Mar 29, 2016 | By Tess

Almost anyone who has been a student knows what it means to tighten the purse strings, resorting to eating instant noodles, drinking campus coffee, and sometimes even living in questionably cheap housing. For those students who have an affinity and enthusiasm for 3D printing technologies, it can sometimes be tough to rationalize 3D printing something out of your own expenses when your university’s own facilities are not up to the task.

To help students continue to design and innovate using 3D printing technologies, without breaking the bank, worldwide 3D printing network, 3D Hubs, has launched their new “Student Program”. The program, launched earlier today on March 29, 2016, is aimed at making additive manufacturing technologies more accessible to college students by lowering the actual cost of 3D printing. That is, 3D Hubs will be offering a 25% discount to students on all their 3D prints ordered through the network.

Over 500 universities worldwide are participating with 3D Hubs for their student discount program. If you want to find out whether you are eligible for the 3D Hubs 25% 3D printing discount you simply have to enter your university email address into 3D Hubs’ website and wait for a confirmation email. From there, the 25% discount will be added automatically to any order you made through 3D Hubs’ student website.

Though some university’s do have 3D printers and other 3D technologies available on campus for students, 3D Hubs has recognized that the access to these is often limited, especially in the weeks leading up to project deadlines. The 3D Hubs Student Program is an effort to make the technology continuously available, especially in moments of great need.

As Josh, a student from the University of California, San Diego, expresses on the 3D Hubs’ website, “I was able to easily connect with Hubs close to campus, which meant I could get my project printed with a tight 2 day deadline.”

3D Hubs is also hoping to collaborate with universities who do not possess 3D printing resources by connecting them with local hubs or even helping them to start their very own University Hubs by selecting and managing 3D printers for the school.

If you want your school to get more involved with 3D printing technologies, or want to further your own career in the 3D printing industry while you are still in school, 3D Hubs is also looking for university campus ambassadors to promote and offer education on the benefits of 3D printing, as well as to make students aware of their new Student Program.



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