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Among 3D printing’s seemingly limitless applications, is advertisement, with brands as established as McDonalds and Lenovo using the technology to create eye-grabbing and topical adverts. Now, 3D printing has been used in an original way to promote tourism in Madhya Pradesh (also known as MP), a large state in central India. The advert, put out by Madhya Pradesh Tourism and created in collaboration with advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather, showcases the region’s iconic landmarks and its spirit through the art of 3D printed toys and figures.

The premise of the advertisement, which we suggest you watch, is that in Madhya Pradesh one’s heart becomes young again. This concept was taken quite far in the ad thanks to a number of 3D printed and expertly designed toys, which truly do made the region seem like a child’s dream. From the exquisite Marble Mountains, to the Kanha National Park, and even to the region’s famous Jahaz Mahal, all tourist attractions are depicted through mechanically animated 3D printed toys.

Fortunately for us, in addition to the actual advertisement, a video was released that shows the work and artistry that went into the making of the to ad. The video, tagged with #TheJourney, takes us through the process of making the toys in the ad, the animation itself, and the finalization. As it shows, the process began with hand-drawn sketches of each of the video’s characters and locations, from sari-clad women, to monkeys, to many tourists. With the sketches finalized, they were then turned into digital 3D models using CAD software and were then 3D printed.

After 3D printing the parts for each character, the design team went to work expertly assembling and painting the wide range of characters and set pieces. Once that was done, the necessary electronic components were added to the individual pieces so they could move around the set. For the actual filming and production, the whole team actually flew to Bucharest, Romania, where the video was made using a large set and a number of dedicated hands. Vijay Sawant directed the video which was produced by Mumbai-based, Hungry Films.

Once the filming was done, the youthful song was added to the edited video and a charming tourism ad was born. In fact, the response to the video has been so successful, that MP Tourism is even considering putting the 3D printed dolls into production as merchandise. Check out the ad below and try to tell us you’re not tempted to pack your bags for Madhya Pradesh, where “your heart becomes childlike.”



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