Jan.10, 2013

On Tuesday's radio show Glenn Beck featured a MakerBot 3D printer, the Replicator 2 and says it could change everything. During the program, the MakerBot replicator 2 was printing a mini plastic shark. "This can make anything," he says. Beck is impressed by how easy it is to replicate a 3D model, but he is also concern of what it could mean for patents, art and currency etc.

"You can make weapons with this. You can make anything with this. This is going to be highly, highly regulated. This changes everything. There are no patents anymore."

Beck pointed out that many websites where 3D printer designs are posted have begun banning gun and gun component designs. We has reported earlier on the issue of 3D-printed guns. In December following Makerbot took down 3D-printed gun parts blue plans on Thingiverse, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson started their own site for hosting 3D printable gun files. he and his team pulled as many designs as they could onto this new website DEFCAD, according to Wilson, amount of traffic has been surprising.

As for Beck's printer, now that it is part of his American Dreams Labs. On Monday Beck launched the American Dream Labs. The project is inspired by Walt Disney's "science factual" programs, and Glenn said he wanted to team some of the best storytellers and creators in the country with some of the wildest thinkers to drive and tell the story of American innovation and inspiration.

"I am not going to let somebody else redesign the world without me involved and without you involved because I don't like the global planners. Here, we're going to push the envelope and look for new creative innovative things in more than one area. I will show you how we can master technology," said. We can expect to hear more discussion about 3D printing technology.

He believes in this technology, he says "Jobs will come back to America because you'll be able to make things again, remember this is early technology here," he says. "However, those aren't manufacturing jobs, they aren't labor union jobs, they aren't dolt jobs, per se. You will be able to make anything you want. So our economy in the entire world is turned upside down. You don't need little slave children in China to make stuff. The Replicator 2000 will do it for you."

Watch Beck talk about the 3D printer on Tuesday’s online broadcast:

"This week we want to put you on notice that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Somebody is doing something, somebody is dreaming big, somebody is actually doing something big."

Beck talked in his American Dream Labs in the video below. (skip forward to 1:27 when 3D printer is featured):






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John wrote at 1/22/2013 1:58:44 PM:

No. He's right.

Billb wrote at 1/10/2013 7:17:34 PM:

He's clueless….

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