Dec.8, 2013

A trio of toy inventors, David Silverglate, Brian Gulassa, and Trevor Hite from 'Thoughtfull Toys' have created a new kind of miniature car line that everyone would enjoy: Modarri. Modarri is a cool miniature car that you drive with your fingers using realistic steering and suspension. The modular design of Modarri allows the owner to create a car with unique looks and performance by swapping parts from one vehicle to another using the included Hex Tool.

Each car includes: Chassis, Hood/Windshield, Seat Pan, Seat, Fenders and Frame, 4 Wheels, Front Suspension and Rear Suspension. 3D printing is perfect for customizing and modifying the Modarri car parts. Three multicolored models (street, dirt and track models) are planned, and the parts will be compatible so owners can build their own hybrid models. The team plan to post downloadable CAD files of some Modarri car parts to let everyone create, post and 3D print their own designs in custom materials and colors.

Modarri cars aren't only for kids. "We took care to design beautiful cars that teens and adults would also love and want to collect," Silverglate said. "Our goal was to create toy cars that are sleek, gorgeous, fun, durable, drivable, buildable and interchangeable." While the toys are easy to customize, it was a real engineering challenge to design and create them. Each car contains 70 different parts and are constructed out of 10 different materials to make them strong and flexible in the right places.

Silverglate thought it would be excellent to tap into other "kidults," as the term has been coined, and seek the support of hundreds of average Joes and Janes, so he hatched the idea to launch Modarri on Kickstarter.

The campaign seeks to raise $80,000, to bolster the company's start-up funds. A host of Rewards ranging from being the first to own one or all three cars when they roll off the assembly line, to 3D printed cars or ones signed by designer Gulassa, or "face-time" with the toy biz gurus, including at Toy Fair, are offered in the Kickstarter campaign.

If the funding campaign is successful, the company will begin manufacturing and selling the Modarri toy cars in the spring next year.


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10 year old kid wrote at 5/22/2014 7:19:58 PM:

They're silly

John Watson wrote at 2/1/2014 7:02:33 AM:

This is a fabulous review on toys cars. A wonderful car with interchangable parts. My son loved them and also the color. These cars are useful for children to be very smart. Here is another one I came across -

TK wrote at 12/9/2013 5:53:31 AM:

Why don't they show when their car is dropped? For girls, my daughter asked me if they had pink, purple or glitter colored ones? We have some of the Automoblox modular car sets and they have all sorts of designs and colors etc. We saw those in a hobby store but the toys are already in stores and on amazon etc. I do see value in creativity and imagination plus frustration with batteries or toys with limited play value... Will they make versions with wind up power or other 'design' aspects? i wish them well.

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