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Mixed Dimensions, a San Fransisco-based startup that specializes in 3D printing cloud technology and model repair software, has released its newest software tool for analyzing and preparing 3D models for printing. The program, called Mammoth, is being added to the company’s MakePrintable platform and will become its primary mesh repair technology.

According to Mixed Dimensions, its new Mammoth tool was designed to help makers analyze their 3D models and to rebuild, repair, and optimize them for “superior printability.” As makers will know, model repair is an important step in the printing process as it can help to avoid ruined prints.

“This single tool​ ​allows 3D makers to print models more efficiently, as well as ensure print success. Mammoth’s unrivaled algorithm rebuilds models while guaranteeing accuracy,” says the company.

Among the features offered by Mammoth is a mesh repair algorithm which analyzes and fixes wall thickness, boundary edges, flipped faces, and non-manifolds. The program also integrates GPU cloud computing and a “voxel approach” which make its possible for models to be repaired and prepped for 3D printing in very little time (seconds, even).

Additionally, Mammoth boasts a clearance feature which lets users easily control what holes in their model they want filled or closed, and is capable of assuring a model’s mechanical integrity by maintaining its original outer dimensions. In other words, while the software repairs a model’s interior structure, the outer shape of the model is left unchanged.

More practically, Mammoth can help users to cut back on the print time and cost for a given model by creating a hollowed mesh for the part. The less material used in a print, the lower the cost and the overall print time.

To celebrate the launch of Mammoth—now MakePrintable’s primary mesh repair technology—Mixed Dimensions is offering a 50% discount to its clients. The company adds that MakePrintable users will be able to switch between Mammoth and the previous repair tech to compare their settings and effectiveness.

Mixed Dimensions is offering its “free users” temporary access to Mammoth, though after the trial period only premium members will be able to use the Mammoth tool.

In addition to launching Mammoth, Mixed Dimensions has announced a few other updates to its MakePrintable platform. It has changed its prices for monthly membership (they are now $9.99 for Pro, $24.99 for Plus, and $99.99 for Studio), added a new side menu, and made a few changes to its dashboard.



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solver works quite well. but is a darn expensive monthly membershit..

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