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As 3D printing fans, we always welcome new 3D printer filament options into the community because they often add a wide variety of making possibilities to a user’s arsenal. In September, we already reported on interesting new 3D printing materials by Chinese filament manufacturer Polymaker, who made polycarbonate filaments available for desktop 3D printers. Now available through their website, the company has also added two new stylish color options for PC-Plus: True Black and True White. Furthermore, the company tells us that they have adopted a new packaging system that makes it easier to interact with the materials.

To refresh your memory, PC-Plus is such an interesting 3D printer filament because it brings top-quality manufacturing to a desktop 3D printer. Polycarbonate materials are much more durable than ABS or PLA and have widespread applications from, automotive and aircraft components to electronics, construction and even data storage, but usually require extremely high heat and expensive industrial 3D printers, making them out of reach for the majority of designers, engineers and hobbyists. That isn’t the case with PC-Plus, which has been specifically designed for regular FDM desktop 3D printers.

As the company’s Aaron Jennings tells, ‘PC-Plus is the first of two members to ship in this new polycarbonate family—PC-Max™ is scheduled to arrive later this year—developed in partnership with Covestro to provide enhanced 3D printing materials to designers, engineers and hobbyists,’ he says.

What’s more, the company has announced that they are seeking to improve user experience and packaging information, and PC-Plus will now ship in a redesigned package – as will the rest of their repertoire. ‘As avid 3D printing enthusiasts ourselves, our engineers and industrial designers understand the frustrations and organisational issues that arise from having multiple spools and materials on hand, and the ensuing questions such as, how much filament have I used on this particular roll so far? Or, what were those recommended printing temperatures and speeds again?,’ Jennings tells us.

So what has changed? Well, the new transparent spools now feature a simple measurement gauge to make it easier to see how much is left – especially useful for printers with poor visibility and accessibility. ‘To ensure accuracy, each material’s label is designed to have a measurement relative to that particular materials molecular weight. Polymaker also redesigned its labeling system to ensure a perfectly-placed label every time, while offering a beautiful, clean aesthetic that complements the company’s new branding,’ Jennings adds. An information sheet on all features and printing perimeters in five languages is also included now.

Interested? Head over to the Polymaker webstore here for more ordering information. A reel of Polymaker PC-Plus is priced at $39.99.



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