Oct.20, 2013

People have been making jack-o'-lanterns at Halloween for centuries. Every year people make their own versions of Jack's lanterns by carving scary faces into pumpkins and placing them into windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits.

Halloween is coming up soon and this year some makers are taking jack-o'-lanterns to the next level with their 3D printers. Minneapolis based 3D printing company 3D Creation Systems brought to you a 3D Project Challenge which was to design or modify a jack o' lantern in 3D.

Here are some very cool entries:

1. 3D printed Jack O'Lantern by SebastianKerner

SebastianKerner showed you in his instructables how to build this 3d printable pumpkin scene from scratch. You will need cinema4D basic fundamentals and follow SebastianKerner's guideline here to create the 3D model. When everything in place, most 3D Print services could print this model for you.

2. A spooky Jack O'Lanterna by trecords1

trecords1 made his jack-o'-lantern with Blender. "To make the model I added a UV sphere to the scene and chopped off the top and right side to make it into a 1/4 sphere. Then I added a mirror modifier to make it whole again. I adjusted the longitude edges to make some ridges on the pumpkin. I applied that modifier then added a cube around the pumpkin as a deform mesh dividing it once and pushing down the top and up on the bottom to give my model a pumpkin shape." notes trecords1. You can download the .stl files for the top and bottom parts of the Angry Pumpkin model here.

3. What to do with a 3d printed jack o' lantern by bj-2

After you 3D-printing the stl-file of bj-2's 3d-printed jack o' lantern, you can place the tealight in the pumpkin and hang them on a wire over the fireplace to make your living room extremely cosy.

4. Customizable 3D Printable Jack-O-Lantern by TheNewHobbyist

TheNewHobbyist's very cool Jack-O-Lantern was first modeled in SketchUp and then moved to OpenSCAD. TheNewHobbyist used mostly cylinders to create the shape of the Jack-O-Lantern in SketchUp, which made it pretty easy to transfer over to OpenSCAD as cylinders are a built-in primitive. Then he used the "Dimension" tool and created identical primitives in OpenSCAD model.

Eyes, nose, and mouths are "cut out" using OpenSCAD's "difference" function. So any other users can simply change the value of one variable in the OpenSCAD file to create a pumpkin of their own. There is also an option spot on the bottom to accommodate some LEDs or other light source. The completed "Customizable Jack-O-Lantern" can be found here on Thingiverse.

5. 3D-printed Jack o' Lantern by fungus amungus

fungus amungus designed the 3D model of his own jack-o'-lantern in free app 123D Design. The Jack o' Lantern is designed to have an LED tea light inside so it can glow without having to make the model too big. Watch the video below:

6. 3D Printed Jack O' Lantern USB Stick by Htz

"Here's my idea for a really cool festive 3D printed Jack O' Lantern with an LED light source that can be plugged into any USB and, can be made at home, with any suitable USB and bulb. I used Solidworks 2012 for this project." notes Htz. "After you've finished creating your pumpkin, place an LED light inside (you can use hot glue to glue it onto the top of the base), and attach the plus and minus of the USB cable to it. Once you've finished, you can also glue the USB holder and the base, and also the USB to its place. you can now attach this to anything you want, and voilà-You have a USB LED Jack O' Lantern!"

You can download the .123dx files for the Jack O' Lantern USB here on Instructables. Enjoy!

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Josh wrote at 10/22/2013 7:41:59 PM:

Cool pumpkins! For some more cool 3D printable pumpkins check out 3dagogo designer Paxxma. He has a trio of very cool printable pumpkins! https://www.3dagogo.com/paxxMa

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