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A member of Daniel Norée’s OpenR/C Project, Thomas Palm has today released several new 3D files for three different open source remote control car projects, including a set of tires for the highly anticipated 3D printable Formula 1 racecar.

Seeing that we’ve been covering both Daniel Norée and Thomas Palm’s work in creating awesome open source, 3D printable RC vehicles since 2013, it would seem that this story has been a long time coming. Norée initially began the OpenR/C Project by designing an open source RC Truggy in the hopes of encouraging more and more people to get into 3D printing at home. Since then, his project has grown into a 4,000+ member community of DIYers, and alongside the original Truggy, Norée has an Open RC Touring Car and Open RC Quad Copter. A few weeks ago, he unveiled a teaser of his latest project, the OpenR/C Formula 1, a sleek racecar that can be almost entirely 3D printed in PLA, aside from a few electronic components, screws, and bearings.

As for Palm, a fellow Swede and 3D print enthusiast, he has been just as busy. While Norée has been designing the 3D printable RC cars, Palm has developed and released several different 3D printable wheels and tires to go along with his creations, including 36 different combinations of wheels and tires that users could customize, print and combine to fit their own RC vehicles. He has also recently been featured before for his 3D printed Palmiga Globe Bouquet, his entry in the MyMiniFactory Vase and Planter Design Competition.

Today, he releases new wheel and tire files for all three OpenR/C car projects. First, as fans patiently await the new Formula 1 RC model, Palm has gone ahead and created some 3D printable F1 tires. That way, if you plan to print the F1 when it is released, you can already have your pit stop stacked with tires.

“I created some rain tires for the original rims but I also designed a set of low profile rim/tires just for fun. The low profile tires feature a new snap-on design that will secure the tire using a triangular shape that´s interconnecting the parts. Also the tires are not sealed with this design, making them a bit softer since the air is not trapped inside,” said Palm. The Thingiverse files have just been posted for the OpenR/C F1 Low Profile Rims and Tires as well as the OpenR/C F1 Rain Tires.

According to Palm, the handy snap-on design is also available for tires and rims that  that can easily work with the RC Touring car any similar RC cars you already own. Second, and speaking of the touring, he has created new Touring rims and tires, both of which are available on Thingiverse.

Finally, for the fan-fave RC Truggy, Palm has designed some new snap-on NoS RC Truggy Tires, NoS 12mm Hex Truggy Rims. “Some RC-car & 3D-print enthusiasts probably hesitated a bit to print the previous versions due to the use of screws,” he explained to “Fear no longer, now it’s a walk in the park…Print, Snap-on and then you’re up and running!” He’s also included a version of the Truggy Rim that can be assembled directly on the car’s axles using a longer pin, which he hopes will be able to handle more torque.

All of these new designs are available to download for free on his Thingiverse profile, as always in the principles of open-source design and making 3D printing and assembly as open and accessible as possible.

The final 3D printable open source files for Norée’s OpenR/C Formula 1 Racecare could be available any day now, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on that. And as for Palm, it won’t be long before we hear from him again. He’s already hinted at another big 3D printing project that’s in the works, but said he can’t quite reveal the details yet. Talk about a cliffhanger.



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