Nov 11, 2015 | By Tess

For anyone who has ever been a victim of cyber bullying or for anyone simply frustrated with all the negativity that exists on social media and the Internet, there is some good news. Deutsch, the New York based advertising agency, has recently launched its most recent project called “The NiceBot,” which has as its aim the simple and sweet task of spreading some positivity throughout the world wide web.

The NiceBot venture came about through a collaboration between Deutsch and the anti-bullying organization Champions Against Bullying. Essentially, The NiceBot is a twitter handle that is working through Twitter’s API in order to send out positive tweets to Twitter users all over the world. The project was launched this week, and since then The NiceBot has tweeted one nice thing to a twitter user every 36 seconds.

“The idea for the NiceBot came about when we found a pretty interesting stat – something mean, cruel or hurtful is posted on Twitter every 60 seconds. That kind of relentless negativity is hard to combat, but we started thinking about different ways to be nice to as many people as possible, and a spambot seemed like a good solution,” says Jeff Vinick, the executive creative director at Deutsch.

Of course, the Twitterverse is vast and far reaching, with over 300 million users subscribed to the website, so it may take some time before you receive your very own NiceBot tweet. With the bot sending out a tweet to a random Twitter account every 36 seconds, it could take over 300 years for everyone to be accounted for. According to Deutsch, however, that is just fine as they explain that The NiceBot is “the Mars Rover of kindness. We’re going to turn him on, and then sit back and watch as he makes the Internet a nicer place, one tweet at a time.”

Excitingly, to go along with the Twitter project Deutsch has also commissioned the manufacturing of actual NiceBots, which are being 3D printed. The special 3D printed NiceBots – which are, I must admit, super adorable – have been sent to celebrities who have taken strong anti-bullying stances in the media. The additively manufactured NiceBot is not only cute to look at, however, as it is powered by a Raspberry Pi and equipped with a 4G internet connection and an LCD screen, which will allow for the NiceBot to live tweet the friendly messages as they are sent to individual Twitter users.

Perhaps the only criticism directed at the project is that it is using a spambot to reach out to millions of Twitter users, but because the message is a positive one and is not an ad or a ploy, Deutsch and Champions Against Bullying are confident the NiceBot will be well received.

Jeff Vinick says of the project’s early reception: “People seem to be happy receiving a simple message of positivity to brighten their day. The NiceBot’s mission is to spread niceness to everyone it can. It doesn’t worry about the response. It simply thinks everyone is deserving of kindness.”

The message purveyed and the intention behind the NiceBot project are positive and hopeful, and we at 3Ders are hoping to receive our piece of kindness from the NiceBot soon.



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yzorg wrote at 11/11/2015 2:42:37 PM:

First-world-comment... we humans are too lazy to twitter nice things... so what do we do? invent a robot to do our nice-twittering. For the Sake of Humanity i think the Inventor should definitely take some holydays in the 3rd world and be forced to leave all twitter-gadjets at home.

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