Dec 30, 2014 | By Alec

If you're as crazy about Star Wars as yours truly, this past Christmas might have left a bitter taste in your mouth too. Peace on earth and goodwill to all men is great, but this Christmas also meant having to wait a whole year before the new Star Wars film will be released.

Fortunately, we've just come across a cool 3D printing distraction to keep your Star Wars frenzy preoccupied for just a little while. For one fan recently shared a brief clip of his endeavor to 3D print quite accurate models of two iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise: an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter.

As you can see in the clip, they look great and offer a fun little project to occupy ourselves with. And what's more, both are very easy to complete and are therefore accessible to anyone with a printer at home. And if that isn't enough to sooth your sci-fi ache, perhaps check out his 3D printed Star Trek vessel too?

To make his X-Wing and its opponent the Tie Fighter, the fan relied on older designs from Star Wars nut David Hanwell, who posted a series of files on Thingiverse a while ago. You can find links for the STL files for the Tie Fighter and X-Wing here. Both can be printed in just two parts (and a third for a support leg) and can then be easily assembled with some PVA glue.

In both cases, the designer relied on PLA filament to print the necessary parts, all of which can be 3D printed without support structures. ABS can probably be used too, but as ever that will mean dealing with its unavoidable warping. As you can see, both craft have been cleverly sliced to be printed with a nice flat surface. The original designer relied on a BFB 3D Touch 3D Printer, though these files can be easily printed on any 3D printer relying on G-code. The fan above used a regular Ultimaker 3D printer to complete his.

While these two spacecraft obviously won't be enough to completely cover the period up to Christmas 2015, they are both very fun models to build. And fortunately there are enough other Star Wars-tinted 3D printing projects to continue with. Just check out this cool lightsaber with a cross hilt we found earlier. Perhaps look for a Millennium Falcon next?


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Steve wrote at 1/4/2017 11:46:11 AM:

Thats wright its a TIE-Interceptor, thats so clear!!! why does everyone dont care about this

Generic StarWars Fan wrote at 8/8/2015 1:54:33 AM:

That is not a TIE Fighter. That is a TIE Interceptor

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