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2015 is drawing to a close, which means it’s time to look back on the highs and lows of the 3D printing industry. Some of the bigger names, such as Stratasys and 3D Systems, have had an eventful year indeed, coming face to face with a few highs and some pretty major lows. However for Hueway Technology, a Shenzhen-based 3D printer manufacturer that has until now flown somewhat under the radar, 2015 has been a great year indeed.

The company has announced that they have reached a milestone in 3D printer exports, having sold over 31,500 of their FDM 3D printers this year alone. To further mark 2015’s great success, Hueway this month unveiled their latest self-developed machine, the Hueway 3D-160 3D printer, also known as the Small Panda.

Though Hueway says that they initially struggled to define their core technology and initiate solid collaborations, they turned to universities to help them develop what is now a full range of 3D printer machines. Hueway also joined forces with Chinese 3D printing solution provider CBD-Tech, and partnered with two American-listed companies and one German-based company in order to broaden their overseas presence.

According to the developers, the Hueway 3D-160 3D printer is notable for its upgraded performance and user-experience properties. The company has said that they plan to market it to educators and 3D printing beginners, as its ease-of-use and precise technology make it an ideal machine for entry-level buyers. Selling for just $499-699 USD, it also has an ideal entry-level price.

 The new features include:

  • Precise laser positioning using proprietary technology
  • German imported drive parts with resistance to abrasion
  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • Redesigned heat transfer in the nozzle to reduce risk jamming
  • Remote control support
  • WiFi connectivity for monitoring prints
  • The ability to maintain operation during power failures

As with some of their other self-developed 3D printers, the Hueway 3D-160’s frame is made from rock-solid sheet metal, ensuring a higher-quality look and feel. It also features ‘guide rail technology’ and imported steel screws for high print efficiency and precision. In terms of specs, the Hueway 3D-160, a.k.a Small Panda provides:

  • Build Size: 168x168x160 mm
  • Thickness: 0.1-0.5mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Build Speed 100mm/s
  • Power Requirements: 110v or 220v
  • Materials: PLA
  • Max temperature control: 200-240°C
  • Control Interface: HD LCD display touch screen
  • Control Prints with SD card or USB
  • Operating System Support: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Operating Software: Cura

Earlier this year at CES 2015, Hueway unveiled two other high quality 3D printer models: the HW509 and HW512, both of which also offer high-precision accuracy with build sizes of 280x200x200mm and 300x200x450mm, respectively.

The HW509 and HW512 3D printers

Despite having already reached a milestone with their 31,500 3D printer exports in 2015, Hueway already has plans to expand their global reach in 2016 by partnering with companies from all over the world. “For a company to research and develop new equipment itself is a great challenge both for employees and as a financial investment. We are so proud to have our own products,” said General Manager, Mr. Zheng. “I truly believe that the 3D printing market has a promising prospect next year. Hueway will emphasize the education field and the industry-grade 3D printing market.”



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