 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% to reach $3,471.9 million by 2017. More

China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance established 

Oct.17, 2012 -  A seminar "3D printing in China" orgainzed by Asian Manufacturing Association (AMA) was held on Oct.19, 2012 in Beijing. More 

Report urges UK government to develop 3D printing policy 

Oct.16, 2012 -  The Big Innovation Centre, an initiative of The Work Foundation and Lancaster University writes in their recent report "Three Dimensional Policy: Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D" that UK government needs to create a more flexible intellectual property framework. More 

3D Printer DRM Patent to protect piracy

Oct.13, 2012 -   A new patent issued on October 9, 2012 by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and titled 'Manufacturing control system', describes a system whereby an authorization code is requested before a 3D printer-like machine is allowed to print items requested by the user. More

New print head designed for 3D printing viscous liquids 

Oct.11, 2012 -  TNO has been working for a long time developing Additive Manufacturing technology. Recently TNO researchers have developed a print head that can handle viscous liquids. This allows computer controlled 3D printer to work with stronger objects. More 

Airbus, CSIR, Aerosud to explore titanium 3D printing

Oct.9, 2012 -   Airbus, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research's (CSIR's) National Laser Centre (NLC) and South African aviation industry leader, Aerosud have signed a collaboration agreement to explore the application of titanium powder-based additive layer manufacturing. More

EU to ask countries to invest heavily in 3D printing 

Oct.9, 2012 -  According to a leaked paper seen by Reuters, the European Commission is going to ask countries to invest heavily in new technologies such as 3D printing to revive the European Union's declining manufacturing sector.More 

Chris Anderson: makers movement is a new industrial revolution

Oct.8, 2012 -   Chris Anderson, the editor in chief of Wired, talks about in a recent interview with Forbes "Why it is easier to be an entrepreneur today than a decade ago and the makers movement". More

3D printed Optics from Disney Research

Oct.3, 2012 -   Developed at the Disney Research labs, Printed Optics is a new approach of building functional and interactive objects using 3D printing. More

Lab-grown leather could be on sale within next five years 

Sep.25, 2012 -  Modern Meadow, a company developing and 3D bioprinting meat and leather products directly from real animal cells received a six-figure seed investment from PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel's Breakout Labs.More 

Is 3D Printing Safe? 

Sep.23, 2012 -  Is 3D printing safe? taulman, creator of 2BEIGH3 3D Printer, built a test apparatus to measure the safety of the material used in DIY 3D printers. All of the tests were done in a small enclosed area.More 

BotQueue: an online platform for distributing print jobs to multiple 3D printers 

Sep.14, 2012 -  Makerbot co-founder Zach Hoeken Smith left Makerbot and started his own projects. His latest project is BotQueue designed specifically to control RepRaps (Marlin, Sprinter, GRBL, etc).More 

Nanoengineers can print 3D microstructures out of hydrogels in mere seconds

Sep.14, 2012 -   Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a novel technology that can fabricate, in mere seconds, microscale three dimensional (3D) structures out of soft, biocompatible hydrogels. More

Control 3D printer with your Raspberry Pi 

Sep.14, 2012 -  Walter Schreppers received his Raspberry Pi weeks ago. After a day of hacking and programming he set up his Raspberry Pi as a network node to control his Prusa 3D printer.More 

Ancient Egyptian Faience techniques could be used in 3D printing of ceramics 

Sep.7, 2012 -  A 7,000 year old technique, known as Egyptian faience, or Egyptian Paste, could offer a potential process and material for use in the latest 3D printing techniques of ceramics, according to researchers at UWE Bristol.More 

QUAN seeks to develope 3D printing robots to build houses 

Aug.31, 2012 -  With the global industrial robot-system market expected to double to $41 billion by 2020, Quantum International Corp., a robotics innovation company is exploring the development of robots capable of building a complete house in a single day. More 

The implications of 3D prinitng on global logistics industry 

Aug.30, 2012 -  John Manners-Bell, CEO of Transport Intelligence and technology innovator Ken Lyon has written a white paper 'The Implications of 3D Printing on Global Supply Chains' explaining how much 3D printing could influence the global logistics industry. More 

New 3-way Extruder and color blending nozzle developed for multi-colour/material 3D printing

Aug.25, 2012 -   RichRap has been played around with multi-colour/material 3D printing with his RepRap machine. Dual extrusion as in Makerbot Replicator can print two colors well but it has alignment and oozing of the inactive hot-end. More

Will Amazon embrace 3D printing? 

