Jun 8, 2016 | By Benedict

SMARTTECH has unveiled its ‘scan3Dmed’ medical 3D scanner, capable of obtaining scans in 0.7 seconds, at the ITM Poland exhibition in Poznan. The 3D scanner, optimized for scanning the human body, could be used by researchers, doctors, security and police departments, and animators.

3D scanning technology is proving a useful asset in the medical world, with custom-fit prostheses, personalized wheelchairs, and form-fitting face masks for burn victims just some of the useful items to be created and optimized using 3D scanners and related digital technology. And while high-end 3D scanning equipment is more than capable of scanning parts of the human body for most purposes, doctors and researchers sometimes require a 3D scanner whose every component and feature is optimized for medical use. SMARTTECH, a Polish provider of optical measurement systems, has just unveiled its own dedicated medical 3D scanning system called ‘scan3Dmed’, which the company believes offers some of the most comprehensive medical scanning capabilities on the market.

Although SMARTTECH already produces a number of 3D scanners for industry and archaeology use, growing interest from the medical sector prompted the company to start working on a machine optimized for use on the human body. To make such a product, it wanted to improve two particularly important areas of the 3D scan: its speed, so as to mitigate the inevitable movement of human subjects, and its color recognition capabilities, so that doctors would be able to clearly identify bodily marks and symptoms. The new SMARTTECH 3D scanner is able to obtain scans of a body in just 0.7 seconds, reducing problems of blinking and involuntary movement, and eliminating potential discomfort in the scanned subject. Furthermore, dedicated optics with adjusted white balance and contrast enables the user to determine a realistic color profile and analyze skin with the utmost precision.

Although the scan3Dmed system is being marketed primarily at medical professionals, the 3D scanner’s optimization for use on the human body also makes it an excellent choice for other applications. Bodies are, of course, the subject of medicine, but they can also be the subject of crime. The scan3Dmed system could therefore be used by security and police departments to obtain 3D scans of suspects, criminals, or victims—more detailed and enlightening than a series of 2D photographs, and potentially a useful tool for delivering justice. The ability to digitize the human body is also an essential tool for CG artists creating video games and animations—3D scanning an actual human body in various positions can result in more lifelike representations than would be possible with a fully fabricated digital model.

As well as the aforementioned medical uses for the 3D scanning, the new scan3Dmed system could be used to monitor wound healing over a period of time, as it enables doctors to compare multiple 3D scans side-by-side. It could also be used to monitor posture defects, as cross-sections can be generated to check spine deviations. For larger 3D scanning projects, the scan3Dmed 3D scanner can even be set up to work in conjunction with other SMARTTECH scanners. When this multi-head system is set up, the multiple 3D scans can be aligned instantly and automatically through the SMARTTECH software.

The scanner’s full capabilities, including the multi-head mode, are currently being demonstrated at ITM Poland (Innovations, Technologies, Machines) in Poznan, which runs from June 7-10.

SMARTTECH scan3Dmed features:

  • Dimensions: 430 x 110 x 220 mm
  • Implemented ISA
  • Calibration-free
  • Easy to use Plug & Scan setup



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