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iBox Printers has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new iBox Macro 3D Resin Printer, which the company claims is the first-ever carbon fiber resin 3D printer. The 3D printer, which allows users to 3D print with both standard colour resins and carbon fiber resins, promises “the benefits of resin with the strength of steel”.

The company has set a target of $200,000 for the campaign, with over $25,000 currently raised and 33 days left to run. iBox has successfully used the crowdfunding platform before, having raised an impressive $456,953 in 2014 to bring its iBox Nano into production. The iBox Nano was a small, least expensive 3D resin printer, whilst the new Macro model promises a wider range of filament options and improved product strength.

iBox Printers is billing the Macro as the “least expensive full-sized desktop 3D resin printer on the market”. All of the cheapest “super early bird” specials have been snapped up, but backers of the Kickstarter campaign can still receive a Macro 3D printer for an early bird $999 pledge.

The Kickstarter page makes some impressive claims for the Macro. Of all commercially available 3D resin printers, the macro reportedly has the largest build area to device size ratio and consumes the least amount of power. The machine also operates autonomously over WiFi using its internal Linux computer, and has a feature size of 100-145 microns on the X-Y axis and 5 microns on the Z axis. The 3D printer itself weighs 10lbs, and measures 9 X 6 X 14”, with a build volume almost equivalent to Formlabs’ market-leading Form 1 SLA 3D printer.

There are pros and cons to using a resin 3D printer over other traditional plastic 3D printers. iBox points to features like higher resolution, less banding, lower noise and thermal footprint as reasons to opt with a resin 3D printer. After taking a close look at photographs showing items printed using the Macro, it seems hard to argue with iBox’s claims about the printer’s superior resolution. However, earlier this week we reported on a study carried out at the University of California which showed 3D printed components made using a resin 3D printer to be far more toxic than components printed in plastic.

iBox has not finished conducting each of the measurements for their carbon fiber resin printing, but has reported a shore hardness of 90.5D, an estimated shrink of ~3%, an estimated viscosity of ~90cP and an estimated density of ~1.1g/cm3. The company claims that their carbon fiber 3D resin will be at least twice as strong as standard resin, pound for pound. It has also stated that the carbon fiber filaments on a printed objects are barely visible to the naked eye, meaning these will not show a carbon fiber “weave” effect. iBox Printers has tested the Macro printer with red, blue, green, yellow, clear, black and white resins, and is in the process of testing cream, red, blue and black flexible resins.

The Kickstarter campaign for the iBox Macro 3D Resin Printer runs until December 9th, and customers from anywhere in the world can currently receive an early bird edition of the printer for a$999 pledge. Customers can expect to receive their Macro 3D printer by April 2016. To receive a Macro at the earliest possible time and to contribute to the development of the resin 3D printer, backers can also opt in to the company’s beta testing scheme.



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B wrote at 3/9/2016 8:36:27 PM:

Dan Slack... You are, without a doubt, the biggest, most idiotic moron I have come across in my entire life. Help me with my "negative campaign"? Lets get on thing straight... You would have to be the last person on the face of this earth, and even then, I would refuse your so called "help"... With that cat out of the bag, do you seriously not realize that I need not conduct a "negative campaign". All I need to do is simply point to the succession of events that iBox went through. So you see, I am not being negative... I am simply shedding the light on all the negativity that iBox's management created and fueled! Look around you, idiot... And lets limit that to this page alone. Count how many individuals commented here... Actually, you'd probably deny that reality too. So here goes. As of the time I am posting this, there are 11 individuals who posted 13 comments. Out of the eleven individuals, you happen to be the only person whose dim-witted enough to still feel the need and the inclination to defend iBox and Trent Carter. Who, by the way, and for being the big coward that he is, ended up selling everything and running off to who knows where... You are as stubborn as a mule. Actually, much worse... Your inability to reasonably understand that degree of failure that iBox reached, and your continued attempt to try and convince others that there is anything positive that one can associate with anything related to iBox, is simply indicative of the fact that such level of failure is the norm for you. You are not bothered by it, nor are you ashamed of your ongoing demonstration of what a loser you are. And if that isn't enough, you still claim that you are still "printing on the printer"... Probably printing more unrecognizable globs of resin like the majority of the couple of hundred backers who were unlucky enough to receive the piece of crap that your idol, Trent Carter, manufactured. I mean why would you be any different? Because you kissed A55 the entire time that thief was pretending to be the successful CEO of iBox Printers Inc? Yeah... OK, it is still "printing". I'd ask you to get lost but clearly... You already are!