Aug.18, 2012 -  Known for being an e-commerce giant, Amazon not only sell almost everything online, but Amazon has also become a major player in cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers hundreds of thousands of companies, even NASA uses Amazon's cloud computing in Mars landing mission. More 

3D printing identified in Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle for emerging technology  

Aug.17, 2012 -  Big Data, 3D printing, activity streams, Internet TV, Near Field Communication (NFC) payment, cloud computing and media tablets are some of the fastest-moving technologies identified in Gartner Inc.'s 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies.  More 

White House announced new manufacturing hub in Ohio to promote 3D printing

Aug.16, 2012 -   White House officials announced today a $30 million investment to create a National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown, Ohio aiming at boosting 3D printing technology. More

Thiel Foundation announces new grant for 3D printed meat 

Aug.15, 2012 -  Investor Peter Thiel's philanthropic foundation announced today three new grants awarded through Breakout Labs, its revolutionary revolving fund to promote innovation in science and technology.  More 

Infographic: 3D Printing explained

Aug.10, 2012 -   The possibilities of 3D printing technology are endless, here are some nice infographics made by industrial experts explaining 3D printing and how it works. More

Global 3D printing market expected to reach US$2.99 billion by 2018

Jul.23, 2012 -   Global Industry Analysts, Inc announces the release of a comprehensive global report on 3D Printing markets. According to the report, global 3D printing market will reach US$2.99 billion by 2018. More

Researchers develops new SLM method to produce 3D aluminium composite parts 

Jul.4, 2012 -  Engineers at University of Exeter in the U.K. have developed a process based on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) to produce 3D aluminum composite parts from inexpensive metal powders.  More 

Future of Medicine: 3D-printing new organs 

Jun.29, 2012 -  Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, has been working on growing and regenerating tissues and organs for years. He demonstrated an experiment of printing organs on 3D printers using cells at TED conference.More 

Researchers to develop 3D printer to enable printing of 3D silicon micro- and nanostructures

Jun.28, 2012 -   Researchers at KTH Microsystem Technology have demonstrated a new technology for printing 3D silicon micro- and nanostructures. Silicon is the material used to manufacture integrated circuits and other micro-sized electronic devices. More

3D printing leads the design world into a new age 

Jun.27, 2012 -  At Milan's annual April design fair this year, machines and digital production take over the stage. Dirk Vander Kooij's industrial robot was printing out chairs, Markus Keyser's Solar Sinter machine were converting sand into 3D objects. More 

Create personalized medicine using a 3D molecule printer 

Jun.27, 2012 -  Lee Cronin, chemistry professor at the University of Glasgow asked the audience at TEDGlobal this year, Could we make a really cool universal chemistry set? Could we 'app' chemistry? By using a 3D printer and open source design software, Cronin presented his idea - print molecules. More 

3D printer extruding icing for decorating cakes

Jun.17, 2012 -   The phrase "3D food printer" probably makes you think of printing cholocate, cake dough or burritos, but British inventor Sean (Clanzer) uses a 3D printer to ice a cake. Icing is a sugar-rich coating used to decorate cakes, buns, biscuits and pastries. More

Unfold uses ceramic 3D printing to create unusual works 

Jun.13, 2012 -  Belgian Design Studio Unfold started extruding ceramic materials with a RepRap one year ago. In their recently post they gave an overview of some of the stuff they have been printing in porcelain. More 

More experiments on 3D printed circuitry

Jun.6, 2012 -   We have been followed up Rhys Jones' progress on 3D printed circuit board for a while. Last time he started by printing the plastic substrate and then the tracks. This time he tested with depositing the metal track first and then inserted most of the components afterwards and soldered by hand. More

Results of 3D printing communities survey 

Jun.1, 2012 -  The Statistical Studies of Peer Production run a survey in May with the goal of gathering data and providing insights about 3D printing communities. Today Peer Production published the results. More 

