Oct 2, 2016 | By Alec

Is any movie franchise more popular right now than the Marvel cinematic universe? The popularity of Iron Man, Captain America and their allies is even being felt within the 3D printing community, with fantastic 3D printed tributes appearing left and right. We’ve seen several awesome 3D printed Iron Man suits already, while an encounter with this amazing 3D printed Ultron mask will haunt your dreams.

But Marvel’s heroes are also perfect action figures, so it’s hardly surprising to find 3D printing activity in that region too. And the bar is immediately set very high by Sebastian Dominguez, a digital sculptor and professor of 3D modeling at the Image Campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dominguez chose one of the lesser seen Marvel heroes for his latest project, and designed an amazing Black Panther model that was brought to life by Brazilian 3D printing specialist and industrial designer Pedro Augusto Coelho of ImprimaLab.

Dominguez is a huge fan of collectibles and action figures, and loves to sculpt DIY figures based on his favorite movies. These projects also showcase the important educational work he provides as professor of 3D modeling, and for his latest project he found inspiration in Captain America: Civil War. While a hugely entertaining movie, it was especially remarkable for Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa: the Black Panther. Capable of peak-human speed, agility, strength and durability, he also looks very cool in a suit of ‘vibranium’ featuring retractable claws. It’s hardly surprising that Dominguez wanted to 3D print a custom tribute.

The model itself was based on the sketch designs of fan artist Corey Smith, and was subsequently 3D printed by Pedro of Brazil’s ImprimaLab. ImprimaLab regularly works with 3D artists to showcase how 3D printing can expand their work, and Pedro himself regularly 3D prints movie tributes too. He previously 3D printed a wide range of movie memorabilia, including a bust of Chappie, the South African robot-cop turned gangster who starred in the eponymous film, a Zombie version of the Hulk and a Mad Max mouthpiece. The perfect guy, in short, to work on this project.

To actually 3D print the 24.5 cm tall Black Panther statue, the model was divided into three separate parts: from head to waist, from waist to feet, and with separate arms. This both made 3D printing easier, and saved tons on support material. All in all, 3D printing took about 28 hours, with a 100 micron resolution. The stand was subsequently 3D printed at 200 microns in about 11 hours, taking the total amount of used ABS filament up to 400 grams.

While the model itself is spectacular already, it was further completed by layering everything with primer – which fills in imperfections and provides an excellent surface area for the following paint job. That was done with acrylic paint, applied with an airbrush, followed by some cool regular brush details: the stripes and the eyes. The final model is a perfect Black Panther that fantastically captures the spirit of the character. “[The Black Panther model is] showing how this spectacular technology is useful in the world of graphics and 3d artist,” Pedro added. So which Avenger is next?



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