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While many industries are steadily adopting 3D printing for various purposes, few are doing so as quickly as the fashion industry – in which 3D printing provides a way for leaving textiles behind. As a result, 3D printed accessories and outfits are appearing all over the place. Just last week, the Rio Paralympics were opened by snowboarder Amy Purdy who wore a stunning 3D printed dress.

But Jaleesa van Beek of NEO NAIL TECH is focusing on a completely different part of the body with a collection of 3D printed adhesive nails, which can complete a unique look and make your nails more functional than ever before. In fact, while conventional painted nails are carefully guarded to prevent scratches or broken nails, these 3D printed nails from NEO NAIL TECH can be used to slice vegetables, pull of bottle caps and even screw in nails. Beauty and functionality are combined in a single, durable adhesive solution.

Of course fashionistas will know that NEO NAIL TECH was already launched two years ago, but the startup is now growing rapidly. Nail art is booming right now, and Van Beek is riding the wave with a collection of 25 different 3D printed nail sets – some made from plastic, others from metal. All come with special adhesive tabs that secure neo nails in place for up to 5 days. These are also water resistant and ensure that the nails are easy to apply and remove – without damaging the nails underneath.

As Van Beek explained, she started NEO NAIL TECH after graduating from the Free University in Amsterdam with a degree in Health Sciences. “During my studies I was already becoming really interested in 3D printing. After graduating I started working with fashion and as a make-up artist in various perfumeries. Combining both passions and starting NEO NAIL TECH was thus a logical next step,” she said. “When I started out, a 3D print shop in Amsterdam brought me into contact with Oceanz, where I found a very professional and personal environment. I am still heavily relying on them for their flexibility and their focus on solutions.”

Indeed, 3D printing is still crucial for NEO NAIL TECH today. “3D printing allows me to quickly transform ideas into prototypes, without incurring huge costs. The technology also makes it possible to develop state-of-the-art designs that cannot be achieved with any other manufacturing method. What’s more, we don’t need to keep huge supplies on hand, as numbers don’t affect the manufacturing costs at all.”

So who are these nails intended for? In a nutshell, for trendy ladies who are open to new innovations, and NEO NAIL TECH is already collaborating with various labels such as Alexandra Frida to enhance their appeal. “We see nails as an fashion extension,” says Van Beek. “We have already developed a capsule collection and have started selling it through various channels. We have also collaborated with Vogue, which could be seen during the latest Vogue Online Shopping Night.”

This focus on fashion is clearly seen in the photos above, all taken from a photoshoot for a new fashion magazine from AMFI, called Madame Jeanette. “The concepts of Madame Jeanette and that of NEO NAIL TECH overlap, and we combined both styles in a single shoot. Art director and photographer Joep Maasdam wanted to highlight the practical side of the 3D nails, and you really can do everything with them,” the developer added.

It’s just the latest highlight for NEO NAIL TECH, who can already look back on various catwalk launches – even at the New York Fashion Week. They were also selected for the Vogue Beauty It-List soon after launching their nails. But Van Beek is still dreaming about more. “I would love to develop a customized set for Lady Gaga. Her style is very inspiring, so it would be an honor to see my nails on her,” she says.

If you’re interested, you can order these 3D printed nails on and in an increasing number of offline stores. Among others, NEO NAIL TECH can be found at the Kemist in the ST.Studio in the prestigious P.C. Hoofstraat in Amsterdam and at ByAMfi and Lena’s Library.



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