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A new 3D printed jewelry company has been recently launched and not only are its designs and jewelry pieces made using 3D printing technology, but the jewelry also excitingly features 3D printing themes.

The company, founded by 3D printing enthusiast Joris Peels and his team, is called NonmaniFOLD, which, as you may know, is itself a term referencing 3D designs that cannot be feasibly 3D printed. As Peels explains on the website, NonmaniFOLD’s jewelry designs are quite conceptual and they are targeting the “modern woman”, who is “torn between femininity and equality”. As they say, “NonmaniFOLD is the intersection of these two planes. The infinite edge where they come together but can’t exist. We design products that encapsulate this duality and seek for them to express a new femininity suited for this world, these choices, these lives.”

So far, the 3D printed jewelry start-up consists of three different collections: Eternal Flames, Lightscape, and Purple is the New Purple.

Eternal Flames is a line of 3D printed charms that can be worn on existing charm chains or featured themselves on a necklace or bracelet. The collection, which consists of a BitCoin charm, a raspberry charm (inspired by Raspberry Pi), and a 3D printer filament roll, was inspired by themes of technology, engineering, 3D making, and the internet, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in women’s lives. The charms were 3D printed out of steel and bronze and were made by 3D printing service ExOne’s Prometal 3D printing technology.

Lightscape’s concept is quite different than the latter collection as it is based on the growing technology of 3D printed optics. In fact, the pieces that the collection consists of, called Cutaway Fresnel, and Splat, are reportedly the first jewels to be made using 3D printed optics, and they were made in collaboration with Dutch 3D printed optics company Luxexcel. As NonmaniFOLD describes the 3D printed optic pendants, “The 3D printed objects are fragile and light dances through them in all angles.” The subtle, transparent jewels become animated by sunlight and are quite impressive.

Finally, Purple is the New Purple consists of a set of five purple 3D printed charms that include a truck, a Formula One car, a filament roll, a 3D printer, and a raspberry. The charms were made using a polyamide material, and are also meant to express the interests of the “contemporary woman”.

The collections, which can be ordered through NonmaniFOLD’s website, range in cost between 98 euros and 211 euros and could made the perfect gift for any technology enthusiast this holiday season.



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