Jun 23, 2016 | By Benedict

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober and Eclectical Engineering hosts Ryan and David have built what could be the world’s largest Nerf gun. The giant foam missile launcher, which packs a 3,000-psi paintball tank, has a 3D printed handle and can fire 3D printed projectiles.

Losing a Nerf gun war can be a traumatic experience. Stand still for too long and you’ll get wasted; aim badly and you’ll miss your target. Either way, you’ll be the laughing stock of the town for the next ten years—that’s what we’ve found, at least. Fortunately, you can now put your days of Nerf-related shame behind you…just as soon as you build this monster 3D printed Nerf cannon, capable of firing ammunition at 40mph (64kph) over 130 yards (118 meters). Enemies will be quaking in their boots.

The genii behind the giant missile launcher are YouTuber Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who worked on the Mars Rover project, and Eclectical Engineering hosts Ryan and David. The multitalented trio wanted to build a Nerf gun to blow all other shooters out of the water, turning the humble Nerf from pea-shooter to powerhouse using a 3D printer, a toilet plunger, and a handful of other items. If their video demonstrations are anything to go by, they appear to have succeeded.

To make the world’s largest Nerf gun, ordinary Nerf components just weren’t going to cut it, so to generate the extra force required, the trio obtained a 3,000 PSI, 62 cubic inch paintball tank. Pushing the giant orange trigger of the gun forward sets the tank, and pulling the trigger fires the projectile. The guys used their own improvised Nerf darts made from a swimming pool noodle and the tip of a plunger (yes, it sticks!) before 3D printing a more aerodynamic projectile which could be fired the length of a football field.

Making the giant Nerf gun actually look like a Nerf gun was an equally important part of the project, so the trio used a 3D printer to make the chunky yellow handle of the cannon. They even painted the iconic Nerf lettering onto the weapon!

In the mood to build your own giant Nerf gun? A complete guide to doing so can be found over on the Eclectical Engineering website. We can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t, unless you happen to have built an even bigger version—if so, we await your call.



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