Mar.18, 2014

Polish 3D printer maker Zortrax plans to issue 10 million PLN ($3.3 million, €2.4 Million) in bonds through the Invista Brokerage House. It will offer 10,000 unsecured bond, each worth 1,000 PLN ($329 / €236). The period will be 3 years, with annual interest rate 9% which will be paid quarterly.

This is not the first series of bonds the Polish manufacturer established. In January Zortrax successfully placed 1.5-year-old Bonds worth 1.2 million PLN ($284,000, €395,000) via private placement.

Zortrax also has experience in public fundraising. Last year, the company behind the Zortrax, Gadgets3D launched the Zortrax M200 on Kickstarter and reached the goal on June 21, 2013. It collected nearly $180,000 from 144 backers. Zortrax's internet popularity attracted the interest of Dell, one of the world's largest computer manufacturers who purchased 5,000 units of Zortrax's flagship M200 3D printer in January 2014.

The bond issue is aimed primarily to finance the production of 3D printers for Dell, as well as the completion of research and development of new 3D printers. In 2014, the company plans to launch a new printer Zortrax M120, a smaller version of Zortrax M200 for low-budget segment while maintaining the characteristics of M200. It will retain the simplicity of operation, which allows anyone to operate the device, even a person without any knowledge of handling 3D printers.

There is also a plan to issue a new generation of Zortrax M200 3D Printer, with a new design for offices. The company will also come up with a new range of consumables for full color 3D printing. Representatives of the company mentioned that Zortrax is in talk with Bosch, German appliance manufacturer, as well as other potential customers. The company plans to build up a network of distributors and warranty and post-warranty services. The investment will allows Zortrax to optimize its production process, increasing its production capacity to tens of thousands of units per year, says the company.

Thanks to Pawel Slusarczyk for the tip.


Source: Centrumdruku3d


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Hanz wrote at 3/20/2014 8:05:18 AM:

its official: the new 3D printing HOAX-King is.......Zorttrax! congrats.

jd90 wrote at 3/18/2014 3:17:11 PM:

...even more bonds? Seems a bit much.

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