Print intricatedly designed pancakes with PancakeBot printer

May.18, 2014 - This weekend, designer Miguel Valenzuela will be debuting the new version of PancakeBot at the Bay Area Maker Faire held at the San Mateo Event Center. More

Personalize your 3D printed objects with water transfer printing

Feb.26, 2014 - Inspired by a Youtube video demonstrating a man dip coating his hand with a carbon pattern using Hydrographics, Bertier Luyt decided to test this technology with 3D printed plastic object. More

New block-cell printing ups brain cell survival rate

Feb.13, 2014 - Researchers in Houston have developed a way to print living cells in virtually any shape onto any surface. Unlike recent, similar work using 2D or 3D printing, almost all cells survive the process. More

./articles/20120405-mit-team-could-use-nano-size-robot-pebbles-to-create-crude-3d-shapes.html MIT team could use nano-size robot pebbles to create crude 3D shapes

Apr.5, 2012 -   MIT researchers from the Distributed Robotics Laboratory (DRL) demonstrated this week the "smart sand," nano-size robot pebbles, each equipped with a rudimentary microprocessor. More

Printable gripping tool and insect-like robot 

Apr.4, 2012 -  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is leading an ambitious new project to reinvent how robots are designed and produced, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. More 

Print receipt-sized personal newspaper with Little Printer 

Dec.2, 2011 - The London-based design studio Berg announced a fun gadget, that you can print receipt-sized personal newspaper and notes at home. More 

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Breakthrough: Scientists developed the first printed Graphene Electronics 

Nov.28, 2011 - Downloading and printing new electronics has now become possible. Without a gram of metal - thanks to a breakthrough at the Cambridge university in UK. More 

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