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Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, yet for many, all that means is that tomorrow is Black Friday, the unofficial holiday that celebrates impulse buying and shop-till-you-drop mentality, with insane flash deals on everything from iPhones to new kicks. Though a controversial holiday for some (if you hate crowds or suffer from buyer’s remorse—stay home and read our Thanksgiving 3D Printing Roundup instead), most of us just can’t resist a good deal, and spend days or even weeks ahead of time planning the best steals and making elaborate plans to ensure we’ll be first in line.

To help prepare you for the upcoming weekend, which stretches from Black Friday this November 27th to Cyber Monday on November 30th, we’ve collected all the 3D printer and 3D printing accessory deals we could find, which include brands such as MakerBot, Printrbot, Cube 3D, Shapeways and 3D Systems. Even better: many of these deals are available online, meaning you can avoid the retail madness altogether and spend even more time with your 3D printer—I mean, spend more time with your loved ones, of course.

Save $500 on ZMorph Essential Set

From November 24th until November 30th, ZMorph is offering their biggest discount yet, with 15% off their ZMorph 2.0S Essential Set, an advanced solution for personal fabrication that allows multimaterial 3D printing, CNC milling and laser cutting. Regularly priced at €2,895 (approx $3,000 USD), the Set is now available in limited quantities for €2,495 ($2,600 USD). ZMorph has also introduced three new tool heads to go with their 2.0S Essential Set: the DUAL PRO, CNC PRO and Thick Paste Extruder.


15% off Everything at Printrbot

For the entire week of November 23-30th, Printrbot is offering a 15% discount on everything in their online store—from filaments to extruders to bed or axis upgrades. And yes, the sale also includes their Printrbot Play and Printrbot Simple, two entry-level desktop 3D printers that were recognized in this year’s MAKE: Magazine 2016 Buyer’s Guide, winning Best for Schools and Most Portable, respectively.


5% off various 3D Printer and 3D Scanner brands at iMakr

iMakr, a leading reseller of best-in-class 3D printers and one of the world's largest independent 3D printing stores, is offering 5% off all 3D printers and 3D scanners from midnight Thursday until midnight on Cyber Monday. Their 3D printer models include the Zortrax M200, Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended, Up! Box, Dynamo3D EVO, Flashforge Dreamer Dual Extruder, DeltaWASP 20 x 40, and many others. They also offer free delivery for all their 3D printers, and for orders of 10 spools of filament or more. Make sure to use the code BLACKFRIDAYSALE at checkout.


Save on Airwolf Demo 3D Printers + 2-for-1 bottles of Wolfbite

While there’s nothing like the feeling of unpacking a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box 3D printer, Airwolf has a pretty convincing reason to buy from their premium, gently-used demo 3D printer stock: up to $395 in savings. Models such as their Demo AW3D HD are down $2,600 from $2,995, while the Demo AW3D HDR is $4,200 from the regular price of $4,595. All of their demo models have been factory tested and come with the same Airwolf 3D warranty, so no need to worry about value or quality with these great deals.

In addition, the company is offering two bottles of their Wolfbite adhesion solution for the price of one. Prices are already marked down on the website, and the sale lasts until November 30th. 


Save $100-$250 on LulzBot 3D Printers

Aleph Object's award-winning and outstanding open-source LulzBot TAZ 5 and LulzBot Mini are long-standing maker favourites, and this could be your chance to hop on the bandwagon. Already available at the quite alright price of $2,200, the LulzBot Taz 5 is being offered for $1,950 (savings of $250) and the LulzBot Mini is on sale for $1,250 (savings of $100). The Official LulzBot BLack Friday-Cyber Monday sale will be running from November 27 through to November 30th.

Save up to $200 on da Vinci 3D printers + more deals from XYZprinting

The holiday shopping craze might begin with Black Friday, but experienced shoppers know all too well that it lasts much longer than that, reaching fever pitch right before Christmas. For the sake of these holiday shoppers, XYZprinting is offering discounts of up to $200 on their 3D printers from November 27th right through to December 24th, taking some of the pressure off of Thanksgiving weekend alone.

Deals on their 3D printers include:

  • da Vinci Junior 1.0 $249 (regular: $349)
  • da Vinci 1.0 $399 (regular: $499)
  • da Vinci 1.0 Pro $599 (regular $699)
  • da Vinci 2.0 $499 (regular: $649)
  • da Vinci AiO $599 (regular: $799)
  • da Vinci 1.1 $549 (regular: $649)

In addition, their Handheld 3D scanner will be available for $149 (regular $199). These deals will be available for purchase through participating retail partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, B&H,,,,, Office, and


Save $100 on Rostock MAX & Orion Delta 3D Printers + more from SeeMeCNC

Already named as the “Best Value” 3D printer in MAKE: magazine’s 2016 Buyer’s Guide, this Black Friday the Rostock MAX will offer even more bang for your buck. From Thanksgiving Thursday to Cyber Monday, SeeMeCNC is offering an instant $100 discount on all Rostock MAX and Orion Delta 3D printers. In addition, they will offer free USPS shipping to the US and Canada for orders over $100, and 15% off in-stock materials including filament, parts and accessories, and their new Multirotor selection.


Save 20% on the RoVa3D 3D Printer + five free spools of filament

Canadian 3D printer manufacturer ORD Solutions is offering a great Black Friday sale from November 27th through November 30th only. While supplies last, get 20% off the RoVa3D and receive 5 spools of filament free. Currently, the RoVa3D Single Extruder is priced at $1,749 on the company website.