A story behind the design and creation of UltiController

May.31, 2012 -   It is my current believe that industrial design saved my panel. And it would have saved me a lot of trouble, if I understood some design concepts at an earlier stage. Personally, I think that a general knowledge of design should be part of each hardware hackers portfolio. More

DARPA crowd-sourcing new technologies through makers

May.30, 2012 -   The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed it will invest $3.5 million into TechShop, "a membership-based workshop that provides members with access to tools and equipment, instruction, and a community of creative and supportive people so they can build the things they have always wanted to make." More

Sky News reports 3D printing could re-shape the world 

May.28, 2012 -  Sky News reports that advances in 3D printing technology could revolutionise the way products are manufactured and brings the manufacturing job back to the country. More 

Scientists create robot which can 3D-print its own tools

May.24, 2012 -   ETH Zurich researchers are trying to design an intelligent robot that can use a hot glue gun to manufacture tools. In the video below they presented a self-reconfigurable robot capable of changing its body structures. More

US government has high expectation from 3D Printing 

May.10, 2012 -  U.S. government is planing something big - reshape American manufacturing by launch a $60 million 3D printing research and educational program - a new 3D printing institute. More 

3D printing robot produces "satellite lamp" from recycled CD cases 

May.1, 2012 -  Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij presented his new pieces as part of the domus exhibition 'the future in the making' during milan design week 2012. You probably still remember his impressive 3D printing robot that squeezes the material out of a tube, layer by layer built the object up. More 

TNO shows new platform that makes 3D printing for mass production possible

Apr.30, 2012 -   TNO has been working for a long time developing Additive Manufacturing technology. They help improve the existing 3D printers such as getting higher accuracy, faster production and using more and more different materials. More

Auto-Leveling Platform for 3D printers under development 

Apr.27, 2012 -  Thingiverse user atntias is developing a simple solution for solving the problem on an aluminum bed. atntias wrote the code as a part of printrun for his project, named as Auto Leveling Platform. More 

Food printing experiments with a Makerbot at milan design week 2012

Apr.24, 2012 -   During exhibition "The Future in the Making" in Milan design week 2012, spanish architect josé ramon tramoyeres of GGlab (green geometries laboratory) and deniz manisali showed to the audience how 3D printing could change gastronomy and haute cuisine. More

3D printing rubber balloons

Apr.23, 2012 -  What these researchers have done is they take desired 3D shapes and create a program that calculates what empty balloon shape should be needed to produce the inflated-balloon design, and then they create a mold to make the uninflated balloon on a 3D printer. More 

From Chocolate to Ceramics 3D printing 

Apr.17, 2012 -  In February Tom Salo posted his Chocolate Extruder on thingiverse, a very interesting topic in 3D printing. The head he uses is a Moineau pump (progressive cavity pump) and can feed the chocolate through the printing nozzle to print any objects. More 

Progress on 3D Printed circuit board 

Apr.12, 2012 -  We'll be building circuit boards with 3D printers in few years, and it will not be too far away from now. Hobbyists are trying to produce simple circuit boards using a 3D printer to push the days coming earlier. More 

More progress with multicolored printing

Apr.11, 2012 -   Myles has another progress with the mixer nozzle. It has a small DC motor turning a stirrer in the brass hot end to churn the melt up. More

A nice video on the "3D printing today and tomorrow" made by Chris Barnett

Apr.8, 2012 -   This video discussed what 3D printing is and its advantages today and what it will be in the future. It is nicely presented by Christopher Barnatt of ExplainingTheFuture.com. More

Fly 3D printers to Mars and print out spacecraft

Apr.2, 2012 -   NASA is studying a technology known as "3D-Printable spacecraft", which is one of 30 potentially revolutionary technologies NASA is working on. The idea is to collect science data by embedded electronic devices. More

Build a heated build chamber for Rapman 3D printer 

Apr.1, 2012 -  UglyBuddha owns a Rapman 3.2 but as soon as he began to print, he started to experience noises and warping in larger printed objects. More 

3D printing robot creates Endless Chairs from melted fridges (Video)

Mar.28, 2012 -   The 3D printing robot squeezed the material out of a tube, layer by layer built the object up. Recycled materials are used as feedstock and the robot can create all kinds of furniture More

Time Magazine calls Makerbot CEO a game changer (video)

