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Breathe-3DP, a 3D printing materials specialist based in Bristol, Virginia, has introduced Phoenix, an industrial, nylon-based filament with high levels of toughness, tensile strength, heat resistance, and fatigue strength. The new material comes in six standard colors.

Although more likely to be found squirting from a print nozzle than rising from the ashes, Phoenix—Breathe-3DP’s new industrial nylon filament—could someday be talked about with the hushed reverence currently reserved for its mythical bird namesake. Whether or not that turns out to be the case, Breathe-3DP’s latest offering certainly flies high through the additive manufacturing skies, promising all the attributes typically associated with nylon in an unprecedented range of colors.

Specially formulated for 3D printing, Breathe-3DP’s new Phoenix 3D printing material is optimized for maximum toughness, tensile strength, heat resistance, and fatigue strength, while at the same time offering “print reliability, smooth nozzle extrusion, low odor, excellent bed adhesion, low warpage, and low shrinkage.” As with most nylon 3D printing materials, Phoenix presents itself as a stronger, more durable alternative to PLA or ABS. All good things come at a cost, though: as with other nylon filaments, Phoenix needs to be dried (not in the flames) before use, since it easily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Phoenix users would therefore probably be required to invest in a filament dehydrator in order to take full advantage of the material.

To assure a high level of material quality, Breathe-3DP conducts a number of test procedures at its print lab, which contains 36 3D printers with which Breathe-3DP staff can create printed parts with the new Phoenix filament. One particular test involves printing and testing ASTM test bars to give customers a clear picture of the physical properties of Phoenix-printed parts. Additionally, every lot of filament is tested in the company’s print lab to ensure full color uniformity.

A handful of users have already had a chance to try out the new filament for their 3D printing projects. Shook Ideas, a 3D printing service provider from Bose, Idaho, is one of those companies, and its founder has been impressed with the material: “Phoenix is a great balance between user experience and the attractive strength/toughness characteristics typically associated with industrial nylons,” said Shook Ideas’ Justin Shook. “Not to mention, this is the only industrial nylon on the market that you can buy in color!”

Both the 2.85 mm and 1.75 mm diameter versions of Phoenix are available in six colors: Black, White, Grey, Blue, Red, and Orange. More are expected to be announced. Each 1kg spool costs $60 and comes with a mylar bag to prevent moisture uptake.

Breathe-3DP Phoenix 3D printing material properties:

  • Low warpage
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low odor
  • Excellent bed adhesion
  • High print reliability
  • Allows overhangs and bridging
  • FDA food contact compliant

Based in Bristol, Virginia, Breathe-3DP was formed in mid-2014 when its parent company, Universal Fibers, decided to create an additive manufacturing-focused arm to continue its colored nylon legacy into the future. The filament manufacturer also sells a PLA++ 3D printer filament, available in seven colors.

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