Free Project Book with 3Doodler 3D Pen + 50% off Plastics

The simple-to-use 3Doodler 3D pen offers endless hours of fun and creativity, and would make a great gift for the 3D printing beginner in your family. Luckily, from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, 3Doodler is offering a free 3Doodler Project Book and DoodlePad for free with the purchase of every 3Doodler 3D Pen. Additionally, they are offering all plastics for a whooping 50% off. The company is also launching new Holiday Plastic packs stacked with red, white, green, gold and sparkly plastics. Looking for inspiration for what to create with the 3Doodler? Check out this great tutorial for a Tiffany-style candle.


30% off Everything at 3DShook

Subscription-based 3D Print-on-Demand service 3DShook is offering 30% off everything in their online store, including individual files, $10, $25 and $50 file packs, and even membership subscriptions. Their massive collection of designs includes home decor, fashion, toys, art and outdoor goods, all of which are produced on consumer-grade FDM 3D printers. The sale is on from Thanksgiving Thursday until Cyber Monday, just make sure to enter the code 'blackfriday' at checkout.


Five free spools with MakerBot 3D printer purchase

A 3D printer is nothing without filament, so to complete your purchase of a MakerBot 3D printer, the company is offering five spools of true color filament free. The deal runs from November 26th to 29th, and is available both online and in stores at selected retailers, including Home Depot, Staples, B&H, Best Buy, Dell, and others. Spool sizes range depending on the MakerBot model you purchase, so make sure to check the details here.


Save $50 on Cube 3D Printer + more deals on Sense 3D Scanners

From November 18th-December 1st, the compact Cube 3D printer by 3D Systems, ready for printing straight out of the box, is available for $50 off its regular price. In addition, the Sense 3D Scanner is available for $25 off, and the iSense 3D scanner for iPhone and iPad has dropped in price from $499 to $299.


Up to $105 (£70) off BigBox 3D Printers

E3D, makers of the open-source, high-spec BigBox desktop 3D printer, are offering some great discounts via their website, e3d-online. These include £70 off the BigBox Pro Assembled, £50 off the BigBox Dual Kit, and £40 off the BigBox Pro Kit.


Save $550 on ZEUS 3D Printer and Scanner with Care Package

AIO Robotics is offering $550 is savings this Cyber Monday. If you order on November 30th only, you will receive a ZEUS 3D printer and scanner, a care package with one year warranty, and twelve spools of 3D printing filaments for just $2,499, free shipping and while supplies last. The Cyber Monday sale begins November 20th 12AM EST and ends December 1st 12AM EST.


15% off Gigabot 3D Printer online orders

Re:3D believes in big 3D printers, and big 3D printer sales. The large-format 3D printing company will be offering 15% off orders placed online between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With a massive build volume of 216,000 cubic meters, the assembled Gigabot 3D printer retails for $10,950, while the even larger Gigabot XL 3D printer will runs for $12,950. Use the discount code THANKYOU2015 for the 15% savings.


Save 10% on DittoPro 3D Printer

Tinkerine is offering 10% off their flagship product, the DittoPro 3D Printer. A 'professional desktop' machine, the Ditto is handcrafted out of aluminum composite, giving it an elegant look, and it operates at very low decibles, making it a perfect desktop companion for all types of spaces and at all hours of the day. Normally selling for $1,899, it is on sale for $1,709 until November 30th. The Tinkerine online store is also offering PLA filament for $39,99 rather than the regular price of $44,99.


Save 20% on Shapeways Customizable 3D Models

The best Christmas gifts are ones that are personalized to the receiver, and what could be more personal than a one-of-a-kind customized 3D print? For the entire week, 3D printing marketplace Shapeways is offering 20% off its customized models, which range from jewelry to phone cases and much, much more.


Trade, Upgrade, or Save on 3D Systems 3D Printer Packages

For large-format 3D printer users, UK-based 3D Systems partner isodo3D is offering several End of the Year 3D Printer Specials from now through to December 4th. Firstly, customers who buy the ProJet 3500 HDMax 3D printer will receive the ProJet Finisher & VisiJet M3 Material Starter Kit at no additional cost.

Alternatively, users of competing 3D printing brands can trade in their current 3D printer and receive a credit of up to £20,000.00 (the amount values by printer) to go towards the purchase of a 3D Systems 3D printer from isodo3D. Eligible 3D printers to trade-in include models from Stratasys, Solidscape, EnvistionTEC, and the models available to purchase include the ProJet 3500 HDMax and CPXMax, ProJet 660Pro, ProJet 6000 HD, and many others.

Not to leave out SLA 3D printer owners, isodo3D is also offering them to chance to swap out older generation 3DS SLA printers for the latest SLA technology. All of the details and promo codes can be found on isodo3D’s website.


Other Great Value 3D Printers

While all of the above deals are specific to Black Friday and/or the 2015 Holiday Season, there is a range of 3D printers that could be considered a steal 365 days a year.  Along with XYZprinting’s line of da Vinci 3D printers, SeeMeCNC’s Rostock MAX, as well as the Printrbot Simple and Play, already mentioned above, some great value 3D printers include:

You can also check out our 3D Printer Price Compare to see the full range of options available and decide which prices and specs are right for you.

Good luck and happy shopping!



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