July 20, 2015 | By Simon

Considering how large the market is for multiple material types in multiple manufacturing scenarios ranging from automotive interiors and mold construction to medical implants and airplane interiors, it’s no surprise that both material suppliers and 3D printing filament manufacturers have been actively researching and developing next-generation materials for 3D printing.  

Among other companies who have actively been developing new materials include German RepRap GmbH, who are today announcing their new Carbon20 3D printer filament.  

Designed for those in need of rigid and functional prototypes such as those for the automotive industry or mold construction, Carbon20 filament consists of 20 percent carbon fiber for those in need of a more durable 3D printed part.  

Although the idea of mixing fibers with 3D printer filament for added reinforcement isn’t necessarily new, many attempts to make the filaments in the past have had some disadvantages in regard to material properties.   

With their Carbon20 filament, German RepRap is bringing a high level of temperature resistance and a high viscosity above the melting temperature into an attractive matte black filament design.  With a flex modulus of  6.2 GPa, the new filament is twice that of traditional PLA filaments while the stretch at breaking point measurement is specified at 8-10 percent to ensure that the material is rigid but not brittle.  Additionally, the new material is free of toxic additives and produces very low odor during the printing process.  

Technical Properties of Carbon 20 Filament:

  • High flex modulus 6.2 GPa (899234 psi)
  • Low stretch at breaking point (8-10%)
  • High glass transition temperature (approx. 80°C /  176° F)
  • High dimensional accuracy and low distortion
  • Low odor (Styrene free)
  • Color: black (matt)
  • Printing temperature (tested on X400 3D Printer): 252°C / 485.6°F
  • Bed temperature (tested on X400 3D Printer w/ PET coating): 45°C / 113°F
  • Color: black (matt)
  • Printing temperature (tested on X400 3D Printer): 252°C / 485.6°F
  • Bed temperature (tested on X400 3D Printer w/ PET coating): 45°C / 113°F

According to the company, Carbon20 is capable of being printed with both the DD2 extruder as well as the DD3 extruder and brass nozzles.  Due to the abrasive effect of fiber reinforced elements such as Carbon20 on nozzles however, stainless steel nozzles should be used or brass nozzles replaced frequently.   

Currently, the new filament is available via German RepRap and its authorized resellers worldwide at a price of 71.40 Euro/95.85 USD per 750g reel (1.75 mm). 


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