Dec 25, 2016 | By Benedict

Bastion, the lovable robot from the immensely popular Overwatch video game, has been turned into a 3D printed desktop computer, complete with an Intel Core i5 6200U CPU and HD Graphics 520—ample power for playing Overwatch.

If you’ve spent time scrolling through your Facebook news feed in recent months, chances are you’ve seen several opinions about the US election, countless photos of Christmas trees, and—in most circles, at least—friends playing Overwatch. The incredibly popular multiplayer game has found its way onto screens everywhere, partially thanks to an unusual live streaming option which lets players broadcast their gaming attempts live on social media. Although the entire gaming community will be familiar with Overwatch, this social media feature has brought the game to the attention of a much wider audience.

Casual and hardcore gamers alike have fallen head over heels for Overwatch, and the hype is showing no signs of abating. Furthermore, a cool new 3D printing project from PC case modder Jan Erik Vangen means you can now dedicate a little bit more of your life to the Blizzard Entertainment video game. Vangen, who has expertise in creating unusually shaped computer casings, has now created a custom 3D printed PC case in the shape of Bastion, one of the game’s Defense heroes.

Using CAD software and a 5th generation MakerBot Replicator, PC modder Vangen was able to digitally design and 3D print the cool Bastion replica. Initially 3D printed as a number of separate pieces, these parts were then assembled like a basic Gundam model and hand-painted by Vangen himself. Incredibly, the 3D printed model of Bastion functions as a full-fledged PC. Vangen has fastened an ASRock Beebox-S mini-PC inside of Bastion's chest, complete with Intel Core i5 6200U CPU and HD Graphics 520.

Although the miniature computer inside the 3D printed Bastion is no mega-machine, it is powerful enough for playing Overwatch, which means lovers of the game can now play the multiplayer phenomenon through a computer shaped like one of its most beloved characters. Excitingly, Vangen hasn’t even finished with the project, and has suggested that he will add a glowing Overwatch logo, a 7" LCD with sponsors, and also some LEDs to brighten the whole thing up.

Vangen is currently taking a break in the project for Christmas, but expects to add the final touches early next year.

3D printer settings for the Overwatch PC case:

  • 0.2 layer height
  • 30% infill
  • Supports
  • Raft
  • 1.75 mm PLA

Can’t get enough 3D printed Overwatch stuff? Check out this glowing 3D printed Tracer gun and this 3D printed Lucio gun (complete with speakers), both courtesy of maker Simone Fontana.



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