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Although we’ve been seeing dozens of new 3D printers and material options in recent memory, very few have been focused on relative size - particularly when it comes to 3D printing large-scale objects.  While there are large 3D printers in existence, many are made with lightweight and inefficient components that can take a serious toll on the print quality if high-quality results are desired.  

However, The Atlas, a new 3D printer from Titan Robotics just might change that.   

Founded by mechanical engineer Clay Guillory, who calls himself “a mechanical engineer by day, and a mechanical engineer by night,” Titan Robotics focuses on doing one thing and one thing very well: designing large 3D printers that are designed to last a lifetime.  Among other applications that Clay has used his 3D printing know-how towards include prosthetic hands - which started as a request from a mother whose 8-year old boy was in need of a low-cost solution

Titan Robotics’ Atlas 3D printer was named after the famous Greek god who was known for fighting alongside the Titans and then later charged to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders.  According to Clay, “the strength of this Greek god is an accurate depiction of the strength and size of this new 3D printer”.  

With over a year in development including real-world testing in various manufacturing facilities, the Atlas has proven to be a highly-accurate 3D printer that is capable of printing large prototypes reliably over time.  According to the company, one beta user documented printing an extremely large accurate and functioning prototype with a total recorded print time of just over 200 hours.  

The standard Atlas model build size comes in at  30”X x 30”Y x 45”Z, which ultimately helps set the bar for other large scale 3D printers.  Additionally, the scalable frame is comprised of welded and machined steel that are literally capable of lasting a lifetime.  The printer can be designed to any desired build space of up to 6’ x 6’ x 4’.   For those looking for more customized options, Titan Robotics is capable of scaling the machine, too.    

As for materials, the Atlas is capable of running nearly any 3mm plastic filament with extreme precision - whether through the single or double extruder options.  

“We are excited to introduce such a high quality 3D printer,” said Founder and CEO Clay Guillory. “We fully expect this printer to be a game changer in the 3D printing industry.”

While the Atlas may share many of the same attributes of a well-built desktop 3D printer, its unique size opens an entire plethora of possibilities that no desktop 3D printer can replicate in a single print session.  Of course, this extended functionality comes with a price tag, too.

The Atlas starts at a base price of $15,000, however for most small or medium sized businesses who regularly find themselves needing to 3D print large prototypes, the build and print quality of the Atlas will more than pay for itself. The delivery time is 12 weeks. 

Find out more over at Titan Robotics.  



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