Dec.4, 2012

PhoneScope 3D designed by Spatial Vision and Design is a special macro lens add-on for your iPhone's camera. - "Think of it as a magnifying glass for your iPhone."

The Phonescope 3D consists of a macro lens clip and a light lens attachment. The macro lens clip allows you to magnify your iPhone's camera view by as much as 5x what it normally allows so that you can view fine text and small objects in greater detail. The Light Lens is an extra attachment for those that want even more clarity and make the best possible pictures. It magnetically attaches to the Lens Clip and illuminates the scene using a ring of ultra-bright LEDs to distribute the light evenly and reduce coning.

The Light Lens shell is made of a durable and strong anodized aircraft grade aluminum and 3D printed on one of the most advanced machines in the industry. The Macro Lens Clip is made of tough plasma-polished stainless steel which is precision laser cut. It can easily be attached, positioned and removed, even if your phone has a bumper.

Probably one of the most unique functions is that the PhoneScope 3D can capture 3D surface scans of your magnified views. There are no special glasses needed.

(Images credit: Phonescope 3D)

For scanning you can place the Light Lens over the object, the device then illuminates the scene from different directions and capture each image. It takes less than 5 seconds. The 3D scan technology is based on a specially developed photometric stereo technique.

This technique interprets depth based on how light is distributed over the object surface. It can't distinguish absolute depth. Rather, it assumes depth based on how the light interacts with the surface that is being scanned. And, it does an excellent job at that. It certainly has its restrictions. But within its working range the result is very high resolution scans with crisp detail. You'll discover detail you would not see otherwise. There is also no scan dribble typically found with laser and white light type technologies.

These 3D images are then processed in a web-based solution specially designed for the PhoneScope. You can export this 3D data in most of the popular formats such as OBJ, STL and DXF. and get it 3D printed. With the PhoneScope's very high level scan resolution you'll be able to make amazing 3D prints even when enlarged.

After a year of development, PhoneScope 3D is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Spatial Vision and Design says making something like the PhoneScope has been on their minds since the iPhone was first introduced. The fund will be used for paying supplies and materials as well as manufacturing and assembly costs.

PhoneScope 3D was designed for the iPhone 4/4S at this time, and iPhone 5 support will be able to finish when iPhone 4 version is ready. PhoneScope 3D is a web-based solution, according to the team, the OSX support is expected to be launched in April or May 2013.

You can get an Early Bird special at $39 for Macro Lens Clip on Kickstarter, or at $75 the Macro Lens Clip plus Light Lens Attachment (MSRP $159). The delivery time will be around March or April in 2013.


Source: Techcrunch


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