John wrote at 2/23/2016 6:56:26 PM:

I went through the same things with Phoenix EZ3D. Took forever to arrive, then didn't work. They refused to acknowledge emails and turned their phone off. Briefly, a company took on distribution, but quickly dropped them because of the fail rate and lack of response. EZ3D forwarded their corporate phone number to the distributor, even though they were no longer selling the item. I got a $500 door stop and ended up buying a printrbot. Now EZ3D is gone with everybody's money. Buyer beware, when dealing with Kickstart or other crowd funding sites. Sharks are everywhere.

John Eaton wrote at 1/28/2016 6:49:32 PM:

Does anyone know what's happening with iBox? I was part of the Kickstarter and never received my printer. They have not been responsive in resolving my issue.

Dan Slack wrote at 11/18/2015 5:32:17 PM:

Wow, nice comment "Alfred" or Guy or Omar. It's obvious you feel you must shut down any view that is not negative No matter where it is. It's really a shame that you feel the need to do that. People will look at all information at hand, not just your negative views our interpretations of polls. I'm sorry that I can't help you with your negative campaign, I had a good experience with the Ibox and the company, and still printing with the printer.

Alfred Hitchcock wrote at 11/14/2015 1:05:42 AM:

@Dan Slack: I don't think you realize what an idiot you sound like when you post the crap you say in support of iBox… You may be correct that “yes, facts are better” and here are the facts from the polls that you mentioned: In response to a question: Have you received your iBox yet? And as of 6:33 EST on 11/13/2015, here are the results: 74 votes – votes visible to Public No, I want a refund 42% (31 votes) No, but I'll keep waiting 27% (20 votes) Yes, but it's broken 11% (8 votes) Yes and it works fine 20% (15) 42% have not received anything and have given up. 27% have not received anything but are still waiting for a miracle. 11% have received their Nano but it was either broken or broke within a short period of time, short enough to know they would still be under warranty, but since iBox is not responding to ANY inquiries, they are S.O.L. Total for those who have gotten screwed by iBox: 42% + 27% +11% = 80% of backers who voted in that poll. This means that only 20% have received anything of value from iBox… That is 1 in 5. But wait… There is yet another poll… And it gets even worse with this one... In response to the question: Is iBox printers, Inc re-selling the iBox Nanos intended for BACKER'S fulfillment? And out of 46 votes - (votes visible to Public) here are the results: Yes. I want my iBox frickin' yesterday! 24% (12 votes) Yes. I don't like it. I want a refund! 55% (28 votes) I'm Indifferent. My iBox is broken! 16% (8 votes) No. iBox wouldn't, they are okay peeps! 6% (3 Votes) It should be noted that for the last category, “No iBox wouldn't, they are okay peeps”, an iBox employee (Harsha BC) voted there knowing full well his vote would improperly skew results . (And isn't that a perfect testament to the fraudulent deceptive practices that it appears all iBox associates are used to)!!! Anyhow, I'll reduce that category by 1 vote (dropping it down to 2 votes instead of 3). Which means 24% have yet to receive anything from iBox, but are still hoping for a miracle; 55% have not received anything from iBox and have given up so they want a refund; 16% have received received their Nano but it was either broken or broke within a short period of time, short enough to know they would still be under warranty, but since iBox is not responding to ANY inquiries, they are S.O.L.16% have received their Nano but it was either broken or broke within a short period of time, short enough to know they would still be under warranty, but since iBox is not responding to ANY inquiries, they are S.O.L. Total for those who have gotten screwed by iBox: 24% + 55% + 16% = 95% of backers who voted in that poll. Which leaves a very slim 5% of (delirious) backers who have voted for this pole, who have not necessarily received anything, and in spite of all the screwing up that iBox has done, they seem to think that iBox “are still OK peeps”! How are those for “FACTS”? And do you see how idiotic you sound now? Probably not…. As for the other nonsense you spewed after, and due to the proof that you have no common sense, it is all meaningless!

