Jan 12, 2016 | By Tess

German candy brand Katjes, the company responsible for developing and presenting 3D printed wine gums at a Berlin cafe earlier in 2015, has now announced that they are partnering with Uruguayan 3D printing software company, Sur 3D, to develop their very own, easy-to-use software for designing their 3D printed gummies.

Katjes 3D printed candy initiative, called The Magic Candy Factory, uses 3D design and printing technology to lets its clients create their own custom gummies by choosing their shape, color, and flavour. The gummies are then manufactured using a food safe 3D printer and a special quick drying gummy filament, making custom candies that are ready to eat.

Katjes is one of Germany’s leading candy manufacturers and the company’s foray into 3D printed candy over the last year has certainly been successful. Beginning in August 2015, the company launched a beta version of their 3D printed Magic Candy Factory at a cafe in Berlin, which received rave reviews and lots of enthusiasm. Shortly after, in November of 2015, the company announced its launch of the second generation candy 3D printers which were made in collaboration with American 3D printer company Printrbot, and now, just months later, we can expect to see the launch of their new Magic Candy Factory software, which is being developed by Sur 3D.

Uruguay based company Sur 3D was founded in 2013 by Alejandro Lozdziejski, a software engineer who has been working towards making 3D design and printing technology more accessible and easy-to-use. It was this aspect of the pioneering company that attracted Katjes and prompted the partnership. The software being designed by Sur 3D for the Magic Candy Factory is meant to facilitate the designing and 3D printing of Katjes’ 3D printed candy, making it increasingly accessible to everyone.

“Our job is to make things simple. We enjoy how sometimes people refer to our products as magical. Our real magic is to hide all the complexity so that our users could never imagine how complicated things were before,” says Lozdziejski.

Collaborations and partnerships have been vital to Katjes growing success in the 3D printed candy game. As Melissa Snover, Managing Director of Katjes Fassin UK Ltd., expresses, “We have found the perfect partners for our mission. The development phase with both hardware and software companies has been great and has shown that we’re involved with true pioneers and excellent developers who are interested in the long-term future of the Magic Candy Factory. We’re delighted that they’re on board and can help us take our dream of the Magic Candy Factory to an entirely new level.”

The fruits of the recent partnership, which follows Katjes already established hardware partnership with US based 3D printer company, Printrbot, will be showcased at this year’s ISM, the world’s largest confectionary and snack trade show, which runs from January 31 to February 3rd in Cologne, Germany.



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