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Within every field and industry are a number of individuals that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, realizing their dreams through innovation and above all creativity. One such boundary pusher, within the world of DJing at least, is Piotr Bejnar, who since a young age has been passionate about experimenting with both the music he plays and the performance that goes along with it. Recently, Bejnar got his audience’s hearts pumping with his original Heartbeats project, which was realized with the help of 3D printing technologies.

For the Heartbeats project, Bejnar wanted to find a way to connect with his audience in a new and dynamic way, not only through his own pumping beats, but also through the audience’s rhythm; through their heartbeats. As the DJ explains, he was inspired to pursue the project after a show where he had to perform in the middle of a crowd because of limited stage space. By performing so close to the crowd Bejnar could practically feel their heartbeats of those around him and saw the experience as a starting point for something larger.

To get the project going, Bejnar started by monitoring his own heartbeat and playing music over it, then brought his friends in and had them exercise to record heart rates at varying paces. With the success of these tests, Bejnar knew he was onto something and began thinking about a way to get his audience’s heartbeats involved in his live music performances. That’s where 3D printing comes in.

Using a Zortrax M200 3D printer, Bejnar and his team of friends were able to develop and design a wearable device that could effectively transmit its wearer’s heart-rate to Bejnar’s laptop while he DJed. After many prototypes and design concepts, Bejnar found that a bracelet would be the best way to get his audience members involved, as an unobtrusive accessory. The final product was a chunky 3D printed arrow shaped bracelet equipped with a heart-rate monitor, and WiFi connectivity, which lights up when worn.

As mentioned, the Heartbeat bracelets were manufactured on the Zortrax M200 3D printer and were made from one of the Polish 3D printer company’s most durable materials: Z-ULTRAT. The bracelets, which were made in collaboration with Scotch maker Ballantine’s, were each printed out of a white material so that the colorful LED lights in it would stand out.

Bejnar’s Heartbeats project was debuted recently at Ballantines’ Stay True Stories event in Warsaw, Poland, which drew a large and enthusiastic crowd. Club-goers were given the 3D printed bracelets at the door and were instructed to keep them on until the end of the night. As the music pumped and people danced, the information from each of the bracelet’s heart rate monitors was sent to Bejnar’s DJ console and came through as bass beats, which he played live on top of. The result was a totally unique show that involved every single person in attendance and touch everyone’s hearts.



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