Mar.23, 2014

iMakr is setting up a Rococo Chocolate Mini-You booth in the Fifth Floor Foodmarket of Harvey Nichols' flagship store in Knightsbridge, London for 5 weeks, starting on 17th March 2014, until 22nd April 2014.

Anyone that wishes to taste a milk or dark chocolate miniature of themselves can drop by the iMakr 3D Scanning Booth or book in a slot for a five minute scan.

For the next month, department store Harvey Nichols is giving shoppers the chance to create 3D chocolate 'selfies' as Mother's Day presents.

The process involves taking countless pictures of you from every angle. The walls of the booth are lined with more than 40 SLR cameras, which snap high-res pictures simultaneously. These photos will be put together to create 3D models of you on the computer.

Back at the iMakr Store, a 3D printer will print a plastic model of the 'Mini-You'. Once the plastic model is complete, it is taken to Rococo's headquarters in South London. A food-safe silicone mould will then be cast from the model and melted dark or milk Rococo Chocolates will be poured in and cooled. The 'Mini-You' will then be delivered to the customer's address or can be collected from the Fifth Floor Foodmarket, Knightsbridge, or from the iMakr Store, Clerkenwell, in 10 days' time.

For £99, you can order six solid chocolate miniature busts of yourself. For £169 you can get 12, plus £10 on top for postage and packaging. See the photos below samples the busts.

Dailymail journalist Annabel Cole visited the booth last week and was offered to have a bespoke six-inch full body figurine, a sort of chocolate Oscar. "Mine is the first of its kind and, at an incredible £1,000, these are only for the most devoted, not to mention fabulously wealthy, chocolate lover." writes Annabel. When she finally received the busts and figurine packaged in one of Rococo's signature blue-and-white printed presentation boxes, she couldn't wait until Mother's Day to show her gift to her mother.

She puts on the forced smile that mothers affect when they don't want to hurt their children's feelings.

'Thank you, but gosh, darling,' she says, 'the thought makes me feel a bit queasy. It's nice of you to think of me — but a nice bunch of daffodils would have done the trick.'

However, the whole idea, chocoate mini-me certainly makes a change from the traditional Mother's Day and Easter gifts.


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