Jun.14, 2013

Orbi-Tech, a filament-maker in Germany has now released it´s new filament, BendLay. The new 3D fibre is developed by Kai Parthy, inventor of Laywoo-D3 wood and Laybrick filament. BendLay is a very tough material, but it is also bendable and resilient.

"BendLay shall play it´s rule where ABS is too hard and flexible-PLA is not tight enough", says Andre Sperlich, head of Orbi-Tech.


Clear like Polycarbonate

Printing temperature: BendLay is very nice to print between 215° to 240°C

While printing with high speed, best layer adhesion can be obtained at 240°C

Thermal stable as PLA (65 – 70°C)

BendLay is a modified ABS, and can be used in food-packaging and medical devices

The water absorption is only 30% of the ABS

No stress whitening by bending

High interlayer adhesion

Soluble in brake cleaner; acetone will make Bendlay crumble

Technical data in comparison

E-Modulus MPA Elongation at break Softness
ABS ~ 2300 30.00% --
PLA soft/flex ~ 380 300.00% shore D 45
new BendLay ~ 1500 175.00% shore D 65

Flexibility in comparison with ABS, stiff PLA and soft PLA

BendLay is available at orbi-tech´s webshop, 3mm transparent filament is priced at EUR 32.80 per spool (750g, >110 meter), and 1.75mm is price at EUR 39.90 per spool.

Watch below the video showing the flexibility of BendLay.



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dave wrote at 9/3/2015 6:15:37 AM:

Price would be okay for me, but they over spooled my order (thanks) the stuff keeps falling off the spool and jamming the printer

Sparklight wrote at 4/11/2014 7:12:29 AM:

What printers are able to work with this new material? All of them? I'm shopping.

dclunie wrote at 9/11/2013 11:17:56 AM:

what is the active ingredient in "brake fluid" that dissolves this filament as brake fluid is primarly acetone, isopro alcohol, and mek. would be nice to know as if you would use just brake fluid in a dual extruded parts you're going to lose the abs portion in brake fluid as well!

Steve Ryan wrote at 8/22/2013 3:59:52 PM:

Amen to that, get a distributor in the US, then you might sell a few more rolls !!!

Proteus wrote at 6/15/2013 8:33:20 AM:

Pretty expensive, but every new filament is another option for us to use. It actually looks pretty nice, would make a nice cup.

jd90 wrote at 6/14/2013 4:56:21 PM:

Where does the "Lay" part of the naming come in then? It would be nice if they can get funding to produce enough in volume to cut the price a bit, and get non-European distribution. Shipping really cuts down on my desire to try it out.

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