Aug 3, 2016 | By Tess

If you, like us, have been loving Sketchfab’s recent forays into virtual reality, you’ll be excited to hear that the 3D model viewing and sharing platform has expanded its VR capabilities with a number of new features. These include VR browsing, VR Teleportation, and Intuitive Tools for artists. The new features come just months after Sketchfab launched a number of apps for VR as well as an integrated virtual reality button on each of its uploaded 3D models.

Sketchfab, which boasts being the “largest online destination for VR content in the world” (with nearly a million 3D models), has launched their three new features in response to the incredible enthusiasm from users surrounding their initial virtual reality apps. Compatible with anything from the Oculus Rift, to the HTC Vive, to the Samsung Gear VR, or to Google Cardboard, Sketchfab’s VR capabilities are also amazingly accessible.

Now, to introduce you to their newest features. VR Browsing now allows users to browse through collections of 3D models more easily through their VR interfaces. This means that you’ll no longer have to remove your headset to browse and look through various collections of 3D models on Sketchfab’s site. According to them, you’ll simply have to select the new integrated “View in VR” button, located on the bottom right hand side of the page, which will automatically launch a VR version of any of Sketchfab’s browsing categories, including staff picks, popular models, an artist’s collection, etc.

The second feature, called VR Teleportation, lets users virtually move around Sketchfab scene’s or models for optimal viewing positions. By looking in the direction of where you want to be positioned and then by tapping your Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR button, or clicking your VR controller trigger, you’ll be automatically “teleported” to the location you were looking at.  This means that you’ll be able to jump around a model or 3D scene for various viewing points and almost limitless perspectives.

The third feature, Intuitive Tools for Artists, is essentially a scene editor that lets users manipulate their 3D models with greater accuracy. Specifically, the new editing tools allow users to determine the initial viewer location and viewing direction so that their models can be introduced to viewers in VR in the best way. Users will also now be able to determine the human scale and floor levels of their models of scenes. This means that if you are viewing an object or scenery in VR, you, as a viewer, can be scaled properly. Check out the photo below for an example of what these settings will consist of:

If you’ve got your VR headset handy, we suggest checking out the new Sketchfab VR features and letting us know what you think!



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