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While the debate on 3D printed guns is largely a theoretical one in most parts of the world, it seems to be a real issue in Australia already. In February of this year, several sets of 3D printed gun parts were found during a police raid in Gold Coast, Australia, and now a loaded 3D printed gun has been discovered during a police raid in Mudgeeraba, a suburb of that same city. A 31-year-old biker and three others have been taken into custody.

Photo supplied by Gold Coast Police.

The police raid was actually aimed at dismantling a meth lab, and all the necessary equipment to manufacture drugs were also found during the raid. However, this 3D printed gun makes it easy to see a link between the previous case in February. Furthermore, 3D printed guns seem to be a hot topic in Australia; just a few weeks ago a new law was taken into use banning even the ownership of 3D printable gun schematics in the state of New South Wales, though Gold Coast is actually in the state of Queensland.

The police raid took place in the early hours of this morning in Mudgeeraba, on a property frequently linked to the motorcycle gang The Lone Wolves. According to Detective Inspector Brendan Smith, they unearthed a sophisticated laboratory suitable for the manufacturing of methylamphetamine (meth), and that everything had been very well organized. ‘Throughout the bushland we now have discovered about 10 different hidey holes with different bits of lab equipment and other paraphernalia and what looks like chemicals,’ he says to reporters. ‘We've got hollowed out tree logs, we've got PVC pipes that are covered in bark so they are hidden out there in the bushland. There's CCTV footage so you can't approach the house without being seen. We've found a safe cemented into the ground up in the bushland behind the house.’ Drugs were also found on the property.

Photos by David Clark

In short, a well-organized meth lab, but the 3D printed gun is obviously the most intriguing find. ‘We have a printed 3D-handgun that is actually loaded,’ the detective said of the discovery. ‘The most concerning part was that we found a loaded 3D gun in the bedroom ready to go.’ The property is currently still being searched, so more could be discovered. The owner is Luke McNally, alleged known to be a biker in the outlawed Lone Wolves gang and also owns sports supplement business Mass Nutrition – which Australian police now believe was a front for drug trafficking. More news about this find will doubtlessly follow.

Photo of property by 9 News.



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Amy wrote at 12/11/2015 2:36:31 AM:

Luke has nothing to do with Supplement Company Mass nutrition and hasnt for some time now... isnt it great how the media hype up stories like this without thinking they are destroying innocent and hardworking small buisness owners of the mass stores... It is a FACT Luke mcnally has not been involved nor CEO of mass nutrition for many months. #STAYINGLOYALTOMASS

Plastic printer wrote at 12/10/2015 6:52:43 PM:

Until 3D materials get better, if I were to make a gun, it would be out of metal. There was a British chap who made a few guns, including a fully automatic machine gun, out of commonly sourced plumbers supplies using common household tools. I downloaded his files just to see what he had done. Would I make one of his designs? Nah, I think there are better designs and materials available. I mention this just to show what is available in designs and materials. I think this whole 3d printed gun bruhaha is way overblown.

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