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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying a cold popsicle on a hot summer’s day, as the tasty treats offer a brief but delicious respite from the heat. Now, imagine that those same frozen lollies were not just made from sugar and water but were actually packed with nutritious superfoods and had a taste range that only the topmost chefs could achieve. Well, that’s exactly what a new LA-based company called Dream Pops is making.

Founded by David Marx, David Greenfield and David Cohen and with the guidance of Juan Amador, a three-Michelin-star chef known for his close attention to detail, Dream Pops is revolutionizing popsicles and ice cream with superfoods and technologies like 3D printing. More specifically, the team at Dream Pops is using their Ultimaker 3D printer to create beautiful and geometrically interesting shapes from silicone, which are then used to to make metal molds for the popsicles. The molds are then filled with innovative ingredient mixtures to create not only delicious, but nutrition packed icy desserts.

The team at Dream Pops has been working on their product for the past four years and has finally launched to the public, presumably after mastering both their method and their flavors. One of the best parts about the Dream Pops is that you don’t have to wait for them to freeze as the company cools them with liquid nitrogen, meaning that they’re ready to serve in just a few moments!

In terms of flavor and nutrition, Dream Pops are reportedly organic, gluten-free, and even mostly vegan, so that almost anyone can enjoy them. Juan Amador has also introduced a number of ingredient mixtures, like coconut palm sugar, tapioca, agave, and baobab, or mango-passion fruit pops with rosemary and brown sugar, which look and taste great. As David Marx suggests in an interview: “Why settle for vanilla or chocolate? At the crossroads of avant-garde ingredients, new flavors, and cutting-edge design, our product becomes the ice cream of the future.”

The innovative dessert also has an exceptional promotional value, as companies can collaborate with Dream Pops in the making of custom popsicle molds. Recently, for instance, Dream Pops made custom 3D printed molds for Versace which featured the designer’s logo and which are going to be served at the extremely lavish Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel. Flavors can also be customized as the company has shown through their partnership with Casamigos tequila, with whom they are concocting a tequila-infused popsicle flavor called Casa Dream.

With a few weeks left of summer, we are hoping to get our hands on one of Dream Pops’ amazing looking popsicles—preferably the tequila one!



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Alex wrote at 1/31/2018 8:36:06 AM:

Thanks for the links Betrogen, interesting reading! Surprised Dream pops is still around given the blatant infringement :/

Betrogen wrote at 11/22/2016 12:22:36 PM:

There is also David Marx from Germany involved who received almost EUR 1 in a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 for the same venture here dubbed Kyl which terribly flopped and all the money mysteriously disappeared already last year. Got some raw attention here in the papers nationwide as he lost a law suit started by former partners who successfully claimed that he had taken idea and that special Popsicle form from them (google translator: and already during the funding Promised also to start in LA for the German company back then in the funding. Never did, starts with the other two Davids on his own now in LA after having left scorched earth here in Germany. Good luck!

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