Cactus wrote at 11/13/2015 6:55:02 PM:

I have been trying for months to get a hold of iBox to address my missing printer. The very poor response I finally received after becoming vocal enough was abrasive and unprofessional. Please review the comment sections in both of their kickstarters before deciding to -risk- your money with this company. Unfortunately I must use an alias when making this post out of substantiated fear of petty retaliation from iBox.

Francis Brennan wrote at 11/12/2015 3:06:35 AM:

iBox Printers is fraudulent company that has taken the money of the majority of Kickstarter backers from its previous campaign, the iBox Nano printer, and gone radio silent. A large number of backers, myself included, were charged for the unit via Kickstarter (I paid $229) and then separately notified by iBox Printers to pay an additional shipping charge ($25 in my case) and then the company has resumed radio silence. For the small portion of backers who did receive "something", a major portion of those units have been reported as being physically broken or otherwise non-functional. Kickstarter won't help and iBox Printers won't even support the units they have sold, let alone address those of us whose money they have. To compound matters, even though hundreds of backers remain unfulfilled, iBox Printers has chosen to sell new Nano units directly from their company website (for next day ship) and from eBay. All the while, they have redirected funds from completing our Nano campaign into working on the new Macro campaign! The Kickstarter community is pushing back, loudly, in the iBox Macro's comment section and backers are actively canceling their Macro pledges before they become victims as soon as they complete their diligence.

A wrote at 11/8/2015 5:42:49 AM:

The writer of this article might have missed out on some really important details. See the comments on either Kickstarter campaign (iBox Nano or Macro) before you trust iBox with your money. The gist of the comments is as follows: 1) Many backers of the original iBox Nano still have yet to receive their units. 2) For the few who have, most of them report major issues (missing UV light, broken acrylic glass, broken LCD) 3) Will sell to others before they complete their fulfillment to backers. I was one of the earliest backers of the Macro (for $499!) but when I read their comments and online polls, I backed out right away. It may look like I forfeit an amazing deal, but see it as I avoided a disaster, many months of hopeful waiting, many more months of disappointed waiting, plus a big headache.

John-Paul wrote at 11/8/2015 2:39:49 AM:

Having failed to complete their first $500,000 Kickstarter and being non-responsive to backers for nearly 3 months, iBox Printers is legally in breach of Kickstarters terms of service and should never have been allowed to start a second project.

Dan Slack wrote at 11/7/2015 5:44:50 PM:

Facts are better. Please check out the polls and information on received and not received printers at: Also, not more than a year late on shipping. The campaign itself ended exactly just a year ago. They were late to deliver and didn't communicate well. A few are still waiting, and some of those never paid shipping while others did. Sherri, have you posted your problems on the support page? Lots of help there if you need it. Also try the G+ page. Lots of people would like to help if possible. It's an awesome printer for the price. I have my Ibox Nano, they did communicate with me but I was not in need of lots of responses. It works really well, as advertised and no problems what so ever. Been printing since the beginning of Sept.

OpenBox3D wrote at 11/7/2015 8:40:09 AM:

this company failed to fufill their previous KS campaign, did not respond to backers emails.

Mr T wrote at 11/7/2015 7:23:19 AM:

Would be nice if ibox completed their first kickstarter before starting again. Even many early bird backers of the ibox nano have not got anything and the company does not communicate with its backers.

Sherri Johnson wrote at 11/6/2015 10:31:00 PM:

DO NOT BELIEVE iBOX! They have not fulfilled orders from the first Kickstarter, the ones that were filled were over a year late, most printers arrive broken or in pieces, they don't connect to the network, if you can get one to work it doesn't perform as advertised, and support from iBox has completely dried up - they don't answer emails, they don't answer posts on their support page, or on FB or Twitter. I was one of the Beta backers for the original iBox - which means nothing other than I paid $100 extra. I finally received my iBox 8 months after it was due, had to fix a couple of loose screws, and have yet to get it connect to a wireless network (which is required for operation). I have requested support - nonexistent. So, I have a $300 paper weight collecting dust. Others have had even worse experience with iBox. Please DO NOT BACK these people! They care nothing about their customers!

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