Mar.24, 2012 -   Time Magazine selected a few innovators and problem-solvers that are inspiring change in America and it calls them Game Changers. More

ABN AMRO sees big future in 3D printing 

Mar.18, 2012 -  Every year, ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands publishes analyzes and studies in various industries and sectors to shares its knowledge and vision. More 

A second generation 3D concrete printing is under development 

Mar.16, 2012 -  Modern Architecture is demanding new developments in construction manufacturing technology, a team at Loughborough University has been working on a 3D concrete printing project that could allow full scale building components to be 3D printed on-site to any design. More 

Using 3D Printing to create small business 

Mar.8, 2012 -  Alex Hornstein and Bilal Ghalib made their way across the US with four DIY 3D printers in the trunk of their Prius. They started the Pocket Factory project aiming to start a business of designing, producing and selling products made with low-cost 3D printers. More 

3D Systems CEO discusses 3D printing technology on CNBC

Feb.25, 2012 -   Last month, 3D Systems completed the acquisition of Z Corp. and Vidar Systems for $135.5 million from Contex Group, a private equity company located in Stockholm, Sweden. 3D Systems Corp. Thursday reported a drop in fourth-quarter earnings as costs rose. More

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adrian bowyer's multi-color 3d printing Adrian Bowyer's new progress in multi-color 3D printing

Feb.24, 2012 -   Above is a mixer extruder for handling multiple materials that Adrian Bowyer built to take four 1.75mm coloured filaments and combine them out of a single nozzle. More

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Founder of Reprap & GroAction discusses the future of 3D printing 

Feb.20, 2012 -  Adrian Bowyer is founder of Reprap and a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, UK. In the video below Adrian and Luke Miller Callahan, founder of GroAction discusses the evolution of RepRap and where 3D printing is heading. More 

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3D printing goes the same way as digital image printing

Feb.15, 2012 -   Graham Klyne from Oxford University has been a software developer since the late 1970s. He was involved in various process control, CAD and scientific instrumentation software developments. More

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3d printing robot Dutch designer 3D prints Endless Chairs from melted fridges

Feb.13, 2012 -   Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij(29) presented his industrial robot at the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. More

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open3dpKnowledge sharing and not sharing - creative spaces open and 3D printing lab shuts down 

Feb.10, 2012 -  Open3DP, a lab at the University of Washington announced in their blog "Sorry we're not so Open lately" because of a change to UW's intellectual property policy.  More 

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Converting your existing CNC machine to a 3D printer 

Feb.7, 2012 -  If you have a desktop CNC machine and you wish to convert to a 3D printer, what items do you need to add to the CNC machine? More 

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Stratasys adds soluble support material for Polycarbonate

Jan.29, 2012 -   Stratasys will expand its WaterWorks soluble support material to be compatible with its polycarbonate build material (PC-10) for Fortus 3D Production Systems. More

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dissolveable support gearbox Dissolvable support material used for 3D printing gearbox and Hilbert Cube

Jan.28, 2012 -   Thingiverse user Tony Buser has recently made a very cool Hilbert Cube using a MakerBot Thing-o-Matic with dual mk7 extruders. The Hilbert Cube was printed all at once as one piece. More

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large scale 3d printer Large scale 3D printer One-to-One on Kickstarter

Jan.26, 2012 -   New York based Robert Cervellione is an architectural designer and professor of architecture engaged in digital design and fabrication research. Cervellione started a project One-to-One on Kickstarter. More

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the future of 3D printing The future of 3D printing - Cube and Replicator makers' joint interview by CNET TV

Jan.24, 2012 -   CNET's Rafe Needleman interviews the makers of two 3D printer: 3D Systems' Cubify and the MakerBot Replicator and discusses the Future of 3D Printing and how they are charting the future of manufacturing. More

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Lisa HarouniLisa Harouni: what makes 3D printing so cool 

Jan.24, 2012 -  Lisa Harouni, co-founder of Digital Forming gave an accessible intro to 3D printing at TED Salon in London in November 2011. More 

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Contour Crafting could 3D print a house in 24 hours

Jan.19, 2012 -   Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of engineering and director of the Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies(CRAFT) at the University of Southern California has invented a technique called ""Contour Crafting". Contour Crafting is a layered fabrication technology... More

