Oct 19, 2016 | By Tess

While any girl’s wardrobe is hardly complete without a cocktail dress, we highly doubt any of them are as cool, not to mention as literal, as this 3D printed cocktail dress which can actually pour drinks. The dress, called the Drinkbot, was conceived of and created by Dutch fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht—whom our readers might remember for her 3D printed spider dress.

Excitingly, determined makers can now make the Drinkbot dress for themselves, as Wipprecht has published an Instructables tutorial that details every step of the process. So if you want to have coolest, most interactive, and most thirst quenching outfit at any cocktail or Halloween party this year, just gather your materials, ready your 3D printer, and get started.

The Drinkbot dress is essentially made up of leather material, a 3D printed heart-shaped centerpiece, a Bartendro peristaltic pump, and a few other components that make the dress both look amazing and give it an awesome bartending function. Of course, as Wipprecht is herself a professional, the tutorial is not necessarily beginner friendly, as it does involve some coding, wiring, pump installation, and even some creativity. That is, while the Dutch fashion tech designer has provided the 3D printing files and instructions for the impressive front-piece, she has invited makers to design and create their very own back-piece for the dress, where the electronics and pump will be enclosed.

Additionally, for the 3D printed front-piece of the dress, which includes a stunning exploding heart-shaped design as well a drain-cover for any spilled liquid, Wipprecht has invited makers to remix and build upon her designs to make it their own. Of course, if you’re relatively new to 3D design and printing, you can always send the files to a 3D printing service such as Shapeways. In terms of materials, Wipprecht saw successful results using SLS on an EOS 3D printer, VeroClear filament using an Objet Connex500, and using the MakerBot Replicator Z18. Makers are free to use whichever system they prefer.

If you’re still wondering how the dress works, it essentially uses a peristaltic pump system to carry liquid from a reservoir (Wipprecht uses a glass bottle attached to the hip of the dress), into the Bartendro dispenser, which as you can imagine, dispenses the drink into the glass balanced on the front-piece. The wearer can control how much liquid comes through the pump and when using an easy-to-use handheld controller. In her tutorial, Wipprecht suggests using a Gin and Tonic cocktail mix, though this is open to the consumer’s preference. Of course, non-alcoholic drinks can be used as well!

The Drinkbot dress is undoubtedly a fun project to take-on, and just goes to show the amazing creativity of innovative tech designer Anouk Wipprecht, whose creations continually push the boundaries of fashion through technology.

For specifics on how to install the Bartendro pump and dispensing system, as well as how to wire, code, and build the dress, see Wipprecht’s full tutorial, which can be found here.



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Cryptoconomy wrote at 10/20/2016 1:48:21 AM:

And here we have fashion at its finest, attempting a "classy" rendition of the beer helmet.

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