Mar. 3, 2015

If you would like to create truly massive objects with your Ultimaker 3D printer, you might be interested in a new 3D printer solution that has been created by Joris van Tubergen called Z-Unlimited.

Z-Unlimited is an amazingly simple open source add-on that enables your Ultimaker 3D printer to print with an unlimited height.

"The Z-Unlimited basically flips your 3D printer upside down and moves it all the way up along a wall while it is printing. To convert your 3D printer to reach unlimited height will only take you 10 minutes. And this operation is just as easy to undo.

"With the Z-Unlimited add-on your Ultimaker will be able to print really tall objects like large vases, wine bottles, life-sized (scanned) human sculptures or even an elephant!"

Last summer, van Tubergen launched a campaign alongside World Animal Protection (WAP) to 3D print a life-size elephant at Amsterdam Schipol Airport using five specially developed 3D printers. Van Tubergen's ingenious idea of flipping his Ultimaker 3D printer upside down so that it could print columns as high as 2.5 meters (the normal build volume is 20x20x20) gave the project the 'larger-than-life' aspect it truly needed. His Z-Unlimited Ultimaker add-on is a simple yet revolutionary tool for 3D hobbyists and professionals alike.

"The unique support system works as follows:" explains van Tubergen. "The arms can be mounted on any height. Mount the arms on both sides while your 3D print is running, exactly on the height your object is at. Take the yarn and create a mesh over the object. The plastic melts onto the yarn and secures the object. When the print is ready the yarn is easily pulled out without leaving any marks."

Van Tubergen has just launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for Z-Unlimited project, looking to raise €15,000 in pledges to bring the concept into production.

The basic Z-Unlimited package comes with a carriage set and a rail of 1.2 meters, 2 support arms, the print-bed and the carriage. This will extend your z-axis height of Ultimaker to 65cm high. The basic set is available to early bird backers for just €395.

The XXL set which allows you to print with a z-axis height of 1850mm is priced at €495 for early bird supporters. The Skyscaper set that comes with 6 support arms is available for €595. It allows for printing with a z-axis height of 3050mm. All early bird backer rewards wil be shipped in July, while the others will be shipped in September. For more info visit the Kickstarter website here.



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Max wrote at 5/9/2017 8:34:35 PM:

So you just took an ultimaker and flipped it upside down, and put it on another Z rail? Couldn't you make something more professional?

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