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Major dental device manufacturer Roland DG has just announced the release of its first ever dental 3D printer, the DWP-80S. The impressive new printer, which will assist in the production of dentures, is significant for more than just its technological components: the DWP-80S launch suggests we are witnessing a new wave of 3D printing innovation in the dentistry industry.

the DWP-80S

The new release comes hot on the heels of the dental industry’s high demands, says Kohei Tanabe, Roland DG’s general manager of medical market development. “Dental labs are seeking a more efficient, flexible digital solution to expedite the production of denture applications to accommodate the increasing demand from patients and clinics,” he says.

Currently, denture production is still mostly carried out by hand, thus demanding an advanced level of skill and training. The process is slow and painstaking. In order to better tackle these needs, Roland DG developed the DWP-80S 3D printer, which company representatives say will streamline the denture fabrication process.

"The new DWP-80S is a game changer in that it helps automate several of the most technical and precise parts of the fabrication process. Automating this dying art will allow labs of the future to keep up with existing customer demands," explains Dwight Blair, Roland DG’s dental solutions product manager.

3D printed dental devices by the DWP-80S

The DWP-80S’ workflow revolves around a proprietary projector lens, which cures resin materials with UV-LED lighting. Roland DG’s new Quick Denta software comes bundled with the printer as well, allowing custom trays, base plates, and frameworks to all be 3D printed.

An official press statement promises the accompanying workflow wizard is easy to follow thanks to pre-configured parameters that diminish time spent learning and editing. By selectively analyzing the precise fit required, the DWP-80S chooses the ideal number of layout and support points while taking material shrinkage factors into account. Dentistry providers will also be pleased to hear that DWP-80S’ square work area measures 80 mm, allowing for simultaneous printing of multiple units. The new DWP-80S dental 3D printer is priced at $15,995 US.

The new 3D printer represents the first release under Roland DG’s new DGSHAPE business brand, a spin-off from Roland DG’s original parent company. Brand representatives say DGSHAPE will aim to boost the dental market by developing marketing channels with dedicated sales and marketing teams, as well as bringing fresh technical innovation to digital manufacturing through the open system concept. Beyond the dental industry, DGSHAPE will also pursue opportunities in medicine with a medical instrument traceability and maintenance support system.

And with the launch of the DWP-80S, Roland DG has begun that climb. The company can now count itself as the first and only manufacturer in the U.S. dental lab industry that offers both 3D printing and traditional, subtractive milling technologies. Whether Roland will continue to invest in both fields equally from here on out remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the dental industry’s embrace of 3D printing tech has begun.



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