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Michael Weinberg Michael Weinberg: It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up

Jan.19, 2012 -   The white paper, It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology, is written by Michael Weinberg, staff attorney with Public Knowledge. This white paper examines how intellectual property law impacts the rapidly maturing technology of 3D printing.. More

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"3D printing is here - but the factory in every home isn't!" - Deloitte TMT Trends for 2012 

Jan.18, 2012 -  Two short videos shows some hints of 3D Systems' cubify - the new Cubify.com is a online social platform integrated by 3D printing service, 3D modeling and 3D models and apps market place where you can.. More 

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Cory Doctorow's lecture on the upcoming war on general-purpose computing

Jan.17, 2012 -   Cory Doctorow, a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger—the co-editor of Boing Boing recently gave a lecture on the "coming war on general computation" at the 28th annual Chaos Communication Congress (AKA 28c3). More

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Digitally fabricated houses of Facit Homes

Jan.16, 2012 -   London-based Facit Homes has created a unique approach to making homes - digital fabrication. The building is designed on computer in pieces with every little details of your home. More

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3d printing and architectureHow 3D printing revolutionizes architecture 

Jan.14, 2012 -  Neri Oxman, a professor at the MIT Media Lab has produced a 6-inch cube sculpture “Making the Future” to illustrate the future of manufacturing. She recognizes too much limitations in conventional manufacturing and that limits the designers' mind too. More 

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3D Printing in space - Jason Dunn - let your ideas fly 

Dec.24, 2011 -  Jason Dunn, President and Co-Founder of Made in Space, made a speech at TEDx event at Embry Riddle University. More 

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A new year wish - create a 3D printer as a teleporter 

Dec.22, 2011 -  Teleporter, a device exists in sci-fiction film which can scan an object and send the information to another location. More 

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Microsoft 3D prints hardware prototypes in-house 

Dec.21, 2011 -  Josh Topolsky from theverge.com visited Microsoft labs and made a video in Microsoft's model shop, where hardware prototypes for keyboards and other devices are designed and created. More 

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3D printing hit the catwalk 

Dec.19, 2011 -  Is it art? Yes, and it is also fashion. The rise of 3D printing technology is unstoppable and has already reached the catwalk. More 

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Christmas dinner out of 3D printer 

Dec.13, 2011 -  The University of Twente and Het Foodatelier (the Food Studio) in the Netherlands will conduct a joint investigation into the technical and economic feasibility of 3D food printing. More 

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Made in Space receives $125,000 NASA funding to develop in-space 3D printing capability 

Dec.8, 2011 -  Made in Space, Inc. has been selected for a NASA Small Business Innovation Research contract to develop in-space 3D manufacturing capability for the International Space Station. They will receive up to $125,000 in NASA funding sometime next year. More 

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3D Printing - A Threat or An Opportunity For Mold Industry 

Nov.29, 2011 -  Is the advance of 3D printing going to make an end of traditional molding industry? Will all the mold makers disappear? Or on the contrary, is it an opportunity for mold makers? More 

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Can 3D Printer create new knee?   Nov.19, 2011

3D printing is in the news all the time. The FabLabs where you can make products from 3D printer are established everywhere. You can print a car part, a toy or a lamp with this new digital fabrication. More 

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How To 3D Print Large Objects Without Warping      Nov.16, 2011

Jamie Mantzel wanted to make some 20cm+ long parts but the parts warped. After several experiments he  found a solution. 

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DoD Pursuing Additive Manufacturing       Nov.15, 2011

According to a recent Defense News article that Department Of Defense(DoD) is embracing DDM.

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Researchers Convert 2D Patterns Into 3D Objects by Shining Light      Nov.12, 2011

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a simple way to convert 2D patterns into 3D objects shining light. More 

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Food Printing - "The Killer App" of 3D Printing  Oct.30, 2011

We talk a lot about 3D printing, now it is time to talk about digital gastronomy: food printing. The development of food printer is newer than 3D printing, and at least very interesting. More

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Could 3D Printing Change the World?       

Could 3D Printing Change the World? Atlantic Council issued the latest Strategic Foresight Initiative Report, co-authored by Thomas Campbell, Christopher Williams, Olga Ivanova, and Banning Garrett. More 

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