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Although laser projection keyboards have been around for a few years now, the cost (usually over $100) has been off-putting for many. As laser technology itself is evolving and dropping in price, the ability to create a DIY solution has not only gotten cheaper, but also easier.

The concept behind a laser projection keyboard is simple: a module projects a laser-based keyboard onto a surface and a user is able to have a 'virtual' keyboard experience on literally any surface. When a user touches the surface covered by the laser-projected image of a specific key, the device records the corresponding keystroke. The projection itself is realized in four steps using three separate modules: a projection module, a sensor module and an illumination module. As for powering the laser, the device uses a diffractive optical element, a red laser diode, a CMOS sensor chip and an infrared (IR) laser diode.

Similar to most other DIY projects, various users have been exploring how to 'hack' their laser keyboards and program them to do anything want, such as creating a laser multi-touch pad or or any other kind of virtual input solution. One such DIY project comes in the form of the Laser Projection Keyboard Kit V2 from DF Robot.

Based off of an open-source design from the the clever design team over at RoboPeak, the Laser Projection Keyboard Kit V2 works like a standard keyboard with the help of customizable signal processing software that was also designed by RoboPeak. The kit is the smaller and more portable version of their Keyboard Kit V1, which is based on their original functional prototype:

Keyboard Kit V1

Perhaps most interestingly though, is that the RoboPeak design team chose to use 3D printing as their form of manufacturing for their second version of the Keyboard Kit. In the latest kit, the use of a 3D printed shell assembly makes it easy for users to modify the design to their liking and then 3D print entirely new housings, if so desired. This could come in the form of a different color, a different material, or to change the final design altogether into a different shape or long as the laser components are still able to function properly.

As for assembling the kit, the keyboard only needs a quick assembly of the 3D printed housing and laser components in order to get it up and running. Starting with a 3D printed base and front panel, the more complex laser components of the kit come as subassemblies that make it easy for beginners to focus on hacking the 3D printable parts immediately. All of the necessary screw holes and other assembly details have been incorporated into the 3D prints, making it easy for anybody to get started or use the design to create their own 3D printed housing or modifications for a different laser keyboard design of their own.

Whether you want to modify the Laser Keyboard with your own 3D printed designs or simply just try out the technology, you can purchase the Laser Keyboard Kit V2 for $49.95 over at


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