Nov 28, 2016 | By Benedict

MatterHackers has released MatterControl 1.6, the most advanced version of the free, open-source 3D printer controller to date. Version 1.6 utilizes an innovative Print Recovery system, expanded cloud control, and multiple UI enhancements.

As one of America’s premier 3D printer suppliers, MatterHackers has accrued a reputation for 3D printing expertise—a reputation that has carried into the success of the company’s free, open-source MatterControl 3D printer software. Popular with both amateur and experienced 3D printer users, MatterControl gives users total control over their prints, with features like drag and drop queueing, plug and print setup, and text/email notifications making the software highly convenient and user-friendly.

In what will surely be taken as great news by the 3D printing community, MatterHackers has just released its latest version of MatterControl, Version 1.6, which introduces a new Print Recovery feature, expanded settings controls, and more. “MatterControl 1.6 is absolutely amazing because of our newly added Print Recovery,” claims Lars Brubaker, Chief Executive Officer of MatterHackers. “It enables every user to have the confidence that, no matter what, their prints will come out great! Power failures, disconnections, midnight system updates—are all easily handled with MatterControl Print Recovery.”

The championed Print Recovery feature introduced in MatterControl 1.6 uses an advanced tracking system that continuously monitors the state of the 3D printer. With Print Recovery running, MatterControl is able to remedy some of the most frequent problems encountered during printing, such as loss of connection, loss of power, and unrequested system updates. The new Print Recovery feature is able to seamlessly resume printing to the moment prior to interference.

In addition to the Print Recovery feature, MatterControl 1.6 also introduces improvements to the entire user interface, with a focus on printer settings management. For example, in the software’s improved slicing settings editor, all settings changes can be tracked and revised by the user. This means that all parameters can be reverted to previous settings at any point, giving users the freedom to experiment with new settings.

MatterControl 1.6 also brings a new Cloud Printer Profiles feature, which enables users to access existing printer profiles and settings from anywhere in the world. With all alterations and updates automatically synced to the cloud, users can rest assured that their amendments to printing profiles are backed up and accessible on any computer they might wish to use. This new feature builds on existing remote access features such as email and text alerts and remote print monitoring.

“MatterControl 1.6 is our most refined release yet, with enhancements to the core experience of managing printer settings, including automatic syncing across devices and the ability to restore previous versions,” said Kevin Pope, MatterHackers co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “With its many improvements, this update furthers MatterHackers’ ongoing mission of making 3D printing more accessible and reliable for users of all experience levels.”

Additional improvements made in MatterControl 1.6 include a faster MatterSlice slicing engine. with improved support detection, easier support removal, and seam hiding; new setup wizards to guide printer setup, online account creation, and calibration; and the ability to create and share custom profiles.

MatterControl 1.6 is free to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.



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